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Chechen lawlessness by the hands of the CIA and the UN

Money to support Chechen terrorists in Russia came, including from the pockets of ordinary US citizens. What, naturally, those and did not guess. According to the infamous American edition of "Infowars", engaged in investigative journalism and disclosures, last year the United States sponsored Chechen militants through a number of public civil organizations.

The website reports that the CIA, American NGOs, USAID, the Soros Foundation and the United Nations worked together to guarantee the Chechen terror in Russia. In this dirty stories prominently are the neoconservatives of Bush.

The publication, in particular, states:

"There is one concrete and interesting fact in the case of the Boston terrorists, hidden by the media, - that the uncle of the suspected brothers, Ruslan Tsarnaev, was previously married to the daughter of a very senior CIA official and worked in the State Department and in the CIA, as well as in USAID related Caucasus ... ".

Infowars assures that the CIA influences all the radical fanatical Muslim movements in the world:

“Despite the obvious links between the CIA, the Pentagon, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkish intelligence, for example, tens of thousands of square miles in Iraq and Syria under the control of modern weaponsal-Qaeda and other jihadist organizations are portrayed as a direct threat to the United States ... We must believe that the actions of the Anzor brothers and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev are allegedly the result of new efforts by international Al-Qaida to attack America. And this despite all the evidence that the United States, the United Kingdom, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia had previously collaborated and made joint efforts to bring about the collapse of the Soviet Union. Not only during the war in Afghanistan, but also later, in the Muslim republics of the former USSR ... ”

For your information: USAID (eng. United States Agency for International Development) - US Agency for International Development. Officially, USAID is engaged in "supporting trade, agriculture, economics, health care, humanitarian aid, helping to prevent conflicts and supporting democracy in more than 100 countries around the world." Unofficially, the agency finances subversive operations in other countries through its Transition Initiatives Unit (OTI).

So, for example, today in the database of the American website dealing with the placement of tender announcements, there are several proposals regarding Ukraine from the department of transitional initiatives. Including this:

Chechen lawlessness by the hands of the CIA and the UN

And in this tender for the number SOL-OTI-14-000029 (valid from 7 May to 21 May 2014) Washington sought in Ukraine "highly motivated, highly qualified specialists to support USAID's international program in conflict countries ... from among the indigenous population to strengthen peace and democracy ... in the form of short-term assistance focused on key program needs":

Which countries have the USAID international program (OTI) recently helped? According to the same site of tender orders: to Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Iraq ... Now it is time to accept help from the USA to Ukraine.

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  1. DVxa
    DVxa 28 August 2014 08: 46
    Well, this is not news to anyone. The Anglo-Saxons have many similar sources for "democracy support".
    1. MSA
      MSA 28 August 2014 08: 52
      It's time for them to neutralize them in the same way, all the helpers found are a bonus - the real time
      1. DVxa
        DVxa 28 August 2014 08: 59
        Alas, our printing press cannot be compared with the American one. And the dollar is still the leading world currency. Therefore, the financing of all dishonesty comes from that continent.
  2. VICTOR-61
    VICTOR-61 28 August 2014 08: 47
    American scum everywhere provides money for American revolutions
  3. d1m1drol
    d1m1drol 28 August 2014 08: 48
    Well, who would doubt that the Americans even put their paws here ?! Back in 1995, many knew this.
  4. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 28 August 2014 08: 49
    Now is the time to accept US assistance to Ukraine.

    And this help has been going on for a long time. And if it weren’t for A. measures and the geyropa that joined them, there would be no coup or war.
    And now, who is the most outcast against Russia? Naturally the United States. Where A. measures had their hand, there is the collapse of the state, blood, etc.
  5. MilesAth
    MilesAth 28 August 2014 09: 00
    Which countries have the USAID International Program (OTI) recently helped? According to the same site of tender orders: Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Iraq ... Now it is time to accept US assistance to Ukraine

    The Yusovtsi would go far away with their help. Would not help, you see, and the peace in these countries was ... without any help
    1. Vladimirets
      Vladimirets 28 August 2014 09: 12
      Quote: MilesAth
      you look and the world in these countries was ...

      So they just do not need it.
  6. Lyton
    Lyton 28 August 2014 09: 06
    And that Ukraine has not yet accepted this help, the CIA officers in the SBU occupy a whole floor, everyone is trying to help with a sweat, they somehow do not get enough current, probably there is not enough money.
    1. Styx
      Styx 28 August 2014 12: 50
      some kind of bloody sweat: (((
  7. maks197010
    maks197010 28 August 2014 09: 12
    It's time to disperse this sharashka (UN)! am
  8. Panther45
    Panther45 28 August 2014 09: 30
    It's time to disperse this sharashka (UN)!
    ====================================================================== =========
    I agree, the UN is in the service of the United States. Therefore, all world problems are solved by this country.
    ONN must be transferred to another neutral country, which is not to be dependent on the United States.
  9. Gray 43
    Gray 43 28 August 2014 10: 13
    I'm not surprised, not news for a long time, remember bin Laden, "ISIS" - all this and not only was created with the approval of Congress and funding from the state budget
  10. mackonya
    mackonya 28 August 2014 10: 27
    By creating the image of the enemy, and sometimes even financing it, the United States simply keeps afloat both the military-industrial complex and its oil-producing campaigns. Therefore, without minor conflicts or even wars, the United States can no longer.
  11. RUSLAT
    RUSLAT 28 August 2014 10: 44
    In the film with Wesley Snipes, I don’t remember the name, it tells about UN special operations for lobbying the necessary decisions. And although this is a film, there is no smoke without fire. The UN is a screen for special CIA operations for world domination. Well, the fact that the CIA controls and finances 90 percent of terrorism in the world has long been proven.
  12. sdobrov
    sdobrov 28 August 2014 10: 47
    What can I say, it’s long been understood, unfortunately not everyone that the United States is an empire of evil, violence and terrorism, the destruction of objectionable governments, incitement to hatred and the destruction of everything that does not fit into the framework of their notorious democracy. The United States is a world evil and, accordingly, it must be treated ... to wet, even in toilets ..