Is the army recovering or continues to deteriorate? Poll

What is the state of the Russian army now?

Complete degradation - 526 (34.67%)
Decline - 266 (17.53%)
Stagnation (there are positive and negative points that do not change the overall picture) - 317 (20.9%)
The beginning of the rebirth - 239 (15.75%)
Regular army, with its strengths and weaknesses - 84 (5.54%)
The army is great - 30 (1.98%)
I can not judge - 55 (3.63%)
Is the army recovering or continues to deteriorate? Poll

In principle, it is clear to all that the army is in crisis, it has been going on for two decades now. The question is: is the Russian army reborn or continues to deteriorate? Very difficult question. There are facts that speak about the ongoing processes of decomposition of the army, but there are opinions that the army is gradually being strengthened. Consider the facts of both sides.

Degradation continues

- In fact, according to a number of military experts, the only defense of the Russian Federation is its nuclear nuclear missile shield. Without it, Russia would have already shared the fate of Serbia, they would have started rejecting the suburbs from it, by force indicating what to do. But, the state of the Strategic Missile Forces is almost critical: new missiles come into service with only a few units a year, the old ICBMs have developed their resource and even the extension of duty periods, does not make them eternal - the question arises, what part of the missiles will be able to perform their task if necessary and what percentage can not.

- The issue is degrading the army, or is being restored, is intimately connected with another important issue - does the Russian people continue to die out and degrade, or are there the first shoots of the recovery processes ?! The army can not be separate from society to be combat-ready. If the society and the elite of the country is healthy, healthy and the army. AT stories Rus-Russia-USSR, we can note the fact that our army is most victorious at a time when the interests of the elite and the people coincide, since our army has always been popular. These are the periods of government - the first Rurikovich (Rurik-Oleg-Igor-Svyatoslav), Moscow princes engaged in collecting Russian lands, fighting various occupiers, the most oriented to the Russian people of the Romanovs. In this regard, the matter is quite bad: the people have been degrading for several decades, and the “elite”, which degenerated by the end of the Soviet period, now needs Stalinist purges and draconian measures. Therefore, the combat capability of the army is dubious, it will fulfill the task, but the losses will be great, and the victory will be betrayed, by the actions of the "elitarians" is an example of the First Chechen War. It is difficult to count the war with Georgia for the war, as there was actually a border sabotage, in order to check the Russian army and the government - will they intervene or not? There is an opinion that Moscow was forced to “respond” and take responsibility only after the independent actions of a number of commanders of the Armed Forces. If the Russian ruler were in Moscow, the Georgian “elite” built roads in permafrost conditions, and the Tbilisi region would be part of the Russian Federation. And the whole world would have “eaten” this, since the law of force and Will rules in the world.

- Discourses on the HPV program (State Armaments Program), from 2011 to 2020, the next talk and air shaking - like “modernization”, “innovation”, “nanotechnology”, etc. This is a blinking of reality, a bluff before the elections - “they say , we would have to stand for a day, and hold out for the night. ” This is confirmed by the statement of the former General Designer of the Moscow Institute of Thermal Engineering, the developer of Bulava, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Yuri Solomonov, the program is already failing, as the previous program from 2007 was disrupted. “The results are visible in its first year: the state order of the 2011 of the year has already been frustrated, it will not be fulfilled. Due to the fact that today not a single contract, if we talk about strategic nuclear forces, has been concluded. It's July now. And this was not the last years of 14, ”said Y. Solomonov. After a few years, it will become obvious that the program has failed again, and part of the money was stolen — as in the repair of the Peter the Great cruiser. The main military prosecutor's office of the Russian Federation reported the fact that the theft of the 265 million rubles allocated for the repair of the heavy nuclear-powered missile cruiser Peter the Great was discovered in the Northern Fleet. The criminal case of fraud by the military prosecutor’s office was instituted against the general director of the JSC Zvyozdochka Special Production and Technical Base F. Barashko.

- The purchase of lots of foreign weapons and technology, says about two facts: 1) the degradation of the domestic military industrial complex, which can no longer provide the army with all the necessary nomenclature; 2) the reluctance of the Russian leadership to restore its military-industrial complex, making it autonomous. As a result, the Russian army becomes dependent on the supply of spare parts, armor, electronics, we will possibly ships, artillery, small weapons, ammunition, armored vehicles. And this is a very dangerous factor - the military-technological security of the state. We can recall the sad results of the First World War, when in 1915, the British broke the order for shells and rifles, with the inability of Russian factories to quickly increase their production. This caused "shell and rifle hunger", a series of terrible defeats, heavy losses in personnel that could be reduced, with a normal supply of the army.

- The deterioration of relations with Minsk could lead to a sharp deterioration of the situation in the western strategic direction. In addition, there is the likelihood of a “color revolution” in Belarus, it will be a serious blow to the national security of the Russian Federation.

- According to the statements of our Minister of Defense and a number of other high-ranking military men, the Russian Federation does not need aircraft carriers, new tanks, Russian armored vehicles, which are quite solid and meets world standards, called “obsolete.” Although it is obvious that powerful ground forces and armored units are the basis of the state’s defense, which is proved by the example of Israel. And aircraft carriers and carrier-assault groups are necessary for the world to see that Russia is reviving and is ready to defend its interests anywhere in the oceans.

Rebirth has begun

- The entry into the troops began, while small, but lots of new weapons, although it must be admitted that almost all of these weapons were developed in the Soviet Union. And if it were not for the 1991 year, it would have been in service not with individual copies, or with separate units (like a regiment with C-400), but with the whole army. That is, the process has begun.

- There is a program to re-equip the Armed Forces before 2020, which will create the core of the new fleet, re-equip, upgrade the Air Force, Air Defense-PRO, Land Forces. In the rearmament of the Armed Forces will go huge amounts, which was not since Soviet times.

- Reduction of warheads in the Strategic Missile Forces do not pose a threat to the Russian Federation, in the same China there are several dozen ICBMs and no one attacks them. A hundred, another "Topol" guarantee complete security of the Russian Federation.

- Reduction of the army, its optimization, translation to Western standards (including military education) do not pose a threat to the national security of the Russian Federation. Large-scale wars are a thing of the past - in 21 centuries, wars and conflicts will be transient (which does not require the mobilization of the whole country, its militarization, huge stocks of weapons and ammunition), therefore, permanent readiness brigades armed with modern weapons will be enough to solve current problems. The example of NATO shows that almost all Western powers are on the path of reducing personnel, heavy weapons, the abolition of the mass, draft army. At the same time, armies become compact, highly mobile, professional, with a high degree of saturation with the latest communication and control systems, turning into a single organism. The role of high-tech types and types of troops is increasing dramatically - Air Force, Navy, Air Force, Air Defense and Missile Defense.

- Russia won the second Chechen war, in the 2008 war of the year, concluded an agreement with Armenia and the presence of the Russian military base until 2044, sharply strengthening its geopolitical positions in the Caucasus. In addition, Russian military bases have been established in Abkhazia and South Ossetia. The Black Sea Fleet is being built with new combat surface and submarine ships, which will restore our military-strategic positions in the Black Sea region. The Caspian Flotilla will be significantly strengthened.

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