The Russian Defense Minister announced the creation of a military police in 2011 and clarified the situation with the implementation of the state armaments program.

Anatoly Serdyukov on Thursday announced the creation before the end of this year of the military police, which will restore order in the army. Also, at the request of the president, he had to answer charges of disrupting the state defense order. The minister admitted that the purchase of weapons is not very intensive, but things are not as bad as the “offended” critics say.

Will bring order

Already in 2011, military police will be created in Russia, Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov said on Thursday. “We are clarifying this structure, and in the near future I am ready to sign the relevant document. It will be this year absolutely, absolutely. Surovikin will lead this direction ", - quotes him RIA"News».

Currently, Lieutenant General Sergei Surovikin heads the headquarters of the Central Military District.

Recall the idea of ​​introducing the military police into the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation for the first time sounded as early as 2006 from Vladimir Putin, who was then the president of Russia. She was discussed as one of the measures to combat hazing. However, in that year the Ministry of Defense decided only to modernize the already existing structure - the military commander's office, and not to introduce a new one. In 2009, they returned to the idea again, but in 2010, it was again decided to postpone it.

With the formation of the military police, it is assumed that the armed forces will be exempted from performing a number of functions - in particular, patrolling in military units, garrisons and cities, serving in sentries for guarding and defending military units (bases, warehouses), etc. Under the authority of the military police will also pass the brig and military commandant's offices. This will have to help establish not only the statutory procedure among the military, but also prevent them from stealing weapons, ammunition, as well as military equipment.

Today, the military police institute exists in the armed forces of 40 countries of the world.

“First of all, the functions of maintaining law and order will go to the military police. In particular, the fight against desertion - the search, detention and convoy of persons who voluntarily left the place of service, as well as the fight against hazing, including ethnic, which takes the form of mass organized actions by soldiers and draftees from the North Caucasus regions, "the newspaper said VIEW Director of the Center for Analysis of World Arms Trade Igor Korotchenko.

The expert believes that the creation of a military police will help improve the atmosphere in military garrisons and ensure the implementation of the basic rules of military regulations.

According to Korotchenko, the military police should be recruited only on a contract basis: “Police officers should have distinctive external signs in military uniform, should be fit and equipped with both firearms and non-lethal weapons such as electroshock and gas weapons,” the military expert believes.

Another condition for the successful work of the military police Korotchenko considers its withdrawal from subordination to the district military authorities. In his opinion, the new body of order should have its representation in the General Staff, and its head should have the ability to directly enter the head of the General Staff.

“World experience shows that in all advanced countries of the world, where the armies are at a good level, there is military police. And she proved herself only from the best side, ”Igor Korotchenko summed up.

State Arms Program

Anatoly Serdyukov did not confine himself to the statement on the establishment of the military police on Thursday. The minister had to repel a kind of informational attack, after which Russian President Dmitry Medvedev instructed him to sort out the situation with the alleged disruption of the state defense order and punish those responsible, if there are any.

Recall that the former director of the Moscow Thermal Engineering Institute, Chief Designer of the Topol-M and Yars strategic missiles Yury Solomonov, who lost this post after failures with the Bulava intercontinental ballistic missile, blamed the disruption of the state armaments program of the Ministry of Defense.

“We have no fears that the state armaments program will not be executed. I see no reason for panic statements, ”said Serdyukov, commenting on Solomonov’s words, Interfax reports.

Serdyukov acknowledged that the allocation of funds for the purchase of new weapons is uneven, but explained that this unevenness is agreed with all interested departments. Moreover, in the near future, the purchase of new weapons will not be as intensive as many defense companies will have to be reconstructed, they need to prepare for large-scale mass production, and new factories will be built, for example, for the Almaz-Antey air defense concern.

“By this time we will form military units and, accordingly, we will start purchasing weapons for them,” noted Serdyukov. According to him, when forming the schedule for financing the state armaments program "there were quite serious disputes," but the industrialists and the Ministry of Defense managed to reach a compromise.

Anatoly Serdyukov wrote off Solomonov’s statement as a personal offense: “I don’t really understand Solomonov’s comments. I suspect that he has some resentment due to the fact that he was removed from the post of general director of MIT, ”suggested the Minister of Defense.

He once again confirmed that the military is ready to advance on 100% enterprises that fulfill their orders well, but they will not overpay for the products. At the same time, he cited the example of the same MIT. “For two batches of products, this is Topol and Yars - we were offered to increase the purchase price,” said Serdyukov. The price increase was 3,9 billion rubles and 5,6 billion, respectively.

According to the newspaper VIEW, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev on Wednesday reacted harshly to the statements of some officials that the state defense order for the 2011 year could be broken. The head of state demanded that the Minister of Defense report on how things are going in this area.

“Understand the situation. If the information that the state defense order is disrupted is true, organizational conclusions are needed for those responsible for this, regardless of ranks and titles, Medvedev turned to Serdyukov. - If the situation is different, you need to deal with those who sow panic. You know, according to the law of wartime, they acted with alarmists, they were executed, ”Medvedev reminded Serdyukov. “You are allowed to fire”, the president relented.

“I am waiting for the report within three days,” the head of state demanded.
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