Results of the week. “Unlike everyone else, I went to the army for spiritual reasons.”

National Guard authorized to terror

Today, a document signed by the President of Ukraine Poroshenko, which adds authority to representatives of the so-called National Guard, officially came into force. Now, the Nazi guards have the opportunity to enter any residential area and conduct a search if it seemed suspicious to them. So Kiev is going to improve efficiency in the "struggle against the separatists."

Kiev expands the powers of the National Guard under

It turns out that any ex-Maidan jumper on the spot, who put a balaclava on his head and called him a national guard, can enter the first house in the Donbass and see what is badly lying. After all, in principle, absolutely any house in which people live in the south-east of the country is a priori suspicious to the Nazi ghouls. Such a system completely repeats the course of action in the occupied territories of Hitler’s troops. "Yayki, mleko, fraulein" ...

Comments from our readers:

Well, well ... What's next? The right to torture and murder? More precisely the legalization of the above. These geeks have been doing this for a long time.

Alekc 73
Option CC in the performance of the 21 century.

Everything, kirdyk comes ukrobande. The last thing is to give maximum authority to gangs, consisting of scumbags. So the state structures, the army and law enforcement agencies, the state security were in a state of complete impotence. In fact, the law and law enforcement go into the hands of private gangs on the content of the oligarchs. Now it is enough for any FSB agent to jump under abusive chastushki and scream about "salouron" or take a ride instead of a pass. Resolved issues of career growth and real estate acquisition. Enough to join the gang and catch the head-neighbor of disloyalty to the fat.

Cargo N

Near the airport of the city of Kramatorsk there was a battle between the Ukrainian security forces and the militia of the southeast. Representatives of the militia say that the aircraft of the Ukrainian Air Force dropped an unknown cargo onto the territory located near the airport. The militiamen decided to get close to the dumped cargo in order to clarify its purpose, but came under heavy fire of the National Guard, which controls the checkpoint nearest to the scene.

What is the weight of the battle near the airport Kramatorsk?

If the "Cardinal Guards" began to fight for the goods, then, apparently, there was something very important in the boxes for the "Guardsmen". What could be important today for the National Guard? Given its position in the southeast, there could be literally everything in the boxes: from equipment to food. And the correct Nazi Guardsman got used to fighting for maidan even for grub-for Nuland can trample each other ... Nuland needs to take care of the muffins in general ...

Comments from our readers:

ROD VDVshny:

Difficult to guess, not having even approximate data on the discharge. But I will try. We are talking about seven boxes. Under this description, you can pull up seven parachute cargo systems PGS-500. It looks like a box and a box in the air. Designed for landing 0.5 tons of cargo, in extreme cases - up to 600 kg in a particularly durable container. The minimum height of the reset 500 m, which does not guarantee special landing accuracy. The system is outdated, it is not used by us, it is for the AN-12 and AN-26 airplanes equipped with a TG transporter - 12М. - that they could lose ... Most of the surrounded brigade needed ammunition, food and medicines. Communication equipment, batteries. POST OFFICE. - tank. and chemical weapon - very unlikely ... Sorry, but "not in my home ... ..." (my ZOMP teacher). Especially in the environment. Where the wind will blow ... There are no guarantees. Remedies - easily. In any case, this cargo is surrounded by need, and they will be pounding for it. Probably trying to master it at night. With the likelihood of delivering the goods to your opponent 50% by 50%, I do not think that there can be anything incredibly secret.

If the National Guard under this fight for this cargo, then there is most likely drugs and porn magazines.

In some containers that were dropped from airplanes to the nazis surrounded in Stalingrad, iron crosses and condoms were found. It is interesting to see that Poroshenko dropped his?

WOODEN crosses ... and the same condoms.

Constitutional Act of the SNR

Formed from representatives of the legislative bodies of the Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics, the parliament of the SNR (Union of People's Republics) ratified the Constitutional Act of the Confederation. This constitutional act is declared the current Constitution of the Union of People's Republics.

Results of the week. “Unlike everyone else, I went to the army for spiritual reasons.”

Union of People's Republics ratified the Constitutional Act

In fact, before our eyes, a Slavic state is being born with the protection of the rights and the foundations of all its inhabitants. This state demonstrates how to fight for your real freedom and independence, for your values, for your culture, for the desire to live in the end. The Constitution of the Union of People's Republics allows other territorial entities (in addition to the NPT and the LC) to join the Union, and therefore the confederation of the LC and the NPT is open to all those who see their way in Eurasia and do not see prospects in that obscurantism that they pretend to be democracy around the world, the main humanists "because of the big puddles."

Comments from our readers:

Finally! It is finished! IN GOOD WAY, Slavs !!! Glad for you !!!

An urgent application from them to join the CSTO.

Giant thought
Well, now the officially formed Union. Congratulations to the citizens of the Union with the formation of their state. Many years to him, and to be in the forefront of the struggle of the Russian people of the former Ukraine for their freedom.

Constitution of Ukraine? What is it? ..

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko proposed to amend the Ukrainian Constitution. The proposals relate to the issues of decentralization of power. The draft also provides for a reduction in the powers of the president. It is proposed to deprive the head of the country the right to appoint judges, as well as to propose candidates for ministers of defense and foreign affairs. The government will be formed on the proposals of the prime minister and with the consent of the parliament.

Petro Poroshenko has prepared a draft amendment to the Constitution of Ukraine

One can argue for a long time about the fact that the new constitutional draft should contribute to the decentralization of power, strengthening the role of parliament and government, but is there any point? ..

There is no reason to discuss this for one simple reason - the draft of the amendments concerns the Ukrainian constitution. It is Ukrainian! That is, a set of pages with some text written on them, which none of the “correct” Ukrainians read and read, let alone follow, is not going to. The constitution for Ukraine is something from the category of notes from the parallel world. And when people striving for power hear that the constitution is the fundamental law of the state, from which it is impossible to deviate one iota, they will laugh for a long time and for a long time. Long laughs about this and Maidan ... Ask Poroshenko himself ... He, you know, prepared the project. Joker…

Comments from our readers:

He absolves himself of all responsibility in order to say in court: it was not me who gave orders to bomb the civilian population, it was not I who sent the punishers to the southeast, I was not guilty, they did everything themselves.

And who wrote the new constitution? Not the State Department, by the way, how are we with the dull Borka?

With such amendments, he actually cancels his power and presidency! And also allows for the federalization of Ukraine! So all the amendments are nonsense again!

Pravoseki looking for something to refuel

The Ukrainian information resources referring to the Right Sector organization’s website came up with materials according to which Pravoseki took control of the Dolinsky oil refinery in the Kirovograd region. The report "PS" states that the forces of its special unit "Sich" seized the company Dolinsky refinery. The company is headed by the top of the "Right Sector".

Pravoseki got to the oil

In principle, such information is consistent with the extensions of authority introduced for the Ukrainian national guard. Pravoseki believed that if the Nazi Guard could enter freely into “suspicious” houses, then why should they — the military base of the Maidan — not do this? Moreover, the Nazi Guard - half pravoseki ...

So we decided immediately to the maximum. Why go to private houses if you can take control of a whole oil refinery? They declared that the proceeds of the Dolinsky Refinery were to finance the militia of the southeast. Well, the reason for something pravoseki can come up with. If you have already found a reason to turn the center of Kiev into a pigsty, and lower the country to the level of the Middle Ages, you will also find reasons for the following seizures of important objects.
Isn't PS preparing a groundwork for refueling new Molotov cocktails - in case of a coming new Maidan?

By the way, in the Kirovohrad Regional State Administration they stated that during the seizure of the PS plant they used stolen weapons.

Comments from our readers:

What in vain the boys gasoline on Independence shed? Honestly pressed factory for a comfortable old age.

Oil refineries need oil, and in Ukraine technical oil is already drained from pipelines.
They get to the point that the refinery will die, and they will buy gasoline and solarium in Russia.

For some reason, not surprised news. The boys will soon need to run, so loot and cut.

Ukraine is fighting virtual Russians tanks

The State Border Service of Ukraine issued a statement stating that on the border with Russia there are fixed clusters of “illegal armed formations”, as well as movements of armored vehicles of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in close proximity to Ukrainian territory.

The Ministry of Defense and the State Border Service of Ukraine cannot decide whether they can see Russian tanks on the border or not...

During the week, an in absentia dispute broke out between the State Religious Service and the leadership of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine about whether Russian tanks are in close proximity to the Ukrainian border or not. The border service said that Russian tanks and the blind are visible - they say, that they ... And the acting. Ukrainian Minister of Defense Koval replied that there were no tanks near the border, and indeed the whole border was almost under its complete control.

In Russia, the government equated drugs with 16 substances. Is it not these substances that are included in the daily ration of the leadership of the State Border Service of Ukraine, if this guide sees something that is not really there?

And still Russian tanks in Ukraine saw Arsen Avakov ... And even declared that the officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs destroy these tanks. Apparently, they destroy it in such a way that even a trace for documentary evidence of the presence of RA tanks in Ukraine does not remain - literally evaporate the armor ...

Comments from our readers:

- See the gopher?
- No!
- And I do not see. And he is!

So with the tanks

Themselves frighten and incite. When you really see the tanks, it will be too late to raise the noise.

First allowed, then banned ...

A spokesman for the head of state, Dmitry Peskov, said that a letter was sent from Vladimir Putin to the head of the Federation Council, Valentina Matvienko, in which the Russian president requests that the decree allowing him to use troops on the territory of Ukraine be canceled. The letter of the Federation Council received and withdrawn permission to deploy troops.

Putin and the ban on the entry of troops into the territory of Ukraine

Official withdrawal reason:

.. in order to normalize the situation and resolve the situation in the eastern regions of Ukraine, as well as in connection with the start of tripartite negotiations on this issue.

The goals are certainly good, however, given the version of the “truce” that manifests itself in the south-east of Ukraine (with incessant firefights, injuries and death) not everyone in Russia, and especially in the Donbas, the decision of Vladimir Putin caused a positive reaction.

On the other hand, it somewhat defused (as far as today it is possible at all) the political situation. Poroshenko even stated that he does not support the introduction of new sanctions against Russia. To believe the words of Poroshenko, you will have to make incredible efforts ...

All this in many ways resembles a large strategic game, but if its end result is a real cessation of bloodshed in the Donbas, then such a game is worth the candle.

Comments from our readers:

Normal move, in the spirit of modern wars. Just in light of the visit to Austria, where they will sign the "South Stream"
But Ukraine already doesn’t need Russian troops - it will be bent itself, anyway.

We are talking about Ukraine, the territory of Novorossia is not mentioned in the statement.

If we keep in mind Novorossia, then first we must admit it!

The truth is again under fire

Channel One reported that its crew working in Slavyansk came under mortar fire. Correspondent Alexander Evstigneev said that during the shelling, fortunately, none of the journalists was injured, but it did not specify whether there were injured among the residents of the city.

Russian journalists again under fire

The shooting of the crew of the First Channel took place after the release of the story that in Slavyansk, following Poroshenko’s truce, people could even take to the streets - something like the world began to return to this long-suffering city. Obviously, such information is radical, the punitive battalions did not suit anyone who did not really obey, as they are not satisfied with any activity of Russian journalists in the south-east. In the direction of journalists began to "peel" from the mortar. Fortunately, there were no injuries this time.
After that, they stopped talking about peace in Slavyansk.

This situation once again proves that Poroshenko today in Ukraine has no real power. His decrees and orders are in themselves, war is in itself. So, one of the leaders of the radical armed group, Semyon Semenchenko, in support of these words, has already announced that he is going to move "his" Donbass battalion to Kiev - to meet with Petro Poroshenko in order to look into the eyes after the continued truce .

Comments from our readers:

Kiev word pennile is not worth it! Kolomoisky does not listen to his boss.

Yes, he is not his boss ...

This is what you need to be, let's fuck up, that a week without blood already causes a breakdown, but the one that is going to go to Kiev after the new portion? Although it has long been known that this animal (Semenchenko) does not care whom to shoot, his or others.

Rail Wars

The press service of the Ukrzaliznitsa company reported that a railroad bridge belonging to the Dnieper Railroad was blown up in the Zaporozhye region in the Pologovsky district. It is reported that as a result of the explosion, one of the pillars of the bridge was severely damaged, and the metal structures on one of the spans of the structure were destroyed.

Explosions of railway sections in Luhansk and Zaporizhzhya regions

Explosions thundered in the Donbas. At the same time, representatives of the militia of the southeast declared that the militia were not involved in terrorist acts, and that the bombings were a clear provocation aimed at imposing a new phase of the so-called "ATO". Basically, not

Comments from our readers:
The experience of the Belarusian partisans went into business ... The rail war in action

Yes, this is not our - Ukrainian - "know-how" ... The train drivers themselves in front of their own personnel ... bang ...

On death, we will answer death Obama

Hollywood directors Matt Goldberg and Seth Rogen are about to shoot the comedy Interview. Her story comes down to what the CIA "ordered" for American journalists Kim Jong-un. Reporters turned into hired killers ...

Pyongyang did not like the movie announcement. ITAR-TASS quotes the reaction of North Koreans: “We cannot tolerate this open act of terrorism, when the film tries to publicly harm our greatest leader, insult our people and army and destroy our system (ITAR-TASS uses“ the word "mode." - Ed. "IN").

If the US administration allows the demonstration of this film, Pyongyang promises to take ruthless countermeasures. The BBC writes that the North Korean foreign minister said: such an American provocation is a pretext for declaring war on the United States of America. The film is a product of provocative madness of the American authorities, Pyongyang said in a statement.

Pyongyang called the Hollywood film about the "death" of Kim Jong Yn an act of terrorism

However, the North Korean authorities sin a similar madness.

For example, in the spring of last year, a video appeared in the network, clearly mounted by employees of the state propaganda of the DPRK. A simple plot is devoted to the difficult life of Americans: the capitalist system drove New Yorkers and Washingtonians to the point that instead of houses they live in tents, and feed on birds that they managed to catch. Apparently they were caught and eaten, because there are not even sparrows in the trees.

It was said in the video that the weapons in the United States are sold freely so that Americans can kill as many of their neighbors as possible, especially children.

A little earlier, in the winter, the world community fully enjoyed the other production roller of the North Korean “Hollywood”.

In the story of this “cinema”, the two Koreas united, and the United States was destroyed. "Clouds of black smoke are rising over the United States ... Apparently, the nest of vice is engulfed in a fire, which it also ignited."

In order not to suffer from filming, the filmmakers copied the frames of the computer game “Call of Duty”. Due to banal piracy, the propaganda product did not last long on YouTube.

Well, now, with a purely American delay, otvetka came from Hollywood. What to do Kim Jong Unu?

Yes, everything is simple: remove if not a full-length picture with a multi-million budget (there is no money), then at least another video such as B.H. Obama, convicted by the International Criminal Court under the article on terrorism and rotting in the Guantanamo specialist. Who is interrogating Obama there? J. Bush Jr. himself, a large dock on the part of torture with water and a screwdriver!

Comrade Kim, "Military Review" gives you the plot for free.

Comments from our readers:

"American Production" decided to annoy the Koreans, before more Russians Ivanov in a hat with earflaps showed with the face of Schwarzenegger. Here is the comedy "Psaki Get out" they were more successful than the "Santa Barbara".

By the way, in vain ironically. Cinema is a powerful psychological factor in influencing minds. Especially on immature minds. And especially - a cleverly filmed movie. And along with the hamburgers (I never understood what the beauty of these sandwiches is), Pepsi, etc. gives what we have: the younger generation dances with rubber inflatable women on the bones of their ancestors. Of course, not all, but frighteningly much. And if we add here that this year the 11 class in Russian has even failed at least ... There is something to think about. Yes, do not think, perhaps, and beat all the bells. Well at least Putin understands that history began to put in order. Eh, about Obamku would still be talented to remove ...

I would advise to make an idiotic comedy (a la “Shirley Myrli”) about 11.09.2001, then they will howl - this is sacred to them!

There are Russians, but there is no threat

In 2015, a referendum on the country's accession to the North Atlantic Alliance may be held in Finland. At the same time, sociological polls show: in this alliance, they want about twenty percent of the population. As for the rulers and deputies, the most sustained "atlas" - Defense Minister Karl Haglund. According to him, native Finland “should seriously consider the issue of joining NATO”. The new prime minister, Alexander Stubb, echoes Haglundu.

Some facts from the biography of the said premier result "Forbes". Stubb worked as an adviser to the Foreign Ministry of Finland, in the Finnish representation in the EU, as an advisor to the president of the European Commission. In 2004, he was elected to the European Parliament. In 2008, he was appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs. Being in this position, he condemned Russia's recognition of the independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia. This person believes that Finland should join NATO at the same time as joining the EU - that is, back in the 1995 year.

Newspaper "Sight" unearthed other details about Stubb. Journalists found out that he “treats Russia with difficulty and, in a sense, even condescendingly.” And this very indulgence contradicts his own statements about "ensuring security."

For example, in one of the interviews he stated that the threat from Russia towards Finland does not exist, and all the talk about it is like “dandruff that can be shaken off”. Moreover, “on an international scale, Russia is not a great power,” this man believes.

And here is Haglund. This man, in a recent interview with Reuters, said that Finland “should seriously consider joining NATO”. That he proposed to hold a referendum after the parliamentary elections 2015 year.

“I think that there are more reasons for membership in NATO than ever,” said the head of the military department. These grounds are a threat from Russia, which is expressed both in the “role of the Russian Federation in the Ukrainian crisis” and in the war with Georgia (2008 year). Finally, Moscow, according to Mr. Haglund, itself provokes Helsinki to become part of the alliance. True, “Russia is not a threat to Finland now,” but “the situation is unpredictable.” As a result, the minister agreed to the point that he said: "... Russia should not worry about Finland’s entry into NATO, since the alliance does not pose a threat to anyone."

Kommersant writes that Alexander Stubb, stating that he would like to join the Alliance after 2015 for the sake of "maximum protection" of citizens, referred to the aggression of Moscow against Kiev. The publication also reminds that at the end of April 2014 of Helsinki announced the decision to sign a memorandum enabling NATO to deploy military aircraft and ships in Finland and “if necessary” to provide troops and military equipment to it.

As for the reaction of Russia, the Russian Foreign Ministry gave an unambiguous warning that “against the background of increasing NATO infrastructure” in the Baltic States and Poland, talk of Finland’s membership in the Alliance could lead to “dangerous negative changes in the North Baltic region”.

Finland shakes off the Russian threat like dandruff

Well, the northern political alignment is more or less clear. Obviously, Stubb and Haglund will do everything to hold a referendum and "introduce" the country into NATO. In the coming months and weeks, it is necessary to wait for the reinforcement of the relevant government rhetoric (for example, “maximum protection”) aimed at shaping the “anti-neutral” political opinion of the population. With a significant change in sentiment in the electorate, prepared informationally, in 2015, the authorities will launch a referendum.

True, there is one “but”: after the elections, completely different people may come to power.

Comments from our readers:

The deterioration of relations with Russia is too expensive a price for a stupid membership in the bloc, which will not protect Finland from Russia in case of anything.

Unfortunately, practice shows that when the government is loyal to the United States, no logical argument against joining NATO is taken into account ...

If there really will be a referendum on joining NATO, then I very much doubt that the Finns will support this idea. They absolutely do not need a deterioration in relations with the Russian Federation. In many shops and shopping centers in Finland accept rubles, many people know Russian. On the whole, the attitude towards Russians is friendly. I often go to Finland, so I know what I'm talking about.

Pan Sikorsky and Blacks

Polish Foreign Minister Mr. Sikorsky - yes, yes, the very one that likes to quote Brzezinski, frighten Russia with NATO forces and oppose the Kremlin obtaining the French Mistrals (in short, it follows the general line of the White House), it turns out , the great foe of this very White House.

In the Polish magazine "Vprost" fragments of the audio recording of the conversation with the participation of the head of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs were made public. As notes ITAR-TASSRadoslaw Sikorski, the Polish foreign minister, described the country's relations with the United States as harmful: they create a “false sense of security” for the Poles. Their other consequences are the conflicts of Poland with European partners.

Wprost claims that the recording was a conversation between Sikorsky and a deputy from the ruling Civic Platform party, Yatsek Rostovsky (the latter worked as Minister of Finance until 2013). ITAR-TASS indicates that the record was made in 2014. The fact that somewhere near the microphone, the conversation did not suspect.

“You know that the alliance between Poland and the United States is worth nothing,” said Sikorski to Rostovsky. “It is even harmful because it creates a false sense of security. This is complete nonsense, ITAR-TASS quoted the publication. - We are in conflict with the Germans, the French and we think that everything is fine, because we appease the Americans. Losers. Complete losers.

The Foreign Minister used certain expressions, which ITAR-TASS even leads were embarrassed. He also said that Poland has no pride, and self-esteem - “low”.

"TVNZ" went to publishing excerpts further.

In places, this newspaper points out, the Polish minister is switching to non-diplomatic expressions:

“This shit, we quarrel with the Germans and the French, as we suck the Americans like the last fraer. Poland’s problem is that we have cheap national pride and low self-esteem. Such a Negro.

The last "term" is quite amazing - remember that the United States is ruled by ... ah ... African American. Apparently, there are negros and Negros.

It is also curious that the Minister attributed the “low prices” of national pride and low self-esteem to the Poles as a whole, in effect declaring these qualities to be features of a national character. It should, however, begin with yourself. After all, the political adherence to the Washington line is not the common act of the Polish people (the peoples are far from the policy and strategy of their leaders, the peasant, the turner and the merchant do not embrace the boundless, whatever Sikorsky might think) and the actions of Sikorsky and other ministers.

Shit, suction and fraera: Sikorski about native Poland

But it’s not the Polish people, but the Polish Foreign Minister who quotes Mr. Brzezinski’s sayings. “Yes, we would like to see the Russian Federation an ally of the West, and not its adversary,” the minister quotes "Free press". “But Russia is a big country, and she herself knows best where her interests lie.” Although Zbigniew Brzezinski said that Russia can be either an ally of the West or a vassal of China. ”

And on the eve of the June trilateral meeting in St. Petersburg with the foreign ministers of Russia and Germany, Radoslaw Sikorski issued warnings to Russia — almost on behalf of NATO. In an interview with The Mirror of the Week. Ukraine ”Polish Foreign Minister stated that“ if the Russian Federation chooses the path of confrontation ”with the West, it will lose, because“ the balance of power between the EU and Russia is 8: 1, and NATO is the Russian Federation 16: 1 ”.

RIA News" recalls that the Polish Foreign Minister opposed the sale of French Mistrals to Moscow.

He also said that an increased contingent of military personnel from the USA and Europe should be present in his country.

One gets the correct impression that Sikorsky is Obama's voice in Europe. And one of the loudest voices of the American Cold War, waged against Russia.

But now it turns out that "we are sucking the Americans off like the last fraera."

Allow me, Mr. Sikorsky, why “we”?

Comments from our readers:

Alexander Romanov
Yes, when are you pumping something?

Yes, they never suck. No matter how much he communicated with the Poles - from the pioneer camp to joint drinking with Polish officers who studied with us - it was always and everywhere of them that they were a great nation, and Poland should be from “sea to sea”. That they are always oppressed and offended, that no one understands them and does not appreciate. They do not know how to drink, if they are drunk, the languages ​​are dismissed to the waist, and in the morning they are green because of fear, have they blurted out anything extra. I remember, I was struck by what, in their opinion, should be the alignment in post-war Europe. Germans hate, and they just despise them.

History teaches nothing. The course of Pilsudski and Beck for cooperation with Nazi Germany on the basis of anti-Russian and Russophobic illusions led her to another collapse. Now they suck off the “new owner” (more precisely, the well-forgotten old), feeding the same illusions about Russia and Ukraine. It seems to me that the words of their hymn "More Polska did not disappear ..." should be considered as a question, as well as their Svidomo analogue: "You are not the Ukraine" ...

Down with "sexual pedagogy"!

On the streets of Frankfurt am Main, a rally was held with the participation of thousands of people. The demonstrators demanded a ban on "sexual pedagogy."

The procession was attended by parents from Germany and other European countries. They opposed the policy of early sexualization, which the ruling EU gay caste had imposed.

According to parents, in Germany, sex-inquiry has acquired horrific forms. In particular, after Conchita Wurst’s victory at Eurovision in some schools, boys were asked to wear skirts and make up their lips ...

Germany protests against gay propaganda among children

Gay propaganda, hidden behind the words about democracy and the protection of human rights, in Germany has long penetrated the government. Last year, Angela Merkel taught Russia to Western freedoms.

Recall that in June 2013 of the year, the German chancellor spoke to Moscow about the fact that the ban on gay propaganda could lead to “discrimination” due to sexual orientation.

In Germany itself, such cruel laws, as in Russia, of course, do not. What are people protesting against? Maybe they do not want their children to grow up with sexual deviations?

The rally in Frankfurt am Main is far from the only one. Not so long ago, in April, more than four thousand people took to the streets of a half-million city - the capital of the federal state of Baden-Württemberg. People carried, notes channel "NTV", posters with slogans: “A classic family must exist!”, “Stop LGBT propaganda in schools”, “We have neither fear, nor hatred, we just do not agree!”

The federal government has introduced the compulsory discipline “Admissibility of sexual diversity” into the educational plan of local schools. Sex inquiry will start from the first grade. The reform starts next year.

Michael Strumpe, a former school teacher, says: “This is not about tolerance towards homosexuals. These programs promote homosexual relationships. This is too much. I am the father of seven children, and I am against. I want to show that family values ​​are very important to us. ”

German parents are opposed to promoting non-traditional sexual relations in schools. And those are being promoted just under the guise of "fighting discrimination" - the one about which Angela Merkel spoke enthusiastically last year ...

Comments from our readers:

Germany! What do you allow yourself? This is not tolerant, not democratic. No matter how much sanctions are imposed on you.

This is a provocation RUSSIAN !!!

smart Fox
Again Putin associates. Here, in fact, reached Germany along with Mizulina.

What did you want, gentlemen Europeans? For that fought for it and ran!

The more propaganda on this topic, the lower the birth rate of the nation and the greater its moral degradation! Everything is going according to the plans of overseas theorists, who are based on a reduction in the population of the planet, and therefore they are ready to justify not only wars, but also any other abominations that lead to a reduction in population!

Washington approved Putin’s decision

24 June Vladimir Putin asked the Federation Council to repeal the decree according to which the Russian army can act on the territory of Ukraine. This was stated by the press secretary of the president comrade Peskov.

On Tuesday, Putin turned to Federation Council, sending a letter to Valentina Matvienko. According to Peskov, spread by the Russian media, Putin decided to cancel "in order to normalize the situation and resolve the situation in the eastern regions of Ukraine, as well as in connection with the start of tripartite talks on this issue."

Describing the first US reaction to the decision of the Russian president, The Telegraph correspondent commented on White House spokesman Josh Ernest. He said that the United States "take into account the decision" of Putin, but "only actions, not words, will be decisive."

Bloomberg writes that Putin asked lawmakers to revoke the permission they gave him on March 1 as a conciliatory gesture that would have a positive effect on the rise of Russian stocks and strengthened the ruble before the president went to the European Union, namely Austria .

There he flew on gas matters. Gazprom and OMV AG have signed an agreement on the construction of South Stream, which will bypass Ukraine. At a press conference with his Austrian counterpart Heinz Fischer, the newspaper writes, Putin accused the United States of trying to “disrupt” the South Stream project, which would make Austria the largest European center for Russian gas supplies. "This is nothing special, it is an ordinary competitive struggle," - Putin said the publication.

The Daily Star recalls that on the eve of Putin’s decision, the US President spoke on the phone with him. Barack Obama threatened with the introduction of new sanctions against Russia, if Moscow does not stop supplying weapons to the Ukrainian rebels.

Slate argues that Putin lately "seems to be playing ... the role of a good cop in this conflict," showing support for peace. At the same time, the “pro-Russian militants” in Ukraine are fighting “with the silent support of Moscow.”

However, the publication considers the "good news" is that the "worst-case scenario," that is, "full-scale Russian invasion", looks "extremely unlikely."

A special point of view is expressed by The Financial Times, whose pages were included in a fresh review of the BBC Russian service. The publication regards the step of the Russian president as "a clear political signal that Putin is looking for a political solution to the settlement of the conflict in Ukraine."

However, according to one expert anonymously questioned by a newspaper, this decision is Putin’s propaganda course. The president of Russia is simply seeking to avoid new Western sanctions. “We, of course, are wary of such a turn, because Putin’s actions throughout the crisis have undermined our trust in him,” the European diplomat in Moscow quotes FT.

What sly Putin planned?

Thus, the West as a whole endorses Putin’s decision to repeal the well-known decree of March 1, which allows the Russian army to operate in Ukraine. However, the United States and Europe are wary of this decision. Washington and London think that Putin has started something tricky, and he covers up his future political move with propaganda.

It should also be added that the Federation Council supported Putin’s decision to repeal the March decree. And the White House welcomed the repeal of the decision by the Council of the Federation - as it were, the stamp was “approved”.

"Cancellation is a step in the right direction", - noted the State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf. However, according to her, “it is necessary for Russia to do more.”

Apparently, Washington believes that the next decision will be that Putin and the Federation Council will cancel something else. For example, the Crimea will be returned to Ukraine.

Comments from our readers:

V. V. Putin is so apparently driving.

Yes, I also had the impression that with this action Putin gave an opportunity to those who do not want to lose contracts with Russia because of sanctions, it is perfectly legal to sign new contracts, justifying his decision to America with evidence of Putin’s peace course. And for those who bark at Russia, take a step back without losing face.

I will add that with this the President alienates Europe from the United States, showing who is friend to Europe and who is “partner.”

The first swallows?

Two US companies received permission from the US Department of Commerce to supply crude oil abroad. Enterprise Product Partners and Pioneer Natural Resources will now be able to supply super-light oil to other countries, also known as condensate. This product is formed during the development of shale deposits. Previously, companies could only export refined fuel from the USA, but not crude oil.

In the new rules, which have not yet been officially announced, ultra-light oil that has undergone minimal processing is defined as fuel, which makes it possible to bypass restrictions on its supply. Both companies have improved the refining process so much that it can be exported while remaining untreated in the traditional sense. The first oil deliveries are scheduled for August.

According to Senator Liza Merkowski, the White House should lift all restrictions on the export of crude oil, which took about 40 years ago. She called the ministry’s decision “the first sensible step that reflects the new realities of the energy sector (US)”.

US to start exporting crude oil

Thus, Washington began to play the "slate card." Barack Obama has promised to feed Europe with shale gas for several months. Apparently, it was decided to start with oil.

To make at least some conclusions, we must wait for August. First, there is still no official publication of the new rules; secondly, it does not specify who will buy a product called “super-light oil” from the USA; thirdly, it is not clear what price buyers will give for “condensate”. Political noise is one thing; economic practice is another.

Comments from our readers:

What will they export it for? So far, they have neither terminals nor ships for full-fledged export.

Come on! And what did they carry Saudi and Venezuelan oil on? Which terminals were unloaded? Or do you think they are not suitable for export?

Fuel ... already takes laughter. The USA is a regional gas station pretending to be a superpower.

I think the Americans will not have to wait long for the fruits of the shale revolution! It is already known about the poisoned reservoirs, the "fiery" water from the water taps, these are the first signs. If they start global shale gas production, this could lead to an environmental disaster in North America.

The State Department is ready to recognize the independence of the LC and the DNI

According to the official representative of the US State Department Marie Harf, the reports of the Russian side about the large number of refugees leaving the territory of Ukraine are not true.

According to the Federal Migration Service of Russia, during the political crisis in Ukraine more than 400 thousands of refugees arrived on the territory of the Russian Federation. Their number has greatly increased since the beginning of June, when the escalation of the situation in the east of the country began. Every day thousands of people leave the territory of Ukraine.

“This is not true,” Harf replied to a question about numerous refugees.

At the same time, Marie Harf once again accused Russia of supplying volunteers with tanks and volley fire systems. When asked about the evidence for crossing the Ukrainian border with Russian military equipment, she replied in the style of her boss, Jen Psaki: “I’m happy to check and update the latest data.”

The US State Department denied reports of the Russian Federation about numerous refugees from Ukraine

Marie Harf seems to be competing in eloquence with Jen Psaki.

As reported by RT, during the regular briefing, Harf said that the United States supported the “federal” Ukraine. Earlier, the White House said that Ukraine should remain a unitary state.

It was like this: Marie Harf saidthat the United States supports the "united federal Iraq", and to the clarifying question of whether Washington adheres to a similar position with regard to Ukraine, she replied: "Yes, that is so."

It remains only for John Kerry to say that the State Department decided to recognize the LPR and the DPR as independent states, and President B.H. Obama is already asking Congress for money to help the new democratic state entities cope with the fascist junta Poroshenko.

Comments from our readers:

Giant thought
The mattress incubator works on the release of such State Department employees as psaki. Now they have Harf. Single field berries.

Quote: "According to the official representative of the US State Department Marie Harf, the Russian side’s reports of a large number of refugees leaving the territory of Ukraine are not true." NOT AMAZING, BECAUSE YANKI DECLARED THAT ALL THIS ARE TOURISTS. What can we talk about!

In the State Department buffet, Harf and Psaki are sitting, chewing cookies stolen from Nuland and drinking something.
Psaki: Some kind of coffee today is strange.
Harf: Dura, it's tea.
Suited waiter: Ladies, more cocoa?

Natasha on the plank beds

Not long Barack Obama left to walk free. Soon he will be sentenced to something by the most humane court on the planet - American. The one with the criminal articles and terms is not a trifle. American Republicans, in their bold fantasies, already represent how the former Democrat president sloughs up the bush, removes the bucket and sleeps on the third tier in an overcrowded cell, mumbling something about the machinations of the enemies of the people in a dream ...

Speaker of the House of Representatives of the American Congress, John Beyner (Republican, of course) was going to file a lawsuit against Barack Obama. The politician said transmits "RT"that the head of state has repeatedly violated US laws. Details of the violations will soon become known.

Republicans have previously accused the president of freely handling laws. They did not like, for example, how B.H. Obama managed the program of medical care. A few days ago, Obama received a portion of poisonous criticism for not informing Congress about the decision to exchange Sergeant Bergdal, captured by the Afghan Taliban, for five Taliban leaders who were in Guantanamo prison days)

And now Obama will sue the House of Representatives. From her name and will be sued.

Accused Obama, stand up!

But what about our hero? And he feels quite well. And even despite the new round of the economic crisis (for the first quarter, the US economy collapsed 2,9 percent), ready to demand money from Congress!

According to Interfax With reference to the Financial Times, the presidential administration proposed to support the Syrian opposition.

The National Security Council told Obama that he, as president, should convince congressmen to allocate 500 millions of dollars from the US defense budget. This large money will then go to the "training and equipment" of those whom the advisers called the "moderate armed opposition in Syria." According to the representative of the National Security Council Kathleen Hayden, these funds will help protect the Syrian people.

Blowing on Assad by someone else’s hands, we’ll add, it’s a good way to get out of the water. Enter history as president-defendant? Well no! Barak Hussein decided to be noted as a Syrian peacemaker-democratizer. Republicans, many of whom (starting with the valiant warrior McCain and his friend L. Graham) are in favor of the bombing of Syria and the direct armament of the "rebels", simply do not expect such a strategic move from the "lame duck".

It is difficult, Mr. Beyner, you will judge the hero of the Syrian war!

Comments from our readers:

Giant thought
The court may be, but only at the end of the presidential term. It would be symbolic if, after the presidential term, Obama received a prison sentence.

This is only a dream, unfortunately.

Zack number one -
Black lord
Sleeps, of course, the bucket.
All his name is Natasha.

Everyone in the chamber loves him
Every five pigeons a day.
And recently - the president!
Today - the camera client ...

How did Barack get here,
Why did this happen?
And the answer is quite simple:
Nefig us threaten war!

Nefig impose sanctions,
About threats to vote,
Balamut Ukraine,
Leading the beast.

Spend a bunch of billions
For the Nazis avant-gardes.
Tyrit oil in "sick" Iraq
In Syria to ride the Macaque,
To buy terrorists,
And Russia-blame.

Well, sit, grit your teeth,
Talk to the mice.
Eat balanda, my bump,
Remember: you are now Natasha!

* "Unlike everyone else, I went to the army for spiritual reasons" - a phrase from the movie "DMB".
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  1. Stypor23
    29 June 2014 08: 18
    You can’t argue with a leaflet. OCCUPERUS WITH HIS ACTION fully discredited the Ukrainian part of the airborne forces.
    1. BYV
      29 June 2014 08: 37
      Not mine, but really liked it:
      I don’t understand one thing: why are you so brave? Did the example of brave Georgians teach you anything? Who are you going to fight with? You do not know that the Russian military can see you from satellites in full detail, and your heroes do not even have night sights? You do not know that if you really piss Russia off, then in 20 minutes you will be robbing from the Iskanders, and this is before even a single Russian soldier enters into nenko ...

      Who are you rude to? You hicks with sticks swing at a country with space technologies and a fucking cloud of money. Americans do not allow themselves such impudence because they know. And you ! Russia will not enter Ukraine by troops. The missile troops will simply demolish the entire infrastructure, the air defense will close the sky, the Space Forces will share intelligence with the Donbas ... and then, the number of those who want to otpizdyulit your oligarchs and nat. the guard with PS and Svoboda is growing every day. Ukraine will be beaten off by Ukrainians. She will remain independent. And he will make the decisions that you declared on the Maidan. But you will never implement these decisions under the heel of American "grant-eaters".

      Has Russia attacked you? Where and how? Where are the Russian units? Yes, half a year ago, the border between Russia and Ukraine was nothing more than a conditional one. This has been the case for centuries. When "nezalezhnosti" arose, they drew the border in such a way that it even divided some families by citizenship. It is obvious that the presence in the border areas of both states of a large number of citizens with "foreign" passports is a natural legacy of the past. Hence, a certain percentage of the militias with Russian passports. There are a few "fans", but what are they against the army? It `s naturally. This cannot testify to any aggression on the part of Russia. Otherwise, we in Russia must perceive the participation of Ukrainian citizens in armed gangs in Chechnya as Ukraine's aggression against Russia. And this war was declared earlier !!! Do you need examples? Sashko Bily, Dmytro Yarosh .... Continue? Russia has never attacked Ukraine and never will! Therefore, Putin, whom you nightmare, is humiliated ... but he is not used to, he alone with one "Makarov" stopped the crowd in Dresden, which wanted to burn the Russian consulate.

      Ukrainians! Are you not tired of the rake hopak? You have clearly been raped with the EU! Greetings from Merkel, on occasion! Nothing really bothers you ??? Why are there no real sanctions against Russia? Why, suddenly, Poroshenko, having traveled to Europe, became so peaceful? BUT??? Maybe you do not agree on something your free media ???

      PS: All the information from this post is easy to check in non-living media.
      PPS: I choose a padded jacket for the fall. No one heard: double breasted or with piping?

      UPD at the request of commentators.
      Was Crimea taken away? What is it like? No troops were brought in there. Under the Treaty, for which Russia paid in advance for many years, there could be up to 25000 Russian military personnel. There were 15000. This was enough for the Ukrainian units to silently withdraw from Ukraine without firing a single shot. The same is the statistics of "non-living media" (1 + 1 and 5 channels) that only 2000 servicemen left Ukraine. The rest remained, which is about 25000 people. Why? Ask yourself. Nothing was burned in Crimea. We held a referendum. And, as a human being, anyone who has been in Crimea and talked to people has no doubts about the results of the vote.
      1. stranik72
        29 June 2014 09: 44
        A big minus for you for the unfortunate choice of a patriotic quote. So, in fact, the President of the Russian Federation must be a strategist, his mistake (I am afraid for Russia fatal) in defining "work" with Ukraine was based on a false premise:
        1. We are brothers;
        2. Where will they go, give money, tie up technological cooperation (aviation, for example), etc.
        AND). What happened to the "brothers", knowing that the mattress makers cherish the Bandera people and knowing that they were the main driving force in Ukraine during the collapse of the USSR, having facts about the participation of Ukrainian mercenaries in all conflicts, on the side of Russia's opponents (Abkhazia, Yugoslavia, Chechnya, Georgia), knowing their political elite and their anti-Russian sentiments, DID NOT DO ANYTHING, at least for the country's security.
        B). In terms of technological cooperation, knowing the "painful" points of our defense capability, he contributed to the fact that helicopter engines were not produced in Russia, at least 8 years ago, engines for ships 6 years ago, there were people who suggested it. There were many moments where we sagged, the result of the war and the destruction of Russians in Novorossiya, and this is just the beginning.
        GDP is not the leader of the nation, it is only the governing country a little better than EBN IHMO.
        1. +24
          29 June 2014 11: 14
          Quote: stranik72
          in fact, the president of the Russian Federation should be a strategist, his mistake (I am afraid for Russia fatal) in defining "work" with Ukraine was based on a false message

          With memory.
          I would like to object.
          As far as I remember, even before the Maidan, the Russian law that state officials should not keep their savings abroad, for a long time, was sucking in the vein of the dictatorial Putin regime in our media, which had not yet completely gone mad, in our media, only now it became clear why this law was adopted.
          In the same way, modernization of the Russian army was presented, especially the sums allocated from the state budget were relished.
          The same applies to the recently adopted law on bloggers.
          Now the flight of Pavel Durov, the former owner of the VK, is quite understandable - the students' withdrawal to the Maidan through the VK was worked out on previous Maidan. One just had to understand that it was just necessary to collect enough weighty dirt on him and bring the legislative base.
          And further. Every year the FMS worked better and tougher - at least in terms of official registration. I know this firsthand.
          The only mistake that was made not by the president, but by the media was that they did not show the real situation in Ukraine, but continued to pull the bagpipes about the brotherly people. This was evident even here, on VO, when the fire just began to flare up - most of the site visitors called out from comments "Guys, what are you, come to your senses, we are fraternal peoples." To their honor, we quickly figured it out. all of Russia, its people, headed by the fascist Putin, are the enemy and aggressor.
          1. stranik72
            29 June 2014 13: 01
            You are talking about the situation of the last 2 years, where the GDP has indicated something in the matter of ensuring national security. I’m telling you about his activities since 1998 (when he was appointed chief of the FSB) and then over the years, he rode Ukraine together with his “companions” (team), I'm afraid given how the situation is developing now, slow stagnation, no active (I would even said sharp) steps in the military-industrial complex (to deal with management companies, according to the cost-quality criterion) in society, non-violent but effective actions to localize the 5th column, to deal with the local authorities, with the national question, I am not a nationalist, but look how many Armenians are in leading and middle positions in the Krasnodar Territory, Stavropol Territory, the Rostov Region in the Moscow Region, etc., where are such "high-quality" managers from, whether the fight against corruption is marking time, all this suggests that the authorities in a panic and dropped her hands, let everything go as it goes, and then maybe it will carry. Not gentlemen-comrades will not carry "the hour of courage struck on our watches, let the courage not leave us" so that we need to rely only on ourselves, but also to be ready, as in Novorossia to protect ourselves and our family, for a start.
            1. +5
              29 June 2014 18: 49
              Quote: stranik72
              You are talking about the situation of the extreme 2 years

              So, specify the chronology in the commentary, because anyway it turns out that from 1998 to 2012 everything was bad in the field of ensuring national security, and from 2012 it began to change for the better.
              Is it possible to carry out such large-scale events sharply and quickly?
              And non-violent, but effective actions to localize the 5th column, especially within six months, are by no means Putin and his comrades, but, as can be seen from the outside, some active citizens, of whom there are many in Russia at the present time. Just as they are resisting Ukrainian NEDO-fascism and to Nazism in the South - East - the whole Putin message "Sami", and we will help.
              ZY Do not be offended, for God's sake, but the last paragraph of your comment is very well superimposed on the speeches of our Svidomites:
              deal with the local authorities, with the national question, I'm not a nationalist, but look how many Donetsk people are in leading and middle positions in Odessa, Zhitomir, Vinnytsia region in the Kiev region, etc., where are such "high-quality" managers from? the fight against corruption is marking time, all this suggests that the authorities are in a panic and give up, let everything go as it goes, and then maybe it will carry over. Not gentlemen-comrades will not carry "the hour of courage struck on our watch, let the courage not leave us" so that we need to rely only on ourselves, but also to be ready to protect ourselves and our family from Russia, for a start.
              1. stranik72
                29 June 2014 20: 58
                Why should I be offended by you, unless I wrote about Odessa, etc., but if you like to discuss it like that, then this is your problem. You see, I see it differently, I reiterate that the Ukrainians believed that Yanukovych was very bad and received what they received, I believe that President Putin, as a manager, to put it mildly, not very much, you write with boiling water, he won’t improve my life in the near future, because he had to make the most important decisions, first and foremost, in the economic bloc, and this is absolutely zero DAM. Next Chubais still recall where we have stools. So the truth is in the nuances, and they determine actions and deeds.
                1. +7
                  29 June 2014 22: 27
                  That's all smart people at the computer ... they imagined themselves as presidents ... But remember which country he adopted ... and what it is now ... would you be better off? And he gradually ... slowly ... but surely ... Not everything is given at once, it is not so simple ...
                2. +4
                  29 June 2014 23: 22
                  Quote: stranik72
                  You see so, I see it differently

                  In this case, I won’t argue. I simply recall the stories of friends in Russia in the 2000s, whose relatives in Russia, classmates living there, were all covered in some kind of dregs and hopelessness. Scientists (from Voronezh, it seems) lived off their mother’s pension. For 14 years communication has not changed - the same people who are dissatisfied with life in the country come or call (not unreasonably). But these same Voronezh scientists are now able to support their sister, their mother, alone in Ukraine. Classmates, nov and gundya about the rise in price of everything and everything, they successfully come not by train, but by jeep, spending their own money to collect a class in a restaurant, and acquaintances, every summer resting in the Crimea, always speak in the bad Russian climate - we have cherries with cherries, strawberries, pears and only apples there, yes and those are inconsequential. A military pensioner from Russia bought an apartment, repaired himself and his sister, and nearly fainted when they called him rich. Our ordinary pensioner can only dream of this in pink dreams! Do not forget yet medical insurance, which is not available in Ukraine in fact - it got sick here - 500 hryvnias per day for ordinary treatment (standard pension is 1200-1300 UAH, standard salary is 4000 UAH, and this is very good). will write boiling water?
            2. 0
              30 June 2014 08: 52
              "If I knew where to fall, I would lay a straw."
        2. +2
          29 June 2014 12: 02
          And where you can read in more detail about the situation in Dresden "alone with one" Makarov "stopped the crowd ...". Very interesting, I have not heard about this before.
          1. +4
            29 June 2014 12: 09
            By the way, I found ( the truth is that it says that he was with Kalash, but still Moldovan. One against the heated crowd, this is what kind of endurance you need to have and self-control. Strong man! Already then he was.
        3. +1
          29 June 2014 12: 11
          "If the cat has given birth to kittens, then Putin is to blame"
          ..or Brzezinski again ..
          “Let me try to uncover the possible consequences of the Ukrainian crisis for the architecture of European security in the light of relations between Russia and the West. What we are now seeing in Ukraine is, from my point of view, not just a quarrel, but a symptom of a more serious problem - namely, the gradual and steady rise of Russian quasi-mystical chauvinism, which has been going on for six or seven years. Putin played the main role in this, and the content of this new concept completely determines Russia's relations with the world in general and with the West in particular. "

          Read more:
          .. the United States got into trouble with his filing in Ukraine for the most I can not. Putin is to blame ..
          1. The comment was deleted.
            1. The comment was deleted.
              1. +3
                29 June 2014 14: 53
                Quote: 222222
                Well, Six times two, sit FIVE. laughing Actually thanks for the link and information.
            2. +3
              29 June 2014 14: 28
              Quote: 222222
              Brzezinski is already an old man. Now it is difficult for him to understand the essence of the problems. Therefore, it is sometimes slightly inaccurate. As a result, the whole construction of his reasoning becomes unreliable.

              Certainly. Brzezinski is not the chief strategist of Western policy, Putin is not the only constructor of the geopolitical model - "Russia; its place in the world and the role of those or other" partners "; it is Russia, the future." Your analysis, 222222seems to be the most likely explanation of what is happening.
        4. old man 72
          30 June 2014 02: 11
          Page 72, did you write this comment yourself, or who told you how to write ??? So think carefully before writing a comment. I put you a huge MINUS.
      2. +1
        29 June 2014 14: 16
        Bravo! Bravo! Cool answer !!! good
      3. +1
        30 June 2014 08: 20
        just them !!!! wassat
        I read here: "we are great dill, we were the FIRST PERSONS TO SPACE SENT !!!!!!" WOW !!!!!! Think Gagarin was a crest ?! "We are the great dill, invented the Cyrillic alphabet, and the Russians took it away!" WOW !!!!!!! People! Fuck, huh? And the country "Ukraine - 150 thousand years" !!!!!! Did you know ???? Me not.. crying I would like to advise ukram, read well, at least the history of other countries .. So for understanding .. bully Oh yes! They also dug up the Black Sea with their hands .... wassat After all, note that not a single country in the world, not even the United States, has turned the history of their country in this way. Not alone. And these surpassed themselves seem .. fool
    2. +19
      29 June 2014 08: 39
      As always, the review is good! hi

      Apparently, Washington believes that the next decision will be that Putin and the Federation Council will cancel something else. For example, the Crimea will be returned to Ukraine.

      No, no! That's it! Our Crimea! bully

      And by the way, what Ukrainian experts wrote in December 2009:
      Ukraine cannot be bypassed. North and South streams will never be built, experts!

      Gas pipelines bypassing Ukraine - an adventure. The Nord Stream will probably never be built, the same fate will most likely befall another Gazprom large-scale project, the South Stream

      This opinion was expressed by specialists of the Center for Economic Research of the Institute of Globalization and Social Movements (IGSO).

      According to experts, the cause of phasing out of the work could be a further decrease in gas consumption in Europe.

      According to UNIAN, assessing the prospects for the development of the crisis in the EU countries, IGSO specialists came to the conclusion that the construction of new, more expensive, transport routes will lose its meaning, because overcoming the crisis will require the creation of new, cheaper energy.
      Fully here
      Curtain, applause turning into a stormy ovation! wassat
      1. +36
        29 June 2014 09: 02
        Ukraine proudly declared that it was they who first fired, invented a wheel and learned how to make spears. Russia agreed with this, but modestly kept silent that other countries had already mastered space at the same time. laughing
        1. +6
          29 June 2014 14: 56
          Quote: major071
          came up with a wheel and learned how to make spears.
          Right away, they began to stick spears into the wheels themselves. laughing Well, do not self-immolate in fact.
      2. +1
        29 June 2014 11: 51
        Quote: Sid.74
        As always, the review is good! hi

        Apparently, Washington believes that the next decision will be that Putin and the Federation Council will cancel something else. For example, the Crimea will be returned to Ukraine.

        No, no! That's it! Our Crimea! bully

        And by the way, what Ukrainian experts wrote in December 2009:
        Ukraine cannot be bypassed. North and South streams will never be built, experts!
        wassat Fucked quasi-experts, victims of the exam. request

        Gas pipelines bypassing Ukraine - an adventure. The Nord Stream will probably never be built, the same fate will most likely befall another Gazprom large-scale project, the South Stream

        This opinion was expressed by specialists of the Center for Economic Research of the Institute of Globalization and Social Movements (IGSO).

        According to experts, the cause of phasing out of the work could be a further decrease in gas consumption in Europe.

        According to UNIAN, assessing the prospects for the development of the crisis in the EU countries, IGSO specialists came to the conclusion that the construction of new, more expensive, transport routes will lose its meaning, because overcoming the crisis will require the creation of new, cheaper energy.
        Fully here
        Curtain, applause turning into a stormy ovation! wassat
    3. +12
      29 June 2014 08: 55
      Not a part, but an honor ... But not everyone who wears the blue vest of the DESANTURA may also be a "parachutist", but not an airborne operator!
      1. +7
        29 June 2014 09: 07
        Quote: Pule
        Not a part, but an honor ... But not everyone who wears the blue vest of the DESANTURA may also be a "parachutist", but not an airborne operator!

        Pavel is great! Paratroopers to fight behind enemy lines, but not against their own and especially civilians! The honor is definitely lost! For me, August 2 is not an empty phrase, but I will never understand these "landings"! soldier
        1. +15
          29 June 2014 09: 39
          Not everything in Ukraine is lost !!! laughing

          When asked what is LGBT, half of Ukrainians answered - a lightweight tracked armored personnel carrier.

          Taki yes !!!good Yes laughing
          1. +44
            29 June 2014 09: 55
            Oooooo !!! I crawled under the table from such a find on the Internet !!! laughing

            "We are like three sisters in the same apartment. Russia is the elder, Belarus is the youngest, clever and hard-working, and Ukraine is beautiful, but b ** d gone, every three years there is a divorce, Maidan, a new man ...
            Well, they put up with it - they’re dear, but then the black man brought it into the house, he says, love is with them, he promised a beautiful life in Europe — glamor, but for now we need to register it with us and arrange a room for him, well, of course, we understand that this is a con man living space is breeding, we are trying to interfere, so she - a dumb dumb family, refused to consider us enemies, she thinks we are envious of her happiness with a black man.
            So we think, whether a whore, or an idiot ... "
            1. +26
              29 June 2014 10: 54
              solid household
        2. stranik72
          29 June 2014 13: 25
          The truth about Ukraine today looks like this to me. Among the richest people, Ukrainians and Russians, I do not see something, all key political positions (affecting the life of the state and the population) are also not occupied by Ukrainians and Russians. CONCLUSION: "In fact, no one ever intended to build an independent Ukraine on the lands, at least conquered by the Russian Empire and" donated "by Lenin to the Soviet Ukraine. And today's extermination of Russians and Ukrainians suggests that people are looking for their profit on the lands of Ukraine completely different belonging and self-identification, which are unlikely to link their fate and the fate of their descendants with Ukraine ... "
      2. +9
        29 June 2014 11: 47
        So now they are not paratroopers, airmobiles.
        1. +5
          29 June 2014 15: 01
          Just rename them to dolbojikov. Although why offend hedgehogs?
  2. +8
    29 June 2014 08: 18
    Nothing new. Everything has been thought out in advance. But Novorossia should become independent in any situation. And here let the Americans and Europeans at least be sanctioned.
  3. +9
    29 June 2014 08: 19
    Thank you, Alexander and Oleg, your review, as always, is at its best. good
  4. +6
    29 June 2014 08: 21
    Unlike others, I want to warn passive Ukrainians that I’m not hiding my hut ..... Natsik will answer for the crime against the people, there is no dispute, but someone must answer for the passivity of the nation!?.
    1. +2
      29 June 2014 15: 02
      Quote: mig31
      I want to warn passive Ukrainians
      that they took the first step to just becoming passive homosexuals.
  5. +47
    29 June 2014 08: 25
    That's what I found (maybe not quite in the subject but) ... But it is so. laughing
    1. +10
      29 June 2014 08: 45
      Quote: MIKHAN
      (maybe not quite a topic but)

      Fine, Michael! hi After all, the day off! Here is Putin rap !!! laughing
    2. +2
      29 June 2014 13: 41
      The very thing, just the topic ... The real truth.
    3. +2
      29 June 2014 15: 03
      Uncle Misha bow to you to the ground. hi
    4. +2
      29 June 2014 17: 37
      Quote: MIKHAN
      But the way it is.
      And I foolishly took them for maydaunov ... Maidanniki means.
  6. Nikich
    29 June 2014 08: 27
    Quote: mig31
    Unlike others, I want to warn passive Ukrainians that I’m not hiding my hut ..... Natsik will answer for the crime against the people, there is no dispute, but someone must answer for the passivity of the nation!?.

    Who will call them to account? Could it be Putin, who canceled the last opportunity to defend Ukraine with the help of our troops ?!
    1. +11
      29 June 2014 08: 58
      Quote: Nikich
      Who will call them to account? Could it be Putin, who canceled the last opportunity to defend Ukraine with the help of our troops ?!

      The last reason why? Since 2008 of the year there has been an unlimited permission for the use of the president’s armed forces outside Russia! And no one has canceled it! And did Putin’s troops withdraw from the border with New Russia? Al are standing! wassat
    2. +5
      29 June 2014 15: 08
      Quote: Nikich
      Isn't it Putin who canceled the last opportunity protect Ukraine

      Barking. From whom to protect Ukraine? From Ukrainians? You trample your brains and reboot. Apparently not turned on in the morning. How you got panicky washers.
    3. Semurik
      30 June 2014 17: 39
      Putin has a zone of responsibility - Russian Federation !!!
      (see article 80 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation)
  7. +5
    29 June 2014 08: 36
    The State Border Service of Ukraine issued a statement stating that on the border with Russia there are fixed clusters of “illegal armed formations”, as well as movements of armored vehicles of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in close proximity to Ukrainian territory.

    Arsen Avakov also saw Russian tanks in Ukraine ... And he even declared that officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs were destroying these tanks.

    Noble, you see, the boys smoke the grass ... :)
    This is probably why, with a frequency approaching constancy, they hammer at Russian border guards and customs.
    And there’s nothing to answer? How long will we play nobility?
    Let's say something ultra-precise and powerful flew in Ukraine, who said it was from Russia?
    Or do we only play fair games? As Lavrov taunts - "... it's not fair ...". Yes, the war, in the prizes, cannot be fair!
    1. +2
      29 June 2014 15: 11
      Quote: Skif83
      How long will we play nobility?

      Your Honor, Madame Rocket.
      I will probably send you them in return for an answer.
      You, their questions, madam, understand correctly.
      Break them to hell, just too mannered.
  8. +21
    29 June 2014 08: 38
    Thanks to the authors! Extensive review! Well, so the events are gaining a rapid turn.
    On my own I would like to add a little about the signing of the economic part of Ukraine's association with the EU. Hurray shouting on the Maidan. Poroshenko bows - "We have fulfilled what the Maidan stood for." Only the jumpers think that once they have signed it, now it will be possible to ride throughout Europe without visas, and most importantly, and settle down there on the sly. Naive! Quite a little time will pass and it will turn out that it is also necessary to ratify this document. I have no doubt that BP will ratify, but with 28 EU countries it is a big question. Having seen enough of our "activists", Europe has already begun to think about how not to let them in. Painfully active. And what do we have?
    “We will have the movement of goods in one direction from Europe to Ukraine, this will not accompany Ukrainian producers, besides, the high gas price will not provide Ukrainian producers with normal competitive conditions in Western markets, because it affects the pricing in general. it is necessary to completely reorient the Ukrainian economy, which used to be more focused on industry, on the service sector. At the same time, there are no compensations for Ukrainian producers, a large number of enterprises will be forced to close, unemployment will grow, "political scientist Bondarenko said.
    There is little hope for investment, we have a war, you know, but prices have already been raised several times now. So there will be new social discontent ... wait for the Maidan 3 !!!
    1. calocha
      29 June 2014 09: 19
      With this signing, Poroshenko drove a stake in the heart of Ukrainian Industry.
      1. +3
        29 June 2014 10: 34
        For this, Western capital set it ..
      2. +4
        29 June 2014 12: 10
        Quote: calocha
        With this signing, Poroshenko drove a stake in the heart of Ukrainian Industry.

        But in Europe, where it is free and democratic to go to the churchyard. am
        1. +1
          29 June 2014 15: 16
          Well, let food suddenly disappear
          Although it’s rusty, there is water in the tap. (I heard something from a childhood song. Maybe Asmolov)
    2. +6
      29 June 2014 09: 22
      I welcome you, Elena! hi
      Quote: Egoza
      Cheers shout on the Maidan.

      Hurray? Somehow it’s not patriotic, but what about the Glory of the Nation !!! crying
      Quote: Egoza
      Only here jumpers think that since they signed, now it will be possible to ride all over Europe without visas, and most importantly, and settle in there slowly.

      Oh oh! There’s a problem with that! Dear mother, such things, the EU Chancellor Merkel said that they would accept the signed agreement only after negotiations with Moscow! wink
      The economic part of the Association Agreement between the European Union and Ukraine will not begin to act immediately after the signing, which took place on Friday, June 27 at the EU summit, but only after negotiations of the European Commission, Ukraine and Russia.

      This was announced at the end of the EU summit by German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Brussels, reports Censor. NO with reference to Details. Source:

      Here zhezh ambush! Enchanting agreement, and even more fabulous and enchanting maydauny! Separately surprised by the comments of Svidomo from! laughing
    3. +2
      29 June 2014 09: 23
      Thanks Elena! Added as always, capaciously and accurately! I am joining! hi
    4. +2
      29 June 2014 15: 14
      Quote: Egoza
      Cheers shout on the Maidan

      Here Maidan entered the EEC
      And why are you so excited?
      They were brothers for us.
      And now you are bastards.
  9. sanek0207
    29 June 2014 08: 38
    As already pointed out, Oh, this USA just has no words! Everywhere they snoop their snout!
  10. +31
    29 June 2014 08: 40
    Oleg, Alex hi Thanks for the review! good

    Late June, Sunday
    Summary of the week summed up
    What is betrayed by oblivion?
    And who is paid attention to?

    I read, I think, scratch the back of my head
    And I can’t understand in any way
    How did it happen that the dive
    Decided to crush the whole world under the USA?

    A bawdy bitch barks at Russia
    And blames Russia for all sins
    Doesn't understand, Democrat snotty
    What the USA will forget, we will remain for centuries
    1. +11
      29 June 2014 08: 56
      Major Pushkin forum! Always composes on the topic and offhand .. good
      1. +17
        29 June 2014 09: 42
        “Just think ... I can also embroider.” And on a typewriter, umm ... also ... (s) laughing
        1. +4
          29 June 2014 09: 50
          Quote: major071
          Doesn't understand, Democrat snotty
          What the USA will forget, we will remain for centuries

          Long live that, thanks to which we no matter what !!!hi
        2. +4
          29 June 2014 15: 17
          Change nickname to MATROSKIN laughing Colleague hi
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. +2
      29 June 2014 10: 26
      Poems are even better than a review! Plus +++!
    4. +4
      29 June 2014 15: 20
      We psaki psakoy threatened
      But this dog we are not pissing
      This psaki is not enough for us.
      We will answer honestly we * wow with him.
  11. +4
    29 June 2014 08: 48
    Today, the document officially signed by the President of Ukraine Poroshenko, which adds authority to the representatives of the so-called National Guard, officially entered into force. Now the Nazis are able to enter any dwelling and conduct a search if it seemed suspicious to them.
    Well! finally, ALL fell into place! So much for the fat in chocolate! So much for vorEnichkami! Scribe! Well, well, now ALL the nits of dill are better examined! And that means US, Russian peasants, it's time to open their villas, but to get the forks !!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. +2
    29 June 2014 09: 03
    Excellent presentation of the RESULTS ... Thank you!
    Something to discuss ... And so everything is clear ... The war for money and domination is the filth and tears of ordinary people. And the "top" ... who sucks, who does not take into account the opinion ... will be replaced, as always. And only the "filter of History" in 20-30 years will separate the facts from the "suspension of information war" of the media ...
  13. +5
    29 June 2014 09: 05
    Today, the document officially signed by the President of Ukraine Poroshenko, which adds authority to the representatives of the so-called National Guard, officially entered into force. Now the Nazis are able to enter any dwelling and conduct a search if it seemed suspicious to them.

    Oh risk Mr. Poroshenko! After all, the National Guard is still in the Donbass, and even then not all. In Kiev, too! Suddenly they will come to you? wassat How painfully suspicious? And everything by your order will be! tongue
    1. +1
      29 June 2014 10: 00
      Quote: Egoza
      Oh risk Mr. Poroshenko!

      Not that word!

      The last U.S. resident in Ukraine, Poroshenko mutters:

      "I have always said and I repeat today that the decision of the Verkhovna Rada to deprive the Russian language of its regional status was a mistake. During my election campaign, I repeatedly stressed that such a law would never receive my approval."
      "I hope that never again in the history of Ukraine will the issue of language or culture endanger national unity itself."
      “We are perfectly aware that we will never be able to return these regions by military action. We should fight there for the hearts and minds of people. We have absolutely no objection to using Russian as an official language. We are also ready for We are ready to pay from public funds for the renovation of all buildings affected by the conflict. We are ready to immediately start rebuilding infrastructures in the eastern regions and invest in industry. To this end, we will use the funding that has been promised to us by the European Union and the United States. that the industry has resumed its work because it will provide jobs for young people. "
      "However, none of this can be done in conditions when a state of war is imposed on us."
    2. +3
      29 June 2014 11: 49
      Oh risk Mr. Poroshenko!
      They will tear Ukraine apart: the patience of the people is not unlimited. Especially when there is nothing to lose already, and there is a pragmatic way out: New Russia.
      1. 0
        30 June 2014 00: 20
        these guys heart will calm down once again Jewish pogroms
      2. The comment was deleted.
  14. Fin
    29 June 2014 09: 21
    Now the Nazis are able to enter any dwelling and conduct a search if it seemed suspicious to them.

    Koloma does not want to pay, and this is fraught with consequences. However, it is not surprising that the cities were always given to the mercenaries for plunder.
  15. +8
    29 June 2014 09: 21
    Not really arrogant concrete! Again, Russia is to blame for not letting them steal our gas? laughing
    Austrian Embassy pickets in Kiev - outraged by South Stream support

    Kiev, June 28 (Navigator, Vladimir Mikhailov) - Activists of the Freedom Party held a picket on Friday at the Austrian embassy to protest the reception of Russian President Vladimir Putin in Vienna, during which the Austrian side expressed support for the construction of the South Stream pipeline bypassing Ukraine.

    “I cynically sign agreements on the construction of the so-called South Stream, which will be built bypassing Ukraine. It is one of the elements in the destruction of Ukraine’s independence and the strengthening of the Russian gas monopoly in Europe. This is contrary to the principles declared by the EU.

    We believe that such things are absolutely unacceptable, ”Andrei Ilyenko, deputy of the Verkhovna Rada from Freedom, announced.
  16. Grandfather Victor
    29 June 2014 09: 40
    "Putin decided to cancel" in order to normalize the situation and resolve the situation in the eastern regions of Ukraine, as well as in connection with the start of trilateral negotiations on this issue. " What can you not do when the owner orders ...
  17. +5
    29 June 2014 09: 42
    The review is one-sided. In Syria and Iraq, nothing happened in a week?
    Or did all the "fighters for democracy" dye their hair as National Guardsmen, shaving off their beards?
    Sexy pedagogy in Germany on the page of a military site somehow ... (the word is forbidden in the media).
    1. +2
      29 June 2014 15: 22
      Yes, it's just time to release two reviews. In one does not intermeddle.
    2. +3
      29 June 2014 17: 55
      Quote: shurup
      Sexy pedagogy in Germany on the page of a military site somehow ... (the word is forbidden in the media).
      Sexual education today is on the front line of the front. It depends on the outcome of these battles whether today's children, tomorrow's boys and future men will be able to be warriors in different countries. The decision to ban homosexual propaganda is a very half measure. We need a system of sex education, not sexual.
  18. +2
    29 June 2014 09: 42
    Well, judging by the previous ones, the next decree will be on the right of the wedding night! And this right will have high-ranking guests from America!
  19. +4
    29 June 2014 09: 58
    Thanks for the review, as always interesting. Ukraine will not leave the first place in the news soon, I saw yesterday how the "brave PёS", on camera, was interrogating the kid who was filming the atrocities of the bandits, what can you say, they caught a GRU spy, so inveterate, for any prize they cut down for him, but most of all I was struck by the permission to rob the bandits, they can now EVERYTHING !!!! In theory, they can check Poroshenko for "loyalty", especially in light of the announced truce. Many colleagues on the site are perplexed, Why is there such a smoking top of the junta? I answer with absolute accuracy - "Peace plan" from Poroshenko, there is, apparently, "plan B" - what fantasies and visions he evokes, we'll see.
  20. +1
    29 June 2014 11: 28
    Here is the load that was thrown off at the position

  21. +5
    29 June 2014 11: 39
    Today, the document officially signed by the President of Ukraine Poroshenko, which adds authority to the representatives of the so-called National Guard, officially entered into force.
    what Damn, the feeling of "Deja vu". I remembered the Decree "On the Application of Military Jurisdiction in the Barbarossa Area and on Special Measures of the Troops" the order of the Chief of the Wehrmacht High Command Wilhelm Keitel of May 13, 1941.
  22. +2
    29 June 2014 13: 33
    The jester .... however
  23. +3
    29 June 2014 13: 58
    KIEV. June 29. UNN. More than 350 people gathered at the rally under the Presidential Administration in Kiev by volunteers of the Donbass battalion. The protesters demand to introduce martial law and restore the anti-terrorist operation in the east of the country, the correspondent of UNN reports.

    The protesters went in a column to the Independence Square, where the Veche should take place today.

    The main demand of the action, initiated by the volunteers of the Donbass battalion, is to end the ceasefire, impose martial law and provide the military with a sufficient amount of weapons.

    The protesters demand that the volunteer battalions be allowed to "take measures to destroy the terrorists." The protesters expect the EU to introduce the third stage of sanctions against the Russian Federation.

    We will remind, on the eve of the commander of the volunteer battalion "Donbass" Semyon Semenchenko called on the state leadership to immediately impose martial law, as terrorists continue to fire at checkpoints. "We demand the immediate introduction of martial law! For the good of the country, it is necessary to introduce it from above, otherwise it will be done from below, spontaneously, with great damage to the state. The time has come to decide on whose side the power is. You need to act immediately. Hear us!" - S. Semenchenko said ...

    Earlier, the speaker of the ATO reported that three soldiers were killed near Slavyansk, and six were wounded.

    Recall, President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko continued the armistice in the east of the country until 22: 00 Monday 30 June.
    Source: UNN
    And he promised to transfer power to the people! belay In the sense of decentralization, part of the taxes will remain in place, the corresponding amendments to the Constitution ... And who pulled the language? fool Now the Maidan will be held, sorry, veche, seats in the Rada will be occupied, instead of deputies (and why did they stand?) And Petro will jump from "pedestal to pedestal"! wassat
    1. +2
      29 June 2014 15: 03
      Ukraine is slowly returning to the state of the "Wild Field" ... even the Maidan leaders cannot agree among themselves. Each daddy will have his own mini-army, or rather, a gang ...
  24. +8
    29 June 2014 14: 02
    First, China is now India .. laughing
  25. +2
    29 June 2014 14: 21
    they sat in a puddle themselves and Putin is to blame again ...
  26. +2
    29 June 2014 14: 23
    The industry of Ukraine will be destroyed. Agricultural products will not be allowed to enter the EU market. They themselves have restrictions due to the threat of overproduction, and the quality of agricultural products in Ukraine does not meet European standards. The only thing that will be happy to buy from Ukropia is fertile black soil. Even during World War II, the Germans drove trains with him to Germany. So, I think, association with the EU is a voluntary suicide, or a frank and cynical sale of everything else that can be sold!
  27. Stypor23
    29 June 2014 14: 53
    Quote: 1812 1945
    Quote: 222222
    Brzezinski is already an old man. Now it is difficult for him to understand the essence of the problems. Therefore, it is sometimes slightly inaccurate. As a result, the whole construction of his reasoning becomes unreliable.

    Certainly. Brzezinski is not the chief strategist of Western policy, Putin is not the only constructor of the geopolitical model - "Russia; its place in the world and the role of those or other" partners "; it is Russia, the future." Your analysis, 222222seems to be the most likely explanation of what is happening.

    This zbigniew’s muzzle has a vulture. The likes of it have done what we are seeing right now in New Russia. Here is some material which Vyacheslav Shironin Perestroika Agents Declassified KGB dossiers.
  28. +1
    29 June 2014 15: 25
    TOTAL thanks. But the format needs to be expanded. It can divide near and far totals.
    1. +1
      29 June 2014 16: 24
      Quote: Tatarus
      TOTAL thanks. But the format needs to be expanded. It can divide near and far totals.

      There used to be a "geopolitical mosaic" and described what is happening in the world quite well! Maybe Alexei and Oleg simply do not have enough time for everything! hi
  29. +3
    29 June 2014 15: 40
    Order of Courage - “The Order of Courage is awarded to citizens for the dedication, courage and courage shown in saving people, protecting public order, fighting crime, during natural disasters, fires, catastrophes and other extraordinary circumstances, as well as for bold and decisive actions, committed in the performance of military, civil or official duty in conditions involving a risk to life. ” Alone, I see no reason to reward dead journalists with such a high award?
    Hohlyatsky IP in the Crimea lifted me up (
  30. +5
    29 June 2014 16: 40
    In general, this week the specials have "rested". battalion "Lviv"! Let's remember his short but vivid story ... crying

    11 June: special battalion "Lvov" was created
    235 people are eager to serve the junta for independence and to advance in the struggle for Europe. Shouted in the square: "her knives, knives! Glory to the hero!"
    28 June: The battalion ceased to exist The battalion did not lose personnel in battles, did not distinguish itself in the ATO. The battalion just went home! As the employees explain, "they were underpaid, they were ordered over and in general they were tired."

    That's the whole patriotism and heroic path of "Lvov".

    HERE TO YOU AND ZU !!! And all the other maydanutye warriors from other regions of Ukraine will continue to "rush into battle."
  31. +1
    29 June 2014 16: 42
    By the way, very briefly, once flew infa that "the Ukrainian security forces began to strengthen the checkpoints in the Kharkov region"!
    Why would it be, gentlemen officers? Either the next dough cut, or they are afraid that Strelkov in the Kharkov region. will move ...
    Your opinion?
    1. +2
      29 June 2014 16: 57
      Quote: Egoza
      Your opinion?

      Well, the greatest concentration of junta troops is near Raisins! The junta’s headquarters is near Kharkov! Well, the rail war has already spread to the Kharkov region!

      KIEV, June 29. / ITAR-TASS /. The explosion of the railway track occurred in the Chuguevsky district of the Kharkov region of Ukraine shortly before the passenger train "Adler - Kiev" was supposed to pass through this section. The accident was avoided, as the driver noticed the damage in time, according to the website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. The train was Ukrainian.

      According to the agency, the rail track was blown up in two places (no more than one meter on each track) in 02: 11 local time (03: 11 Moscow time) in the Osnova - Kupyansk section.

      "The pair and unpaired track of the railway bridge near the stop railway platform Zeleny Kolodets was damaged. As a result of the vigilance of railway transport employees, it was possible to prevent the accident of the Adler-Kiev passenger train," it was reported.

      Train traffic was fully restored at 8: 55 (9: 55 Moscow time).

      Investigative actions are underway, the Ministry of Internal Affairs notes. On this fact, a criminal case was initiated under the article "terrorist attack".

      If the junta loses Kharkov, it will give the keys to Kiev! Somehow I think so!
      1. +1
        30 June 2014 00: 13
        interesting, but did Sterligov’s call for undermining the supports of the LZP have practical implementation? it is easier than with rails, and the effect is more serious gives.
      2. The comment was deleted.
  32. +2
    29 June 2014 16: 57
    all of the shale oil junk in the usa sharply reduced stocks of shale oil in the monterey field in california from 13 billion barrels to 600 million barrels i.e. 98%, and this was the most promising shale gas field, too, no linkage. The debit of the wells drops sharply and to keep it you need to drill all the time, but it doesn’t help after 7 years the site stops giving gas
  33. +3
    29 June 2014 17: 12
    for the rolls of Nuland can trample on each other ...

    probably trample ... though, with their swiftness to Geyropu can trample each other ...
  34. +3
    29 June 2014 18: 21
    - "Now the Nazi guards have the opportunity to enter any residential area and conduct a search if it seems suspicious to them."

    Kapets Ukraine fourth Reich!
  35. +2
    29 June 2014 18: 39
    By the end of the week According to the bourgeois press:
    Iraq received the first Russian aircraft ("", UK)
    The Iraqi authorities announced the receipt of the first batch of Russian Su-25 combat aircraft, which they bought urgently to repel the advance of the Sunni rebels.

    According to the Iraqi Ministry of Defense, the five used attack aircraft have already been delivered and can be put into operation in three to four days.

  36. 0
    29 June 2014 19: 48
    German parents are opposed to promoting non-traditional sexual relations in schools. And those are being promoted just under the guise of "fighting discrimination" - the one about which Angela Merkel spoke enthusiastically last year ...
    Sorry ! Hitler is not there, ALWAYS ORDERED ORDER.
  37. +2
    29 June 2014 20: 27
    In Donetsk, fighters of the special forces of the army of the Donetsk People’s Republic seized a garrison of missile forces, an anti-aircraft missile regiment of air defense No. A-1402. The units are armed with mid-range and long-range air defense systems. The militia counted at least 20 Buk air defense systems and the Kupol mobile radar in the amount of 9 units.

    The press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Donetsk region confirmed this information: "In Donetsk, representatives of the" DPR "seized military unit No. A-1402".

    The military unit A1402 (Donetsk anti-aircraft missile regiment) was formed in the village of Alekseyevka, Belgorod-Dniester region, Odessa region. In 2007, the redeployment of part of A1402 to Donetsk was completed.

    The Donetsk missile regiment carried out tasks to protect the eastern borders of the state and protect important industrial centers of Donbass from the air.

    Recall that Slavyansk and Donetsk are separated by 113 km. Depending on the modification, the 9S18 M1 Kupol radar is capable of detecting targets at a distance of up to 150 km, and the working range of hitting a target of the Buk air defense system is 20 km.
  38. The comment was deleted.
  39. +2
    29 June 2014 20: 58
    One of the main tasks now is to prepare the people, to gather like-minded people and weapons for the subsequent uprising in the rest of New Russia.
    1. +1
      30 June 2014 00: 04
      the astonishing inertness and carelessness of the bulk of dill residents is surprising - they don’t understand anything in the events that take place in their halabudia.
      There is no nation, no state. There are residents, not citizens.
    2. The comment was deleted.
  40. +1
    29 June 2014 22: 01
    Russian President Vladimir Putin, his French counterpart Francois Hollande, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Sunday during a telephone conference called on Ukrainian leader Petro Poroshenko to extend the cease-fire on Monday, the Kremlin’s press service said.

    “The possibility of sending OSCE inspectors to checkpoints across the Russian-Ukrainian border was discussed. The importance of transferring such contacts on a regular basis was emphasized. Petro Poroshenko was called on to extend the ceasefire for a longer period, ”the Kremlin said in a statement, RIA Novosti reports.
    Vladimir Putin drew attention to the need for humanitarian assistance to the population of the south-eastern region of Ukraine in connection with the aggravation of the humanitarian situation.

    The leaders of the four countries also discussed the possibility of sending OSCE inspectors to checkpoints across the Russian-Ukrainian border.
    Earlier, the Champs Elysees said that the leaders discussed the situation in Ukraine. “The President of the Republic and Chancellor Merkel again had a telephone conversation in the course of which they discussed the situation in Ukraine with President Putin and President Poroshenko for more than two hours,” the administration said.

    According to the Champs Elysees, the leaders of France and Germany drew attention to the need for further steps to stabilize the situation in Ukraine in terms of security, extend the ceasefire and implement the peace plan submitted by the Ukrainian authorities.

    They also recalled the wishes expressed at the end of the EU Council meeting on June 27, and that they expect the first results until Monday, June 30.
    “Francois Hollande and Angela Merkel, in particular, called on the presidents of Ukraine and Russia to work on the introduction of a ceasefire control mechanism and effective border control while monitoring the OSCE, the start of negotiations on the implementation of President Poroshenko’s peace plan, as well as the further release of hostages,” it said communiqué.
    1. +1
      29 June 2014 22: 09
      Fidget SU  Today, 22: 01

      ,,, nda Poroshenko got whom he listens ...Russian President Vladimir Putin, his French counterpart Francois Hollande and German Chancellor Angela Merkel or participants in the Veche on Independence Square in Kiev, who supported the demand for the abolition of the ceasefire in eastern Ukraine, the introduction of martial law in this region ,,, request
    2. The comment was deleted.
  41. +1
    29 June 2014 22: 03
    k = Knl4Tfzw [/ img]

    Without words! Sheer delight !!!

    1. 0
      29 June 2014 22: 41
      Yeah... good

  42. +2
    29 June 2014 22: 34
    And the main task is to raise children correctly ... so that they don’t jump like goblins ... And for this it is necessary that the family is at the head of everything ... Those who value family values ​​will love and protect their home ... and that means the city (village, village, village) where his house is, and then there is the region (region) and the result is the country where you live ... And if the family is not in price, then this whole chain collapses ... and an amorphous one appears indifferent mass ... And the children see this and copying the indifference of their parents they take it as the norm ... And then the crowd of veterans is kicked out of the blue ... like on May 9 in Lviv ...
  43. +1
    29 June 2014 22: 39
    The poet "major071" by what right was the name Natalya insulted? Admins there too ... Not good ...
  44. 0
    29 June 2014 23: 52
    Odessa underwater explosion - is there any information?
    1. +1
      30 June 2014 00: 03
      And for what purpose are you interested in?)))))
      1. 0
        30 June 2014 00: 06
        Do you have any information? Purpose: to know and understand the direction of the process
      2. The comment was deleted.
  45. old man 72
    30 June 2014 02: 22
    Thanks to the authors of a good review, as always, everything is accurately and correctly laid out on shelves.
  46. Kostya pedestrian
    30 June 2014 03: 33
    Wow review? from the trench? And where is the occupied height for the command? Although, I have seen enough of "We are from the future-2", and I live in a fantasy world. While the tanks were being driven to the White House and thinking about how to hang Dzerzhinsky (if someone doesn't know, they say then you can control his world), I went to rest on the Kush Spit in the Baltic Sea.

    Now here is a shot over the solution to the funnel not far from my village near Perelesanka, where there was a beautiful spring lake before Khrushchev's swampy reed. The diameter is not less than 10 m, and the depth is up to 10 m, I used to guess it was a high-explosive projectile or a bomb, but now I think "by chance - these are not the Martians who have lain in the earth for 1000 years, but now somewhere they are fanning the War of the Worlds"

    I also want to give anti-advertising to Toshibo laptops - there are so many utilities that even a Ford Mustang opt can not offer protection. And floppy drives break like matches. And if anyone has watched the "Ace", then I will remind you of the Mustang cigarettes, just lit a cigarette, then a bull, they smoke in 60 seconds. And it is necessary to carry out repairs in echuca itself. Given the Black Eagle jeans and my best collection of Jackie Chan movies, I am confused - Chukka Barra is my friend or foe?

    hi BFI UKS: I went spikes, who is divorcing?

  47. 0
    30 June 2014 05: 51
    The author of the article guesses that they were dumped in the cargo, although the answer, as usual, lies on the surface - fat and vodka.
  48. +1
    30 June 2014 05: 56
    It looks like the junta has sailed
    Now it will be much harder to wield in the air ...
  49. Shurshyk
    30 June 2014 06: 08
    Quote: stranik72
    I'm not a nationalist, but look at how many Armenians are in senior and middle positions in the Krasnodar Territory, Stavropol Territory, Rostov Region in the Moscow Region, etc.,

    Don’t touch the Rostov Region: half of Rostov-on-Don is the city of Nakhichevan (Armenians rescued and taken out of Crimea by Catherine II), the Myasnikovsky District (in honor of Myasnikyan) is Armenian by population. And in general, Rostov is the gateway to the Caucasus, in my opinion, there are all nationalities.
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      1 July 2014 02: 14
      Thanks for the info ... I am sending my son to a school in the Rostov Region ... I’m sending myself from Yeisk ... I don’t understand why I don’t get so many non-Russians on the Don (I don’t insult anyone, don’t think about it) now I know ... Century live-century knowledge absorb))))

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