Who killed more 120 soldiers from the Syrian security forces?

Syrian state television reported that more than 120 military Syrian security forces were killed on Monday during fights with "armed gangs" in a town near the Turkish border. But local human rights activists and analysts fear that this is a cover for subsequent bloodshed, which is planned by the authorities.

The Syrian government’s speaker Adnan Mahmoud said that the government “temporarily lost control” over the town of Jisr al-Shugur, which is 20 kilometers from the Turkish border. He said that city residents had asked the government for help, because the government soldiers were killed, and government institutions were set on fire by "armed gangs." So government representatives call the protesters, who demand the resignation of President Bashar Assad.

Interior Minister Ibrahim Shaar promised a strong and decisive response. "We will understand powerfully and decisively, according to the law, and we will not sit silently seeing armed attacks aimed against the security of the country and its citizens," he said.

It is not yet clear what exactly happened in the city of Jisr al-Shugur. After all, the government cut off the city from communication and expelled foreign journalists from the country.

"I think that Assad is simply desperate," - an analyst

Meanwhile, analysts are thinking about what the number of killed members of the security forces can mean. As the London analyst Michael Weiss says, the opposition in principle does not use power methods of struggle, so it has no chance of killing so many trained military men.

“The opposition is not armed. They do it out of principle, and also because they do not have access to arms, thanks to which you can arrange a "massacre" of well-trained security forces. I think that Assad is simply desperate, ”explains the expert.

According to the London expert, you need to look for solutions to this riddle in the reports that many soldiers refuse to shoot unarmed civilians. That is, the government is trying to hide the massacre of these soldiers.

“The Syrian military deserts in large numbers. Probably, it is about the fact that 120 military, who refused to shoot at civilians, were shot. The Syrian government does it. A few weeks ago, near the city of Dara, the Syrian opposition dug up the mass graves of the Syrian military, “- said the London expert.

Analysts expect eyewitness accounts, because the Turkish authorities reported that hundreds of refugees crossed the border from Syria.
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  1. Stavr
    Stavr 9 June 2011 09: 06 New
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    If you listen to the British, then this is bullshit. It is clear that in the border city, special forces from NATO countries have long been operating. His snipers participated and now there are in the capital. And even in the border town - even more so. The intelligence services of England, the United States and France have long been operating in Syria, fomenting conflicts to prepare the soil for the overthrow of Assad. They need a pro-American government, because Syria still does not support a destructive pro-Western and pro-American policy, leading to a weakening position of the Arab countries.
  2. PSih2097 9 June 2011 11: 57 New
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    And who is this expert? Didn’t he say that the Libyan army deserted completely and switched to the side of the gangs? If we surrender Syria too, it will be the beginning of the end ...
  3. figwam 9 June 2011 12: 57 New
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    Lies and provocations are the face of the Anglo-Saxon nation.
  4. datur 9 June 2011 14: 26 New
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    “The opposition is not armed. They do this out of principle, and also because they do not have access to weapons, thanks to which it is possible to organize a “massacre” of well-trained security forces. I think Assad is just desperate, ”the expert explains. ----- PRINCIPAL KILLERS is something new.
  5. mitrich
    mitrich 9 June 2011 19: 15 New
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    From the NATO bloc (Western countries) - it is unlikely, even for sure that there is not. But the Israeli and Turkish special forces in Syria (or people trained according to the special forces program in these countries) are mischievous, I admit. In vain, of course, Assads closed the country in such a way, this is their mistake. Even information that can be interpreted in favor of Bashar is dosed. So in Syria so far is a complete misunderstanding.