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USA vs Venezuela


Venezuela has every chance of becoming the next victim of a global “crusade” of the United States for maintaining control over the main regions associated with the extraction of hydrocarbons. The “Balboa Plan”, which envisages the “normalization” of the situation in Venezuela, was not canceled by anyone in Washington and Brussels. Caracas and Hugo Chavez personally represent a perfect goal for the West. Yes, Chavez understands this perfectly, with this reason is connected with the active rearmament, strengthening of the armed forces of Venezuela with mass deliveries of Russian weapons, military-technical cooperation with Russia, China, Iran.

The blow can be timed to the 2012 elections of the year, if Hugo Chavez wins, he will remain in power until the 2019 of the year, so you should expect political provocations, for example, the assassination of an opposition leader or a few further on the "Libyan scenario."

The main reasons for hitting Venezuela, signs of preparation

- If the information about global climate shifts is at least partially correct, then the United States and Western Europe will experience severe winters, a sharp increase in the cold period, and a sharp increase in energy consumption. Therefore, Washington and its European allies need a more accommodating regime in Caracas. Venezuelan hydrocarbons, even with intensive exploitation, will last for 100-150 years. Approximately half of the oil from Venezuela goes to the United States - this is 13% of US oil imports at the end of 2006.

- Hugo Chavez set Western transnational corporations against himself: in 2007-2008, the oil industry, iron and steel industry, cement industry and mobile communications were nationalized in the state. In the field of military procurement, Venezuela has reoriented itself towards the Russian Federation and China. The role of foreign capital is limited, however, Caracas is looking for support in the Russian Federation - in 2009, an agreement was reached to allow Russian companies to develop gas fields and build gas pipelines in the country.

- Venezuela is led by an "anti-American dictator" who violates the "democratic freedoms" of the population; muddies the waters in South America, fighting "American imperialism"; a friend of the "dictators" of the Castro brothers, Ahmadinejad, Gaddafi, Assad; regularly criticizes US policy, a real speaker, popular among anti-Americans.

- Venezuela is actively arming, that is, the later the strike will be, the higher the losses can be.

- Forecasts of Western analysts that the energy policy of U. Chavez with its "social orientation", "preferential supplies" to Latin American allies will fail, did not come true. Chavez is only strengthening his position.

- Caracas did not succumb to the pressure of Washington, in order to stop cooperation with Iran.

- The US information war against Venezuela has been going on for a long time - even under Bush there were rumors about Chavez supporting Arab terrorists, about creating secret training grounds for training saboteurs (Margarita Island was mentioned); Then there were suggestions about Iran’s development of uranium mines in the state of Bolivar, Iran’s “secret laboratories” to develop nuclear weapons in Venezuela. More recently, there was a report that the Iranians are building a missile base for Venezuela on the Paraguana Peninsula, even earlier it was announced that Russia was building such a base. Chavez then showed reporters that wind turbines were being built there.

- US intelligence agencies and private organizations are already preparing for the 2012 elections: the Venezuelan opposition is being rallied through social networks. They work among radical youth movements, Colombian militants. Subversive work is carried out by the oppositional Venezuelan media. The main accusations of the regime are high corruption, high crime in the country, "freedom" of action for the drug mafia, "squandering" oil in order to support incapacitated allies (especially Cuba), the collapse of the country's infrastructure - regular power outages, bad roads, interruptions in water supply, problems with food, etc. In the field of foreign policy, they criticize the futility of cooperation with the Russian Federation and China, especially the military one.

Reference: "Operation Balboa", in 2005 in Spain there was a "leak" of documents of the operational-staff exercise of the countries of the NATO bloc, code-named "Operation Balboa". According to the scenario of the exercise, in one of the states of South America (Venezuela was meant), due to the actions of certain "extremists", a situation was created that threatened stability in the region, life, freedom of citizens of Western countries and oil fields. To eliminate the threat, an urgent armed intervention "from outside" was required. The Operation Balboa plan details the sequence of actions by NATO and the US military to neutralize "extremists" and ensure uninterrupted supplies of hydrocarbons to "traditional consumers". The rehearsal of the "Balboa plan" was held in the border zone of Ecuador in March 2008, then a detachment of Colombian "commandos" led by American military advisers attacked the mobile guerrilla camp of the FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia). Preliminary missile strikes on the US Air Force camp played a major role in the success of the operation: one of the FARC leaders Raul Reyes was killed, his closest associates and bodyguards were destroyed.

Venezuela is arming

According to the Center for Analysis of the World Arms Trade (TsAMTO), in recent years, Venezuela has acquired arms worth $5 billion from the Russian Federation. Purchased: 24 Su-30MK2V fighters, Mi-17V5 (38 units), Mi-26T2 (3 units) and Mi-35M2 (10 units), small arms - 100 Kalashnikov assault rifles, 5 Dragunov rifles. In 2009, the Russian Federation gave Caracas a loan of $ 2,2 billion to buy our weapons - 92 major tank T-72 and Smerch multiple launch rocket systems. In addition, other types of weapons were purchased: BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicles and BTR-80A armored personnel carriers (240 units in total), 1V152 unified command and observation posts, Nona-SVK self-propelled mortar and artillery systems, Sani self-propelled mortars , ZU-23-2 anti-aircraft artillery mounts and Ural-43206 and Ural-4320 trucks. In Venezuela, factories are being built for the production of AK assault rifles, cartridges for them, and an aircraft repair plant for the maintenance and repair of Russian helicopters.

In 2010, the loan was increased to 4 billion dollars. According to V. Putin, the volume of deliveries to Venezuela could exceed 5 billion dollars, according to the Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia, announced in the 15 issue of April 2011 of the year, this amount is 11 billion dollars. Hugo Chavez said that Venezuela needs 600 main tanks, so new purchases of main tanks are possible, and Venezuela also needs air defense systems. He announced the creation of an integrated, air defense system in the country in September 2009. It should include Russian air defense systems of small, medium, long range, including C-300В. Tor-M1 and 1800 man-portable Igla-S anti-aircraft missile systems have already been delivered to Venezuela. Helicopter simulators were built for Venezuela - 6 simulators manufactured by Tranzas (St. Petersburg).

Venezuela became for Russia simply a breakthrough in South America, negotiations are underway, and there is interest in buying: the Su-35 batches, Mi-28H helicopters, mobile coastal missile systems, the Be-200 amphibian firefighter, IL-114 naval patrol aircraft , the patrol boats of the 14310 “Mirage” project, the amphibious assault craft of the 12061 “Murena-E” project, the Russian diesel-electric naval submarines, the Ansat training helicopters.

Since 2010, the Omsk Tank Engineering Institute has been studying 45 Venezuelan soldiers. Hugo Chavez pursues a wise policy - if you want peace, prepare for war, eternal truth ...

Sources of:Экономика_Венесуэлы

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  1. figwam
    figwam 4 June 2011 09: 12
    Hugo, hold on !!!
  2. rumpeljschtizhe
    rumpeljschtizhe 4 June 2011 10: 12
    in the event of an attack .. this will not save Venezuela
    such countries have no chance in the fight against NATO
    neither air defense system nor coastal complexes
    By the way, what kind of "self-propelled mortars" Sani "
    I’ve been carrying it all my life
  3. Rashid
    Rashid 4 June 2011 10: 14
    Chavez was carried away by tanks and helicopters. Things, of course, are necessary, but the most important thing against the compressor is of course air defense. If you do not shoot down American planes on approach, you may not need tanks already. Learn the lesson of Libya. And Chavez every success.
    1. Valeri Ardan
      Valeri Ardan 4 June 2011 16: 33
      Venezuela is not Libya, where the terrain allows you to hide armored vehicles. Even from the experience of Libya, simple air raids do little to decide if we are not talking about a full-scale war, which is impossible. But the mere presence of modern air defense can frighten them away from airstrikes
  4. rumpeljschtizhe
    rumpeljschtizhe 4 June 2011 10: 54
    Well, what kind of air defense will he create?
    How much will he buy the S-300?
  5. fantast
    fantast 4 June 2011 11: 47
    Russia is an ally of Venezuela, and if we again treacherously turn away, as we did with Libya, and do not defend ourselves, then Russia will not be taken seriously on the world stage and no one else will have any business with us at all.
  6. datur
    datur 4 June 2011 11: 50
    rumpeljschtizhe, apparently as much as you need and buy.
  7. rumpeljschtizhe
    rumpeljschtizhe 4 June 2011 13: 17
    how many would not buy will not help ..
    I agree without the support of (political) Russia, Chavez will be doomed.
    1. Vyacheslav
      Vyacheslav 5 June 2011 11: 53
      In today's Russia, who determines policy? You yourself answered your own question. Hugo FOREVA
  8. 111
    111 4 June 2011 14: 53
  9. mitrich
    mitrich 4 June 2011 16: 22
    Yes, Chavez, your idiot, keeps in power only because he is smart enough, as a former general, not to "lower" the army and keep it in check. 10 hours on the program "Hello, President?" pisses every Saturday. In Venezuela itself, I already got sick of everyone who has at least a little brain. Arms supplies to Venezuela are all on credit, at the expense of future oil development by Russian companies. The second Fidel from Chavez will not work, they will throw off the fool and cover ourselves with a copper basin again, left with debts. You fuckers after all, gentlemen "hurray-patriots" ... That's right, I changed my nickname.
    1. DV
      DV 4 June 2011 16: 43
      Mudaak you just and all ... masturbate quietly in your stall
      1. Vyacheslav
        Vyacheslav 5 June 2011 12: 31
        Are you really sick? or so pretend to be?
        1. Vyacheslav
          Vyacheslav 5 June 2011 13: 22
          This is Mitrichu, if someone did not understand.
  10. mitrich
    mitrich 4 June 2011 17: 05
    I am a pragmatist and patriot of my country, which is called the Russian Federation, and not of Venezuela, India and Libya. I have a weakness only for the Slavs, those who are not part of my country. You would have told me this in the face - you would have remained without a face, not a mudaak.
    1. Victor
      Victor 4 June 2011 17: 36
      I fully support, Mitrich, and about his "face" also completely. All the courage to yap just because of the computer, and even then without brains. I shake my paw.
  11. mitrich
    mitrich 4 June 2011 17: 49
    Thanks, VICTOR.
  12. Escander
    Escander 4 June 2011 20: 01
    Venezuela is a pain in the ass of the United States and this should be used.
    The supply of weapons to Venezuela has helped many enterprises of the domestic defense industry to survive difficult times in the absence of funding. Not all weapons go into the future development of oil fields. Although in this regard there are very big risks and a copper basin can be covered in real life.
    It would be nice to stick our missile defense bases there and tell the Pindos that it is against Georgia.
    1. Vyacheslav
      Vyacheslav 5 June 2011 13: 26
      The last phrase, I smiled for a long time.)))
    2. MichaelVl
      MichaelVl 6 June 2011 16: 55
      Eskander, you are burning about missile defense and Georgia))))))))) Well done! )))))) There is no need to be offended by America, we must ourselves be smarter and more cunning! Bend your line! "missile defense bases in Venezuela against Georgia" would be the most - the United States would screw a screw into one place))))))))
  13. figwam
    figwam 4 June 2011 21: 08
    It's not that we have to love Chavez, it's just - The enemy of my enemy, my friend.
    If military aid to Chavez somehow weakens the United States, then we will save many Slavs. It’s better to beat the enemy on foreign territory than to wait for all his power at our borders.
    1. Tyumen35
      Tyumen35 5 June 2011 09: 52
      Not even so many Slavs as people in general who do not want to dance to the tune of the United States.
  14. Cedric
    Cedric 5 June 2011 11: 23
    For good air defense, Venezuela needs at least three A-50s, I don’t think we can sell it to them.
  15. PSih2097
    PSih2097 5 June 2011 12: 18
    They will order it - they will build it, only the price will be non-heaven, plus this will have to be done with the export version. And if somewhere to place something, then not in Venezuela,
    but in Cuba.
  16. Tyumen35
    Tyumen35 5 June 2011 15: 18
    Do you not think that Cuba is no longer an outpost of communism near the United States? Raul is drawn to the market, and hardly dad will interfere.
    1. PSih2097
      PSih2097 7 June 2011 13: 48
      Raul is not a son, but a younger brother.
  17. mitrich
    mitrich 5 June 2011 15: 24
    and I will tell you, like Stalin, to my son Yasha: "Go and Fight!" For Venezuela, for Kim Jong Il, whoever you want ...
    Or am I going to run for you in the jungle with a machine gun while you here on the forum will defend Russia's interests?
    Once again for the dumb, blind and deaf:
    Russia has many more important things to do than Venezuela. And with such friends as Hugo Chavez, it is necessary only according to the principle: paid and received. Otherwise, everyone who declares their love for Russia, we will substitute a sisyu and harness for them when they do "bo-ba". This has already happened in our history.
    Got it now, foolishly?
    1. Fantom75100
      Fantom75100 6 June 2011 08: 33
      I will tell you this, two holes in the skin at the age of 19 greatly contribute to thinking, and finally, and about the ass (own).
      There are many important matters, but who will do them?
      I’ll ask without insults if there are enough brains.
    2. MichaelVl
      MichaelVl 6 June 2011 16: 59
      mitrich, you speak correctly. Chavez is a cunning type, charismatic. You have to be very careful with those. Well, I don’t think our idiots are like that ... But politics - it still requires certain costs, you can’t get anywhere. Good luck and our wisdom !!!
  18. figwam
    figwam 5 June 2011 16: 11
    The United States allocated Moldova equipment for 1 million dollars, removing them from bases in Germany, Turkey, Spain, Italy.
  19. mitrich
    mitrich 5 June 2011 16: 57
    Each Great State is a center of gravity; it is foolish to dispute. Each Great State has interests, some small, some large, some very large, like the United States.
    Our geopolitical interests (at least for now) should extend to the territory of the former USSR, Germany is the center of gravity of the European Union, China - so far, I hope, the region of Southeast Asia.
    We can’t figure it out with our neighbors, but here on the forum there’s a fucking bum about Libya and Venezuela. Venezuela, like Cuba, will sooner or later go back into the orbit of the United States. What do we need Venezuela? Military ally? So we are at different ends of the globe. The buyer of our military equipment? So far, yes, but in debt. The next military coup will take place, the debt will hang, our companies will trample from there, of course, and what next? What's next?
    Explain patriots.
  20. Stavr
    Stavr 5 June 2011 19: 10
    The narrow-mindedness of mitricha is surprising. Foreign policy is characterized by the fact that any country tries to enlist the support of the largest number of countries. If you argue like mitrich, then limiting yourself only to the interests of one post-Soviet space is the same as throwing a noose around your own neck. And the noose is already there. This is an aggressive NATO military bloc that is getting closer and closer to our borders. This bloc is already chipping away large chunks of our interests in the post-Soviet space. Georgia broke off completely. There is a struggle for influence in Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, and other CIS countries. Unfortunately, there are a lot of those who blindly reason like mitrich. With such reasoning, we will remain not only without Ukraine, but also without the Caucasus. Then our Far East will be divided, Kazakhstan will be taken away, the country of Muscovy will remain, but even it can shrink into the borders of the Kremlin walls. So to speak, the last stronghold, which modern S-300s are only able to protect. This is what mitrich calls for when he says that we do not need Venezuela and Libya!
  21. mitrich
    mitrich 5 June 2011 19: 17
    With such considerations as you, STAVR, we will be left without a Caucasus, but with Venezuela. I stop the discussion, you can continue to rinse me further at your pleasure.
  22. East
    East 5 June 2011 19: 49
    I guess I don’t understand something interesting. Interesting, in the sense, what is the whole fuss because of? Eat US Venezuela or not? Eat of course, and not even choke. Can we help? We can if we again throw nuclear weapons into the territory of Venezuela, as it once did to Cuba. But you understand that this is not just a violation of international customs, it is an incident of the bell, a cause for war, and not only with the United States, but also against their allies. There will not be a hot war for sure, but there will be a second cold war, and in it we will again be defeated, and it will be much faster than in the first cold war, and only Muscovy will remain from us. But the most important question is why do we need it? Why intervene in a war, albeit a cold one, for Venezuela, which simply buys weapons from us. She did not become an ally; there is no agreement between the Russian Federation and Venezuela on mutual assistance. As Mitrich correctly noted, let Hugo pay off and be good, but you can’t argue against the laws of geopolitics. And if you don’t pay, then at least our defense industry will not stand idle.
  23. figwam
    figwam 5 June 2011 23: 26
    In a chess game, players trying to win reduce the number of pieces from an opponent, but a smart player will never give up even a pawn without a fight, not to mention large pieces.
    The enemy's pieces are approaching our king and queen, but there is still a pawn that stands behind enemy lines and, together with our other pieces, can make a rustle in the enemy's camp, although it is already doomed.
    But if we easily give away every pawn, the opponent will be guaranteed to play in our half of the field and the losses we have will be more significant.
    That's somehow it is necessary to act.
  24. mitrich
    mitrich 6 June 2011 13: 17
    moreover, if I was in the war, I had to support me. That's why I called you a fool, deciding that you were too young. We need to save our skin, brother, for our country, and not peel off for the interests of different "chess players".
  25. Vladimir
    Vladimir 7 June 2011 16: 49
    War begins when someone's interests are infringed or there is a conflict of these interests that cannot be resolved by other, peaceful means. The United States wants only one thing from Venezuela - oil and the absence of claims to regional leadership. The Monroe Doctrine is a key geopolitical planning for the United States in this region. The war with Venezuela may not bring the expected effect. It’s not a desert, it’s just not possible to bomb tediously, and even with the air defense of Venezuela. A full-scale ground operation will be needed, but then the percentage of American losses will increase sharply to socially critical. They will not die for the ideals of oil companies. From NATO, well, England will fly , Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia. The rest are unlikely to send their soldiers to fight for the interests of the United States. International Islamism-extremism will no longer work here. The UN Security Council will not give a sanction, which means that the Americans will put themselves outside the law. At this stage, when they have huge problems in the economy, and they have already fought 2 wars, the war with Venezuela can change the color of Obama's face without surgery. It will turn pale forever. Yes, and the Cubans will not stand aside and the Nicaraguans. Brazil - the largest player in South Africa will be strongly opposed. For now, it is pro-American, and it may happen that it will become at least neutral. Apart from Mexico, there is an unshakable ally of the United States - Colombia, which Venezuela will certainly begin to wrinkle and where it is also quite often said that being a US vassal is no longer a luck, but a problem So, military operations can lead to the opposite result - the loss of the United States, strange as it sounds for connoisseurs of this state, and its gradual displacement from there. But Chavez should not be impudent. The alignment is not very known yet. Everything will become clear in the next 2-4 years. Let him sniff slowly, buy our weapons and do not ask for trouble, do not succumb to provocations. We must wait. The situation in the world is changing rapidly now, there is no need to be nervous.
  26. mitrich
    mitrich 7 June 2011 17: 10
    I correctly understood that you currently do not consider Venezuela as an ally of Russia (like Kazakhstan and Belarus), but consider it only as a profitable trading partner, in particular a buyer of Russian weapons?
    I do not insist on a detailed answer.
  27. mitrich
    mitrich 7 June 2011 17: 42
    before the word "ally" the adjective is "military".
    Let me explain: the main conflict of interests between me and patriotic users of the site lies in the ways and means of supporting states whose interests are somehow related to the Russian Federation. As an example: Venezuela or Libya. Is Russia obliged to provide military support to these states in the event of their conflict with NATO and the United States, thereby exposing itself to attack? Or treat them like business partners. Or are they our military allies, do you think?
    1. Vladimir
      Vladimir 9 June 2011 07: 46
      Yesterday I tried to answer - it didn’t work. Not from this computer, nor from the other, where I am living in a new workplace.
      I do not consider Venezuela as a military ally of Russia. This is a temporary, tactical, if you like, misalliance that pursues a completely pragmatic goal for Hugo - not a wave of anti-Americanism, which, incidentally, is very good, declaring some socialist ideals, to unite the population of the country and try to jump out from under the full US influence and work for your country. (In the process, get more money for free from Russia, but it doesn’t work yet). A policy worthy of respect, there are no questions here. But there is another side to the coin. Each Big country that plays a key role in world politics has "its" zones of influence and spheres of direct interests. For us, this is the post-Soviet space and a very small number of countries traditionally friendly with Russia - Syria and Vietnam, where it is planned to revive the Navy and Air Force bases . Latin America is not our zone and not our street. So it was and always will be. We have already passed with a pig's snout into someone else's Kalash row. More recently, from appeasement of African tribes and Latin American machos we do not need, the navel of the USSR was untied.
  28. Vladimir
    Vladimir 9 June 2011 07: 47
    Read more.
    Venezuela is good for us in terms of indirectly blackmailing the same US, supplying weapons there and as a kind of springboard for exploring the region "just in case", conducting reconnaissance, scanning political and economic opportunities without getting too close to them. (Because America can really get closer to the same Ukraine or accept Georgia into NATO in response to our thoughtless passages in their zone of influence) By and large, they are also interested in us only because Russia has a large gold and foreign exchange reserve and we earn a lot money. "Smart" supposedly rulers of some countries, positioning themselves as anti-Americanists, simply fly to Russia and ask only for anti-Americanism for money. Under Brezhnev, it went off with a bang, our old men clapped even in shaking hands. Now not. We give a loan, but we set a strict condition - with this money you will buy so-and-so from us. We'll give money, but you give us a share in development or production. Those. economic benefits + sales market.
    In any case, the Big Uncles agree. There are many non-public channels, from secret diplomacy to hints of intelligence and various political combinations. Before you start anything large-scale, they sit down and talk, bargain. That was before Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya. before 08.08.08/XNUMX/XNUMX.
    America is leaving our space, giving us its historical right to rule on our street, we don’t interfere with them. The sale of weapons to Venezuela would be terrible for America in one case - if they planned to get in there. They are silent, which means they don’t mind.
    This is my opinion. If someone is drawn to us, especially from the camp of the enemy, which is America for us, then that is very good. It is necessary to support him, but within the bounds of decency, not to cross the bounds beyond which a tough confrontation between the "two systems" begins.
  29. mitrich
    mitrich 9 June 2011 10: 36
    in this matter we think exactly the same with you, only you have clothed everything in a more correct and logical form. The only thing, I think Chavez is a little silly for the president, but on the other hand, can be silly because he served in the landing force for a long time (does not apply to the Russian Airborne Forces). And so everything is one to one.
  30. Stavr
    Stavr 9 June 2011 11: 03
    mitrich: "Is Russia obliged to provide military support to these states in the event of a conflict with NATO and the United States, thereby exposing itself to attack? Or treat them as business partners. Or are they our military allies, what do you think?"

    mitrich, do not be naive. Russia has long decided who its ally is and who is its business partner. Of course, Russia will not fight for Venezuela - it’s as clear as twice two! The question is different. In the supply of weapons developing our defense industry, and + sticks in the wheels of American adversaries. But support at the diplomatic level is really necessary.
  31. Vladimir
    Vladimir 9 June 2011 14: 08
    No, I disagree about Hugo. He is a patriot of his country, tore Venezuela away from the prospect of becoming a colony of the United States like Mexico and Panama with Colombia. Charisma and temperament, yes they are all there. And we besides the whole Venezuela and a lever of political pressure on the United States for that It was not in vain that our Tu-160s flew there on a "friendly" visit. They just checked the strip supposedly for the POSSIBLE technical base in the future. This flight is a hint to amers that we can play tough, if that. And the basing of ours by aircraft presupposes mandatory air defense - support. An agreement is concluded and the base is considered the territory of Russia for the duration of the lease. By the side of nuclear weapons and surface-to-surface missiles, you can stuff everything that you can and no one will squeak. But you cannot do this without a good reason. weaker in the post-Soviet space.
  32. Alex
    Alex 9 June 2011 14: 17
    They knew what a pancake Russia’s ally was, how much they helped the Arabs, and then they bam and went over to the Americans, China too, the same Africa. Russia's most faithful allies are the army, navy, aviation and nuclear warheads. And everyone else will betray sooner or later.
  33. mitrich
    mitrich 9 June 2011 15: 58
    You see, I made up my opinion not only on the basis of newspaper articles, but also from a conversation over a glass of tea with a person who worked in Venezuela as a helicopter contractor and who had personally seen the character under discussion several times.
    We will not argue, especially since there is essentially no subject of dispute between us. Moreover, you can’t reveal all your knowledge in a public forum, you yourself understand.
    1. Vladimir
      Vladimir 9 June 2011 16: 14
      I understand. Therefore, the personal advantages or disadvantages of such figures do not play a significant role in This case. The main thing is that he treats Russia almost lovingly, the rest is his personal problems.
  34. dmitri077
    dmitri077 27 January 2012 01: 45
    Chavez will play out while his own grateful voters endure as Gaddafi ... an oil country with such a level of poverty and crime .. let people feed and give them light, and then they threaten the whole world ... clown