Leonid Ivashov: "I saw being judged in the Hague"

Leonid Ivashov: "I saw being judged in the Hague"In Yugoslavia, there was a civil war. She was not unleashed by the Serbs. Not they first applied weapon. Nevertheless, the Serbian people were threatened with mass extermination, primarily in Herzegovina and in Bosnia. And the Serbs entrusted their armed defense to Ratko Mladic. War is war - it is always cruelty, always a certain response. And on both sides, heavy weapons were used.

In fact, it would be necessary first to figure out who provoked this civil war, this interethnic and interfaith discord. The whole West right up to the Vatican deliberately inflamed the Yugoslav conflict. They bombed and destroyed the Serbian state, the republics of Yugoslavia. And today, the former aggressors are judging.

We know very well what court in The Hague. Russian representatives once defended Slobodan Milosevic in it, and I saw how they were judged. The chatter of NATO generals and politicians is immediately perceived as true, not requiring any documentary evidence. When Clark, the commander-in-chief of the combined forces of NATO in Europe, testified, his every word was immediately recorded and was not subject to any doubt. When Nikolai Ryzhkov, Yevgeny Maksimovich Primakov or your humble servant spoke on the Russian side, the judges immediately made the most stringent demands on us, which sometimes bordered on the absurd. For example, we were obliged to provide secret codes through which Albright’s conversations with Hashim Tachi were intercepted, and so on. Evgeny Maksimovich and documents brought, and declassified decryption, but we were also required from the ciphers themselves. In response to this, I was forced to remind Mr. Nice, the Hague prosecutor and the Englishman, that they had not yet revealed the codes with which they listened to the Germans during World War II.

Such is the judgment. A number of high-ranking Serbian generals, such as, for example, the former chief of the general staff, are sitting there on the accused bench and just sit down for following orders. Their guilt is not proven, but since the Serb, then, should sit.

Today, the extradition of Ratko Mladic to The Hague can be equated with a crime. He suffered two heart attacks, his right half of his body is paralyzed, he cannot speak. But the Hague "Gestapo" (and fascism in Europe is spreading by leaps and bounds), he is arrested - a seriously ill person.

In Europe, it is not the first year that cleansing of proud and freedom-loving people has been going on. Peel off those who are not willing to kneel, like Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gaddafi or the Serbs. Such is the task of the modern fascist oligarchy - to bring everyone to their knees. And Boris Tadic was put in a coalition government and held a carrot in front of his nose. They say that we will give Karadzic to us, then we will see whether to remove the sanctions from you and give you a loan. Karadzic has passed, they demand Mladić, and after Mladić someone else will be needed. So they tease a donkey with a carrot, and the donkey trustingly runs to meet it.
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