USA is more peaceful than Russia: information war against Russia

For years now, Western organizations have been making hidden preparations for the consciousness of the inhabitants for aggression against Russia. The Australian Analytical Organization, the Institute for Economics and Peace, has released an annual ranking of countries' peacefulness. According to him, the Russian Federation took 7-place from the end - 147-e.

Such reports are no longer a rarity: in the 2007 year, according to the rating of calm countries Global Peace Index, it was prepared by analysts from the Economist Intelligence Unit, the Russian Federation from the 121 countries took the “honorable” 118, in the same group with Iraq, Sudan, Nigeria, Israel, even Iran was called more peaceful than Russia - 96 place. In 2008, the same company in May published a new taming of peace-loving, according to which Russia took the place of 131 among the 140 states. Such countries as Lebanon, North Korea, Central African Republic, Chad, Israel, Afghanistan, Sudan, Somalia, and Iraq turned out to be even more aggressive than our Motherland. The United States and China occupied 97 and 67 places, respectively.

In 2009, this rating was published on 3 June, according to which the Russian Federation took the place in the list of 144 states. We are in a group of states such as Pakistan, Chad, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Sudan, Israel, Somalia, Afghanistan and Iraq. In 136, Russia ranked 2010-th place of 143 in the rating of peace-loving states. Only 149 states - Israel, Pakistan, Sudan, Afghanistan, Somalia and Iraq - were recognized as more aggressive states than Russia.

In the year 2011, according to the annual report of the Stockholm Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), the Russian Federation took the 136-place out of the 144-s, located between Zimbabwe and Pakistan. The United States, a country that has not yet completed the withdrawal of troops and Iraq, is waging a military campaign in Afghanistan, the 83 line occupies this report.

Australians from the Institute for Economics and Peace took into account in their study of the 23 factor, including the size of the armed forces, defense expenditures, the crime rate in the state, the percentage of prisoners, the number of foreigners killed in the country, the level of corruption. So, in Russia, the level of corruption is very high; in the number of prisoners per capita, we are second only to the “stronghold of democracy” - the United States, the level of terrorist threat has sharply increased - an undeclared war is almost underway in the North Caucasus, military spending has spread upwards. With this, everything is clear - Russia is clearly not pulling at such a level of "peacefulness" as in Iceland, New Zealand, but it is strange that Russia is placed at the very bottom of the list, and not in the middle.

Criteria for such evaluation, such as "adherence to democratic principles in politics", or the main criterion - "no violence", raise questions. Maniacs, serial killers, terrorists, what, put in boarding houses for easy correction of the psyche? In addition, for military spending we are very far from the United States and China, which are located in the middle of the list. Yes, and with education in our country, thanks to the Soviet Union, still comparatively well with other countries.

Even Pakistan was ranked higher on the line - this is a country where explosions thunders almost every day, huge territories are controlled by the Taliban, the US special services regularly conduct their operations, restlessly on the border with India, according to the latest Pakistani sources, the US wanted to conduct a military operation to seize nuclear weapons, the operation was stopped only by the rigid position of China.

With the fact that such countries as Somalia, Congo, Iraq, Afghanistan are located at the bottom, everything is clear - there is violence - the norm has long been. But the fact that the DPRK is constantly at the bottom is rather doubtful - even with “democracy” in the Western sense, it’s bad there, but with the level of насилия violence ’there is very good there - in fact there is no organized crime, and there are no domestic crimes. the years of the USSR, the same foreigners can walk around the capital all night, and no one will hurt.

It's just ridiculous that the United States is ranked 82 in this list: a country that has unleashed a lot of wars, with a high crime rate, 1-place in terms of the percentage of prisoners per capita, they have two military campaigns - Afghanistan and Libya. With the level of censorship in the media, TV is difficult to find such a controlled country as the United States. With education, too, the affairs in the USA are very poor, millions of illiterate, semi-illiterate. Military spending exceeds 20-following countries.

Or take China - 80-th place, this is a country where explosions also thunder regularly - only recently a few explosions thundered in the Chinese city of Fuzhou. There are problems with regions such as Tibet, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. But, in general, China’s rating is clearly underestimated, the United States is clearly more aggressive - China does not wage a single war outside its territory. 112-place - Belarus, also the rating is greatly underestimated - the country is not at war with anyone and did not fight, the crime rate is very low, education is high - Soviet standards are preserved, elections are held.

There are questions to the leaders of the rating of "peace" - among them, Japan, which constantly voices territorial claims to the Russian Federation, leads the arms race. Canada is participating in NATO military campaigns, including in Libya, demonstratively increasing military capabilities in the Arctic region.

It is clear that all these ratings are the tool of the West for waging an “information war” against unwanted countries, and Russia is the most important on this list. That is why the western man constantly is told that Russia is an “aggressive” country, its inhabitants are “Scythians and barbarians, orcs”. Russians should be remembered - the West is our enemy, no matter what clothes they wear and don’t say a word.

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