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Donetsk Region Governor Sergei Taruta: the Dnipro battalion provokes instability and lawlessness

According to the ITAR-TASS, today, the Financial Times newspaper published an interview with the appointed Kiev governor of the Donetsk region, entrepreneur Sergey Taruta, in which he accused the Dnipro battalion, created by billionaire Igor Kolomoysky, of destabilizing the situation in Donbas.

The article is devoted to armed formations, created with the money of private entrepreneurs, to fight the militia of the self-proclaimed Luhansk and Donetsk people's republics.

“Some of the hastily assembled militias leading the war in the east are poorly trained and inexperienced. In a region inundated weapons, the civilian population runs the risk of being caught in the crossfire, ”reports the publication.

Serhiy Taruta reminded about the 11 events of May in Krasnoarmeysk, where two civilians were killed, noting that the responsibility lies with the Dnipro battalion, which interferes in the affairs of Donetsk, provoking instability and lawlessness.

ITAR-TASS notes that on Thursday a group of armed men in black uniform fired at a checkpoint of the Ukrainian security forces near the village of Otradnoye near Mariupol.

“During the night, a security post was shot down near the village of Otradnoe, the representative of the national militia said. “The fire was fought by militants in black unmarked uniforms, the fortifications were also fired upon by combat helicopters.” “The shooting was conducted from the Zaporozhye region, where there are no militias,” the spokesman added, suggesting that behind the attack was the extremist organization Right Sector.
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  1. UPStoyan
    UPStoyan 23 May 2014 08: 55
    Wow, it dawned !!! But guessing is not an option.
    1. Wels75
      Wels75 23 May 2014 08: 57
      laughing Risen bespectacled !!!!
      still it would be noticed in Kiev !!!!
      1. from punk
        from punk 23 May 2014 09: 00
        Quote: Veles75
        Risen bespectacled !!!!
        still it would be noticed in Kiev !!!!

        Donetsk what? area? one more. there is no such area. there is DNR
      2. AleksPol
        AleksPol 23 May 2014 09: 01
        He didn’t see, the accounts were arrested and he’s twisted, he wants to seem white and fluffy
        1. MOISEY
          MOISEY 23 May 2014 09: 18
          That's exactly what they all need to be fingernail. These people understand very well when they punish them in rubles.
          1. Canep
            Canep 23 May 2014 10: 05
            Taruta needs to gather his battalion - "Donbas" and send him to carry out a sweep in Dnepropetrovsk. "Dnepr" was created, in my opinion, in order to seize enterprises not belonging to Kolomoisky, respectively, Taruta can mirror the answer and begin to wrest Beni's property. In general, this is chaos.
            1. andj61
              andj61 23 May 2014 10: 21
              Makhnovshchina forever!
            2. nika407
              nika407 23 May 2014 10: 44
              Quote: Canep
              Taruta needs to gather his battalion - "Donbas"

              Taruta has its own battalion of marginals and full d and b and l about. But they will have to wait until they kill each other for a long time, they will kill many civilians.
              1. UFO
                UFO 23 May 2014 11: 32
                Quote: nika407
                But wait until they kill each other for a long time

                So let immediately in the Dnepropetrovsk region. and sends them, faster one more DNR is formed. bully
        2. Sid.74
          Sid.74 23 May 2014 10: 26
          Quote: AleksPol
          bills then arrested and twisted, wants to seem white and fluffy

          Late to drink Borjomi ... laughing But in general it’s interesting, his n-ss of Kolomoisky bite for this!
      3. Blackscorp
        Blackscorp 23 May 2014 09: 09
        I didn’t see it, it was just that VTB had squeezed out real estate and stocks in Cyprus yesterday ... totaling $ 30 million, that’s what the comrade made ... ordinary deflection ...
      4. ed65b
        ed65b 23 May 2014 11: 56
        Quote: Veles75
        laughing Risen bespectacled !!!!
        still it would be noticed in Kiev !!!!

        This VTB pinched his testicles, but not received his sight.
    2. igor_m_p
      igor_m_p 23 May 2014 09: 00
      Quote: UPStoyan
      Wow, it dawned !!!

      Look good !!! Is that how the arrest of accounts in Cyprus affected him?
    3. vlum
      vlum 23 May 2014 09: 07
      How soberly affected the arrest of property and shares in the Cyprus offshore !!! If the timing of publications is all the same.

      But against this background, Psaki still burns with napalm: http: //
      According to her, it is representatives of the militia that are the source of violence.

      “Eight Ukrainian servicemen were killed and dozens injured when separatists attacked a checkpoint in the Donetsk region. Separatists attacked the border service in the Luhansk region, six border guards were injured. Also, the separatists reportedly killed one and wounded two border guards in a clash elsewhere in the Luhansk region, ”said Psaki.

      Such rhetoric can be agreed upon before the humanitarian application of the MLRS.
    4. Akvadra
      Akvadra 23 May 2014 09: 51
      Well, I would pull the logical thread further! The end of the thread is this - phishington provokes instability and lawlessness. Everything is simple.
    5. 120352
      120352 23 May 2014 10: 01
      This is he with a fright, probably. He sees, though with glasses, whose takes!
      1. The comment was deleted.
      2. Turik
        Turik 23 May 2014 10: 23
        This is the governor in Rostov, in the DPR - I.O. the president.

        And SATRAPA sent Kiev!

        Details are important.
        1. hrapon
          hrapon 23 May 2014 11: 28
          I recommend using the term "satrap" more carefully.
          Starap is a viceroy devotedly devoted to the monarch, steadily and unselfishly pursuing his will. The term came from ancient Persia. The closest synonym is an ally in power.
          When applied to Taruta, the term "slander" is more appropriate - henchman of despotism, impostors, putschists, etc. in unseemly deeds.
    6. comprochikos
      comprochikos 23 May 2014 10: 45
      Nifiga yourself, something terrible died in a dense forest, they spoke of legality. Something is wrong here. No.
    7. The comment was deleted.
    8. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 23 May 2014 12: 25
      The people here are Bandera in mourning, they say that the battalion was ambushed and barely escaped from the encirclement ...The bulk erupted from the ambush of terrorists. Wounded 50% of the personnel, many lost a lot of blood.

      This was announced by the commander of the territorial defense battalion of the Donetsk region "Donbass" Semyon Semenchenko on his Facebook page, reports Censor.NET.

      "The main mass broke through. 50% of the personnel were wounded, many lost a lot of blood. The wounded were taken to the army block post in Krasnoarmeysk. Telephone communication was maintained with the surrounded group, which sat in the building until that moment. It was just reported that the connection was interrupted. fighters run out of cartridges. There is no way to approach them - snipers are working. We need an armored personnel carrier to drive up to the building and take out the guys. We cannot go further than the gas station, "he wrote. Source: Source:
    9. kress42rus
      kress42rus 23 May 2014 13: 44
      See is not fate !!!
    10. The comment was deleted.
  2. Duke
    Duke 23 May 2014 08: 58
    The war of the oligarchs, maybe they themselves will kill each other?
    1. ksv500
      ksv500 23 May 2014 09: 14
      Another clown. Like Akhmetov wants to eat fish, and ... sit down. You can’t sit on two chairs! Especially since one leg was knocked out in Cyprus yesterday - Taruta’s assets were arrested for 30 mil bucks in a VTB lawsuit wink
      1. Kuvabatake
        Kuvabatake 23 May 2014 09: 55
        "A seat on two chairs" is a new Ukrainian virus ...
        1. comprochikos
          comprochikos 23 May 2014 11: 02
          Yes, not jumping on chairs laughing
        2. The comment was deleted.
  3. pensioner
    pensioner 23 May 2014 08: 59
    he accused the Dnepr battalion, created by billionaire Igor Kolomoisky, of destabilizing the situation in the Donbass.
    Have they really found a scapegoat? Or thin ( laughing ) a hint that the Partagenigenos of Kalamoisky would bring down to hell and faster ...
  4. Alexey N
    Alexey N 23 May 2014 08: 59
    The Financial Times has finally become a yellow newspaper, since it takes interviews from terrorists. That would impose on her .. sanctions.
  5. jovanni
    jovanni 23 May 2014 09: 01
    ABOUT! It was worth in Cyprus a little nip grandmother, immediately glance somehow cleared up ...
  6. mig31
    mig31 23 May 2014 09: 03
    Panas fight, at lackeys forelocks crack ...
  7. Vlad Gore
    Vlad Gore 23 May 2014 09: 04
    It's just that Taruta decided to cut the dough from Kolomoisky. These are "doers" without a flag and homeland. As they say, business and nothing personal. bully
  8. Altona
    Altona 23 May 2014 09: 04
    One feudal lord complained about the other to his overlord ... In general, he would create his own battalion to counter the Landsknechts of Kolomoisky ...
  9. Russ69
    Russ69 23 May 2014 09: 07
    It has not yet been verified, but now they’re shooting under Karlovka for sure ...
    Near Karlovka now "Dnepr" was ambushed, they asked for help from the military, but they were sent.
    1. pensioner
      pensioner 23 May 2014 09: 36
      Quote: Russ69
      Near Karlovka now "Dnepr" was ambushed, they asked for help from the military, but they were sent.

      Read on Politics. Good!
  10. Klim2011
    Klim2011 23 May 2014 09: 08
    Taruta doesn’t like that without his knowledge, Kolomoisky is ready to join part of the Donetsk region to the Dnepropetrovsk :)
    This squabble on the hand SE.
  11. Sergei 57
    Sergei 57 23 May 2014 09: 09
    I do not want to offend such a comparison of famous rodents, but he has a ratty flair.
  12. region46
    region46 23 May 2014 09: 10
    decided to suck in to the population in order to somehow raise its rating
    1. from punk
      from punk 23 May 2014 09: 22
      Quote: region46
      decided to suck in to the population in order to somehow raise its rating

      rating of what? its illegitimacy. it is appointed by Kiev. which means it is nobody
  13. Vitaly Anisimov
    Vitaly Anisimov 23 May 2014 09: 11
    Yes, "What they wanted and got .." It will take a long time to clean up Ukraine as after 1945. They (pravoseki, etc.), after all, will not be able to live peacefully, having tasted blood and impunity.
  14. yulka2980
    yulka2980 23 May 2014 09: 11
    Well, what idiots! Now they don’t have enough militias, they decided to play war games among themselves wassat Maybe they will shoot each other ??
  15. Giant thought
    Giant thought 23 May 2014 09: 11
    The wolf in sheep's clothing is Taruta.
  16. Lunic
    Lunic 23 May 2014 09: 14
    of all the famous Ukrainian oligarchs, Sergey Taruta (in my personal opinion) is the only one who has not stained himself with crime and is not a nationalist. Smart, educated, wonderful leader and businessman. Here it is necessary to attract such to your side and not Alik Grek’s pupils ..
    1. sokrat7
      sokrat7 23 May 2014 10: 29
      Taruta has a chance to become a national hero. If he does not use it now, tomorrow it will be too late and worthless to his mind and education.
    2. INFOLegioner
      INFOLegioner 23 May 2014 10: 46
      The oligarch and the people, it’s like the Wolf and the sheep.
  17. Barakuda
    Barakuda 23 May 2014 09: 19
    Somewhere Akhmetov disappeared, blundered 2 times and fell silent. Vobla then he will have more.
    1. mamont5
      mamont5 23 May 2014 09: 29
      Quote: Barracuda
      Somewhere Akhmetov disappeared, blundered 2 times and fell silent. Vobla then he will have more.

      so Akhmetov, as he realized that he couldn’t do anything with his daily protest strikes, he immediately faded over the hill.
  18. morpogr
    morpogr 23 May 2014 09: 20
    It looks like Benya decided to bring down, and finally make more noise and provocations to cover the waste.
  19. Name
    Name 23 May 2014 09: 24
    Oh, let them hammer each other, and as furiously as possible laughing
  20. pravda2014s
    pravda2014s 23 May 2014 09: 25
    Kolomoisky - a gangster, with his army, which pursues its goals
  21. mamont5
    mamont5 23 May 2014 09: 27
    What's this? Has a general squabble begun or are they stupidly draining the PS along with its Kolomoisky roof? Like the Moor has done his job - the Moor may retire. If you have time.
  22. armageddon
    armageddon 23 May 2014 09: 31
    Quote: Veles75
    laughing Risen bespectacled !!!!
    still it would be noticed in Kiev !!!!

    Ha ... In KIEV- elections elections candidates-P, DORA !!!
  23. egor64
    egor64 23 May 2014 09: 31
    Kolomoisky on the count.
  24. Agat
    Agat 23 May 2014 09: 35
    Tarut this will be counted in +.
    "My heart feels that we are on the eve of a grandiose nix"
  25. Ignatius
    Ignatius 23 May 2014 09: 51
    Governor of the Donetsk region Sergey Taruta:

    The governor is without a province ... The assets are dissolving, the little head is turning gray.
  26. Dragon-y
    Dragon-y 23 May 2014 09: 54
    Quote: Barracuda
    Somewhere Akhmetov disappeared, blundered 2 times and fell silent. Vobla then he will have more.

    I saw the information that he "dumped" in England ...
  27. skylare
    skylare 23 May 2014 10: 04
    Yes, and at the same time praises the "Donbass" battalion for "correct and adequate" actions, which he calls the prototype of the special forces of the future Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. They have a shitty future, however.
  28. JonnyT
    JonnyT 23 May 2014 10: 19
    typical fit
  29. VD chauvinist
    VD chauvinist 23 May 2014 10: 26
    There is no faith in the oligarchs. It's just that the "good uncle" game has begun before the elections.
    Everyone who is somehow involved in the Euromaidan project is responsible for Odessa, Mariupol, Slavyansk, Kramatorsk, etc. And the MEASURE of this responsibility will be determined by the tribunal.
    The fact that conscience woke up is poorly believed.
  30. xbhxbr-777
    xbhxbr-777 23 May 2014 10: 32
    Taruta, to worry not about the residents of Donbass, but about his business, this is obvious, he perfectly understands that he has taken, not the position that he is now 100% loser what !
  31. vlum
    vlum 23 May 2014 10: 43

    The Ukrainian military shot the wounded in a hospital in Lugansk
    23.05.2014 - 08: 23

    The Ukrainian military shot the wounded in a hospital in Lugansk. The incident occurred in the village of Privolje, said a representative of the militia.

    As the representative of the militia Ostap Cherny said, "they (the Ukrainian military) went to the hospital and shot the wounded," Gazeta.Ru reports.

    According to him, both the militia and the Ukrainian military were in the hospital.
  32. JoylyRoger
    JoylyRoger 23 May 2014 10: 48
    Just graters between two oligarchs, nothing more
  33. maximus235
    maximus235 23 May 2014 10: 53
    How interesting. Kalomoisky, with the help of his thugs, simply wants to squeeze a piece of territory from Taruta. That's all. Well, Taruta is naturally against it. So he rolls a barrel to the "Dnieper"
  34. S-17
    S-17 23 May 2014 10: 53
    Now, the jolly oligarchy has already begun to shout at each other ... Not even at all unexpectedly ...
  35. Observer2014
    Observer2014 23 May 2014 11: 01
    And what will happen if Kolomoisky with Taruta is locked in the same camera? WHO WHO QUICKLY EATS. TO THE ARTICLE OF THE LAST NAME THEM JUST HUNDREDLY HUNDREDLY PERCENT UKRAINIAN
  36. Jackyun
    Jackyun 23 May 2014 11: 06
    Today this "Donbass" has been heavily taken over. Even, which is notable for its extremely one-sided coverage of events and does not disdain outright gossip, is forced to admit that "this" was very seriously covered with a shiny object made of non-ferrous metal.
  37. sv68
    sv68 23 May 2014 11: 58
    that you’ve gotten eggs, don’t have it, it’s just the beginning, soon the war will start all against everyone, you won’t have time to blame it on the hillocks — you’ve got a corpse.
  38. Andrew 447
    Andrew 447 23 May 2014 14: 21
    There is a crushing of a territory called Ukraine into specific principalities, a rolling down to Kievan Rus of the 11-12 century.