Commander Kotov lost

Commander Kotov lost

Strange affair. Nikita Mikhalkov very clearly writes about why he leaves the post of chairman of the Public Council under the Ministry of Defense. The reasons stated in his letter to Serdyukov are really serious. A year ago, Suvorov and Nakhimov were not allowed to march on Red Square, while the "military contingents of NATO member countries" were allowed in there - is it possible to tolerate such a thing? And the "demilitarization of military training" as a symbol of the trampled dignity of the Russian army? And the last May parade, in assessing which "by the third word ... was the word" shame "(and even then it’s scary to think what the first two were - IM)?

In short, there seems to be no reason to doubt that the author of the great films about the great war is absolutely sincere. His letter, leaked to the tabloid, really "is the fruit ... rather long hesitation and reflection." The fruit is ripe, there was nothing to think about, and Nikita Sergeevich leaves the Public Council. Leaving "this post with regret, along with a special signal and a certificate."

Meanwhile, I remember how the hero of another great film taught us, the last phrase. About the special signal, which our cult director seems to be throwing onto the table the Minister of War, along with a certificate and a letter doused with bitterness and anger. The notorious "flasher" is in the center of the scandal, and next to it everything seems so petty: both Nakhimov, Suvorov, and even NATO aggressors in the main square of the country.

Why is that?

As every director knows, there are words that the hero utters, and there is an image of a hero that is more important than any words and sometimes completely contradicts them. In ordinary life, it is also called "reputation." And on the stage and in the movie, very often there are characters who express their deadly pain and resentment with phrases that have nothing to do with the work. Let us recall at least the "Five Evenings", which, from the beginning and almost to the end, are about that. About pitiful empty words and lively offended feeling.

Nikita Sergeevich fought for his flasher like a lion. Using all the wealth of native speech and a wide variety of communication tools, including the latest propaganda weapon - project "Besogon-TV". He used the whole palette of his magnificent acting gift - from a mocking grin to a desperate plea. "I will leave this car with a flasher, Ebarday Gardeevich Kuntupaev will sit down there and ride something. Will it be easier for you?" - tearfully and angry, he asked his enemies. However, the enemies nodded coldly in reply, answering: yes, it would be easier, and they called Mialkov Mikhalkov.

At the same time, everyone, starting with Nikita Sergeevich and ending with the last blogger, understood the main thing: it is not a question of the special signal. But about something much brighter and louder. On recognition, if you call a spade a spade. About status, damn it. The fact that a great artist, thinker, philosopher and Enlightened Conservative Mikhalkov has the right to cut the Russian roads in his famous jeep, neglecting the traffic rules, written for people far less deserved. On the most important question of modern life: is it trembling creature, like most road users, or does it have a right? Did you succeed or did you fail?

This war commander Kotov lost. The citadel, full of people servants and generals with their chauffeurs and quackers, resisted and repelled a perennial siege initiated by the master of the arts. Someone's ruthless hand threw him out of the list of those who put the car with a special signal. Actually, the decision to leave Mikhalkov without an "flasher" was made several months ago, although it was only recently brought to the attention of the director. And then, as you can guess, he sat down to write a letter to the minister, and he remembered everything: a disgraceful parade, and NATO military forces, and offended cadets.

And in the Defense Ministry, it seems, they did not understand what they had done. On whom raised a hand and who was denied so little as a special signal. They only regret that "a respected director ... links his time with the Public Council with the possession of a flashing light," as an anonymous source on Arbat Square put it yesterday. Rustic people still work in Serdyukovskiy department. Or is it their barracks humor?
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