There are all prerequisites for a new war in the North Caucasus

There are all prerequisites for a new war in the North Caucasus

More recently, Grozny and Chechnya were in the minds of Russian citizens a way of war, death, grief, blood, and now for most people it still remains. But Chechnya and Grozny have long since transferred a “palm of superiority” in the area of ​​“military and terrorist threat” to other republics of the North Caucasus - Dagestan, Kabardino-Balkaria, and Ingushetia.

In Grozny, instead of roadblocks, new houses, shops, cafes, much of the infrastructure is new, new cars are on new roads. Several spoil the picture of a peaceful life numerous armed representatives of law enforcement forces, armored vehicles on the roads.

Although it cannot be said that peaceful life has already been fully established, since 29 of August 2010 of the year “shaitans” (as the radical Islamists and gangs are called in Chechnya) attacked R. Kadyrov’s native nest Tsentoroi. The thugs in 04.30 entered the village, killed 3's policemen, set fire to several houses, their success was interrupted by an attack by the police and Kadyrov's guard, he said: “We had information. We were waiting for these devils, ”that is, someone warned about the attack. The battle went on for almost three hours: 12 gangsters were killed, 6 militiamen were killed in all, 18 policemen were injured, 7 civilians were injured. It is believed that up to three dozen gangsters took part in the battle, part of them left. Part of the gangsters were suicide bombers who had a lead bomb in their unloading vest with a detonator (each had a TNT equivalent of 500 g in TNT equivalent), some of the wounded blew themselves up so as not to be captured.

On the morning of October 19, 2010, a group of thugs (4 fighter) attacked the Chechen parliament building, 3 people were killed during the attack, 17 people were injured, and thugs were killed. The bandits in Chechnya have little support and, according to local officials, come from the territory of Dagestan, Ingushetia and Georgia. They try to attack state objects, officials, members of law enforcement agencies and then leave the territory of Chechnya.

In general, the criminal situation in the republic is quite good and differs for the better with respect to other regions of Russia: not drunk hooliganism and fights, even car thefts. Largely due to the iron power of Kadyrov, he is “king” in Chechnya, which is why many of the attacks of the bandits are designed to damage his credibility.

Of course, another factor affecting calm in the republic — generous funding for rehabilitation programs, it seems, with such funding (and tight control) could improve the socio-economic situation in many regions.

Other republics of the North Caucasus

They are experiencing common problems in the North Caucasus: the growth of radical Islamist sentiments against the background of a mass of unsolved socio-economic problems, high unemployment (even against the background of its high level in Russia), population growth — young people who have nowhere to put themselves. Perhaps that is why, with the introduction of the USE, local authorities tried to send more graduates to the universities of Central Russia (for this they received high points, which were not confirmed later), they say, let them suffer with them. Gradual degradation of infrastructure, agriculture, industry, as well as throughout the Russian Federation. The clan system of power, financial flows from Moscow are distributed among "their own", someone remains not the lot, hence the Islamic opposition. The high level of corruption, the arbitrariness of the officials and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the increasing pressure on the local Russian population.

In terms of internal problems, the republic of the North Caucasus is somewhat reminiscent of the countries of the Arab world, where revolutions have taken place or are currently taking place - the same prerequisites. Kadyrov is an authoritarian, tough military leader, like, say, Mubarak or Gaddafi, only such people can manage such a society, relying on law enforcement agencies. Otherwise, chaos, confusion, the influence of external forces, inter-clan, inter-ethnic clashes. Of course, in Russia there is a federal control center, which should hold all control, but at the present time it does not represent real power, does not have all-Russian authority.

In Dagestan, the attacks have already become a common phenomenon, killing law enforcement officials, officials, for a decade there has been a real undeclared war. In the markets you can buy weapon, explosives, which is interesting, many citizens already have weapons in the North Caucasus. Maybe the authorities should arm the rest of the citizens !? Return to the Russian person the right to arms.

Already become common news, like the attack of bandits on the city of Nalchik 25 in February of 2011, when several mobile groups of bandits attacked the administrative and departmental buildings of Nalchik and its suburbs and were able to leave.

The exact number of "underground" in Dagestan and in other republics is not known, but one thing is true, there are thousands of people who are ready to act with arms, most of them do not run through forests and mountains, but live at home, waiting for a signal.

To solve the problems of the North Caucasus, and, what's to conceal, the whole of Russia, we need programs of the scale of the Soviet five-year plans, so everything is running. We need a real power development program, not verbiage about the "2020 program", we need an idea around which most of the citizens would unite, we need repression against the old power structures that sold everything and everyone, we need a new power elite. Otherwise, a new war could break out in the North Caucasus, and no longer in Chechnya, but in another republic.
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