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Answers of the Permanent Representative of Russia to NATO A.Grushko to the questions of the Russian media

Answers of the Permanent Representative of Russia to NATO A.Grushko to the questions of the Russian media

Question: How do you assess the campaign launched in NATO to declare Russia an “adversary” and the results of A. Fogh Rasmussen’s visit to Poland and Estonia?

Answer: On these days, NATO representatives said a lot of words about the importance of the Alliance “awakening from hibernation”, and, judging by the energy that is embedded in the rhetoric about the emergence of a new threat in Europe, NATO is trying to use the crisis in Ukraine to the maximum. its relevance in the current security environment. The purpose of this artificially injected rhetoric is to “reanimate” the bloc, to achieve an increase in allocations for military needs. And for this you need an opponent.

We see that the argumentation base is being built up, designed to prove that Russia has some expansionist aspirations, new and new threats are being invented. So, one of the military leaders of NATO formulated a universal explanation for any protest demonstrations - you should see the hand of Moscow for everything.

At the same time, the contribution of our country to eliminating the legacy of the Cold War and ending the arms race is being hushed up. By and large, Europe should thank Russia for spending only 1-2% of its GDP on defense. Now, in the wake of this campaign, taxpayers will knock out additional funds for defense.

The Alliance denies that the crisis in Ukraine is of an internal nature, and, despite all the tragic facts, continues to talk about some kind of “intervention in the east of Ukraine.” I hope that now, in thousands of queues at polling stations in Donetsk and Lugansk, NATO finally saw civil society, not the mythical “agent provocateurs”.

If the alliance is really interested in de-escalation, as its representatives say, then it can also contribute by calling on the Kiev regime to immediately stop the punitive operation, to return troops to the barracks, to stop providing it with any kind of support.
Question: How do you assess the measures that the alliance is said to take to ensure the protection of collective defense? Do they pose a threat to Russia's security?

Answer: It is surprising that NATO believes that only an alliance can ensure the security of its members. Although it is obvious to everyone that security depends not on NATO, but on normal relations with its neighbors, the development of cooperation and interaction, and many other non-military factors.

I recall that Art. V (collective defense), to which representatives of the alliance appeal, was activated only once after the events of 11 in September of 2001. As for the “heightened vigilance” measures that NATO is taking in Eastern Europe to demonstrate its determination to protect allies, from the point of view of strengthening security, they are absolutely counterproductive, because they only increase tensions and weaken predictability. But some countries, apparently, want to be in the role of "front-line states", which need to be understood from whom and from what to protect. They will not become safer from this status, but risks for their own safety from the appearance of new facilities on their territory can be added.

Question: What can be the consequences of the failure of NATO to partner with Russia?

Answer: If we recall that the NATO-Russia 1997 Founding Act begins with the words that we are no longer adversaries, it is obvious that there are those at NATO who are preparing the ground for rejecting this document. And in addition to the principles of cooperation, schemes and areas of interaction, it contains important obligations to show restraint in the military sphere. So, NATO pledged not to stir the nuclear weapon on the territory of new members, not to create infrastructure for this, and also not to deploy additional essential combat forces on a permanent basis. These commitments constitute one of the important elements of the current military security system in Europe. Now it seems that they want to get rid of these commitments in order to move the military potential to the Baltic States, Poland, Romania, to deploy brigades of US forces there. If this happens, we will take all the necessary measures to reliably ensure our defenses. In military affairs, as is well known, it is not intentions that are changeable, but potentials that are mainly taken into account.

Nevertheless, I would like to hope that the point of view in Brussels will prevail in favor of supporting political work in the framework of the relevant formats, primarily the OSCE, in favor of the implementation of the Geneva Statement of 17 of April of this year, and this requires “quiet diplomacy” and refusal from militant rhetoric.
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  1. VNP1958PVN
    VNP1958PVN 14 May 2014 15: 52
    Putin correctly said that NATO is good guys, but it’s better to let them visit us in Crimea than we do to them ...
    1. wiktoor
      wiktoor 14 May 2014 16: 29
      Not a damn thing he said so. He said - All kazls were in NATO and they went into the forest and deeper.
      1. Cetegg
        Cetegg 14 May 2014 16: 36
        How modestly they are silent about their sponsorship of "shitOkratiya" in Ukraine, as far as I remember the help there is about 5 billion! And NATO's main enemy is "deer" at the head of NATO!)
        1. Cetegg
          Cetegg 14 May 2014 17: 13
          Replenishment in the ranks of NATO will soon be from such .... "fighters" am
          1. Cetegg
            Cetegg 14 May 2014 17: 15
            and such! laughing
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            2. The comment was deleted.
          2. muhomor
            muhomor 14 May 2014 17: 55
            This is the new FACE OF EUROPE. wassat
            1. Serg 122
              Serg 122 14 May 2014 18: 21
              This is the new FACE OF EUROPE.
              Yes, many are weird! laughing
              1. Apollo
                Apollo 14 May 2014 18: 29
                Quote: Serg 122
                This is the new FACE OF EUROPE.
                Yes, many are weird

                The picture shows the Indian and Pakistani border guards. lol
              2. gav6757
                gav6757 15 May 2014 01: 39
                Sick, probably ...
            2. The comment was deleted.
            3. Stalker
              Stalker 14 May 2014 19: 25
              The largest companies Gillette, BIC and Schick strongly opposed the sanctions against Russia ...
              Well, this is understandable, because Russia is the only country where, after the last Eurovision, sales of razors increased many times, but did not collapse ... laughing
              1. soaring
                soaring 14 May 2014 22: 23
                Stalker +++++++ good lol drinks
      2. nika407
        nika407 14 May 2014 19: 24
        Quote: wiktoor
        He said - All the kazla were in NATO and they went into the forest and deeper
        So the Latvian mayor burst into tears. Honestly, the article was fun)))))

        May 14, 2014 DELFI Original
        Latvian Mayor: NATO sailors acted like pigs

        The mayor of the Latvian Ventspils, Aivar Lembergs, will send a complaint to the NATO Secretary General, Andres Fogh Rasmussen, regarding the behavior of the alliance sailors in the city. According to DELFI, the politician believes that the actions of the sailors of the North Atlantic Alliance discredit the organization in the eyes of the population of Latvia.

        “NATO sailors in Ventspils behaved like a pig, ignored the laws of Latvia and the rules of self-government. Having drunk, they celebrated the need for public places and shop windows, vomited, publicly drank alcohol, which is not allowed. They also plucked flowers from flower beds to give them to prostitutes, ”said the Latvian politician.

        According to Lembergs, the foreign military "behaved like occupiers who do not recognize the sovereignty and laws of Latvia." Commenting on the fact that some sailors were injured, Lembergs said that, apparently, local men were protecting women from foreign harassment.

        As DELFI recalls, at the end of last week in Ventspils there were several incidents involving NATO sailors. Alliance ships arrived in the city to conduct the Open Spirit 2014 international mine clearance operation.

        The Latvian Ministry of Defense did not comment on Lembergs, but immediately noted that each country participating in the exercises separately decides how its soldiers spend their free time outside military facilities. Police investigate incidents.

        Photo: LEILA GORCHEV / AFP

        Reader Comments on DELFI Website:

        Coments: This is the “arm of the Kremlin,” not otherwise! :) Behaving in a pig’s way is clearly “Putin’s zealots-provocateurs”, so that later there will be an occasion for polite little men to protect the local population from NATO !!! :)))))

        Urfin: Yes, the usual behavior of sodom civilizers is at home with savages and Papuans. The burden of a white man, what ... Although, maybe it’s just such a culture in Europe, because it was somehow remembered during a trip to warm Europe: in a restaurant, 10 shaved people stood on chairs around their table and took off their underpants, showing everyone their pale, Anglo-Saxon experiences ... xs how to explain ...

        Morpheus: SILENT OCCUPATION OF LATVIA BEGAN !? Politicians to NATO - flowers and kisses, NATO people - their urine and fights ... If in this chain of events CHANGE THE BEGINNING - then THE END WILL BE OTHER!

        Jazep Antisect: The issue is not that the young men are not meeting their needs and giving the priestesses of love the flowers they bought in the wrong way. The question is, what the hell are these men above doing here? What to do with mine clearance in the Baltic Sea? There, for a long time, there is nothing except garbage. Then why arrange these games with a bent bias in a relatively calm region of the planet?

        I would like to remind decision-makers of the Latvian government and deputies of the Sejm that the presence of foreign troops on the territory of our country should be determined by reasons for whose viability the vast majority of the people of Latvia would not doubt.

        Soldiers and sailors of foreign countries have the right to write and poop anywhere ... if they are at home. A respect for the Ventspils peasants - there will be a case, roll after, maybe even learn how to piss in a human way. )
        1. varov14
          varov14 14 May 2014 20: 52
          "According to Lembergs, the foreign military" behaved like occupiers who do not recognize the sovereignty and laws of Latvia. "----- Why, as occupiers, as masters, but a slave should endure and not talk when the owner is amused.
          1. varov14
            varov14 14 May 2014 20: 58
            Well, gentlemen, moderators, you are tolerant over the edge, all the buzz disappears.
        2. Lelek
          Lelek 15 May 2014 00: 18
          One of the clauses of the contract with the NATO military is that the recruit must have a defect from falling head on a hard surface in childhood. It’s easier to order and it’s easier to smear it - a defective one, whatever you take. bully
  2. mig31
    mig31 14 May 2014 15: 52
    That's why pike (RUSSIA), so that crucian carp (nato) doesn’t doze off ... our potential is higher, beware ....
    1. Ased
      Ased 14 May 2014 16: 29
      Quote: mig31
      That's why pike (RUSSIA), so that crucian carp (nato) doesn’t doze off ... our potential is higher, beware ...

      As a friend who had worked somewhere in Arzamas N told me in a booze:
      - not sts, we have what all of them scary to surprise. :)))

      PS he is actually kind ...
  3. The comment was deleted.
  4. svp67
    svp67 14 May 2014 15: 55
    Yes, NATO generals are now praying for a "Ukrainian conflict." This is how much money can now be begged from governments and congresses for defense budgets, almost like in the "cold war"
    1. Not served
      Not served 14 May 2014 16: 03
      Yeah, only then in no case should you not fight with it, because may ask "Where is the money?" It's like stealth, Irdzis, and the F-35.
    2. mamont5
      mamont5 14 May 2014 16: 13
      Quote: svp67
      Yes, NATO generals are now praying for a "Ukrainian conflict." This is how much money can now be begged from governments and congresses for defense budgets, almost like in the "cold war"

      But where will everyone get so much money?
    3. from punk
      from punk 14 May 2014 17: 46
      Quote: svp67
      Yes, NATO generals are now praying for a "Ukrainian conflict." This is how much money can now be begged from governments and congresses for defense budgets, almost like in the "cold war"

      Yes, only microeconomics like Lithuania have only losses. But they feel important.
  5. Arkan
    Arkan 14 May 2014 16: 03
    Europe, like an old forgiven God, sorting through the old, panel talk, recalling past "exploits" and accidentally finding a box with a marafet, decided to cheer up. Nothing, he will soon release her, withdrawal will begin.
  6. semuil
    semuil 14 May 2014 16: 04
    Something dumb explanation. Type for fools hold.
  7. Giant thought
    Giant thought 14 May 2014 16: 16
    The NATO, as always, see us as their enemy, which they now no longer hide. Well, we need to answer with the same coin.
    1. asar
      asar 14 May 2014 19: 34
      And when did we go in "indiscriminate homies" with NATO members ?!
  8. Orc-xnumx
    Orc-xnumx 14 May 2014 16: 31
    At the word "Russia" they go deaf and hear nothing, repeating like a mantra, "This is all the hand of the Kremlin!"
  9. Good cat
    Good cat 14 May 2014 16: 32
    Enough of this "common human" nonsense, there are states and interests, and that's where we proceed. They are not our friends and not our partners.
  10. VD chauvinist
    VD chauvinist 14 May 2014 16: 46
    But who is this Europe from a military point of view? The stink is subrake! They have the same army, without brushing their teeth, loses combat readiness. All military equipment is not made for war, for comfort in the service. The guys also want to cut the dough, making us a scarecrow.
    s muddy the water.
    And these then, fools, where they climb, Poles, Romanians, Balts, etc.?
    Iskanders in Kaliningrad, TU-22M3 in Crimea - and let them begin to crap for themselves.
    After all, it was said that Russia equates a global non-nuclear strike with a nuclear one. We will answer asymmetrically. Yesche Polska not angry? Well, I don’t know, I don’t know ...
    PS The rest of the European rotten meat, by the way, is also "in the subject."
  11. Buran
    Buran 14 May 2014 16: 49
    Excerpts from the statements of one of the Russian admirals, Radzevsky Gennady Antonovich, commander of the 7 operational squadron of the Northern Fleet.

    • These little nasty things that make the life of any commander unbearable, but insanely interesting, we - staff officers must constantly implement.

    • "You should not shyly pull your skirt on your knees, Comrade Captain 1st Rank, when you came to a venereologist for help. Tell us how you managed to get out of such a good and necessary business as the reception of the patron’s delegation, arrange a drunken orgy with trips on the command boat around winter bay with preventive grenade throwing?

    • Unfortunately, the level of general education of the majority of ship commanders does not allow them not only to read without a hitch or a hitch the command decision made by the most lively subordinates for a naval battle, but also to correctly put the indefinite article "b ... d" in the phrase "Who is the last for vodka ".

    • When, with proletarian ruthlessness, I begin to treat cruiser commanders thoughtfully, they immediately begin to break the Japanese tragedy in front of me: father is a rickshaw, mother is a geisha, son is Moisha, and we are innocent.

    • Our commanders do not have any knowledge, so they will have to be allowed to independently control the ships, and dry the rusks themselves and prepare for jail.

    • If the famous actress is no longer told that she is - b ... d, then - she is losing popularity. If the ship commander subordinates in a conversation with each other at least sometimes are not called an asshole, then it is time to remove him from his post.

    • And the former commander of the RRC "Marshal Ustinov" has already done everything that he could do: the cruiser destroyed it, made friends with the St. Petersburg policemen, entered the academy, fished out an apartment from the state by illegal methods. So I do not need to comment on all the merits of this amazing person.

    • What makes me really and truly happy is that most of our ship commanders can safely rely on in the event of a global nuclear missile war. None of them will go crazy, because for this you need to at least have it, at least.

    • And you - the chief of staff of the brigade, gather your cheeks in a fist and, not breathing, lustfully write down my clever thoughts, and in the end, when I finish, you can squeak - let me, comrade vice admiral, plan more than one training session - but four .

    • I was literally amazed when, while trying to personally call the commander of the largest warship in Russia, I ran into an answering machine. Division commander, memorize it literally, then put this bastard under the record - this is about people like him, the ditty is folded among the people: “I’m milenka the whole evening, I couldn’t find it in any way. Dear answering machine, tell him -”.

    • If you call the ship’s commander on the carpet in the morning and tell him everything that we think of him as a bastard, then he will explode on raising the Navy Flag with extremely inspiration, with a sparkle in his eyes and a determined desire to share his emotional lift with his subordinates.
    1. 14 May 2014 18: 39
      Quote: Buran
      on the rise of the Navy Flag he will explode extremely inspired, with a gleam in his eyes and a determined desire to share his emotional rise with his subordinates.

      BRAVO! It smelled like something dear, distant and memorable! Of course, I didn’t let a tear, but it made me happy! The father-commander is able not only to "express himself", but also to express clearly the nuances of not even expressed, but understood by everyone, and this is worth a lot! Without any "naval folds", but elegant and soulful!
  12. Buran
    Buran 14 May 2014 16: 49
    • You, of course, excuse me, comrade officers, but I cannot but share about the painful. Here, at my reception, the young wife of one of our old posts came to share her personal tragedy. From the side, it seems, he was a pretty decent officer, and he organized the service quite decently, but in fact, he’s a scumbag — he can’t bring the seed to the house without spilling it along the way.

    • Any ship commander only deserves respect when he can make the life of his subordinates unbearable.

    • Honestly, I sometimes feel ashamed when I hear the speeches of some especially zealous commanders of ships, who grabbed hold of the "beep" microphone of the five-kilowatt broadcast on the upper deck. With them, every word is vile swearing. Well, just like little children.

    • Division commander, if you now need to pull one of the ship commanders, then you have as many as five minutes - you do not have to restrain your souls with wonderful impulses. If necessary, I am ready to turn away.

    • There are people who until the 3 years did not know how to hold their heads, everyone around said they were about to die, and they not only survived, but cruisers to command the enemies to the joy, and to us - to chagrin.

    • How far can he who has been sent far go? I answer - to the nearest tavern. It was there that the commandant of the garrison was detained during training as a senior officer in the operations department of the squadron, captain 2 of the rank Davidenko, whom I had kicked out of the service meeting for the infamous three-day unshavenness for 50 minutes before. One thing is good - during this time he even managed to shave. True and get drunk - too.

    • Well, you, comrade captain of 3 rank, as an institute - Smolyanka, blush and crumple in front of the map, trying to mumble something plaintively? Didn’t the older comrades tell you that a real man is shy only twice in his life? The first time, when it cannot, the second time, and the second time, when it cannot, the first time?

    • An honest child does not like mom and dad, but cream tubes. An honest sailor wants not to serve, but to sleep. Therefore, he must be forced to serve.

    • And after all this tedious and monotonous work, the client begins to get used to the idea that they will have to give the money. But the client is used to another, used to mass, carelessly, with enthusiasm.

    • A frightened sailor is disposed to outrages; this is a potential criminal, future killer and rapist.

    • Remember, comrade officers, in order to do nothing, you must be able to do everything.

    • If the boss allows his subordinates to say everything that they think, then soon they will completely forget how to think.

    • Before you put forward any meaningful thought in front of your subordinates, they must certainly be dumbfounded and bewitched by something, but preferably something more weighty. So that they temporarily lose their ability to think thoughtlessly over the meaning of what was said from pain shock. And if you repeat this procedure periodically, then the honorary status of a skilled leader is guaranteed to you for life.
  13. Buran
    Buran 14 May 2014 16: 50
    •• Normal people, whose activities are not subject to control by the command, usually stand behind all the negative phenomena on ships.

    • Who still does not understand that chastity is the most unnatural sexual perversion and that a virgin officer is not able to adequately penetrate into the nuances of ship service.

    • And leave your small-sized notebooks, which can hold two or three condoms and three or four addresses of frivolous women, at home, comrade officers, safely hiding them from their wives in order to avoid provocative questions. And in the service, you should all use a registered, numbered, laced and sealed with mastic printing large-format workbook.

    • And all the chilling facts must be carefully collected, correctly generalized, thoughtfully analyzed, and - according to the tonsils, with special cynicism, impudence and rigidity of penetration. Humanism and humanity in matters of maintaining combat readiness are criminal things by their very definition.

    • You, comrade captain of 2 rank, differ from a child only in the size of their genital organs and in their ability to eat unlimited amounts of vodka.

    • It is high time to remember that every undisciplined sailor, planning unauthorized leave with a drunk on the shore, knows in advance: who will be on duty on the ship; who is a watch officer; who remains senior; who is providing; who is it - the bastard will be taken from the commandant's office; who will beat the face. And if in this chain there is one weak link - drinking is possible, and if there are several - it is inevitable.

    • And yet, I was pleased with the results of the control check of the preparation of our AMG (aircraft carrier multipurpose group) for the upcoming combat missions, which was commissioned by the Commander-in-Chief of the Navy with a punitive detachment of loyal nukers from the General Staff. Lost illusions are also a valuable asset.

    • And with the persons detained while driving while intoxicated, Comrade Head of the Human Resources Department, it is necessary to deal with it in great detail and be sure to involve an independent commission. So that they would not later run around the courts with bulging eyes and do not overwhelm the United Nations International Commission for the Protection of Human Rights with numerous complaints that they allegedly have eight children clutching at shops and there is not enough money for a bottle of beer.

    • If you have a half-head hole, and you are not able to remember even the multiplication table, then hire a secretary half-time for her to write down everything for you. But only - terrible and without legs, so as not to be distracted from fulfilling the duties of military service, indulging in sexual dreams.

    • Today is Saturday, tomorrow is Sunday, damn you want to work.

    • They write to us a lot .... Universal literacy will destroy us.

    • Belly to draw in, to sit down, speak smart and well understood by the higher command beautiful words with chopped phrases.

    • If a sailor thoughtlessly rejoices in life, then I am alarmed until a smile slowly slips from his face.
  14. Buran
    Buran 14 May 2014 16: 50
    • Tank bugs do not crush, I won’t even talk to you, Comrade Captain of 3 rank.

    • I am, of course, pleased to open your eyes to the world, to talk about something new and exciting, while exciting your inquisitive naval mind, but I am not a visiting lecturer of the "Knowledge" society, I am a notable representative of the Great Inquisition and can hurt all at once.

    • Do not forget, if I go there, it will be a trip through your bodies on a tank with small tracks, so that it is more painful.

    • When I was a chief officer, on Mondays, I personally, for 45 minutes, during drill exercises, trained the commanders of the watch posts according to the principle: "An unfamiliar man with a spear is running - your actions?"

    • The fleet chief of staff scolded me with harsh words yesterday with the use of profanity, which aroused in my soul a feeling of internal protest and resentment.

    • And I noticed long ago that our squadron law officer, upon returning from vacation, strives to treat me with wine "Pripyat radiant", then treat me with Chernobyl apples. Apparently wants my main organ to light up and fall forever.

    • And now, gently taking me from the gangway under the white handles and cheerfully clattering hooves, you should proudly lead me to your establishments after removing my comments.

    • Returning from vacation is fascinatingly interesting, things that are incomprehensible, impossible and incompatible with military service at sea immediately catch the eye. And for a long time the same thought persistently itches in my head: "Why have we not yet burned out and drowned", but after a couple of days you involuntarily get used to the ugliness, although you twitch for a while in your sleep.

    • And the chief officer of the heavy missile cruiser "Admiral Ushakov" became insolent to such an extent that he wrote a nasty report to the commander of the Northern Fleet with a request to protect him from my attacks and insults. This is never forgotten - I will do everything, but I will try to put this report into his coffin.

    • "Hit a woman with a hammer - a woman will be gold" - says popular wisdom. The same can be said about our paratroopers. The only thing to remember is not to hit on the head - it's useless, and the instrument quickly breaks down.

    • As usual, our sailor is unusually curious and extremely playful. Running along the corridor of the only aircraft carrier in Russia, he thoughtlessly poked a button on a cute unsealed device with his dirty finger with a bitten nail, and hearing a loud bang and the sound of pouring water behind the bulkhead, he happily jumped up and rushed to the bread slicer to steal butter. What does it matter to him that within a few seconds he put out of action more than a hundred of the world's best air-to-air anti-aircraft missiles, for each of which the once brotherly Ukraine fights from us by the best world standards over a hundred thousand dollars.

    • Who does not understand that when I begin to characterize the activities of any officer, he must boldly answer: "I", quickly stand up and blush deeply. Moreover, if the assessment of his activities is positive, then the eyes should shine happily and express immediate readiness for further accomplishments, and if the activity is assessed negatively, as usual, then he needs to puff up his ears so that it is easier to hit them, and his eyes should be guiltily lowered down.
  15. Buran
    Buran 14 May 2014 16: 52
    • Young officers - graduates of naval institutes, rightly earned in our harsh naval environment the nickname "schoolgirls", vulnerable as children, just don't cry, burying their faces in their mother's skirt, and drink vodka in the company of local moths.

    • The officer must be constantly in a state of emotional distraction, nose upwind, fly unbuttoned, readiness for immediate action - increased. Then - from it will be good.

    • I remind flagship specialists who want to avoid evening rape that a monthly analysis of training compounds in the specialty must be submitted to the chief of staff before 15 hours 30 minutes.

    • A ship officer who is able to satisfy a woman more than two times a night (and with a rank of captain of the 3 rank and above more than once) is a harmful, socially dangerous and foreign phenomenon that does not meet the interests of his native state. He, the scoundrel, lacks ship service, he does not give all his best.

    • When you nod your head in agreement during a well-deserved thrashing, you just want to say: "Do not vulgarize my love with your slave consent, you bastard."

    • I want to congratulate on the upcoming next marriage of our assistant chief of electronic warfare squadron, who, in his 34 year, was well aware for himself that after marriage, it may not be better, but certainly more often.

    • When I talk with some of the officers of the operational department of the squadron headquarters, I just want to advise: "Tell your father - to continue to use protection."

    • When on Mondays they report to me that some headquarters officer is ill and cannot come to work, I want to say: "I wanted to sneeze for your cold, uncle. Show your face from a drinking bout."

    • You look at you in the smoking room, Comrade Captain 2 rank, so you have such poor and dexterous passion, well, just like Filippok from the children's book, and as soon as you give your word at the service meeting, you will sweat repeatedly, scratching at least some sensible thought from your verbal abyss.

    • Do not go into yourself, mechanic, they will find you there in two counts.

    • Comrade Bonchenko, and your arrival from St. Petersburg from training ended with the fact that the youngest ciliate - a shoe with the RRC "Marshal Ustinov" in the rank of senior lieutenant, took over as the commanding officer on duty at our operational formation and in the morning I was greeted with a trembling voice and wild fright on my face ... I sent him to the right place (that is, to you), and he burst into tears, but he didn’t spit out the chewing gum from his mouth, so as not to disturb the acid-base balance in the oral cavity (RKR is a missile cruiser).
  16. Buran
    Buran 14 May 2014 16: 53
    • If necessary, comrade staff officers, when conducting a final check on ships, you should not shy away from rolling up your sleeves and digging deeper into shit to better illuminate the situation. And know - digging in shit is not a shame, a shame - to enjoy it.

    • An officer in the squadron headquarters must be able to speak long and smartly until he is stopped by a superior.

    • And where is the young associate of the head of the organizational and mobilization department? My joy, you must not sleep in hiding here, hiding behind the broad back of the head of the air defense squadron, blowing rainbow bubbles, and sit with your mouth open and eyes bulging joyfully feverishly writing down my testaments to Russian soldiers. After all, it is so useful for your fragile psyche and not formed active life position.

    • Comrade Bonchenko, do you really not remember your korefan, who fled to the brigade headquarters for a position with a smaller volume of work, but a higher salary, tender and affectionate words: “Who are you, you bastard, twisting your love with, with whom are you smoking a cigarette alone? "

    • And where is the most intelligent person of the most intelligent representative of the operational department, Comrade Davidenko? What - fell again and can not get up?

    • When I call on my carpet a young Leninist - the head of the department of military and security service of military service, I constantly ask myself the question - will they put me in prison for a youngster.

    • And now, with cute smiles, with flowers in their buttonholes - the headquarters arrives on the nuclear-powered missile cruiser "Admiral Nakhimov" and begins a carefully planned genocide.

    • I know that you are a rare demagogue, comrade captain of 1 rank, and are even able to convince a lady in dire need of male affection that a lying member is much better than a standing member, but I won’t even listen to you. And if you try to interrupt me and speak, you will immediately receive a pood weight on your forehead.

    • Your exploits for the worthy education of tired warriors, Comrade Air Defense Chief, are known to the whole fleet - there is still a gang of looters.
  17. Buran
    Buran 14 May 2014 16: 53
    • Why do you drink so much and often, comrade Davidenko? Is it really so delicious?

    • And you, comrade head of the operations department, have found a beautiful spine for yourself - captain of the 2 rank Davidenko and always put him ahead of you like a shield. And even a large-caliber projectile about his head - the steel core breaks with pleasure.

    • Head of the personnel department, I have the impression that you specially smear your fingers with ink before the meetings so that everyone thinks that you work a lot.

    • In my opinion, it’s not a secret to anyone that in the Navy all duties are strictly distributed:
    Lieutenant - should know everything and want to work;
    Senior Lieutenant - should be able to work independently;
    captain - lieutenant - should be able to organize work;
    captain of the 3 rank - must know where and what is being done;
    captain of 2 rank - should be able to report where and what is being done;
    captain of the 1 rank - must independently find the place in the papers where he needs to sign;
    admirals - must sign for themselves where indicated;
    Commander-in-Chief of the Navy - should be able to clearly and clearly express his agreement with the opinion of the Minister of Defense;
    The Minister of Defense - should be able to express in a fairly clear form what the Supreme Commander wants to hear from him;
    The Supreme Commander (President) - should periodically (but not less than once, preferably before the elections) be interested in what kind of army is currently in the territory of his state. If it turns out that she has her own, then try to pay her a salary in recent years and promise to raise it (later, maybe) by 10-15. ”
  18. Buran
    Buran 14 May 2014 17: 04
    This is what I?
    Question: What could be the consequences of NATO refusing partnership with Russia?
    Answer: And all the chilling facts must be carefully collected, correctly generalized, thoughtfully analyzed, and - according to the tonsils, with special cynicism, impudence and rigidity of penetration. Humanism and humanity in matters of maintaining combat readiness are criminal things by their very definition.
    1. Flinky
      Flinky 14 May 2014 18: 20
      Thank you, laughed. And can this case be a separate post in "Tales"? Statements, I mean.
    2. Des10
      Des10 14 May 2014 21: 27
      I did everything right (although not correctly from the admin point of view) laughing ), I read out both myself and my wife --- they remembered Konetskiy! Thank you.
      And the amers and NATO members --- they still have not truncated the main thing laughing
    3. The comment was deleted.
    4. stariy
      stariy 14 May 2014 22: 35
      Super !!! read with great pleasure !! good
  19. Repty
    Repty 14 May 2014 17: 09
    Quote: Buran
    Buran Today, 16:49 PM New
    Excerpts from the statements of one of the Russian admirals, Radzevsky Gennady Antonovich, commander of the 7 operational squadron of the Northern Fleet.

    Thank. Neighing. Definitely a plus ...
    1. nerovnayadoroga
      nerovnayadoroga 14 May 2014 22: 49
      Squealed, this is not the right word-WIT, THANKS, positive in full growth, which even pulled to the service in old age!
  20. Alf
    Alf 14 May 2014 17: 43
    14.05.2014 ANALYTICS Geopolitics and security
    1400055136-7114-Russia-nato The Russian Federation theoretically has no chance of winning the war against the Western military-political bloc of NATO, whose forces are many times greater than Russian military power. However, the presence of nuclear weapons in Russia is holding back a possible military confrontation.

    This is stated in the analysis prepared by Polish TVN24 of the Armed Forces of Russia and 28 states of the North Atlantic Alliance.

    "Worse technology, lower costs, fewer soldiers. On paper, Russia and NATO have no chance of winning," said the portal of a popular news channel in Poland.

    The Alliance’s defense spending, despite the fact that it’s decreasing, amounts to $ 950 billion, while Russia’s less than $ 90 billion, which has a huge impact on the level of defense.

    3,5 million soldiers are serving in the NATO army, compared with 766 thousand in Russia, the Alliance has 14 thousand planes and helicopters against the background of 2,5 thousand among Russians and 900 warships, while the Russians are only 250.

    The Alliance also has almost twice as many tanks and armored personnel carriers, and all the equipment is much newer than in Russia, where so far most of the armaments are manufactured and developed in Soviet times.

    At the same time, the analysis notes that Russia has the main advantage over NATO in that the Kremlin can independently decide its policy, while the Alliance must coordinate this between all members, which can sometimes take even years.

    "Comparison of the forces of NATO and Russia unambiguously leads to the idea that this Alliance would have won in a conventional war. The confrontation would not have been as one-sided as during all the previous conflicts that the West has been waging since the end of the Cold War and to which the public has become accustomed. opinion. NATO would have suffered significant losses, but it would have emerged victorious, "TVN24 notes.

    At the same time, armed conflict with the Russians may lead to the use of nuclear weapons, which threatens the destruction of humanity.

    "The current military doctrine of Russia stipulates that in the event of an attack by" stronger conventional forces "Moscow reserves the right to respond with nuclear weapons. This entry was created in fact because of the current inequality of power with NATO. Those who make decisions in the Kremlin are aware of weakness its conventional armed forces, "- notes TVN24.

    As UNIAN reported earlier, NATO sharply criticized Russia because of its military capture of the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea, which became an unprecedented violation of international law after the end of World War II.

    The alliance expressed support for Kiev, but noted that it hopes for a diplomatic resolution of the conflict with Russia and does not expect the outbreak of a third world war due to recent events in Ukraine.

    NATO officials also noted that they could not take part in the armed confrontation with Russia on the side of the Ukrainians, since Ukraine was not a member of the Alliance.

    The United States, Britain and Russia in 1994 guaranteed Ukraine inviolability of borders and security after the Ukrainians abandoned nuclear weapons.

    Source: "
    Whoever would scare the war, but not the Psheks. And they have more tanks, and planes, and soldiers, but the point is still compressed. They feel clairvoyant that if it rumbles, the psheks will be pulled first.
  21. Ivan 63
    Ivan 63 14 May 2014 18: 05
    Putin’s main task, as it does not seem strange, is the dismantling of NATO and the withdrawal of US troops from Eurorol and he hopes to achieve this — the West is already pretty tired of the boss’s dictatorship overseas, and it’s better to trade with Russia than to fight.
  22. Andrey NM
    Andrey NM 14 May 2014 18: 28
    Source similar:

    -You should note that I’m not from a palm tree of tears, I was also a newcomer.
    -I am the chief of staff of the squadron, rear admiral, and sometimes I have to think (with resentment).
    -TAVKR "Kuznetsov" - our ship is unique. So last week, while washing the personnel in the bath, they, unexpectedly for everyone, found 200 tons of aviation kerosene, which they lost in combat service four years ago.
    - Not the personnel, but the brainless sheep - you eut, and you bleat ...
    - A note left to me at the combat post: "Uble for dinner" (left for dinner).

    The fleet - this is where thought acquires clarity, brevity. Humor is often harsh, but not vulgar, phraseological turns are sophisticated, images are vivid, and even swearing is used only when simple words are simply impossible to apply. At least that was the case in my carriage.
  23. uzer 13
    uzer 13 14 May 2014 18: 44
    NATO, as such, also has to prove that this alliance has a right to exist. By the way, the former Soviet Baltic republics and the countries of the former Warsaw pact came - they also need to prove that they need someone. They found each other. NATO still it hasn’t collapsed just because no one wants to spend budget money on the maintenance of their armies, it’s cheaper. And for them, money is the meaning of existence. The readiness of the alliance for a real heavy large-scale war is doubtful, it will be very different from the war against small states. The losses will be huge, which cannot be recovered.
  24. nstarinsky
    nstarinsky 14 May 2014 20: 08
    for everything you need to see the hand of Moscow

    - Barak Huseynovich! We imposed !!
    - Where?!
    - No, we imposed sanctions on Moscow. That is, it seems like - her raking hands chopped off!
    - I.d.o.t.y! Now these hands are crawling across all our European states !!
  25. Indifferent
    Indifferent 14 May 2014 21: 30
    It's time to punish NATO with a beating on the head! Otherwise they will not understand! And you need to punish with the threat of using tactical nuclear weapons, which is in abundance in Russia! We have any sanctions, and we are threatened with scenes of violence against "peaceful citizens of Europe." Then they will scratch themselves! Not earlier!
  26. Vyacheslav 64
    Vyacheslav 64 14 May 2014 21: 47
    GDP is all right with humor :)
  27. Lelek
    Lelek 15 May 2014 00: 23
    They yelp - it means they are afraid. "Respect," - that means we got a hole somewhere, overlooked. soldier