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“You would, Obama, keep quiet”


The correspondent of Gazety.Ru met with the mayor of Slavyansk Vyacheslav Ponomarev and asked him about the fate of the head of the city Neli Shtepy, what currency would be used on the territory of the Donetsk Republic and what appeal he would make to the US President Barack Obama.

- This is us in Kramatorsk, - the interlocutor shows a photo of the armed people at the buildings of the city department of the Kramatorsk police.

Yes, I was there yesterday. By the way, yesterday was not there weapons.

- This is not yesterday, this is when the first capture we did. There really was shelling. But we had a task - to do without bloodshed. On the third floor, they started shooting at the guys, and the guys put them down. Well, as they put, they did not kill, but they put out the fire. They sat down, and then we entered.

It sounds scary. But yesterday in Kramatorsk was without weapons. There even the police stood, smoked with the militia guys. It turns out they are on your side, or what?

- Well, they have nowhere to go. They live here, and if, God forbid, one of them goes against us, then ... pf (grins).

Are you not afraid of sanctions from Europe, the USA? After all, if the “Donetsk Republic” is formed, the reaction from the West will not be slow to follow..

- West is far, Russia is close.

But, for example, the same credit cards can block no matter what comes next, which is closer.

- No problem. We have our bankers with whom we can negotiate. This is a technical issue that is resolved with the consent of the interested parties. You see, if you need it, we will do it the way we need it. The main thing is that we have a common component.

And she is, this "component"?

- Our opponents now tried to break it in the form of Comrade Akhmetov, Taruta and others like them. They launch agents of influence into our environment, and those from the inside begin to disperse the core itself. Then everyone starts to go in different directions, they start each other. In Slavyansk this does not happen. That is, we definitely put our hand, said: to everyone who is with us - well. Who is against us is self-evident.

What do you mean, okay? Who is against you ...

- There will be destruction.


- Well, how?

Even among civilians, even if one in a hundred, there may be those who hold other views! And what about them?

- They are here only from the power of 40 people.

So what, are these 40 people to be destroyed or what?

- There are monkeys that go to the zoo to watch. Well, they will be with us a separate coalition, but they will be controlled.

I'll tell you how the operational work is done. A flashlight lights up, moths flock to it. But in order for these moths not to fly away, there is duct tape. Or just slap a fly swatter ...

Scary you say.

- What is scary? This is the harsh truth of life. But it is not scary when our boys' stomachs are opened, tortured, and then their bodies are found in the river! And then I go to the morgues and see: ours are not ours. I see, like ours, but I can’t really recognize it. And then it turns out: this is the same Vladimir Rybak from Gorlovka. Until the identification is held, I can not voice this information. But by all accounts - this is it.

This is also very scary. (On Tuesday it became known that one of the two bodies found did not belong to the militia, but to Gorlovka Rybak’s deputy. - “Gazeta.Ru”) And the second body to whom does it belong?

- The driver, most likely. Have you ever seen corpses?

Not. I was not allowed into the morgue, a stern man said that everything is closed.

- Listen, you better take pictures of the beauty and landscapes of our city. But leave all this dirt to someone else. You will be better off. Attempting to earn some financial dividends or fame is not good. When you take off death, you unwittingly become its participant. And when you make this death public, even worse. It sows panic, people have fear, and this is what our opponent needs. That's why I forbid everyone ...

Alright enough. Then the next question is not about the corpses. And about the presidential elections in Ukraine, which are scheduled for 25 May.

- Will not be.

In the Donbas will not? In Slavyansk?

- Nowhere will be. Believe me. Nowhere.

You will not allow? Someone else will not allow? Explain, please.

- We will take all necessary measures to ensure that elections in the southeast do not take place.

Up to what?

“Take someone prisoner and hang them by the balls.” Really, you understand?

Lord, how terrible is what you say ...

- Yes, no, no, believe me. I am a kind person, very kind. But sometimes my kindness is taken for weakness, but it is not. I love children, I love my mother ...

Do you have children?

- Yes, I have a son, 26 years. But to me, 49 will be 2 in May.

And the wife?

- I officially divorced in 1995 year.


- I feel better, alone. By the way, I lived not only in Slavyansk. The last time six years he lived in Kiev. He left otudova three years ago.


- Mom was left alone here ...

If it's not a secret, what work did you have?

- In my youth I received a construction education. And then, when my brother died ... He was a member of the union of realtors, he had a lot of real estate in Kiev, we had a good project to build a business center ... And my brother died - everything collapsed.

Probably not to ask ...

- He was hit by a car. And then somehow everything went downhill. Kiev has ceased to be built up, the crisis. I used to live modestly, that which I earn, I give to my mother and son. I do not need much, because I get a lot in this life simply without money.

You, I see, St. George ribbon on the jacket. What does it mean to you?

- This is the memory of the grandfather, of the war, of our ancestors, who gave their lives for our freedom. And since Russia is our ally in the struggle, there is also a flag, and other symbols (pointing to the Russian flag on the table. - “Gazeta.Ru”), I am not ashamed of that. Let them fear us, not we them.

And what is the alliance shown by Russia?

“Well, that's good support.” It is moral. Because we otudova still have not received a single barrel, not a single penny, I honestly answer you. We get out on our own, pull up businessmen. It's okay We understood that war is such a thing. Moreover, many businessmen assist us. Tomorrow I, most likely, will gather all the businessmen of Slavyansk, those who want with us. I already had a conversation with bankers, in particular, from Kramatorsk, where I went with a whip.

In local Privatbank?

- Well yes. Privatbank from Kramatorsk.

And what kind of "lash"?

- This is actually the name of the gun. Well, it is, boy.

You appealed to Putin at a press conference in Slavyansk with an appeal to bring in peacekeeping troops, weapons and food. Now you are talking about friendly relations, alliance. Any contacts possible?

- If contacts are, they will. We hope to be heard.
"In Donetsk, the ruble will be used"

How is coordination with other rebellious cities of Donbass built?

- It is already built. Personal contacts, dating, friendship, no papers, signatures.

Are there mayors like you? Any key pieces at each point?

- Why did it start from Slavyansk? Because throughout the Donetsk region and Slavyansk unambiguously in all cities was ahead of the rest.

What would you say to residents of Western Ukraine?

- (Long silence.) Surrender! (Laughs)

What language will be the state in the DNI?

- Russian.

Ukrainian will not be?

- No question, they will talk on it, sing songs.

Is Yanukovych still a president?

- Yes he went ...

What will you do with the minority, which is still subject to Kiev and considers itself part of Ukraine?

- Yes, let them live, only this way.


- It is low. Quietly let them behave.

What would you say to Obama, who claimed that the rebels were acting on orders from Moscow?

- You would, Obama, was silent.

What currency will be used in the DPR?

- Ruble. Russian full-weight ruble.

Your prediction. The situation cannot remain the same as now, you understand.

- Of course.

What will happen next? What are the possible solutions to the conflict?

- Will live. The executive committee is working. How is Slavyansk different from others? The fact that we have a long time to tell everyone nothing. Everyone knows what to do. Gut smell.

So you think that a city in such a position as it is now can continue to exist for an arbitrarily long time?

- Excuse me. About two weeks have passed since we started all this. So? I just have not days. They go to me with one film. There were days when I slept only three hours in five days. I’m sitting at the meeting, I’m not getting sleepy, and I answer: even if my eyes are closed, I see you.

How do you feel about the fact that, according to some polls, the residents of Donbass want to remain a part of Ukraine?

- Who? For the city of Slavyansk, I told you - their 40 people. All the rest are paid titushki (silent laughter).

Who would the presidential candidates of Ukraine hold talks with?

- With no one.

Russian journalists are now hard to get into the territory of Ukraine. Do you plan some kind of symmetrical answer?

- Yes, there you are. The American is sitting with us ... We need prisoners. You need a small change, you know. A lot of our comrades are closed, you know. They take them, drive them to Kiev, torture them. Well, and we are doing the same thing. Well, in a sense, we take prisoner.

So you still keep Simon Ostrovsky? Simon's parents who contacted you during a press conference on Tuesday until you wait for your son?

- Yes, what they want, let them do it. We are on our territory.

Is Nelia Shtepa also among those who are currently detained on the same grounds?

- A criminal case was initiated against her on the fact of separatism. To prevent her being stolen, we decided to take her under protection. And since her house is far from the city, that is, we cannot leave our people there, it is easier for us to keep her here. She has good conditions, a shower, a toilet, a hairdresser comes to her, her relatives go to feed her, warm clothes, everything is fine.

I do not want to offend you with a question, but apparently you have a combat past: you do not have enough index and middle fingers on your left hand.

- No, just non-compliance with safety regulations. Nowhere is there any evidence of my participation in any operations.

You yourself spoke at a press conference that you participated in a special operation.

- Yes, in a special operation, of a different kind. So what? Nowhere is this.

About you in general, very little information can be found.

- Well, thank God.

Finally, I would like to ask. You have already spoken about Obama. What would you say to Putin?

- Vladimir Vladimirovich, I am grateful for your moral support. I can not hear the words, but at a distance I understand that you are with us with your soul. We don't need to talk much. We can do this.
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  1. Name
    Name April 25 2014 06: 38
    Man is GOOD! good
    1. mamont5
      mamont5 April 25 2014 06: 47
      Yes, here in Ukraine my own ataman was born. smile Maybe there is such a need.
      1. domokl
        domokl April 25 2014 07: 05
        Cool, but fair ... And, forgive it from the past, dead. Once, Slavic (here again coincidence) warriors before the battles with an invincible enemy, superior in strength and number, without a chance of victory carried out the rite of death ... They went to battle already dead ... but there’s no death dead ... I respect such people ...
      2. CALL.
        CALL. April 25 2014 08: 12
        What would you say to residents of Western Ukraine?
        - (Long silence.) Give up!

    2. schizophrenic
      schizophrenic April 25 2014 06: 52
      Well done, leaders begin to appear! Hold on southeast and victory will be.
    3. platitsyn70
      platitsyn70 April 25 2014 06: 54
      - What would you say to Obama, who claimed that the rebels act on orders from Moscow?
      You would, Obama, sat silently on the toilet.
      1. Green
        Green April 25 2014 07: 22
        The pug barks, the elephant goes ...
        1. Goodmen
          Goodmen April 25 2014 09: 21
          Quote: Zelen
          The pug barks, the elephant goes ...

          Scatter !!!
        2. vlad63
          vlad63 April 25 2014 13: 53
      2. Horst78
        Horst78 April 25 2014 08: 05
        And your place, Mr. Obama, on a bucket laughing
      3. ele1285
        ele1285 April 25 2014 09: 27
        Quote: platitsyn70
        You would, Obama, sat silently on the toilet.

        Russian works better than Chinese
        We hold Barack Obama by the balls.
    4. family tree
      family tree April 25 2014 06: 57
      Quote: name
      Man is GOOD! good

      A man needs to lather his neck for such an interview. Nifiga does not follow the bazaar, the feeling that the power in Kramatorsk, the "lads" took. Or not a feeling?
      1. Name
        Name April 25 2014 07: 06
        Kiev will have to answer for the "bazaar", which
        Quote: perepilka
        "lads" took it.
        , people and "lads" (bandits) are not compatible concepts.
        1. family tree
          family tree April 25 2014 07: 44
          Quote: name
          Kiev will have to answer for the "bazaar", which

          Well, these will answer.
          And the bazaar, especially with journalists, must be followed, every word must be weighed. I understand that the man, from the heart cuts, only, here, as in court, everything you said can be used against you. And then otmazyvatsya, like, "I didn't mean it, I had a nervous breakdown ..." So, soap your neck!
        2. smart Fox
          smart Fox April 25 2014 14: 15
          This, excuse me, who are now in Ukraine, bandits? those who protect their land or those who shoot their people?
      2. Sunjar
        Sunjar April 25 2014 07: 10
        Quote: perepilka
        A man needs to lather his neck for such an interview. Nifiga does not follow the bazaar, the feeling that the power in Kramatorsk, the "lads" took. Or not a feeling?

        No, as a stern man says that a stern man is supposed to. And unlike the Kiev junta, he says what he thinks, and not at one moment - let's agree, and at the other - the junta should be felled with nuclear weapons.

        The junta is about to bring death, and with it waltzes to dance, it is necessary to extinguish.
      3. The comment was deleted.
      4. santush
        santush April 25 2014 07: 12
        Better such a "lads" than the Kiev junta ...
      5. Goodmen
        Goodmen April 25 2014 09: 25
        Quote: perepilka
        A man needs to lather his neck for such an interview. Nifiga does not follow the bazaar, the feeling that the power in Kramatorsk, the "lads" took. Or not a feeling?

        I also thought so. Someone has a very one-sided vision of the situation. For a politician, it will not be enough. But who is there is one. Let it be for now.
        1. The comment was deleted.
        2. Roshchin
          Roshchin April 25 2014 14: 28
          It hurts like a brother
      6. washi
        washi April 25 2014 09: 59
        Quote: perepilka
        A man needs to lather his neck for such an interview. Nifiga does not follow the bazaar, the feeling that the power in Kramatorsk, the "lads" took. Or not a feeling?

        A person is simply not a politician. He does, and does not do, piz ....
        I think this is right.
        With great pleasure I would have dispersed all the Dumas (which Peter 1 did at the time) because there are only talkers.
        In the USSR, a congress of deputies was convened once every 4 years. The rest of the time they WORK.
        In the Krasnodar Territory, there are not enough janitors (the Central Asians were kicked out) for the Duma a lot of work.
      7. zzz
        zzz April 25 2014 10: 01
        Quote: perepilka
        A man needs to lather his neck for such an interview. Nifiga does not follow the bazaar, the feeling that the power in Kramatorsk, the "lads" took. Or not a feeling?

        Such a slang in the Donbass. It's true, I'm not joking.
      8. Ustas
        Ustas April 25 2014 10: 18
        Quote: perepilka
        supper it’s necessary to soap the neck, for such an interview. Nifiga doesn’t follow the bazaar,

        Let diplomats watch the bazaar, and the national chieftains must cut the truth-womb.
        Try to stay in their shoes, when injustice is a death before our eyes, then just do some mats.
      9. Corsair0304
        Corsair0304 April 25 2014 12: 54
        No, not a feeling. Just a man talked as he was used to, in his own words and not with lace of professional politicians. And then it is restrained - because if there are right-wingers torturing your acquaintances and friends, you can also break the mat. How much did he sleep there? 3 hours? So try in this state to speak politically verified words.
      10. thrower
        thrower April 25 2014 13: 38
        A man needs to lather his neck for such an interview. Nifiga does not follow the bazaar, the feeling that the power in Kramatorsk, the "lads" took

        Tell me, did you serve in the army, wore epaulets?
        Ponomarev's speech is clear, clear, verified, extremely concrete. This is a man with a military background. A man is used to commanding, not leading, namely commanding. Therefore, his phrases are similar to giving orders.
        The manner of conversation of crooks (not stupid meat of bandit showdowns, but of authoritative ones), on the contrary, is blurred, streamlined, they avoid specifics in a public conversation.
    5. Validator
      Validator April 25 2014 07: 30
      In the photo - Alexander Lubenets, a fighter of the Slavic militia. Today he died the death of the brave in battle. Remember the hero
    6. Validator
      Validator April 25 2014 10: 09
      Exactly OUR man!
    7. Gluxar_
      Gluxar_ April 25 2014 10: 32
      Quote: name
      Man is GOOD!

      Ideological fighters are the most reliable, but unfortunately not always the most successful. Why does no one take control of border points? The Donetsk Republic, if it considers itself a state, must control its borders.
      1. thrower
        thrower April 25 2014 13: 43
        Ideological fighters are the most reliable, but unfortunately not always the most successful.

        Are you talking about Lenin and his revolutionaries or about Fidel Castro and Che Guevara?
        (do not be offended, this is a slight irony)
  2. mamont5
    mamont5 April 25 2014 06: 41
    "- Are you not afraid of sanctions from Europe, the United States? After all, if the" Donetsk Republic "is formed, the reaction from the West will not hesitate to follow."

    Yes, it seems a reaction from the EU has already followed. The truth is not what the juntaists and their owners from the USA were waiting for.
    "The EU demanded that the" authorities "of Kiev stop the military operation in the east of Ukraine. If the Ukrainian security forces continue in any form of special operation, they may forget about Europe's help, loans and any kind of support.
    As you can see, the situation is turning diametrically opposed and fundamentally different from the one that was before.
    Thus, the EU is moving away from the tough position that the US adheres to and is leaning in favor of the solutions that the Russian Federation has been proposing with regard to the situation in Ukraine for a month already. "
  3. Ulairy
    Ulairy April 25 2014 06: 59
    - You would, Obama, was silent.
    “Lord, what a terrible thing you are saying ...”
    The man has the character of a professional military man. "A couple of words to the west of Ukraine": "Non-Russians, surrender!" laughing Super! He should know that not only Putin has a soul with them, but the whole Russian majority!
  4. VNP1958PVN
    VNP1958PVN April 25 2014 07: 02
    It’s on such men that history usually leaves! But Ashton did not explain what formations she considers illegal!
  5. santush
    santush April 25 2014 07: 10
    This is the leader of the people, not the oligarchic one!
    1. Predator
      Predator April 25 2014 07: 34
      We’ll wait and see! But he said everything correctly, but what is rude is that he is not a politician, but a leader!
  6. Tanechka-clever
    Tanechka-clever April 25 2014 07: 13
    It takes a lot of courage and great responsibility to be the mayor of Slavyansk today - the city is at the forefront today and is preparing to take a fight every day. The article contains important words - "when you shoot death, you yourself involuntarily become a participant. And when you make this death public - even worse" - Vyacheslav Ponomarev. A man on the front line is not for the sake of a nice word, but his soul is able to slightly open up in such very important two or three words. May the force come with YOU - the defenders of Slavyansk and Donbass.
  7. Revolver
    Revolver April 25 2014 07: 13
    To the question of Obama's silence. Picture - from a moderately conservative American publication Christian Science Monitor
    . Approximate translation:
    "Hey, Vlad, I know, I said that after the elections I can be more flexible ... But that's not what I meant at all."
  8. qwertynsan
    qwertynsan April 25 2014 07: 15
    right now the most important thing is not to get into Kiev))
  9. A1L9E4K9S
    A1L9E4K9S April 25 2014 07: 15
    Not all in the West, there are thinking people, and now they understand that if the Southeast leaves, they will have to feed, that is, support Ukraine, to their own money, and that’s like a knife to their throats. Now they will call on the parties to reconciliation, to the creation of a federation, but does SE need this? They don’t need this symbiosis, no one needs parasites.
  10. sanek0207
    sanek0207 April 25 2014 07: 20
    Yes. A specific man, well done!
  11. ICT
    ICT April 25 2014 07: 29
    “You would, Obama, keep quiet”

    1. Green
      Green April 25 2014 07: 59
      Yes ... More precisely nowhere)))
  12. kmike
    kmike April 25 2014 07: 47
    An ordinary hard worker. There are millions of them in Russia and Ukraine. It’s not good to be a minister, but most importantly a real person. Come on, Glory, dare, Russia is with you!
  13. sv68
    sv68 April 25 2014 07: 48
    well done, he said everything correctly with a twinkle but honestly, as they say, not in the eyebrow but in the eye
  14. Giant thought
    Giant thought April 25 2014 07: 50
    The more such commanders will be in the southeast, the faster and bloodless the separation of the southeast from fascist Ukraine will occur.
    1. Green
      Green April 25 2014 08: 00
      You don’t have much, one is better, but like Putin))
  15. oxotnuk86
    oxotnuk86 April 25 2014 08: 03
    You are on the right track, comrades. So that there are no illusions about Russia, we are conducting large-scale exercises at the border.
  16. Tanechka-clever
    Tanechka-clever April 25 2014 08: 12
    Quote: perepilka
    Nifiga does not follow the bazaar

    But he is not sitting in parliament and is not trained in beautiful words - today he has other tasks - for vocabulary it is better to Makarevich or to "swamp". However, both Nemtsov and Zhirinovsky as parliamentarians do not always follow the "bazaar" - they are forgotten. And for lovers of beauty in the trenches it is better not to sit, otherwise the ears will fade and will no longer bloom. And you also don’t need to watch the riot that is taking place today in the military units of Ukraine, there is continuous non-normative vocabulary. By the way - they shoot at their feet, but they don't want to, but they don't want to kill civilians even for money - they want to go home to their children and wives - I also paid attention to this. Look at the "root" and be afraid who "softly lays down"
  17. GRune
    GRune April 25 2014 08: 20
    We don’t need to talk much. We can do this.
    Handsome man! More to such.
  18. Cnukep
    Cnukep April 25 2014 08: 38
    An interesting person, apparently not quite with a simple past, well, it can be for the better, now it’s not necessary to talk beautifully, but to have a steel rod inside and he has it !!!
  19. nika08
    nika08 April 25 2014 08: 42
    Courageous man. I bow low to him. For many years his life.
  20. andj61
    andj61 April 25 2014 08: 43
    A man is mortally tired. He is now responsible for thousands of human lives, he is personally responsible for the maintenance and functioning of the city - and at the same time confronts the state, albeit weak, but with incomparable resources.
    We don’t need to talk much. We can do this.

    Such people are the pride of the nation.
    1. ICT
      ICT April 25 2014 09: 01
      Quote: andj61
      A man is mortally tired. It is now responsible for thousands of human lives

      it's always hard, even when there are only a dozen of them behind you
  21. Corsair
    Corsair April 25 2014 09: 01
    “You would, Obama, keep quiet”
    1. BOB48
      BOB48 April 25 2014 09: 48
      decrypt the chevron however!
      1. Corsair
        Corsair April 25 2014 11: 48
        Quote: BOB48
        decrypt the chevron however!

        You are welcome!

        The 22th Guards Heavy Bomber Aviation Donbass Red Banner Division is the Long-Range Aviation Division, which was part of the 37th Air Army of the Supreme High Command. Founded in 1942 year.

        For the courage shown in battles for the Fatherland with the German invaders, for steadfastness, discipline and organization, for heroism, by the order of the USSR NPO under the number 274 of September 18 of the 1943 of the year of the division, the title of Guards was awarded. It began to be called the 9-I Guards Air Division Long-Range, and 18 September has since become the day of the annual holiday of the division. Later, by order of the USSR NCO of 27 on May 1944, to mark the victories won in participating in the battles for the liberation of Donbass, the division was given the honorary name Donbass.
        After the collapse of the Soviet Union, a directive of the General Staff from 20 on May 1994 ordered the division management to relocate to Engels airbase. Since 1 September 1994 g. This airbase is a permanent location of the division.

        Actually, I did not think that this emblem would require any further explanation.
        One Tu160 image says a lot ...
  22. Duelist
    Duelist April 25 2014 09: 34
    Right man! Hold on, Slavs, the junta is bursting at the seams, the victory is near!
  23. Gagarin
    Gagarin April 25 2014 09: 34
    Namely such men came with a grenade under the tank, covered their bunkers with pillboxes and took the Reichstag!
    WEST FAR - RUSSIA CLOSE! (in these words its whole essence)
  24. sinukvl
    sinukvl April 25 2014 10: 28
    The mattresses do not understand the normal language, therefore it is necessary to communicate with them in the language that everyone understands, namely in Russian spoken and multi-story!
  25. vedross
    vedross April 25 2014 10: 35
  26. Ujin61
    Ujin61 April 25 2014 10: 48
    Questions zhurnalyugi with some kind of trick constantly. The same answers.
    1. Cynic
      Cynic April 25 2014 11: 00
      Quote: Ujin61
      Questions zhurnalyugi with some trick constantly

      So from Gazeta.Ru, are you not familiar with this publication?
  27. Ujin61
    Ujin61 April 25 2014 10: 52
    The journalist’s questions are constantly provocative. Therefore, the answers are the same. I really don’t want the South Ossetian events to repeat with thousands of refugees.
    1. Cynic
      Cynic April 25 2014 11: 02
      Quote: Ujin61
      I really do not want a repetition of South Ossetian events with thousands of refugees.

      We do not want this, but someone has plans.
  28. Lavrov
    Lavrov April 25 2014 11: 08
  29. demotivator
    demotivator April 25 2014 11: 10
    He’s an excellent, just magnificent folk type, with a good sense of humor, and he speaks on business! That's about these Yatsenyuk with Avakov and other Turchinov teeth something to break ...
  30. alex = 111
    alex = 111 April 25 2014 11: 35
    Russia, in order not to get dirty, it’s better not to deal with such people, or to shoot quietly after it becomes unnecessary. this is the second little music.
  31. siberalt
    siberalt April 25 2014 12: 24
    The fact that the elections will not take place is 100%. It seems that the junta wants it. By the way, she herself can "sentence" one of the candidates. Then again you will have to return to the stage of "registration" of candidates and set a new date for the elections. Yes, only there is neither time nor money.
  32. Corsair0304
    Corsair0304 April 25 2014 13: 15
    Quote: alex = 111
    Russia, in order not to get dirty, it’s better not to deal with such people, or to shoot quietly after it becomes unnecessary. this is the second little music.

    Just don't put the patriots of your land on the same level with the outlaws. Ponomarev "Heil" did not shout like that dead man, he didn’t beat ordinary citizens with a rifle butt, he didn’t deal with a rocket. And the fact that a tough man is now at the head - so life made me. There the time of talking has passed, there is no one to talk to. You need to protect yourself, your home, family, neighbors, who cannot take up arms. Otherwise - genocide. Maydanutye will cut out all dissidents - see videos in the internet. It is a pity that ours cannot plant RPGs and MANPADS in the required quantity in Slavyansk - the desire to try the strength of the Slavs would disappear right away.
    1. alex = 111
      alex = 111 April 25 2014 15: 09
      I didn’t like his answers that someone who doesn’t agree with us - we’ll destroy, take him prisoner and hang him by the eggs, we need prisoners for exchange, to the bankers with a whip. if his words do not differ from the deed, he can do a lot. At one time, Basayev’s battalion fought on the side of Abkhazia with Georgia, Russia supported him, then everyone knows.
  33. Gradus HuK
    Gradus HuK April 25 2014 13: 34
    Quote: Zelen
    The pug barks, the elephant goes ...

    This is about Obama))
  34. Komsomolec80
    Komsomolec80 April 25 2014 13: 41
    The journalist provoked tough answers. Well done man!
  35. DanSabaka
    DanSabaka April 25 2014 16: 59
    He says little about the case. This is good, so he is not a politician.
  36. alex = 111
    alex = 111 April 25 2014 18: 23
    you know, guys, or I'm terribly distrustful, and you know people very well, but I don’t understand how it was - a muddy man with gangster habits and an incomprehensible past came out, dropped a few phrases in a tired voice and that’s all, on your part, complete approvingly, you are ready for him in fire and water, you propose to equip him with any weapon, including ICBMs. decided: in 2018 I will run for president, get ready to vote for me, I promise you this)))