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Appeal Gaddafi to the world community

Appeal Gaddafi to the world communityMy brothers and sisters!

Today is both joyful and sad for me. On this day many years ago, in the battle of Al-Gadabiya my grandfather died the hero's death. Fell along with hundreds of other Libyans. Now, almost a century later, Italy is returning, bringing evil to our land. I am sad that today I have to remember this. I wanted to forget about it.

I want to ask Berlusconi: Silvio, where is our friendship, about which you talked so much? Where is the Italian parliament, which also talked a lot about friendship? Where are you all? Italy has done a lot of pain to the Libyans, the Libyans are very offended by Italy, and I do not have the right to “veto” to forbid them to experience pain and resentment.

Italians told us: we want and we will be friends. They lied. Yesterday Italy bombed Sirt.

Those who called themselves my friends - the leaders of China, Russia, Nigeria, South Africa, Portugal - I ask you: what was discussed in the UN Resolution 1973? Is it allowed to establish a no-fly zone or is it given the good to destroy Libyans?

Livia tormented without stopping. We have blocked access to oil, explode ports, bomb houses, close food supplies to the population, bomb the halls where negotiations are under way with representatives of other countries. And all this is called a “no-fly zone”. I used to think that the “no-fly zone” is when the planes of both sides do not fly, but it turns out that this is when only Libyan planes do not fly, and yours fly, bomb what they want and where they want.

Charter and decisions of the United Nations: what is it and why?
Why adopted Resolution, to stop the planes or to starve the Libyans? Where, in what resolution does it say: “you can kill”? Where does it say: “you can cut off the connection and water supply”? Where?

I am not one of those who love to ask, usually ask me, and I do not refuse. But now I ask the whole world: please, we need to sit down and talk, publicly and honestly, so that the world can also hear our voice.

I ask, I personally ask you, Vladimir Putin, to become a mediator. You can, I believe it. We are happy that your words were voiced that the bombing should be stopped, but we all know: Al-Qaida despises international laws. I urge you: look who fires when I declare a truce. Peace is impossible when only one side ceases firing.

Libyans never fought among themselves. What is happening now is a war against Libya, not a civil war.
I ask the world community: come, come, do everything to stop the bombing of civilian objects. Nobody needs a war here. Libyans are my children, Libyans do not fight with me, but I do not fight with them. Look: we help people who have lost everything they earned through hard work.

I ask the leaders of the African Union to visit Ajdabiya and see who is fighting against us there. Why do newcomers from Afghanistan, Tunisia, Egypt and other countries present themselves as people of Ajdabiya? Save this city from those who captured it!

Now listen to you, people from NATO!

You bomb the wall that did not let in, the flow of African migration to Europe, the wall that stopped the Al Qaeda terrorists. This wall was Libya. You destroy her. You are idiots. For thousands of migrants from Africa, for the support of "Al-Qaeda" burn you in hell. And so it will be.

I never lie. I do not lie now.

There are four errors that you should not make. Four mistakes in which no bombing will help you.

First: the internal life of Libya, its device. Only the Libyan people can and will solve these issues. Only he. Remember: not you and not even me. Only the Libyans themselves can, if they wish, change their system of self-government.

Second: I, Muammar Gaddafi. Leave me or not - it's not up to you. You are nobody. Power over Libya for years 40 is in the hands of Libyans. My grandparents, my parents were killed in Libyan soil, and they never left their homeland.
You are ridiculous with your requirements. You are funny. I am not the president of Libya, but if it were possible, the people would choose me. Yes, my people love me. And you know why. For the fact that I do not like you.

Third: oil. Do not even dream. Do not even dare to dream that you are taking away from our children the right to have what they have had for the last 40 years. I do not promise you that we will sit and watch how our children are robbed. But, of course, we can talk to make your business in Libya more successful than before. After all, you need exactly this?

Fourth: Libya. White flag will not be. Never. If you come to our land, all Libyans will take weapon and will fight!

Life without freedom is nothing.
We will protect our freedom, or die!

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  1. Vladimir
    Vladimir 3 May 2011 11: 40
    Well what Putin! Come on! It's time to prove in practice that you still have something left of a real Russian peasant, or altogether you turned foreign money on enemy territory into a woman's greedy. Although the point is .... and so everything is clear !!! Sit and wait for orders from above like a faithful dog !!! You look toss up a sweet bone and you forget about your duties to strange and friendly countries in euphoria from figing a handout.
    I support Gaddafi, it is a pity that the world will ignore under the influence of the media!
  2. Russian Resistance of Donbass
    Russian Resistance of Donbass 3 May 2011 17: 20
    he will not prove a damn because he is a dog amersky this Putin
  3. Escander
    Escander 3 May 2011 17: 53
    To Russia would have him, and to the President of 2012.
    And Putin would have been registered by popular vote by the secretary, but what?
    All good is not lost.

    Gaddafi can kill, but not win.
  4. datur
    datur 3 May 2011 22: 44
    But he’s right. Here comes the moment of truth. Now we’ll see who is worth what! and draw conclusions!
  5. Draz
    Draz 4 May 2011 03: 50
    The trick is that there are at least some brains on the way, but there is one and he understands that many eyes are looking at him now