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What military equipment will be presented on the Red Square

On May 9, the Russian capital will once again host the Victory Parade. By tradition, it will be attended by servicemen of all military branches, as well as armored vehicles and aviation. In total, about 20 thousand military personnel from military educational institutions and military units of the Armed Forces of the country and other power structures will pass along the paving stones. The musical equipment of the Parade is entrusted to the combined military orchestra, consisting of 1,5 musicians. Colonel General Valery Gerasimov, deputy chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces, will command the event, and Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov will take over

In addition, 100 units of military equipment will take part in the parade. Among them Tanks T-90, BTR-80 armored personnel carriers, Tiger combat reconnaissance vehicle, Msta-S self-propelled artillery systems, Buk-M anti-aircraft missile systems, Iskander operational-tactical missile system, Topol strategic missile system -M "and the S-400 Triumph long-range and medium-range anti-aircraft missile system and the Pantsir-S1 self-propelled anti-aircraft missile and gun system.

Five Mi-8 transport and combat helicopters will participate in the airborne part of the Parade. They will carry the flags of the Russian Federation, the Armed Forces, and also their types - the Ground Forces, the Air Force and the Navy - over Red Square. fleet.

The Victory Parade will be completed by the famous march “Farewell of the Slav”, which will celebrate its 100 anniversary next year next year.

What military equipment will be presented on the Red Square

"Topol M" - strategic missile system with intercontinental ballistic missile 15Ж65. The maximum flight range is 11 thousands of kilometers. The rocket carries one thermonuclear combat unit with a power of 550 kilotons. Topol-M is based both in mines and on mobile launchers.

"Triumph" C-400- long-range and medium-range anti-aircraft missile system. Designed to destroy all modern and aerospace attack. Each air defense missile system simultaneously provides shelling to 36 targets with guided missiles up to 72 at them. The target detection range is 600 kilometers, and the hit range is 400 kilometers. The maximum height of the lesion is 30 kilometers.

Iskander - operational tactical missile system. It is intended to destroy the means of fire destruction, anti-missile and air defense, command posts and communication centers of the enemy, airplanes and helicopters located on airfields and the most important civilian infrastructure. Missile launch mass: 3 800 kilogram. The mass of the warhead: 480 kilogram. The length of the 7,2 meter. Diameter 920 millimeters. Minimum target range: 50 kilometers. Maximum - 500 kilometers.

Buk-M1-2 - an anti-aircraft missile system designed to protect troops and objects when they are in place and during offensive and defensive actions from attacks by enemy aircraft and helicopters. Target detection range of at least 100 kilometers, simultaneous detection of 24 targets and firing 10-12 of them. 15 reaction time seconds.

ZRPK Pantsir-X1 - ground-based self-propelled anti-aircraft missile and gun complex. Designed for short-range cover for civilian and military installations from all modern means of air attack. Air defense is carried out by automatic guns and guided missiles with radio-command guidance. In addition, the complex is able to fight against lightly armored ground targets, as well as enemy manpower. The maximum capture speed is equal to 10 targets per minute. Crew 3 man. Weight - 20 tons. Deployment time for 5 minutes. 4-6 reaction time seconds.

SAU "Msta-S" - self-propelled artillery installation class self-propelled howitzers. It is intended for the destruction of tactical nuclear weapons, artillery and mortar batteries, tanks and other armored vehicles, anti-tank weapons, manpower, air defense and missile defense, and so on. Rate of Fire (7 — 8 rds / min). Ammunition of guns 50 shots. Firing range to 30 kilometers. Weight 42 tons. Crew 5-7 people. Cannon caliber: 152,4-mm. Maximum speed on the highway 60 km / h.

T-90 —The main battle tank. Combat weight 46 tons. The length of the body is 6,8 meters. The width of the 3,4 meter. Smooth-bore gun caliber 125-mm. Combat kit 45 shots. Maximum speed over rough terrain 60 km / h. Crew 3 man. Armor thickness 800-830 mm.

BTR-80 —The armored troop-carrier widely used in motorized rifle troops. Mass 13,6 tons. Crew 3 man. Landing 7 people. Armor thickness 7-10 mm. Maximum speed on the highway 80 km / h.

Armored car "Tiger" - Army off-road car, modification of the GAZ-2330 "Tiger". Produced at the Gorky Automobile and Arzamas Machine-Building Plant. Combat weight 5,3 tons. Capacity - from 2 to 10 people. The maximum speed is 125 — 140 km / h.

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  1. datur
    datur 2 May 2011 21: 16
    look and the soul sings, we are strong, and then you think, how much of this technique do we have? one gets the feeling that all that is on Red Square, and that’s all. that is window dressing!
  2. mishan
    mishan 3 May 2011 00: 23
    Could Yars, the Wolves and BTR-82 show, otherwise the old models were fed up with it, since it’s a holiday, so let’s see request
  3. cabin boy
    cabin boy 3 May 2011 02: 24
    datur we have twenty thousand tanks alone, you all of them to bring to Red Square, so that the soul sang?
  4. dick
    dick 3 May 2011 06: 38
    the parade is a holiday for the Russian people, but for "them" it is a forced mourning ... the bastard Yeltsin generally wanted to cancel the parades, he liked the hussars (whore), like in a song: footmen, cadets and crunching of a French roll ... the whole country lackeys for a handful of Judas ... will show this "novye" at the parade and the people will agree with the opinion that it is time to take weapons abroad.
  5. mishan
    mishan 3 May 2011 10: 35

    So far, the majority of people (me, too) believe that taking weapons abroad is a betrayal. This is in the Min.
  6. war
    war 3 May 2011 11: 32
    we have twenty thousand tanks alone

    Most are morally and technically obsolete.
  7. datur
    datur 3 May 2011 23: 25
    cabin boy, I talked about a new technique, but not the total number of. understandably?
  8. cabin boy
    cabin boy 4 May 2011 00: 08
    "Most of them are morally and technically obsolete."

    You tell the pendos about their B-52, otherwise they don’t even know

    "I talked about a new technique"

    It’s possible to make sure yourself how much there is, go to the military registration and enlistment office, ask, they’ll send them to the bride for two years with pleasure
  9. Vladimir
    Vladimir 4 May 2011 09: 24
    Gentlemen who are so concerned about the fate of Russia, do not worry. Russia has the latest weapons, which are years ahead of similar developments in the West. If they have it only as an idea, then we already have prototypes. Since 2002 (thanks to Putin), a thorough revision of all the developments, ideas, thoughts of Soviet scientists has been carried out, outdated, the ahead of time has been postponed, and which "just right" will be necessarily introduced into the troops in the coming years. They are being tested, they are being improved , is studied, modernization resources are laid, etc. etc. There are prototypes in whole areas that are ahead of Western IDEAS by 10-20 years, some by all 30 years. And in all spheres of defense-attack - space, aviation, the Navy, nuclear weapons, carriers, communications, even light small arms and artillery. And this is not on paper, I emphasize, but in a real, already tested sample (s). Nobody will show the latest at parades. They form the basis of the country's national security under the headings of OV and GV. Everything has its time. Imagine if MIG-MFI entered the troops in 1993-94. There is no technical support, no flight personnel, no money, no infrastructure, and most importantly, there are no tasks that it would solve. Would stand in hangars and by the new summer would have rotted long ago or taken away for non-ferrous metal.
    Nobody thinks about the fact that Russia is the only country in the world that has put into operation new weapons over the past 20 years. You can search the internet - everything is there. I don’t consider "Chinese fighters", a poor copy of our aircraft with a 30-hour engine resource. And the Americans? Over the past 25 years, nothing. Raptor, I do not consider something advanced. It is outdated already at the testing stage. They are afraid to even let him bomb civilians in Afghanistan and Iraq, he is so unreliable. When I flew 4 years ago, if I am not mistaken, not a single Raptor would fly from the USA to the base in Okinawa. Half deteriorated, half was scared. Abrams-M1A1 / A2 is the only thing that got into the troops. And then this is a very easy modernization of a heavy first-born, in some quality indicators inferior even to our T-80, which is already being removed from service.
    So, gentlemen, go to the parade and don’t worry. First you need to reform the army, then supply weapons. On the contrary, it never happens.