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Kuzkina mother. The most powerful explosion in history


If humanity succeeds in completely subjugating (making controlled) the reaction of thermonuclear fusion, then the problem of obtaining energy will be solved forever. However, this has not happened yet. Humanity at the present time can only be satisfied with an uncontrollable reaction. As is known, such a reaction was most widely spread in the military sphere.

If we briefly consider the mechanism of such a reaction, then it is as follows: in order for a reaction to occur, the nuclei need to overcome the electrostatic repulsion forces, for this they must have quite a large kinetic energy, which they can acquire under the influence of high temperature. The action of the thermonuclear synthesis of light nuclei is based on the action of perhaps the most destructive and terrible weapons, invented by man - hydrogen bomb.

The idea of ​​using thermonuclear reaction to create weapons was first put forward by the American scientist Edward Teller (he was Hungarian by origin). Developing this idea, the scientists came to the conclusion that thermonuclear fusion is most easily carried out in a mixture of such elements as deuterium and tritium (this was taken as a basis). American scientists were actively working in this direction, and in the spring of 1951, the first tests were carried out at Eniwetok’s test site, but then it was not possible to get the desired results, since nuclear synthesis was only partial. Despite this setback, already in the fall (November 1) of 1952, the world's first hydrogen bomb explosion (10,4 megatons) was produced. It is worth noting that this device can hardly be called a bomb, since it had enormous size and weight (the dimensions were commensurate with the 2-storeyed house, and its weight was about 82 tons). The shock wave resulting from the explosion of the device was so powerful that it was recorded by absolutely all seismic stations in the world, by the way, this was the first earthquake in the world that was provoked by man.

If we compare the power of the first hydrogen bomb in the world, it is about 10,4 times the power of a bomb dropped on the Japanese city of Hiroshima. This powerful device, boldly from the face of the earth, the island on which the tests were carried out, an explosion in its place produced a crater of rather impressive size (1,5 kilometers in diameter and a depth of about 150 meters).

Kuzkina mother. The most powerful explosion in history

Tests made by the United States, of course, could not fail to “hurt” the pride of such a powerful state as the USSR. Still - how you can calmly look at how the main rival "bounces" you.
The result of the work of Soviet scientists, among whom were VB Adamsky, Yu.N. Smirnov, A.D. Sakharov, Yu.N. Babaev and Yu.A. Trutnev, was the creation of "King of the bomb." The explosion of this bomb showed the whole world that we should not forget for a second about the power of the Soviet Union. "King bomb" was the most powerful bomb in stories mankind that was ever blown up.

This explosion occurred, forever remaining in the history of mankind, in the air, at a height of 4000 meters above the land surface. The site of the explosion was the New Land, over which, in fact, events occurred. The exact time of the explosion 30 October 1961 of the year 11 hours 32 minutes. As a result of the explosion, a mushroom cloud was formed, which rose to a height of 67 kilometers.

The “King of the Bomb” explosion was accompanied by a bright dazzling flash, which was visible at a rather large distance from the epicenter of the explosion (it is noted that the flash was observed even at a distance of more than 200 kilometers - at the command post located in Belushya Guba village). The electromagnetic waves caused by the explosion contributed to the cessation of radio communications within a radius of several hundred kilometers around the test site for a full hour. In an abandoned village, which was located at a distance of 400 kilometers from the epicenter of the explosion, trees were broken, windows were broken, roofs of buildings were demolished. If we consider the TNT equivalent of the power of an exploded bomb, it will be on the order of 50 million tons of TNT. It is worth noting that the power of the exploded bomb was half that originally planned. Instead of 100, it was 50 megatons. Some sources claim that the power was reduced due to the fears of scientists about the danger of a spontaneous uncontrolled thermonuclear reaction occurring in the atmosphere after the explosion.

The bomb exploded on 30 on October 1961, was significantly different from the first hydrogen bomb exploded by the Americans in 1952. This device had dimensions that allowed it to be transported by plane (its weight was 26 tons). To transport this bomb to the site of the explosion, a strategic bomber (specially upgraded for this purpose) TU-95 (Atomic Bear) was used, the crew commander who, by the way, was awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union after this event.

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  1. His
    His April 30 2011 18: 55
    There was such a mk - Khrushchev
    1. ytqnhfk
      ytqnhfk 13 September 2011 17: 56
      About Khrushnev in vain, it’s not a match for Yeltsin, the HUMPSTER !!!
      1. Denis
        Denis 11 October 2011 06: 07
        although he gave the Crimea, but the Union then seemed unshakable
  2. unit669
    unit669 1 May 2011 06: 04
    Nuclear weapons guarantee good sleep. Peace-world! bully
    1. zczczc
      zczczc 7 September 2011 02: 10
      It seems that cVM has a brother :)
    2. Anatoly
      Anatoly 12 November 2011 18: 48
      The test avatar is valid! still there to add the Israeli flag ..
  3. 755962
    755962 6 September 2011 23: 31
    1. Volkhov
      Volkhov 7 September 2011 01: 12
      The tests on Novaya Zemlya had a double purpose - the testing of weapons and the completion of underground cities left over from Hyperborea - the destruction of ancestors by the hands of descendants. The interested party went to great lengths to erase knowledge. To do this, they always and everywhere burned archives and libraries, reformed the language.
      1. Foamas
        Foamas 7 September 2011 02: 01
        It is unlikely that the party leadership of the USSR would have gone to the destruction of such valuable historical and architectural monuments as the underground cities of Hyperborea. Or do you suggest that Khrushchev was an agent of influence of the "interested party"? In addition, on Novaya Zemlya, during the tests, it was mainly used a * adit * variation when installing charges, IMHO - to destroy large and deeply buried objects, it is effective to use * mine *.
        1. LESHA pancake
          LESHA pancake 7 September 2011 05: 04
        2. Volkhov
          Volkhov 7 September 2011 15: 25
          These cities were searched by seismic exploration "with the use of powerful explosive sources" by the Germans in the 30s in joint expeditions. In the first world war they had a submarine base on the N.Z., in the second, the basing continued, and one of the "meteorological" detachments (it is not clear who with the guard company) on Franz Josef Land was called the "treasure hunter". Khrushchev, like Beria, were notable Hitlerites, the agents of strategic plans. And the cities are not dead, otherwise why blow up. During the explosion of Mount Sheludivaya, a 3 Mt charge was used synchronously, the mountain jumped, perhaps a little .. This is a cultural project so that they don't see the light ...
      2. kostiknet
        kostiknet 24 November 2011 17: 19
        don't smoke Lipton tea anymore, don't crying
  4. Denis
    Denis 11 October 2011 06: 59
    Well done guys, the Pindos then arrived!
    liked the movie, despite the veler stench, ish you, hero! but was "for" and the language in ... opera
    how the Pindos schoolchildren are hiding, I then only fogged us in our childhood on GO, drove gas masks, respirators, you know yourself ...
    that's just the residents of Sarov, sorry for what they now have without production, this is the notorious mono-city
  5. Anatoly
    Anatoly 12 November 2011 18: 50
    Absolute confidence that if it were not for our developments, the United States would have come up with an excuse long ago to use nuclear weapons against us. Glory to the Soviet scientists! they are the heroes of an invisible war!
  6. Noldor77777
    Noldor77777 10 May 2012 03: 49
    I wonder how real its use was, or was this bomb originally conceived as a scare story and no more?