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Video, a US Air Force helicopter bombers residents in Baghdad


The first time I watched the video, the second time I listened only to the air.

The communication / control technique has been perfectly worked out. From the surface wiretap, the 4's air is storied, the "arrows" are pulled so they don't need to be pushed by the controllers; they beg to give a pallet, and they only say yes. Three times one opera went on the air with a specific British accent. That the Englishman is not a fact, it is already necessary to cut, clean and listen, but the little man is not simple.

There are so many “between the lines” on the air that obviously this option is just tequha and the situation has long been tested. Silently "reported" that weapons No, that there is no RPG, and they rushed code. As it was determined that "under" the body is not an RPG, but a fotik of a journalist ("not shot out"), they have thrown a comment "shoot this scum". Fotik journalist they hate as well as the "hello" from Kalash.

On ALL the video is not a single frame with a weapon, in hand or on the ground. I have seen enough of everyone, and if in this case there really was a shootout, then everything else could have been a blind eye, war, but this is not war, but a place of deliberate crime.

You should not watch the video, but listen, 70% of the dough on the air of negotiations.

Okay mate, blasphemy, hamera riding on the bodies, laughter and joy from all this, etc., but when they gave the order to refuse to evacuate the wounded girl to the military hospital and were distributed to throw in the "local" hospital, this is a death sentence wound to the stomach. They naturally do not need documents in a military hospital about a wounded girl with "some" operation.

At the same time, on the air, at first they talked about one wounded girl, and then about two, which means that one most likely died on the spot, I suppose that when there was a long pause on the air and then the body was carried. In this situation, the policy of finishing off the wounded is very reasonable; no documents - no showdown, and the corpses on the truck and meet.

Specialists and pilots will be interested to listen to those. part of the ether pilot / arrow Apache. There was a crash of gun aiming, and there were three trump points when the shooter got confused in the system and did not understand what was going on. The professionalism of the pilot / shooter Apache is absent, but the desire to kill and kill them must be said on 5 + and is executed with undisguised pleasure.

Professionalism in the team control over the operation and stripping, but I would like to hear them out if they were met with real resistance, there would be op in the air, confusion and solid mate, and here that, “exchange” in one direction, just make sure that shmalnuli.

If Iraqis acquire an EW, MANPADS, ATGM and RPG + then everything will be solved within a year.

And the most joke is the fact that the handler who transmitted this video and info (SPC Bradley Manning) was leaked by the "former" hacker (I read operas) Adrian Lamo. He supposedly fedy for eggs took so he sings, but something I think that it
they will not be judged, but will appear as a witness.

In the US, a military man was arrested who published a video of the shooting of civilians in Baghdad.

In the United States, an intelligence officer is detained, who handed a scandalous video to the Wikileaks site in which a US Air Force helicopter rallies civilians in Baghdad. The incident occurred in July 2007, 12 people were killed in the shelling, including two journalists.
22-year-old Bradley Manning served in 40 km from Baghdad, where he was detained about two weeks ago. According to one of the relatives of the young man, he is now under arrest in Kuwait, but he has not been formally charged, writes

The US military has lost its copy of the scandalous video.

The former hacker Adrian Lamo, whom the young man met on the Internet at the end of last month, gave a hint to Manning to the US federal authorities. While chatting, Manning told his interlocutor that he transmitted the notorious video to Wikileaks, adding: "What would you do if you had access to secret networks during 14 hours a day, seven days a week for more than eight months? "
In addition, he added that he placed at the disposal of the portal three more secret materials, including the video of the 2009 air attack of the year on the village of Garani in Iraq, which Wikileaks reported earlier. During the attack, about 100 civilians were killed, most of them children. The Pentagon published a report on the incident last year, but refused to provide the press with a video.
In addition, the young military man threatened that he had already transferred thousands of secret diplomatic messages to 260, but this fact has not yet been confirmed. In one of the messages, Manning wrote: "Hillary Clinton and several thousand other diplomats around the world will have a heart attack if they wake up one morning and find out that the entire database of secret foreign policy data is available to the general public."
Neither the State Department nor the FBI could give any comment on this issue. The information that Manning was arrested was reported by the hacker Lamo, who passed him, who was told about this by an FBI agent at the 27 meeting in May, when he received copies of the correspondence between Lamo and Manning.
The former hacker told that he was now experiencing ambiguous feelings, because he was always open for communication with other hackers, listened to them stories and never gave them to the authorities. However, this time, according to his confession, he felt that the actions of a young man could be dangerous for the US national security.
Manning's relative, with whom he lives in the United States, first learned of his detention from reporters last week. The last time she saw him was in January of this year, when he had a vacation. He describes him as a smart and rather calm young man, with an innate talent in the computer field and an interest in world politics.
She also said that he managed to call her the other day and, after giving his password on his Facebook page, asked me to write the following on his behalf: “Some of you may have heard that I was detained for disclosing secret information. See CollateralMurder .com ". Soon the representatives of the military called her and explained that Manning was under arrest in Kuwait.

WikiLeaks (Help)

WikiLeaks stands for complete freedom of speech on the Internet and publishes on its page any materials, including those obtained as a result of information leakage from any significant sources.
In 2008, a US state court in California decided to close access to the original address, however, some time later the same court changed the verdict and allowed the site to return to the Internet space.
The creators of the site have repeatedly complained of harassment by the US government and the authorities of other countries. They say that this is due to the work of the site, in particular with the publication of sensitive materials.

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    Vovanchyk 27 November 2011 02: 15
    The cruel truth of war. And a sense of impunity for the interventionists.
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    Yankees in as always ((
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    Gorinich 14 August 2013 16: 21
    Information war in action, video removed.
  4. Dima Gomenyuk
    Dima Gomenyuk 14 November 2022 06: 07
    And what if I am recorded as a deserter. But because I don’t have a military ID, I want to go to war myself, but they won’t take me because I’m on trial.
  5. Dima Gomenyuk
    Dima Gomenyuk 14 November 2022 06: 17
    Military commissariat. The city of Rubtsovsk does not take Judged, why???? We are not people or we do not know how to hold the Machine! We will give anyone who has no criminal record a head start if you want to go to military operations, but they don’t take you And where the justice looks, and the president.
  6. Dima Gomenyuk
    Dima Gomenyuk 14 November 2022 06: 22
    Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, why don't you allow the Military Registration and Commissariat to take the Convicted to the Service??????????.