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How I see the future of Ukraine and whom I trust

Looking at what is happening now in Ukraine, you remember February 1917. The king fell out with the oligarchs. Those blocked the flow of flour to Petersburg. Bread riots broke out. Started strikes in factories. On the squares stood Maidan. The offended king drove off to the front, but on the way the generals and the Duma persuaded him to renounce. After refusing to take the throne of the king's brother, power, as now, passed to the Provisional Government. It turned out to be as mediocre as ours, and after a series of squabbles slammed the October Revolution.

That October coup does not threaten us. We have a “brother” with tanks standing at the gate! And the people, after the temporary workers surrendered Crimea, united against the threat of occupation. He even agrees to tolerate them, which were voted by the majority of the current Party of Youth and Youth, which was created back in 2008 by Tymoshenko, but then destroyed by Yanukovych. That's just with temporary workers do not conclude crucial agreements, do not give large loans. To do this, it is necessary not to appoint one (a non-alternative vote for Turchinov cannot be called an election), but a President elected by the people. So the temporary workers do everything that, no matter how many presidential candidates were, their patroness won. And if he doesn’t win, then the elections should be declared invalid! Indeed, in all election commissions the leadership has this Priyut!

I remember 2004-2005, when I recommended engaging ZhEKi in “Batkivschyna”. While the party was in the underground, they made fun of me. But only Yulia became the Prime Minister, “recommended” to all the heads of the housing offices, along with the passport authorities, to write an application for membership in “Batkivshchyna” or for dismissal. Naturally, all the leaders of Lviv ZHEKov joined the “Batkivschyna” together with passportists, and when the head of the LOO, Ivan Denkovich, without leaving the party, began to cooperate with the regions, the ZhEKs also began to cooperate with the regions.

And what is the housing office? This is primarily information about all voters. Who owns the information - owns the elections! Temporary workers will agree with those candidates who are running for president in order to avoid criminal responsibility for their affairs. I think that even their worst enemy, Rinat Kuzmin, will be promised to stop all criminal cases against him, for pointing out to their representatives in election commissions, to count votes in favor of their candidate! They will promise others bread places in the government, not intending to fulfill promises after winning the election!

The leadership of the electoral commissions will cheat, but after all, in each commission there will be representatives from Poroshenko, Yarosh and the Bogomolets. After all, their Maidan is already in every city of Ukraine! Independence is not only a civil self-organized society, but also the only effective control over temporary workers and their accomplices today! Thanks to maydanovtsami in the election commissions, there is hope that the legitimate President will be elected, the time of re-election of this, formed by the ministers of the Yanukovych Parliament, has been announced, and he will begin to create laws for the people, not for himself.

But for this you need to live. I am afraid that the provisional government, formed by the quota-gag principle, will not allow us to survive, and with its illiterate measures it will bring the people to such impoverishment, they will bring the economy down so that the people will rebel. After all, not the idiots in the Right Sector, who drove Yanukovych to give away weapon, repulsed by them from the police, who shot at them from the other side of the Maidan. At the militia, with a special operation for the destruction of Sashka Bilogo, he committed suicide with two shots to the heart, as Kravchenko used to do. Those security forces, which resonance after this special operation forced them to engage in those who killed maydanovtsev. And again, as in the times of Yanukovych, it seems that they are not looking for the guilty, but they appoint! Yes, even so, to throw a shadow on the right sector, and Klitschko! Now the Right Sector will hide the weapon, and when the new Maidan comes up, it’s no longer with wooden shields and bottles of the Molotov cocktail that will go to power, but with this weapon!

The police remained the same with us - “Well done against the sheep!” She cannot or does not want to cope with the detachments of the pro-Russian “Oplot” in the South and East of Ukraine. With crowds of pensioners who remember the Soviet regime, and for some reason identify it with Russia, and not with Belarus. With a couple of thousands of titushki who have neither the idea nor the king in the head, hiding behind these attendants, can not cope. Where to fight with the ideological and cohesive Right Sector!

It is a shame to say, but 80% of the people of Ukraine profess the leftist views of Truth and Justice, and the Right Sector is fighting for these ideas. After all, there is no more left movement in Ukraine. His head, the head of the Civil Control, Vasily Volga, is in prison on a trumped-up case, after trying to accuse Azarov’s son of corruption. Temporary workers are not going to reconsider the case and condemn those who fabricated it! They do not need a left leader capable of uniting the West, the South and the East. They need a constant threat of war, distracting the people from the fact that in all the leading places there are officials who are no different from Azarov or the same!

Let's see what the interim government and the Parliament have done for the people during this time. Is a new tax code that destroys small and medium businesses revised? Is the new Labor Code, forcing workers to work on 12-14 hours per day, revised? Unless the new Pension law, forcing women who lost their jobs, expect a meager pension before 60 years, revised? The new-old minister of social security Denisov, it is natural to revise the retirement age and is not going to! Tell me, does not the speculation on the hryvnia of the current leaders of the National Bank and the Ministry of Finance Kubiva and Shlapak strike at the state? Similarly, in other departments they are headed either by those who want to "skim the cream" from their position, or absolutely incompetent people!

If we succeed in preventing the falsification of the presidential elections and the Maidan will force this parliament, elected even under Yanukovych, to adopt a law on elections on open lists and prohibit life-long deputies, new parties, new faces will come to parliament! The new parliament will form not a gag-quota government, but a government of the State. The government of national trust, which will review all these criminal laws against the People and the State!

But no matter how late it was! Therefore, it is already impossible to prevent illiterate increase of tariffs. And do not push it to the requirements of the IMF. Does the IMF know how our rates are formed? Does the IMF know how HQs earn us without doing anything? I agree that the cost of gas for the population needs to be changed. But which way? Are you sure that Ukraine cannot live without Russian gas, how do the authorities say to us on 23 for years? Are you sure that now at least someone in Ukraine knows how much gas we extract? Who and when conducted the inventory of well productivity and how many wells are located in private owners who do not allow inspectors?

It is believed that Ukraine needs 57 billion m3 gas, and we extract only 21-25м3, while for the population and heat energy, you need 25,3 billion m3. Why do we buy 35-40 billion mxNUMX of Russian gas under the bonded Yulin agreement? Under the pretext that Russian gas cannot be distinguished from ours, the price of our gas was raised to the price of Russian. For some reason, no one says that that Russian gas is used mainly by enterprises owned by either Firtash and Akhmetov, or Russian oligarchs, who receive gas under direct contracts and at other prices! Nobody knows where Russian gas is going now. I am afraid that they are pumping it to the West, at a lower price, because this is in fact the gas that has been stolen from us! We absolutely do not need a shale gas scam. After all, according to the current hydraulic impact technology of its production, we are destroying nature. We pump a solution of chemicals under pressure 3-700 atmospheres into the well. At the same time, the composition of the solution includes toxic substances - benzenes, acids, thickeners, and a special gel. Water hammer is carried out at a depth of 1500-2 km. This causes seismic instability of the gas production area, pollution and poisoning of groundwater. No wonder in Germany, France, Switzerland and the Czech Republic, this gas production technology is prohibited.

And now our Interim Government, instead of restoring order in the gas industry, shifts all its failures onto the shoulders of the population.

I will not even waste time on proving the artificiality of Zhek tariffs. The experience of the Russian reform of Zhekov-Ripper showed that replacing their OSBB with management firms gives nothing. But look at our cities. They have dozens, hundreds, thousands of housing offices, which lack the necessary specialists. And there are dozens and hundreds of construction organizations in which these specialists stand idle, because until the box at home is finished, there will be nothing for the fitters, plumbers, electricians, plumbers to do! So really it is impossible to legitimize the association ZhEKov with construction companies? All of our ministers and senior management in charge of communal problems have traveled to the West for decades to gain experience. Why are ZHEK problems not solved?

Oil products become more expensive or cheaper, the cost of transportation services is steadily increasing. Moreover, after the price increase, the state no longer receives money. Why so, tried to understand the People's Control ZIK channel. They showed that the money from the increase in tariffs does not go to the state, but is deposited in the pockets of the carrier hosts and the bodies controlling them. At the same time, drivers for a meager salary should work on 10-12 hours, violating all safety standards and putting passengers at risk of accidents! No matter how much we raise the prices of transportation by all modes of transport, the comfort of transportation remains the same as the cries about the loss of transportation and the left millions in the pockets of their owners! After all, there is no control!

As you can see, the increase in energy tariffs presses the trigger of hyperinflation, and the increase in utility tariffs reduces the purchasing power of the population, which causes the economy to stagnate! And all this for the sake of our interim government could get another loan from the IMF. Where is the guarantee that he will not suffer the fate of previous loans? Where did the IMF loans accumulated for all these years, for which our children and grandchildren will have to pay, go? Our acting prime minister, who is firing, as Yushchenko once was, 22000 managers, claims that the entire treasury was plundered. And after those layoffs, he has an idea where, what and how much is?

After all, people are not left on the basis of competence, but on the basis of personal loyalty! Each new regime dismisses the specialists of the previous regime. Now destroy the remnants of specialists. Those who have a notion of where and what is! Now the power is screaming about the separatists of Donbass and the South and about the leadership of Russian spies. And how can there be no separatists if, under the Soviet regime, the Donbass was supplied like Moscow, and under the rule of Yanukovych, people from Donbass were the elite who led all regions of Ukraine. Moreover, in 2013, “Ukraine” - the channel of Rinat Akhmetov, released the film “DNA - a portrait of a nation”, stating that Ukrainians and Russians generally have different genotypes. Ukrainians are of Aryan origin, and Russians are Turkic, from the Tatar-Mongols. If we consider that the Eastern and southern regions of Ukraine are the descendants of Russian immigrants, it turns out that they have nothing to do with the Ukraine Center and West of Ukraine!

When the Maidan rebelled, the Right Sector scared Yanukovych so much that he fled from Ukraine, and all of his Donetsk elite suddenly became "non-usable"! Not only was this a slap-in-the-spot, so reckless svobodovka Irina Fahrion, who during the Soviet period, being a party organizer of the department at the university, branded employees for communication in Ukrainian, now demanded to ban the Russian language, and the faction and parliament supported her. It was perceived in the Crimea and the South-East, as a prohibition of the native language. Although the Maidan spoke in all the languages ​​of Ukraine, they did not hear or see it. We saw and listened to local television and radio programs, which stated on the prohibition of the native language. Naturally, the Russian Donbass and the South revolted.

After all, remember, because of which began Kiev Maidan. Putin’s customs wars made us reach out for the EU, and Yanukovych even went to sign an association agreement. Putin threatened our Trus with something, and he made a somersault towards the CU. The student Euromaidan got up, and after the gangster crackdown, the Golden Eagle rose up against him. Now Euromaidan on the contrary is repeated in the Southeast. The enterprises here work for Russia. The gap with Russia for them is fraught with total unemployment! What did the interim government do to restart enterprises with other Orders? Nothing! Only declared people separatists and spies! Of course, the FSB and the GRU of Russia are also active there. Simultaneous seizure of administration buildings and weapon rooms in the buildings of the Security Service of Donetsk, Lugansk, Kharkov and attempts to do this in Kherson, Nikolaev, Dnepropetrovsk and Zaporozhye indicate this.

But after all, in Western Ukraine it would have been impossible to do that. For there are no enterprises operating in Russia. The largest Lviv bus plant, providing buses for the entire USSR, was bought by Russian oligarch Churkin and, instead of thousands of buses, launches 1-2 per year! All the giants of the Soviet industry have been privatized and disposed of, but information technologies have sharply rushed and our computer scientists earn more than the entire Donbass. They need an alliance with the EU, not with backward Russia.

For some reason, the temporary worker forgot that in the Donbass all power structures serve Akhmetov personally. He, not the new master of power there! Only he can calm the separatists, as he was reassured by their other owner in Dnipropetrovsk-Kolomoisky. Really, the temporary worker couldn’t confront him with a choice - either he is calm in the Donbass, or the case of the murder of Shcherban, whose business he got, will be resumed?

But the new government has old faces. She does not want the Southeast to vote not for her representative. She will not quarrel with the owner of the Southeast, losing the voices of his electorate! So everything remains, as it was, even the words of the Prime Ministers “The treasury is empty, everything was plundered by alternates!” The current one differs only in that it swears to join the EU now, without asking whether Ukraine wants it! I think what excrement to enter - the EU or the CU, the people should decide in a referendum just as in local referendums people have to decide what language to speak to them. But the laws on the All-Ukrainian and local referendums and their powers, this parliamentary herd does not even think to consider!

As for me, the biggest tragedy of my life was the death of the Great Power of My Childhood and youth, and everything that happens to us now is a continuation of this tragedy of destruction, not creation. After all, Putin will never be able to return neither the USSR nor the Russian Empire. It can only, by destroying the integrity of Ukraine, break apart and huge Russia! I am Ukrainian, which means Russian. We, the heirs of the Great Kievan Rus and the Commonwealth choose leaders so that they can hear us and work for us! My brothers Belarusians But father thinks for them, but works for them! Alas, the Russians choose leaders who think for them, make for them, and the people listen and perform!

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  1. Salamander
    Salamander April 11 2014 12: 27
    As for me, the biggest tragedy of my life was the death of the Great Power of My Childhood and youth, and everything that happens to us now is a continuation of this tragedy of destruction, not creation. After all, Putin will never be able to return neither the USSR nor the Russian Empire. It can only, by destroying the integrity of Ukraine, break apart and huge Russia! I am Ukrainian, which means Russian. We, the heirs of the Great Kievan Rus and the Commonwealth choose leaders so that they can hear us and work for us! My brothers Belarusians But father thinks for them, but works for them! Alas, the Russians choose leaders who think for them, make for them, and the people listen and perform!

    In-in, this is how they play, on feelings for the USSR ... And it introduces into quiet horror the statement on the basis of the fact that "I am Ukrainian, then I am Russian": "He can only, by destroying the integrity of Ukraine, tear it apart and huge Russia! " WHAT ARE YOU GETTING STUMPED FOR ??? DEFINE, FINALLY WHERE YOU ARE: IN RUSSIA OR IN UKRAINE?

    1. maks-101
      maks-101 April 11 2014 12: 33
      chaos is just beginning, and devastation will come.
      1. TAMERLAN 7
        TAMERLAN 7 April 11 2014 12: 46
        Quote: maks-xnumx
        chaos is just beginning

        And in the head, FULL CHAOS !!! Strange article! Take at least this:
        It’s a shame to say, but 80% of the people of Ukraine profess leftist views of Truth and Justice, and the Right Sector is fighting for these ideas.

        Why is he ashamed and why did he get the idea that the right sector is fighting for the ideas of the left sector? CHAOS - one word!
        1. GDP
          GDP April 11 2014 13: 13
          The author reminds me of a shepherd who teaches an engineer of the 21 century how to make locomotives ...
          Wake up my friend! Nobody has been driving steam locomotives for a long time! Yes, and you misrepresent nicherta in steam locomotives!

          He lives in some kind of virtual, toy world woven from the yellow press and deceitful media - it is not surprising that in Ukraine there is an economic crisis and such morons in power ...

          Apparently, the author writes quite sincerely and believes that he says, in some places even bright thoughts slip in, and at the same time, such clear facts that affect the Ukrainian economy are not noticed that only a blind person will not notice ...

          the author writes for example that more than half of the gas is produced in Ukraine,
          Wake up buddy - no more than a quarter !!! and this is without taking into account now lost deposits in the Crimea ...
          1. GDP
            GDP April 11 2014 13: 37
            Putin’s customs wars made us reach for the EU, and Yanukovych even went to sign an association agreement. Putin threatened something with our Coward, and he did somersault in the direction of the vehicle.

            I even know how he scared him - the 15 000 000 000 $ that he promised to give Ukraine on ridiculous conditions and gas at a price half the market price!
            Lord Well, why is nobody so bullying Russia !!!
            I imagine a picture - Yatsynyuk is knocking on the table in front of Putin and threatening with a terrible mug - If you do not take free billions of dollars from my country's budget and do not agree to buy our goods at a price two times lower than the market price, then we will arrange a revolution for you!
            And Putin is so-Oh inappropriately !!! I agree! I agree! But let me think a little more! laughing
          2. Egoza
            April 11 2014 14: 31
            Quote: GDP
            Apparently, the author writes quite sincerely and believes that he says, in some places even bright thoughts slip in, and at the same time, such clear facts that affect the Ukrainian economy are not noticed that only a blind person will not notice ...

            That is the point! Romantic, honest hard worker and .... did you pay attention to the signature? Descendant of the author who wrote the Anthem of Ukraine! Just as the ancestor sincerely wanted to support the freedom of the people, so the descendant wants this in modern realities! And then you wonder why our people think like that! And he is one of the best!
          3. Alekseev
            Alekseev April 11 2014 17: 17
            Quote: GDP
            The author reminds me of a shepherd who teaches a 21st century engineer how to make locomotives ...

            Absolutely accurate definition!
            Unfortunately, there are many such "candidates of various sciences" in Ukraine today.
            Reading his article, one involuntarily recalls the phrase of Father Makhno from the famous film: "Durak, and also of the General Staff" yes
      2. avg
        avg April 11 2014 13: 40
        Whatever we think about the author, and this is also Ukraine. It is even possible that this is the majority that lies between the Russian and Bandera poles.
      3. Hamul
        Hamul April 11 2014 17: 14
        And that Ukraine produces so much gas? If it extracts so much, then why buy so much?
        Enlighten the foolish?
    2. W1950
      W1950 April 11 2014 12: 37
      Maidanut author did not understand anything.
      1. nizrum
        nizrum April 11 2014 12: 57
        Not this way.
        He already understood a lot, but not everything.
        Experts promise full awareness by autumn, but it comes from the southeast.
        1. Fin
          Fin April 11 2014 14: 52
          Quote: nizrum
          He already understood a lot, but not all

          The author is a candidate of technical sciences, a scientist, and you’ll think here if he has such a mess in his head, then that of ordinary people. Beliefs and exhortations to set the brain is not possible. We will remain to blame. It’s better to wait until it gets through your stomach and ass.
          And here he cut off Russia, we have no place in their history and future. I suspect that this is the mood of the whole intelligentsia of the great
          We, the heirs of the Great Kievan Rus and the Commonwealth

          SE - under the protectorate of the Russian Federation, and let the rest e ..... I want.
      2. Letun
        Letun April 11 2014 14: 11
        Quote: W1950
        Maidanut author did not understand anything.

        Proud Ukrainians can not allow the idea that the Maidan did not arrange them, but their masters from Washington. Well, they can’t believe that they, the Great Ukrov, are used stupidly as a bargaining chip in order to restrain Russia. Family, wake up, you are not there looking for the enemy!
      3. Anper
        Anper April 11 2014 15: 28
        Quote: W1950
        Maidanut author did not understand anything.

        Incidentally, this so-called flood is also the coordinator of the International Association Russian speakers literati.Many of the members of this association live in Voronezh, Bryansk, Belgorod and call themselves Russian-speaking. What is this if not 5 column?
      4. klopik
        klopik April 11 2014 18: 04
        Yes, the author does not seem to understand what is happening yet. A lot of naive romance, fueled by Ukrainian propaganda, but there is no knowledge about the real situation and state of things. He still naively believes that it was Yanukovych snipers who shot at the Maidanites and that visiting Russians are on strike in the Southeast
      5. The comment was deleted.
    3. dmitriygorshkov
      dmitriygorshkov April 11 2014 13: 46
      Quote: Salamander

      Damn! Only time and nerves spent in vain !!! Uncle had to introduce himself immediately:
      "Author: Ph.D. Vladimir Sirotenko (Verbitsky), great-grandson of the author" Ukraine has not yet died ""
      and I wouldn’t read it! I quarreled with my head completely, what’s heredity from him!
      1. tasey
        tasey April 11 2014 14: 19
        I haven't read everything. He started, but immediately gave up. I looked diagonally - everything is clear: it was published in the "order of alternative opinions". In fact - a delusional. I put a "minus" and look at the comments, for order, so to speak.
        1. COLUN
          COLUN April 11 2014 16: 14
          An ordinary Russophobe, although he writes that Russian.
          While reading this nonsense, I threw it into the trash for 5 minutes of my life.
          It is assigned "-"
  2. Unknown
    Unknown April 11 2014 12: 28
    Ukraine may have one happy future: Together with Russia and Belarus.
    1. Eydolon
      Eydolon April 11 2014 12: 43
      What does this flag mean by color symbolism?
      1. Officer's Wife
        Officer's Wife April 11 2014 12: 51
        11 June 1858 Alexander II approved the imperial state flag of black, yellow and white colors. This happened during the years of the bright revival of Russia after the difficult Crimean War, during the years of high upsurge of the Russian national spirit. The decree commanded that all “banners, flags ... used for adornments in solemn occasions, be from the Emblem of the Russian Empire."
        The following was a description of the national flag: “... The arrangement of these colors is horizontal, the upper stripe is black, the middle stripe is yellow (gold), and the bottom is white (silver). The first two stripes correspond to the black State Eagle on the golden field ... The lower strip corresponds to the ... white (silver) horseman - St. George in the Moscow coat of arms. ” Black color - the color of the Russian double-headed eagle - a symbol of sovereignty, state stability and fortress, the inviolability of historical borders, the meaning of the very existence of the Russian nation. The golden (yellow) color - once the color of the Byzantine banner, perceived as the state flag of Russia by Ivan III - is a symbol of spirituality, the striving for moral perfection and firmness of spirit. White color is the color of eternity and purity, which has no differences among all peoples. For Russians, this is the color of St. George the Victorious - a symbol of selfless sacrifice for the Fatherland, for the Russian land, which has always perplexed, delighted and frightened foreigners.
        After the tsar’s decree, the black-yellow-white flag was called the “Coat of Arms of the People’s Flag”, just as the anthem “God Save the Tsar” received the status of the People’s Russian Song shortly before. The patriotic press reported that “The flag was built according to the state emblem”, that the People, by means of constant contemplation of this flag, was attached to the “Emblematic symbolic colors of the Russian Empire”.
        The black-yellow-white flag was perceived by society as imperial, government, in contrast to the white-blue-red flag of the merchant fleet of Russia. With the imperial flag in the minds of the people associated notions of the greatness and power of the state.
      2. Alexander Romanov
        Alexander Romanov April 11 2014 12: 51
        Quote: Eydolon
        What does this flag mean by color symbolism?

        Flag of the nationalists.
    2. Arhj
      Arhj April 11 2014 12: 50
      Forgive me for the pessimism, but I'm afraid Ukraine won't have such a government a little more. Everything is like Captain Vrungel's - "It is not possible to measure the temperature of the seawater due to the lack of it"
      1. stalkerwalker
        stalkerwalker April 11 2014 14: 45
        If we succeed in preventing the falsification of presidential elections and Maidan will force this parliament, elected under Yanukovych, to adopt the law on elections by open lists and prohibit lifelong deputy, new parties will come to parliament, new faces!

        After all, remember why the Kiev Maidan began. Putin’s customs wars made us reach for the EU, and Yanukovych even went to sign an association agreement. Putin threatened something with our Coward, and he did somersault in the direction of the vehicle. The student Euromaidan got up, and after a gangster dispersal by the Golden Eagle, the Maidan revolted. Now Euromaidan, on the contrary, is repeated in the Southeast.

        Two paragraphs as a "FULL PARAGRAPH" of all the current, lost in the darkness, pro-Bandera society ... And there is no need to make a diagnosis ...
  3. Rus2012
    Rus2012 April 11 2014 12: 30
    That October revolution does not threaten us. We have a "brother" with tanks standing at the gate!

    ... even as it threatens! To the bottom ... and then ...

    PS: do not forget that 1917 was in full swing 1-I world ... and not just peaceful tanks stood at the border ...
    1. desant_doktor
      desant_doktor April 11 2014 12: 52
      Correctly. Big brother with a belt is standing. Ready to go in and rip off a bad-looking younger brother by the way, so that he wouldn’t carry garbage and spoil property. And the younger brother, even though he tried to start an independent life 23 years ago, is stupid, infantile and has gangster inclinations, and he has made some bad friends, they will teach him bad things. So the elder brother has to take the belt.
  4. Little Muck
    Little Muck April 11 2014 12: 39
    As I see the future of Ukraine and whom I trust.
    In the foreseeable future, complete devastation, and lack of confidence in the main character of the "people".
    The main thing is to be puzzled with the question "What to do?", And not "Who is to blame?"
    1. W1950
      W1950 April 11 2014 12: 48
      Who is to blame? Of course, Russia. They didn’t have any thieving governments, they lived like Christ’s bosom, and then Russian oligarchs appeared, bought everything up and destroyed.
      What to do? Continue to whine and look for the guilty neighbor, since they are about to take care of the Americans, they can wait until the Americans drop the beach packages so that it’s not so boring, but fat and vodka will have to be forgotten.
  5. skyil
    skyil April 11 2014 12: 40
    Little man or not of this world ?! Hey, open your eyes and open your ears, it's not the 17th on the street, here the USA and Nato, wake up the Slavs, stop sleeping and eat fat! fool
    1. vitamin ky
      vitamin ky April 11 2014 14: 05
      it’s pointless - he was born like that - he’ll die like that -
  6. Sanglier
    Sanglier April 11 2014 12: 42
    And the article is clearly provocative ... The President really wants to build a COUNTRY, and what it will be called - the USSR or the Russian Empire is not so important. The important thing is that it will be a COUNTRY !!!
  7. sso-xnumx
    sso-xnumx April 11 2014 12: 42
    Quote: Salamander
    Alas, the Russians choose leaders who think for them, do for them, and the people listen and execute!

    But good Ukrainians hear the EU and the United States and generally do nothing but jumping in place ....
    Now, if you are all so smart in your place, then why aren't you rich? AND?
    What is the above narrative of a creative hereditary intellectual about?
    Yes, actually speaking about nothing ...
    They did not accept the child to play in the sandbox, so he decided to cry at least to someone ...
  8. Evkur
    Evkur April 11 2014 12: 43
    Auto RU! The article is very large, write in short!
  9. mamont5
    mamont5 April 11 2014 12: 43
    What to say about the author? The apple does not fall far from the cherry. Let him look at Ukraine before criticizing Russia.
  10. avt
    avt April 11 2014 12: 46
    Another Lupezdron decided to strain his brain and issued this one laughing Oh, this Soviet intelligentsia woke up one day as a bearer of the Great Ukrainian idea. "Putin's customs wars made us reach for the EU" ----- this is a waste of time! TS ??? ,, Simultaneous seizure of administration buildings and weapons rooms in the buildings of the SBU of Donetsk, Lugansk, Kharkov and attempts to do this in Kherson, Nikolaev, Dnepropetrovsk and Zaporozhye indicate this.

    But it would have been impossible to do this in Western Ukraine. For there are no enterprises there working for Russia. The largest Lviv bus plant, which provides buses to the entire USSR, was bought by the Russian oligarch Churkin and instead of thousands of buses produces 1-2 buses a year! All the giants of the Soviet industry have been privatized and utilized, but information technologies have exploded and our computer specialists earn more than the entire Donbass. They need an alliance with the EU, not with a backward Russia. "------ Oh, how! It turns out that the information computer specialist Muzychko did not seize weapons from law enforcement agencies and did not break into administrative buildings! The European mindset and culture did not allow the deceased with his comrades!" Author: Ph.D. Vladimir Sirotenko ( Verbitsky), the great-grandson of the author "Ukraine has not yet died" "---- and it seems like a hereditary schizophrenic.
    1. Predator
      Predator April 11 2014 15: 57
      Okay, let him be a jerk! But you don’t need to touch the Soviet intelligentsia!
  11. Fuzeler
    Fuzeler April 11 2014 12: 48
    What kind of nonsense?
    Either the author is encrypted so that he is not accused of Russophilia, or whether he owns the materiel poorly. He, and, it seems, sympathizes with the Donbass, and, at the same time, spills mud on him.
    I don’t know, guys, as you, but in my opinion, the article consists of mutually exclusive paragraphs.
    And by the way, what kind of system engineers are there, who in Ukraine receive more than the Donbass combined?
  12. ran nearby
    ran nearby April 11 2014 12: 49
    "horses, people mixed in a heap" (c) So it is with the author. Although K.T.N. and the analysis is lame. Taki maydanuty, although not completely.
    1. parusnik
      parusnik April 11 2014 12: 55
      Taki maydanuty, although not completely...Just starts to sober up, hops in my head still wandering ..
      1. Egoza
        April 11 2014 14: 39
        Quote: parusnik
        Taki maydanuty, although not completely.

        You're not right! He is not Maidan! He is truly Ukrainian, a nationalist, but not ardent, he recognizes other nations, is worried about the country (in his own way). And there are so many! Well, at least not as terry as UNA_UNSO and Bandera. That is the main thing. But you can still live with such people.
        1. stalkerwalker
          stalkerwalker April 11 2014 14: 50
          Quote: Egoza
          And there are so many

          Elena! hi
          This is the "gray herd" that is ready to chew the "gum" served on an information plate with a Bandera border - no matter what the edge, the main thing is delicious ...
    2. podpolkovnik
      podpolkovnik April 11 2014 12: 56
      Quote: next to run
      "Although KTN, the analysis is lame.

      K.T.N. - this is probably Candidate of So-called Sciences?
  13. The comment was deleted.
  14. gesha313
    gesha313 April 11 2014 12: 53
    Fairytale DLB!
  15. Igarr
    Igarr April 11 2014 12: 54
    This is still wherever it went. More precisely, it didn’t go anywhere.
    In the author’s head, in spite of KTH, there is one parsley from the Maidan's beds. And the tops are spreading.
    To taste all the relish .. or to taste ... you need to read the site
    Here there are deposits .... non-fallow lands.
    Where there, by some unnecessary grandchildren of the copyists of the Polish anthem.
    Fifteen hundred thousand times you will think - why such "brothers"? At least the younger ones, even the older ones, at least some.
    With the tanks we stand.
    Okay, at least we're with tanks.
    And they are generally cancer. Pedro on Pedra in the government, and he determines the quality of gas.
    Well - KTN - Ukrainian flood.
  16. parusnik
    parusnik April 11 2014 12: 54
    The hangover will be difficult, because there will be nothing to hangover ..
    1. vitamin ky
      vitamin ky April 11 2014 14: 10
      yes brost men: drunk, wake up, do cancer, never !!!! - all this scribble in the article is nonsense and nonsense
  17. serega.fedotov
    serega.fedotov April 11 2014 12: 56
    The Martian is lonely! And stupid and naive, for the Maidan, all the time!
  18. Rubmolot
    Rubmolot April 11 2014 12: 58
    Crying, crying and crying again ...
    After the collapse of the USSR, many countries went their own way. The choice was: East, or West.
    Only Ukraine chose a choice for geopolitics that is not clear - for a clever one.

    On weekdays "East", on weekends "West".

    We don’t need to cry here over spilled milk!

    The trick of shortsightedness: it sees well only under the nose, and not into the distance, and therefore it often falls into the same trap that it has set for others.
  19. jktu66
    jktu66 April 11 2014 13: 02
    Putin’s customs wars made us reach for the EU, and Yanukovych even went to sign an association agreement. Putin threatened something with our Coward, and he did somersault in the direction of the vehicle.
    Distorts ktn facts. Yanuk wanted to sit on 2 chairs, bargain for loans and a discount on gas, and therefore flirted with the EU, not realizing that the people had come, or rather, was directed in the direction that mattresses needed. After all, I received both a loan and a discount from Russia, and a kick in the ass from a self-grown 5th column ...
  20. kolyhalovs
    kolyhalovs April 11 2014 13: 02
    I think the author, after writing the article, moved to Belarus? Because if I were a Ukrainian, having read this (here it’s bad here, it’s even worse, it’s a nightmare here, and here it’s a shame, in Russia it’s even worse than ours, except perhaps Belarus, which still has the USSR. ..) would either move to Belarus or drown.
  21. Sochi
    Sochi April 11 2014 13: 04
    How do I see the future of Ukraine? - But I don’t see, such a Ukraine has no future.
  22. Vrvarius
    Vrvarius April 11 2014 13: 04
    blame Putin in any strange situation? does it destroy the integrity of Ukraine? what nonsense? the heirs of the Commonwealth? maybe this is the case? all noticed that talk only about history and patriotism? but where are the ways to solve the crisis in the country? or trident on the background of the flag works wonders? can citizens pray poorly?
    1. maximus235
      maximus235 April 11 2014 15: 59
      Trident in the head!
  23. kopar
    kopar April 11 2014 13: 05
    But he subscribed to the article beautifully.
    "the great-grandson of the author" Ukraine has not yet died "" .... PR man ...
    1. desant_doktor
      desant_doktor April 11 2014 15: 42
      As for the great-grandson ... This in itself is a dubious recommendation, by the way ...
  24. Sergey Medvedev
    Sergey Medvedev April 11 2014 13: 11
    The author clearly smoked the Ukrainian-EU media. Somehow he circumvented the topic of the seizure of weapons by short-lived Muzychki, cookie interventions of EU diplomats, etc. He already believes in the omnipotence of GDP! Author, Putinist, however.
  25. jktu66
    jktu66 April 11 2014 13: 15
    we need an alliance with the EU, and not with backward Russia.
    For the most part, the population of Ukraine is confident that living in Russia is no better than living in an independent one. In Ukraine, both products are cheaper, and communal, gas, and customs clearance of used cars ... We must oppose such arguments with strong economic growth. And we have everything for this growth, even sanctions are in our favor. It will be very disappointing if we continue to stall.
  26. shitovmg
    shitovmg April 11 2014 13: 15
    I put the article "+". It is very informative how they think and see the situation from the "other" side. Like 23 years of exposure to other values, other propaganda has affected our divergence of views. Now we are completely different people. Now it is clear why there is no mass character in the southwest. We are different!!!
  27. igorra
    igorra April 11 2014 13: 18
    People, what was that? Some great-grandson got out and began to treat us. Which Ukraine is on the basis of HRE. Almost all lands have been donated by us. Not the state, but the devil knows that. Russia as the legal successor of both the USSR and the Russian Empire has the full right to cancel all acts on the transfer of land. Ukraine is not a former colony, it did not fight for independence, and it would be absurd to fight for the return of the land of the metropolis. When will it end there? Honestly, I’m tired of watching and listening, we ourselves have a lot to do in Russia.
  28. mabuta
    mabuta April 11 2014 13: 20
    The author is strange somehow. He’s a two-seat version is the most suitable. He would work on channel 5 of UkrTV.
  29. Lesogon
    Lesogon April 11 2014 13: 24
    author drink yadu and kill yourself up the wall ..... It seems like they write advanced computer geniuses of great ukrov who earn the most in Donbass? The article is bold minus, especially the signature negative
  30. Riperbahn
    Riperbahn April 11 2014 13: 30
    Not an article, but the delirium of a Schneemermer man killed in the head.
  31. Executer
    Executer April 11 2014 13: 40
    Quote: GDP
    [b] The author reminds me of a shepherd who teaches a 21st century engineer how to make locomotives .. [/ b].
    Wake up buddy - no more than a quarter !!! and this is without taking into account now lost deposits in the Crimea ... [/ b]

    Only not "without taking into account", but Taking into account!
  32. Horn
    Horn April 11 2014 13: 45
    Author K.T.N. Volodymyr Sirotenko (Verbitsky), great-grandson of the author “She Has Not Died Ukraine”

    - Now it’s not vmerla, but it is already stinking ... What will happen when it glues fins together?
    1. Aleksandr65
      Aleksandr65 April 11 2014 14: 39
      You huge +!
  33. hhhhhhh
    hhhhhhh April 11 2014 13: 45
    I have long been waiting for what will be here and such articles in order to know what is being presented to us.
    80% of the people of Ukraine profess leftist views of Truth and Justice,

    If the majority wants "Truth and Justice" and they have the right to get it. They are the majority.
    What has the interim government done to restart enterprises with other Orders?

    In Europe, other standards, reorienting to Europe in a week will not work. These are the years. And for what money?
    For twenty years Ukraine has not been able to bring milk to European standards. Milk goes only to Russia. Europe does not need live milk.
    He (Pu) can only, destroying the integrity of Ukraine

    Already. Crimea is back.
  34. Bobxnumx
    Bobxnumx April 11 2014 13: 47
    Some nonsense, it seems written in order to "light up" among the people. Demagoguery about who needs what.
  35. Smoke
    Smoke April 11 2014 14: 01
    All the troubles of Ukraine stem from the fact that they have recently begun to support Bandera's ideas (here Bandera is a collective image of all the so-called "thinkers" from Hrushevsky to modern Kravchuk and Yushchenko).
    In Ukraine, now all the time they shout that there are no Bandera, but the Ukrainians apparently forgot who they are.
    Bandera are those who betrayed the unity and inviolability of the Russian world: Ukrainians, Russian Belarusians are a single nation, which owns, along with other peoples, 1/6 of the land on the planet and has the right to live and prosper in this territory.
    Stepan Bandera, relying on false and historically rigged theories, betrayed this trinity and proclaimed that Ukrainians are a separate nation, while proclaiming an independent state in 41 in the already existing state of Ukraine, which was part of the USSR. At the same time, the methods of "struggle" and methods of achieving goals are beyond the line by which a person is separated from an animal ...
    Russia has never in its entire history been opposed to the creation by the Ukrainians of its state; during the time of Khmelnitsky, Bogdan actively and gratuitously helped Bogdan with money, weapons, and people. But at the same time, Ukraine should have remained fraternal - that is, within the framework of the Russian world.
    With the coming to power of Kravchuk, who in childhood, by his own admission, carried food to the traitors' stash, slogans appeared in Ukraine "Ukraine is the second Storage", enough "to feed the damned mothers" and so on. Okay, good, we realized that you have matured and want to live with your mind, okay! Separated, even Crimea was left to you, the price of gas and oil Russia until 2009. for Ukraine sold much below the global - that is, fraternally. She didn’t close her domestic market for Ukrainian manufacturers either - fraternally. And the overwhelming majority of the Russian population did not resent such an attitude towards Ukraine - you are yours, you are brothers to us.
    Everything changed with the advent of Yushchenko. Yushchenko has renounced brotherhood - he took and proclaimed Bandera theses on the Holodomor state politics. then famine was everywhere, and in Kazakhstan, and in Siberia, and in the Volga region — cases of cannibalism were recorded everywhere. But only nationalists of the OUN in the 40-50s began to pedal the topic of the Holodomor - a planned action of the Kremlin directed against the Ukrainian nation. And Yushchenko accepted this Bandera idea! Moreover, he introduced it into education - and now in Ukraine Bandera people grow up and are brought up, even Russian-speaking - they are already Bandera. In Ukrainian schools, a completely different story is presented to children. Look at yourself in the mirror of the author - there stands Bandera - a man who has renounced the Russian World of the Belarusians of the Great Russians and Ukrainians.
  36. Smoke
    Smoke April 11 2014 14: 02
    Continue - everything did not fit.

    And now in Russia, thank God, understanding is coming. In Ukraine you are now constantly shouting "Can we figure it out ourselves without Russia's interference?" There are 2 options:
    - No, it’s impossible, because Ukrainians - an ethnic group - are part of the Russian world, and without the help of Russia, Ukraine will not be able to deal with its problems.
    - It’s possible, Ukrainians are now a separate nation But in this case - from now on and always money ahead, there will also be no subsidies to the Ukrainian economy due to reduced gas prices, since 2015 - visa restrictions on entering Russia + closing the Russian domestic market for Ukrainian producers. If you want to be a separate nation, as Bandera commanded (in this case, Bandera is a collective image of the Grushevsky Millers and other traitors) - be it, but don’t whine that such a nikharish Putin doesn’t give us haz - the freebie is over.
    Just because you don’t understand something and do not rummage about something does not relieve you of responsibility for decisions made by someone for you.
    Russia is not to blame for the fact that Ukraine has taken the path of banderization, which means confrontations with Russia and Belarus. And believe me, that f * ck that was at the Vegetable very soon will seem to you to be the best time for Nenko’s existence, and in all aspects, from the standard of living to the culture and political rights and opportunities.
    The only way out of Ukraine is to criminally prosecute Bandera’s supporters — to declare them traitors and, at best, enemies, since these are the dregs and outcasts of the Russian world.
  37. mihasik
    mihasik April 11 2014 14: 03
    What a mess! At the time of the collapse of the USSR, Ukraine was the richest of the former republics. Moreover, the Russian Federation also took over the debts of the former republics and Ukraine, too. Plus a bunch of privileges in the form of discounts, duty-free trade within the CIS, plus the maintenance and destruction of Ukrainian nuclear weapons (this is for Svidomo: VERY EXPENSIVE!). What hindered is, develop, I do not want to!
    To the author: You’ll sometimes look in the mirror when you blame Russia and Putin! Apart from you, nobody can tear out your country! And further. Before writing this heresy, read the political economy and history in Ukraine (not in your new edition). Or they don’t teach this at Lviv schools, and you already burned the libraries !?
  38. Not angry
    Not angry April 11 2014 14: 04
    The delusional article didn’t even finish reading negative
  39. Giant thought
    Giant thought April 11 2014 14: 22
    The author of the article has a maidan in his head. In the form in which Ukraine is now, it has no future without options. The dead end in which Yatsenyuk led her, Turchinov and others like them, led by overseas puppeteers, has no way out. That is, it will be the end of Ukraine as a state, although it can be called so with a stretch
  40. Aleksandr65
    Aleksandr65 April 11 2014 14: 25
    "Horses, people mingled in a heap ..." How else did his head not break? He loves and nostalgic for the USSR, and at the same time stands a mountain for Ukraine! He does not see that it is Putin who is gathering all the former republics, including the Krajina, into the CU and the EU - isn't this a renewed USSR? These are amazing Ukrainian people
    1. Egoza
      April 11 2014 14: 48
      Quote: Aleksandr65
      He loves and nostalgic for the USSR, but at the same time he is standing for Ukraine as a mountain! He doesn’t see that it is Putin who collects all the former republics in the CU and the EU, including Krajina, isn’t this a renewed USSR? Amazing people are Ukrainians

      Yes, that's just the point! He really loves the USSR (I met this author on the Internet) Foaming at the mouth, defended the USSR - honestly! BUT at the moment, he believes that the GDP is gathering an empire in which Ukraine will not be as free as it was under the USSR! I dare to assure you that they would say that the USSR-2 would be (without the capitalists-imperialists) - many would support! Very, very! And now they are increasingly slowing down due to the fact that the idea is implanted "there are not enough of our oligarchs on our necks, so they will also put Russian oligarchs on our necks!" Therefore, they do not support!
  41. Elena54
    Elena54 April 11 2014 14: 30
    Why does the grandson of such an eminent grandfather not speak about the true reasons for the collapse of Ukraine? Your Maidan has been going on for 20 years, even longer. I was in Kiev in 1987 in the USSR, and then on Khreshchatyk there was a constant Maidan. Then, when the USSR collapsed, or did you become self-serving than Russia interfered with? You chose all the rulers yourself, rewrote the entire history of Ukraine, ruined the economy, and in December gathered at this ill-fated Maidan. In which of the following did Russia have a hand? But you are because of your confusion and chaos. Allowed to the Maidan and then to the power of the Nazis !!!! it is a fact!!!! And then Russia gave its voice for its people, Russian and Ukrainian, Tatar and so on. Yes, for the pensioners who remember the USSR, but for the miners who need work !!!!! For people !!!!! And I am proud that Putin was not silent about how often it was, but made the right decision to support those who ask for support
  42. vovan50
    vovan50 April 11 2014 14: 50
    "As for me, the greatest tragedy of my life was the death of the Great Power of My Childhood and Youth."
    If this is about the Soviet Union, then we need to restore our common big country, we all need to unite under the banner of one country, and not disengage. And there will be no tragedies. As for the Lviv programmers, I somehow doubt that they will be cooler than ours. And the point is not at all in encoders, but in technology.
  43. Igor62
    Igor62 April 11 2014 15: 01
    the author on the Maidan apparently hit on the head. bullshit
  44. Good cat
    Good cat April 11 2014 15: 03
    Nonsense, not an article, most likely a fake. Once again, the title of the article "How .. etc, etc." Where about the future and who trusts ???? It is not clear how it was bad and all bad
  45. Freemason
    Freemason April 11 2014 15: 24
    It seems like he started well ... And he even wrote everything right about the current government in Ukraine .. but still the author sees and blames Russia for all the troubles. Hey lad !! I'll tell you a little truth. You yourself are to blame for everything. All of you, every one of you. You have all the rulers, oligarchs, bosses and housing and communal services - you yourself. They are the same Ukrainians. And here's another ... about the fact that you are Aryans ... my second wife is Khokhlushka))) Ukrainian father, Russian mother. Russian grandfather, Ukrainian grandmother, it happened historically. You as they say, too, half a century rotted Poles, Tatars and other Turks))) And children were born, and grandchildren were .. and the blood in them also flows "Ukrainian". The story we have with you is ONE Common! And read the story besides the one that is taught in your school now, check to whom Kievan Rus paid tribute. Ariytsi M.lya, supposedly all blondes and blue eyes.
    Article minus.
  46. doc62
    doc62 April 11 2014 15: 30
    another wretched drew
  47. Pacifist
    Pacifist April 11 2014 15: 32
    the rotten genome in the great-granddaughter gushes straight. tearful thoughts over the half-corpse of the Frankenstein state were apparently written into DNA and spoil the brain at birth by the inability to soberly look at things. sadness.
  48. komissar
    komissar April 11 2014 15: 38
    The article is clearly custom-made and provocative
  49. stoker
    stoker April 11 2014 15: 43
    At first I read it. It is always interesting to understand the opponent. A mixture of children's lies and irrational delirium.
    But how revealed the role of housing and communal services in Ukrainian political and social processes! Moreover, the formation of the state !! Where does such a knowledge of the topic come from by a Kiev intellectual. Interestingly, the author invented a toilet bowl of some revolutionary form, or calculated the optimal bending radius of a fan pipe.
    Let us be condescending to this descendant of the violence of the unknown Polish landsknecht and his great-great-great-grandmother. But let him go to Europe. We with our "swamp" do not know what to do. We only lack Maidata.
    And the last one. Dear author, in Russia there is a parliament and a president. The leaders remained only with savages and in Ukraine.
  50. ybrcfy27
    ybrcfy27 April 11 2014 15: 49
    Hmm ... and the guy is stupid, Ukraine turns out to be the heir to the Commonwealth, and I have always thought that Poland was the heiress, although in those days Poland had normal warriors and men ... fool