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New Mi-26 and Mi-28Н - now in camouflage

On 30 and 31 March 2014, spotters photographed new-built helicopters of a new construction for the Russian Air Force - transport Mi-26 (board number "80 red") and combat Mi-28N (at the factory airdrome of Rostvertol OJSC in Rostov-on-Don, March 70 and 71, XNUMX) white tail numbers "XNUMX" and "XNUMX"). A characteristic feature of all three helicopters is spotted "green" camouflage applied to them. Thus, in the coloring of new army helicopters aviation The Russian Air Force has finally departed from a monochromatic dark gray paint scheme.

The Mi-26 helicopter with the 80 red tail number (34001212639 serial number, 32-09 serial number) was built by Rostvertol under the 2010 contract of the year with the Russian Ministry of Defense for the supply of 18 of such vehicles and is the first helicopter built by the company under this contract in 2014 year, and 15-m helicopter under this contract as a whole.

Earlier, Rostvertol built four military Mi-26 helicopters in 2011 under the aforementioned contract, seven in 2012 (of the last, only six were handed over in 2012, and the helicopter with serial number 34001212635 / 32-05 serial number was already delivered 2013 year) and three - in 2013 year. It is reported that 1 on April 2014 of the Rostvertol began testing the next X-NUMX th Mi-16 helicopter under this contract (26 serial number, 34001212640-32 serial number, the helicopter is not yet colored and does not have a tail number).

The new Mi-28H are, apparently, the first helicopters of this type, built on Rostvertol in the 2014 year, and, presumably, the 79 and 80-th machine of the Mi-28H type (taking into account the experimental and pre-series). It is possible that both of these helicopters will be the first Mi-28H to be delivered to the 549-th Army Aviation Base (Pribylovo airfield) of the Western Military District.

The new transport helicopter Mi-26 (tail number "80 red", serial number 34001212639, serial number 32-09), built by Rostvertol for the Russian Air Force. Rostov-on-Don, 30.03.2014 (c) Mikhail Mizikayev /

The new transport helicopter Mi-26 (serial number 34001212640, serial number 32-10), built by Rostvertol for the Russian Air Force. Rostov-on-Don, 01.04.2014 (c) Mikhail Mizikayev /

The new combat helicopter Mi-28H (tail number "70 white"), built by Rostvertol for the Russian Air Force. Rostov-on-Don, 30.03.2014 (c) Mikhail Mizikayev /
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  1. moremansf
    moremansf April 2 2014 10: 26
    Re-equipment goes !!!
    1. Ivan Petrovich
      Ivan Petrovich April 2 2014 10: 28
      and we have no other way.
      1. cosmos111
        cosmos111 April 2 2014 10: 49
        New Mi-26 and Mi-28Н - now in camouflage

        the main thing is that for more units, the army was supplied (((
        and there were helicopters, all-weather and all-day !!!
        1. jjj
          jjj April 2 2014 11: 09
          I recall the words from a song of school years:
          "Carry, doves, carry
          Our greetings to the peoples of the world! "
          1. The comment was deleted.
    2. Army1
      Army1 April 2 2014 11: 10
      The main thing is that everything will be fine in the country, without any bulk, and the whole world will speak Russian
      1. _Lexa_
        _Lexa_ April 2 2014 11: 41
        ... and power will come with us!
        1. Ased
          Ased April 2 2014 14: 07
          Dear! Isn’t it more important for helicopters to have camouflage under heavenly colors? In the end, on the ground, you can cover with a net ...
          1. koosss
            koosss April 2 2014 15: 52
            so from below it is heavenly (when it flies, against the background of the sky), and above it is camouflage) what is the point of making it all "heavenly" in color)
            1. The comment was deleted.
            2. The comment was deleted.
        2. The comment was deleted.
  2. Putnik960
    Putnik960 April 2 2014 10: 30
    Pribylovo airfield, because there were no combat helicopters before. And so the old helicopter regiment.
  3. Sergei75
    Sergei75 April 2 2014 10: 32
    And what, before, "Cows" for the army were somehow painted differently? Where are the bows?
    In brought, it remains only a new batch of boots, arrived in the unit, rejoice.
    1. inkass_98
      inkass_98 April 2 2014 14: 39
      Quote: Sergei75
      And what, before, "Cows" for the army were somehow painted differently?

      Colorized. Pserdyukov ordered that it was beautiful, like NATO, dark gray so that everything was.
  4. wizarden
    wizarden April 2 2014 10: 32
    And I liked the gray one more, some kind of association with novelty, rearmament arose. Well, if we go back to camouflage, then it was necessary to do "digital".
  5. RUSS
    RUSS April 2 2014 10: 32
    We switched back to the "native" camouflage, although I liked the dark gray color more, it is perhaps more aggressive and modern.
  6. Fitter65
    Fitter65 April 2 2014 10: 33
    Still, the BBC inscription in Russia would be removed ...
  7. RBLip
    RBLip April 2 2014 10: 35
    Yes, what's the difference to us even such
    1. RBLip
      RBLip April 2 2014 10: 37
      even such
    2. core
      core April 2 2014 10: 38
      it is night black, the best camouflage for night hunting.
  8. johnsnz
    johnsnz April 2 2014 10: 37
    and for the parades, paint one in tricolor!
    DAYMAN April 2 2014 10: 41
    The main thing - do not let down with quality!
  10. tommytros
    tommytros April 2 2014 10: 44
    The main thing is that there is something to camouflage, but how? - the second question !!!
  11. RUSS
    RUSS April 2 2014 10: 49
    Shoigu "muddies" with painting, then he wants to paint the tanks in a uniform color to save paint, but I don’t mind the paint turntables, again the question of the stars on the fuselages has not been resolved, they wanted less and dotted like on the T-50, but again they paint huge half of the helicopter and why then camouflage, if red stars of this size unmask equipment?
    1. wizarden
      wizarden April 2 2014 11: 02
      I agree about the star. Well done in the Navy.
      1. jjj
        jjj April 2 2014 11: 12
        Here, too, is not so simple. It was a ball traditional, then almost black, then light. Although, according to experience, a dark ball does not fade longer in the sun, less often to paint ...
  12. Leshka
    Leshka April 2 2014 10: 51
    beautiful looker good
  13. Vtel
    Vtel April 2 2014 10: 53
    The owner, maybe this color?
    Why come in without knocking?
    Go out into the corridor and wait
    until they call you.
    Then pick the color yourself
    and himself beautiful.
    I'm not here.
    1. Starover_Z
      Starover_Z April 2 2014 11: 10
      and here the body is plain smile Did not pick up color sad
      1. sv68
        sv68 April 2 2014 12: 52
        and why the cow is not painted
        1. Ased
          Ased April 2 2014 14: 27
          Quote: sv68
          and why the cow is not painted

          This is not a cow, but a camouflaged BMP.
          1. BIGLESHIY
            BIGLESHIY April 2 2014 15: 18
            Quote: ASed
            Quote: sv68
            and why the cow is not painted

            This is not a cow, but a camouflaged BMP.

            This is a trojan cow with a landing inside
        2. The comment was deleted.
  14. Smiles to you
    Smiles to you April 2 2014 10: 57
    And the engines on the MI-28, there will be no problems? Who is in the know? And the fact that every day is different info ... ATP ...
    1. wizarden
      wizarden April 2 2014 11: 10
      Of course, there will be Ukrainian engines for the time being ... But work in this direction is going on:

      The entire fleet of Mi-28N Night Hunter helicopters of the Russian Air Force will be equipped with VK2500 engines of only Russian production. This ITAR-TASS during the exhibition "DefExpo-2014" said the commercial director of JSC "Klimov" Dmitry Vinogradov
      1. desant_doktor
        desant_doktor April 2 2014 11: 40
        Yeah, the plant was built near St. Petersburg. Now Motor Sich is going through the forest.
  15. sinukvl
    sinukvl April 2 2014 10: 58
    Beauties !!! And it pleases that we rearm the army in practice, and not as in words.
  16. Voenruk
    Voenruk April 2 2014 11: 08
    Rostvertol spit all!)
  17. kimyth1
    kimyth1 April 2 2014 11: 11
    GLORY TO RUSSIA!!!!!!! drinks
  18. Saburo
    Saburo April 2 2014 11: 17
    Again, something with camouflage is being wise ... I never really liked the gray one, but this spotted one is just some kind of "back to the USSR". And it is still unclear whether the star has a blue border or not.
    1. wizarden
      wizarden April 2 2014 11: 35
      There is a blue border.
  19. mountain
    mountain April 2 2014 11: 19
    It’s time to develop a coating chameleon, so that on the ground and in the air, everything would look the same. repeat
  20. KOSMOS
    KOSMOS April 2 2014 11: 36
    Turntables arrive in the troops, it pleases! Our Korenovsky regiment was well packed with the brand new KA-52, MI-28N, MI-35. Well, the painting scheme will change more than once, I think not the main thing!
  21. Giant thought
    Giant thought April 2 2014 11: 38
    What is the difference what camouflage, it would be what to apply this camouflage. The more recent camouflage wearers, the more sweet and calm at heart.
  22. LIS 25
    LIS 25 April 2 2014 12: 19
    the main thing is that the technique is good and beautiful, and what color is on it no difference. rearm, trembling adversary. soldier
  23. Kulneff2009
    Kulneff2009 April 2 2014 12: 57
    Not in camouflage, it's in quantity! Give more !!!!!!!
  24. goose2
    goose2 April 2 2014 13: 03
    There is a difference in camouflage. Especially for the infantry, the gray, "Serdyukovsky" is very similar to the NATO one, and is more effective at medium altitudes, and on small ones who crawl on their belly above the ground, of course, you need to camouflage.
  25. ya.seliwerstov2013
    ya.seliwerstov2013 April 2 2014 13: 56
    Quote: moremansf
    Re-equipment goes !!!

    We are, as always, on guard of Peace and Tranquility!
  26. Platov
    Platov April 2 2014 16: 08
    A lot of such news, so that the soul rejoiced for Russia. Camouflage customized for the task.
    KAPITANUS April 2 2014 16: 25
  28. salamandra2826
    salamandra2826 April 2 2014 17: 30
    28th, the first time I saw back in the 91st. And we still can’t rearm the regiments, the third dozen went as he took off. It is time to take the next oath into service, and not repaint.
    1. Kasym
      Kasym April 2 2014 18: 07
      But also in the USA there is nothing new. Only modernization. So it is not critical. The main thing is that they started to produce in batches, and not piece goods. And it’s a pity that the Ka-50 is a decent car.
  29. cokol-xnumx
    cokol-xnumx April 2 2014 21: 10
    mi 28n night hunter is a tank killer, more of them are urgently needed in the army, especially when NATO is threatening ...