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Militants ignored calls from new Ukrainian authorities to surrender weapons


2 week unregistered campaign weaponsannounced 7 March and. The Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Arsen Avakov, showed results directly opposite to those expected: none of the armed groups of the Maidan, including the Right Sector, failed to hand over their pistols and machine guns, and the demand for hunting rifles and traumatics beat ordinary Ukrainians.

Still, Avakov had to report on the results of the campaign: the Ukrainians brought to the Interior Ministry bodies one and a half thousand firearms, another three thousand were allegedly confiscated by the police themselves. This is a tiny part of unregistered weapons in Ukraine, the number of which was estimated by various experts before the “Euro-revolution” at 3-4 million “trunks”. After the revolution, this arsenal was considerably replenished: only during the pogrom of the Lviv City Department of Internal Affairs almost 650 of service pistols, fifty AK-47 submachine guns, six sniper rifles and three thousand cartridges disappeared. By the way, only seven machine guns and fifty pistols were officially handed over from this amount.

The “Right Sector” and other “Euromaidan” groups, which were not part of the “hundreds of self-defense” and refused to join the national guard created feverishly, do not want to part with weapons. This was unambiguously stated by the nationalist leader Dmitry Yarosh, and his brother Sashko Bily in a famous video, waving a machine gun, promised the acting president. Minister Avakov has a terrible punishment if he tries to take away this machine gun from him. In Dnepropetrovsk, the Right Sector organized a show of surrender weapons: four militants in masks came to the city department and, with witnesses, surrendered these masks, promising not to hide their faces anymore. They also notified the police that they had a weapon, but would remain with them "for self-defense."

Only the 650 pistols, fifty AK-47 submachine guns, six sniper rifles and three thousand cartridges disappeared from the Lviv police department alone.

By the way, the number of members of the “Right Sector” in Dnepropetrovsk is already in the hundreds, and soon they can be legalized: on Saturday, the group announced it was transformed into a party.

The reluctance of radical nationalists to disarm and join the guard, according to observers, may soon turn into a violent conflict between the militants and their “fellow soldiers” who have joined the state. “The Guard, like self-defense, is the project of Freedom, Avakov, Parubiya — those who now declare that they are power. With Yarosh, they have not shared this power, no one is going to finance it at the state level: it is now for many political rival. Yarosh himself cannot disarm his fighters — where authority and security will go to. And here either trades with acting president Turchinov or shooting. Considering the general excited state of negotiators, first shooting, then trades, ”described the RG "the situation is a former employee of the Security Service of Ukraine ains.

However, the new Ukrainian government has every chance to get out of the situation in an original way. A draft law on the legalization of short-barreled firearms for authorship of Svoboda party members has been submitted to the committees of the Rada. If this law is passed, the official Kiev can no longer bother to disarm the militants, figuring out what kind of "hundred" or detachment of the Right Sector is behind the next raid on the bank or robbery on the street. Citizens of an independent Ukraine will have to ensure their own security on their own.
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  1. avg
    avg 25 March 2014 12: 18
    However, the new Ukrainian authorities have every chance to get out of the situation in an original way. A draft law on the legalization of short-barreled firearms has been submitted to the Rada committees for consideration

    We found fools, it was more convenient to rob with AK and RPG. wink
    1. platitsyn70
      platitsyn70 25 March 2014 13: 37
      anarchy is the mother of order, beat the whites until they turn red, beat the reds until they turn white
  2. polite people 2
    polite people 2 25 March 2014 12: 20
    Gangs in Ukraine, unfortunately, are not decreasing. It’s time for the government to make a choice - either a war against a non-existent Russian opponent, or a war against gangs at home, which are already there, and throw the whole police, army and SBU at it. The people of Ukraine will only say thank you. Here is the trust of the people. soldier
  3. Stiletto
    Stiletto 25 March 2014 12: 22
    However, the call to the bees did not work - to hand over the honey ...
  4. Aleksandr12
    Aleksandr12 25 March 2014 12: 22
    No one doubted that they would not surrender their weapons. In 1917, the Communists were also armed for one battle, and when asked to surrender their weapons, they launched a coup laughing .
  5. otschelnik
    otschelnik 25 March 2014 12: 24
    Tymoshenko: I’m ready to shoot the head of this “Bastard” of Putin.
    German newspaper Bild.
    1. Lelek
      Lelek 25 March 2014 14: 04
      There Julia sat in a leather jacket, and cocked PPSh in her hand ... Julia Volodimirovna, a place near Muzychko is free. Would you like to? negative
      1. inkass_98
        inkass_98 25 March 2014 14: 29
        Quote: Lelek
        Julia Volodimirovna, a place near Muzychko is free. Would you like to?

        Well, since the grave has not yet been dug, it is quite possible to expand, to make a double burial, there will be another Field of Mars abo Pantheon. Only aspen pegs do not forget to hammer, otherwise the demons will rise. am
  6. darksoul
    darksoul 25 March 2014 12: 24
    Quote: Stiletto
    However, the call to the bees did not work - to hand over the honey ...

    Yes, it's just a shot in the air, if only to say. They themselves understand that ostap suffered ostap have to catch only whom? Ostap is aggressive, very aggressive, he’ll set off in pursuit laughing
  7. major071
    major071 25 March 2014 12: 27
    If bandits are in power, then what kind of disarmament can we talk about? Now each of the "rulers" gathers his own gang, so that later he would not be banged by his "comrades-in-arms". The redistribution of power will and will be bloody, since after living "beautifully" no one wants the opposite. And no one thinks about the people, his shirt is closer to the body. IMHO.
  8. Siberian19
    Siberian19 25 March 2014 12: 27
    Did someone expect another?
  9. sv68
    sv68 25 March 2014 12: 29
    soon they will simply bang this power and put others on the table who, for fear of repeating the fate of their predecessors, will do whatever they are ordered without hesitation
  10. loginovich
    loginovich 25 March 2014 12: 37
    I’m afraid that Yarosh has no influence on the militants. On the whole horde of Kiev there isn’t enough disperse for a long dollar all over Ukraine. Yesterday, Ukrainian media talked about a grouping of 9 people with 7 trunks of them 4 AKM and one PM of the killed traffic cop. Korchinsky in Odessa waiting for the mayoral election. Peace in Ukraine can only dream of.
  11. serega.fedotov
    serega.fedotov 25 March 2014 12: 39
    The key words are "the power of ukrainy", but in Ukraine the power belongs to the right sektoru.Yatsenik should kiss his ass than to take weapons from themselves!
  12. kirieeleyson
    kirieeleyson 25 March 2014 12: 46
    Makhnovshchina, in full form.
  13. Gagarin
    Gagarin 25 March 2014 13: 44
    Power as under Kerensky.
  14. zeleznijdorojnik
    zeleznijdorojnik 25 March 2014 13: 47
    It is necessary to arm the southeast, the prospect of a looming civil war is understandable, but people need to be saved. A couple of hundred militants with automatic weapons may well crush a millionth city, especially if the population has no weapons.
    1. Lelek
      Lelek 25 March 2014 14: 23
      Dear Abdullah, a weapon is a tool. Resistance to evil requires determination and cohesion of people, and this is lacking in the population of the southeast. People there still look back at the Kiev authorities with a thought - maybe it will resolve. Even the leaders are strong and decisive. And then, banderlogs for many years were engaged in military training under the supervision and nurturing of NATO mentors, and the people of the south-west worked hard and fed the whole of Ukraine. It’s clear that you can’t do without weapons, but the main thing is unity and determination to protect your home, your families, your business from fascist freaks. soldier
  15. Leshka
    Leshka 25 March 2014 13: 50
    look for wind candles in the field
  16. Rohon
    Rohon 25 March 2014 13: 57
    I doubt that the East is not armed. The civil war in Ukraine is already underway, in Ukrainian ... And it’s a pity to live so well and the good acquired ... They are waiting for their uncle to do everything for them, to restore order. Accustomed to everything for free.
  17. wasjasibirjac
    wasjasibirjac 25 March 2014 14: 08
    Quote: zeleznijdorojnik
    It is necessary to arm the southeast, the prospect of a looming civil war is understandable, but people need to be saved.

    arm easy. then what - to disarm by force, because you might like it. Remember the Cossack uprisings in Ukraine during the Commonwealth. After all, they began because the Polish army could not take all the volunteers from the Ukrainian Cossacks and they raised uprisings to be accepted into the army.
  18. inkass_98
    inkass_98 25 March 2014 14: 34
    Calls to pass a law and legalize already lost trunks will also end in nothing, because for the normal operation of the law on weapons, you need to create and replenish a bulletproof magazine, regularly re-register trunks, etc. - i.e. organize the work of the licensing service. But in Ukraine, it’s dumb for the fools to carry the barrel at registration for registration, as there is an agromic chance that the bagpipe will remain there. In addition, will automatic weapons also be made out as an element of the national costume of the law-enforcement officer or Banderokra?
  19. Zaharoff
    Zaharoff 25 March 2014 14: 37
    I have a negative attitude to the free circulation of firearms. But, if such a decision is made, if it is allowed, I will be the first to stand in line for the trunk, since it is my right to protect my family and myself. As for Ukraine and so many illegal guns, I'm really scared for ordinary citizens, when there is no order in the country, there is no power, the police are beaten with truncheons on the head with impunity ... this is not the end, banditry will only bloom like this ... I consider all this in ultimately, it will aggravate the tension in society, if the "authorities" of Ukraine can prevent the collapse of the country in this scenario, this is a miracle ... if not ... then "Polite people" will come and silently correct everything :-)
  20. Chrysolite
    Chrysolite 25 March 2014 14: 51
    The beast has tasted human blood ... now it remains only at a loss.
  21. johnsnz
    johnsnz 25 March 2014 14: 52
    And it will turn out, as in a joke: a young man got a job at the Ministry of Internal Affairs, got a uniform, a weapon .... No month, second, third ....- You don’t go for salary? - And I thought they gave a gun - spin as you want!
  22. kelevra
    kelevra 25 March 2014 15: 02
    And who doubted why it was necessary to arrange this farce with the surrender of weapons. It is clear that the new government for the militants is just an instrument for their legalization!
  23. xbhxbr-777
    xbhxbr-777 25 March 2014 15: 21
    This is to be expected! Yarosh and his minions will not forgive, although they knew very well that it would be so!