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How to put out the fire with kerosene, sow the wind and love the Crimea

Everyone waited, and he declared. Thanks that Rostov alive, though not very prosperous. Viktor Yanukovych officially announced that he remains the only legitimate President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, that the power in the country has been usurped by a gang of ultranationalists and neo-fascists as a result of the anti-constitutional coup, and that it wants to unleash a war.

And what's more, representatives of the gang are tagged for the presidency, but the election of 25 in May will be completely illegitimate, because Yanukovych himself was not dismissed from office by the legal procedure, and he is the acting head of state, only without action.

Yanukovych reminded our foreign curators about the same, in particular, the United States and his followers, they say, we should not finance the gang that came to power as a result of usurpation and in an absolutely illegitimate way.

The word legitimacy in our country did not just lose any meaning and turned into an empty sound envelope. It has become a mark of transcendental cynicism, the most arrogant manipulation and contempt for the law.

It is about the legitimacy / illegitimacy of any actions of opponents around the clock hammering us in temechko all sides of the growing multi-vector conflict in the country.

The authorities, who took the throne as a result of a massive violation of the Constitution and much of the articles of the Criminal Code, the next day began to inflate their cheeks about the illegality of the absolutely mirror actions of their opponents. Come on cheeks, burst, and do not mind, so began the arrests. Dobkin in the SIZO on charges of unconstitutional actions and appeals to separatism, and the activist Klinchaev in Lugansk for participating in the illegal seizure of administrative building.

Here, true revolutionaries with polonn who took all the administration rooms of the KSCA amuse themselves over the Lugansk region, who organized life and entertainment in the metropolitan mayor's office on such a scale that the new gauleiter of Kiev cannot begin to fulfill a high mission. Quietly, on tsyrlah, ingratiating, interested in the nagged fellows - which, they say, if you please, and well done to him - let the apartment in Kiev, endured.

And what, you think, will not give? I'm not sure.

So, the Luhansk citizen, illegally deprived of freedom by the unbridled idiot Lyashko with the same accomplices, has already been arrested, and the head Avakov, as if consulting with the society, sets up on Facebook, where his office chair is, the only question is what to do with Lyashko, incredibly somehow happened, the video took off the real mockery and torture, and he is a people's deputy. Well, the crow doesn’t bite the crow, I’m sure that the Vilonosets will remain at large without any shortage. Klinchaev was not lucky - he took the wrong administrative building at the wrong time. Those who are lucky and who have taken this and that, will be marked by their country as heroes - already the bills are ready.

Of the other heroes, it is planned to make the National Guard. Something like Tonton-Macoutes, the Haitian voluntary security army, which the government used to fight the opposition. The guys had all the rights they wanted, armed at their discretion with cold and firearms. weapons, they carried out reprisals and mob trials, scaring the civilian population - just as, incidentally, the government, which, in theory, was supposed to control them, but became their own hostage.

The idea does not shine with novelty, but is an attempt to implant in society the idea that the fighters of the Maidan can replace the state repressive apparatus for restoring order. However, we read the crime chronicle: "Around 30, a masked man in camouflage uniforms, armed with metal sticks and baseball bats, broke into the premises of the Svyatoshinsky district prosecutor’s office and beat one of the prosecutors in the capital. During his beating, they hit with batons and used stun guns. In addition, the perpetrators threatened to kill him and his family if he did not leave Kiev within 24 hours. At the same time, the attackers demanded that the prosecutor write a letter of resignation and refuse to support the state prosecution in the criminal proceedings, which is now being considered in the Svyatoshinsky District Court of the capital. ”

Are these candidates for the National Guard being formed? Masks, bits, stun guns. Requirements to drop charges. Has judicial reform already taken place or is it still on the march? Prosecutors and judges are now independent? Are their decisions legitimate? What do our attentive curators from the democratic world think there? This is it?

Perhaps the guys acted within the framework of the announced lustration? Well, indeed, could the public decide that this particular prosecutor could not support the prosecution? What, you say, was it an attempt to ruin the criminal case and intimidate the prosecutor? But today, another version is much more popular - the fighters against injustice have prophylactically inspired the prosecutor where his place in justice is.

Perhaps these were the very same guys who brutally beat the elderly Yan Tabachnik, the regional deputy, humiliated him in every way, threatened to kill children. Yan Petrovich always traveled a lot around the colonies, he aroused the good lyre in the fallen feelings, and now the fallen ones themselves came. However, what are they fallen? They are fighters for revolutionary legitimacy. And what about Tabachnik?

Or here. Two defendants, Lev Prosvirin and Dmitry Reva, were released from the courtroom because the prosecutor’s office refused to support the charges because of the lack of evidence that the defendants in the terrorist attack in Dnepropetrovsk were involved two years ago, when 4 people suffered as a result of 31's explosions. Is it possible to be sure that the prosecutor refused because of the love of justice? Or was the electric shocker and the bat shown in the window?

The issues of legitimacy were also taken by our Verkhovna Rada. All the attention - the Crimea. Today, he adopted a declaration of independence, not even waiting for the referendum, which was declared illegal by our authorities and curators from the EU and the US, who, nevertheless, allowed Kosovo to be separated from Serbia, even though it protested.

The parliament called on the Crimean people not to participate in the referendum and, for its convincing persuasiveness, scored financial sanctions in its appeal to the brim. Cash flows to the Crimea were interrupted a few days ago, and today the State Financial Monitoring Service of Ukraine has blocked the accounts of the charitable organization "35-I Coastal Battery", which were used to receive assistance to the fund of support of Sevastopol. The money was sent to pay for the urgent needs of the city, for which state budget funding was discontinued - cleaning the city and taking out the garbage, buying fuel for the municipal police car park, paying for medicines for socially unprotected groups of the population. Well, there you are guys. Ukraine loves Crimea.

Crimeans, however, did not impress the whip and gingerbread performed by the new government. The idea to sew a country with multiple round-the-clock chiselling in the heads of citizens of the sweet mantras of unity was good, but very late. Years on 20 approximately. The dash about a single country on the screens looks very politically correct, but too intrusive. Naturally, artificially. It would have to be removed at those times when, for example, Professor Yanevsky, with difficulty restraining sour-squeamish facial expressions, talks about the Crimea and reminds Korchinsky's great aphorism - “Crimea will be either Ukrainian or deserted”. At this moment, the feeling of surrealism and the total oxymoron that has won Ukraine is so acute that it would be better to change the plate to something else. Well, cats, or something, post it.

This banner is not very appropriate in those moments (approximately every 59 from 60), when the tone of journalistic reports is so transparently hostile towards the South-East that you wonder - really, the channels could not throw off several sessions of hypnosis and acting lessons for their correspondents?

All these "Heaps of separatists", "groups of drunken titus", "a flock of foreign provocateurs" - they cut the ears of even the most zealous patriot, who dreams of a thousand-year-old unitary Ukraine. Well, you are the type promised to start loving this nasty South-East with its strange inhabitants, which you so comfortably and with impunity you called all the newest cattle and cattle history country. I understand, it is difficult to love, you will not be forced by love.

Here elementary skills of mastering face and speech could work, but even these are our feather sharks and keyboard crocodiles do not want to do. Many, on the contrary, all face down to the heels depict heavy moral suffering, telling viewers that some Donetsk or Kharkov chota have decided to speak out for their stupid rights.

I do not know, maybe the guys are afraid of reprisals. Willingly believe. In our victorious democracy, threats to the bearer of any dissent quickly became commonplace. Today I learned that, it turns out, a moratorium on criticism of the authorities is in effect in the country. What kind of people, it turns out, can be our patient media outlets, but the situation on 2010 has been demanded literally the next day after the elections.

However, the residents of the South-East for some reason do not want to believe a kindly smile of a lying crocodile. Something in the spinal cord is felt. They say - the channels are scattered militant nonsense, heightening the premonition of war - civil and national. Some viewers naturally faint from what they heard, and there is no such insanity that could surely be labeled as impossible to appear on our screens.

Russian channels wage their war, and sometimes the most enchanting nonsense sounds on them, news the issues are reminiscent of propaganda marathons, but these are channels overseas, in addition, in some places already prohibited. Do we want to believe our own?

The current government is incredibly lucky - it came to us not only on bayonets and hammer radicals, but also on the feathers of journalists who adore it, who are not seen either by meanness or by lies. Please note - the entire sane world is already loudly demanding an investigation of the tragic topic of sniper shooting; military experts in millimeter and seconds disassemble available video; social network activists demand to tell you where the Pashinsky sniper rifle was carrying, and only our investment geniuses, our passionate reporters of ulcers and toilet bowls of the past regime modestly remain silent in rags. Or moo something unintelligible to direct questions, taking an example from our favorite Ashton.

Snipers have no time to do. All are looking for compromising on the new leaders of the south-eastern protest. It turns out that they are all psychopaths, hooligans, schizophrenics and fascists - there is no place to put marks. The ones that yesterday, for 5 rubles, were giants, and these are small and inconspicuous. Well, like raki.

Participants in the pro-Russian movements are referred to as extremely aggressive Ukrainophobes, and after all, they just want to live in their Ukraine — kind and cozy for everyone. But they were not covered, they weren’t cooked, they thought they would peretopchitsya in the front hall and finish off the bars, but they are the unexpected! - Wanted to the main hall, where the fate of the motherland is decided. Perhaps not ideal, well, so it’s not ideal for you to exact something, you turn around on your music.

How to deal with this? If rationally, then stretch out your hand, recognize the right, appease ponts and ambitions, but where is the mind, and where are the hawks of the new wondrous world?

Leadership on Facebook is uncompromising. Enemies are firing. Naturally - hang. That is, first promise the golden mountains, lie, make concessions, but then by all means hang them up. One country, understand? No?

Gritsenko demands war, even accuses Turchinov of being passive, practically of treason. Actually, if you believe the Ukrainian channels, the war is already underway, and Russia attacked Ukraine. Get up, the country is huge. It is a pity that we cannot find out whether the children of our formidable throats have signed up with the militia. The son of Gritsenko, who bravely drove a car to break the fences of the henchmen of the old regime, was already safe at the time like sex in a condom. Two sons of Lutsenko are both of draft age. Yes, their legion, kids. Revolutionary students, trampling on the Maidan under the slogan "Also can't be!", But not always remembering even the names of the hypothetically studied subjects. All of them somehow avoided even scratching the Independence, but then the war. Real military action. Excuses like flat-footedness and myopia do not roll - you can fight with a flat foot on a modern war, tea, not mud in the infantry.

Sane believe - no war will not, nothing can be written off to it.

But the rebel regions are a problem, yes.

What to do with it is not yet clear. The government uses the whip and the usual arrogant offensive tone. Yatsenyuk again stated that the protests in the South-East were the work of provocateurs from Russia. That is, there you are stupid cattle, and you can not have any protests by default, except that imported ones. Here in Kiev - there, yes, there the people were going to honestly declare that it was impossible to live like this, according to their deep spiritual dictates. Now the nervous ladies maneuver the forums with sobs over the outgoing Crimea, stubbornly pushing the obvious - this is your mizdobuli. The real result of the Maidan.

Curators are harness. Especially hot harness Americans. Ambassador Payette demanded that the Right Sector make a statement that the guys would be good and stop using the language of intolerance. Ok, the guys thought, if only the bits and masks, stun guns and rods did not prohibit, but the language is something like that. In FB, the Right Sector publishes instructions for conducting partisan sabotage in the Crimea and calls for arming. This absolutely does not attract the attention of our fast-moving SBU.

In the example of PS Payette put "Freedom". Hidden Zagreb is praised to the very poppy - they say, evolution has made him a real person, and the members of his party are just a sight to see. And the truth is that neither Mikhalchishin, nor Ilyenko is heard, the Minister Schwaik is busy in a productive village, and the monkey yell Fahrion, apparently, Paatet simply does not translate.

Meanwhile, Yatsenyuk for the fifth day, holding the crown, calls the cool Medvedev, but he doesn’t pick up the phone, salary arrears increased by 14%, taxes are planned to be raised, and foreign exchange reserves are completely exhausted. Yanukovych, who is being blamed for everything today, including a worthy army, which allegedly has fallen into disrepair with the Minister Gritsenko, but under an evil regime, refuses to take responsibility for economic problems. He says he had a program, but they did not give it a chance. And do not check the same - and suddenly was ...
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  1. psychologist
    psychologist 13 March 2014 22: 33
    well done!! knows everything !! where have you been ?? ?? except for the division of money, I did not know anything before, but now the academician is right!
    1. Roman Skomorokhov
      Roman Skomorokhov 13 March 2014 23: 01
      Fine. Let it burn. let them read. Let them think. Maybe they’ll come up with it.
      1. afdjhbn67
        afdjhbn67 14 March 2014 06: 38
        Nyura asks to "remind our foreign curators" who is this?
    2. stayer
      stayer 13 March 2014 23: 21
      Quote: psychologist
      well done!! knows everything !! where have you been ?? ??

      Only this is her. Usually the young ladies quickly realize that there is no money and there is a full paragraph ahead ...
  2. Riperbahn
    Riperbahn 13 March 2014 22: 37
    Yeah - jumped.
    1. GSH-18
      GSH-18 13 March 2014 23: 17
      Quote: "Pay attention - the whole sane world is already loudly demanding an investigation of the tragic topic of a sniper shooting;"
      ====================================================================== =================
      Say thanks to our Ministry of Foreign Affairs-raised this problem to the world level. And that would be swept under the carpet, as Lavrov put it

      Quote: "Russian channels are waging their war, and sometimes the most enchanting nonsense sounds on them, news broadcasts resemble propaganda marathons, but these are overseas channels, moreover, in some places already banned. "
      ====================================================================== =================
      Get ready, author, your world will soon turn from head to foot. And then you will understand that this is not nonsense. And she is very far from the fier.
  3. Name
    Name 13 March 2014 22: 37
    In general, the eternal and (Oh God, no!) RUSSIAN QUESTION - WHAT TO DO? Crackers must be dried ... although some crackers:
    1. inkass_98
      inkass_98 14 March 2014 09: 28
      Quote: name
      there was an eternal and (Oh God, no!) RUSSIAN QUESTION, WHAT TO DO?

      There is another eternal question - where to go? He, too, will soon become very, very relevant.
      And the "justice" of the current democrats of Ukraine is very similar to the Shemyakin court.
  4. moremansf
    moremansf 13 March 2014 22: 37
    For what they fought, they ran into it ... and now everyone is to blame ... an interesting theory !!!
  5. Gato
    Gato 13 March 2014 22: 43
    With all disrespect for this schmuck - he is FORMALLY still a legitimate prez. It's disgusting, but .. request
    Sitting in Rostov, you can pronounce the right words. It used to be.
    1. Roman Skomorokhov
      Roman Skomorokhov 13 March 2014 22: 59
      Previously, it was necessary to DO.
      Now let him read a piece of paper. I bet I know the man who gave him this piece of paper laughing
      1. Gato
        Gato 14 March 2014 00: 02
        gave him this piece of paper

        Who doubts? VVP Yanyk now has a kind of a trump card up his sleeve - the answer to all impotent la-la from the side of "world civility" laughing
  6. svp67
    svp67 13 March 2014 22: 48
    A patriotic American film, but how funny it sounds in the light of past events ...
  7. Hairy Siberian
    Hairy Siberian 13 March 2014 22: 48
    Viktor Yanukovych officially announced that he remains the only legitimate President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, that the power in the country has been usurped by a gang of ultranationalists and neo-fascists as a result of an unconstitutional coup, and what exactly she wants to start a war.

    A person does not give up, but is unlikely to hope for something.
  8. Cossacks
    Cossacks 13 March 2014 22: 51
    Fresh turns, and moderate sarcasm. I like it.
  9. Smiles to you
    Smiles to you 13 March 2014 22: 51
    I didn’t master the whole article. Many Letters ... But, the conclusion can be made: Yanek, trying to show that he, the acting figure (Queen), in Ukrainian politics. As a politician, with a capital letter. he ended, and to power, he will never return. His role is the President in exile (no trust), None of the Russians. no Ukrainians ... IMHO ...
  10. Dym71
    Dym71 13 March 2014 22: 53
    The word legitimacy in our country did not just lose any meaning and turned into an empty sound envelope. It has become a mark of transcendental cynicism, the most arrogant manipulation and contempt for the law.
    - and this is excuse me - the costs of the revolution, it is necessary to evaluate, and not revolution!

    PS The word legitimacy has never come across on Ukrainian sites, but the wise question is, who will lustrate lusters? - Often. hi
  11. konvalval
    konvalval 13 March 2014 22: 55
    I am outraged not only by the fact that in Ukraine the power was seized by pure gangsters and international terrorists, but most of all by the fact that all the international trash supports and covers them. I will not say anything about the nations, but the rulers of these nations are trash, scum. Peoples, come to your senses! Who do you choose?
  12. Egoza
    13 March 2014 23: 15
    No, really! Let Yanukovych return and make out at least a little the whole mess that he allowed !!!
    And let him not hope to sit in the Russian Federation !!! am He is obliged to reach the end of his presidency, and there the NORMAL leader will arrive in time, which we must prepare now! (Not without the help of an older brother, of course, to cook). wink
    1. Gato
      Gato 14 March 2014 00: 46
      Quote: Egoza
      Let Yanukovych return and make out at least a little the whole mess

      Better not. How Yanyk knows how to deal with a mess is clear to everyone.
      NORMAL leader, which we must prepare now!

      Name at least one!
      P. Gubarev is a good and right man, but he clearly does not pull on the leader, too much hysteria.
      Who else? SE has a clear deficit of leaders. If at least one normal and a little charismatic politician were found - history would begin to spin in a completely different direction. And then the GDP is not even anyone to rely on. request
      1. inkass_98
        inkass_98 14 March 2014 09: 33
        Quote: Gato
        SE has a clear deficit of leaders.

        Well, let them occupy the Crimea, everything is fine with the leaders there (though there are "polite people" behind them). If a sufficiently powerful protest movement arises, then the "little green men" will appear there automatically (by command soldier ), as "self-defense of Kharkov" (Donetsk, Lugansk, Odessa - underline the necessary).
    2. Riperbahn
      Riperbahn 14 March 2014 07: 33
      And what - right! And then shit - and like a cat under the closet !!! Let her hand rake. Give him private protection, put him on the Kharkov border and let him clean the Augean stables of his homeland!
  13. polly
    polly 13 March 2014 23: 27
    "The government that took the throne as a result of a massive violation of the Constitution and a significant part of the articles of the Criminal Code" made an official statement, the legitimacy of which was recognized by all EU members. belay lol fool
  14. Lvovich
    Lvovich 13 March 2014 23: 48
    Yanukovych had little choice. Either bloodyly disperse the Maidan and bring NATO democrats to Ukraine, or share Gaddafi’s fate (Clintonsha would giggle gaily). He chose to flee (we all want to live), while leaving Russia room for maneuver. (Not yourself - so people)
    1. Thais
      Thais 14 March 2014 00: 02
      I think Yanukovych had the only correct way out - to HEAR what he was told three times from Russia - "We will help, you just ask!" ...

      But - greed and stupidity - as you know from "Meeting Place ..." - the most precious thing in the world ...
  15. Thais
    Thais 13 March 2014 23: 57
    Yanukovych needed.
    Russia (and real Ukraine) needs it alive - as an argument in a conversation about legitimacy.
    And the junta and the curators need the dead - for the same purpose.
    His appearance in Rostov is just a signal that the junta has no argument.
  16. Viktor.N.Aleksandrov.
    Viktor.N.Aleksandrov. 14 March 2014 00: 56
    It’s written well. If it came to the brains of the population of the southeast and not only!
    1. housekeeper
      housekeeper 14 March 2014 01: 53
      Quote: Viktor.N.Aleksandrov.
      It’s written well. If it came to the brains of the population of the southeast and not only!

      Who knew how to think and so saw and understood everything.
      My work colleague suffers from "Maidanism". An active member of the Ugar Party. For three months I have been trying to reach him. Wall. Impenetrable. According to his version, Yanukovych, Putin, are to blame for everything. There is only one answer to all my arguments - "you don't understand anything!" I am beginning to fear for my mental health and liver, because without 100 grams for this bl ... it is absolutely contraindicated to watch. wassat
      1. Olegovi4
        Olegovi4 14 March 2014 01: 59
        Well, this, eat more often! We need healthy, "sober" and sane people!
        1. housekeeper
          housekeeper 14 March 2014 02: 40
          Quote: Olegovi4
          Well, this, eat more often! We need healthy, "sober" and sane people!

          Thank! But for this reason I do not want to drink. Better in the company of interesting people, but under a fascinating conversation. drinks Yes and it doesn’t matter - to drink instead of work. repeat
  17. afdjhbn67
    afdjhbn67 14 March 2014 04: 50
    Valuev’s press conference yesterday showed what a stupid person or pest did it on the channel for 24 hours; ideological sabotage bl **** it would be better to put him in the ring with the nickname