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Talking to a friend

Talking to a friend

Hi, Lyoshka!

I look at your preferences and rhetoric on the Internet - and I am amazed. They did not kill ... No one was captured ... They became free ... ??? And Russia has occupied you ... utter nonsense !!! What kind of freedom is it? The dead on the Maidan. Bandyuki in masks and with bats. Kneeling people who have fulfilled duty and oath. Yarosh, White. Demolition of monuments to Kutuzov and the soldier-liberator, the seizure of administrative buildings, the appointment of frank criminals and Russophobes. At the same time, complete financial dependence on loans. The constant presence of the American fifth column. The opposition ignores the agreements signed by the opposition leaders themselves with the authorities. So what are free? In ruin and lawlessness?

I will come today from work and watch your TV channels. Although what to watch - everyone has their own truth. You just have to decide who is lying less.

You constantly say that in order to understand you, you have to live in that country, that Putin will not bring you manna from heaven, that someone occupies you, you talk about my freedom. Do not worry about my freedom. And for my country do not suffer from insomnia.

I know that we have a lot of problems. Lots of. But the majority still lives with dignity, and I, having shook myself everywhere, from Primorye, to whom I gave 10 years of life, passed through Transbaikalia, Siberia, the Urals and the south of the country and everywhere after working for several years, I saw everything with my own eyes and passed kicks.

But about your release, wait to rejoice. I do not know what they show you, but look on the Internet. There is enough information. Meet Americans wandering around weapons in Odessa and Donetsk. This would not have dreamed recently and in a nightmare. These fighters were excellent training in all hot spots, where thanks to them people washed their blood. On the Internet, you can learn about Ukraine’s negotiations on the deployment of US missile defense systems. On the sale of the gas transmission system to Ukraine abroad and the transfer of shares of metallurgical enterprises. Particularly impressive is the latest information that the same snipers killed policemen and protesters on the Maidan. This is not the information of Russia. This is a confirmed fact by Estonia. And the worst thing is that when Ashton talked about this, she was not surprised at this terrible news, but continued to insist on the escalation of the confrontation, saying that it was necessary to hold on for a bit. I don’t know how our Lavrov will have to smile at her meeting and shake hands. Apparently after these handshakes will have to wash very carefully. Thus, it is safe to say that now you have either murderers or people directly involved in the killings. And you there - heavenly hundred ... It is a pity. Very sorry for all the victims. Born to live and enjoy life. Yes, that's folded.

Delights decency of medical women Maidan. Knowing that the injuries of almost all the victims were the same and having an idea of ​​your great leaders involved in this, she refused to become Minister of Health. Apparently, not to share responsibility for these crimes.

Regarding the authority to enter the troops. You're right. But right in their own way. If people in masks with blood-stained chains and blood-stained bats roar along Khreshchatyk, chanting “Moskals for knives” and “commies for gilyaks” threatening the residents of Crimea with “friendship train” - only very naive or frankly stupid people can hope for calm. I am opposed to Russian guys suffering for your mistakes and your liberalism. I am categorically opposed to Russian oppression. But you leave no choice. And about the ownership of the Crimea, I have my own personal opinion, which is somewhat different from the official one. Over the Crimea, Russia fought three wars. I paid for it with gold and big blood. There are now 2 / 3 residents of Russians, more than 200 thousand Tatars, more than 450 thousand Ukrainians, there are Greeks, Armenians. And the decision of 60 years ago, the villain Khrushchev, who was unable to keep the authorities (like Gorbachev) for me personally, is not the reason for transferring part of the territory of the RSFSR to another fraternal republic. There is no country that transmitted. There is no that fraternal republic, which passed. And at this time there is a state that, from very close fraternal relations with Russia, thanks to the lack of will of the people, passes under the rule of the fascist minority, which was prepared in Lithuania and Poland with American money. And you know, the Russian fascists do not accept. My great-grandfathers, three times dispossessed, my grandfather otruzhivshiy 11 years in the zone, and then fought with the Nazis at the front, and another, buried in Khmelnitsky and died after the Gestapo prison in 1947 year, I will not forgive another attitude to the Nazis.

Do not forget the Kosovo Albanians, who chop off the territory of the Serbs and organized the state. After all, the world community was with two hands FOR. What is not an example for the Crimea? Crimeans have more rights to statehood than they do.

And, in general, knowing their media, which whipping up hysteria and giving information not always objectively, I know that your oligarchic media are doing the same. Sorry, and I'm sorry, there is an information war going on. And its results are visible. According to the intonation of my relatives (and in Ukraine I have more than 60 brothers, uncles only from the famous and ancient Ukrainian family of Savul, who, with the approach of the Poles, were forced to become Savulitsky, Sivolitsky, etc. ...), according to the intonation of my classmates, friends childhood, comrades, and just acquaintances, I see how you are brainwashed. I see how there is a restructuring of relations, perception historical events and changing attitudes towards Russia. Unfortunately, I know that there is no worse enemy than an offended brother. But such a division, the upbringing of a whole generation of pro-Western youth, the choice of inadequate politicians in power, the upbringing of hatred for a common history (sometimes tragic, but to a greater extent glorious), is your choice. We did not bring up, we did not choose, we did not build such relations and organize tragedies on your land. We were mostly creating. Some things worked out well, some didn't. But the fact that Ukraine, thanks to fraternal friendship with Russia, was able to become a great power is an obvious fact. And we cannot rejoice at what is happening with you now. And for me personally, this coup of yours is a tragedy. And a tragedy for my whole life.

I return to your statements about the manna that Putin is obliged to bring to you. No one will bring you anything. And the Americans are sure that they will bring nothing good except the devastation and suffering of people. Look around. Where they put their nose everywhere problems. And terrible problems. You yourself must go your way. They must drink their own cup. To help, I think Russia can. But to share with you your problems - thank you. Putin can only push aside the danger borne by my children and grandchildren by your fascists like Yarosh, an American protege of Yatsenyuk, just a madman with a White gun. And in the near future, the United States and NATO will also join these figures.

Well, Lyoshka, all my thoughts on this issue. I hug. And I do not hold on to evil.
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  1. Tretyakov
    Tretyakov 7 March 2014 05: 10
    Beautifully formulated, it would be better not to say! Right for all 200!
    1. Reasonable, 2,3
      Reasonable, 2,3 7 March 2014 05: 19
      Not really. Here I, something I do not see from the "brothers" enthusiastic responses. The Internet has not been canceled. I do not like all this crap. Something western rubbish is up to it.
      1. Name
        Name 7 March 2014 05: 51
        Quote: Reasonable, 2,3
        . Something Western stuff conceived.

        SO WHAT winked you can still think about it; all voiced by Washington; but if without "turns", then EVERYONE will suck, but the EU is much bigger! Belolentochnikov in RUSSIA need to press and punish! hi
        1. demel2
          demel2 7 March 2014 06: 05
          Quote: name
          ; all voiced by Washington

          Oh, I think it’s unlikely that they all voiced what they had in mind. It’s just that neither the Pendos, nor the more rabid Bandera will surrender.
          1. mirag2
            mirag2 7 March 2014 06: 09
            The game went all-in and open, but it will last another 3 weeks.
            Bulk for 2 months. forced to sit at home ...
          2. Vasyan1971
            Vasyan1971 7 March 2014 20: 16
            Yeah. Not for that such babos are vbuhany, so that "having learned" suddenly the truth to be embarrassed and play back like "oh! The problem came out, not for nothing we are." In fact, everything is just beginning. They will now defend their "conquests". Blood. And knowing already their methods, not necessarily Russian. They will also not spare their own for the entourage.
      2. demel2
        demel2 7 March 2014 05: 59
        Quote: Reasonable, 2,3
        . Something Western stuff conceived.

        It would be strange if this Mr. Oz didn’t conceive anything, to celebrate victory early, you need to keep your ears open, I think our powers that be understand this.
        1. Egoza
          Egoza 7 March 2014 07: 46
          Quote: demel2
          It would be strange if this Mr. Maz had no idea

          OSCE: Kiev is ready to consider an increase in the powers of Crimea
          The new Ukrainian government is ready to consider granting broader powers to Crimea as an autonomy, OSCE High Commissioner for National Minorities Astrid Tors said on Thursday in Kiev. "We met with representatives of the Ukrainian government in Kiev, and they express their readiness to consider the issue of strengthening the status of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea," Tors said.
          The main thing is that in Crimea they do not succumb! After all, they will lie again! And the second time there will not be such an opportunity for the Crimea!
          1. ed65b
            ed65b 7 March 2014 08: 41
            As the filatov said. We will promise everything, and then we will hang it.
          2. Thompson
            Thompson 7 March 2014 12: 12
            + 100 Lie. And the case may no longer be!
          3. Thompson
            Thompson 7 March 2014 12: 12
            + 100 Lie. And the case may no longer be!
      3. v53993
        v53993 7 March 2014 06: 04
        .Here I, something I do not see from the "brothers" enthusiastic responses.

        The "brothers" are still in a state of severe "hangover" from the Maidan cocktails.
        1. afdjhbn67
          afdjhbn67 7 March 2014 09: 05
          The "brothers" once again prove the "unbending" Ukrainian character, if it were not for near our borders this garbage dump was noisy and the Russians in that territory ...
      4. Alexander Romanov
        Alexander Romanov 7 March 2014 06: 36
        Quote: Reasonable, 2,3
        . Something Western stuff conceived.

        And you thought that the Westerners would gladly give the Crimea to Russia? We will soon see them in all their "glory".
        1. Reasonable, 2,3
          Reasonable, 2,3 7 March 2014 08: 21
          Quote: Alexander Romanov
          Quote: Reasonable, 2,3
          . Something Western stuff conceived.

          And you thought that the Westerners would gladly give the Crimea to Russia? We will soon see them in all their "glory".

          Sasha, this is serious! There will be no consequences. Well, we have an optimist on the whole site. I would like to believe you. Nobody has yet canceled Courage and Honor. Get up on your land.
        2. afdjhbn67
          afdjhbn67 7 March 2014 09: 16
          Will the dog barks in the genre, the caravan is all clear
      5. stroporez
        stroporez 7 March 2014 06: 59
        Quote: Reasonable, 2,3
        . Something Western stuff conceived.
        Well Duc, this is an integral part of their existence ....
        1. Sid.74
          Sid.74 7 March 2014 08: 02
          This city will be back, Sevastopol will remain Russian !!!
    2. jjj
      jjj 7 March 2014 08: 10
      Looking at how the new authorities establish control, you understand that in fact the new government is an operetta. Too competent for ordinary Maydan. We look: deputies, even communists, work in the Rada, giving it legitimacy and quorum, borders are blocked, oligarchs are appointed governors, who have their own interest in organizing and guarding, total control over the media space, the use of real power - Bandera - to scare the population . It turns out that in reality, completely different people rule the state - from the West
      1. vlum
        vlum 7 March 2014 19: 01
        Almost the entire Parliament was either sold or intimidated. Those who did not sell from there simply ran away. But for those who could not escape, the buttons are crushing. Some of the deputies of the Rada were able to tell reporters about this, but just do not care for everyone. Ours simply consider the Rada to be partly illegitimate. The remaining elements of power in Kiev are completely illegitimate, but there is practically no sense in this.
  2. andrei332809
    andrei332809 7 March 2014 05: 27
    Explicitly stated. but softly. banderlogs do not understand this tone
    1. DMB-78
      DMB-78 7 March 2014 06: 39
      Quote: andrei332809
      banderlogs do not understand this tone

      but they don’t understand anyone. physical strength only.
  3. Name
    Name 7 March 2014 05: 28
    Greetings to all!And what to say, except:THANKS COMRADE!Thank you for your sadness and HOPE FOR PEOPLE OF CRIMEA AND THE WHOLE EAST OF UKRAINE!He would take off his hat at a meeting, and
    we have:
  4. both s69
    both s69 7 March 2014 05: 30
    Pavel Gubarev is arrested! Guys need some help. But how? I live in the Far East of Russia. Damn, it is necessary to somehow intercede for the south and east of Ukraine, is it already impossible to recapture Pasha? .. request
    1. DMB-78
      DMB-78 7 March 2014 06: 47
      Quote: both-with 69
      Pavel Gubarev is arrested!

      go nuts, accuse him of having committed themselves on a much larger scale
    2. afdjhbn67
      afdjhbn67 7 March 2014 09: 19
      it is possible, but I myself in Siberia
  5. Duke
    Duke 7 March 2014 05: 32
    Delights decency of medical women Maidan. Knowing that the injuries of almost all the victims were the same and having an idea of ​​your great leaders involved in this, she refused to become Minister of Health. Apparently, not to share responsibility for these crimes.

    As a Russian, I want to thank all honest citizens of Ukraine for their convictions and conscience.
  6. operator35
    operator35 7 March 2014 05: 45
    The author is a handsome man, I applaud you while standing! well done, yes, we mourn the great free fraternal Ukraine! but we won’t allow ourselves to wipe our feet on ourselves, we won’t allow fascism and we won’t give up our people to the west. there is really a brainwashing going on, but what I want to say is that it’s impossible to rebuild a person’s mind if he didn’t have such thoughts before .... I mean that those who are now against Russia, they have always been against one degree or another ! and those who are for, who consider us brothers, those who count and are confident in our help, they always thought so, believed and never washed their brains! only treachery on our part can change them, but for some reason I’m sure Vladimir Vladimirovich will not betray! I HOPE VERY HOPE - OTHERWISE ON THIS AND RUSSIA WILL END !!! IMHO! hi
  7. Papania
    Papania 7 March 2014 05: 56
    Well done ! I fully support the author.
  8. ya.seliwerstov2013
    ya.seliwerstov2013 7 March 2014 05: 59
    The credit and respect to the Author. RUSSIA cannot be broken at any level !!! Nobody and nothing will force us to abandon our interests in Crimea, most importantly from people who have entrusted us with their fates.
  9. bomg.77
    bomg.77 7 March 2014 06: 07
    here I took from the magazineColonel Cassad what awaits Ukrainians in the near future and these are just flowers! There is also information that radioactive waste is being brought from Italy and Ukraine has given the green light for burial!
    Kommersant-Ukraine uploaded the original of the most curious document of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, which very carefully describes the measures that will be taken in the near future.
    To translate all 46 (forty-six!) Sheets is an impossible task for me now, so I will choose only the most interesting and significant (for ordinary Ukrainians) points:

    p.25: Reduction ext. payments to medical workers of the system of emergency honey. help ...
    p.26: Cancellation of allowances for the volume and quality of work performed by health workers of the health authorities that provide primary medical care ...
    p. 27: Introduce a fee for the provision of domestic services, including meals, during the stay of citizens for treatment in the health care in a hospital ...
    p.28: Cancellation of preferential provision of medical services and dental prosthetics ... amending legislation on free distribution of drugs and on preferential terms to categories of citizens during outpatient treatment ...
    p. 30: Reduction in the payment of pensions to working pensioners; payment 50-percent. assigned pension, but not less than the size of the minimum old-age pension ...
    p. 32: Setting a minimum standard for providing solid furnace fuel at 3,1 tons per year per household per year ...
    p.35: The transition from the content of the center of Olympic training to pay for their services ...
    p.36: Reducing the amount of expenditure on the financing of physical culture and sports events, youth and children's community organizations ...
    p.37: Revision of the size of cash awards for athletes of Ukraine - champions, winners of sports. competitions between level and their trainers ...
    p.39: The introduction of a partial tuition fee in CYSS ...
    p. 40: Improving the nazacheniya and payment of a one-time benefit to women who are awarded the honorary title of Ukraine "Mother Heroine" ...
    p.51: Liquidation of tax benefits and other preferences in publishing activities, excl. publishing products for the state. order ...
    p.52: Elimination of preferences in book publishing ...
    p.53: Privatization of state and municipal print media ...
    p.55: Cancellation of the decision to increase the premium of the President of Ukraine to young scientists ...
    p.56: Cancellation of the decision on the creation of the State innovative non-bank financial and credit organization "Fund for support of small innovative business" ...
    p.57: Limiting the number of grants from the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine to teams of young scientists ...
    p.63: Increasing the fee for feeding children in pre-school educational institutions ...
    p.69: Cancellation of the norm on free provision of uniforms for students of educational institutions with enhanced physical training ...
    p.73: Introduction of differentiated approaches to setting the size of tuition fees in primary specialized educational institutions and its phased increase ...
    p.75: The introduction of a fee in the amount of 20 percent. from the cost of a ticket to the cinema ...
    p. 76: The introduction of a tour fee in the amount of from one to five percent. from the sell-out cost of events ...
    p. 78: Increasing the cost of issuing a rolling certificate ...
    p.79: Phased reduction of financial support for theaters ...
    p.81: Cancel additional. coefficients increase salaries of employees of the bodies nat. culture ...

    Ukrainians should think hard and not bring all their problems to Moscow! It’s better to take a closer look at what they are doing!
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 7 March 2014 06: 47
      Quote: bomg.77
      Ukrainians should think hard

      Lech, to whom and what do you suggest thinking? For 23 years they have been sitting and thinking, from maidan to maidan and constantly expecting that an uncle will come from behind the hillock and give money for a long and happy life.
      Hi hi
      1. bomg.77
        bomg.77 7 March 2014 07: 09
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        Lech, to whom and what do you suggest thinking?
        Hi Sasha hi I’m all hoping that they will throw off this veil and consider what came to them. They will include the collective brain.
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        uncle from over the hill and give money for a long and happy life.
        So Russia and gave this money ...... I do not understand them what
        1. Alexander Romanov
          Alexander Romanov 7 March 2014 07: 18
          Quote: bomg.77
          I'm all in the hope that they will throw off this veil

          Only drowning in blood and poverty! Most, but all, knowing and understanding the shortcomings of what they did in life, they didn’t become others. I don’t see another way to shoot like dogs
          1. bomg.77
            bomg.77 7 March 2014 07: 34
            Quote: Alexander Romanov
            Only drowning in blood and poverty!

            Quote: Alexander Romanov
            . Shoot like dogs, I see no other way
            The division of Ukraine will save you from big blood. This must be done now, until we have at our fingertips 50 million people with a fascist ideology.
      2. schizophrenic
        schizophrenic 7 March 2014 07: 26
        If the Russians in the south-east of Ukraine do not want to throw off the Maidanites, then you will not help with anything, there is only one way left: the seizure of gas and gas substations so that people begin to think.
        1. DMB-78
          DMB-78 7 March 2014 07: 31
          Quote: schizophrenic
          this is the capture of electrical substations

          and general strikes. in all regions
    2. Lk17619
      Lk17619 7 March 2014 07: 23
      And here there is nothing strange. In Europe, the entire social network is paid, all medical services are provided through insurance, but they are not cheap ..... In general, if someone read the agreement with the association with the EU, it is written in capital letters: reduce social expenses !!!!! That's all, they need to reduce the people of Ukraine ....
      1. bomg.77
        bomg.77 7 March 2014 07: 37
        Quote: Lk17619
        And in general, if someone read the agreement with the association with the EU, it says in capital letters: to reduce the cost of social programs
        The trouble is that no one has read these agreements! They were not even stupidly translated from English
        1. Lk17619
          Lk17619 7 March 2014 09: 29
          Quote: bomg.77
          They stupidly did not even translate from English

          Now there is already a true translation not official, but the essence of this does not change. And a very funny thing))) Hitler is resting.

          1. bomg.77
            bomg.77 7 March 2014 13: 17
            Quote: Lk17619
            Now there is already a true translation not official,
            The main word is "Now"! At the beginning of the Maidan, 99 percent did not read, and fought without knowing why! People came to hang out and earn money, but they were used ((
            Hitler is resting.
            Who would doubt that
    3. Horst78
      Horst78 7 March 2014 07: 30
      A typical plan for the degradation of the population and its elementary destruction. Glory to the 4th Reich in Lviv. sad
    4. Hey
      Hey 7 March 2014 09: 46
      Reduced to those who will not be very indignant.
  10. Arh
    Arh 7 March 2014 06: 09
    Written straight from my thoughts (first paragraph) good Great! ! !
  11. sergeybulkin
    sergeybulkin 7 March 2014 06: 09
    This is the point. But I want to believe that all the same, common sense among Ukrainians will wake up and they will not want to repeat the fate of Germany 40x.
  12. DMB-78
    DMB-78 7 March 2014 06: 09
    former US president: it’s for us to read notations ...
  13. DMB-78
    DMB-78 7 March 2014 06: 11
    We, CyberBerkut, report that today the political traitors who seized power in Kiev as a result of the neo-fascist coup have gone too far in their betrayal. We became aware that the new regime, not trusting its people and ignoring its free will, is doing everything to ensure that our country is occupied by NATO forces, private US military companies and becomes a platform for the deployment of an American missile defense system. Apparently, we were not heard, but we were ready for this. Yatsenyuk and Tymoshenko, how did you like the recording of the telephone conversation between the Estonian Foreign Minister and Catherine Ashton? Get ready and not for such surprises!
    Given the sharp aggravation of the socio-political situation in Ukraine, gross violations of the Constitution and laws of the country, inalienable rights and freedoms of citizens, including the right to life, freedom of thought and speech, the right to speak one’s native language, we, CyberBerkut, inform that we have stopped countdown and move on to action.
    You, Yatsenyuk, Klitschko, Tyagnibok and conditionally released Tymoshenko, missed your chance, and there will be no mercy for you. You had the opportunity to save yourself and prevent the development of the tragedy in Ukraine, but you went further and wanted to hide from your people behind the backs of NATO soldiers and for this you are ready to continue to trade our country. We “CyberBerkut” will not allow you to do this. We will help Ukraine maintain independence from the military aggression of the West, which is ready to defend the neo-fascist government.

    We have already blocked the work of sites:
    full text
  14. terrible
    terrible 7 March 2014 06: 15
    ) the trouble is that in Ukraine, such thoughts about the brotherhood of peoples, to put it mildly, are not very popular. mass psychosis knowers, as we have in 91g. there are still closely related ties, they are still barely barely holding. Ito is divided by ethnicity. Russian relatives are loyal, Ukrainians are not always. ) even living in Russia.
  15. Known who
    Known who 7 March 2014 06: 23
    Unfortunately, 20 years of anti-Russian propaganda have done their job, it is a pity that we lost the information war.
    I talked with my mother living in Dnepropetrovsk, she says that she is against the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the need to withdraw troops from the Crimea and does not believe that no one has sent troops there. They constantly show on TV how Russian tanks iron the Crimean land. Propaganda did its job, the people went to the military commissariats.
  16. Boricello
    Boricello 7 March 2014 06: 31
    Correctly written and without distortion. But I want to say about the people of Ukraine. Far from the danger of banging on the keys, it is easy for us to give advice and shout slogans. And there people are in constant fear and under physical pressure. Nobody knows how he would behave in this situation. You can shake your fists and shout "Yes, I would ...." but it's all nonsense. Until this, God forbid, has happened to you, you cannot know this. I will say one thing, there is nothing worse than parents who cannot feed their children and old people. And this should be afraid of those morons who came to power for a hunger riot will be more terrible and bloody.
  17. mak210
    mak210 7 March 2014 06: 41
    Think of another fact. The bald scumbag and executioner of the Ukrainian and Russian people (remember the shooting lists of 37-39 and one of the authors of the catastrophes Kiev-1941, Kharkov-1942) held a referendum in the 53rd year? And what decision did the residents make? No? Then, such a transfer under international law is illegal, because it has nothing to do with the right of a nation to self-determination. And now on the g ... o mumbled.

    Let our Crimean brothers, everything from Russians to Greeks, decide for themselves. We will support and will respect any choice. In addition to what was done under the pressure of fascist youths in Nazi uniform and hiding their faces under masks.
  18. borisjdin1957
    borisjdin1957 7 March 2014 06: 43
    from the Don.
    In recent days, we can talk about:
    1. Our Crimea!
    2. Southeast almost kirdyk. Time, for irreversible processes of independence, is lost.
    3Bacchanalia on ukroSMI continues on an even larger scale.
    4 Not far off is the adoption of the law on the legalization of banderlogs as regular troops.
    5It is scary to think, but the probability of a civil war increased by 70%, where at the first stage the Russian-speaking population will suffer huge losses!
    6. The flow of refugees will increase several times!
    1. DMB-78
      DMB-78 7 March 2014 07: 09
      Quote: borisjdin1957
      2. Southeast almost kirdyk. Time, for irreversible processes of independence, is lost.

      I think the GDP has not yet said its last word. he still has something in stock
      1. borisjdin1957
        borisjdin1957 7 March 2014 07: 51
        from the Don.
        There is no need to speak, do it! It was necessary to re-elect deputies, dissolve the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the prosecutor's office.
        1. TiGRoO
          TiGRoO 7 March 2014 10: 33
          Putin knows better than me what to do with you and when, now he won’t be satisfied with the Crimea alone, he will do everything for the maximum benefit from the current situation, he will not drift, because, in any case, sanctions, but a new office. the cold war already exists, and now that the masks have been dropped, there is no turning back, ours will fight for Ukraine if necessary.
          First you need to solve the issue of Crimea, about joining the Russian Federation, then there will be a war for the minds of people, they must understand for themselves that they have fascists there, and an economist * oops, so that when our troops were brought in, they would minimize the patriots who were not ...
  19. Arh
    Arh 7 March 2014 06: 46
    Such as Aksyonov were in every delight! They cleared Ukraine of all sorts of bandera and the law on the prohibition of Nazism - fascism, etc. radicals! And with people like Aksyonov agree on cooperation between Ukraine and Russia, what do you think we are not a fan of, do not want the best? Of course we want a current with whom to negotiate ?! And gas will be cheap and get help with everything! When you Ukrainians wake up from a lie, ignorance that your enemies are the United States and the EU that poisoned the fraternal peoples! When you wake up, hug fellow brothers Slavs! PS Marines touched: "we are not giving up", old school smile ! ! !
  20. stroporez
    stroporez 7 March 2014 07: 17
    there is no alternative. or WE have them, or are they US ... Zam Kolomoisky honestly said: .... And the last. No landing from the Maidan. No extremist statements. It is necessary to give scum any promises, guarantees and make any concessions.
    ... and hang ...
    They need to be hung later. ".." so sho .... there is no alternative. No way "peaceful coexistence .......
  21. parus2nik
    parus2nik 7 March 2014 07: 39
    Guys, remember the UNR, its territory was decreasing and decreasing .. while Petlyura didn’t run to the Poles .. It will be the same with the current ones .. What happens in Donetsk, still, not in the evening .. October will come in February ...
  22. Mi
    Mi 7 March 2014 07: 42
    The lop-eared bibizyan (some president) said that they would impose sanctions if Russia does not take measures to resolve the conflict belay ...Those. they made a crisis, and rake Russia ?! Well, nafig, yourself, all by yourself! And if the southeast wants to lie under banderlogs - this is their choice, you can only sympathize fool
  23. Shurale
    Shurale 7 March 2014 08: 11
    100 +++++++++++ !!!!!!

    Here is the letter, right now, to my friend in Ukraine and forgiving, one to one that I am trying to prove to him, and he keeps telling me everything about the bloody regime of Putin ....
  24. igorra
    igorra 7 March 2014 08: 28
    Mother, her heavenly kingdom, was taken from Crimea (after grandmother Stranskaya, hello relatives) in 1941 as a six-year-old child to Kazakhstan, saving her from the Nazis. Thank God, she did not live up to these days, when the Nazis came to power again, it is time for us to stop calling this power by another name. It can also be called a junta, or what is also called the power, whose secret police kidnaps and tortures its opponents. Mother has been striving all her life to return to her homeland, but something always got in the way, now you sit and think: "Thank God." I am interested in two points: 1- why there is little information in Russia on the rest of the regions of Ukraine and 2-why does the south-east defend its rights so badly or do they expect "polite people" to come again and do everything for them? Looks like Little Russians can not be altered, used to get everything there for free, including the Crimea and all the other annexed lands. We are all boiling here, but what did they do to live better or that not a drop of Russian blood was left in their veins? Looks like all the vests in Russia remained and the T-shirts on the chest to tear it from another opera. Stop feeling sorry for them, let them learn to cling to their homeland with their teeth, if Russia brings peace on its bayonets, it will not be for long. Only when they, at the cost of hardships, perhaps the death of their best sons, will win freedom and the right to decide how they will live further, only then they will have their own hard-won state.
  25. Kite
    Kite 7 March 2014 08: 33
    "And the Americans will definitely bring nothing good except for the devastation and suffering of people. Look around. Where they poke their noses everywhere problems. "
    - It is impossible to object to this, there are no rebuttals. It never happened that they came, settled and left, but came, shamed, and left - their whole story. In a few years, the Yankees will hate in Ukraine. It’s incomprehensible, but despite this, every time there are people who want to test someone else’s experience on themselves. Masochists? No, the blind are following the corrupt!
  26. ed65b
    ed65b 7 March 2014 08: 45
    About Yarosh. Russia should declare him the number one terrorist, personal enemy of Russia (similar to bin Laden) and begin to liquidate or capture him, and under this tune, thin out the right sector until they hide in the forests.
  27. NKVD
    NKVD 7 March 2014 08: 51
    Grandfather died somewhere near Sevastopol. Not for the fact that Crimea was a fascist-Bendery patrimony, our ancestors poured blood
  28. AndreyS
    AndreyS 7 March 2014 09: 15
    Very correct letter! And you just need to distribute such letters to your relatives in Ukraine! Maybe they’ll at least start to think adequately, otherwise the full theater of the absurd ....
    From my own impressions I will tell you - one friend called her sister (her sister is Russian, her husband is a former military man), the question was asked one "- how are you there ?!" In her own words, she sat for 20 minutes and was silent, because it was not possible to interrupt her sister, but she was talking complete nonsense (Putin's regime, tanks in Crimea, etc.) She told this in the presence of my relative, to which she said - I called the same aunt in Odessa and she said the same word for word. This story has a continuation - yesterday my friend's husband called my sister and carried the same nonsense, then she could not resist: (briefly her monologue) You are an adult, a former military man, and you are talking complete nonsense! Have you thought about what you are saying ?! Think about it! Do you live in Crimea ?! Have you personally seen the tanks ?! More than a hundred people died on the Maidan! And how many ??????? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    After the monologue, he shut up. And my sister never calls. By the way, I talked with my relative's aunt, (at that time) an absolutely adequate woman. So, what can you judge about the zombie in the "righteous" country of Ukraine.
  29. Zomanus
    Zomanus 7 March 2014 12: 53
    Yes, all this has been said more than once that the Ukrainians have not yet taken full advantage of the dare that we are in 90. That's when their hryvnia is equal in value to the ruble, then they will begin to understand something.
  30. DMB-78
    DMB-78 7 March 2014 13: 37
    "The leadership of the radical nationalist group" Right Sector "demanded that the Kiev authorities open military arsenals for their self-defense units.

    "Such a demand for the Ukrainian government and the Ministry of Defense was put forward by the leader of the Right Sector, Dmitry Yarosh. He said that the" conservative approaches "of the leadership of the power structures do not allow to restore order in the country and exclude anti-Maidan protests in the eastern and southern regions of Ukraine," a source said in the military department of Ukraine.

    At the same time, according to the source, Yarosh "in an ultimatum form proposes to transfer to the Right Sector a part of weapons and military equipment, as well as several military training centers."

    The centers, Yarosh explained, are necessary "for high-quality training of the Right Sector fighters, since they will have to participate in ensuring the territorial integrity of Ukraine," a source in the Ukrainian military department noted.

    As the source clarified, if the government and the leadership of the Ukrainian Armed Forces do not fulfill these requirements, "Yarosh does not rule out that the" Right Sector "will participate in the fate of Ukraine in more decisive ways."
    ivistov-pravogo-sektora.html have arrived.
  31. Russian102RUS
    Russian102RUS 7 March 2014 19: 49
    An hour there are a lot of such letters, they write, and I did not stand aside, wrote to a classmate (lives in Ukraine since 2009), and received an unexpected answer for myself that they say Russia occupied the territory of Ukraine (Crimea), our armored personnel carriers, our the military provokes the Ukrainians, and the most insulting thing to me is that the people of Ukraine (west and east) have united as never before in this regard! Honestly, he was shocked by such an answer, but he burned out, having smoked, cooled, and began to understand that they did not climb into a strange monastery with their charter! Russia, as an elder brother, wants the best, the people of Russia are ready to help everyone, from humanitarian aid, finances, their soldiers, and they are uniting against us (I'm not talking about everyone - Crimea, Sevastopol). Forcibly, they say you won’t be nice! Do you want fascists, oligarchs to rule you, want to become a banana republic, this is your choice! Crimea wants to Russia is his choice! To each his own! The only request for you (Ukrainians) is to think that there may not be a way back.