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Religion then and now. Double pressure

“If I believe in God, but he is not, then I do not lose anything. And if I do not believe in God, and He is - I lose everything. "
Blaise Pascal

Printed word, the press can be equated to "arms»Mass destruction. Everyone who picks up a pen or speaks to the media should be well aware that the word is a weapon. The word can destroy or create. Everyone is responsible for the message that he carries to our planet as a whole. He must understand that he is building the future, filling the space around us first with a word and then with reality. Today, a huge army of corrupt pseudo-journalists, learned scholars, and pseudo-defenders of truth has grown. They don't care about all of us, regardless of where we live. They sell themselves and us for MONEY. They serve the interests of money and their sphere of influence. They bomb our minds with their evil in a beautiful verbiage packaging. They stir up war wherever they want. We are for them only a geopolitical map. They unceremoniously dictate their “democracy” to the peoples, and after their so-called “goodness” they leave blood and ashes, all with the support of the UN and under the slogans of the struggle for peace. And we, including the TV, are waiting for who will be next. What country, what people fall under the interests of money? And if we do not agree, democracy is immediately reinforced by bombs and hired terrorists, the overthrow of the legitimate government and its replacement with the newly established one, in order to serve the interests of the very same MONEY.

But we have not all turned into animals, have not yet all stupefied and have corrupted permissiveness and immorality with opium. And you can’t be silent when under the guise of truth-seeking and democracy they impose war and gay laws, when they desecrate shrines and encroach on the most important thing - faith, because we can wake up tomorrow and not recognize the planet. Man will lose himself. Already today, the psyche of many cannot withstand the pressure of the evil of the Latin, which is heavily replicated by the media in America, in Russia, and in other countries. Every now and then you can hear it when, like a normal person yesterday, suddenly takes an automatic and shoots everyone indiscriminately.

In the world there are many sensible, kind and not corrupt people. And we must unite and fight against ungodliness. We must bring to the surface the positive in order to raise future generations in respect for our neighbor and stop evil in the bud everywhere.

There is more good in the world, but evil is better organized!

Let's see, if we are all for peace and good, then why does Ekho Moskvy occupy a place in the Rambler rating for 3? Isn’t this design artificial?

When the USSR was a powerful and monolithic power, the ROC was, one might say, an ally of the West. West all time howled about the oppression of the Russian Orthodox Church and religion in general in the USSR. Periodically powerful campaigns were carried out in defense of religion and religious leaders in the USSR, they say, there is no freedom of speech, freedom of religion, free enterprise, freedom of market relations was required, including the free circulation of the dollar and other Western currencies on the territory of the USSR.

After the Gorbachev-Yeltsin coup (GEP), when it all became a reality, and when the USSR was cut down, i.e. Russia, has become little different from the West in form and content, the West has changed the plate. Here we should note the age-old attitude of Western Europeans to destroy the main rival in Europe - the Russian Empire. By military means, as a result of repeated attempts, nothing happened, then we chose the only possible option - “viral” camber from the inside. The USSR was successfully demolished into pieces, the fragments of which still cannot come to their senses. But the largest and most tasty morsel remained intact - Russia. The ideology of the communists and they themselves are neutralized. It turned out that almost the only stronghold of Russia, cementing society and keeping the state from self-destruction, is the Orthodox faith and the Orthodox Church. Nikita Mikhalkov once said: “The church is the last stronghold of the state.” Now the ROC is no longer an ally of the West. There has been a change in attitudes for numerous agents of influence and, of course, a well-coordinated choir in the media, both in the West and in the controlled media the territory of the former socialist community. We see the results of this activity on the territory of Moldova, in Ukraine and, of course, in Russia itself. Here the exception to the rule can be made only for the “father” empire of Lukashenka, who did not allow the country to be plundered, or I kept it, and religious and other attacks from him are impossible in principle.This is to say a word about liberal values ​​and superdemocracy at the level of populism and universal suffrage, which Latnina has been strenuously criticizing in the last time, regretting that all this is seriously destroying European and generally Western civilization, so sweet and dear to her heart. Recall, for example, her article on the self-destruction of Detroit.

So, the West, at the beginning of 90's, saw that he was not on the way with the ROC. And set for this four main objectives:

1. Raise the flock for other denominations. To this end, the opening of the mass sects of various sects, “brotherhoods”, “cultural” centers and alternative religious movements throughout the entire former Soviet Union was financed. In Moldavia, they tried to lure me into some sect right in the route taxi.
2. To discredit the Orthodox faith, as backward and wrong. To do this, invented and built various graphs and charts.
3. To discredit the clergy in general and their church leaders in particular.
4. To drive a wedge on the one hand between the government and the church leadership, on the other hand - between the people and other major confessions.

In the Russian information space, many well-paid detractors of everything and everyone with remarkable abilities worthy of a better use have divorced.

It should be noted here that Latynina’s sophisticated and perverted mind, “activated” by generous sponsorship injections, which work as a powerful catalyst for the formation of extremely poisonous fabrications based on half-truths. On the basis of the “axioms”, the journalist seems to be building a coherent scientific concept, which has an internal logic and is served with unquestioned half-moon, with condescension to the public. If you eat genetically modified foods, you will not eat the genes themselves that turn you into a hare if you consume hare. Well this, they say, and the fool is clear, what is there to argue. Indeed, we are not turning into a hare, but the intrabiological influence of these transformations has not been fully studied. Experiments conducted by the OAGB revealed that eating genetically modified foods deprives third-generation test rats. That is, the genus of mammals, forced to eat GMOs, eventually dies out. Latynina’s article on GMOs is more like an advertising campaign of large American transnational corporations. In America itself, there are regular demonstrations of protest against companies producing GMOs. In Europe, for the time being, GMOs are, to put it mildly, wary.

Now about the relics. Here Latynina, with a fervor worthy of a better use, relishes that, they say, Orthodox relics are not real, that the Gifts of the Magi are not their gifts, and the belt of the Virgin Mary is not her belt at all. As proof of this, he conducts a whole study, where he mentions Umberto Eco, the mother of the emperor Constantine, the concubine Constantius Chlorus, St. Mark of Alexandria, Johann Calvin and the Pope. So much a man shoveled religious information who is not a professional in this field! For what? .. And then she categorically states that the huge queues lined up for touching the shrines are not the emotional outburst of believers at the genetic level, at the level of “ancestral voices”, but “television propaganda spreading the medieval type of world outlook”. In fact, it’s not even a medieval, but at least a thousand-year-old worldview type, in my opinion, it is not worse than the modern one with its total debauchery and child abuse! But, first, try to advertise on television any of your "duck", and you will not collect even a hundred of those people whose impulse is based on the Orthodox faith, the thousand-year faith of many generations of the Russian people and other peoples. But, I think, after such an article, not all can be attributed to this category of “Russian people”. I now have my personal opinion, in my understanding it has become less by one Russian person. And even if these relics are not really real, but they give people faith in good. Is it better to impose faith in the mass pedophilia, sodomy, sodomy and corruption? In this series, the blasphemy of young rebel-pusek does not look something out of the ordinary! And according to Latynina’s logic, this is quite a normal phenomenon and, unlike “imaginary relics,” these rebels are quite real and even assert themselves already in America on children's TV shows. However, whose project, to that they returned, and it would be better there would have remained. A woman with a cart, a mare is easier! For the credibility of her research, she states that all this is not happening in the 10th century, and this is happening in a country that launched a satellite into space, but forgets that it was precisely in that Soviet era that “liberals” from all over the West raised their voices in defense of the oppressed religion in the USSR.

In many articles of the yellow press, rumors are spread about the allegedly large incomes of the Russian Orthodox Church from various types of its economic activities. And where were these guardians of morality and asceticism, when the church really experienced, to put it mildly, a large shortage of not just income, but also elementary conditions for work on the part of the state in Soviet times, especially in the initial period of massive destruction of church churches? Yes, now the ROC does not stand with an outstretched hand and can afford to plan the construction of 200 temples in Moscow and the region. We need funds and considerable ones, and God forbid that the church has them, they will go to a good cause. And why Latynina and others like them do not see how oligarchs swollen on nationwide natural resources acquire monster yachts and football teams, and generally invest all money in foreign banks, fueling someone else's economy, someone else’s ideology that is being returned and imposed already in Russia on the Russian money itself? And indeed, in a strange eye you will notice a straw, in yours you do not even see a log! Or here's another point on the topic of the church - Latynina. It turns out that the boy, the shooter from the 263 school, shot a teacher and a policeman, because he was closed and, attention, “he was forced to believe strongly and to learn the Bible by heart”. It turns out that everything is simple, that there is a long time to argue, everything is clear, the church is to blame, so if he did not learn the Bible by heart, then it would be another matter, like in the “Caucasian Captive”: “... and I also destroyed the medieval fortress?”

At one time, Patriarch Kirill, at a meeting with the ombudsman for the President of the Russian Federation, P. Astakhov, said: “In the Russian Federation, we have 90 shelters, where about 1,5 live thousands of children. And if we talk about the positive aspects of working in church shelters, I would like first of all to say that a high percentage of children who study and live in these shelters receive a good education. On average, about 30% get higher education, about 25-27% - secondary special education. And, perhaps, the most important aspect of the activities of these shelters, especially at monasteries, is that, at the expense of the monasteries, children are escorted before they begin their independent lives. That is, even if they study at universities, monasteries take care of them financially, financially support them, take care of their place of residence, even to the purchase of apartments, when children enter into marriage and begin an independent life. Once again I would like to say that this is done at the expense of church funds ... "And orphans who are brought up at church institutions, according to Astakhov, differ sharply from children in ordinary orphanages:" Children have a special look, an extraordinary, divine probably the light is transmitted because there people are engaged in children not for show, not indifferent, not to write off this money ... ”The patriarch also suggests creating shelters for little mothers, because some young mothers do not have abortions, give birth, but I don’t know t where to go. So let's take the money from the ROC and give them to our oligarchs, they know how to dispose of them, and we will drive children abroad on a commercial basis, do you want it, ardent whistleblowers? .. And what about the Catholic Church doing with the children ? In the Australian state of Victoria, the Roman Catholic Church confirmed that 600 children were victims of pedophile priests, but according to human rights advocates, the number of victims, including unregistered cases of violence, can reach 10 thousand people. According to official statistics, most episodes were recorded between 1960 and 1980 years. Before the renunciation of 2013 in February, Pope Benedict XVI designated the main problem of the Church entrusted to his care: the apparent crisis of Catholicism in Old Europe. "The temples are empty," and the confession of the Christian religion becomes a pure formality. European leaders extol Benedict XVI for his “courageous deed”, but actually pursue a policy with which the Church cannot agree. Everywhere legalized same-sex marriage, the adoption of children by homosexual couples. A huge blow to the authority of the Roman Catholic Church and scandals inflicted on the priests, pedophiles, broke out just under Benedict XVI. What has been hidden for decades, but responsibility for what happened, according to unwritten canons, has been revealed stories, Pope Benedict XVI had to take over. Whether these Latin facts do not want the Latin Shenderovichs to turn their precious attention and direct their journalistic fervor there?

Now, regarding the qualifications of a hyperactive journalist in the field of denigration. Latynina: “But the uneducated segments of the population are descendants of Soviet atheists there. Educated strata - they consider themselves part of the European liberal tradition. But if there is a person who really wants to sacrifice himself for God's sake, well, he will go there, will accept Islam, go to the mountains. And it turned out that Russia is not so ready to return to primitive totemism, only instead of a totem to worship some religious object that gives many, many apartments, residences and other benefits through the sacred king and leader of society. As that stage of human development, which, as it turned out, Russia has passed. ” In its terms, all Soviet atheists were uneducated, and she considers educated only those who are part of the European liberal tradition. Here, she clearly contradicts herself, because in all of her recent “writings” she curses Europe for this excessive Euro-liberalism, whose carriers are called Runet bloggers “liberastov”. As for the last phrase, it is unclear who or what she calls a "religious subject", which distributes apartments and residences. If she sees a clergyman under the subject, then she is simply a “talking head,” although she does not know what she is saying. The conversation resembles the incoherent speech of a person under anesthesia, where doses may be charged in dollars.

It is characteristic that attacks on the ROC originate primarily from such as the Latin-Shenderovich, the warrant, the protein, the loiko. All this is happening against the backdrop of, as the Patriarch said, “a very dangerous prospect of alienation of Russians, primarily Russian youth, from the state, state structures, and business management,” and I would add to the media here. As for business, so-called. It would be more correct to describe oligarchs as especially dangerous criminals-destroyers of statehood (PLO).

Anti-Russian policy in Russia, in my opinion, is conducted by the state itself. As Kholmogorov noted, if the Russians give up on everything, the state will simply cease on our territory. And it will stop for everyone, including officials, businessmen and privileged ethnic elites.

No, guys, Democrats, only tea (Vysotsky). We Russians will go the other way. It is necessary not to “disarm” orphanages and shelters at the church (financially) and bring them to a deplorable level, like in some state-run orphanages, but on the contrary, pull state-owned ones to church ones. And I would even agree if any church leader will have hours for several thousand green, yet this is far, far from the mode of burning life in Courchevels, on yachts, islands and helicopter hunts of these crazed new Russian (pro-Western) nouveau riche. Personally, I would have put them all on my knees, praying to God, but for 200 years they will not be atone for the sins that they have created with their own people, like an alien horde. It should also be noted that one of the largest religious communities in America has a turnover of more than $ 50 billion per year, while conducting a diverse business in areas completely unrelated to religious activities, and, most importantly, that no one condemns them for it, and there is not even a mention of this in the local and foreign media! Yes, and the Catholic Church did not fold as it turned out. The German Catholic Church owned the publishing house Weltbild, which produced such “erotic” books as “Take me here and now” or “Dirty stories.” The annual turnover of the company was 1,7 billion euros. In 2009, the GCC tried to sell a scandalous publishing house, but there was no buyer, and church representatives tested a long-known method: they launched an offensive, catching the media in a “targeted persecution of clergymen”. The western church also has quite decent sources of income, such as large-scale investments in real estate or government bonds.

The Orthodox Church in Russia plays an important role as a political institution. It is the ROC that serves as the foundation on which an interfaith peace is possible. Russia is a country in which all world religions exist, and peace depends on the position of the Orthodox Church, which in other countries is often violated with bloody feuds.

In the ROC worry about the offended feelings of believers. Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin rightly, in my opinion, equated an insult to Patriarch Cyril to insult Orthodox shrines, desecrate graves and the national flag.

From reliable sources it is known that Russia has recently received a lot of money to pay for ordered articles that discredit the Russian Orthodox Church, the episcopate, and especially Patriarch Kirill. But this can be easily seen in practice, they, the “writers”, as mushrooms, climbed up in a multitude in recent years, for the entire post-war period, before they were much less, if we include the world media. Who writes: Irina Wojciech, Stanislav Belkovsky, A. Skobov, Moshkin, Loiko, Maria Miller, Stonewall ...

All these "zakaznikam" well answered blogger "Orthodox". “Perhaps, the ROC suffers from spreading rot to representatives of other confessions? We ourselves will deal with their problems. Do not interfere.

In a broader context, it can be specifically argued that there is some kind of information war going on, which the government is clearly losing for various reasons, and this also needs to be talked about. This primarily speaks of the wrong selection and placement of personnel. Instead of professionals, officials of all levels are chosen, apparently, solely on the basis of personal, family ties, when an uneducated person can be the minister of education, the health care is managed by the keeper of the pension fund, the doctor is the doctor for medicine, etc.

Typical comments on this issue in the comments Runet. Visitor "Vladislav" from Ukraine: "Our Runet for the most part, apparently, mentally ill people. All attacks on the ROC in the end will not damage the ROC, and the attackers. If you do not believe in God, this is your choice, but why are you attacking the church? Do you really have no other occupation than to count the cost of vestment of the Patriarch? American devilry could not destroy Orthodox Russia from the outside, trying to destroy it from the inside. ” Or again: “Russia” “agrees with the opinion of the Patriarch, no matter how they call him names, that the people who cannot protect their shrines have no future. Revolutions begin with the destruction of faith and morality. All this has already passed. Only faith can save this crazy world. ”

Now about the algorithm for the operation of some "friendly" Russian Internet resources, and not secondary ones, included in the 3rd or 4th hundred of the main media. An article lampooning the Patriarch was published on one of the news sites back in September 2012 But on the title page of Rambler in the center there is a large link to this article, which can be found in the headings of the .ru zone, but the link was posted on February 10, 2014. How long it stood before or after is not known , but for all these resources listed above, this was such an important article that it has been revived since 2012. In this article, someone Mikhail Moshkin describes how a certain chairman of some "OZPP", I don't know how it stands, conducted a whole study of the Patriarch's biography, where he dug right from the 60s of the last century (I wonder how much he was then) and saw that the future patriarch was ordained a hierodeacon at 22 years old, and elevated to the rank of archimandrite at 24 years old, while the rules suggest a minimum age of 25 years, and this he put forward as one of the many accusations with which he "rolled" on him. Well, firstly, in the 60s, in Soviet times, the church, to put it mildly, was not favored by the Soviet leadership. Serving the Lord was far from a prestigious business, and young people were not eager to become church ministers, as in MGIMO, and there was not an abundance of intelligent and capable ministers of Orthodoxy. And, thank God, that in those days someone discovered great abilities in a young man, which, as we now know, are fully realized, it's the same as if you entered Moscow State University at the age of 14-15, I personally don't see anything here bad. Further, the author writes about the desire for luxury and trade in religious objects at the temple, etc. As for luxury and large-scale business, by the way, not connected with religious activity, see above about the largest religious movement in America.

Fortunately, in the ROC for many years, many clever, versatile ministers of the church have accumulated, one of the brightest representatives of this cohort is Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin. Here are a few of his judgments that, in our opinion, are very relevant. "Many today speak with contempt and disdain about Orthodox nations as economically unsuccessful. They build graphs of the dependence of economic prosperity on religion. Say, atheists are the most successful, Protestants are a little less, Catholics are even less, and the Orthodox are the poorest and most unhappy." The priest does not enter into controversy with these graphomans, but recalls the following: “Many modern economists who do not suffer from market fundamentalism say that economic growth and consumption cannot be infinite and that people who can move away from the idea of ​​indispensable and unrestrained growth , will prove more successful in conditions when this growth stops. ”Chaplin believes that there are certain circles who want to use any excuse to“ train ”the Church, to silence it and not go to societies nnuyu pad.

Against the ROC systematically and massively used dirty information technology. Even the clocks in the hands of the Patriarch already appear as something immoral. Here the principle is as simple as an orange. Whatever put on - the craftsmen of this bungled dirt. They, the spiteful critics, even tried to push the church and the authorities together with their heads, however, so far without success. (Here the group “Pussy Riot” was tried to be used as live torpedoes, see the article “Patriarch Kirill took offense at Putin.”)

But for me personally, the Patriarch’s concern over the current situation in Russia in the information space is most relevant for me, when he urges Russians not to become victims of “information technologies” aimed at “drastically changing the historical course of our Fatherland”. How powerful is the informational pressure of the world wolfhounds of disinformation, can be judged by the fact that 20 Nobel laureates and 200 writers signed up to criticize the ban on gay propaganda among children and adolescents. One can only guess about the strength and power of such pressure on the part of these wolfhounds, it is akin to a natural calamity on a global scale.

In this regard, it is appropriate to cite an excerpt from the messages of the Patriarch regarding the information with which he addressed the residents of Transnistria:
“Today there are many and many temptations, especially for the younger generation. Today, every society is information openly and often unarmed. The flow of information that falls on people, confuses concepts, prevents a person from making the right choice, to build a value system that would help him not to get lost, not to disappear, to remain himself. And this problem faces not only the individual, it faces societies and states. And we know how sometimes information flows provoke social chaos, civil clashes, wars. See what is happening today in the Middle East. After all, everything does not begin with external aggression, but everything begins with the fact that chaos arises inside. And it is no coincidence that it arises. Through information, it is possible today to influence people in such a way that it is easy to push one with the other. And especially vulnerable are those societies where there are different nationalities. It is easy to kindle the hatred of some against others, bring down public consent, turn the people, society or state into ruin, into chaos, surrender to the winners. That's why whenever you open the media, remember that you need to miss everything that comes to you from outside your bedrooms, it can be not only benevolent, but also hostile. Therefore, each person should have a criterion, that is, a measure, the ability of good to separate from evil, truth from lies, destructive provocations from the sincere intentions of people to help. And this concerns not only Transnistria. It today concerns the whole human race. This applies today to Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, all those countries with which Transnistria is connected with history and faith. And because as the Patriarch of All Russia I pray for all of you, for me there are no boundaries, for me there are no political contradictions, for me there are no right and wrong, for me there is a people who are united under the cover of our Church, and I believe, over which extends the Protection of Our Lady. ”

Active religious expansion in Russia holds a number of foreign countries. Turkey is actively trying to expand its influence in the Transcaucasian republics, in Tatarstan and even in some regions of Siberia. At the same time there is the spread of Islam in the Turkish-Saudi version, that is, the Wahhabi. Sometimes it is proposed to repair this or that educational institution at the expense of Turkey, and then open the Turkish branch in it. In Moldova, European officials still split the local Orthodox diocese, and now there was no surprise when the Moldovan metropolitan awarded the leader of one of the local political parties, the name of which includes the word “liberal” - a tireless leader of the homosexual movement.

The influence of the newly imposed religious sects in Russia has become the scale of the epidemic. You can already talk about "religious slavery." Kazan investigated criminal cases related to the activities of a religious organization found in the city. In the sect of 70, people, including children, lived in complete isolation from the outside world, without light, amenities and other benefits of civilization, fully submitting to their elderly leader, who declared himself a new prophet. According to statistics from the Russian Association for the Study of Religions, there are 80 large and at least a thousand small sects in the country. More than one and a half million people are involved in their activities. Many of them sold all their property, refused to work, friends, acquaintances, and traditional moral values ​​only to follow the teachings of adventurers who declared themselves new prophets.

When you read articles of such "propagandists" as Latin-Shenderovichi, the authors do not leave the feeling of constant gloating over any trifle, the negative still rushes from all the holes, the feeling of disgust and the mud poured on you does not leave for a long time after reading these "creations".

In conclusion, we offer and even insist on the introduction of the institution of licenses for working in the media. Here exams should be introduced, giving the right to conduct this activity, such as:

1. Exam in Russian language proficiency.

2. Exam on the basics of Russian legislation in the field of media.

3. Methods of objective presentation of information.

4. Ethical issues when throwing information into the broad masses of the population.

5. Theoretical foundations of working with information: the theory of storage and transmission of information. Psychological and informational protection of the population, including by age categories. Separately for children, adolescents, adults, seniors.

6. The ability to properly place accents.
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  1. svp67
    svp67 22 February 2014 06: 15
    So, finally, the Batiushki "woke up" and realized that keeping silent and not fighting for the souls of ordinary people is like death ... Maybe they will be able to do what the state cannot, and most importantly, apparently the state does not want to do.
    1. The comment was deleted.
      1. Kahlan amnell
        Kahlan amnell 22 February 2014 11: 10
        Use quotation marks. Along with "priests" there are priests. Sincere in their faith. Even if there are relatively few of them. Compared to the first category.
      2. Orik
        Orik 22 February 2014 13: 40
        Quote: Polar
        From time immemorial they have been accustomed to speculate on human weaknesses and people's needs. Not for the souls of ordinary people, they are fighting, but as usual the authorities are served, expecting from her generous gifts from the treasury

        That’s the first victim of the liberal liberal propaganda.
  2. Same lech
    Same lech 22 February 2014 06: 16
    Now let's see how the government will respond to the PUSEC Sabbath in SOCHI.

    Puski decided to sue the Cossacks, amusingly calling for a law that they themselves are carefully violating, which surprises me in this matter. THE AUTHORITY didn’t react to the actions of the snacks, but the Cossacks noticed, HEALTHY CAME.
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 22 February 2014 06: 32
      The man saw that it was a question of faith and that he would promote everyone here. Don’t pay attention to the men, they turn inside out some of these articles.
      1. svp67
        svp67 22 February 2014 06: 33
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        The man saw that it was a question of faith and that he would promote everyone here. Don’t pay attention to the men, they turn inside out some of these articles.
        Yes, let the "poor" indulge, if they are not capable of anything else ...
        1. Alexander Romanov
          Alexander Romanov 22 February 2014 06: 45
          Quote: svp67
          Yes, let the "poor" indulge,

          Yes, it always has been, they’re not getting smarter hi
          1. varov14
            varov14 22 February 2014 09: 16
            Where's the debriefing? Church and faith are only morality and nothing more. God is one, but for some reason he demands from me to love my neighbor, and from a Muslim, especially one with extremist views, kill the unbeliever. Therefore, morality needs a shield in the form of ideology. Ideology unites people with different religious views. If you do not adhere to a common ideology, then you are an enemy by definition and must be destroyed (ideologies are not compatible with each other). There are not so many isms, it remains to choose with a human face, so, from the position of the 21st century. - "Anti-Russian policy in Russia, in my opinion, is carried out by the state itself. As Kholmogorov noted, if the Russians give up everything, the state will simply stop at our territory. And it will stop for everyone, including officials, businessmen and privileged ethnic elites. "--- So our state, having disowned all ideologies in words, in fact lays eggs in different baskets (you can see the mentality of bankers), here is Russian nationalism with Orthodoxy and Muslim extremism, about which they scream, but in fact do not fight, and a bunch of different sects and trends and all existing ideologies, but there is no single, uniting. But if there is no ideology at the state level, this does not mean that they do not exist in nature. Both Russian nationalism and Muslim extremism will perfectly get along with the fascist, Nazi ideology, the whole question is whether it is a human face. And we will be extremely surprised when she crawls out onto the barricades and remains either to jump on this car or lie under it. The state should have one basket of ideological eggs, everything else is alien and hostile and should be mercilessly destroyed, one ism, everything else is enemy propaganda. And the colors of the banners are strictly limited (in a broad sense).
            1. Yuri Y.
              Yuri Y. 22 February 2014 16: 00
              Quote: varov14
              Church and faith only morality and no more

              I wrote everywhere and I will write. While we talk we Russia will not end. The choice of Orthodoxy surprises me with this understanding.
  3. Same lech
    Same lech 22 February 2014 06: 52
    and most importantly, apparently the state does not want to do

    -agrees that most of the media in RUSSIA have been left to the liberals.

    The Russian Church can not oppose anything to the destructive influence of the Salafis and Western information aggression — the weakness in this area of ​​both RUSSIA and the Russian Orthodox Church is visible to the unarmed - and as the GDP said WEAK BEATS.

    What will happen next - I'll try to look:
    I think if nothing will change their strength, PUSKI, the swamp movement (supporters of it haven’t disappeared anywhere, and they can arrange the Moscow Maidan), all shenderovichi, Posner and other liberal brothers will join the destructive processes.

    With the support of the WASHINGTON REGIONAL COMMUNITY, THIS ENTIRE mass of INFORMATION FIGHTERS will slowly but surely rock the civilian world of RUSSIA - ultimately we will see exactly the same picture on the streets of RUSSIAN CITIES as on the Maidan in KIEV. (THIS is in the worst case scenario).

    What can I (as a counteraction) offer the existing government:
    1-fight against all this negativity should be systemic and mandatory (PUSKI and SERDYUKOV and other liberal brothers - should be punished for illegal actions quickly and revealingly)
    2-in all key media in leadership positions should be our people (PERSONNEL DECIDE EVERYTHING - this slogan is relevant today as never before)
    3-in all the protest movements and parties should be our informants and their Gorbachev-ready to destroy the radical actions in the bud.
    4-HAZARDOUS RADICALS should be isolated by all available means.
    5-saddle the financial sources of liberals and radicals, CORRUPTIONS
    6- I think the most important thing - in RUSSIA there should be a large middle class loyal to the AUTHORITIES - for this it is necessary to increase the welfare and security of the people in ALL AVAILABLE WAYS

    there are many more small sentences; listing them makes no sense.
    I hope that everything that I said is already being done without my suggestions, but in general we will wait and see.
    1. 22 February 2014 08: 07
      Quote: The same LYOKHA
      I think the most important thing is that in RUSSIA there should be a large middle class

      The workers have their hands. Journalists tongue. Bureaucrats take the place. Oligarchs have: hard workers, journalist women, bureaucrats. Where to insert? "middle class". What property should he "own"? This is a new "redistribution of property" with which they scare us!
      1. Same lech
        Same lech 22 February 2014 08: 14
        And who should the government rely on — bureaucrats or corrupt journalists — naturally, these should be those who really make the well-meaning peasants, scientists, engineers, etc. -this is the very middle class- (Not the lumpen proletarians and not the bourgeois oligarchs)
 22 February 2014 11: 58
          Quote: The same LYOKHA
          Naturally, these should be those who really make the well-known peasants, scientists, engineers, etc. -this is the very middle class-

          From now on, explain in more detail if it does not bother you.
          My question to you on the first comment:
          Quote: The same LYOKHA
          What can I (as a counteraction) ... p.6

          What property should he "own"?
  4. Hleb
    Hleb 22 February 2014 07: 02
    ) in such topics, the struggle on the "barricades of religion" -as on the Maidane. Only the question is, who provokes, and who is in the self-defense units?
  5. borisjdin1957
    borisjdin1957 22 February 2014 07: 08
    from the Don.
    Who turns them away from such articles, let them run to the toilet! Essentially, chasing down wall-worshipers from the media, closing all kinds of sects, promoting family and religious values. It’s clear that this is not profitable for the state and liberal authorities. It means that it needs to be changed. And most importantly, religious education in the family. Until many reach, but faith is the last bastion of the integrity of the country. a story from the time of Alexander Nevsky !!!
    1. the polar
      the polar 22 February 2014 09: 12
      Quote: borisjdin1957
      from the Don.
      Who turns them away from such articles, let them run to the toilet! Essentially. Drive your wall worshipers from the media, close all sects, promote family and religious values. It’s clear to the state, liberal
    2. varov14
      varov14 22 February 2014 09: 43
      They will replace her, which outrages us in the Ukrainian events, this is not a struggle with corrupt power, but the fact that Bandera’s, so-called nationalists and fascists. But think about it, they do not call for the collapse of Ukraine, they are in order. Where did they come from, who fostered them, that the authorities did not know anything about fascist and nationalist ideology, and that it also unites people perfectly. They knew and indulged, now they are reaping the benefits, they will wait, they will walk in order, if I were at the head and I would take away all industry. And here, the FSB is also flapping its ears, looking into the mouth of the oligarchs - divide and conquer, they will also trample.
  6. Humpty
    Humpty 22 February 2014 07: 20
    The sectarians on the street for some reason run away from me, probably a bad character.
    1. Serg65
      Serg65 22 February 2014 11: 24
      Hi Sash, but I like to argue with them laughing, it’s especially touching when you take their thought a little away from memorized speeches, you can see right away how the boards in the brain begin to smoke good
    2. does it
      does it 22 February 2014 18: 20
      Quote: Humpty
      The sectarians on the street for some reason run away from me, probably a bad character.

  7. AlexxxNik
    AlexxxNik 22 February 2014 07: 22
    what prevented them from raising these issues 20 years ago, at least in their midst, participation in anti-Stalinist persecution and consensus and Jews is the logical result.
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 22 February 2014 08: 13
      Quote: AlexxxNik
      what prevented them from raising these issues 20 years ago, at least in their midst,

      And who would lift them? 20 years ago, we rejoiced at sneakers, liquors and all overseas garbage. There was nobody to raise them, especially in the trash of the authorities.
  8. 22 February 2014 07: 57
    these distraught from the "dough" of the new Russian (pro-Western) nouveau riche. Personally, I would have them all planted on his knees, / Author Val Roman /

    Not otherwise the nouveau riche knees from jo "s grow.
  9. The comment was deleted.
  10. the polar
    the polar 22 February 2014 09: 02
    In Soviet times, the front-line and dissident intelligentsia, in spite of the “godless materialistic collectivism”, which the CIA radio voice insisted on, went to church and made a career there. Most of them, like Chaplin, by the way, came to church and received baptism in adulthood, changing the “faith of the fathers”, and thus became “reborn Christians”, which is a tradition in the sectarian milieu of American religious right.
    The same Chaplin boasted that he had not taught at the school of natural sciences:
    “With all the known achievements of the Soviet secondary school, there was one feature in it that did not suit me at all as a student. This is the imposition of a very "advanced" level of subjects that, as I was already sure then, would not be useful to me - physics, chemistry, the most complex mathematics. Actually, I hardly taught them, knowing that they would give me a satisfactory grade anyway, so as not to spoil the reporting. But the school, according to the Soviet plan, was supposed to prepare a lot of future specialists for the military industry ... "

    It is especially significant that Chaplin’s father was a prominent scientist, antenna array specialists, who did a lot for the country's defense and the Soviet space program. These attacks on science and education, as well as the regret that the liberals had not yet destroyed the destruction of all Soviet industry, thanks to which Russia was still alive, betrayed in Chaplin a great patriot of not our Motherland, who for the time being camouflaged his true essence under a priestly mask. And there are legion of such in the Russian Orthodox Church ...
  11. The comment was deleted.
  12. Chicot 1
    Chicot 1 22 February 2014 09: 34
    Nikita Mikhalkov once said: "The Church is the last stronghold of the state."

    The Soviet Union got along fine without it "stronghold", and education, science and other industries were at a high level ...
    When the USSR was a powerful and monolithic power, the Russian Orthodox Church was, one might say, an ally of the West

    Now the Russian Orthodox Church is no longer an ally of the West

    That is (if we proceed from the logic of the Author) the ROC was hostile to the USSR and was a kind of "fifth column" and "internal enemy", and then suddenly (once !!!) and ceased to be all this almost instantly ... That is, it turns out that the ROC has achieved (together with the West) what it wanted. Namely, the collapse of the USSR ...
    Fortunately, over the years, many sensible, versatile church ministers have accumulated in the Russian Orthodox Church, one of the prominent representatives of this cohort is Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin

    Chaplin? .. Fortunately? .. You hit me on the spot, Author! The ordinary clerk (and, having no outstanding mental abilities), only dressed in a cassock. Allows so many mistakes in his spits that it’s time to collect them already, as Chernomyrdin’s statements ...
    I am very sorry for the ROC, if the likes of Chaplin are the most "sensible and versatile"... This is the trouble of the church ...
    “If I believe in God, but he is not, then I do not lose anything. And if I do not believe in God, and He is - I lose everything. "
    Blaise Pascal

    Frankly and honestly - I grew up during the Soviet Union, when I had a normal education, when I was taught to think with my own head. And all were atheists ... Let not all, but the overwhelming majority ... And then (once !!!) and all in an instant became believers. Or maybe just such a fashion has gone - to go to church? .. And everyone goes there because it has become "must", but they themselves did not even hold the Bible in their hands ... No wonder someone not stupid noticed - there are many parishioners, but few believers...
    As for me, I remained an atheist ... And I noticed one thing - old Darwin was damn right. And I am convinced of this every single day. And this material is no exception ...
    1. 22 February 2014 11: 45
      Quote: Chicot 1
      As for me, I remained an atheist ... And I noticed one thing - old Darwin was damn right. And I make sure of it every single day

      Let's sequentially: "Old Darwin was heckovski right. "Right in what? Homo sapiens descended from a monkey? Not a fact! Where is the so-called" intermediate link "? Present, well, bolder ..., bolder!
      Let's exclude your eulogy to "old Darwin" and see what's in your bottom line?
      Quote: Chicot 1
      As for me I'm so atheist and stayed... and in this I make sure every single day

      If you are an atheist, then do not mention God in vain.
      1. Chicot 1
        Chicot 1 22 February 2014 18: 25
        Let's get it consistent: "Old Darwin was damn right." Right in what? Homo sapiens descended from a monkey?

        A follower, so consistently ... Darwin never claimed that man was descended from a monkey. This was attributed to him by stupid people who were not able to thoughtfully study his evolutionary theory. Others picked up as an argument. But both of them look pretty stupid. So do not try to be like them ...
        Let's exclude your eulogy to "old Darwin" and see what's in your bottom line?

        And do not exclude Darwin. This is silly. The more they seek refutation of his theory, the more they find evidence for it ...
        You can even look at the Bible for interest (by the way, have you read it? I - yes) - "Then sons of God saw daughters of menthat they are beautiful "(Genesis 6: 2)"...
        Well with sons of God everything is more or less clear ... The question is - who are they and where did these same come from human daughters? ..
        I did not receive an answer to this question either from the masters of the sectarians (Jehovists) or from the ministers of the church (priests, with whom sometimes I had to communicate). Maybe you, dear, you can give a complete and detailed answer to this question ... This will be the bottom line ...
        If you are an atheist, then do not mention God in vain

        To me (as an atheist) these restrictions do not apply. So here by ...
        1. Chicot 1
          Chicot 1 24 February 2014 16: 59
          Quote: Chicot 1
          no need to rule out Darwin. This is silly. The more they seek refutation of his theory, the more they find evidence for it ...
          You can even look at the Bible for interest (by the way, have you read it? I - yes) - "Then the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were beautiful" (Genesis 6: 2) "...
          Well, with the sons of God it’s more or less clear ... The question is who are these and where do these human daughters come from? ..
          I did not receive an answer to this question either from the masters of the sectarians (Jehovists) or from the ministers of the church (priests, with whom sometimes I had to communicate). Maybe you, dear, can give a complete and detailed answer to this question ... This will be the bottom line

          I have not received an answer now. Even after a day. And I think that I’ll hardly ever get it ...
          And this (lack of an answer to this question) is the very "dry residue", dear More precisely, a dry bill in my favor ... wink
    2. does it
      does it 22 February 2014 18: 24
      Quote: Chicot 1
      Nikita Mikhalkov once said: "The Church is the last stronghold of the state."
      The Soviet Union did well without this "stronghold", and education, science and other industries were at a high level ...

      Mikhalkov, an actor who has outplayed many roles, the role is one thing! and another thing is reality.
      1. Chicot 1
        Chicot 1 22 February 2014 19: 02
        Quote: kvirit
        one thing is the role! and another thing is reality

        So I’m wondering what role (and according to whose scenario) Mikhalkov plays in delivering such phrases into reality ...
  13. Kahlan amnell
    Kahlan amnell 22 February 2014 11: 47
    The criterion of the truth of beliefs is the consistency of what is being preached from the pulpit and one's own life.
    How many clergymen live as they preach to the people? A small number. It’s good that there is at least so much. But why do not all clergymen live as scripture tells us to? If you have already arrogated to yourself the right to speak ostensibly on behalf of the Almighty and to teach the people - so correspond to this ministry. Be examples of modesty, purity, decency. But do not want to live according to the scripture - then shut up and do not teach the people what you yourself do not observe.
    The notorious watch of the patriarch - so many copies are broken around them. But the fact of the matter is that the patriarch is a monk (bishops in dioceses are also monks). And a monk cannot own any property. Nothing belongs to him and cannot belong. In fact, even the cassock in which he is clothed does not belong to him. It is written in the ancient canons.
    So does the church hierarchy really correspond to its own canons?
  14. does it
    does it 22 February 2014 18: 32
    Against the Russian Orthodox Church, dirty information technologies are systematically and massively used. Even the watch on the hands of the Patriarch is already figured as something immoral. The principle here is as simple as an orange. Whatever you put on - the craftsmen from this harbored incriminating evidence.
    After that, Gundyaev had to take off this watch and sell it, and transfer the money to a charitable foundation. He is a "monk". I am silent about the rest.