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Marine Le Pen: "The European Union has shown its inconsistency"

About why the European Union is doomed to disintegration, about the negative consequences of clandestine immigration and about the rise of patriotic movements in Europe, the leader of the National Front of France, Marine Le Pen, told the Voice of Russia in an interview.

- In one of the speeches you emphasized the importance of the work of the nationalist party with its electorate. Why are you and everyone who shares your opinion, sure that you can update Europe?

- I think that the European Union has shown its inconsistency and cannot lead to the flourishing of Europe, to protect the security and identity of the peoples of Europe. Think wind stories inflate the sails of patriotic movements that want to preserve the sovereignty of nations. This sovereignty is completely destroyed today, because the European Union has deprived us of territorial sovereignty, economic sovereignty, budget sovereignty, legislative sovereignty.

I defend freedom and democracy. I think that freedom and democracy are necessarily combined with the sovereignty of the European peoples. I am confident that the European elections will demonstrate a very strong rise in patriotic movements, as is the case in Austria, Sweden, Belgium, France or Italy.

- Why do you think that United Europe is a kind of anomaly? And that her disintegration will not cause chaos? You also stated that you expect nothing from the European Union except its collapse. What are these conclusions based on?

“I think the European Union is like the Soviet Union.” It cannot be transformed, since it is based on a defect built into it: the disappearance of the sovereignty of various European nations. It is impossible to build an empire, depriving peoples of independence. At the same time, they are being pulled out of the democratic process. And I believe in democracy.

I do not know which of the most important changes the European Union will agree on. I talked about four big reforms that are necessary for the EU: to return to each people sovereignty in lawmaking so that national laws are above European directives; return economic freedom to nations with the possibility of establishing "economic patriotism", as well as economic protection on their borders; regain territorial sovereignty, that is, absolute control over national borders; and regain the freedom of the monetary system, that is, return to the national monetary system.

Since I am absolutely sure that the European Union will never agree to these changes, I conclude that it is absolutely impossible to reform it. The only way out is to leave him alone and watch him collapse. And then restore the great Europe of nations and cooperation that I see.

- What are your predictions on the results of the May elections? How do you assess the chances of the "National Front" in these elections to the European Parliament?

- My goal is to win these European elections. My other goal is the convincing victory of our party, patriotic movements, patriot deputies in the European Parliament. We are able to represent a blocking minority in order to prevent the European Union from continuing the policy of federalism. We see today that there is not a single region where the life of our peoples has improved. That is, you need to block this federalism and do everything to go back, to join the framework of individual nations, returning each of its own power.

- You often expressed your opinion about the negative consequences of underground immigration, both in Europe and in France. What problems does it cause?

- Thousands of problems. They are caused by mass immigration, both legal and underground.

First, we need to talk about economic issues. When you allow thousands of foreigners to enter a country where there are already some unemployed, they either become new unemployed and make the financial system heavier, or they potentially become direct competitors to your own employees. After all, they often agree to work for less money than they cause unfair competition.

Secondly, naturally, they affect the share of social support. Since there is a family reunion program for newcomers, they come with their wives and children, and then enjoy the state’s generosity in social support. In France, this applies, for example, to a free school, free health care ... For them free, not for the French!

The next problem is the problem of culture. When immigrants come in large quantities, they arrive with their codes of conduct, with their morals, with their own culture, different from ours. In many neighborhoods, this represents a real revolution, followed by demands, the purpose of which is to change in our country, change our laws, our habits. That is, the purpose of these requirements is the ability to directly influence national identity.

- Europe often reproaches Russia for not respecting human rights. But France in this area is slightly higher than Turkey. There are more prisoners in French prisons than in United States prisons. Can you comment on this?

- I did not wait for the statements of the Human Rights Committee to understand that French democracy is far from perfect. In particular, in the field of freedom of speech. It seems to me that from the recent events the prohibition of the performance (satirist author Dieudonné, NdT.) Highlights the underlying problem. I believe that freedom of speech is a right to fight for every day. It is also true that in this area France was condemned more often than Russia. Both our countries must fight for freedom of speech to be achieved, since this is the most important component of democracy. This is one of the components that distinguishes democracy from the regime of censors.

I often hear from French leaders reproaches Russia for non-observance of basic democratic rights. In response, I have to declare in front of the television cameras that France, which teaches the whole world, should “turn on itself”.

- At the same time, if you look at the recent court proceedings in Russia related to freedom of expression, what could you say? Are they worrying? And if you compare it with a performance canceled in France ...

“I think the abuse of freedom of expression is better than the abuse of censorship.” Regardless of the payment for it. This is the price of democracy. I believe that this is true for all countries. First of all, for my country, because it interests me first of all.

- But do you think that Russia can set an example?

- How can I say that Russia can serve as an example, because it follows us on this list? I believe that everyone should make an effort under any circumstances. Only one difference: Russia does not teach France, and France teaches Russia, although it itself is in a precarious position.

- According to some experts, the reaction of the French Republic to the revelations of Snowden was not clear enough. What do you think is the reason for such caution? And what do you think of Snowden?

“I was the first person who proposed that France grant political asylum to Mr. Snowden.” Everything is clear here. You are right when you say that the position of France in this area should be criticized. France spoke with extreme caution in the face of the United States.

The problem is that France, like the European Union, is dependent on the United States. That it follows America under any circumstances, including internationally, for several decades now. She plays along with all her geostrategic decisions. It is time for France to become free, sovereign, to find its own special path. And stop obeying the requirements of the States.

That is why I irreconcilably objected to the free exchange agreement between the European Union and the United States of America. I believe that it not only does not meet our economic interests, but can forever tie us to America in terms of the economy, the monetary system and politics.

- Let's talk now about the President of the Republic ... About the scandal that unfolds before our eyes ... How will this scandal develop from the personal life of the president? How do you look at his possible resignation? Maybe early elections will be held?

- I do not think that the president will resign! I think that every citizen of France has the right to protect his private life, which will not prevent the French from assessing the person himself, after assessing the President of the Republic. We cannot forbid people to have an opinion about the behavior of their ruler. I repeat, reproaches to Mr. Hollande arose long before the present situation. Let me remind you that there is a “situation” with the first lady of France, who lives in the Elysée Palace, the state pays her expenses, she is given a personal secretary, although she does not have legal status. And it was a problem from the very moment the president came to power. You know that in France they say that Francois Hollande does not know how to choose ... and he proved it once again.

- Earlier you criticized the position of the government of Hollande and Sarkozy on the Syrian issue. You blamed them for supporting Islamic fundamentalists. You said that this "is the moral and historical mistake of our rulers." Can you comment on these words? What do you think is Russia's role in the current situation in the region?

- I just see that I was right! It is clear to everyone today that the rebels, who were exposed as “defenders” of democracy, belong, for the most part, to the Al-Qaida factions. And I was right about both Syria and Libya! I was right when I said that we are getting involved in a conflict, because we want to bring Islamic fundamentalists to power! And that we will pay dearly for this situation. What happened! Weaponwhich “surfaced” in Mali, this is what we delivered to Libya! And every day my position is increasingly confirmed.

Obviously, the participation and wisdom of Russia, which has brilliantly returned to the political arena and made it possible to avoid military intervention, should be assessed positively. I think that thanks to Russia we avoided a new disappointment. I hope that this situation has not gone too far and we can get out of it. Because, of course, we think about the Syrian people, who continue to live during the civil war.
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  1. zart_arn
    zart_arn 17 January 2014 18: 13
    A true national patriot and national democrat (not to be confused with the Nazis and. I respect, though a woman.
    1. A.YARY
      A.YARY 17 January 2014 18: 26
      I respect, though a woman.
      I respect twice, because a woman!
      Has its own firm "I" and does not bend under the pederastic lobby in Geyrop.
      Father can be proud of her.
      1. sledgehammer102
        sledgehammer102 17 January 2014 19: 17
        Quote: A.YARY
        Has its own firm "I" and does not bend under the pederastic lobby in Geyrop.

        Yes, at the present time in Europe with such a life position has to be sweet. And the hysteria that gays arranged on the eve of Sochi, it is impossible to call Satan's ball otherwise!

        Just think it over! How to protest against the law on the prohibition of homo propaganda among minors? MINORS !!!! CHILDREN !!!!

        P.S. In Germany, a movement in support of traditional values ​​is already gaining strength, patience has fallen after obliging to attend classes with (e) cs-education in secondary schools and threats of expulsion for failure to appear
      2. Max otto
        Max otto 17 January 2014 19: 41
        The only sad thing is that she still does not understand the reason for the decay of Europe, and cites the example of the USSR, in which everything was normal with the national question and who did not lose their national identity. But the reason is simple - degradation and loss of moral orientation, everything is messed up - where is good, where evil is incomprehensible. They played in individuality and double standards, and this led to the arrival of traitors in power in the USSR.
      3. 225chay
        225chay 18 January 2014 08: 00
        Quote: A.YARY
        I respect, even though a woman. I respect doubly, because a woman!
        Has its own firm "I" and does not bend under the pederastic lobby in Geyrop.
        Father can be proud of her.

        Her father himself is a worthy leader. Le Penov would be in the leaders of France and we would have a reliable ally
    2. sscha
      sscha 17 January 2014 21: 41
      Were it not for the confrontation against the USSR, we would have shown our worth, because my "Tajik brothers" in the 70s and 80s lived much more prosperous than me, a proletarian from the Urals, who had money, but the goods were ... (my older brother lived in Tajikistan then, and I was amazed at the empty shelves with us, and winter boots from Italy (in Tajikistan !!!))
      The question for especially "smart" is the genocide of who and what was in the Union !!! ??? Judging by the actions of the ruling parties - genocide of Russians, who did not even have a voice of their own among the "national outskirts".
      When I entered the university, I passed a full "set" of introductory, and they wrote a dictation in Russian, etc. And I did the "army"! Here I felt the "genocide" of the Russians ... And where was Ms. Marine Le Pen then, to argue unfoundedly about the years of my life lived by me, and studied by her in the university !!! ??? hi
      1. zart_arn
        zart_arn 17 January 2014 22: 10
        Alexander, you apparently didn’t read the article. Ms. Le Pen is not going to talk about your life, she is a national patriot of her country, advocates constructive cooperation with Russia and nothing more, besides, in 70-80 she was an obedient girl and studied at a French school about Russia only from textbooks, in fact, like we are children of the 70s and 80s about France.
        As for the "genocide of Russians in the USSR", even as a Russian nationalist, I will greatly doubt your conclusions. Yes, I agree, the supply of Turkestans differed for the better from the supply of the Russian hinterland of those times. But "genocide" is already too much!
        This, of course, was unfair and was one of the reasons for the growth of nationalist sentiments, and not on the part of the Russians, but (oh, a paradox!) On the part of the aborigines of 14 Turkestans. Apparently, they thought that without the Russians it would be even better, but no, it didn't work out! But then the Russians realized which of the "smaller brothers" is closer and more familiar, a good lesson for us.
        "Everything that does not kill makes us stronger" F. Nietzsche
  2. 222222
    222222 17 January 2014 18: 13
    Report of the Russian Foreign Ministry
    "On the situation with ensuring human rights in the European Union" in 2013
    55de8444257c60004a6491! OpenDocument
  3. sds555
    sds555 17 January 2014 18: 16
    Yes, she’s just another politician who, in the wake of nationalist and patriotic slogans, is trying to get to the trough of power like her father, and if it works, nothing will change as it club with their own rules that everyone follows, especially in Europe IMHO
    1. sds555
      sds555 17 January 2014 18: 27
      There, even in the United Kingdom they raised a cry about migrants from the eastern countries of the European Union, like it is necessary to adopt new laws on not allowing them to enter their territory, but they were quickly pulled out of Brussels, so that there is only one way out of the European Union, but they won’t do it ( and other countries too) are all too financially and politically involved
  4. andrei332809
    andrei332809 17 January 2014 18: 18
    it already started. the British threaten Brussels with an exit if the European institutions of power do not start reforms. Naturally, the Britons put forward reforms that are beneficial exclusively to them (nothing changes in the world). and if the Germans are still tired of feeding all the parasites, then tady ... probably, again, the whole of eastern Europe will yell about the multi-billion dollar damage from the Soviet occupation. fool
  5. RUSS
    RUSS 17 January 2014 18: 39
    Many disagree with me, but Russia lacks such moderate nationalists with an adequate program as Marie Le Pen.
    1. zart_arn
      zart_arn 17 January 2014 18: 48
      Many disagree with me, but Russia lacks such moderate nationalists with an adequate program as Marie Le Pen.

      Maxim, just the opposite. Most Russians (and not only Russians by nationality) are waiting for the appearance of such a national leader, just many do not realize the need for this.
      1. Russ69
        Russ69 17 January 2014 19: 10
        Quote: zart_arn
        waiting for the appearance of such a national leader,

        Only, you’re in the midst, while no one is responsible ...
  6. knn54
    knn54 17 January 2014 18: 42
    -And I believe in democracy.
    Alas, today Democracy has actually been replaced by Liberalism. "Libertas" is freedom, but for the "chosen minority" ...
    -In response, I am forced to declare in front of television cameras that France, which teaches the whole world, should "turn on itself."
    France and the French are RIGHT to have their own point of view on what is happening in their country and in the world, including what is happening in Russia. France and the French It is NOT RIGHT to impose on Russia their point of view and their moral and political values.
    And Europe TODAY has only TWO options:
    1. Euro Caliphate;
    2. 4th Reich.
    Nothing good for us.
    1. zart_arn
      zart_arn 17 January 2014 18: 54
      Alas, today Democracy is actually replaced by Liberalism.

      And what kind of alternative to democracy do you see - the dictatorship of egg-headed generals?
      No, thank you. And there is no need to distort, rushing to extremes - "caliphate", "Reich". Such politicians as Le Pen are precisely the golden mean. You perfectly understand this, it's just that either you have been brainwashed by "liberals" (not liberals), or you yourself are trying to brainwash others, willingly or unwillingly.
  7. Boris63
    Boris63 17 January 2014 18: 55
    Although Marie inherited the party, he is a reasonable politician. It is not for nothing that her party is "gaining" popularity in France; many French people are becoming close to the party's aspirations. Of course, it is difficult to argue what will happen if she comes to power. In any case, more and more French people understand that the European Union is leading to "nowhere".
  8. alone
    alone 17 January 2014 19: 06
    Marie Le Pen will never be able to do what she thinks. Do you think the French elite will allow it to win? It is only in words that there are fair elections)) but in reality those who need to win the elections.
    1. RUSS
      RUSS 17 January 2014 19: 35
      Quote: lonely
      Marie Le Pen will never be able to do what she thinks. Do you think the French elite will allow it to win? It is only in words that there are fair elections)) but in reality those who need to win the elections.

      All when it happens for the first time ....
  9. bubla5
    bubla5 17 January 2014 19: 06
    Russia does not teach France, and France instructs Russia for this statement alone it must be respected
  10. Russ69
    Russ69 17 January 2014 19: 13
    If Marin Le Pen were to become president in France, Russia would not be a bad profit, it could be fucked.
  11. Lelek
    Lelek 17 January 2014 19: 24
    He thinks and speaks sensibly, but ... but ... but ... bully
  12. konvalval
    konvalval 17 January 2014 19: 42
    Marine Le Pen is the president of France, and Natalia Narochnitskaya is the president of Russia.
    1. zart_arn
      zart_arn 17 January 2014 22: 21
      Well, you compared Le Pen and Narochnitskaya! This is ka .opu with your finger! wassat
  13. Arhj
    Arhj 17 January 2014 19: 45
    I am wary of nationalists, as they are often addicted, but I have to admit that in European countries this is sometimes the only force that thinks about the interests of the titular nation.
  14. GUSAR
    GUSAR 17 January 2014 19: 47
    Marine Le Pen you're done! If we had a candidate with such a program, we would have voted 100% for him!
    1. homosum20
      homosum20 17 January 2014 20: 32
      Before the elections, even the Yavlinsky program was cooler. I’m not talking about the rest. Let's see what happens IF choose.
  15. Sleeping
    Sleeping 17 January 2014 20: 24
    Just a couple of Arab riots (to give money just like that and feed for free) and she is the president! I think that is good for Russia. IMHO

    but all our candidates
  16. homosum20
    homosum20 17 January 2014 20: 30
    ".. This sovereignty is completely destroyed today, because the European Union has deprived us of territorial sovereignty, economic sovereignty, budgetary sovereignty, legislative sovereignty ..."
    But he gave Europe anarchist freedom p ... - he still has great potential. For example, the fourth Reich of Germany, missile defense, NATO to the east .... so much more than feed Brussels to an old Europe.
  17. Ihrek
    Ihrek 17 January 2014 20: 44
    Apart from the economic one, there is also the moral degradation of Europe. This is not an unimportant factor in the collapse of Europe. Marie Li Peng's remarks are very respectful. But there is a "BUT" - she is not the president. If she were president, she would rather follow Hollande's path in key issues.
  18. The comment was deleted.
  19. lx
    lx 17 January 2014 21: 09
    > There are more prisoners in French prisons than in the United States. Can you comment on this?
    hmm, however arrogant lies. It is easy to verify that the number of prisoners per 10000 in France is many times less than in the United States (they are ahead of the rest here). Also less than in Russia and Turkey. There is nothing to say about absolute numbers (as a whole per country). But this is a lie of an interviewer, and Marine Le Pen does not get tired to demonstrate his incompetence
  20. DMB-78
    DMB-78 17 January 2014 23: 23
    "The only way out is to leave him alone and watch him collapse. And then rebuild a great Europe of nations and cooperation" "Obviously, the participation and wisdom of Russia, which brilliantly returned to the political arena and avoided military intervention, must be assessed positively I think that thanks to Russia we have avoided new disappointment. I hope that this situation has not gone too far and we will be able to get out of it "Golden Words. Clever, such a president to France and this clown union will collapse
  21. shinobi
    shinobi 18 January 2014 07: 28
    Europe, as always, in other matters, in crisis situations returns to its beloved and proven tool for solving problems for centuries. In different centuries it bore different names. The last and most memorable name was "fascism"
  22. Zomanus
    Zomanus 19 January 2014 07: 18
    Well, the main thing is that they would not unite against us again. And then how they become shitty, they constantly climb to us.