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News of the aviation engine industry of Ukraine

Last week the Interfax-AVN news agency reported some interesting details on the progress of work on the creation of promising aviation engines.

As the general designer of the GP Ivchenko-Progress Igor Kravchenko said, the first experienced medium military transport aircraft An-178 will be provided with modified D-436-148F aircraft engines (FM - Fyodor Muravchenko). "In the third quarter of 2014, the company will ship the aircraft developer, the Antonov state enterprise, the first two combat engines D-436-148ФМ to be installed on the first An-178 aircraft," he said. According to him, "the first batch of such engines is being manufactured, including for the first An-178 aircraft and two for the certification of the engine as a modification of the D-436-148".

He noted that "tests will begin this year, and engine certification tests can be completed in the second half of 2015 of the year." "The base for creating the D-436-148FM is the D-436-148 serial engine installed on the An-148 family of aircraft. The distinctive feature of the D-436-148М is increased by more than one ton of thrust - 8560 kg in emergency mode and 7700 kg - on take-off mode, - said the general designer.
Igor Kravchenko also shared information about the development of the D-18 engine modernization program. According to him, it is planned to install D-124Т engines of the 18М series on the upgraded An-3 type aircraft. The engine has improved performance and performance for noise, environmental parameters. It was noted that the production of the first pilot batch of D-18T 3М series engines is underway.

News of the aviation engine industry of Ukraine

Mockup of the engine D-436-148FM on MAKS-2013

"In accordance with the current plans, the engine in the third quarter of the 2014, the year will go to ground bench tests," - said the general designer. He explained that "the engine modification being created will be able to work at elevated ambient temperatures." “The creation of this engine with a constant take-off 23,4 is ahead of the development of the modernized An-124 aircraft, the production of which is planned to be resumed in Ulyanovsk,” said I. Kravchenko.

He noted that the upgraded engine will be equipped with Fadec electronic control system of fuel consumption before the end of its supply. Installing this system will increase the potential of the engine at 20-25%, - said the general designer. According to him, during the repair of the An-124 aircraft of the Russian Ministry of Defense, the D-18Т series of the 3 series instead of the D-18Т series of the previous series are put on the aircraft.

He also noted that the state-owned Ivchenko-Progress company has proposals for building an X-NUMX D-18T engine with take-off load up to 5 t in cooperation with Russia for promising Russian aircraft. At the same time, he believes that through the 32-4 years, it is actually possible to begin mass production of such an engine. But for this we need a target program, funding and a new aircraft project.

News also came from Zaporizhzhya Motor Sich JSC. According to its president, Vyacheslav Boguslaev, the company intends to deepen production cooperation with its Russian partner, the Salyut gas-turbine engineering research center (Moscow).

“The share of Moscow’s Salut in the production of Ukrainian-designed D-27 aircraft engines should be increased from approximately 30 percent to 50 percent,” said V. Boguslayev. He noted that Salyut has been active for many years in cooperation with the Ukrainian Motor Sich JSC to master the production of AI-222-25 engines for Yak-130 combat training aircraft, as well as D-27 engines for military transport aircraft An-70 and others, "recalled V. Boguslaev.

According to him, Motor Sich is ready to give 50% of the production of aircraft drivers to Russian enterprises XNUMX, first of all, to Salyut.
"The most modern production at Salut. The company makes the most complex knot, the D-27 engine gearbox, which we have on tests shows very good results," said the President of Motor Sich JSC.

In his opinion, the work on the construction of a test bench for testing the D-27 engines must be deployed at Salute. “Moreover, it is necessary to build two stands in parallel to carry out resource tests. Today there is no place for D-27 in Russia,” said V. Boguslaev.

He noted that Motor Sich had mastered the entire production of the D-27, except for the gearbox. “But this is wrong, we must do the gas generator together with Salut,” said V. Boguslaev.

He also said that Metalist Samara plant is going to be involved in the production of D-27 engines, where Yury Yeliseyev, who worked at Salute for a long time, is also working as an executive director. “Yury Sergeevich Yeliseyev launched a vigorous activity on the development of the hot part of the D-436 and D-27 aircraft engines. And he does it right,” added V. Boguslaev.
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  1. makarov
    makarov 9 January 2014 08: 26
    on the infe which I have, indeed, everything described is confirmed. There is no "mulka" in the above.
    1. sledgehammer102
      sledgehammer102 9 January 2014 08: 35
      Quote: makarov
      on the infe which I have, indeed, everything described is confirmed. There is no "mulka" in the above.

      The question is what they will succeed with from this. The engine is likely to be, but where does the rest come from? Goods will not go to Europe in one fig, but the fate of their new transporter is a big question, it's me about the State Defense Order of Ukraine.

      And the news itself is good, because
      1) in Ukraine everything is not so bad
      2) Ukraine develops cooperation with Russia,
      it seems that the experience with helicopter engines taught them a lot.
      3) Economically Ukraine is becoming more and more east oriented
      4) it's a brotherly people, anyway
      , and its successes can be perceived almost as ours, especially since the engine basically consists of Russian components.
      1. StolzSS
        StolzSS 9 January 2014 20: 57
        Yes, in the ass this geyropu has so much to do and improve that for 20 years there will definitely be enough work ...
    2. Geisenberg
      Geisenberg 9 January 2014 14: 38
      Quote: makarov
      on the infe which I have, indeed, everything described is confirmed. There is no "mulka" in the above.

      For many years, this is perhaps the first such statement from the Ukrainian side. Apparently for the fraternal people, not everything is lost ...
    3. Vitaly Anisimov
      Vitaly Anisimov 9 January 2014 17: 34
      What the hell it's nice to read such news ... Ukraine is working together with Russia! (But after all all this production and scientific potential they wanted to put to the gays tail .. well, sorry for the expression ..) Let the Slavs keep it up!
  2. Parvulus
    Parvulus 9 January 2014 08: 29
    The right direction is through cooperation towards integration.
  3. Nitarius
    Nitarius 9 January 2014 08: 36
    Whoever SAYS! and Ukraine must be in the CUSTOMS UNION! She is to us the most KIND and in spirit and thinking!
    and the 5th column must be driven by PENDEL under the 5th point
  4. kind
    kind 9 January 2014 09: 06
    Well done !!! Good production !!!
  5. umah
    umah 9 January 2014 09: 12
    Investments in Ukraine are already yielding results. And it pleases. Hurry, Ukraine would join the Union (Customs) - to the joy of the Russians and the fear of the Anglo-Saxons!
  6. tnship2
    tnship2 9 January 2014 09: 16
    Good news about the brothers is a pleasure to read.
  7. kelevra
    kelevra 9 January 2014 11: 57
    Recently, news has come very often. That Ukraine is actively developing something or modernizing, this cannot but rejoice!
  8. Yuri Y.
    Yuri Y. 9 January 2014 12: 28
    "Yuri Sergeevich Eliseev launched a vigorous activity on the development of the hot part of the aircraft engines D-436 and D-27. And he is doing the right thing," added V. Boguslaev.

    It seems that everyone who works for our cooperation is doing the right thing. In any case (it's me about politics).
  9. saturn.mmm
    saturn.mmm 9 January 2014 12: 54
    I hope this will lead to a fruitful and long-term cooperation. Definitely good news.
  10. PLO
    PLO 9 January 2014 15: 45
    Meanwhile, in Russia ...

  11. svp67
    svp67 9 January 2014 16: 10
    No matter what anyone says, Motor Sich and its management command respect ...
    1. alone
      alone 9 January 2014 21: 31
      Quote: svp67
      no matter who is talking about but "Motor Sich" and its management command respect ...

      this is always the case when professionals come to work, and not Talker birds, which differ only in empty promises and gorlopanom.
  12. michajlo
    michajlo 9 January 2014 21: 44
    Hello forum users!

    The news is good and pleased. I would like to see what news and MAINLY the results of the "cooperation and cooperation" between Russia and Ukraine become COMMON.

    Since both Europe and the USA need only one thing - to DESTROY and DESTROY the remnants of the industrial potential of the great UNION, well, we should all resist this as soon as we can.
    And our words of support, praise to the designers and technicians, as well as informing other townsfolk about such facts, are also needed and useful.

    I am proud that I come from the USSR and hope to survive until the times of UNION-2!