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Valid firing

Combat training on navy was in full swing. The division’s ships, having completed course tasks in the base, went to sea to carry out practical artillery firing at the coastal target. The destroyer “Metky” went to sea at sea, leaving the senior in the base the chief of staff - Vasya, also known as “Polar Explorer” (after the well-known events that occurred earlier).

The exit was short, shooting the most ordinary, completing the closure of the course problem, in connection with which the divisional division took with him a minimum of flagship specialists. The navigator, signalman, RTS, mechanic and artilleryman were the entire marching headquarters.

Having given off the moorings, the “Apt” threw out the “cap”, which eclipsed the entire panorama of the base, thus hiding the entire process of going out to sea from the vigilant eye of the fleet headquarters. When the smoke cleared, only empty bottles floating under the “Zhiguliovskiy” floating along the pier left memories of the ship.

Komdiv took his place on the bridge. Comfortably seated in a commanding chair and covering his eyes, he listened to the commands. Ahead of him was waiting for the General Staff Academy, the exit was for him the last before leaving for study.

The commander of the "Metky" before the appointment was the first mate on the same destroyer "The Striking One", therefore he was familiar with the ship, and it was not new to him to manage it. However, in this position, this output was the first for him, and the division commander decided to personally verify his abilities.

The weather was fresh. The destroyer squad cut the incident wave, confidently moving to the combat training area to complete the task. At the end of the release, "Apt" was placed in the dock, the entire ammunition with the exception of artillery was unloaded.

The flagship gunner was an experienced specialist in his field. He also started on an artillery cruiser, commander of a battery of universal caliber, and there were many such shots during the years of his service. Some two months remained before the transfer to seniority. To replace him just to be appointed commander of the missile and artillery warhead "Metko", the captain of rank 2, an experienced officer and master of his field. This exit was supposed to be some kind of internship for him before being appointed to a higher position. The commander of the warhead was appointed commander of the artillery battalion - captain 3 rank, passed this way from the battalion commander, artillery battery commander, captain-lieutenant, became the battalion commander, and his place was occupied by a young lieutenant graduate of this year, while only seconded to the destroyer.

Having passed the bay, "Metky" went out into the open sea. Sounded the command "End", the next shift took over the watch. The flagship navigator presented the weather forecast in a given shooting area. Having reported to the operational duty officer of the fleet that everything is going according to plan, the division commander, giving appropriate instructions to the marching headquarters, went down to his cabin. The commander of the destroyer, instructing the officer of the watch and passing control to the senior assistant, followed the division commander left the navigating bridge. He went to this position for several years, having sat down two commanders and finally his dream came true. He was already at the limit of the commanding age, and this assignment was a long-awaited appointment for him, especially the “Apt” was a new ship that had recently joined the fleet.

The commander of the combat unit summoned the division commander and battalion commander. Knowing about the upcoming transfer of the flagship artilleryman to the reserve and their assignments, they decided to celebrate this event in a tight circle, for which they “take five drops” from a bottle of “grandfather Ho”, delivered specially from St. Petersburg by a familiar conductor. The older comrade was a big fan of this drink, and therefore this procedure was invented.

Shooting was the most typical, so it didn’t cause any doubt to the masters of artillery attack, especially on the eve of the planned service movements. Therefore, all the preparation for them was entrusted to a young lieutenant trainee.

Gunners friendly crowd burst into the cabin of the flagship artillery. All of them were graduates of the same school, except for this, they were tied together by many miles traveled together and shooting conducted. In addition to this, everyone was under the impression of new fateful events, therefore, there were plenty of topics for communication. After the symbolic "five drops" the conversation entered the right track.

"Apt" confidently went to a given point of the polygon. The crew of the destroyer acted in accordance with the march routine. The intern-lieutenant, along with the commander of the department of commanders, the chief foreman, finished bypassing his future superintendent. Two years of military service came to an end, and at the end of this exit, the chief sergeant was waiting for demob and Motya, a milkmaid from the farm of a neighboring village, whom he had met on vacation at a disco in the club. His thoughts were far from the ship, the shooting, and this lieutenant, quite inopportunely, fell on his head. The fact is that he was already awaited by the same year and countryman from the supply service, with whom they agreed to print the last photos for the demobel album. The event broke down because of this tedious intern.

It remains to be only in the turret of the artillery. His subordinate, one-and-a-half, the senior sailor and the future commander of the commander's office moved in the corridor towards him. The plan instantly matured in the head of the chief sergeant. Having depicted the sharp need to visit a forage latrine in connection with natural needs and reassigned the lieutenant to the naked starmos in time, he safely departed to the upcoming photo session of the sea wolves, which was to finally fight Motyu and all her milkmaids.

The senior sailor was also in a hurry about his business. For the difference in the military and political situation, he was declared leave to leave home, to which he had to leave after returning to the base. In the aggregate, behind the boxes with spare parts, a brand new cloth awaited him, bartered for six cans of stew from a battalion, which was left to sew a second shoulder strap, made by the best ship maklak, bilge foreman. He was unable to refuse the eldest of the year of service, and even before his leave. The inspection of the superintendent came to an end, and in his mind the commander was trying on a new cloth, when suddenly the lieutenant trainee expressed a desire to re-examine the central post. Vacation was under threat!

Fortunately, in the central post there was a first-year sailor who had just arrived at the ship and was making a wet tidy just before leaving the training squad. The lieutenant was immediately transferred into the hands of a young fighter, and the brave little tailor hurried to do needlework.

A few hours remained before the arrival at the combat training ground and the start of artillery firing. "Apt" flew to the intended target, leaving behind foamy breakers of the wake. In the central post of the artillery complex there were two - a lieutenant intern and a sailor-first year. The ship strenuously prepared for artillery firing.

"Apt" entered the landfill. Sounds of “Training Alert” were heard. The tramp of dozens of legs and the slamming of hatches tore the gunners from the memories of past years and events. The commander and the division commander rose to the undercarriage, the crew of the destroyer took their places in accordance with the schedule, reports of readiness for the upcoming shooting started from the speakers.

Combat flew into the central. The whole calculation was in their places, two young trainees looked out from the boxes with the ZIP. Having reported on the readiness for shooting of the captain-lieutenant, everyone stopped waiting for the command to allow the fire.

Having received a report on readiness for firing from the chief commander, the commander of the “Metkogo” reported to the divisional commander as the head of the shooting. The divisional commander, in turn, reported to the fleet command ship: "I took the range, started to execute artillery firing." The destroyer on the report of the flagship navigator went to the point of discovery of fire. The controllers made the necessary reports, and the division commander gave the command to open fire. The ship flinched, spewing fire from both trunks. The battery fired at a remote coastal target.

The flagship artilleryman was in high spirits, five drops of “Grandpa Ho” did their job. Friendly conversation with fellow arms inspired by pleasant memories of thirty years of naval service. The veteran of the fleet did not have a big desire to sit in the dark of the TsKP on the command post of the BCh-2 commander, and he decided to climb the running gear to admire the fruits of his labor for the last time before leaving the reserve.

The divisional commander also had a relaxed feeling. Ahead was the Academy, Moscow, where for ten years already my wife, a native Muscovite, has been torn. In addition, both daughters studied there, whom he missed very much. A cherished dream was already near.

"Apt" gave another volley along the shore. Suddenly, the phone rang as. The watch officer picked up the phone. Slowly, his face began to turn pale, and then a scarlet of autumn rowan flared.

- Comrade Rear Admiral, this is you, the chief of staff of the fleet!

The commander slowly got down from his chair and picked up the phone:

- The division commander at the unit.

Having finished shooting, "Apt" went to the opposite course. Artillery installation was brought to its original position. The path to the base, home!

All in the wheelhouse turned their eyes on the divisional division. He stood pale, his eyes wandering madly around, only two words escaped from his mouth:

- There is! Yes sir!

"Apt" moored in his home base. Three black Volga and two UAZ vehicles stood on the quay. A large group in black overcoats led by two admirals, the chief of staff of the fleet and the chief of URAM did not bode well.

Glide touched the pier. Without waiting for it to fix, the whole company flew into the ship. Analysis of the exit of the destroyer "Acute" began right on the waist of the starboard.

And that's what happened. Border post lived its calm measured life. The dinner had just ended, and the staff, as usual, gathered in the smoking-room in order to discuss the pressing problems and listen to the stories of the senior warrant officer — foremen of the outpost, transferred here from Tajikistan. It was a beautiful autumn day. The northern sun rolled lazily across the horizon, rendering the latter warm before the approaching winter. A light wind from the sea tore the last leaves from the rowan trees. They lay flat on the feet of the border guards, and, quietly rustling, caught up by the wind, moved across the outpost from one end to the other. It seemed that nothing in the world could break this idyll.

Most recently, the 50 percent staff has been updated outpost. Border guards who served their time went home, and they were replaced by a young recruiting. The outpost was located on the outskirts of the former empire, far from caravan routes, drug trafficking and other problems. The service was calm here, and the senior warrant officer, who had completed the full program of Tajikistan, stayed here like in paradise.

Regular memories of the service were interrupted by a long howl. Something dark with a furious speed and whistle swept towards the last week's bath, a lovingly built foreman himself.

Wooden debris and piles of earth shot up into the air, something buried. It screamed again. Greenhouse with greenery was buried under a pile of debris and land.

- Outpost, in the gun! Everyone in the shelter! Shouted the senior ensign. In his memory the shelling of the outpost by the mojaheds was still alive there, in Tajikistan. Shells all the heaped steel bed right in the center of the parade ground. The frontier guards rushed together, covering themselves from the flying debris and clods of land behind the bare mountain ash.

The head of the outpost, a mature major, had lunch and lay down on the sofa. An hour later, with a young lieutenant who had just been assigned to the outpost, he was going to check on duty orders. The howling and the sound of the broken glass in a second tore him off the couch. Looking at the broken window, he saw recruits scattering in panic. The major pulled the phone of a direct telephone with OD border troops:

- The outpost is attacked! There is shelling from the sea! I accept the fight!

OD Border Troops first was taken aback by such a message. Immediately glancing at the map and determining the location of the outpost, he quickly realized that there was no cost to the fleet. In accordance with the available instructions, he immediately reported the incident to Moscow to the Office of the Border Troops, the duty general.

The reaction followed immediately. At OD Navy rang the phone government communications. It was the duty officer of the Border Troops Directorate. From his report, it became clear that a ship in the area where the outpost was located was firing along the coast, endangering the personnel there. OD of the Navy, according to the information received, having assessed the operational situation, revealed that in the area, in the training ground, artillery firing squadron "Metky". Immediately followed by a direct call from Moscow to the chief of staff of the fleet.

The commission worked on "Mark" for a whole week. Conclusions were made serious. The divisional commander as a senior on board and the head of the shooting was reprimanded and “crushed” his studies at the academy. The wife of the divisional commander left for Moscow closer to her daughters. The flagship artilleryman was fired to the reserve ahead of time, and in his place was appointed a graduate of the academy who had served earlier in a nearby compound. The commander of the ship in connection with the recent appointment was not brought to justice. The commander of the warhead-2 received the NSS and was transferred to the post of commander of the division at BOD "Detached", which is in conservation. The division commander was demoted and appointed commander of an artillery battery on the same BOD. The battery commander is removed from his post and transferred to the reserve. The squad commander was demoted to a sailor and was only dismissed on December 31 in 23.45. The commander, the senior sailor, was deprived of his vacation, and besides, when checking the fighting posts, the commission discovered his non-statutory form, prepared for the vacation, which later was put on a rag on the general construction of the crew. The ship was declared an organizational period, the docking was canceled, the delivery of the course task was rated "unsatisfactory." The lieutenant trainee was appointed commander of the battery of the destroyer "Metky", the first-year sailor received the title of "senior sailor".

The commander of the outpost for operational actions received an extraordinary military rank of "lieutenant colonel." For reasons of health, the senior warrant officer was transferred away from the border to the position of chief of a warehousing warehouse. The bathhouse, the greenhouse, and also all the damage done was restored by the forces and at the expense of the personnel of the division, under the personal guidance of the divisional division.

The commission named the cause of the incident to be the actions of an unidentified person who, due to unauthorized actions, caused a mismatch of the artillery gun guidance systems.
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  1. Sasha Major
    Sasha Major 9 January 2014 09: 16
    The culprits of all this mess were how to fuck staff officers who made plans for exercises and firing, too, for a bottle of vodka !!!! These parquet fools have always been and will be !!! In the Caucasus, more than once it happened, the howitzer battery covered its fire with a fool from Moscow who came there for a medal and built a smart look and knowledge of the operational situation !!!
  2. chunga-changa
    chunga-changa 9 January 2014 15: 16
    Judging by the results of the debriefing, it’s pure folklore, but funny, thanks.
    1. moremansf
      9 January 2014 15: 47
      In every fairy tale there is some truth !!! Thank you for your kind words !!!
  3. BOB48
    BOB48 9 January 2014 21: 55
    Thank!!!!!! smile
  4. coserg 2012
    coserg 2012 9 January 2014 22: 47
    Well done, well written!
  5. wanderer
    wanderer 10 January 2014 00: 10
    The bike is good. Thank you.
    Mostly very, very similar to the truth.
  6. Artyom
    Artyom 13 January 2014 01: 56
    Yes, I also think nonsense. real cases are more incredible and with more serious consequences. I was told for a long time how they tested the ship’s air defense system and the target ship was bombarded with an anti-ship missile with a blank instead of a warhead, and the task was to intercept it. So, when intercepted, the anti-ship rocket was deployed 180 g from a close gap of the air defense missile. and she flew back into the ship that launched her, as I understand it, there was an active target capture system on the rocket. as a result, the superstructure at the ship was demolished completely, the rocket fuel was detonated, only those who were in the hold survived. Perhaps this is unbelievable, but it seems that this eyewitness told me, I was still little then. There is a video on the tube in the sea for launching a torpedo by our sailors, shot on the phone, the torpedo dives there, and when it emerges, it starts moving back to the ship, in short the palundra !!!!
  7. Kunar
    Kunar 16 January 2014 23: 31
    Truly, you can’t relax))) I’ll cluck like that Bug laughing
    1. moremansf
      17 January 2014 12: 42
      In this case, they said: "Severomorets - be vigilant!"
  8. sop.ov
    sop.ov 12 February 2014 14: 47
    The storyteller this Andrei Peregontsev!
    1) The exercise is called "Artillery support for the amphibious assault", exercise "Artillery fire at an invisible coastal target."
    2) The commander or brigade commander in life never went out as the senior of one ship - this is the lot of the flagship specialist or chief of staff, or deputy brigade commander, depending on the type of training.
    3) Because it’s training, not test shooting in the shooting area, a corpse is planted - it’s stupid to cheat anywhere.
    4) Given n.3) it’s not clear why spotters or observers from the training ground didn’t report to the divisional officer that they didn’t observe the breaks, but this did not alert the divisor.
    5) An invisible coastal target is fired with a high-explosive shell even during exercises - the task is to hit area targets, so it is strange that after several salvos of AK-130 there were no casualties at the outpost. Probably saved the protective energy dome.
    1. moremansf
      19 February 2014 21: 55
      The tale is a lie, but a hint in it ...
      Respected sop.ov, this is not a report on the artillery shooting in the URA, but a literary work for a wide range of readers, including those far from the entire military terminology, not even a memoir ... I would not have served in the Navy if it weren’t funny !!!
      Nevertheless, thanks for the professional comment !!!
    2. воронов
      воронов 30 November 2014 21: 53
      By the comment you can see the pros !!! good
  9. Duke
    Duke 13 February 2014 01: 28
    still great!
  10. Arbatov
    Arbatov 17 February 2014 10: 33
    As a former mortar gunner, I confirm: most gunners have similar stories. But this one is just talented, hammer!
  11. moremansf
    5 March 2014 11: 36
    Many thanks to all for the comments !!!
  12. sop.ov
    sop.ov 19 March 2014 12: 25
    Quote: moremansf
    Thanks no less for the professional comment !!!

    Oh well ... I just served in those parts and on these ships once. hi
  13. igfrost1957
    igfrost1957 April 19 2016 11: 48
    Thanks to the author, good bike!