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Airborne showed promising helicopter complexes

Airborne showed promising helicopter complexes

The Russian Helicopters holding company presented to the command of the Russian Airborne Forces prospective helicopter complexes and unmanned aerial vehicles of its own design and production. The presentation was held at the National Helicopter Center at a joint conference on the use of Russian-made helicopters in the interests of the Airborne Forces. This was reported by the press service of the holding.

The event was attended by Air Force Commander Colonel-General Vladimir Shamanov, General Director of Russian Helicopters Alexander Mikheev, representatives of the Air Force Main Command, Land Forces, the Russian Defense Ministry, as well as specialists from industrial enterprises and institutions, the Moscow Aviation Institute and Moscow State Technical University. N. E. Bauman.

“The construction of the Airborne Forces requires a new helicopter for reconnaissance, transportation, fire support and other special tasks,” said Airborne Troops Commander Colonel-General Vladimir Shamanov at the conference. “Today such equipment is actively supplied to the troops and we are interested in dynamic development. lineup in accordance with the range of tasks facing modern paratroopers. "

According to the director general of the helicopter holding company Alexander Mikheev, modern and efficient helicopters are being delivered to the troops, and the development of promising helicopter complexes for the Airborne Forces, the Navy and the Ground Forces.

It is no secret that helicopter equipment is used by the Airborne Forces when landing and evacuating sabotage and reconnaissance groups, landing tactical assault forces, maneuvering units and units of the Airborne Forces. Helicopters also provide aviation support and cover for landing forces, control and communications of units of the airborne forces. In addition, the range of tasks performed with the use of helicopter technology includes the setting of mine-explosive barriers, aerosol curtains and electronic jamming in the interests of the troops, as well as the material and technical supply of landing forces, the evacuation of the wounded and sick.

High mobility of the Airborne Forces is provided by units of army aviation that use military helicopters of the Mi-8 / 17 and Mi-26 series. The new models of this series, the Mi-8MTV-5 transport and the Mi-8AMTSH transport-impact, as well as the Mi-26Т2, developed by the Russian Ministry of Defense, are among the most modern machines meeting all the requirements of the Airborne Forces. The firing cover of the troops can be provided by the Mi-28H, Ka-52, and Mi-35М helicopters, which are built on the basis of the well-known attack Mi-24 and should eventually replace this helicopter in the troops. Mi-35M equipped with a complex of offensive weapons, the machine is able to take on board up to 8 paratroopers. Today in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation light helicopters are beginning to enter service: the Ka-226T and the Ansat-U.

With the development of helicopter-type unmanned aircraft flying complexes, a significant increase in the effectiveness of a single information and intelligence system on the battlefield is possible. Modern onboard systems of helicopters allow them to perform tasks at any time of the day, in adverse weather conditions, with significant temperature changes, in mountainous and non-oriented areas.

On the eve it was announced that the military had delivered a new batch of Ka-52 combat helicopters. Helicopters, reportedly, will go into service with the army aviation of the Western Military District. The official ceremony of handing over the Ka-52 party to the customer took place in the presence of Air Force Commander Viktor Bondarev, Director General of the Russian Helicopters holding company Alexander Mikheev and Managing Director of the Progress Aviation Company of Aviation Company, which produces Alligators, Yuri Denisenko.

The Ka-52 reconnaissance and shock is an all-weather combat helicopter of round-the-clock use for solving reconnaissance and command tasks for a group of combat attack helicopters. It is equipped with devices to reduce visibility, electronic protection system, active countermeasures and is equipped with powerful offensive weapons. "Alligator" provides high security of the crew. To facilitate the piloting of the helicopter in the onboard equipment includes modern automated systems.

Practically completed work on the creation of the marine version of the Ka-52K. These formidable rotorcraft machines will be based on the Russian Mistrals, as well as on other ships capable of taking helicopters on board.
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  1. Leshka
    Leshka 27 December 2013 11: 54
    more to them in the Air Force
  2. Chicot 1
    Chicot 1 27 December 2013 11: 54
    They talked about the fact that the Airborne Forces could acquire their own helicopters two years ago ... Who is there now ... So, I doubt that this show will change anything in this matter ...
    1. avg
      avg 27 December 2013 12: 22
      In the mid-80s, a concept was developed for the formation and use of “reconnaissance and assault squads.” (The Mi-24 was modernized for them, security issues were worked out, heavy weapons were being prepared for paratroopers, etc.) This may return to this issue at a new level with new opportunities.
      1. A.YARY
        A.YARY 27 December 2013 14: 02
        (Mi-24 was upgraded under them,
        Not in the know about "Crocodile" but "8" oh-yes.
        Option "C" (who knows) with "uncle" had a very impressive set of bells and whistles. I was touched by its special equipment with "medicine." , three burned down in the first two years.
        1. Chicot 1
          Chicot 1 27 December 2013 14: 22
          Quote: A.YARY
          Not in the know about "Crocodile" but "8" oh-yes

          The Mi-8 proved to be an order of magnitude more convenient for transporting and landing troops. And despite the fact that the latter turned out to be a very successful helicopter in the overwhelming majority of operations, it was used (yes, and is still used) only as a strike (fire support) ...
          But the concept of a "flying infantry fighting vehicle" based on it, in general, did not justify itself ... Maybe on the basis of the "eight" such a machine will be more successful. Who knows ... But as far as I know, they are not going to undertake the development of such a thing yet ...
          Although infa skipped about the so-called. The Mi-40 is a "flying infantry fighting vehicle" based on the components and assemblies of the Mi-28 and Mi-38 ... But I can't judge how reliable this infa is ...
          1. Botanologist
            Botanologist 27 December 2013 21: 31
            Quote: Chicot 1
            Maybe on the basis of the GXNUMX, such a car will be more successful. Who knows ... But as far as I know, they are not going to undertake the development of such a thing yet ...

            Pay attention to Mi-8AMTSH. This is what you write about.
  3. svp67
    svp67 27 December 2013 11: 58
    Yes, without "turntables" now there is no army, therefore the country's defense capability directly depends on the work of our designers, engineers and other employees of the Mil and Kamov concerns. Great success to them in this matter.
  4. itr
    itr 27 December 2013 11: 58
    Strange 90 percent helicopters with a beard and the rest even without armor (not combat) ansat ????
    Where is the new ????
  5. Ustian
    Ustian 27 December 2013 12: 06
  6. Prapor-527
    Prapor-527 27 December 2013 15: 09
    Quote: itr
    Strange 90 percent helicopters with a beard and the rest even without armor (not combat) ansat ????
    Where is the new ????
    Just Ansat more than others is suitable for the airborne ...
    1. Chicot 1
      Chicot 1 27 December 2013 17: 23
      Quote: Prapor-527
      Just Ansat is more suitable for airborne than others

      And why not the Ka-226 or (for example) the Ka-60? .. wink
      1. officer29
        officer29 28 December 2013 01: 42
        The Ka-226 has a low speed in comparison with the Ansat - 50 km / h lower. request
    2. itr
      itr 29 December 2013 17: 21
      Prapor would like to hear the criteria of Ansat service in the Airborne. In my opinion, mi 24 will be much cooler
  7. Christian
    Christian 27 December 2013 19: 26
    Airborne steers !!!
    APASUS 27 December 2013 20: 12
    A shaman, a man with his head, knows the war firsthand.