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Interview with Director of the State Enterprise "Ukroboronservis" Sergey Mikityuk

Interview with Director of the State Enterprise "Ukroboronservis" Sergey MikityukIn December, 2013, the State Enterprise Ukroboronservis, a subsidiary of the Ukrspetsexport Group of Companies, now part of the Ukroboronprom State Concern, is 20 years old. Director of the state enterprise "Ukroboronservis" Sergey Mykytyuk told how one of the leaders of arms exports lives in our difficult times.

- Sergey O., Ukroboronservis SE has always occupied a serious place in the system of military-technical cooperation of Ukraine. How would you rate the capabilities of the enterprise at present, and what are its main areas of activity?

- SE "Ukroboronservis" today really occupies a leading place in the system. One of our main areas is air defense systems. Also, the company is very confident in the repair, modernization and supply of armored vehicles and weapons. There are successes in the field of disposal of ammunition, humanitarian demining, in projects with small arms. It is also true that today we compare favorably with all other special exporters with our own production facilities.

- If we talk in detail about such a direction as air defense. What is the role and place of the enterprise in this segment, what has been achieved today and what are the prospects?

“Today we have come to the conclusion that Ukroboronservis provides the entire complex of work related to the repair, extension of the resource and modernization of anti-aircraft missile systems, as well as other systems and military air defense equipment. To understand our role, place and our capabilities, we need to take into account certain realities that have developed in the global market. After all, everyone knows that weapons of many countries are still samples of weapons that were supplied during the Soviet era. These are, for example, such anti-aircraft missile systems and complexes such as Volga, Pechora, these are the P-12, P-15, P-18, P-19 radar systems, various altimeters. They constantly require updating as a result of operation. And "Ukroboronservis" it successfully does.

- The company conducts work in the direction of air defense in the interests of both domestic and foreign consumers. What results have been achieved?

- We are directly involved in the implementation of the “Program for restoring the combat capability of anti-aircraft missile forces of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to 2017”, which is aimed at repairing and extending the life of the C-300 PT / PS air defense missile system, as well as command points of the system 1Н5С ЗРК С-83ПС. For 300, two anti-aircraft missile systems were repaired in the interests of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, which are handed over to the Armed Forces (VS) and are now on alert. One is around Sevastopol, and the other is around Kiev. To date, we are carrying out work related to the repair of two anti-aircraft missile systems S-2012PS for the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

In general, by the current period in the interests of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, we have extended the 8 resource of the C-300 and 2 complexes of the Buk complexes. In 2014, in the first decade of February, we are planning to commission another C-300 complex, and in the first half of the year - the Buk-М1 air defense system.

In general, if funding is available from the MO "Ukroboronservis", it is ready to annually repair and extend the resource with three S-300 air defense systems, one "Buka" and one command post of the 5H83С system.

With regards to foreign customers, I’ll dwell on one important fact. The practice of recent years has shown that no one from the CIS countries today is able to provide the depth of repair that Ukroboronservice carries out and ensure the extension of the resource for seven years or five thousand hours. Our consumers see and know this. For example, in 2013, a major overhaul of the S-300PS air defense system was carried out in the interests of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan. After repair, the complex has passed field testing. Live firing was conducted at the Sary-Shagan test site, where four missile launches with one hundred percent hit were made.

In addition, the state enterprise Ukroboronservis together with the defense industry enterprises mastered the modernization of the Pechora C-125 air defense system. In 2010, we fired at the Chauda training ground. As a result, following the results of these combat shooting, we had an export contract. Today there are prospects for this work with other countries. Considering the engineering composition and industrial developments, worked out on the example of the С-125 air defense missile system, we are engaged in the modernization of the systems “Kvadrat” and “Volga”. To date, we are approaching the stage of conducting experienced combat shooting both one by one and the second system. We carry out these works with an eye to the presentation in the interests of the foreigner.

- How is the issue of the elemental base deficit resolved during the repair of air defense equipment? After all, at one time it was considered, almost a key problem?

- There is some success. In particular, Ukrainian-made solid-state devices have already been adopted for the replacement of traveling-wave tubes for the S-300 and Buk-М1 SAM systems. Next year it is planned to adopt two more types of microwave devices from the C-300PS complex.

Technically, Ukroboronservice, which is the owner of all the design documentation for the manufacture of devices, was directly involved in solving this problem. It also says that in the future, countries where the C-300PT / PS and Buk air defense systems are in operation will be ready to buy Ukrainian-made microwave devices on a new element base.

- One of the activities of the state enterprise "Ukroboronservis" is the disposal of ammunition and humanitarian demining. What milestones have already been achieved today and what are your plans for the future?

- For almost 9 years, during which the company dealt with this topic, just a huge amount of ammunition was disposed of. It was also possible to take part in a number of international projects. In 2005, Ukroboronservis supplied equipment for the disposal of ammunition to Kazakhstan, which was put into operation in 2006.

An important and successful project was the utilization of Scud-B domestic missile systems. In 2010 in Khmelnitsky region, we completed the elimination of the latest missiles of this complex.

In 2009 - 2012 under a contract with NAMSA GP Ukroboronservis, 31 147,9 tons of ammunition were recycled in Ukraine, of which only 2012 was 16747,9 tons.

With the signing of 19 on April 2012 in Kiev, a framework agreement with NAMSA, the implementation of the second phase of the NATO / PFP Trust Fund project on the disposal of light weapons and conventional ammunition in Ukraine began. As part of the second phase of the project, it is planned to dispose of 76 thousand tons of ammunition (including 3 million anti-personnel mines), 366 thousand units. light weapons and small arms weaponsunsuitable for further use and hazardous for storage. The estimated cost of the work is € 25 million. Implementation period - 3-4 of the year. Works on the disposal of ammunition performs exactly GP "Ukroboronservis."

In 2013, we completed one of the stages of this work and, literally, recently the NSPA organization issued us a purchase order for the extension of this work and the allocation of the next tranche of € 1 million 800 thousands. We start this stage from the beginning of December of the current year.

- And how are the works in the field of humanitarian demining going?

- Our company is the only one in Ukraine that is accredited to the United Nations (UN) as a provider of humanitarian demining services. We have completed and are carrying out a number of projects under the auspices of the UN in Somalia, in Libya (engaged in collecting ammunition, storing and arranging them for proper storage). We are preparing for a number of other projects.

To perform the tasks of humanitarian demining, the enterprise uses Ukrainian technologies developed by us. They are all licensed and have international certificates.

In addition, it should be noted that we are engaged in personnel training in the delivery of arms and military equipment and the provision of services. For this purpose, the Training Center of the State Enterprise “Ukroboronservice” was established in 2011. To date, we have completed a project for the training of specialists of the Algerian armed forces. From 23 in November 2013, we will begin a project to train personnel for the Ministry of Defense of Kenya.

- What is the annual volume utilized "Ukroboronservis", and what is the potential?

- We could recycle about 12-14 thousand tons of ammunition per year. It is directly on its production facilities. If we take into account the involvement of enterprises "Ukroboronprom", then this figure can be much greater. In the best of times in Ukraine, up to about 50 thousands of tons of ammunition per year were utilized. I think that this is not the limit.

- Is the issue of disposing of not only ammunition, but also armored vehicles in the framework of the NSPA?

- NSPA has proposals to Ukraine to recycle tanks and armored personnel carriers. This proposal was voiced by NSPA representatives at a joint meeting in Ukraine. The Ukrainian side, to date, has made a political decision to participate in this program. Now there are processes associated with the development of specific actions.

- An important area of ​​activity of the state enterprise "Ukroboronservis" is also a rocket and space theme. What has been achieved in this field?

“Here we are involved in a number of programs, both military and civil. As for the military direction, in order to maintain the safe condition of intercontinental ballistic missiles 15А18М, called Satan in the West, Ukraine conducts warranty and architectural supervision of the state of the missile systems located in the Russian Federation. This work will continue until the expiration of the designated and extended life of the missiles. The main performers of this program are the developer of the MBR Yuzhnoye Design Bureau and their manufacturer, the Southern Machine-Building Plant (Yuzhmash).

- And what about the provision of civil services?

- Civilian direction in the rocket and space subject - today for the state enterprise “Ukroborosservis” is the key. First of all, this is the Land Launch program - the manufacture of Zenit-2BB launch vehicles, their launching commercial satellites from various countries from the Baikonur launch site. Between 2006 and 2013 "Ukroboronservis" put five launch vehicles under the contract, which is now closed. It was the fifth rocket carrier within the framework of this agreement that on the night of August 31 on September 1 a regular Israeli communications satellite Amos-4 was launched from the Baikonur cosmodrome.

Currently, we have a contract with the Russian Federation up to 2020 for the manufacture and supply of Zenit launch vehicles 24. But this is a framework contract. Its implementation is carried out within the framework of additional agreements to this contract, which specify the production time of each launch vehicle and the payment schedule. Today, the first of the 24 launch vehicles is being manufactured. Its delivery time is August 2014. For now, everything moves in accordance with the production schedule. Financing by the customer is also on schedule. And we hope that in the future everything will be fine.

- What new directions on the “space theme” are relevant for the enterprise now?

- We are developing the subject of space aerial photography, remote sensing of the Earth and a number of other promising areas. Also a promising and quite relevant topic today is the creation of geographic information systems. How these works will move in the future time will tell.

- Another area that I would like to touch on is armored and naval subjects. Both directions are important both for consolidating the enterprise on the world arms market and for solving problems related to the defense capability of Ukraine. What are the successes here?

- Currently, in addition to contracts for the supply of units and spare parts for ships and boats of Soviet production, SE "Ukroboronservis" is involved in the creation of a combat ship of the class "corvette" for the Naval Forces (Navy) of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. We are also actively working with foreign customers regarding the supply of patrol boats, amphibious ships being built at Ukrainian shipyards.
Considerable work has been done to promote the newest developments of Ukrainian enterprises in the field of optics, outdoor equipment, combat control systems to the external market. The activities in the field of equipment for the ground forces include the supply of tanks, armored personnel carriers, other types of armored vehicles, as well as the modernization of armored vehicles. A prominent place is occupied by the supply of spare parts for armored vehicles.

As part of the implementation of the decision of the management of Ukroboronprom, the enterprise is actively working to bring the T-64 tank into the market, which has not been supplied abroad to date. As a result, our company created all the conditions for creating a pre-contractual interest in acquiring T-64 tanks with a number of foreign customers. We consider this a definite achievement of the Ukroboronservice team.
The implementation of the T-64 project should open a new page in stories enterprises and, in general, there is confidence in the success of this product, which surpasses many analogues by the criterion of "price-quality". The main customers of the above-mentioned products are countries that use Soviet-made equipment. Mostly, these are regions of Africa, Southeast Asia, partly countries of the Arab world.

- Will the company develop new directions in the coming years?

- We are considering options, but let it still remain a trade secret. It is usually said about what has already been done.

PS by the way, on December 16, 2013 the state enterprise "Nikolaev Shipbuilding Plant named after 61 Communards" was visited by a delegation of the Russian Federation. It is interesting that the mission included a special representative of the President of Russia, ex-Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Viktor Zubkov. The purpose of the visit was to inspect the unfinished missile cruiser Ukraine (formerly Admiral fleet Lobov "project 11641), which for many years (since launching in 1990) moored at the outbuilding wall of the shipyard named after 61 Communards. According to Ukrainian estimates, its readiness is about 95%. Moreover, according to the Russian military-industrial complex , the current degree of readiness of the ship is lower than declared by Ukrainian shipbuilders. At the same time, the press-secretary of the chairman of the Nikolaev regional administration Natalia Lushchan reported to that the Russian delegation “during a visit to the GP“ Shipbuilding Plant named after 61 Communard "preliminary negotiations were held on the possible placement of orders at the facilities of this enterprise."
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  1. Magadan
    Magadan 25 December 2013 07: 46
    This is the real Ukrainians, and not every Euro-maidanut shelupon. While the Galician-Bandera people are shaking European flags there, the people in the east of Ukraine are working and are making progress. God grant that close contacts are established with Russia, we have many directions where together we can plug the west into our belt!
    1. lapo32
      lapo32 25 December 2013 09: 58
      Yes, it is REAL, not popularly maidan.
  2. makarov
    makarov 25 December 2013 08: 10
    Yes, indeed, something is being done, but this is a mere miser from what was declared. But disarm and dispose of equipment at the expense of the West, and putting it in the framework of success, for me is not positive. Fuck when the West will just give money .. In fact, Blah, blah, blah ...
    1. domokl
      domokl 25 December 2013 08: 57
      Quote: makarov
      , indeed, something is being done, but this is a mere miser from the declared.

      I completely agree. If you discard the water and try to somehow decorate the holiday, the enterprise has fallen. Nothing new, and hope is still in Russia ...
  3. saag
    saag 25 December 2013 08: 13
    Yes, those Maidan advocate visa-free entry to work in the grassroots positions, while in their homeland they have people who want to work in the whole spectrum of application of experience and skills
    1. lapo32
      lapo32 25 December 2013 10: 25
      Why do they want WORK
  4. alexng
    alexng 25 December 2013 08: 18
    Only in cooperation with the Russian military-industrial complex can the Ukrainian military-industrial complex survive. No other option has been given without the efforts of global geopolitics. The West hurts itself with its self-confidence, which means it is moving in the "right" direction.
    1. waisson
      waisson 25 December 2013 08: 26
      One head it's good, but two better
    2. knn54
      knn54 25 December 2013 16: 49
      -alexneg: only in cooperation with the Russian defense industry ...
      And THIS IS the West is very much afraid.
      For example, according to the agreements reached, Ukraine and Russia are restoring serial production of An-124 aircraft with Ukrainian engines. According to Azarov, the total volume of joint production is 80 aircraft, and the Ukrainian authorities admit that for all 22 years of "independence" of Ukraine there have never been such large-scale projects. As the head of the Ukrainian government noted:
      “In particular, this means the resumption of mass production of the D-18t engine, which means tens of thousands of people, employees of our aircraft factories, and its modifications, as well as mutual deliveries for production cooperation, materials, components and components for the production of An- 124 without the application of import, export customs duties, taxes, excise taxes and all kinds of restrictions. ”
      Azarov said that according to preliminary forecasts, the total revenue from the joint production and delivery of 80 aircraft will amount to almost 13 billion US dollars. In addition, they note in Kiev, in case of successful implementation, the project “will allow for several decades to take a leadership position in the field of international transportation of bulky goods.”
      Further, the Prime Minister of Ukraine informed the ministers that in the near future the Russian corporation Rosatom plans to hold a tender for the complete supply of equipment for the machine room of the new Kursk NPP-2 consisting of 4 power units with a capacity of 1250 MW each. According to Azarov, one of the main applicants for an order is the Kharkov Turboatom plant. Also, the group of enterprises that are able to provide this multi-billion dollar contract includes the Ukrainian Energomashspetsstal, Novokramatorsky Machine-Building Plant, Mariupol Metallurgical Plant named after Ilyich, Dneprospetsstal, TMM-Energobud and others.
      “All this is new jobs in the high-tech sectors of the Ukrainian economy, as well as income from all budgets, budgets of all levels, which will allow us to fulfill social obligations and ensure the development of the state,” Azarov said.
      And ALSO the restoration of projects that have stalled in previous years, and in such industries: rocket and space industry, shipbuilding, energy, research, preparation of an agreement on the modernization of weapons and equipment of the Black Sea Fleet. About aircraft construction, engine building and nuclear energy said above.
      The Ukrainian authorities expect that “all those honest workers who today are forced to look for work abroad or fight the temptation to STAND for money in squares” will find their place in this project.
      1. sapran
        sapran 25 December 2013 17: 05
        I would not like to upset you, but with the same An-124, despite all the assurances of high-ranking officials and top officials of the state, everything is very, very sad ... Finding a point of contact where all the "wishlist" of the military coincided with the commercial share of this project does not work ( and this is unlikely to be feasible) The engine will be developed practically new (at the request of the military) avionics, too, and this is time and money, the proposal of "merchants" regarding finished imported engines and western avionics gives a gain in time and costs, but is absolutely unacceptable by the military ... only conversations and loud declarations of intentions of the parties ...
        (I'd rather be mistaken (mistaken))
  5. Valkyrie
    Valkyrie 25 December 2013 08: 25
    I would like to believe that joint efforts between Ukraine and Russia will restore and launch shipbuilding plants, how much can they stand idle! But no matter how all this again turned out to be another cut of the dough, that's something scary. If this happens, then for the people of Ukraine and Russia this should be the last straw. People with such hope and trepidation await the revival of our former military might and greatness, that if some kind of deception is revealed again, another ... scapegoat is revealed, which alone will be to blame, then there will simply be an explosion of popular anger, these talkers - officials will simply be torn to pieces.
    1. Panikovsky
      Panikovsky 25 December 2013 13: 40
      In order to load Ukrainian shipyards with orders, Russia should see a reliable friend and ally in Ukraine, but for now your neighbor, a liar and a dirty trick, greets you every other time, try to do without his dubious services.
  6. SV
    SV 25 December 2013 08: 27
    Nature does not tolerate emptiness, of course I am happy for our fraternal people, but we are missing this niche in vain.
    For what reason does our state keep a lot of money in the bonds of the us government, and does not invest at least a part of them in the development of its own production facilities, the purchase of technologies and vocational training, even under the control of the state ??? !!! If we leave aside the raw material component, in which not many people are employed, the bulk of the population works in the non-production sphere. In fact, 5-10% of the population "processes" a lot of traders, state employees, lawyers, economists, etc., while on the basis of the development of the military-industrial complex, taking into account the means of the welfare fund and significant human and intellectual resources, it is possible to move away from the raw material development of the economy. In this system, the state is quite capable of lobbying for the promotion of the products of created enterprises on the world market.
  7. Ihrek
    Ihrek 25 December 2013 08: 33
    Only Russia can help Ukraine in its prosperity. This concept also includes the restoration of the military-industrial complex. And the West needs it only as a pawn in solving its global tasks and ambitions.
    1. Apollo
      Apollo 25 December 2013 08: 38
      quote -In December 2013, to the state-owned enterprise Ukroboronservis, a subsidiary of the State Corporation Ukrspetsexport, now part of the State Concern Ukroboronsprom, marks 20 years.

      Congratulations and best wishes.
  8. Nitarius
    Nitarius 25 December 2013 08: 42
    Quote: Magadan
    we have many directions where together we can plug the west into the belt!

    And by what flag DO YOU HAVE AMERICAN THAT ???
  9. Stinger
    Stinger 25 December 2013 09: 05
    such anti-aircraft missile systems and systems as the Volga, Pechora, these are P-12, P-15, P-18, P-19 radar systems, various altimeters. They constantly require updating as a result of operation.

    I really didn’t think that they are still in operation! And everyone says that the Soviet defense industry is to hell.
  10. pensioner
    pensioner 25 December 2013 09: 07
    In general, I understand that everything is fine with them ... Or is it: "Everything is fine, beautiful marquis ..."?
    And the unification of the industrial potentials of Russia and Ukraine will unequivocally bring to the new level both Russian and Ukrainian defense industry. Politicians would not interfere ...
    1. sapran
      sapran 25 December 2013 09: 52
      Tired of answering the same thing. Putin is clever, because he competently and clearly "hooked" the "family" NOT about KAOI help from the "brotherly" and the rest blah-blah-blah-NO. There are temporary difficulties and a time factor (while in Russia everything is not so good with the same military-industrial complex and the Aviation Industry - as soon as they finish building and modernizing them ... these enterprises in eastern Ukraine will be unnecessary - the same way to a fixed leash as in Belarus). Gasters dream of visas to Europe because there are several different working conditions in Yamal, and who will have to go there, I have no doubts ... Friendship is friendship, and tobacco apart ... and all the "snot" about "brotherhood" and "Russian mir "this is for ******** as if in Russia the Russians run the country - ah ?!
    2. morpex
      morpex 25 December 2013 12: 00
      Quote: retired
      Politicians would not interfere ...

      I understand that they (the military-industrial complex of Russia and Ukraine) have been working, are working and will work all the time. Despite all the negative tendencies that have been taking place in Ukraine recently. Otherwise, they simply would not have survived. Unlike the "politicians" there the guys are much smarter.
  11. mamba
    mamba 25 December 2013 10: 04
    ... Ukrainian-made solid-state devices have already been adopted for replacing traveling-wave lamps for the S-300 and Buk-M1 air defense systems. Next year, it is planned to adopt two more types of microwave devices from the S-300PS complex.
    But the deputy. Ruslan Matiishen, General Director of Ukroboronservis, said: "Ukrainian-made traveling wave lamps for these complexes have already been adopted. Next year it is planned to adopt two more types of microwave devices from the S-300 complex. In the future, we will not depend on supplies of these microwave devices from Russia ”.
    So we are not talking about replacing traveling wave lamps with semiconductor analogs, but talking about the beginning of production of these lamps at the Generator plant, GP Kiev PO Octava (Continuous traveling wave lamps packaged, designed to work as microwave power amplifiers in the centimeter range ).
  12. Ivanovich47
    Ivanovich47 25 December 2013 10: 13
    Counter propaganda works weakly in Ukraine (as in Russia). Throats from the Maidan with their cries filled the whole light of God, and the southern and eastern workers are supporting the Ukrainian as much as possible, the economy earns money that is taken from it and given to the western regions in order to support subsidized western Ukraine. In response to this, the Westerners are yelling: we want to join the European Union! That's what you need to talk about loudly and everywhere!
  13. Yurbor
    Yurbor 25 December 2013 13: 21
    He told me beautifully, but forgot to add that the Topaz plant, the manufacturer of the famous Kolchuga, has been without orders for 2 years now and there is no prospect yet. As for Soviet technology: even China is restoring old Soviet complexes, and Ukraine is actively participating in this.
  14. Algor73
    Algor73 25 December 2013 14: 31
    And where is the information about the tanks BM "Oplot-M", BTR-4, about the new missile system, etc.? This is where the prospect should be, the development of the military-industrial complex, and not on repairs.
  15. cayman gene
    cayman gene 25 December 2013 14: 38
    all the bravura reports on the scientific and production potential of Ukraine are nothing more than the groaning of an elderly untidy prostitute with flickered charms in her beauty and charm thirty years ago.
  16. valokordin
    valokordin 25 December 2013 15: 34
    Quote: Cayman Gena
    all the bravura reports on the scientific and production potential of Ukraine are nothing more than the groaning of an elderly untidy prostitute with flickered charms in her beauty and charm thirty years ago.

    You’re probably right, but I don’t want to believe in it, but it would be nice to restore communications, then it would be possible to build aircraft carriers in Nikolaev. But there are many enemies, even involuntary ones, especially among the Natsiks on both sides, and Bandera’s people in Ukraine must be outlawed.
    1. Setrac
      Setrac 25 December 2013 16: 39
      Quote: valokordin
      You’re probably right, but I don’t want to believe in it, but it would be nice to restore communications, then it would be possible to build aircraft carriers in Nikolaev.

      Apparently, Ukraine is already in flight for aircraft carriers, while Russia is building its own shipyard.
  17. Kowalsky
    Kowalsky 25 December 2013 18: 38
    Ukraine does not need aircraft carriers, nor can it be built on its own. May God give corvettes to build.
  18. konvalval
    konvalval 25 December 2013 20: 56
    This is something that maydonuts do not like, and especially their patron owners.
  19. alone
    alone 25 December 2013 22: 44
    It remains to wish good luck to the Ukrainian defenders in their hard work !! hi
  20. LINX
    LINX 26 December 2013 03: 32
    Slowly they do it for themselves and others.

    Just yesterday they made a modernization for the native Air Force. Handsome.