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Results of the week. "I'm not guilty! He came himself! ”

Message on top

December 12 on the day of the Russian Constitution's 20 anniversary, President Vladimir Putin delivered a message to the Federal Assembly. Vladimir Putin outlined the priorities for the country's development in the near and long term. The president’s speech lasted one hour and ten minutes.

This message became 10 in person for Vladimir Putin personally - a kind of anniversary. Can this message be considered something seriously different from, for example, the previous one? In general, perhaps not. Everything looked quite casual: the problems are indicated, the call from the president seems to be coming, all the officials sitting in the hall listen very attentively, some even take notes. That's just wondering what they do next with their "notes". After all, it’s like: if what was heard and recorded was perceived as a guide to action, how many economic and political problems voiced in the epistles could be solved! Problems, of course, are solved, but, based on the fact that many questions literally wander from one message to another (for example, USE questions, spiritual fundamentals, braces, development of civil society, counteracting capital outflows), it can be assumed that present at the announcement by the president of the message of his word, to put it mildly, tightly reach.

Speaking of words. If in the previous message of the president to the Federal Assembly the most frequent word in the speech (text) was the word "Russia" (the second place was occupied by the word "everything", and the third - "the country"), then this time the three of the "leaders" changed. The message 2013 of the year was characterized by the frequent use of such terms as “development” and “work”. The word "country" has managed to keep the text presented by the president in a "bronze" position.

But the term "corruption" in the text of the message is found only once ("anti-corruption" never even once), and therefore does not even fall into the first hundred words most often used by the president in the message. Is the hydra defeated? ..

Comments from our readers:

Words sometimes, even often, need to be supported with a club. And this, above all, is a must-have recipe for nouveau riche bureaucrats officials.

Look, in the hall all the same faces. All are full of attention, applaud correctly. They will leave the hall and will continue the usual - to take and give bribes, "kickbacks", to behave casually with mere mortals, that is, to live their usual lives. THE CAT OF YOURSELF IS HEARING, YES EAT. So it was and will be. They know about it and they know about it and the president.

Dark Soul
G showed yesterday his message ... Very nice and to the point, that's only when the words turn into deeds.

Khaki police

In the Russian army, operational control of the state of discipline and law and order in the garrisons was introduced. The solution of this problem will the military police.

Results of the week. "I'm not guilty! He came himself! ”

Igor Sidorkevich, Head of the Main Directorate of the Military Police of the Ministry of Defense of Russia:
Even before the adoption of the law, the Minister of Defense gave us the authority to conduct surprise checks. That is, we were able to quickly respond to certain signals, freely, at any time, go into a military unit and perform actions associated with establishing order.

Bringing order to military units is a good thing. But just how effective this procedure will be led precisely by the military police - this is a separate issue. So “at any time” a military police outfit will be able to enter a military unit ... Isn’t the situation similar to that with other checks: everyone knows about the arrival of the inspectors long before their immediate arrival, since there are entire schedules in this regard: the fire service will come then, the tax service - then. If a similar situation is observed with military checks by the military police, then in every Russian part there will be “everything is in order” - to prepare for the arrival of military policemen (perhaps, with a glass of tea) they will just have time to part of what is called , "Not thundered" ...

Comments from our readers:

How will this police work in remote garrisons? And then the glavkoverhs are accustomed to, that they all have them in the city, and generally within the Garden Ring, and there is no life outside the Moscow Ring Road.

And no matter how you say, the COMMANDER is responsible for the discipline and the political and moral state of the personnel, only where to take him, probably, to call on jackets, they all know how (and to sell stools, and collect taxes, and cope with the military).
Never an outsider will bring order to your house.

Quote: "Only contract servicemen will be taken to serve in these bodies ..."

Again the thought arises that contract soldiers are a panacea for everything. Here we will find them, and the discipline in the troops will immediately be about the first! I am sure most of the officers now at the mention of contract soldiers cringe. And here they still want to put control over the order in parts.
According to the classics: Who are the judges?

I can't sit at home ...

The judicial board of the Moscow City Court on Thursday canceled the decision of the lower instance to extend to 23 February 2014 of the house arrest of the defendant of the Oboronservis case, the former head of the Department of Property Relations of the Russian Ministry of Defense Yevgenia Vasilyeva, and sent the question for review.

The term of the house arrest of the ex-official of the Ministry of Defense expires, according to the decision of the Moscow City Court, 26 of December 2013 of the year. The court by this time must re-consider the petition of the investigation to extend the house arrest.

So, if a new petition for the extension of house arrest will not be satisfied, then Evgenia Vasilyeva has every chance to meet the upcoming Olympic year not only in her apartment, but also on the streets and squares of her beloved city, setting fire to laughing jokes and Bengal lights and washing down the joy of freedom with collectible champagne. Unless "shaky health" can put the former head of the Department of Property Relations of the Ministry of Defense to take a sparkling alcoholic drink and go to the frost, because Yevgenia Vasilyeva (in her own words) had a cardiovascular disease on the basis of nerves. He grabbed his heart, naturally through the fault of prosecutors and investigators, because, frightened by these people, even the doctors (again, according to Vasilyeva, who was deeply moved by the cameras), refused to provide the ex-main blonde of the Ministry of Defense in time for the necessary assistance. That's when deals with “non-core real estate” were held once or twice - for some reason, the heart didn’t grab ... And now, well, just like in the famous movie: “There isn’t enough air, but it burns in the chest and burns ...”

Comments from our readers:

Seller trucks
Quot licet iovi, non licet bovi

Walking in the prison yard is what will help her health!

Stop publishing these articles about Serdyuk residents! Don't you understand that every time you humiliate the dignity of a Russian person !? After all, trampled justice causes anger among normal Russian people!

Gain in nautical miles

Ships and ships of the Black Sea fleet (Black Sea Fleet) of Russia in 2013, almost 280 thousand nautical miles passed, which is the best indicator of sailing (the term of the press service of the Southern Military District) over the past 10 years. In 2011, this figure was 262 thousand miles, and last year - 254 thousand miles.

It is noteworthy that almost 100 thousand miles traveled during the combat services of the fleet in the ocean and long-sea zones.

The increase in the number of sea miles traveled by Russian warships suggests that the fleet is gradually emerging from the deepest coma into which it was sunk in the nineties. But after leaving the coma, a comprehensive “medical” rehabilitation of the “patient” must also be carried out. In other words, the number of miles must be supported by the quality of ships - new warships entering the fleet. The program of modernization of the Russian military fleet is, and it is being implemented. It would be desirable to hope that the matter in this direction would go further.

Comments from our readers:

We need new ships and a lot! The main thing is that they meet modern requirements!

Again, the press service of the Southern Military District? .. They and their pearls will soon catch up and even outrun Mr. Chernomyrdin, Viktor Stepanovich’s verbiage. Only the word "surfacing" is worth something! .. Although - this is understandable. We wanted the best, but it turned out as always ... "Nadreyfannost", "hindsight" and a separate column "full speed and forwardness" ...

It is good that at least warships began to go somewhere. Although the term "surfacing" brings a smile.

Tajikistan: a ban on a fairy tale

Santa Claus, Snow Maiden and a festively decorated Christmas tree declared the forbidden "attributes" of the New Year in Tajikistan.
Deputy Head of the TV and Radio Broadcasting Committee Said-Ali Siddikov (material RIA News):

The filming of the New Year's programs on TV has already begun, but there will be no Christmas tree, Santa Claus, Snowman and Snow Maiden. These fabulous characters and attributes of the holiday are not directly related to our national traditions.

So, the authorities of a friendly and partnership in all respects Tajikistan decided that Santa Claus and Snow Maiden, urging children to recite poems at the New Year tree and giving presents, is not the place in this Central Asian country. You see, they have no relation to national traditions ... You see, the celebration of Kurban-bairam on the streets of Moscow with Tajik (among many others) migrant workers covering entire streets is included in the Russian tradition, and the fairy-tale character with a cotton beard is in the tradition of Tajikistan not included ... It would be better if these Tajik reformers took up the fight against drug trafficking!

Although, in principle, the ban on fairy-tale characters loved by many citizens of Tajikistan is unlikely to be fully felt in the Republic, as half of the Republic celebrates New Year anyway in Moscow, St. Petersburg or Rostov ... I wonder who will now play the role of Father Frost and Snow Maiden in Tajikistan itself? Surely sunflower Grandfather Rakhmon ...

Comments from our readers:

Must be Kolotun Babay!

There is simply no one to celebrate.

Corporate parties changed signboard

After at a meeting with members of the All-Russian Popular Front, Vladimir Putin expressed his opinion about the so-called corporate parties at the expense of the budget of state-owned companies, the administration of many state-owned firms decided not to anger the president and re-format the theme of the orders of famous artists covered with lush tables.

In order not to anger the Russian president, many state-owned companies decided to honestly and openly declare that they were refusing to hold New Year's (and other) corporate feasts - they say, now definitely no budget spending - everything is entirely out of pocket! That's just where the money comes from in these “own pockets”, for example, to order “matinees” for employees' children for such amounts as, for example, 26 million rubles (more in the article) is a big question. Matinee is so matinee, you know ... The children of the staff will clearly be delighted!

Many government services too literally understood the president’s call for refusing to spend on corporate events: if you can’t spend it on “sabantuy,” then we’ll spend it on something else. Something like this, apparently, was decided in the Ministry of Agriculture of the Chechen Republic, allocating half a million rubles to decorate their office in Grozny. Still, it was allocated funds instead of growing real agricultural products to decorate Chechen farmlands with fake fruits and vegetables ...

Comments from our readers:


Yes, the shaking of the air is all, and not any struggle with non-core costs! Well, they will issue New Year's bonuses, incentives for this amount to employees and collect them for corporate events! In any case, the budget will pay! Why make a fuss?

Veteran grandson
Will now starve, poor things. To be interrupted from black bread to black caviar!


Actually, the trick is different: they need to master the funds allocated (I emphasize) according to the budget for the current year, and next year they can reduce the amount of funding. In many state-owned companies, there is a poor New Year's 13 salary. For example, in the same Almaz-Anthea, with the salary of 50 TR A person can receive a premium for the year in the 200-300 area. - and this is done not for any merit, but for the same reason - you need to master the allocated budget for the current year. Accordingly, the question is: how is this budget formed and approved?

Throwing continue

The Ukrainian authorities decided to wager back and again started talking about the possibility of signing an associate membership agreement in the European Union and entering into a free trade zone with the EU.

In particular, on Friday (13), representatives of the Ukrainian government showed “political will to sign the agreement”. It was this kind of speech that the First Deputy Prime Minister of the Ukrainian Government, Sergey Arbuzov, used in his speech at a meeting with European Commissioner Stefan Fule. The Ukrainian state official said that Kiev was ready to resume negotiations on associate membership in the EU, and a European official replied that Brussels, what is called, categorically for! Fule, however, immediately announced that the signing of the document will take place only if official Kiev fulfills the requirements of the European Union. Without using the word "requirements", now neither Maidan, nor Brussels with the Ukrainian authorities no longer speak.

After that, the disappeared were doubts about the desire of the Ukrainian leadership to sit on two chairs at once, they began to show themselves again. As a clear political imperfection of the leadership of Ukraine began to show itself: a bend under the pressure of a minority — it even looks a little pitiful — unworthy of the leaders of a big state and declaring its “independence” of the state ...

And when will this theater of the absurd in the brotherly country be completed? As the heroine of the film “It Cannot Be!” Said: “Now it’s wide, it’s narrow. They themselves do not know what they want. ”

Comments from our readers:

I'm sick news about Maidan.

The people did not rebel for the European Union, about 80% rebelled against Yanukovich and his thieves' shobli, because in almost every city there is a local “Yanukovich” who is engaged in the main occupation - plundering the budget locally, and this is all over Ukraine.

And what, before Yanukovych were all white and fluffy? Or maybe the opposition leaders are so honest and fair?

The more you bargain, the less you will be given.

007 Agent Goes Hunting

“Sensational news has surfaced: British intelligence MI-6 was ordered to steal Edward Snowden from Russia and deliver it to the UK or the USA. If so, then the operation should be entrusted to James Bond himself - its format, ”says Alexander Khristenko ("Vesti"). BUT "Voice of Russia"referring to Interfax, reports: “The residency of the British intelligence MI-6 in Moscow was tasked to find a former US intelligence officer Edward Snowden, who received temporary asylum in Russia, says a Canadian globalization research center based in Montreal. “The British authorities are trying to find Snowden and, if possible, ship it to the UK or the United States,” says a Canadian NGO website, which does not provide a source of information. ” (End quote).

First of all, I would like to note the rush with the news feed by domestic media. "Sensational news" has surfaced in the West since November 18. In addition, Canadian "Center for the Study of Globalization" simply reprinted an article by Wayne Madsen, a journalist known for his investigations, from the English version of the Russian magazine "Fund of Strategic Culture". Moreover, on the website of the Center for the Study of Globalization Problems there is a direct link to the journal (to the main page) and the author of the material is named Wayne Madsen. Such carelessness in the media, sadly, has long been a talk of the town.

In order, in turn, not to misquote the original somehow and not accidentally turn its author into a faceless anonymus, let us turn to the original source. Restore the good name of Comrade Madsen. After all, he told the world about how British scouts gathered to steal from Moscow Edward Snowden, whom the Western public probably imagines walking around the Kremlin, accompanied by a dozen tough guys from the chop and a dozen fesbashnikov camouflaged as Eskimo merchants.

Comrade Madsen reminded the world that all the main spies were dissatisfied with Snowden and his accomplices in Britain: John Sawers from MI-6, Andrew Parker from MI-5 and Ian Lobben from the Center for Government Communications (CPS). All these nice people consider Snowden a great al-Qaida friend. Well, the former British Secretary of Defense Liam Fox, now a member of the Conservative Party, went even further: he directly accused those who publish leaks about the NSA and the CPS, of "terrorism".

As for Edward himself, his habitat in Moscow is highly classified. Snowden is believed to be protected in parallel by private security guards and agents of the Federal Security Service.

The author of the material reminds that in October, Comrade Snowden met with four other American national informants: R. McGovern, who previously worked for the CIA; K. Rowley, previously worked at the FBI; T. Drake, a former NSA official, and J. Radack, a former prosecutor of the Ministry of Justice. Where the meeting took place, is covered with darkness secrets. It is only known that these "four musketeers" arrived in the capital of Russia to award Snowden the Sam Adams Prize.

It was from this very meeting on Smolenskaya Embankment (D. 10) that they messed up. The staff of the British Embassy, ​​according to Comrade Madsen, includes officers from MI-6. And in Moscow, with the participation of intelligence officers from the CPS and the NSA, they began to form a so-called “chain of contacts” (meaning monitoring “Facebook”, “Twitter” and other social networks in order to identify E. Snowden's location). The “chain” included tracking the metadata of phone calls received from four Americans who arrived in Moscow.

Search E. Snowden, said the journalist, is a priority operation for the embassy. Russian special services, including the FSB, are paying a lot of attention to preparations for the Winter Olympics (7 starts on February 2014 of the year in Sochi). MI-6 can wait for the weakening of Snowden’s protection against the background of switching the whole country to the Games - and this is where the kidnapping can be stolen.

Meanwhile, Snowden’s revelations (and his publishers claim that only 1% of the received material were given out to the general public and refer to publications “selectively”) the authority of the CPS and the NSA fell, what is called, below the baseboard. The other day, Obama even had to publicly justify himself.

Speaking on the MSNBC television program, B.H. Obama stated that the NSA should introduce some self-restraints in the work. Americans don't have to worry about privacy. This is how Mr. President spoke softly.

In Britain, with the enemies of the people do not lisp. There E. Snowden, A. Rusbridgeer (chief editor of the Guardian), G. Greenwald (first publisher of Snowden), who now lives in Brazil and from the Guardian resigned, as well as some other comrades are directly referred to as "terrorists", which was already said above. The campaign against these "al-Qaeda friends" who encroached on the national security of the UK is headed by Prime Minister Cameron himself. This is for him a sort of deer hunt.

Therefore, it can be assumed that among the first hunters for Snowden is MI-6, and not the NSA or the CIA. Britain, moreover, will be closer to Russia than the United States. A headache from the informant London has nothing less than Washington.

Comments from our readers:

Send Edward to the remote Siberian village for a time, and neither the NSA nor MI-1, 2, 3, 4 ... will ever find him there.

This, of course, is an option, but it is much better to wag your nerves to all Western intelligence agencies. As Putin did it originally: they launched a bullet that Snowden was heading to Ecuador, and here you are: the plane of the president of a sovereign state was put in and searched for Snowden. Please note that they landed in one of those countries that screamed about bad Americans, that it was necessary to punish them, but when the United States demanded to land the plane, they fulfilled the requirement, which they disgrace in front of their peoples. In this case, it is important that Western intelligence spent very weighty amounts on this operation (here the residency must be connected, and other kind of communication at the interstate level), but for Russia it cost nothing: Putin’s phrase on the air that Snowden may will fly away from Russia, that Ecuador is ready to accept it. But the United States and others like them have set themselves up to the fullest. Then Putin hinted a couple more times that Snowden would soon leave Russia. Western intelligence again spent large sums of money to clarify what was said. So in this matter, before our intelligence, you can take off your hat and hope for the continuation of the stem.

We must launch the bullet that Snowden lives in Biryulyovo, at the vegetable warehouse.

Yeah, Medvedev is under the table, responsible for setting up the Angry birds application in the nanosmartphone.

Snowden will steal Bond. Julia - Voroshilovgrad Komsomol - will be rescued by Harry Potter. Khodorkam help Spiderman. Shelf to guard the charge Zorro ...
Comrade Standartenführer Stirlitz, you are still needed by the Motherland !!!

Bearded guarantor

3 December on the site of the President of Russia There was a short report that Vladimir Putin received in Saudi Arabia the Prince of Saudi Arabia Bandar bin Sultan in Novo-Ogaryovo. The note said that the parties discussed the situation in the Middle East and North Africa and, among other things, noted the positive dynamics in resolving the Iranian nuclear issue. Also, the Prince and the President of the Russian Federation exchanged views on the situation around Syria, referring, among other things, to preparations for the “Geneva-2”. This is all that is officially known about the negotiations.

The background of these new negotiations is extremely complex. First of all - for Saudi Arabia. That is why the prince, the chief intelligence officer of the kingdom, and often visited Putin. The United States and the West in general are retreating from Syria, changing their lines, but the Kremlin still holds the mark. Even Qatar today-and he maneuvers, offering Syria to restore diplomatic relations, and there to give money to restore the destroyed country. The United States rejected the idea of ​​“Tomahawks”, and the aggressive British Prime Minister Cameron had not yet supported the native parliament. Assad is supported by internal Kurds (militia), and from outside - Hezbollah and Iran. According to the latest news reports, the Syrian army regained control over the strategic highway Damascus - Homs. This will take out chemical weapon to Latakia. That is, conditions are being created for the consistent chemical disarmament of Damascus. The successes of the government forces in Syria are such that the “moderate opposition” (SSA) has started talking about the likely unification with the Assad army - in order to jointly oppose Islamist militants from terrorist groups that are going to build Sharia in Syria, and for the time being are kidnapping, kidnapping, robbery . Guns and money militants receive just from the Saudis.

The other day, the United States admitted that terrorist groups were operating in Syria, but in order not to offend Riyadh, they accused the emergence of Al-Qaida affiliates ... uh-uh ... Bashar al-Assad. (Why not Putin at once?) State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf told reporters: “This is because of the situation created by the regime itself. The brutal suppression of peaceful protests has just created the conditions for the prosperity of Al-Qaida-affiliated groups in Syria, for the actions of terrorists. ”

It is clear that the “democratic” Riyadh, with which Washington is on the way so far, cannot be blamed for the mass phenomenon of bearded men in Syria. Moreover, Saudi Arabia recently disassociated itself from the United States, as they say, in full - even the US Secretary of State John Kerry’s visit in November did not help, assuring Foreign Secretary Prince Saud al-Faisal that Washington considers relations with Riyadh to be strong and durable . The Saudis are still outraged by the White House’s refusal from the military operation against Syria (and Riyadh offered to sponsor this operation), as well as being outraged by the Six’s agreement with Iran. Hence the union of Riyadh and Tel Aviv (Israel is also dissatisfied with the state of affairs in the Middle East). As for Assad's “guilt” in the appearance of terrorists, this “gingerbread” does not soften the blow of the whip. Monarchist Wahhabis feel bad about Shiites; the first really want to crush the second. To do this, in Jordan on the Saudi money trains today 50-thousandth army. But it is doubtful that Riyadh decided to erase the borders in the Middle East in such a way. Until the Washington, London and Paris, the Saudis are far away.

What does Riyadh want from the Kremlin? In the media they write that, they say, the prince is not the first time promising Putin to ensure the safety of the Olympics in Sochi - provided that Russia meets Riyadh in the Syrian issue and gives the Saudi dynasty a significant fragment of Assad's patrimony. If this is so, then we are dealing with rather crude, clumsily worked blackmail — an overseas promise to rein in Russian-speaking Wahhabis there for the time being, who can not wait for a mass spectacle to have fun with TNT and “shahid belts”. At the same time, we once again find out who the main sponsor of Caucasian terrorism is. We are also beginning to understand that the Saudis, in terms of the military "opposition", are retreating from Syria and are moving a couple with Qatar to the game of diplomacy. This is clear even without knowing why the prince came to Putin.

But concessions on Syria to the Wahhabis, of course, will not. It just can't be. Well, this is like giving up all previous diplomatic gains in the Middle East and in the world - as difficult as it is long.

Any concession to political blackmailers is a lot of weaklings. It is impossible to imagine that Putin will be led by Prince Bandar (if the speech at the meeting in Novo-Ogaryovo was generally about the Olympics). Mr. Obama did not yield to the Republicans from Congress at the time when the government was "turned off", and Putin will succumb to the "guarantee" of the prince?

Comments from our readers:

Arabs have a lot of money. There is a version that the prince bought the 2 aircraft carrier (Kuznetsov and Vikramadityu) for the war with Iran ... Electronic transfers are so fast.

Alexander Romanov
You need to drink less, then there will be no such versions.

It seems that in the light of recent events, the price of oil will fall.
Russia urgently needs to diversify the economy. In fire order.

No problem!
Putin, write a decree: “I command, from the day of Zafetyashnev, to translate the rasses of raw materials Ikanomiki Rasei on the nanoproduction of vyzzheva kakchestva! ..”

And it is imperative that it is stated that Chubais and Medvedev will be responsible for the nanoproduction and for such an economy. Then there will definitely be a diversification of the Russian economy.

Salman and schizophrenics

Recently, Bahrain First Deputy Prime Minister Salman Bin Hamad Al-Khalifa, who is also the Crown Prince, explained to the United States that the Washington policy in the Middle East is “schizophrenic” (rightly said: schizophrenic) through the British newspaper The Telegraph. The characteristics of this policy, according to the prince, are variability and reactionaryness. And with this approach, the US administration will soon lose influence in the Middle East. What will the Middle East answer? Turn from the States to Russia.

What does the prince like about Russian politics? According to him, the Russians are “reliable friends”. America, pursuing a "schizophrenic" policy in the Arab world, risks losing influence there. The region will turn to Moscow. Some states in the region, he said, are thinking of developing multilateral relations, and not rely on Washington alone.

Russian is proven reliable, regulated at the international level the crisis in Syria, associated with chemical weapons. Obama simply allowed Putin to seize the initiative here.

Do not like the Arab world and the situation with Iran. A temporary agreement with the Islamic Republic of Iran, signed by the “six”, caused an increase in tensions in the region.

Even before Washington differed unpredictability policy. In 2011, Bahrain condemned the White House to call for the ouster of Hosni Mubarak, the Egyptian president. But Mubarak was an ally of the West for many years.

Prince believes that in the U.S. there is no long-term strategic planning and policy is made only in the context of election cycles.

As a result, the key Middle East countries can shift to a close encounter with Russia.

That's it.

Let us ask ourselves: what kind of policy can Russia pursue in the Middle East? What is profitable for her today? Iran is an ally of Syria, which Moscow supports. The Iranian nuclear issue The Kremlin proposes to solve only by diplomatic means. The policy is simple. But Tehran is a significant raw material rival of Moscow, and in this sense, the Kremlin would benefit from its infringement. In addition, it is quite possible to assume that after protracted sanctions, the IRI will start selling oil, as they say, “without brakes”: inflation is unstable in the country, the economic situation is unstable, and the budget urgently needs currency. Yes, and stockbrokers in the world do not panic for a reason.

Syria is different история. If Assad remains in power, if Islamist thugs and their Arab sponsors lose, Qatar will not run a gas pipeline to Turkey and beyond. As a result, Europe will continue to grumble, but pay Gazprom and be supplied with Russian blue fuel.

In short, there can be no unified policy in the Middle East. Each regional player and each external player have their own selfish interests. And that's fine.

No matter what is written in the media, the United States will not leave the region: they have an ally Israel there, they have an agreement base of petrodollar there, they have military bases there.

Russia will not replace the US, but the international role will still get a bigger one. The former unipolar world is transforming into a multipolar one.

Comments from our readers:

Standard Oil
What is something, and there is no “schizophrenia” in US policy in the Middle East, everything is just logical. During the sole government of the United States from 1990 to 2010, no one dared to speak out across the views of the Empire. Americans themselves have hidden hidden enemies, “to search and uproot” one by one is probably too long and tedious, is it not easier to loosen the leash and pretend to be “sick and dying”, to put a little blood on yourself, then these “hidden enemies” will raise their head even higher. “To lose” is frankly the weakest and most unreliable of global players, i.e. Russia (sadly, but it is) Syria, then the vrazhin will generally grow bolder and seem open, not all of course, but many, and then to cut off these heads . What, Americans will not find a replacement for the royal family of CA? Yes, any Saudi general in their place as a dictator put, and all the rules will be. The enemies will be defeated, and Russia will once again be accused: they say, "we are leaving, and these damn hidden Communists have tried to bend all the" free "countries for themselves." So very much all these "games" look like provocation. So just here the Americans gave everything? Can not be.

Here I agree with you. Again, some kind of byakus whales fouled ...

Two for the price of one

A year ago, "Black Friday" in the US (November 23 2012) set a record for the sale of weapons. At the same time, there was a decrease in the total amount of sales in physical stores (outside the Internet marketplaces) in comparison with 2011 Black Friday. This means that the demand for firearms in the United States has increased while reducing the demand for juicers and televisions. American analysts noted that a huge number of consumer applications for pistols and rifles was associated not only with a decrease in prices during the sales season, but also with the fact that Obama had previously advocated tough restrictions on the arms trade. It is worthwhile for the president to say something about the possible imposition of restrictions, as the Americans line up at gun shops. It seems that Barack Hussein is working on a gun lobby.

The FBI Public Information Office has reported to the press the following data on the verification of applications for the purchase of firearms. On Black Friday 2012 of the Year (November 23) an 154.873 application was made. On Black Friday 2011 of the Year (November 25) - 129.166 Applications. Growth by more than 20%.

The arms dealers say that people buy pistols and other weapons because they are afraid of legislative changes. Obama may try to impose restrictions on trade, and even a ban. People rush to buy weapons, while nothing has changed.

The demand for guns in the United States jumps and in every case of an “epidemic” of murders. Everyone knows that in 2012, the firing in the most democratic country in the world practically did not stop.

The worst tragedy occurred at the Sandy Hook School in Newtown, Connecticut. 26 people died there (27 became the killer), among them 20 children. The killer, twenty-year-old Adam Lanza, first shot his mother home, and then drove two guns, a semi-automatic rifle and a shotgun in her car, and drove to the city’s primary school. Arriving there, he opened fire on adults and children. Then he shot himself.

The President of the United States gave the word to take action at the national level to ensure the safety of children. He stressed that in memory of the victims of Adam Lanza, the nation should take legislative measures. Having said this, Obama immediately declared: “Not one, not even a number of bills will completely solve the problems of violence in society, but the state should not accept the fact that mass slaughterhouses are becoming commonplace in American reality.”

It turns out that the president did not say anything at all about his intention to specifically address the problem caused by the free sale of firearms in the United States. On the contrary, as we see, he hinted to the audience that everything will remain the same as it was before: “Not one, not even a number of bills will completely solve the problems of violence in society ...”

Maybe they will not decide. But the bill is unlikely to become a law under Obama.

The main arms lobby in the US is the National Rifle Association. This organization is known to have donated more than $ 5 million in elections to candidates for the House of Representatives and the Senate - and thanks to their efforts, the ban on selling assault weapons, which has been in effect for a decade, was lifted in 2004.

Attempts to re-introduce the ban failed: the bill did not gain enough votes. One of Obama's well-known attempts relates to 2012: she was a reaction to the mass murder of people in the cinema of Aurora (Colorado) with a mentally unbalanced Joker, who did not like the main character in the movie about Batman. And after the massacre at Sandy Hook School, both Obama and the senators started talking again about imposing restrictions on the arms trade.

The actions of the mentally unbalanced James Holmes, who imagines himself a Joker, an enemy of Batman, and putting twelve people in the Aurora’s cinema and about sixty injured, caused not only Barack Obama’s regular performance, but also a jump in sales of pistols and rifles in gun stores.

People in the United States were drawn not only to the cinema, but also to gun shops. Sales of firearms in the state of Colorado in just three days showed an increase of 43% compared to the same period a week before the shooting in the cinema. In Seattle, Washington, within a few days, the number of applications for licenses for concealed carrying of weapons has doubled. In Florida, in just two weekends, sales increased by 14% over the same period a week earlier. In Oregon, media say, such sales showed an increase in 11%, in California - by 10%. As you can see, this has nothing to do with sales like “Black Friday”, at which the prices for weapons and other goods are significantly reduced, or the buyer gets two “for the price of one” revolver.

After the tragedy at Sandy Hook School and the corresponding Obama speech, the demand for weapons also increased. The media wrote about the increase in demand over the course of several days almost by 50 percent. While Obama turned to people, wiping away tears, the gun shops lined up for pistols and rifles.

2013 year - the year of the failure of Obama’s anti-weapon projects and Democratic senators - turned out to be a period of slight decline in the trade in firearms. According to official data from the FBI, last Black Friday (that is, one day) 144.758 applications were received for the purchase of firearms. Recall, November 23 2012 received 154.873 applications from buyers.

Thus, any tragedy that killed civilians in the United States and any speech by Barack Obama on this issue, accompanied by statements about the need for control and regulation, cause massive demand for pistols and rifles. The reverse is also true: the failure of the Obama administration and the Democratic senators to hold a restrictive bill reassures those who want to gather firearms at home. Summarizing: B.H. Obama is the most suitable president for lobbyists from the National Rifle Association. And in general, the NSA should sponsor the election campaign of any presidential candidate who promises to introduce gun control.

Comments from our readers:

Fools law is not written, if written, it is not read, if read, it is not understood, if understood, it is not so !!! If children and just civilians are shot and killed in front of their eyes, and they are in FIG, well, then let them continue to sell weapons to everyone in a row.

There, the cult of egoism is flourishing, they are supposed to put the device on the rest, so long as their skin is intact and has been wiped out, units sane there, and those are our former compatriots.

Juliet is not old enough

A six-year-old student was temporarily expelled from an American school - for sexual harassment, they report "Vesti" With reference to the TV channel "Russia 24".

The case against the six-year-old opened after the first-grader kissed her neighbor on the cheek. The management of the city of Canon City, Colorado, considered this to be “indecent behavior” and “harassment”. Hunter Yelton was forbidden to appear in school.

Moreover, the pedagogical council is going to record the boy’s misdemeanor in his personal file with the phrase “harassment”. Yelton's mother insists that this behavior is normal for young children. However, the principal stated: “Kissing girls at school is absolutely unacceptable.”

Well, no romance, add on my own. Not a drop of tenderness. Just a little - enrollment and get out of school. And in parallel in the United States are given the freedom of gays and lesbians under the auspices of the struggle for human rights. How so? Hunter Yelton must have kissed not a girl, but a boy. Then the director would decide that there was not a manifestation of feelings, but the advocacy of ideas of tolerance. The boy would be given a cardboard medal, his portrait would be placed on the wall newspaper, and his mother would be congratulated on his progress in the field of education and photographed for a human rights society with a pseudo-arcade emblem.

According to the American media, there are not enough psychiatrists in the United States, and the country is leading in terms of consumption of antidepressants all over the world, just as it is in the number of prisoners in prisons. How could it be otherwise, if American neighbors have poisoned the life of each other since childhood?

Comments from our readers:

But if he had kissed the boy, then he would probably also have put the top five for tolerance.

They seem to have gone crazy there. The most interesting thing is that when they have half-naked, painted male and bearded females in cock-dressed parades in their gay parades, this is normal (and the fact that children see it, by the way), and when the boy just kissed girl, this is harassment. I never understood and do not understand such logic (more precisely, its absence). Eh, it is a pity that my country (Latvia) is equal to these fucked up ones.

... How am I happy that in Russia I will not live to this. The whole fault of a six-year-old boy lies in the fact that he sees his dad kissing his mother at home and trying to copy the behavior of adults with peers. I am in favor of giving the Yelton family a residence permit in Russia. We need such people. Guys, well, who among us in kindergarten or in the first class did not kiss girls?

I’d have been on the bunk since five years old, because girls were interested in a lot.

Lunch and dinner plans

Czech Prime Minister Jiri Rusnok expressed disappointment at the need to go to the funeral of Nelson Mandela, reports "" with reference to the Associated Press.

Rusnok talked on this subject with the Minister of Defense of the Czech Republic Vlastimil Pitsek. True, this conversation took place during a meeting of the Czech parliament. Upon learning that he was to go to the farewell ceremony with Mandela instead of the president (Miloš Zeman did not recover from a knee injury), Rusnok swore. Calling Pizek’s then “dude,” the Prime Minister announced that he was terrified and complained that he had other plans: lunch and dinner.

The included microphones are a tradition.

The conversation of Rusnok with Pitsek was not only heard, but also recorded on video. The recording appeared on the Internet and was shown on Czech public television.

The young woman had to apologize. In a statement to the Associated Press, a high-ranking official admitted that he was wrong to use such expressions in connection with Mandela’s death. The prime minister explained that it would be difficult for him to find time for unplanned events in a busy December schedule.

As the correspondent ITAR-TASS Alexey Kartsev, at the funeral of Mandela in South Africa, Foreign Minister of the Czech Republic Jan Kohout will fly. This was reported by the representative of the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs Jan Grohova.

"Minister Jan Kohout will fly to South Africa on Monday, so that on Tuesday to be at the funeral ceremony," - she explained.

The topic of the Czech premiere’s slip quickly went around the world media and entered the news tops.

Anna Baldina ("Vesti") supplemented the topical topic with an excursion into the history of major blunders at the microphones. She began with a full quote from the newest Czech dialogue:

“Damn, now Mandela is dead.”
- And who will go there?
- I hope the president. Damn, it pisses me off that I have to go.
“Usually a funeral takes place in about ten days.”
- It will be the fourteenth, on Saturday. I still have dinner and an official reception. And now I am afraid that I will have to go there. I absolutely do not want. Nineteenth I still have Brussels. Plus, it's so far away.

Then the journalist recalled how Barack Obama got into such a situation.

The US President in April 2011 met with the Emir of Qatar and praised Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa for supporting democracy - for example, the change of power in Libya. However, behind the scenes, Mr. Obama made the opposite assessment:

“Very powerful guy. Hot supporter of democracy, promotes it in the Middle East. Reforms, reforms, reforms - you see all this on Al-Jazeera. But he himself does not carry out special reforms. There are no big steps to democracy in Qatar. Partly because there is an average income per person - 145 thousand dollars a year. This largely extinguishes the conflict. ”

And here is a fragment of the dialogue that took place in November 2011 of the year at the G-20 summit in Cannes. Obama and Sarkozy exchanged unflattering opinions about the Israeli Prime Minister. Started Sarkozy (Obama owns the second replica):

“I can't stand Netanyahu, he's a liar.”
- He got you, but I have to deal with him more often.

To this we must add: tell the politicians the truth, the world would be completely different. Daily polygraph? - you ask. Why are there a polygraph - chemistry now works wonders! Adopt laws internationally - and once a week, on Sundays, after a special injection, sit down a policy in front of the television cameras ... No, stop. Speak the truth of politics, the world would not be completely different. He would not exist. It would have exploded after the first mass injection. Boiled from mutually expressed truth, "influential guys" would have showered each other with rockets.

Comments from our readers:

Does he know who Mandela is ??? !! I am surprised and delighted with this premiere!

Santa Claus vs Santa Claus

In the article “Canada promises to protect Santa Claus from Russian troops,” Rob Williams (“The Independent”; the short translation source is "Inopressa") writes: “Russian President Vladimir Putin responded to Canada’s plans to expand its territorial claims by calling on its military to give“ special attention ”to this region.”

In the Canadian parliament, Secretary of Prime Minister Paul Calandra, criticizing the opposition party, mentioned Canada’s geographical claims: “We will continue to defend the North, declaring the North Pole. We know that the liberals do not believe that the North Pole or Santa Claus are in Canada. And we think! We are going to protect them with all our might. ”

The publication cites the answer of the liberals: "The leader of the liberals, Justin Trudeau, reportedly agreed with him, noting that the postcode at Santa's address is Canadian."

Canadian debaters claiming the North Pole have forgotten, let us add that in the midst of the snow and ice, Santa will have to meet with Santa Claus ...

Comments from our readers:

Also categorically against Santa Clauses. We have the coolest Ded Moroz and Snegurochka. And today is Santa Claus, tomorrow - Euromaidan. Santa Claus let go in porn movies remains.

Aleks tv
“Father Frost and Snow Maiden were excluded from the New Year programs of the state TV channels of Tajikistan.” “Canada promises to protect Santa Claus from Russian troops.”
Comrades Tajiks and Canadians, please undergo treatment in the relevant psychiatric institutions.

It was always interesting to me why our Father Frost always walks with the Snow Maiden, and Santa Claus always walks with deer? Is this a hint of his orientation?
Down with the Canadian bestiality! We will defend traditional values ​​at the North Pole!

... Santa Claus colluded with the Tajiks and opened a second front from the north against Santa Claus ...
But I still hope to wake up ...

*"I'm not guilty! He came! ”- phrase from the movie“ The Diamond Hand ”
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  1. andrei332809
    andrei332809 15 December 2013 08: 18
    Well, wait. thanks to the authors of the creation.
    now you can do business
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      Damn it! Again distracted me with other publications! laughing I didn’t, you are the first again good
      1. andrei332809
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        Quote: major071
        Damn it!

        dont worry. over there on the next branch the Germans escalate the panic in Europe wassat
        1. major071
          major071 15 December 2013 09: 41
          I was there, already expressed my opinion! hi
      2. Arberes
        Arberes 15 December 2013 14: 49
        There is no sadder story in the world than the story of Romeo, six!

        Dedicated to the triumph of juvenile justice in the USA!

        Sexy maniac six-year baby!
        It's crap, I’ll say no trick
        Are you completely brutalized feminists in America?
        Take a look by chance, immediately fight in hysterics!

        Well, how do you live there, men and boys ???
        Neither look, nor caress, experience only in books?
        Men will forget the sparkle of elegant flirting!
        How can we do without "grass" and half a liter here ???

        So they will attend gay parades!
        On rubber women to stare?
        The triumph of feminism, peasants all Khan ???
        I laugh at America, only sorry for the kid !!!

        By God, the madhouse is full there!
        1. Cynic
          Cynic 15 December 2013 18: 25
          Quote: Arberes
          By God, the madhouse is full there!

          Naturally, because if a boy was in the place of a girl, then everything would be more tolerant.
          Error, as they say, in the object.
          Normal boy, it will be difficult for him to live there.
          1. Arberes
            Arberes 15 December 2013 18: 33
            Quote: Cynic
            Normal boy, it will be difficult for him to live there.

            By the way, in India, they realized in time what all these "delights" could lead to and introduced criminal liability for sodomy! I specifically expressed myself with just such a term, I'm sick of the terminology with the letter Г и П.
            1. Sterlya
              Sterlya 15 December 2013 22: 06
              Interesting. I have two girls. one 7 years old. second 12 years. so here. before going to bed every night they run up to me. wish good night and kiss.
              If I lived in tolerant America. What article would I be put on?
              1. Rusich51
                Rusich51 29 December 2013 21: 05
                Quote: Sterlya
                Interesting. I have two girls. one 7 years old. second 12 years. so here. before going to bed every night they run up to me. wish good night and kiss.
                If I lived in tolerant America. What article would I be put on?

                Yes would have thundered to fanfare.
          2. Charley
            Charley 15 December 2013 19: 24
            Moreover, he will now be afraid of women from them all his life because there are so many problems. Hold on to the guy and God forbid that you would grow up to be a normal person!
            1. standby
              standby 16 December 2013 01: 37
              I would like to believe that the "correct" instinct will still prevail over national insanity! A normal kid after all! For normal boys! drinks
        2. Current 72
          Current 72 15 December 2013 18: 59
          The fact that the United States madhouse fully support. Is this your poem? It is great! Authors of the review +++!
    2. Siberian German
      Siberian German 15 December 2013 13: 01
      about nothing - one annoyance especially from the lascivious smile of a girl whose arrest ends
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        ... especially from the girl’s lascivious smile ...
        Oh, chevidno in anticipation of her ...
      2. Sandov
        Sandov 15 December 2013 15: 56
        Quote: Siberian German
        about nothing - one annoyance especially from the lascivious smile of a girl whose arrest ends

        Review +. The lascivious girl, along with a stool, should be called to account. The bureaucrats damn chop the branch on which they sit. No matter how the people began to solve these problems on the streetlights for them.
  2. kaktus
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    The farther, the more wonderful and wonderful! wassat
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      Well, it’s just some kind of Lukomorye ... That goofs wander along the paths of war, then mermaids cannot sit at home on branches quietly, because their heart sank ...
    2. Siberian German
      Siberian German 15 December 2013 19: 14
      from these miracles my hands itch to take something in hand - let an outdated Schmeiser or PPS and get to Moscow City and get some fun there - selectively for now
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    Tolstoy plant, Obama as a kid behaves, Bandar is this Negro or Arab?
    Thanks for the review!
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      A fat woman, already full of fat, had already planted her heart, so much dough from the creature, she could have pulled out a gym with treadmills in her hut, otherwise the curvy was eating and eating.
      1. andrei332809
        andrei332809 15 December 2013 09: 22
        Quote: ZU-23
        , could in my hut and a gym with treadmills

        it is misappropriation of funds tongue
        1. ZU-23
          ZU-23 15 December 2013 09: 38
          It's okay, she goes to the boutiques in full. Take another make her striped robe clothe if caught in a civilian, all violation of the regime laughing
        2. The comment was deleted.
        3. Serg 122
          Serg 122 15 December 2013 14: 02
          ... this is an inappropriate spending of funds ...

          Ah, and then Tolyan in a dressing gown will ask strictly! tongue
        4. Charley
          Charley 15 December 2013 19: 34
          I suggest that, at the expense of the Ministry of Defense, I send her to a health resort in Monte Carlo. I didn’t think that Hochma about Rafik who was not guilty of realizing life. In general, society is very dangerous for Vasilyeva. You need to isolate society from her
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    Thanks for the review. Some news I could not find out in a week.
  5. Valery Neonov
    Valery Neonov 15 December 2013 08: 45
    "The term of the house arrest of the ex-Defense Ministry official is expiring ... By this time, the court must reconsider the investigation's petition to extend the house arrest."-and why would the investigation not file a request for detention ... Weak or something .. request

    The schoolchildren wrote an essay on the topic "What would I do to strengthen the defense capability of Russia, if I were appointed Minister of Defense." All essays ended with the same phrase: "... and fuck you then put me in prison." winked
  6. ZU-23
    ZU-23 15 December 2013 08: 48
    I want to add a joke about Agent-007. James Bond is a complete alcoholic. This conclusion was made by British doctors, who calculated the amount of alcohol that superagent drinks in each of Jan Fleming's 14 books. According to the findings, if Agent 007 was a living person, he would die from cirrhosis of the liver before he reached the age of 50.
    On average, Bond was estimated to consume 6 bottles of vodka a week, and in You Only Live Twice, a whopping 9 bottles. In the book "From Russia with Love," the spy drank three bottles of vodka within XNUMX hours - and after that he successfully completed tasks in the service of Her Majesty. It also turned out that Bond's favorite drink was not a vodka-martini cocktail, but whiskey. laughing
    1. pensioner
      pensioner 15 December 2013 11: 08
      Many thanks to the authors for the results !!
      On average, Bond was estimated to have consumed 6 bottles of vodka a week, and in You Only Live Twice - as many as 9 bottles.
      In the book "From Russia with Love", the spy drank three bottles of vodka within XNUMX hours - and after that he successfully performed tasks in the service of Her Majesty
      It seemed to him so ...
      1. 222222
        222222 15 December 2013 12: 10
        pensioner (5) SU Today, 11:08 ↑ ... "during the day three bottles of vodka .."
        ".... In the wardroom of" Tethys "the officers agreed:
        - After Irben, no one will condemn us if we drink three days in a row, like dirty Berlin tufts ...
        They closed and drank three days in a row until three bottles of cognac ran out ...
        (Pikul Valentin "Moonzund", about the drinking of the Germans in Libau)
        1. tomas.09
          tomas.09 15 December 2013 14: 32
          This moment also "killed" me
        2. family tree
          family tree 15 December 2013 16: 33
          Quote: 222222
          They closed and drank three days in a row until three bottles of cognac ran out ...

          This is what willpower is needed to be locked up for almost three days, without alcohol, and not to send a messenger for the supplement belay The giants! what
          PS. Do not say that brandy is over in three days. No matter how dimensionless bottles are, I still will not believe stop
          1. pensioner
            pensioner 15 December 2013 16: 47
            Quote: perepilka
            I won’t believe it anyway

            Correctly. And so gay culture was born ...
            But seriously, the Germans are not fools about succumbing to sa-ah-ah-abs. Checked ... Even our nerds (khe ...) they are very far away ... But the Austrians finally - amateurs ... Also checked.
          2. tomas.09
            tomas.09 15 December 2013 17: 32
            I read this book when I was 14 years old, but even then it seemed to me that this was somehow wrong. 1 bottle a day for 3 !!!
        3. Sterlya
          Sterlya 15 December 2013 22: 22
          My father is 83 years old. and so he’s an hour a bottle of vodka in one eye only. but never smoked in my life. maybe therefore
      2. smile
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        So ... according to intelligence, you have a jam day today ... 51 ... why are you here and insultingly sober? :))) You also pat the unfortunate Bond, exhausted by the narzan, indulgently on the lowered shoulder?
        Congratulations again!
        1. pensioner
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          Quote: smile
          and offensively sober?

          Vova! fellow He sent the first batch of guests with God ... They already sat with his family ... The second batch said they were late. God forbid, finally they won’t come ... Alcoholic physicists all the same ... Not just like that ... And I’m Vova quite in condition! 0,5 cognac + 0,75 Chilean semi-dry + 0,75 Beaujolais (well, I had to share it with the whole family ...). And I can still press the keys after such a dose ... drinks
          1. Alex 241
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            Jura my congratulations !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            1. pensioner
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              Thank you, Sasha! (Can I do it so bluntly, I hope?) Aviation is my passion since childhood! I dreamed of becoming a pilot, or, at worst, an astronaut ... But first my vision failed, and then my heart ... And I had to get into a sport ... But! The air club passed! I envy you flyers! I fly very often on helicopter airplanes. Say what you like, say nothing !!! Thanks again! Touched! drinks
          2. pensioner
            pensioner 15 December 2013 18: 19
            Quote: retired
            0,5 cognac + 0,75 Chilean semi-dry + 0,75 Beaujolais

            Yes. By the way ... And the prospect is present .... repeat
          3. smile
            smile 15 December 2013 22: 04
            Oh, our man ..... I'm afraid I won’t drink so much ... or rather ... I’ll drink it ..... but I won’t be sane to the right extent ... :))))))
            As the Chechens say, live long, dear!
          4. stalkerwalker
            stalkerwalker 16 December 2013 00: 44
            Quote: retired
            And I can still press the keys after such a dose ...

            I respect ... good
            And congratulations drinks
            1. Andrey Yuryevich
              Andrey Yuryevich 16 December 2013 06: 37
              I join in the congratulations))) hi
    2. And Us Rat
      And Us Rat 15 December 2013 14: 57
      Quote: ZU-23
      In the book "From Russia with Love", the spy drank three bottles of vodka during the day -

      Per day??? negative Bond shkolota - this is the real guru in this matter (video) wassat

      1. Current 72
        Current 72 15 December 2013 19: 20
        In my youth I tried to drink a bottle of vodka from the neck, it turned out. Well, this lad will just be a GUGANT. But what will happen to him next is a question.
        1. smile
          smile 15 December 2013 23: 24
          Current 72
          I accomplished such a feat only once ..... imagine the first marriage .... I mandrake ..... it's time to take the bride out .... my friend looked at me with a wise eye and dragged me into the corner .... with us there were two sweets and one bottle of vodka ... I stayed sober like glass .... but I became calm as a fortified area .... even my mother was surprised ... I will never forget Sasha ......
      2. Charley
        Charley 15 December 2013 19: 44
        For every James Bond we have Vasya Bolt)))
      3. ZU-23
        ZU-23 15 December 2013 21: 09
        already forgot when so thumped on a horse laughing well, you see, he says that vodka is 38 degrees, vodka is different, there is a shot and it’s barely able to cram everything, but it’s easier to drink than a liter and a half of water, well, in any case, not everyone can.
        1. stalkerwalker
          stalkerwalker 16 December 2013 00: 49
          Quote: ZU-23
          different vodka happens

          "Palenka" can not be mastered more than half a glass ... wassat
          "Absolute", chilled - you can suck in 0,75 - if only the breathing apparatus does not disappoint.
          Only "experimenting" is desirable at home, not far from your favorite sofa. laughing
          1. family tree
            family tree 16 December 2013 01: 08
            That way, in 1982, I watched as a man poured into himself a standard soldier's mug (0,5 liters) of Siberian vodka with a fortress of 45 turns. He poured it in, since the Adam's apple did not move, he just poured it into his open mouth. After the astonished question-proposal: "Can you still?", He poured the second one. Then he started, straight from the chair into an unconsciously horizontal position without having time to put the dishes on the table. The 120-kilogram carcass was carried into the cradle by six of them. I've never seen anything like this again belay
      4. The comment was deleted.
  7. ZU-23
    ZU-23 15 December 2013 08: 56
    At the expense of a six-year-old student, he was temporarily expelled from the American school for sexual harassment, in the West there are no longer double standards in my opinion, but individual for everyone, and here you have the juvenile justice of America.
  8. Tatarus
    Tatarus 15 December 2013 08: 57
    Thank you guys.
    Quote: kaktus
    all the more wonderful and wonderful!

    Yes, no more miraculous and miraculous.

    The West generally looks like a loony bin in which personnel went on an indefinite strike. Truly, if God wants to punish, he takes away the mind.

    "I am for the Yelton family to be granted a residence permit in Russia" and not only for them. We have a lot of land. Western countries declared that they would give shelter to PidoGays if we continue to persecute them? We will respond by granting asylum to heterosexual couples in the US and Europe. And we will deport the "persecuted" by a specialist. WAGONS. We are not sorry, the air will just become cleaner.
    1. I do not care
      I do not care 15 December 2013 14: 19
      deported. WAGONS.

      So it is faster and more reliable.
      open in new tab
  9. Valery Neonov
    Valery Neonov 15 December 2013 08: 57
    ... many questions literally wander from one message to another for example, exam questions, it can be assumed that to the majority of those present when the president announced the message, his words, to put it mildly, reach tight.- Minister Livanov suggested that cultural history books should be written on Russian history. Let it be Sergey Zverev, Timati ... Give a short, simplified course of history on three sheets of A4 format ... wassat

    Santa Claus vs Santa Claus- Santa — Claus does not exist! Santa Claus told me about this.
    1. kazssr
      kazssr 15 December 2013 11: 54
      Santa Claus vs. Santa Claus— Santa — Claus does not exist! Santa Claus told me about this. wassat hi
  10. major071
    major071 15 December 2013 09: 12
    Alex, Oleg - thanks! good
    At a time when the President of Russia was sending a message to the boyars on how to further "steer" their slaves, and the Armed Forces planned to eliminate the "bullying" by the military police, one well-known citizen by the name we know said that "I am innocent" and they believed her (well, such are our gullible judges). In response to this (in the form of a protest), the ships of the Russian Navy wound a lot of miles across the seas and Okians, and the Tajiks generally went even further - they canceled Santa Claus and Snegurochka, because they had an association of these characters with the citizens of Serdyukov and Vasilyeva, and such Santa Clauses and Snow Maidens are not needed in Tajikistan, they have enough of their own. At this time, many of the state-owned companies, abandoning corporate events for state money, announced that on New Year's Eve they would watch a show called "Euromaidan", since there were songs and dances and clowns performing with comedians. And the money is safe and you can neigh, but not everything is as good as it seemed: agent 007 and the head of the Saudis' intelligence (let's call him agent 008 - still a CHAPTER, not a simple agent) entered Russia, who want to steal one citizen (this is an agent 007), and the second (obviously agent 008) generally wants to steal the entire top of our government (God help him!), Since only schizophrenics remained in the United States, and they do not need such friends, especially since there in the United States has already come under handing out a 6-year-old kid who kissed his classmate. What a shame for the whole world - the boy kissed the girl. All LGBT supporters (including tolerant Europe) condemn this act and demand that the US authorities no longer allow such actions. And in the Czech Republic, the prime minister refused to go to Mandela's funeral (here I understand him - no dancing for you, no drink really, generally boring), and Russian Santa Claus is going to clean up their face Santa against the background of the fact that Santa stuck his nose in the wrong place. Bravo! laughing
    1. andrei332809
      andrei332809 15 December 2013 09: 17
      Volodya, read it?
      "Russia allegedly placed Iskander tactical missile systems on the border with the European Union," writes the German newspaper Bild.

      At the same time, the newspaper refers to its sources in the security structures.

      Secret satellite images show the “double-digit number” of the Iskander SS-26 Russian tactical missile systems, Radio France Internationale quoted the publication as saying.

      They were allegedly installed over the past year in the Kaliningrad region and on the Russian border with Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Neither the origin of the photographs nor the date of filming are specified.

      According to Bild, in this way, Russia is responding to the deployment of the Euro missile defense system.

      The radius of action of the "Iskander" affects the whole of Poland and theoretically even Berlin, the newspaper notes. "
      1. major071
        major071 15 December 2013 09: 27
        Volodya, read it?
        "Russia allegedly placed Iskander tactical missile systems on the border with the European Union," writes the German newspaper Bild.

        Not until I had time. Yes, I put big and fat on their publications and their opinion. The most important thing is Russia, its security and inviolability of borders, everything else is sideways. It’s absolutely violet to me that whoever is sniffing at us there, we are not vindictive — we are just evil and we have a good memory! soldier
  11. Valery Neonov
    Valery Neonov 15 December 2013 09: 21
    US policy is simply exclusively schizophrenic without reference to the locality.

    In the cinema of the USA, there is KING KONG, at the moment when KONG is beating off planes on the roof of a skyscraper, one American shouts: where is 3,14..3,14 .. you were on September 11 ...
  12. The comment was deleted.
  13. rauffg
    rauffg 15 December 2013 09: 26

    Latvian Foreign Ministry outraged by Oleg Gazmanov’s song “Made in the USSR”
    The Latvian Foreign Ministry believes that singing the Soviet Union at an official event dedicated to independent Russia is a highly paradoxical act.

    RIGA, Dec 15 - RIA Novosti, Vadim Radionov. The Latvian Foreign Ministry is outraged by Oleg Gazmanov’s song “Made in the USSR”, which he performed in the Kremlin on the 20th anniversary of the Russian Constitution, the internet portal reports on Saturday citing the Latvian Foreign Secretary, Viktor Makarov.

    “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Latvia expressed bewilderment at the fact that at a concert on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Constitution of the Russian Federation in the Kremlin Oleg Gazmanov sang the song“ Made in the USSR ”,” quotes the portal as saying Makarov.

    According to the portal, the Latvian Foreign Ministry was perplexed by the lyrics. “Ukraine and Crimea, Belarus and Moldova - This is my country! Sakhalin and Kamchatka, the Ural Mountains - This is my country! Krasnoyarsk Territory, Siberia and the Volga region, Kazakhstan and the Caucasus, and the Baltic states too. I was born in the Soviet Union, I was made in the USSR! ”

    “To sing the Soviet Union at an official event dedicated to independent Russia is a highly paradoxical act. I do not want to comment on the work of Gazmanov, everyone has the right to sing about what he wants. However, the actions of the organizers of this solemn event surprise me. We are talking about a state that became independent after the collapse of the Soviet Union, so the contents of the concert completely contradict this, ”said the representative of the Latvian Foreign Ministry.

    Earlier, a deputy of the Sejm of Lithuania from the Union of the Fatherland-Christian Democrats party, former defense minister Rasa Juknyavichene proposed to the Lithuanian authorities to ban Gazmanov from entering the republic and cancel his concert, scheduled for December 29 in Vilnius.
    1. family tree
      family tree 15 December 2013 10: 15
      Quote: rauffg
      “To sing the Soviet Union at an official event dedicated to independent Russia is a highly paradoxical act. I do not want to comment on the work of Gazmanov, everyone has the right to sing about what he wants. However, the actions of the organizers of this solemn event surprise me. We are talking about a state that became independent after the collapse of the Soviet Union, so the contents of the concert completely contradict this, ”said the representative of the Latvian Foreign Ministry.

      Blyin, so fuck! Sing this song on Independence Day of Russia recourse She must be sung at the Independence Day of Latvia wassat laughing
    2. Current 72
      Current 72 15 December 2013 22: 56
      Yeah ! These Euro-democrats are all Soviet, like a blunt knife in the balls.
  14. S-200
    S-200 15 December 2013 09: 29
    hi THANK YOU Alexey and Oleg for a rich and thorough review!

    I allow myself to philosophize slightly from the height of the past years ...
    "Life has become better, life has become happier !..." with development interactivity Internet.
    The leaders of our country began to refer more often to the "public opinion" expressed on the pages of various sites.
    In my opinion your site takes a decent patriotic position in RuNet, uniting on their pages a very indifferent Russian-speaking audience from all over the world. It seems that in the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation your site causes white envy, they even gathered to open their own hastily))) ....
    The content posted on the site covers topics that often seem to be far from the military topics indicated in the name of the site.
    But many of us remember that according to Clausewitz -"War is the continuation of politics by other, violent means ..." Therefore, the prompt coverage of political and economic topics is very willingly "linked" by our audience with the topic of strengthening the defense capability of Russia. I wish the editors of the site further creative success!
  15. morpogr
    morpogr 15 December 2013 09: 41
    The closer the new year, the more miracles and mysterious deeds on earth. The struggle between good and evil is growing. We believe in the best Santa Claus and good will win, and Satan Claus will be defeated! laughing
    1. Boris55
      Boris55 15 December 2013 09: 52
      Quote: morpogr
      The closer the new year, the more miracles and mysterious deeds on earth. The struggle between good and evil is growing ...

      Until 22, there was a little bit left. Light conquers darkness.
      In general, it is symbolic that their Santa without the Snow Maiden ... is "tolerant" laughing
      1. Doctor71
        Doctor71 15 December 2013 18: 56
        Duc have evo deer ... Yol-paly. Oh smile
        1. Cynic
          Cynic 15 December 2013 19: 01
          Quote: Doctor71
          Duc have evo deer ... Yol-paly.

          And then
          1. Doctor71
            Doctor71 15 December 2013 19: 12
            goodI strongly agree laughing
  16. Normal
    Normal 15 December 2013 09: 58
    problems are identified, a call from the president seems to be coming, all the officials sitting in the hall listen extremely carefully, someone even outlines.

    Well, it didn't get its name yesterday - "Vaskism" (And Vaska listens and eats ...)
    After all, it’s like this: if what was heard and recorded was perceived as a guide to action, how many problems of economic and political nature voiced in the messages could be solved! ... it can be assumed that to the majority of those present when the president announced the message, his words, to put it mildly, reach tight.

    Yes, it is normal for officials to "get it". In any case, much faster and more correctly than before the population. After all:
    This message was the 10th in a row for Vladimir Putin personally - a kind of anniversary. Can this message be considered something seriously different from, for example, the previous one? In general terms, perhaps not.

    If one and the same thing is said over and over, but nothing happens after talking; Neither demand nor responsibility for non-fulfillment, then even Vaska’s cat can understand from the second time that words are words, and his work can be continued.
    it can be assumed that to the majority of those present, when the president announced the message, his words, to put it mildly, reach tight.

    It comes to us tightly that everything that Putin says to the public is intended for the public, and not for officials at all, and especially not for execution.
  17. La-5
    La-5 15 December 2013 10: 02
    Historically, Ukraine is divided and in fact two opposing peoples live in it. And now they are like Krylov’s fable Swan, cancer and pike pull the cart in different directions.
  18. pahom54
    pahom54 15 December 2013 10: 14
    The President’s messages are beginning to resemble the old Soviet times - everything is fine with us, but the Soviet ... oh, the Russian outfit approves all this good ... oh, does not approve, because there is no clearly defined line to fight corruption. If you used to say that fools and roads are a problem in Russia, today you can clearly state: CORRUPTION IS THE MAIN PROBLEM OF RUSSIA. Kim Jong Yong won over his uncle in the square with machine guns - right, do not go into power (read - for big money). With us, the squares would be thrown out with the carcasses of embezzlers, you look, and the sky brightened, and the roads became better, and indeed would somehow freshen up in the vast expanses of Russia.
    So get closer to body and work, Mr. President! Solve corruption issues, root it out - other problems will be solved much easier ...
  19. mountain
    mountain 15 December 2013 10: 18
    A week, it was noisy, Russia was discussing the speech of Vladimir Putin. Military police enter houses to restore order. Our fleet did not sleep, and walked 100 miles across the oceans, state enterprises paid for corporations, and the state budget paid billions. The jade hare, the hare, walks on the moon, the Chinese control it from the earth. The ambassadors hurried to Ukraine with sausage and biscuits, treated the Maidan. MI-6 is playing scouts and millions are losing search for Snowden. Americans buy pistols, the boy kicked out of school for a kiss. Canada laid eyes on the North Pole, Russia seriously regarded everything, and deployed troops on the pole. Mandela was buried for a week, but the Czechs never arrived. Does the people live in hopes that the new week brings us?
  20. Valery Neonov
    Valery Neonov 15 December 2013 10: 20
    The Ukrainian authorities decided to play back and spoke again, this is good, otherwise everything is in a "bunch of small" or "wall to wall", at least some variety
  21. Keeper
    Keeper 15 December 2013 10: 29
    Sometimes I climb into this forum, read the results of the week and understand - LIVING BECOMES ALL INTERESTING AND INTERESTING! )))
    It seems that we live on a volcano - there are so many really global events that you barely have time to comprehend!
  22. Vitaly Anisimov
    Vitaly Anisimov 15 December 2013 10: 37
    Evgenia Vasilieva has every chance to meet the upcoming Olympic year not only in her apartment, but also on the streets and squares of her beloved city
    No, and yet I would blow this Eugenia .. (her eyes bl ... e)))) love Could have split .. bully
    1. stalkerwalker
      stalkerwalker 15 December 2013 12: 28
      Quote: MIKHAN
      No, and yet I would blow this Eugenia .. (her eyes bl ... e))))

      And I ... And I ...
      And I have such an opinion! fellow
    2. 15 December 2013 16: 43
      So what is the question, then? In a cap on the inside of the panties knit from 100 hundred Euros and go ... and maybe in the ass? ..! She is already FREE!
  23. Fin
    Fin 15 December 2013 10: 39
    The term of the house arrest of an ex-official of the Ministry of Defense expires, according to the decision of the Moscow City Court, on December 26, 2013.

    Yesterday at RenTV Week, there was an interview with Vasilyeva, so there was a bracelet on his leg over tights. She either has a key or a police officer is assigned, who takes it off and puts it again. So normally she walks around everywhere.
    The region will turn to Moscow. Some states in the region, the Crown Prince noted, are considering developing multilateral relations, rather than relying on Washington alone.

    And, multi-vector, it’s familiar - this is to Yanukovych, he is the main specialist on how to drive yourself into the ass and courageously try to get out.
    1. PSih2097
      PSih2097 15 December 2013 11: 32
      Quote: Fin
      She either has a key or a police officer is assigned, who takes it off and puts it again.

      how did she not sue him for harassment? in theory there should be a police officer, not a police officer ...
    2. stalkerwalker
      stalkerwalker 15 December 2013 12: 30
      Quote: Fin
      She either has a key or a police officer is assigned, who takes it off and puts it again

      Interesting - and how many times a day she changes tights? wassat
  24. Alekseir162
    Alekseir162 15 December 2013 10: 55
    for Evgenia Vasilyeva (according to her own words) had a cardiovascular disease on the nerves.

    And also many other diseases that can be cured exclusively abroad and exclusively on some cote d'azur.
    1. Corsair
      Corsair 15 December 2013 11: 14
      Quote: Alekseir162
      And also many other diseases that can be cured exclusively abroad and exclusively on some cote d'azur.

      And an hour Julia from Ukraine, she will not be a sister?
    2. Current 72
      Current 72 15 December 2013 19: 32
      And in MAGADAN, she does not want to heal? They won’t wait there! And even a separate chamber was prepared two by three meters, with a marble floor.
  25. Egoza
    Egoza 15 December 2013 11: 02
    Thanks to the authors for the review! hi
    And add a little
    The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved the signing of an agreement with the Russian Federation on joint actions to organize the construction of a transport passage through the Kerch Strait. This is stated in the order of the government of 11 December 2013 g. No. 970-p.
    "To approve the draft agreement between the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and the government of the Russian Federation on joint actions to organize the construction of a transport crossing through the Kerch Strait. Authorize the Minister of Infrastructure Volodymyr Kazak to sign the agreement," the document says.

    Pleasantly surprised the Americans! Not everyone there has already lost their minds. It is a pity that this senator did not come, but sent another de ... s
    An influential US Congressman Democrat, Hakkim Jeffries from the entourage of US President Barack Obama, sent a tough letter to the Ukrainian ambassador to the United States, Alexander Motzik. It is symptomatic that the appeal to the ambassador was sent on December 12 - at the very height of the political crisis in the country.
    The congressman expressed his indignation at the increased level of nationalism in Ukraine and the activities of the Freedom Party.
    “The political rise and status of the fourth political force in the Ukrainian parliament of the xenophobic, anti-Semitic and racist party Freedom is particularly alarming,” writes Jeffries. “Under the guise of protecting the“ traditional values ​​”of Ukrainian culture,“ Freedom ”openly promotes the ideology of neo-Nazism. We receive information on physical violence and attacks against racial and ethnic minorities in Kiev and other Ukrainian cities. “Freedom” not only impedes Ukraine’s desire to build a free and open society, but also works to undermine and destabilize the government. In addition, the Freedom party exposes Ukraine to the world in a negative light, which may have negative consequences for the image of your country in the world. ”
    The Congressman called on the Ukrainian government and the Verkhovna Rada to do everything to isolate this extremist party, including by refusing to cooperate with it all political forces.
    1. stalkerwalker
      stalkerwalker 15 December 2013 12: 32
      Quote: Egoza
      The congressman expressed his indignation at the increased level of nationalism in Ukraine and the activities of the Freedom Party.

      But he did not send such letters to Riga and Tallinn?
  26. Egoza
    Egoza 15 December 2013 11: 06
    Well, laugh at the weekend!
    It was the thirty-third month of the slow Ukrainian revolution ...

    Klitschko, Yatsenyuk and Tyagnibok still came to the Maidan. They did not speak, but were silent. There was no point in speaking, the masses already knew everything. It was an amazing act of unity, when leaders and the masses understand everything without words. Only the wind waved the ensign and the cry of ravens circling in the air was heard.

    From time to time, the crowd was handed out a letter No. 33 from Yulia Tymoshenko. It was immediately sent to the furnaces of numerous bourgeois.

    On Bankova, Sergey Levochkin and Andrey Klyuyev were sitting in a large room with a large monitor, where a picture from the Maidan was shown. They played chess. Also without words. Sometimes the door opened and Viktor Medvedchuk entered the room. He looked at them inquisitively, then said: “Well, yes, well, yes,” and left.

    They thumped in the Kremlin. Faith was not to anyone. Everyone turned out to be ... zas. Glazyev drank the most. He did not understand why. He didn’t understand anything at all.

    The IMF unsuccessfully offered money to Ukraine, but no one came to take it already.

    In Brussels, everyone wore embroidered shirts because they realized that they were stuck for a long time.

    The USA bombed the Middle East. And at the word Ukraine, Victoria Nuland closed her eyes in horror.

    Kwasniewski bought an apartment on Lipki and lived. Together with Coke. Sometimes I went to Tymoshenko.

    Sikorsky often cried. He just cried, and at night it was audible that he sobbed shouting: pseklonte, mother of curvy.

    On KMDA went cows and goats. There they lived.

    Gardens were seen on the slopes of Maidan, and strong villagers worked there, whom tourists liked to photograph.

    On the Maidan itself many children ran. Strong kids. The fruits of love "Golden Eagle" and women of the Maidan. Doctors were frightened at first that at birth they shouted “Get!”, “Zrada!”, “Ganba!”, And then they got used to it. Maidan children, what to take from them ....

    Panties and faded posters hung on tents. The underpants were dried, the posters simply didn't bother anyone.

    Viktor Fedorovich Yanukovych hunted in Sukholuchye. There were a lot of boars divorced and he was all x * y.

    This is Ukraine, friends. This is a slow Ukrainian revolution.
    Political scientist Yura Romanenko.
    1. andrei332809
      andrei332809 15 December 2013 11: 10
      Quote: Egoza
      This is a slow Ukrainian revolution

      did the ests come to you?
    2. alone
      alone 15 December 2013 11: 35
      laughing And Elena continued to expose the leaders of the Maidan, accusing them of all sins wassat
    3. 222222
      222222 15 December 2013 12: 32
      "They still went to the Maidan ..."
      1. "Description of Kiev" in 1868, compiled by Nikolai Zakrevsky, mentions the market square in the middle of Khreshchatyk, "from time immemorial called the Goat Swamp." Zakrevsky notes that the bazaar is located "near the tract called the Goat Swamp." On the historical plan of 1803, the city architect Andrei Melensky shows the place of an abandoned reservoir, designated "Goat Swamp", it is located directly under the inner slope of the rampart, between the current Shevchenko Lane, Malopodvalnaya and Patorzhinsky streets. Shevchenko Lane has long been called Koziebolotnaya Street or simply Kozinka. 2
      2. Bolotnaya Square in Moscow .. "Currently Bolotnaya Square is a gathering place for young people, members of informal subcultures, drummers and firemen .." and do not believe in the Anunaki ...
      1. lewerlin53rus
        lewerlin53rus 15 December 2013 13: 07
        Quote: 222222
        "Description of Kiev" in 1868, compiled by Nikolai Zakrevsky, mentions a market square in the middle of Khreshchatyk, "from time immemorial called Goat Swamp." Zakrevsky notes that the bazaar is located "near the tract called the Goat Swamp."

        That is, there is historical reason to believe that Maidan is Bolotnaya Square. There is an analogy.
        1. Egoza
          Egoza 15 December 2013 19: 15
          Quote: lewerlin53rus
          That is, there is historical reason to believe that Maidan is Bolotnaya Square. There is an analogy.

          Absolutely core! Only here "historically" it is also a gathering place for evil spirits and witches! We were afraid to pass by this place at night in ancient times! And how are you?
    4. pensioner
      pensioner 15 December 2013 12: 43
      Quote: Egoza
      This is Ukraine, friends. This is a slow Ukrainian revolution.

      Bravo!! good
    5. S-200
      S-200 17 December 2013 23: 04
      Fidget, you are murka! love
  27. svp67
    svp67 15 December 2013 11: 25
    The results of the week.
    Meanwhile, in the center of Russia, in the Urals, "Tsar Ioan Vasilyevich" with the ataman "Stenka Razin" are trying to establish at least some sort of order ...
    the company Emma, ​​the scammer (strangely leading to the deputy of the Legislative Assembly Armen Karapetyan), failed to repair Stepan Razin Street: they rained the street and abandoned it until better times. The story received a funny continuation: seeing the powerlessness of the city authorities in punishing the contractor, the king intervened in the matter!
  28. lewerlin53rus
    lewerlin53rus 15 December 2013 11: 26
    Barin visited his slaves
    1. morpex
      morpex 15 December 2013 13: 53
      Quote: lewerlin53rus
      Barin visited his slaves

      And the other two gentlemen in the Kremlin can’t give a hollow, on whom to rely on Ukraine, and how did we again scam the information war. Plan of Comrade Bismarck in action:

      And this Bismarck hatred grows up on both sides of the border. Like in Kiev and in Moscow.
      1. lewerlin53rus
        lewerlin53rus 15 December 2013 15: 31
        Quote: morpex
        And the other two gentlemen in the Kremlin can’t give anyone a chance to rely on whom to rely on in Ukraine, and how did we again defraud the information war.

        I doubt that the Kremlin is sitting idly by. The fact that our politicians are not brazenly creeping into Ukraine with fiery speeches does not mean that nothing is being done.
        1. morpex
          morpex 15 December 2013 15: 44
          Quote: lewerlin53rus
          I doubt that the Kremlin is sitting idly by. The fact that our politicians are not brazenly creeping into Ukraine with fiery speeches does not mean that nothing is being done.

          We will see ... There is only one justification for them. In the current "Ukrainian elite" there is simply no one to rely on ...
          And ... there would have been less negative and distortion in the Russian media. Recently, in the eyes of a simple Russian, Ukraine has turned through your media into a breeding ground for Bandera and Natsik people. 15% of the people who voted for the election voted for tyagnybykovites. 50% of the hundred actually voted eligible to vote. Arithmetic is simple. It is only 7% of the population. 93% what? Also Bandera?
    2. skullcap
      skullcap 15 December 2013 16: 03
      Quote: lewerlin53rus
      Barin visited his slaves

      And when I see McCain's face, I always remember the catch phrase from the old Soviet comedy: "Washington goat!"
    3. The comment was deleted.
  29. Goldmitro
    Goldmitro 15 December 2013 11: 28
    Vasilyeva's insolence and "Serdyukovschina's" mockery of justice are simply AWESOME! Russia, it seems, firmly holds the position of the leader as a country of UNFEREATED corrupt officials and embezzlers, and, apparently, does not want to lose this leadership!
    1. alone
      alone 15 December 2013 11: 38
      it is not arrogance or mockery. This is just the belief that they will not be imprisoned. Well, a maximum suspended sentence.

      Quote: Goldmitro
      Russia, it seems, is firmly holding the leadership position as a country of UNREADY corrupt officials and embezzlers and, apparently, does not want to lose this leadership!

      but why lose it? Wolves are fed up, and the fact that half-starved hares do not care. Steal and share stolen !! the motto is fully working at its best
  30. saag
    saag 15 December 2013 11: 38
    Quote: Egoza
    The USA bombed the Middle East.

    Bombs bounced off the ground and fell into airplanes, a side effect of the use of rubber as a component of composites affected ...
  31. Denis
    Denis 15 December 2013 12: 06
    the term “corruption” in the text of the message occurs only once (“anti-corruption” in general, never), and therefore does not even fall into the first hundred words most often used by the president in the message. Is hydra defeated?
    A special and possibly secret code has been introduced for the untouchables. It’s a pity not the special one with 88,89 articles who remembers
  32. Egoza
    Egoza 15 December 2013 12: 16
    The owner of the Lviv bus plant, a Russian businessman Igor Churkin, on his Facebook page gave a description of the Galicians. The message appeared last week. "The entire industry in Galicia has been destroyed: the Electron TV plant, the Ternopil Combine Plant and the KhBC, the Saturn and Orion radio electronics factories and thousands of other enterprises. The region has returned to the state of the 30s of the last century, when the largest enterprise in Galicia was Lviv. The Galicians live only due to the fact that a third of the population works abroad and sends money here. Those who stayed in Ukraine sell each other Chinese cowards and trade in beer. Children squander dollars and euros sent by their parents in pubs gatherings, "he writes. Churkin has owned LAZ since 2001. In 2011, he created the Lions hockey club in Lviv, which plays in the Professional Hockey League. At the end of February, LAZ suspended work. The reason was debts to the plant, in particular, Lvov. Deputies of the Lviv City Council appealed to the government with a request to return the plant to state ownership, writes the Center for Transport Strategies. "And somewhere out there, in a parallel Universe, the heads of Galician enterprises do not pay their employees for months, or even years, as in my case. Since 2008, LAZ owes me 3 salaries," user Emil comments on the entry of the businessman. As the CFTS wrote on March 12, LAZ does not exclude the possibility of setting up production of its own equipment in Russia, including with the participation of a partner. This was announced by the owner of the company Igor Churkin at a press conference. “Now we are faced with a dilemma, we are preparing for the possibility of opening production in Russia - there is no other way, because the Russian authorities are urging those who want to sell their equipment to open production, at the same time in a full cycle. On the other hand, they create clusters: they build workshops according parameters, carry out networks and rent them to us for 30 years at a price of about $ 8 per 1 sq. m, subject to the creation of jobs. That is, the investment climate is fundamentally different from Ukraine, "he said.
    Well, the galitsa are not used to working normally! "Buy and sell" is the ultimate dream!
    1. Denis
      Denis 15 December 2013 18: 47
      Quote: Egoza
      Churkin owns LAZ since 2001 of the year
      He is Churkin ...
      But it was the same:
      LAZ "Ukraine-67" is an experimental model of a tourist bus, which was designed at the head of the Specialized Design Bureau for Buses (GSKB) formed at the LAZ plant in early 1967.

      This bus had a very interesting and original design, combining the already departing trends of the beginning of the 60's (glazed roof slopes) and completely avant-garde details in the form of a rear wall with a back slope and headlights in special niches resembling the air intakes of jet aircraft. Inside the bus there was everything for a long journey - comfortable seats on 37 seats, a wardrobe, a washbasin. A ZIL engine with 180 horsepower was installed on the bus. Dimensions of the bus: 10800х2500х3000mm. Base 5535mm.

      In the spring of 1967, this bus along with the LAZ-699A bus took part in the international bus competition in Nice (XVIII International Bus Week), where it received the following awards:
      - The prize of the President of France, two Grand Prizes of Excellence and the Special Prize of the organizing committee for participation in the rally.
      - Silver medal of bodybuilders - for the competition of bodies.
      - The big prize and the Organizing Committee Cup - for technical tests.
      - The Big Cup - for the absolute first place in driving skills (driver - test engineer S. Borim).

      Bus LAZ - "Ukraine-69" was created in Lviv two years later, for a new international bus competition in Nice. The 1969 version repeated many of the successful elements of the "Ukraine-67" (reverse slope of the rear wall, headlights-air intakes), but it did not look so extravagant, because of which it lost much to its predecessor. But in the design of the "Ukraine" of 1969 model, there were such pleasant "little things" as an automatic front entrance door and an emergency exit door in the rear overhang, passenger seats of a modern form.

      At the 69th international bus week in Nice, LAZ Ukraine-XNUMX could not repeat the triumph of its predecessor, but, nevertheless, received a number of awards:
      - Big prize of distinction, pennant of the Nice Initiative Syndicate, Organizing Committee Cup, Bronze Medal of the Commissariat of Tourism - for participating in the rally.
      - Organizing Committee Cup - for maneuverability.
      - Rolling prize named after Louis Balander - for technical tests (suspension and braking in the class of buses for long-distance tourism).
      Could and did
      1. Corsair
        Corsair 15 December 2013 19: 53
        Quote: Denis
        Could and did

        But isn't ONE of the LAZ models listed here "lit up" in the comedy "The Queen of the Gas Station"?
        1. Denis
          Denis 16 December 2013 04: 29
          [img] in the movie gas station queen & fp = 0 & pos = 6 & rpt = simage & lr = 2 & uinfo = ww-1349-wh-580-fw-1124
          Quote: Corsair
          Quote: Denis
          Could and did

          But isn't ONE of the LAZ models listed here "lit up" in the comedy "The Queen of the Gas Station"?
          He is!
          If only there, to win a prize in Nice is worth a lot, we did not like our achievements then
        2. Denis
          Denis 16 December 2013 04: 35
          Quote: Corsair
          LAZ "lit up" in the comedy "Queen of the Gas Station"?
          Again trouble, do not insert a photo
          1. The comment was deleted.
  33. Egoza
    Egoza 15 December 2013 12: 22
    Nuland demanded to organize a round table with the opposition and civil society (this is one of the ways to peacefully transfer power to the so-called "civil society" and the opposition. Used in Eastern Europe in the late 80s) from the PR leadership directly - even contrary to Yanukovych's position. There should not be a power option.
    Not only did Nuland say about sanctions, she specified this threat by naming a list of people who, together with their families, would be sanctioned in the first place.


    1. Rinat Akhmetov.
    2. Vadim Novinsky.
    3. Andrey and Sergey Klyuev .....

    Why exactly they? Because Akhmetov controls 55 deputies of the PR faction, and Klyuev has a mandate from the "young team" to manage the rest of the faction.
    The United States expects the PR faction to support all the demands of the opposition, ......

    Nuland categorically stated that failure to fulfill these conditions would put into question any operational activities of DTEK and Akhmetov's Metinvest companies abroad. Nuland clearly indicated that these companies have placed assets in Europe, they have main sales markets in Europe and the United States, all the heads of these companies have real estate abroad, and the Akhmetov family are UK tax residents. DTEK and Metinvest have large obligations to international investors in the form of foreign currency bonds.
    I believe that in THIS case, against the wishes of Noonland and his comrades, there will still be a power option! And "anti-Maidan" has already been declared indefinite! The main thing is that they have already found the switchmen !!!
    “Recently, the names of those involved in the bloody dispersal of the Maidan were named. According to a preliminary investigation by the Prosecutor General's Office, the chairman of the Kyiv City State Administration Alexander Popov, deputy chairman of the National Security and Defense Council Vladimir Sivkovich, the head of the Kiev police Valery Koryak and his deputy are guilty of what happened. They will be tried at the next week. "
    But "our" oligarchs won't give up so easily! Noonland still doesn't know who she's trying to run over! laughing
    1. 222222
      222222 15 December 2013 13: 00
      On November 14, 2013, a hearing was held on the association of Ukraine, Modova in the European Subcommittee of the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the US Senate. Belarus. Armenia, and Azerbaijan with the EU ..
      The main speaker was NULAND ..
      And then there’s such a bummer .. so they sent me with cakes to appease ...
      1. 222222
        222222 15 December 2013 14: 02
        “The Eastern Partnership is ultimately much more than closer relations between the EU and a number of countries in Eastern Europe and the Caucasus.
        It is also a step towards the next vision of an integrated economic space, stretching from Lisbon to Donetsk, based on market reforms, increased prosperity and deepened democracy.
        To this end, the EU and the US are negotiating a transatlantic trade partnership and investment partnership - which promises to support growth, investment and jobs on both sides of the Atlantic, as well as set high standards, rules based on the global trade regime.
        This broad vision of Europe’s integrated economic space is becoming more and more real and attractive and ultimately can cover not only Europe, but the entire Transatlantic space. We and the EU believe that investing in the Eastern Partnership is therefore in everyone’s long-term interests. ”
        (the final part of the speech of Nuland 14 11 13 in the US Senate)

        1. And that the WTO is not enough for trade with countries of the world .. Or Ukraine and the United States are no longer in the WTO ???
        2. Isn’t this the only line to create a united economic space under the US protectorate from the Baltic to Vladivostok .. wasn’t Brzezhinsky talking about this earlier?

        And here is how Glazyev characterizes the association of Ukraine in the EU ...
        chemu_janukovich_udarilsja_v_ritoriku_timoshenko-357538 /
    2. morpex
      morpex 15 December 2013 14: 04
      Quote: Egoza
      But "our" oligarchs won't give up so easily! Noonland still doesn't know who she's trying to run over!

      Do not flatter yourself with hope Elena. Firtash and Pinchuk, and Kolomoisky have already run .. Family Hama nibbled them great. Yes, and the youngest Hamik Akhmetka has crossed the road more than once. Yeah, the seizure of assets abroad .. The kids will be completely in jeopardy. Our rich people are afraid of several TSa as much as Putin .. Khodorkovsky’s example is fresh .. laughing
      1. Egoza
        Egoza 15 December 2013 19: 21
        Quote: morpex
        The kids will run away in full

        Yes, how to say! The United Kingdom is now raising the issue. I don’t like that the EU is actively using its social security system for the unemployed and migrants. They threaten to leave the EU. So there is a chance to show a muzzle on all the screams in the USA. hi
    3. vasiliysxx
      vasiliysxx 15 December 2013 15: 20
      our officials have more assets, and real estate abroad, it is worth considering for those who have not completely betrayed the Country for American rubles. Otherwise, such nuland with bagels will creep in, as if they did not choke.
  34. Glagol
    Glagol 15 December 2013 12: 26
    Yes, everything is correct, about corruption in the Russian Federation, the real one will begin
    The struggle, everything will change at once, and the budget deficit will disappear,
    And the raw nature of the economy will cease to be a bogey, and
    It will become easier to breathe, investments will fly to the country of race.
    Dreams ... Do not come true.
  35. shurup
    shurup 15 December 2013 13: 03
    - Over the past period, the Black Sea Fleet was at sea for at least one hundred hours every day with the aim of increasing combat readiness!
    Thinking a bit:
    - (M-yes, a lot of things.) Perhaps no more than fifty, and a total of 280 thousand nautical miles have passed during this time!
    Thinking a little more:
    - (It will not be enough.) The fleet passed almost three million cable!
    1. alone
      alone 15 December 2013 13: 26
      and it didn’t even occur to anyone that more than 70% of all this finding the fleet should thank the BDK, who transported weapons to and from Syria for flights back and forth))
  36. Black
    Black 15 December 2013 13: 57
    “I can't stand Netanyahu, he's a liar.”
    - He got you, but I have to deal with him more often.

    Two of the same .... very tolerant:
    - !!!! PAINFULLY!!!!
    - Be patient! You are a man!!!!
  37. Ivanovich47
    Ivanovich47 15 December 2013 14: 20
    Quote: "... the representatives of the Ukrainian authorities showed" political will to sign the agreement. "

    The Russian authorities need to pause and see how all these "Maidans" end. The mood of the Ukrainian ruling elite changes so often that they themselves will no longer understand "what they want." In Brussels they say one thing, but in Moscow the opposite is true. Still, the policy of "sitting on two chairs" continues to take place.
    1. stalkerwalker
      stalkerwalker 15 December 2013 14: 29
      Quote: Ivanovich47
      Russian authorities need to pause and see

      I have such a suspicion that VVP is already so tired of watching the comedy "Ukrainian Choice" that, without a doubt, he arranged a tiny tote in the Kremlin, where the main bets are made on forecasts like "Where will Janek go to get money next week" or "Who from the ass-position trio will be the first to rise to the platform of the tribune to blurt out" Ukraine is tse Europa! " laughing
  38. Boris55
    Boris55 15 December 2013 15: 20
    Evgeny Novikov “Human Rights. A look into the world »11.12.2013

    1. aquatic
      aquatic 15 December 2013 17: 20
      sloppy transmission, a lot of speculation) of fanatasia and far-fetched facts, GMOs are not poison, which of the organizers of the occupy Wall Street movement is swimming upstairs?
      1. Boris55
        Boris55 15 December 2013 18: 24
        Quote: aquatic
        ... gmo is not poison ...

        GMOs are biological weapons whose negative effects will manifest themselves in subsequent generations.

        1. terp 50
          terp 50 15 December 2013 18: 52
          ...AND. and B. Strugatsky described ALL THIS for another 30 years nazat (And the waves extinguish the wind). And, if they also raise the price for them, then besides them, we will not have anything at all (Mother Russia) ...
        2. aquatic
          aquatic 16 December 2013 18: 57
          Well, yes) Listen to Ermakov more, it’s Fomenko from the biological sciences, her research is not recognized by anyone) and is completely justified by criticism) not a single of her research has been published in any scientific journal) and not because it was banned)) but because nothing to publish. The scientific opinion about the value of her research is zero, the information is open; if you like, you won’t spend a lot of time finding it.
          in all her titles, the main word is "former" researcher, "former" Doctor of Science .....,
          if you want to buy a wild non-breeding apple, a small sour-bitter one) watered with chemicals to accelerate growth and dare the parasites) but personally I choose a big tasty red apple) slightly modified to improve taste and quality)
          1. Cynic
            Cynic 16 December 2013 19: 40
            Quote: aquatic
            but personally I choose a big tasty red apple) a little modified to improve the taste and quality)

            Yes, for the sake of the Almighty, only afterwards do not even think to continue the clan. Children are to blame.
            How old are you Sergey? More recently, no one knew what kind of beast _ allergy. And now ?
            1. aquatic
              aquatic 16 December 2013 22: 44
              what does allergy have to do with it) do you know that it’s from GMOs?
              I’ve had enough years, I studied at school at the time, and then I did at the university and did graduate school, a lot of what I was taught was completely unsuitable, but I learned to think with my own head and everybody was crazy to listen, and I taught my son that.

              what do you think if you eat products with a different genome it will somehow affect you))? eat carrots? Is it pink? or has the tail grown? or from beef horn began to grow? maybe it’s only worth your genome?) cannibalism yes?
              for your information 99% of what you eat is selection products, and selection is the same genetic modification only stretched out in time ... natural mutations with the necessary properties are selected and so in several generations the properties are strengthened and developed) GMO is practically the same only quickly and immediately) google for example "natural form of corn)"

              from gmo - mutation is not possible, mutations have completely different reasons.

              Mutation is not always bad by the way, do you drink milk? so this is also a mutation) that appeared at the time of homo sapiens) and which gave him a huge head start in nutrition and survival, and the natural look without this mutation has almost died out at the moment) has lost the historical process.

              read) here it is obscene and profitable for everyone who forgot the 10th grade school program in genetics)
              with respect, etc. etc.
              1. Cynic
                Cynic 17 December 2013 10: 12
                Quote: aquatic
                what does allergy have to do with it) do you know that it’s from GMOs?

                Then maybe you know that it is not from GMOs, but from ...?
                But it is, thoughts aloud.
                Quote: aquatic
                selection is the same gene modification only extended over time ...

                Hmm, excuse me, but somehow you are too free to handle definitions.
                It’s quite difficult for me to imagine how, as a result of natural mutations, part of one genome can integrate into another.
                Dismiss such apocalyptic natural cases.
                Quote: aquatic
                what do you think if you eat products with a different genome it will somehow affect you))? eat carrots? Is it pink? or has the tail grown? or from beef horn began to grow? maybe it’s only worth your genome?) cannibalism yes?

                Oh ho ho.
                Are you seriously ? And they claimed that
                Quote: aquatic
                but they learned to think with their own heads and everyone weaned to listen to nonsense

                And from trying to utter it, as an argument, then no?
                No researcher speaks about the direct harm of products with a distorted genome due to the introduction of foreign genes! No one !
                Talk about the harmful effects on future generations.
                Why? But no one now can say, do not turn to conspiracy theories.
                In the meantime,
                1. aquatic
                  aquatic 17 December 2013 11: 38
                  Did you follow the links? not?
                  I’m quoting specifically on the topic of allergy that interests you)
                  The case when a GM product caused an allergy is widely known. Pioneer Hi-Bred International has produced GM soybeans with the integrated “Brazil nut” gene - tall bertoletia plants. The fact is that soy is relatively poor in the amino acid methionine, and in order to increase the nutritional properties of beans, a gene of methionine-rich protein from bertoletium was built into it. This Brazil nut protein is a strong allergen, and synthesized in GM soy, it also caused allergic reactions in nut-sensitive people. And although the new soybean variety was intended for feeding animals, the manufacturer removed the plant from production, fearing that fodder soybeans could be confused with food. (
                  The allergy was caused by the “Brazil nut” protein in people sensitive to it. In the same way, they had an allergic reaction to ordinary “Brazil nuts,” as if they ate them whole or as additives to a cake or liver. In this case, the blame was a strong allergen - the "nut" protein, and it does not matter what origin. The fact that it was synthesized in a GM soybean plant, and not in native bertoletia, does not matter for the development of an allergic reaction.

                  to the question of terms
                  Selection (lat. Selectio - choose) - the science of creating new and improving existing animal breeds, plant varieties, strains of microorganisms. Breeding is also called the agricultural industry, engaged in the cultivation of new varieties and hybrids of crops and animal breeds.
                  hybrid what do you know? not?

                  about "scientists" talking about problems in other generations, aren't there many of them? everyone says yes? name the surname)

                  your arguments are touching) "how old", "oh-ho-ho", "hard to imagine")))
                  didn’t go to the last link either? nothing))))))))
  39. smprofi
    smprofi 15 December 2013 15: 30
    add a little:

    Gring drone fired at a convoy of cars in Yemen.
    13 corpses.
    ... cars were moving to the wedding, and the operator simply qualified the motorcade as an al-Qaeda convoy. all business then.


    manually setting the sun or building a defense in a Texas court for a 16-year-old offspring of the wealthy Pinocchio.
    statement by "experts":
    Drunk driving is not a recognized diagnosis and should not be used to charge. Affluenza is to blame. Well, the fact that the little one drank vodka, so he has a trauma from the divorce of his parents. and he is given a 10-year probationary period instead of 20 years in prison

    and the small one killed 4 pedestrians ...
    Affluenza - consumption, consumopathy, abundance (behavior in which a person constantly increases the level of his consumption, going beyond the really necessary volume of consumption; the word is formed by merging the words "affluent" and "influenza", that is, literally means "disease by abundance" )


    9487 /

    the gungos and the ghunghusi butted in the South China Sea.

    The CG-63 missile cruiser USS Cowpens escaped a collision with a Hunghui ship from the Liaoning escort only because a gringo captain ordered the ship to be turned and stalled. before that, negotiations on the radio with the hunghuz yielded nothing.
    in general, the gringos consider the South China Sea to be international waters, and the Hunghus - their inland sea, where they are always right.

    the Hunghus successfully launched the Brazilian satellite Cbers-3 into orbit. the satellite opened the solar panels, but then the connection with it was lost.

    the Hunghuzes themselves have a holiday: the lunar rover "Yuytu" - "Jade Hare" descended from the platform of the "Chang'e-3" spacecraft and began to move along the lunar surface

  40. voliador
    voliador 15 December 2013 16: 12
    In the Russian army, operational control of the state of discipline and law and order in the garrisons was introduced. The solution of this problem will the military police.

    And before that, it took so many years to think whether control was needed, or not? When at the head of such a force structure, fundamental for any normal country, was Papa Carlo, that with control, that without - nothing could improve. Let's look at the current one. This one looks like a sane person.
  41. Keeper
    Keeper 15 December 2013 16: 29
    Strange, but the weekend on the Maidan passed quite smoothly .. And quietly .. Everyone was resting (apparently the salaries from the West are paid at the rate - the work week is 5 days) ...
  42. vlad.svargin
    vlad.svargin 15 December 2013 17: 36
    That's when deals with "non-core real estate" took place once or twice - for some reason my heart didn’t take ... And now, just like in the famous film: "There is not enough air, but it burns in the chest and burns ..."

    She needs to be treated in a prison infirmary with an accomplice.
  43. Megre
    Megre 15 December 2013 17: 49
    Picture in the subject.
  44. Megre
    Megre 15 December 2013 17: 55
    Photo in the subject.
  45. 89501358976
    89501358976 15 December 2013 17: 55
    But Taburetkin isn’t, I’d blow her a second time too ..... lol
    1. terp 50
      terp 50 15 December 2013 18: 26
      ... both in the face and in the face ...
  46. terp 50
    terp 50 15 December 2013 18: 23
    ... as you would expect
  47. Egoza
    Egoza 15 December 2013 18: 34
    The circus! Circus "Circus!
    A provocation began on the Independence Square in Kiev during a speech by the head of the UDAR party Vitali Klitschko, a Segodnya correspondent reports from the scene.
    To the left flank, where, according to activists, tension and aggression began, a detachment of self-defense went. And Klitschko chanted from the stage: "Wait for me, I'll be right there."
    The provocation continued during the performance of Yatsenyuk. According to people, the “aunts” again attacked the agitators. Paramedics also went to the left flank. Provocation was quickly suppressed.
    US Senators cheerfully shouted into the crowd "we are with you! The US Senate is with you!" And here -
    The European Union suspends the process of signing an association agreement between Ukraine and the EU. The EU Commissioner for Enlargement and Neighborhood Policy Stefan Füle wrote about this on his Twitter page.

    According to the European official, the main reason for the suspension of the process of preparing the signing of the association agreement and the creation of a free trade zone is the discrepancy between the words and real steps of the Ukrainian authorities on the issue of European integration.
    Can you imagine how the jaws of the American guests fell away?
  48. Egoza
    Egoza 15 December 2013 18: 36
    Minister of Internal Affairs Vitaliy Zakharchenko is surprised by the request of the Ambassador of the European Union, Jan Tombinsky, not to storm the building of the Kyiv City State Administration, which contains protesters against the government.
    According to Ukrainian News, the minister said this at a meeting in the Ministry of Internal Affairs on December 14.
    "I tell him: Mr. Tombinsky, this thing that is happening is incomprehensible to me! There are radicals who provoked the police officers to take active steps ... and you are now protecting them and say that we should not go by storm on these buildings ... this is not decorates neither you nor the entire Maidan. What's going on ?! I have not heard from him, "- briefly recounted his conversation with Ambassador Zakharchenko.
    The head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs said that police began an attempt to clean up Euromaidan and the KSCA building only after the bailiff read out the relevant court order.
    At the same time, according to the minister, at the time of the announcement of the court ruling, the protesters sprayed gas from the can into the face of the state executor.
    Zakharchenko said that criminal proceedings on this fact have already been opened. The minister also once again accused the media of having one-sided coverage of the police’s actions and doing this on purpose with the aim of denigrating the police.
    On Euromaidan, people's deputy Boris Tarasyuk read out a draft resolution that European integrators want to ban Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych from signing an agreement with the CU. “We will not allow Yanukovych to surrender Ukraine to Russia. The CU was created in the interests of Russia, which wants to renew the empire, which broke up in the 1991 year, ”the opposition noted. The resolution notes that the CU threatens Ukraine with a “Soviet economy” and will return Ukraine to the past. The European integrators assured that Ukraine will necessarily sign an association with the EU and will never enter the Customs Union.
    Crimean police officers found a car heading to Kiev, with which assistants-consultants of one of the people's deputies of Ukraine from the Svoboda faction were transporting several dozen rubber truncheons (59) and a knife.
  49. Vitaly Anisimov
    Vitaly Anisimov 15 December 2013 19: 48
    The fidget will pass the new year .. muzhiks will be all evil with a hangover ... I think everything will be solved quickly and Klitschko will obviously go with a fingal .. laughing And from the EU and the states there, no one will pancake .. Bandera will be beaten and first forced to shout "Glory to the NKVD .." and "Glory to the Berkut!! And glory to the Heroes!" laughing Nobody can fill the face of Yanukovych ... (because no one knows where he is ..))) New Year! New Year! New Year!.. fellow
  50. Thunderbolt
    Thunderbolt 15 December 2013 19: 48
    I did not speak out for Ukraine, but I can’t stand in silence, Kiev will become Soviet
    1. svp67
      svp67 15 December 2013 19: 55
      Quote: Thunderbolt
      I didn’t speak out for Ukraine, but I can’t stand silently, Kiev will get away .....

      Of course he will stay ...
      And all these "Cossack wars" are the result of the PAST European Integration ... Let YOUR history, YOUR history be remembered ...