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Kill Obama for bitcoins

Bitcoin is a digital currency over which there is no government control in any country in the world. This is not just an electronic payment system; This, in fact, collective network money. Approximately 12 of millions of bitcoins distributed among participants of payments “circulates” in the world. The owner of the wallet can exchange virtual currency for ordinary money. In Canada, the first ATM working with Bitcoins has already appeared, you can buy smart phones, books or even real estate for Bitcoins, and at For almost 4 of the month, the Murder Market Portal has been in operation, the organizers of which are raising money to kill politicians. This is not only about Obama or the NSA chief, but about the destruction of the rulers of the whole world.

I. Obama and Bernanke are interested in Bitcoin

Bitcoin rate is constantly changing. However, one thing is clear: lately he has been incredibly tall. Analysts indicate that during the year 2013 he rose thirty times. November 20 for Bitcoin 1 were given 576,86 $ or 474,00 euro. A few days earlier, the press wrote about 785 and even 900 dollars for Bitcoin. The virtual currency rate constantly jumps up and down. On the site of this currency, developers warn:

“The price of bitcoins can unpredictably increase or decrease in a short period of time due to the youth of the Bitcoin economy, the novelty of its nature and the illiquidity of the markets. As a result, we do not recommend storing your bitcoin savings. On the contrary, bitcoins should be considered as assets with a high degree of risk. Never keep money in Bitcoins that you cannot afford to lose. If you receive payments in Bitcoins, you can use services that allow you to convert them into local currency. ”

According to open data, the release of bitcoins occurs automatically. New bitcoins are received relatively randomly by those users who use the power of their computer to maintain the operation of the bitcoin system. The volume of issue of bitcoins is algorithmically limited: their total number should not exceed the fixed “hard limit” in 21 million coins. (A bit of irony: not to be confused with the “ceiling” of the US government’s government debt. Bitcoins are not anyone’s debt obligations and cannot be.) Bitcoins form a daily turnover of more than 40000 million dollars in 1 transactions. The total value of bitcoins in turnover exceeds 300 million dollars.

18 November in the US Senate decided how to deal with this virtual currency. After all, a no-brainer that the state wants to control everyone and everything - especially such a state as the American one, famous for its activities in the spirit of “Big Brother” (which in reality is represented by a department called the NSA).

The Senate Committee on National Security and Government Affairs, chaired by Senator Tom Karper, held the first hearings on the future of Bitcoin. It would seem that bitcoin is fine, and the senators do not have to climb here, but neither the Congress nor the government of anarchy in its Kropotkin (or rather, in Bakunin) form will be tolerated. Therefore, according to Washington Post, several senior officials from the Obama administration arrived at the hearing. Their comments about Bitcoins turned out to be surprisingly positive, the correspondent noted.

You shouldn't be surprised. The president is ready to praise the new currency before the government pockets it, imposes taxes and begins to control and place itself in the service. The presidential administration will, until then, extol the new currency, until it finds a “key” to it. In the meantime, she does not have this key. Hence the hearing in the Senate.

They talked about the fact that the Internet has a huge beneficial effect on people's lives, on the importance of innovation, on the possibility of using Bitcoins for criminal and legitimate purposes. From the conversations in the Senate that got into the press, it became clear that the government would like to establish some kind of balance, shifting the new technology towards the rule of law.

Officials from the Obama administration have unanimously expressed concern: oh-ay-ay-yay, Bitcoin is being used for illegal purposes. But then officials stressed that this virtual currency is also used legally and that financial regulators should be careful not to stifle these innovations.

According to BloombergThe US Department of Justice may recognize the Bitcoins as “legal means of exchange.” This was also stated at the hearings in the Senate Committee. And this increases the prospects for greater recognition of virtual currency.

Interestingly, the price of Bitcoin more than doubled after the closure of the illegal Silk Road site five weeks ago, through which people purchased drugs, weapon and other illegal goods for bitcoins.

Bitcoins were introduced in 2008 by a programmer or a group of programmers who consolidated under the name Satoshi Nakamoto. According to the Bitcoincharts website, nearly 12 million Bitcoins are in circulation today.

The bitcoin rate has grown more than 30 once this year.

Bloomberg also cites the opinion of Ben Bernanke, the chairman of the Federal Reserve System. He stated that he has no plans to regulate the currency.

“Despite the fact that the Federal Reserve as a whole monitors developments in the world of virtual currencies and other innovative payment systems, it will not necessarily directly monitor or regulate these innovations or institutions that provide them to the market,” Bernanke wrote in a letter addressed to the Committee.

In different media, noted that the positive statement by Ben Bernanke has strengthened the course of Bitcoin. The growth of currency in recent days, analysts attributed it to the letter of the head of the Fed to Congress.

If in 2010, for 1, bitcoin yielded something around a dollar, today it is worth several hundred dollars.

So far, bitcoin operators have acted anonymously. If the Ministry of Justice, the Fed and the Congress (through the development of new laws) take on bitcoins, then anonymity will have to say goodbye. Information about payments will be disclosed in the same way as is done with other electronic money.

Another thing is that the organizers of the Bitcoin economy act for anonymity:

“Anonymous payments are part of our daily life, because the majority of real transactions are made without confirming the identity. Bitcoin represents a similar freedom for online space. It allows you to pay for services and make donations without constant identity verification. However, it should be noted that ensuring complete anonymity requires some effort. ”

That is, they do not even just speak, but call for certain efforts in this area.

Those comrades who would like to send all the governments of the world to the devil to the devil would use the convenience of anonymity exactly according to the recipes of Bakunin. Probably, Ben Bernanke and Obama's envoys also sing praises to virtual currency, as both the president of the United States and the head of the Fed are on the list of potential victims for killers: anonymous users will pay orders for the killers just in bitcoins ...

Ii. Obama and Bernanke will be killed for Bitcoins

The head of the Fed too late praised Bitcoin.

Andy Greenberg from the magazine "Forbes" I recently received an encrypted letter from Quabatake Sanjuro (a pseudonym was chosen by an anonym named samurai from Kurosawa’s film “The Bodyguard”).

This “Kuwabatake Sanjuro” told the journalist about the Assassination Market website created, a service through which collective anonymous financing of the services of potential killers ready to commit a political assassination takes place. More 40 bitcoins collected for killing Obama and more 124 - for a hitman for Bernanke.

Ben Bernanke is considered the number one enemy of society for many of Bitcoin’s anti-banking system, Greenberg notes.

Sanjuro declared his huge ambitions. He is not going to dwell on some political assassinations. He believes that if the site continues to operate and gain a sufficient number of users, then ultimately enough politicians will be killed so that no one dares to hold certain posts in the future. Anonymous assures that he intends to destroy through the site

"All governments around the world."

To this he adds:

"I think it will change the world for the better."

Sanjuro wants to live in a world without wars, nuclear weapons, armies, repression, money manipulation, restrictions on trade and other things. He also claims that if politicians, seeing how some of them were killed, realize that they have lost the war for privacy, the killings can be stopped. Anonymous will then proceed to the "phase of peace, confidentiality and non-interference."

The Forbes correspondent contacted the Secret Service and the FBI and asked if they were investigating the activities of the Murder Market. But both departments declined to comment.

The Homicide Market operates through the anonymous network Tor, designed to prevent user identification. Sanjiuro’s decision to accept only bitcoins is also associated with the intention to protect users, as well as potential killers from finding them through financial transaction tracking mechanisms.

Another interesting point: the activity of Sanjuro is a business. He says that he will keep 1% of payments to killers as a commission.

Andy Greenberg finds this whole electronic killing machine a cold and calculating system that causes "nausea or resentment."

Sanjuro parries with what he says: aversion of the public will not allow the system to work.

Democracy is not to the liking of Comrade Sanjuro. He believes that the support of a leader by a majority makes him as legitimate as the introduction of slavery.

In conclusion, Sanjuro said:

“I am a crypto-anarchist. A bright future awaits us. ”

We end with the words of Bakunin:

“Divine morality is based on two immoral principles: respect for authority and contempt for humanity. Human morality is based, on the contrary, on the contempt of authority and respect for freedom and humanity. ”

Screenshots - from the site
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  1. Stiletto
    Stiletto 21 November 2013 09: 07 New
    Well, what - bitcoin as a currency, no worse than the dollar - the same virtual money.
    1. Rink
      Rink 21 November 2013 12: 08 New
      Interesting article in the topic
      There is a healthy grain.
    2. w.ebdo.g
      w.ebdo.g 21 November 2013 12: 52 New
      Bitcoin is now actively advertised in all countries of the world under the guise of articles from a series of the most read wink
      even the RT channel was able to buy and he also began advertising bitcoins. Chichakyan, who has a huge weight in RT, is personally involved in this.
      want to throw the world's population twice:
      1. the dollar will collapse and the US will forgive everyone their debts (default is called wink )
      2. people will rush to change dollars for ANYTHING incomprehensible bitcoins (they are always PR and grow wink )
      3. then they will do the same with Bitcoin as the sollar (default), only in this case no one will even make excuses ... since the owner of the bitcoins is UNKNOWN wink
      keep on promoting bitcoin ...

    3. Geisenberg
      Geisenberg 21 November 2013 15: 22 New
      And here is the currency? What is money in general when it comes to as much as a global anarchist revolution?

      Oleg, purely my opinion, this is a strictly extremist material. It is necessary to maintain the brand to the end. If you publish such an article, you must leave all the contacts. That is, not a link to the material, but the addresses of passwords and appearances at which you can buy bitcoins or say order a policy.

      Honestly, my hands were combed to place some of our ... for example, some furniture giant ...
      1. w.ebdo.g
        w.ebdo.g 25 November 2013 14: 11 New
        Geisenberg, followed your messages, noticed that you are purposefully promoting bitcoin ...

    4. Dezzed
      Dezzed 21 November 2013 21: 31 New
      Bitcoin differs in that it cannot be "printed" when the state needs to make money out of thin air.
      it is basically a parallel of gold coins. Bitcoin is a threat to the monitoring system and therefore will be prosecuted.
    5. voldmis
      voldmis 22 November 2013 12: 29 New
      Hmm ... The world is going crazy. They will order a native for bitcoins and mother.
  2. makarov
    makarov 21 November 2013 09: 09 New
    Bitcons, different mitcons ....
    In Russia, seers are worse, everyone foresaw, even a song exists on this score (though forgotten): - Aya, yaa, yaai ... they killed a black man, they killed a black man ... Aya, yaa, yai for no reason ...
    1. shkil2010
      shkil2010 21 November 2013 11: 37 New
      Like no way? But for "that" and for "that" you can already ...
    2. vkrav
      vkrav 21 November 2013 22: 38 New
      But you have not fully quoted the prophecy ... And the end is "A zombie can too play basketball rule the usa "
  3. dobrik10
    dobrik10 21 November 2013 09: 13 New
    I don’t know how about Bernak, because he’s essentially a puppet, but Husseinich is virtually certainly already in heaven.
    I have no doubt that most Internet users put a cross on the hut.
    1. ssergn
      ssergn 21 November 2013 10: 43 New
      Here you are just mistaken, the puppet, rather, Barack Huseynovich, and Bernanke is one of the puppeteers. What, by the way, with some confirmation of the funds raised - he’s like the leader am
  4. Senya Gorbunkov
    Senya Gorbunkov 21 November 2013 09: 14 New
    “Divine morality is based on two immoral principles: respect for authority and contempt for humanity. Human morality is based, on the contrary, on the contempt of authority and respect for freedom and humanity. ”

    Bakunin well done, deeply .. really the laws of karma give power only to those who are able to "digest" it, unfortunately, the parasitic network encourages the mighty of this world to be irresponsible .. but in the end it is a person's choice of how he will dispose of with the "divine gift" ...
  5. FunkschNNX
    FunkschNNX 21 November 2013 09: 30 New
    It is a pity that anonymous networks are poorly developed, there are mostly programmers, they have their own atmosphere. And so it would be nice to have a truly independent network.
    1. aszzz888
      aszzz888 21 November 2013 10: 35 New
      It’s not realistic to have an independent network. Even when registering in such a network, you fall under someone’s addiction, i.e. independent networks are a paradox of technology.
      1. biglow
        biglow 21 November 2013 18: 35 New
        Quote: aszzz888
        It’s not realistic to have an independent network. Even when registering in such a network, you fall under someone’s addiction, i.e. independent networks are a paradox of technology.

        in anonymous networks do not need to register, put the TOP and you can not see everything ...
        1. Steppenwolf
          Steppenwolf 21 November 2013 21: 38 New
          holy simplicity ... torus - leash MAAAALEN segment in a long chain by anonymization ... If you use only torus - the trace will not be found only by the lazy
    2. Sergey_K
      Sergey_K 21 November 2013 14: 59 New
      What is an "independent network"?
    3. Danafxnumx
      Danafxnumx 21 November 2013 17: 36 New
      it's impossible...
      they will immediately put a paw on it ...
  6. Begemot
    Begemot 21 November 2013 10: 56 New
    If we compare the global message and methods, then this is very similar to the project of the "world government". The elimination of states as sovereign entities and the murder of puppet politicians as consumables is very much in the spirit of the MP, and replacing the dollar with currency for the elite is also their topic. On the other hand, the Islamic formations of Hezbollah and Hamas are based on similar principles and a similar program.
  7. USNik
    USNik 21 November 2013 13: 18 New
    Obama and Bernanke become interested in bitcoin
    No matter how Bitcoin dies Thor completely, it is no secret for a long time that if necessary, then a user who uses Thor is found. Yes, and the quantitative movement of bitcoins can be tracked or caught anonymus on the input-output of virtual currency and cash out in real money. So if all sorts of i2p, Tor and other anonymous networks are seriously interested in ZOG and it will not be good for everyone.
    1. vanaheym
      vanaheym 21 November 2013 15: 09 New
      Quote: USNik
      then the user using the Thor is

      So far, users using the torus and i2p are found mainly because of their own punctures.
  8. Sadikoff
    Sadikoff 21 November 2013 13: 24 New
    I’m almost 100% sure that in this project of killers the ears of the American special services, moths flock themselves and even carry money. And all these bernanki and Hussein puppets are governing and nothing more. Bitcoins themselves stay only until the blackout, which will reset everything. A kind of electronic MMM. For the time being it’s interesting, but you need to have time to cash out, roughly 3 years of life, I won’t give a source, wang.
  9. Ram chandra
    Ram chandra 21 November 2013 13: 39 New
    Welcome to the new era!
  10. EdwardTich68
    EdwardTich68 21 November 2013 14: 23 New
    The correct idea for all of them to issue a ticket to the planet "Tranai" and make them presidents, it was Sheckley who gave the idea.
  11. vanaheym
    vanaheym 21 November 2013 15: 10 New
    And it seems to me that some kind of pretzel muddied the site, made an advertisement, the hamsters brought Bitcoin there, and this young man cashes them and lives for his pleasure.
  12. lucidlook
    lucidlook 21 November 2013 15: 51 New
    I can’t get rid of the feeling that Bitcoin is essentially the same Hawala, only at a higher technological level. Even the principle of unlimited mutual trust is equally clearly and unequivocally enshrined in their very foundation.
  13. Danafxnumx
    Danafxnumx 21 November 2013 17: 31 New
    something tells me that yusa has already put her shaggy paw on this bitcoin ...
    Unless, of course, this was originally their project ...
  14. biglow
    biglow 21 November 2013 18: 36 New
    Unsecured currency - all this looks like another soap bubble of which there were already quite a few ...
    1. lucidlook
      lucidlook 22 November 2013 00: 40 New
      How many years have Hawala and Hundi been there? And while not going to fall apart.
  15. Mikhail3
    Mikhail3 21 November 2013 18: 57 New
    Until now, this idea has been able to stop before it was learned about it and it began an independent "life". There is an unsubstantiated assumption that the authors of previous initiatives of this kind were calculated, then doused with gasoline and burned along with a comfortable chair and computer equipment. Relatives and druzhbanov were mercifully shot ...
    But this bitcoin eluded the dying "all-seeing" eye and weakening brains. It was necessary to smash the authors of the initiative before this shnyaga takes root ... Well, now, alas. Quoting half-naughty Bakunin and other sweaty fantasies have already gone ... It's bad.
    What power is the most vile, vile and filthy? Well, fans of Bakunin, rummage around in gyrus? This power is SECRET. Will it ever reach the admirers of freedom, which is the worst thing in the world, and its carrier is the most vile on earth? Looks like no sooner than they themselves will be seized by chubby asses. Then they will fade: aaaaaaaaa ... what right ?! Thinking that they will now be called an article of the code, the rank and title of the one who is now dragging their faces on the steps, they will call a lawyer ... Right now. These are all damned attributes of sheer power. The secret authority decided on their account ... And there is no one to turn to about it!
    Understand, wake up at least some kind of thought process! He will not hold a meeting against anyone. Do not sue. There is no one to draw public attention to ... and there is no one to order, either for bitcoins or hrenalion dollars! And the "oppositionist", who, as a rule, does not know that he is an oppositionist, but simply swore at the wrong person, they will drown in the toilet! Who! Nobody. What's your name? No way. Who decided? None of your dog business ... and tomorrow they will drown you in the toilet, inappropriate questioner. By no one’s decision, it’s not clear what kind of people.
    There was such power. With horror and hatred remember the Republic of Venice in Europe and now. Moreover, both hatred and horror are very fresh, since it is not clear what is happening with the Nine Unknowns? With tremendous blood and fear they managed to fill up the Republic itself. But the Unknowns, it seems, are lively and again want to rule and be pleased. How is it that your door is not cracked quietly with a master key? How is that ?! No one...
  16. Keeper
    Keeper 21 November 2013 18: 59 New
    To be honest, I don’t really believe in IPO either, for example, Facebook - like, it costs a lot of money - what exactly ?! The server on which it lies or the shell itself ?!
    And the further the world comes up with adventures on its ass - the deeper it climbs there !!!
    The whole horror is that the middle class is dying. Ordinary people become even poorer, and the rich are even richer ...
    To be honest, it seems to me that any person needs to physically work! It is physical labor that makes a person - reasonable and approximate (a person under Measure). Measure must be present in everything ...

    As for Bitcoin - if it is tied to any currency even for a moment - this is bullshit, a dummy!
    The binding should be on the ground, energy, and that should always be at the same price ... And with us, the earth jumps from under our feet, and the energy grows (since it is tied to the dollar ((
  17. Arkan
    Arkan 21 November 2013 19: 35 New
    The candy wrappers were green, now they are virtual! "Silver or gold is real MONEY. Everything else is ONLY credits." "Anarchy is the mother of order". Wherever the bones of anarchists do not rot.
    1. Hon
      Hon 23 November 2013 11: 50 New
      gold is formed speculatively, i.e. the cost of gold is lower than its price, in fact, at the current price, gold is the same candy wrapper as the dollar or bitcoin
  18. Boris55
    Boris55 21 November 2013 20: 55 New
    Bullshit is all that. That energy ruble is yes!

    "... In the Concept of Public Security there is such a concept -" invariant of the price list. "This is a commodity, in units of which the value of any other commodity can be measured. For many centuries, such a commodity was gold, and the stereotype about gold is still alive, although in fact in fact, it is no longer an invariant of the price list. Do you need gold for everyday life? I do not.

    In the KOB, 1 kW * h of energy, or energy ruble, is proposed as such a "universal cost equivalent" product. This approach has supporters, and, of course, there are opponents. In this post I will outline my understanding of the concept of energy currency.

    First of all, let's answer the question: "Where do material benefits come from at all?" They are created by society in the process of uniting labor. To create material goods, natural resources, energy and human labor are needed. If at least one of these three components is missing, the creation of material wealth is impossible ... "

    1. w.ebdo.g
      w.ebdo.g 22 November 2013 22: 54 New
      energy ruble - nonsense of course, but nonsense interesting !!!!
      energy more abruptly than gold will be possible when creating material goods without gold, but nowhere without energy.
      But how will the amount of energy in a particular state be taken into account?
  19. rpek32
    rpek32 22 November 2013 03: 14 New
    who figured out, you can share the info in PM how to join the business of joinery?
  20. Sterlya
    Sterlya 25 November 2013 23: 10 New
    it will be necessary to take a bit more interest in bitcoins. it’s interesting for slamming such a monkey