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Henry Louis Mencken: Anglo-Saxons

Henry Louis Mencken: Anglo-SaxonsThe American Anglo-Saxon bears a false label, and denigrates both great races, declaring that they have come from them, I see no point in trying to change this label. Let him be called as he wants. Whatever he calls himself, it should be clear that the word he uses denotes a special race, differing in character and way of thinking from all other tribes - that it represents almost a separate biological species on earth. He still retains the characteristic features that he acquired during the course of the mixing of races during the colonial days. Despite the great changes in the environment, it practically does not differ in thoughts and actions from its ancestors.

Other great races over the past two centuries have changed markedly, but the American Anglo-Saxon keeps its familial weapon. In addition, Americans are much more similar to each other than representatives of other races. No race, with the exception of the Chinese, is so strictly regulated.

The positive qualities of the so-called Anglo-Saxon are many and I am not going to question them, but I will not silence them without apologizing, as he devotes almost all of his literature to their glorification, and there is no possibility that they will go unnoticed. Not a single person on earth is so unbearably bragging, except that his English counterpart. Therefore, he serves as a laughing stock to all other people. He boasts so unceasingly that even if he possessed the virtues of Socrates, Sid Comprador and the twelve apostles together, he would still go beyond reality, and, by this, looks just a boaster. This habit is originally English, but it is strengthened by an American with a greater admixture of Celtic blood. In recent years in America, it took pathological forms and can be explained only in terms of Freudian necromancy. The bragging of one hundred percent American - “we won the war”, “we are obliged to lead the whole world behind us” and the like - apparently nothing more than a protective mechanism built to hide the feeling of inferiority.

That this inferiority is real is obvious to any impartial observer. Whenever an Anglo-Saxon, English or American, comes into sharp conflict with a person of another breed, he loses, or, at best, is forced to use extraneous and unnatural aids. Here, in the United States, he suffered such an obvious defeat that, fearing death, he resorted to truly grotesque and extravagant methods of struggle. In the arts and sciences and even in advanced forms of business, the children of late immigrants overtake the descendants of the early settlers. If you make a roll call of Americans, outstanding in any field, except perhaps the most primitive types of activity, we will hear a list of strange and outlandish names; even the list of members of Congress is a striking example. Of the past fifty years of American poets, writers, critics, artists, and sculptors who have achieved fame, less than half have Anglo-Saxon names, and there are few pure Anglo-Saxon blood among this minority. So it is in science. So it is in technology. So in philosophy. So even in industry and agriculture. In those places where competition between old and new blood is most acute, say in New York, on the coast of New England and in the agricultural states of the upper Midwest, the so-called Anglo-Saxon suffered a complete and obvious defeat. Once his domination everywhere was real and indisputable; today, even where it is numerically predominant, it is only sentimental and illusory.

The descendants of late immigrants rise; the descendants of the first settlers descend mentally, spiritually and even physically. In the United States, we see the lowest level of civilization precisely in those places where Anglo-Sax rules. He governs the whole of the South and in the whole of the South there are not as many first-class people as there are in the same city in the cross-North. Wherever he is still firmly seated in the saddle, pathological phenomena such as fundamentalism and the Ku Klux Klanship flourish. It is not in the northern cities with their mixed population the highest mortality rate, the most corrupt policy, religion is similar to shamanism and any worthy human aspiration is suspicious. It is in those places where recent immigrants have not yet penetrated, where "the purest Anglo-Saxon blood in the world" still flows, I can find similar examples, but they are not needed. The fact is too obvious to argue with him. One certificate will be enough. He was given to us by two researchers who carefully studied one area in southeastern Ohio, where "people are cleaner Americans than in the rest of the state":

“Here superstitions determine the thoughts and actions of a large part of people. Syphilis and other venereal diseases are common. In some places, almost every family is afflicted with a hereditary or infectious disease. There are many cases of incest. Many imbeciles, imbeciles and criminals. Politics is corrupt, the sale of votes is common, many minor crimes, schools are poorly managed and poorly attended. Within a five-minute walk from the City Hall, rape, hooligan attacks and robberies occur every week, while the neighboring town is ruled by a confessed criminal. Excessive alcohol abuse. Rough immorality with its sad fruits is not limited to mountainous areas, but is also common in cities. ”

The American of the old breed is aware of this constant, and more recently, rapid, decline - the gradual loss of dominance on the land, which his ancestors beat off from the Indians. He feels it is very painful and, as if desperate to change something in practice, he is trying to get rid of this feeling by denying reality. His efforts take grotesque and extravagant forms. Special laws are being adopted to make hundreds of fantastic ways to put fetters on citizens of new blood. It is difficult and dangerous to teach children the language of their fathers and preserve the cultural traditions of their ancestors. Any deviation from the level of low-grade Anglo-Saxon is considered a crime against society and is fiercely punished.

It so happened that I myself am an Anglo-Saxon - and much more thoroughbred than the semi-bleached Celts, who pass under this name in the USA and England. I am partly English and partly Sax and everything else in me is safely Nordic, Protestant and blond. Thus, I do not risk falling into a bad mood by openly discussing the so-called Anglo-Saxon of this incomparable republic and its less dubious cousin with historical homeland. What do they seem to me after so many years spent accumulating their disfavor? What features do I distinguish most clearly in the so-called Anglo-Saxon type of person? I can answer right away that the two stand out from the others. One is his incurable incompetence, his innate inability to do any difficult thing easily and well, whether to isolate a bacillus or write a sonata. Another is his astounding susceptibility to anxiety and fear - in short, his hereditary cowardice.

Accusing such an entrepreneurial and successful tribe of cowardice, I risk seeming ridiculous, however, an impartial analysis of its history will justify me. Nine-tenths of the great feats that they teach reverent in the school of their milkmen (that is, their feats as a race, and not the individual deeds of their great people, most of which were, at least in part, of a different breed) are not examples of the most elementary courage . Consider, for example, the creation of two great empires, the English and the American. Have genuine courage and determination been shown at the entrance of these campaigns? Obviously not. Both empires were created by deceiving and slaughtering unarmed savages, and by robbing weak, devoid of allies, states. Not a single true hero has appeared; the population has never been in serious danger. Almost always, mercenaries fought for Anglo-Saxon - praise of his common sense, but hardly confirms the ferocity that he constantly boasts of. The British Empire was fought mainly by the Irish, Scots and local allies. The American empire was largely created by the French and Spaniards. Moreover, not one of the great campaigns was worth a noticeable amount of blood; there was no serious risk; the conqueror was never in danger of being conquered. The British captured most of their vast possessions without a single clash with a formidable civilized adversary. The Americans captured their continent through several dozen childish shootings with savages. The total price of conquering the entire space from Plymouth Stone to the Golden Gate and from Lake George to the swamps of Florida, including even the price of crowding out the French, Dutch, English and Spanish, was less than the price of Verdun defense.

As far as I know, there has not been a single case in history when the Anglo-Saxon state entered a big war without having allies. The French did so, the Dutch did so, the Germans did so, the Japanese did so, and even such inferior nations as the Danes, Spaniards, Boers and Greeks, but never the British or Americans. Can you imagine the United States entering decisively in a war in which the chances of their defeat were as great as that of Spain in the 1898 year? Historical facts dismiss a similar fantasy. Anglo-Saxon, when going to war, always tries to bring a whole gang with him, and even when she is behind him, he is very nervous and at the first real threat he panics. I invite the impeccably Anglo-Saxon witness, the late Charles W. Eliot, to court. In an article cited in agreement with the minutes of the congress sessions, he writes that during the American war of independence, the colonists, who are so eloquently praised in school textbooks, "fell into despair, from which only George Washington’s firmness and the Continental Army helped them out France "and that" when the 1812 war of the year led to serious losses, a significant part of the population experienced the moral collapse of unprecedented depth and duration, from which only the will of a few patriotic statesmen saved them and the exploits of three or four American naval frigates, not to mention the initiative Corsican gentleman named Bonaparte.

In these wars, the Americans had a huge positional and numerical superiority, but they fought very poorly and from the first to the last shot, most of them stood for peace on any terms. I am not talking about the Mexican and Spanish wars at all, since they are absolutely indecently not knightly to discuss them; of the latter, Ulysses Grant who participated in it said that it was “the most unjust war in history of a strong state against a weak.” Who remembers that during the Spanish War the entire Atlantic coast trembled with fear of a weak Spanish fleetthat the whole of New England fought hysterically every time a strange barge appeared on the horizon, that the contents of Boston's bank safes were transported to Worcester, and the Fleet had to organize a patrol so that the coastal cities would not be empty? Perhaps those reds, atheists, and perpetrators who also remember that during the First World War the whole country was in a wild fear of an enemy who, without the help of divine intervention, could not strike at all, and that a great moral victory was finally gained by twenty-one ally with a numerical superiority of eight to one.

But the American civil war still remains? Really? In the 1861, in the North, there was an almost unanimous opinion that everything would end after several small battles; the first soldiers were called for only three months. When the case unexpectedly turned into a serious war, the recruits needed to be driven to the front by force, and the only northerners who supported the continuation of the war were Abraham Lincoln, several ambitious generals and businessmen who profited from it. I go to Dr. Eliot again. “In the last year of the war,” he writes, “a large part of the Democrats of the North and the Republicans wanted to surrender to the Confederation, so they lost heart”. Were discouraged with a numerical superiority of three to one! The South was obviously braver, but the courage of the South is largely illusory. As soon as the war began, the leaders of the Confederation resorted to the traditional Anglo-Saxon method - the search for allies. They wanted to win over England and almost succeeded. When hopes of this disappeared (that is, when England decided that contacting the North would be dangerous), the people of the Confederation raised their hands, and the catastrophe that finally happened was caused mainly by internal causes. The South could not stop the quivering North because, borrowing the phrase Dr. Eliot used in another connection, "survived the moral collapse of unprecedented depth and duration." People in the rear ceased to support the troops and the troops began to leave positions. Already at such an early stage as the battle of Shilo, many confederate regiments refused to fight.

This unwillingness to tempt fate, so evident in the military history of English-speaking countries, is clearly manifested in peacetime. Living among the so-called Anglo-Saxons, a person superior to their breed always notices (a) their inability to win in fair competition, whether in craft, art or education - in short their common incompetence, and (b) their constant desire to compensate for this inability, placing an unfair burden on its competitors. The Frenchman, I think, is the worst of the chauvinists, but as soon as he lets a foreigner into his country, he treats him fairly and does not try to absurdly fine him simply for his foreign origin. Anglo-Saxon American is always trying to do it; his story is a list of outbreaks of blind anger against the peoples who began to win from him. Such social movements are inconceivable among intelligent and sincerely self-confident people who are absolutely convinced of their superiority, as they are inconceivable among gallant and brave people who despise undeserved privileges and easy victories. The measures allegedly caused by some imaginary inferiority of a non-Anglo-Saxon man (as a patriot, democrat or Christian) are in fact caused by his general superiority. They are constantly fining him for winning a fair fight, putting up obstacles to lower him to the general level of the Anglo-Saxon population, and if possible, even lower. Of course, the Anglo-Saxon minority, which is actually better and, as a result, self-confident and tolerant, does not resort to such methods. But this minority is very small and gradually becomes even smaller. Social norms and morals are determined by the masses and they prove not only the general inferiority of the Anglo-Saxons, but also their anxious awareness of this inferiority. A typical representative of the American "purebred" majority goes to bed with the uneasy feeling that he has a thief under his bed, and wakes up with an unhealthy fear that his underwear is stolen.

Anglo-Saxon great herds are the least civilized of all white people and least capable of true civilization. His political ideas are cheeses and crayons. He is almost completely devoid of aesthetic sense. The most elementary facts of the visible universe disturb him and excite the desire to ban them. Teach him, make him a professor, teach him to express his soul, and he will still be third-rate. He is afraid of ideas just as cowardly as he is afraid of people. His blood is growing thin (perhaps he didn’t have much to boast about at the beginning); in order to master any occupation, a higher level than the activity of a merchant, a teacher or a crowd agitator, he needs an incentive from other, less exhausted tribes. The fact that their representatives are getting bigger is the best hope for civilization in America. They shake out the old race from its spiritual lethargy, excite and encourage it to experiment. They contribute to the free play of ideas. Confronting these trends, whether in politics, in literature, or in the search for truth, the prophets of Anglo-Saxon purity and tradition only expose themselves to ridicule.

The article was first published in the Baltimore Evening Sun newspaper in 1923. Translation was done by Mencken Chrestomathy (Borzoi book, New York, 1956).
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  1. a52333
    a52333 11 November 2013 07: 26 New
    Hey man! Run to us. We have saved Snowden and will save you!
    1. family tree
      family tree 11 November 2013 07: 43 New
      Quote: a52333
      Hey man! Run to us. We have saved Snowden and will save you!

      Yes, it looks like a man was already running back, article
      first published in the Baltimore Evening Sun newspaper in 1923.
      1. Asgard
        Asgard 11 November 2013 09: 57 New
        The article was written by non-AngloSax, only Man could make such constructions and conclusions made ...
        And not a man
        Why Religions (sects) were created) in order to gather the "talking animals" in one place and persuade them to do something, live by the rules ... and THIS must be repeated with a certain frequency (every Sunday))) otherwise people turn into " herd"......

        In the early 90s, communicating abroad, I was surprised how limited and subject to animal instincts People, usually with highly specialized education, were able to build a "beautiful showcase of a pig farm")))) where there is unrestrained feeding of some at the expense of others .......
        Why are there practically no "dead-end branches" in research and scientific works ??? like Soviet researchers))))
        Why do the developers of "VINDA" themselves do not know how IT works ???? and it is constantly being patched))) and the founder himself did not graduate from the institute ????
        Why breakthrough technology represents an unknown person before anyone - THEIR GARAGE))))) without education ????

        It looks like the transfer of "knowledge" and worked out before them .....
        Anglo-Saxons, Jews, Chinese, suddenly become not humanly FAST successful and technologically suggestive to my thoughts on conspiracy)))))

        Then THIS is all explained logically, competently and correctly in the eyes of a Person with several higher educations and a broad outlook, who "lowers his face into a bowl" little))) and looks around CAREFULLY)))))
    2. alone
      alone 11 November 2013 18: 48 New
      laughing man, you have beautiful eyes, help a good man!

      I will help. after 5 years !!
  2. My address
    My address 11 November 2013 07: 31 New
    This is not even a slap in the face, it is a slap in the face with a kick between the legs. Right on the site I do not remember who called them nuglosaksami.
    1. Alez
      Alez 11 November 2013 07: 34 New
      Even more correctly called - Naglobaks.
      1. Andrew-88
        Andrew-88 11 November 2013 10: 56 New
        You need to see the root.
        Who were the United States founded ??? The bandits and peasants who staged the genocide of the local population, destroying it almost completely.
        What gene pool can there be ??? Almost all scientific discoveries in the United States have been made by emigrants or descendants of emigrants. The overwhelming majority of "native" Americans do not shine with either intelligence or courage, and there can be no talk of nobility. "Native" American John Davison Rockefeller, came to power and his billions through deception and blackmail. And so are most of the richest and most powerful Americans.
        Plus, they did not have real opponents on the territory of their continent. What kind of warriors are they? Only when seven on one ... ???
  3. JIaIIoTb
    JIaIIoTb 11 November 2013 07: 34 New
    So that's where the dog rummaged". Now it is clear why they (the USA) scream at all corners that only eggs are cooler ... boiled ones.
  4. makarov
    makarov 11 November 2013 07: 38 New
    "The American Anglo-Saxon bears a false label, and denigrates both great races, claiming to be descended from them, .... denotes a special race, different in character and way of thinking from all other tribes .."

    In 1923, when this material was released, the Anglo-Saxons in Australia simply DESTROYED the natives by all available means (mass strychnine poisoning, collective round-ups with gunfire, a pen into the river teeming with crocodiles, etc.), and this was so massive that it revolted even Hitler, about which the latter wrote in the press. Or maybe Hitler studied with them ????
    1. JIaIIoTb
      JIaIIoTb 11 November 2013 07: 49 New
      Hitler learned everything from them. Including how concentration camps should function correctly.
  5. predator.3
    predator.3 11 November 2013 07: 43 New
    I am partly English and partly Sax and everything else in me is safely Nordic, Protestant and blond.

    something like that already happened, until May 45th.

    The Anglo-Saxon of the great herd is the least civilized of all white people and the least capable of true civilization.

    Now this is closer to the truth!
  6. Humpty
    Humpty 11 November 2013 07: 44 New
    All who tried to have power over the world and declared their exclusiveness ultimately received what they deserved from the world. Let the cheeks inflate further.
  7. R'RёS,R ° F "RёR№
    R'RёS,R ° F "RёR№ 11 November 2013 07: 46 New
    The article was published for the first time in 1923, and ninety years later it is more relevant than ever. Nothing has changed. And they haven’t learned anything. They only got worse ...
    1. aksakal
      aksakal 11 November 2013 08: 37 New
      Quote: Vitaliy
      The article was published for the first time in 1923, and ninety years later it is more relevant than ever. Nothing has changed. And they haven’t learned anything. They only got worse ...

      the classics never get old. If you raise the Russian classics and read their reflections on Russian identity and on the Russian way, on Russian liberals and others, you will be greatly surprised. All the same disputes, where to go - to China (the so-called "Asiatic") or to England ("to the West")? - without even remembering that there may be a third way not to the east and not to the west, but its own way, the Eurasian one. Pushkin, Lermntov, Gogol and Dostoevsky have it.
      If you read Abai's words of edification, you can also see that nothing has changed, except perhaps the entourage. There was a yurt with camels and a herd of rams, there was a city house with a car and a cell phone, but the mentality and customs are absolutely the same.
      Classic... laughing
  8. Yuri Y.
    Yuri Y. 11 November 2013 07: 48 New
    Damn, if we talk about the United States and wars, everything coincides 100%.
  9. andruha70
    andruha70 11 November 2013 08: 16 New
    I read, I read ... I almost blew my brain belay It seems to me alone - that the author has some problems with the logic and the narrative statement? but in general - what are the Anglo-Saxons? I don’t know such ... request know today's-naglosaksoff am and future - vglandy-sex (Arabs and Africans - will not let lie) lol
  10. kmike
    kmike 11 November 2013 08: 30 New
    Nothing has changed in this "great country", only everything has worsened.
  11. Sultan
    Sultan 11 November 2013 10: 00 New
    Wow - 1923 !!! And nothing has changed...
  12. kartalovkolya
    kartalovkolya 11 November 2013 11: 00 New
    He wrapped it tightly! I remember something about the races from the school curriculum: White, Black, Yellow and Red, but I heard about the Anglo-Saxon for the first time; though there was one more oracle, that one was all about the Aryan race. And we all thought and where did racism come from? (and Nazism) The degeneration of the Anglo-Saxons is evident, they have only one thing left - it’s depressing to drag days to the full paragraph!
  13. kartalovkolya
    kartalovkolya 11 November 2013 11: 01 New
    He wrapped it tightly! I remember something about the races from the school curriculum: White, Black, Yellow and Red, but I heard about the Anglo-Saxon for the first time; though there was one more oracle, that one was all about the Aryan race. And we all thought and where did racism come from? (and Nazism) The degeneration of the Anglo-Saxons is evident, they have only one thing left - it’s depressing to drag days to the full paragraph!
  14. Bober
    Bober 11 November 2013 12: 30 New
    My own example.
    To keep in shape, some time ago, we decided to play paintball. There were 5 of us Russian people. In short, over time, we fixed ourselves with brilliant green. Fell into the grass, dissolved. We went and played with the Germans, they came to run in our forest. In short, someone from the American embassy contacts us and offers to fight. No questions. We are going to the forest. Picture. Opposite us appear in harnesses and the form of some kind of symbiosis ala German special forces of the Second World War and the US Marines today. Automatic weapons, feed tapes. In general, a complete set. We look like homeless people. They laugh at us. The first game. We are making a "fork" to the entire Amer group, we see that many are hit in the back of the head, and not only in the front. The game is over for five minutes. Those have a stupor. Let's play again. Ten minutes, the same result. The sadness grows stronger. A couple more games. The result is the same. As a result, one at the end speaks out in the hearts. Like, I don't fucking understand. We are Americans, you are just suckers with your ruzhbikes ... and all that .... At first we thought that he was joking, but then we realized that it was in all seriousness. In short, they patted them on the shoulder, like do not be upset, anything can happen. But then they laughed for a long time.
  15. Corsair5912
    Corsair5912 11 November 2013 17: 36 New
    The Little British ancestors of the United States are known for their specialties, arrogance and treachery.
    The English poet Wilfried Blunt wrote in the 19 century:
    Britain, you are a hypocrisy symbol and deception!
    You went into oblivion as an executioner,
    A rapist, a liar, a tyrant ...
    She entered with the sword - perish by the sword!

    You stepped on a weak foot on the chest,
    He will rise - your heel will shake off!
    You deserve the hatred of the people -
    And his hatred will kill you!
  16. biglow
    biglow 11 November 2013 19: 02 New
    what a wonderful article, a very subtle look at the dryness of the Anglo-Saxons, although the author did not make forecasts of what to do next, although it was clearly spoken in his language. Probably decided to calmly live to old age ....
  17. Arkan
    Arkan 11 November 2013 22: 09 New
    Everything goes on as usual. The current Anglo-Saxons have not learned anything ... the teacher has broken.
  18. Arkan
    Arkan 11 November 2013 22: 10 New
    Everything goes on as usual. The current Anglo-Saxons have not learned anything ... the teacher has broken.
  19. velikoros-xnumx
    velikoros-xnumx 12 November 2013 13: 28 New
    The article was first published in the Baltimore Evening Sun newspaper in 1923. Translation was done by Mencken Chrestomathy (Borzoi book, New York, 1956).

    Yes, it's a pity I did not live to this day, if I did, then they perceived those years as "golden". Now everything is an order of magnitude sadder.