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The conscience of the nation in search of a corpse for a sensation

The conscience of the nation in search of a corpse for a sensationIt's good that high-profile murders, scandals with deputies and pop stars regularly occur in our country - not what to write to writers about and talk to talkers about? There are more than enough "simple" murders in the country - but who needs it without pealing the news simple Russian murdered? What do our loudspeakers care about this speck - and even in someone else's eye? Do not go to every one of these for details - and the resonant case brings them on a silver platter himself, you don't even need to get out of the chair!

And the “conscience of the nation” standing on the low start is just waiting for Pugachev to give up someone resonantly banging or scandalously giving birth to someone — somewhere and all at once into her panties! Hooray, there is a reason to expose your civil position, get together in the studio and show off a polemicist talent! Some distinct answers to civil questions and doubts in the end are zero - but the main thing is that we, as they say, “raised a locomotive”! Well, they didn’t raise them, but as they tried, vigorously discussing the “difficult” topic and basking in the light of press spotlights!

And this is really a serious skill: to be sharp, bright, but in the heat of controversy you should not blurt out something, for which you can please later in the stop list. And the grateful public right there let us exaggerate on the Internet loud articles and speeches of press stars, competing in their comments. What is the use of this? Yes, no: all this tickling for the brain on the well-fed and not tired at work belly does not give rise to nothing.

But all this “raising a steam locomotive” is a good aversion from the nasty essence of the matter: that our productions are dying, the country is degenerating into a raw materials appendage. Yes, and sometimes it is written and said about it, but it is a voice from the dustbin for those press stars, who are ignited in exchange for their silence in essence. What is it to them, polished and fragrant, to some deaf Perm collective farm and its collective farmers, looking like cakes? This “conscience of the nation” eats all Turkish and conducts its talk shows in Turkish for the Russian heartland language!

Here is something loud, pleasant for a man in the street who is craving to tickle his snickering nerves - yes! And to climb, like in a bottle, into the hopeless life of a country, in order to tie its ends to ends, which requires a different level of work and skill - dismiss it! Therefore, the very genre of journalism, awakening civic consciousness, in which Shchedrin and Dostoevsky, Engelhardt, Ovechkin and Mozhaev shone, was curled up into a pipe for small spitting into our opponent. Even the publications themselves, where 200 years before the onset of the current press freedom was printed and avidly read by the enlightened public a lot of journalism, are now gone.

But like the bloody poisonous Hogweed Sosnovsky, who scored our fields, this weedy, parasitic journalism blooms and smells. It does not crave the truth, does not awaken the mind and conscience, but only looting on sensations that do not live longer than two weeks. They killed the guy in Biryulyovo with a loud echo - well, there is something to warm up; the main thing is to be in time until the hot corpse is cold! And two weeks have passed - and he, like many others, is forgotten. The whole pack waits for a new sensational food in the form of a new ringing murder, a scandal with a deputy or Volochkova's naked boobs.

All her passionate, even brilliant at times debates - such a yank, that by the very idea should not lead anywhere. For each, even a fair opinion is always reserved, for heating the public, the opposite. Must be distributed to all weapon - do not; introduce visas for migrants - do not enter; to plant for economic crimes - not to plant; extinguish gay propaganda - do not extinguish. Well, and so on.

And since there is no single coordinate system in society and the general concept of good and evil, anything that one brilliant talker rolls out, the other will refrain, no less colorfully. A country that remains spiritually unrepentant after the barbaric extermination of communist morality needs some kind of new reconciliation like air. These torii should serve his agonizing search, not sleeping at night, suffering from this search, like Blok in his drafts - then you can only suffer something. But they are attracted by this one controversy, in which only to personally get out of one's shoulder - and the grass does not grow further! It does not grow: all their big conversations leave behind them, like behind some kind of destructive skating rink, an ever larger wedge of our unplowed hectares.

Our heroic hussar Denis Davydov wrote sometime:

They say they are smarter,
But what do we hear from anyone?
Jomini da Jomini -
And about vodka not a word!

Now just about vodka is enough; not a word about what, in my deep conviction, can only serve as a fulcrum and the basis of the entire coordinate system — about work. For labor is the head and the guarantee of the survival of any nation. Without difficulty, we can’t get out of our vicious pond, where, under an eye on the scandalous offspring of Pugacheva, the development of our open spaces by foreigners is in full swing. It goes unevenly, with all sorts of knots and hitch, sometimes bloody - but this is only evidence that the process itself is lively and dynamic.

And here all the wind-up disputes about the introduction of visas for the hordes advancing on us and the strengthening of the law is an idle talk. No laws ever stories they did not prevent the internally welded barbarians-conquerors from conquering more cultured but decayed nations. And our masters of minds, without sowing anything rational, kind, eternal, labor, just glide, like surfers, in the wake of a general disintegration.

The main thing - I was given to ring out! Of course, something will be cut out of my tirade, but the main thing is that I stumbled out, laid down on my brother as an embrasure, and this saved the very idea of ​​democracy!

But with this democracy we have a clear dead end - although its singers do not get tired to repeat that nothing better has been invented in the world. Only with this best of all inventions we morally, industrially, scientifically and so on fall lower and lower. Aliens alien to any democracy freely beat them to our even larger nation with a small number. But why?

It is impossible to hang wings on a steam locomotive - and wait for it to take off then. And our democracy, while preserving, first of all, in the minds, the blunt principles is very similar to such a hybrid. On the one hand, it is hit by a strict sieve, often more severely than in the USSR, to whom it is possible to open its mouth, to whom it does not. And for the most ardent democrats, this sieve on the approach to their stands is even cleaner than in power. But at the same time, this democracy is elevated to some kind of absolute, sacred stone, on which everyone swears - although it should serve only as a tool, and not the goal of the life of the whole.

These are not the sacred swan, crayfish and pike, whose quarrel is more important than any movement forward; not necessarily the presence on any occasion of two, three or more controversial opinions. This is such a dispute from which the truth should be born - and if it is not born, how can one argue at all? This is help in choosing the path by including the best minds in the discussion - and not some kind of common stupor, such as curare's poison. Now she is calling us in all directions at once - as a result, we are not going anywhere; but deprived of it, but more friendly opponents in themselves go to us.

Once, in times immemorial, my friend, a rural plowman from the Permian hinterland, Yura Orlov, woke me up in the middle of the night with his bell: “You hear, we were eliminated by the new technology! Three days earlier! Guys send you greetings too! ”

And I drove, like a madman, to the editorial office of Komsomolskaya Pravda, where I served, wrote a note in the issue - that the unmarried link of Yura Orlov was eliminated three days earlier! This sensation, inferior, of course, to Volochkova's boobs, went out on the front page the next day - and no matter how clean-minded intellectuals spat on it, it was important for our plowmen. The furious conjuncture of the perestroika years and further “battles for democracy” completely erased this fundamental truth of life from the newspaper pages. And we, with the current “sensational” journalism, are not interested in knowing it at all. And in vain.

It is terribly difficult to write about the fact that this crop was raised somewhere with the blood of the heart or, on the contrary, ditched it - so much so that it reaches the heart, the soul. But this is precisely, and not in riding on someone's star tits - the highest journalistic aerobatics. This is not a "resonant" fact - but vital; and I am reminded on this score, as the heroic president of Abkhazia Ardzinba once came to one village and asked: “Well, how was the corn sown?” He replied: “Yes, corn is nonsense, how is the policy going to Sukhumi?” : “This is the policy in Sukhumi - this is nonsense. And most importantly - how did you drop out! ”And a natural journalist, and not an empty phrase, will come out of the skin to reach this“ corn ”and light it up with a great, eternal truthful audience.

Yes, it was compromised in due time by that opportunistic journalism, which reflected our construction sites and crops with a blunt official word, through the left shoulder. But instead of this Soviet half-truth, the present complete lie has come: de neither plow, nor sow, nor build at all is not necessary, it is the de atavism of the past “scoop”. We will buy everything over the hill, and the business of writing and talking stars is not to go into these "soviet" matters, but to please the people who are sprawled around TVs and computers with selective scandals.

Let these Turks, who supply us with food, write on their agricultural topics. And to us, the self-interested consumers of other people's work, give about Pugachev and Galkin - what is really hidden in their underpants! And our “conscience of the nation”, not knowing shame, gives it all to our idle public.

On a loud turquoise corpse, all our trump journalists stumbled and bulged. And that the general contempt for labor, now devoid of all the rattles, killed my friend Yura, his collective farm, his posterity, the very idea of ​​their own agricultural production - ugh. Not the trump card, where you can make a name for yourself and an advertisement, a fact.

And all of our journalism today runs on this low start. Who is war and who is mother; to whom the death of a loved one is a disaster, and to whom - a profitable funeral business, show business as well.

But with such a "conscience of the nation", galloping flea on a sensational corpse, do not go far.
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  1. rrrd
    rrrd 21 October 2013 07: 09
    I don’t watch TV! because I really get pissed off by these shows
    1. tronin.maxim
      tronin.maxim 21 October 2013 07: 14
      Yes, especially NTV ahead of the rest!
      1. Pharao7766
        Pharao7766 21 October 2013 09: 00
        There is such a useful invention CENSORSHIP called.
        Is it time to return ?!
        I have been sick for a long time from what I see on TV, newspapers, the Internet.
        Children, while small, I do not allow to this mud ... but this is not an option - when the mud rushing from all cracks ...
        1. ivshubarin
          ivshubarin 21 October 2013 09: 03
          What are you, what a howl human rights defenders will raise.
          1. Pharao7766
            Pharao7766 21 October 2013 09: 12
            Naturally they understand - "we are not 37th year ..." (unfortunately)
            Sometimes you think and understand that for those more than 20 years after the destruction of the great country of the USSR, so much scum has come out of us that fairy tales about the 37th will seem like flowers when putting things in order in the country.
            1. fklj
              fklj 21 October 2013 09: 18
              Will anyone be in order. Two generations have already been lost. Another twenty years of "reforms", "stability", "modernization" and arrived ...
              Unicellular pacifiers will become the majority.
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. Fin
      Fin 21 October 2013 10: 26
      Quote: rrrd
      I don’t watch TV! because I really get pissed off by these shows

      I agree. There are "off" and "channel switching" buttons on the remote control. Recommend Sports, Weapons, 365, hunting and fishing, etc.
      1. Pharao7766
        Pharao7766 21 October 2013 10: 52
        Quote: Fin
        There are "off" and "channel switching" buttons on the remote control. Recommend Sports, Weapons, 365, hunting and fishing, etc.

        Don't you think that this ostrich smells like, in the sense of hiding your head in the sand?
        With this logic, go fishing, hunting, playing sports somewhere deeper in the taiga and for life? And for children, what to do if we even have posters across the country with vulgar ....
        1. Fin
          Fin 21 October 2013 12: 38
          Quote: Pharao7766
          And for children, what to do if we even have posters across the country with vulgar ....

          I suggest you burn advertising posters, organize protests at television companies, etc. Do not forget to fix it (photo, video) and post it here. Anyone in the kitchen expresses an active position in the language. I just wrote my own version.
      2. a52333
        a52333 21 October 2013 10: 56
        Quote: Fin
        I recommend Sports, Weapons, 365, hunting and fishing, etc.

        I also recommend
  2. domokl
    domokl 21 October 2013 07: 21
    I really understand the author. I understand the pain. But the conditions when a journalist, whether he wants this or not, but is forced to sing in the voice of someone who pays, who gives the opportunity to appear on TV, the profession has largely turned into exactly what it once was, in Soviet times, we taught the second oldest, but in fact the first ...
    The circulation, rating and other new-fangled little things are now more important than some kind of peasant or worker. And the circulation gives even though fictional, but hot news ...
    1. Drednout
      Drednout 21 October 2013 13: 47
      Quote: domokl
      but forced to sing in the voice of the one who pays,

      Sorry not at all. Rather, as taught. And who have been teaching journalists from the beginning of the 90s?
      1. Boa kaa
        Boa kaa 22 October 2013 01: 05
        Quote: Drednout
        Sorry not really. Rather, as taught.

        They teach everyone about the same thing: journalism, seminars, mastery classes, etc. - all these are tools, devices, crutches of the profession for bringing information, news. But the publisher’s policy is entirely determined by the editor. And the editor is hired by the owner of the publication (newspaper, magazine, weekly, etc.). And now, you are so smart and talented, write about the cap drummer. labor, if you are expected to talk about the acceleration of the gay pride parade or gay love Bori M. So the truth is one: who pays - he orders the material.
        Now the question for the lemon! WHO DOES THE "FREE, DEMOCRATIC MEDIA BELONG TO?" Having looked at the national composition of editors, you will be horrified: how is it possible, with sound mind and firm memory, to give all the media into the hands of the descendants of Moses !? Now tell me: who needs (a word of Polish origin - "cattle intended for slaughter") to tear off its snout from the trough and climb to deal with the pressing issues of its bestial existence? Or suddenly realized that he was a great nation and demanded an appropriate attitude towards himself?
        Until we have moral guidelines, we will never develop a NATIONAL IDEA. Well, who else, besides Putin, is not clear? WELL? Why don't we learn the organization of propaganda from the Jewish-Bolsheviks? Lenin rallied like-minded people around Iskra! They did not sit in their offices, but went to agitate among the people: to factories and plants. And now even trade unions are unable to create to protect themselves. That's really true: Dwarfs on the shoulders of the Great!
        The struggle for justice is the life credo of every Slav! So build around this campaign against corruption, bribery, etc. No, not enough (to choose: mind, will, desire, character, etc.). Then what is your domestic policy spiritually? Where are you calling the people? Where are the ideals and what are they? Steal a lemon and flee abroad (London, Israel)? So this is the know-how in the development of the chosen ones! Well, do at least one thing: announce to each young family their own housing (for a small family - for starters!) Bad, but still an idea! The construction complex will pull everything out for itself: work, children, people will have their own small homeland! At least there will be something to protect (I'm talking about the homeland!)
        I didn’t want about sad things, but the article is too painful! Sorry, could not resist. And to the author - RESPECT!
  3. Cpa
    Cpa 21 October 2013 07: 24
    Journalism, as the fourth estate, can be corrupt, and cynical, and clique, and creative, fair. Everything comes from the goal in life and the state of the psyche. The more "cockroaches" and stereotypes in the head, the more unattractive this power is from the outside. sides are a key phrase, sometimes from the inside and it is not visible until it finds insight or the herd feeling passes.
  4. a52333
    a52333 21 October 2013 07: 26
    Quote: domokl
    the second oldest, but in fact the first ...
    Exactly, exactly .... My personal hate rating:
    1) Svanidze
    2) Pozdner
    3) Latynina (although not a journalist, it would be better if she continued to write books)
    I missed many undeservedly.
    1. Andrey Yuryevich
      Andrey Yuryevich 21 October 2013 09: 05
      But you can throw .herms on your list? Schaub there and Urgants and Gozmans and Zelensky and other rabble were?
    2. Bober
      Bober 21 October 2013 14: 11
      And what do you do with the arrow of the oscilloscope? Let them continue to write books?
  5. Mikhail m
    Mikhail m 21 October 2013 07: 29
    Hello, administration and modernization!
    Am I on the MILITARY Review website or where?
    Somewhere in the wrong direction they taxied. Soon we will begin to peer at the stars. Where are the military articles? There is nothing to write about? Has everything become beautiful in the army?
    1. kris
      kris 21 October 2013 08: 08
      Quote: Michael m
      Hello, administration and modernization!
      Am I on the MILITARY Review website or where?
      Somewhere in the wrong direction they taxied. Soon we will begin to peer at the stars. Where are the military articles? There is nothing to write about? Has everything become beautiful in the army?

      answers to your question in the article under discussion!
    2. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 21 October 2013 08: 30
      Quote: Mikhail M
      Has everything become beautiful in the army?

      Nuuu, work is going on laughing
    3. Drosselmeyer
      Drosselmeyer 21 October 2013 12: 30
      So I want to ask a similar question ... Somehow fed up with articles about galkins, scarecrows and albats ...
      1. Alexander Romanov
        Alexander Romanov 21 October 2013 13: 57
        Quote: Drosselmeyer
        . Somehow fed up with articles about galkins, scarecrows and albats ..

        Do not watch NTV
    4. Boa kaa
      Boa kaa 22 October 2013 01: 10
      Quote: Mikhail M
      There is nothing to write about? Has everything become beautiful in the army?

      "PEOPLE AND ARMY - ONE" - I did not say, commies, but essentially true.
  6. ivshubarin
    ivshubarin 21 October 2013 07: 41
    But young people see who they write about and who are shown, as a result, everyone climbs onto the stage through numerous "how to become a star." No one wants to become pilots, cosmonauts, their scientists, no one knows, there is no cult of Chkalov, Gagarin, Korolev
    1. waisson
      waisson 21 October 2013 08: 21
      what kind of youth are pi ...... I’m the real one — less stupid programs and soap films — patriotic programs and films should go on screens and they’ll go on leash on holidays but basically there’s some kind of crap that clouders the people and distracts them from of problems
      1. V. Tarasyan
        V. Tarasyan 21 October 2013 10: 40
        Don't be so indiscriminate about young people. I work with them and I see that among them there are a lot of good guys who are sharpening themselves for business, and not for all sorts of shows. And there are not two or three, and not even ten or a hundred. And those striving for doing nothing in the spirit of "pop stars" and characters of the yellow press have always been and will always be, regardless of patriotic programs and films.
  7. Belogor
    Belogor 21 October 2013 08: 06
    In the media, yellowness blooms lush, and if somewhere does not yellowness occurs, then as a rule the slops that water our country.
    When you turn on the TV, you get the feeling that you are opening the door of a madhouse. Well, maybe with the exception of two or three channels, where sport, culture and nature.
  8. major071
    major071 21 October 2013 08: 13
    I have 160 TV channels at home. I've been watching only 6 for a long time and they are all sports. You turn on the first one - there Malakhov with another sensation, in Russia - the same thing, only it is called differently. It is better not to talk about NTV at all - there are only "sensations" there. So, after all, people watch all these, and then they also discuss. And I also like our news on any channel, you look - well, everything is fine with us, everything will be even better. I just want to look out the window, maybe I live in another Russia? stop
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 21 October 2013 08: 30
      Quote: major071
      I have 160 television channels at home. For a long time I look only 6 and they are all sports

      See 6, and pay for 160 wink
      1. major071
        major071 21 October 2013 09: 15
        Unfortunately, I still have an 2 TV and 2 family member at home. So they look the rest, and I pay (or cry) laughing
  9. ivshubarin
    ivshubarin 21 October 2013 08: 38
    I stopped watching TV, but began to read more. Bookstores only closed everything - not profitable
    1. Goodmen
      Goodmen 21 October 2013 13: 19
      Yes, and in those that remained, you can not always find the right book. I got them download from the Internet)))))
  10. KazaK Bo
    KazaK Bo 21 October 2013 08: 51
    with such a "conscience of the nation," galloping flea on a sensational corpse, not to go far.

    I wonder WHO GIVEN THE STATUS OF "CONSCIENCE OF THE NATION" TO CURRENT JOURNALISM? Who gave the right to a 22-23-year-old graduate of the correspondence faculty to come ... ask 3-4 banal and meaningless questions ... without analyzing the development of production, writing down only 2 sheets of a notebook, then issue up to 4 thousand characters (2 pages), where to teach a gray-haired manager who has been successfully managing an enterprise for more than 30 years in a mentoring tone, beyond doubt, how to live and work? Lied 33 "boxes of prisoners" ... but the editors refused to apologize! Still would! After all, they are so brave and principled - MOSKA BOLDLY BOUGHT THE ELEPHANT !!! We let them do it! This is one side of the coin.
    The second - THE PRESENT AUTHORITIES NEEDS DECIPITATED MASSES, not enlightened ones !!! After all, all our "troubles from the mind"! Excessive knowledge only increases the people's sorrows ... leads to indignation and fermentation ... and there it is not far from the "Russian revolt, merciless and ...". Therefore, only by taking care of us, "orphans" ... it can be explained that we are treated to information about who and where slept with whom or who "banged" whom ... which of our "stars" came today without panties to the next party, etc. And when all this "beleberda" is also paid for with grants because of the "hillock", then the flight of the imagination of the next representative of the "conscience of the nation" is difficult to predict! This is much "more important" than information about where the leaders of NANO drove the next hundreds of billions of our money, or why the difference in pay for various specialists reaches a coefficient of 15-18, with the world accepted - 4-6.
    And as long as we stream the editorial staff of "Let them speak" and those like them, they will fool us ... until then, "like the conscience of the nation" will rule the ball and rule over our minds.
    1. Boa kaa
      Boa kaa 22 October 2013 01: 32
      Quote: KazaK Bo
      MOSCOW DARE TO BREATH THE ELEPHANT !!! We let them do it!

      Boris, hello! But I didn’t allow it, when a bunch of dermets was piled on the brigade I was leading. Moreover, the bastard hid under a pseudonym. The garrison prosecutor helped. The trial was. I won it, received compensation for moral damage (40 thousand), which I gave to the club of young sailors. (asked to do this in his closing remarks), and plus the editors apologized. But, if they smeared us with shit on the first page, and even in three columns, then the refutation was placed on the last, in the basement, they typed non-parcels, paskudniks. And after all this, tell me: can such, and the like, scribblers be the conscience of the nation? "Yes, not in zhist"!
  11. Standard Oil
    Standard Oil 21 October 2013 09: 09
    I do not know what audience most of our TV channels are counting on, but a normal person will not watch all this nonsense, it’s better, no matter how regrettable it sounds, to watch Discovery or National Geographic, or Viasat History, and there are many more interesting foreign TV channels, but I’m more I like to watch programs about US aircraft carriers or their special forces, or their history, but there is a lot about the "Evil Empire", knights on a white horse saving the world from "damned communism" and other water, but this can be weeded out on a subconscious level, but the problem is not in this, but in the fact that there are simply no Russian analogues, of all channels, only Russia 24 news can be watched and that's all. Everything else is really for cattle. I don't remember what was shown on Soviet TV, because I watched only cartoons, but it seems to me that there was definitely no such city as now.
  12. Peaceful military
    Peaceful military 21 October 2013 09: 27
    Journalists are a diagnosis, and squared, because now, for some reason, they are still infected with liberalism.
  13. kartalovkolya
    kartalovkolya 21 October 2013 09: 36
    Well, who was smart enough to call this "flock of jackals from the pen" the conscience of the nation? It looks like it is about them and similar "intellectuals" one well-known "bald" said: "... they are g --- about the nation ... "! This is the vanguard of the fifth column leading subversive activities against Russia to please their Western masters, isn't it time to break their backs and restore order in the media?
    1. Boa kaa
      Boa kaa 22 October 2013 01: 42
      Quote: kartalovkolya
      , is it time to break their spine and restore order in the media?

      Nikolay, the idea is great! I'm afraid only the dough is not enough to buy everything out or go bankrupt. There was practically nothing state left. EBN gave drunk everything to frequent hands, and, right there, his tribesmen burry all and tidied up to their sticky hands. Now they are successfully brainwashing the gentiles. That's it, brother!
  14. optimist
    optimist 21 October 2013 09: 43
    And what about kicking magazines? Demand, as you know, gives rise to supply ... And if the main part of the country's population is -... beaters, who are terribly interested in the show played by a young homosexual and old zh.idovskoy bl ... yu, there's nothing to be done .. .
    1. Peaceful military
      Peaceful military 21 October 2013 10: 48
      Quote: optimist
      And what about kicking magazines? Demand, as you know, gives rise to supply ... And if the main part of the country's population is -... beaters, who are terribly interested in the show played by a young homosexual and old zh.idovskoy bl ... yu, there's nothing to be done .. .

      Alas, the Dulles plan is almost fulfilled ... sad
      1. Karabin
        Karabin 21 October 2013 12: 04
        Quote: Peaceful military
        Alas, the Dulles plan is almost fulfilled ...

        They came up with it themselves - they almost completed it.
        1. Peaceful military
          Peaceful military 21 October 2013 13: 18
          Quote: Karabin
          Quote: Peaceful military
          Alas, the Dulles plan is almost fulfilled ...

          They came up with it themselves - they almost completed it.

          Well, they came up with something, let's not put it ourselves, but we helped in the implementation.
          1. Karabin
            Karabin 21 October 2013 18: 34
            Quote: Peaceful military
            Well, we’ve come up with something, we don’t put it ourselves

            How much can fake be discussed. Dulles smirks smugly in hell. After all, not everyone is given the title of a brilliant planographer for free.
      2. Boa kaa
        Boa kaa 22 October 2013 01: 45
        Quote: Peaceful military
        Alas, Dulles’s plan is almost fulfilled ..

        You raise your hands early! And also a political fighter, you are called!
    2. yur
      yur 21 October 2013 21: 06
      Demand creates supply. That's right, but not quite. First you need to grow this very demand, and this has been happening stubbornly, regularly and with a lot of money invested since the beginning of the 90s. And it is clear that this demand is formed not by the patriots of Russia, but by its enemies. Therefore, the policy of funds The state, its competent authorities and all of us who care about the future of the country and our children should pay close attention to mass pollution. Then the demand will change. I think so.
  15. HAM
    HAM 21 October 2013 09: 56
    On NTV, it's time to change the logos, from green to yellow, the dumbest channel.
    1. kartalovkolya
      kartalovkolya 21 October 2013 18: 28
      Or maybe blue with LGBT instead of NTV?
  16. vlad.svargin
    vlad.svargin 21 October 2013 10: 04
    Judging by the remarks of members of the forum, not everything in our society is so bad. So all this "dirt" from TV screens and other media does not "stick" to everyone. The bad is always striking more often, but among modern books you can find real gold to your liking. And if you didn't find it right away, there is an Internet where you can find everything you are looking for. The author writes about painful things. Yes, indeed, we
    representatives of the "ancient profession" "sniff" everything that the "masters of life" order, considering that
    "plebs shavaet everything" distracting us from pressing problems. And as recent events show, not everything is as they expected. You can talk about instigators, but the fire will not light up with very damp wood (even gasoline does not help). For example, I am very interested in being with my sons and their friends: they are interested in the real history of our ancestors, they are looking for books (they subscribe or download), and they share with each other. They spend time in nature and are very interesting and together with their families. I repeat, the bad is more often striking, and it used to be - the good is less common, but not the fact that it is not enough.
    1. Karabin
      Karabin 21 October 2013 12: 16
      Quote: vlad.svargin
      the bad is more often evident,

      The article is just about the fact that the bad is not only striking, they strive to quit the bad, even if you turn away. And there are more and more throwers, as well as those who no longer turn away.
  17. vjatsergey
    vjatsergey 21 October 2013 10: 26
    I don’t watch TV and my son doesn’t watch, I connected the plate only because of several channels (Country life, sports, Culture, Star, scientific), which I also rarely watch when I’m already in bed and look before going to bed. And the son has no time to look - he has to work.
  18. Vasia kruger
    Vasia kruger 21 October 2013 11: 47
    Good article.
    I haven't watched TV for 5 years. I didn't lose anything from this.
  19. ImPerts
    ImPerts 21 October 2013 11: 55
    I completely agree with V.I. Lenin here
    "It is wrong to confuse the" intellectual forces "of the people with the" forces "of bourgeois intellectuals. I will take Korolenko as their model: I recently read his brochure" War, Fatherland and Humanity "written in August 1917. Menshevik And what a vile, despicable, vile defense of the imperialist war, covered with corny phrases! A pitiful bourgeoisie, captivated by bourgeois prejudices! and the death of hundreds of thousands in a just civil war against the landlords and capitalists causes gasps, groans, sighs, hysteria.The intellectual forces of workers and peasants are growing and gaining strength in the struggle to overthrow the bourgeoisie and its accomplices, intellectuals, lackeys of capital, who imagine themselves as the brain of the nation. it’s not a brain, but shit. "

    (V.I. Lenin, From a letter to A.M. Gorky from September 15 of 1919 of the year, Complete Works, fifth edition of the Political Literature Publishing House, 1978, vol. 51, p. 48-49)
  20. Karabin
    Karabin 21 October 2013 12: 23
    Article plus. I think one aspect is poorly reflected, namely that we, as a people, began to want to watch, listen and read IT. The State Department alone, even with a printing press, is clearly not enough to contain hordes of journalist whores. We keep them by consuming the "media product".
    1. Beech
      Beech 21 October 2013 17: 26
      This is the point !!! yes
  21. Galinanp
    Galinanp 21 October 2013 12: 41
    All media outlets, without any rally slogans, are one of the divisions of the West in the war against Russia. Direct bosses in the State Department. During the story with Snowden, when he was still in the transit zone, in the latest news of the Vesti 24 channel, Lavrov's statement that he (Snowden) was in the transit zone, and there were no applications for political asylum. And then the presenter's remark: "BUT BY OUR INFORMATION HE IS NOT THERE, HE HAS BEEN SHIPPED IN AN UNKNOWN DIRECTION." Just think, the head of the country's Foreign Ministry was declared a liar by the official TV channel all over the world. And nothing, further activity continues. This is just a tiny fragment from the general background of media subversion.
  22. Indifferent
    Indifferent 21 October 2013 13: 09
    The process of fooling people is cultivated and nurtured. Comes from all sides. From the destruction of education and up to double liberalism in the media. I don't understand one thing! Are the groups of influence from the Anglo-Saxons and Jews of all stripes really so strong on our government, the media and other key parts of the state? After all, with the naked eye you can see how their own people are killing Russia and nothing is done. In the news, they can devote half the time to the top of the royal family or the birth of a seventy-year-old singer or other nonsense that is not worth a damn and at the same time not a word about standing factories, about the complete collapse of industry and agriculture, about the extinction of the last competent specialists, and so on about our future ...
  23. Dimon-chik-79
    Dimon-chik-79 21 October 2013 13: 15
    The article is not about anything! That is, about everything and nothing!
    Well, yes, people on the net, journalists through their articles express their thoughts and their views on the world on life
    What's bad about it? For example, justice sometimes triumphed only after the crime became public. A lot of examples With the help of whom? And through what? Yes, right
    Well, everything is clear with television, for the most part it is a way of influencing the population, for which purpose ... But the same is not without a glimpse
    And all this is TV, print media, blogs, you can not read, you can not read, you can not watch
    But if all this is not there, then you can do whatever you want and with anyone and even with fans 37g
    As, for example, in Novocherkassk, where the shooting of people who went out into the street who just wanted to eat and who wanted to call on the authorities to solve the problem took place ... and silence. And how many such examples
    1. Tyumen
      Tyumen 22 October 2013 00: 27
      Don't you confuse about Novocherkassk? In my opinion, the cops beat the taxi driver to death there. Or I'm wrong?
  24. Ddhal
    Ddhal 21 October 2013 13: 51
    Evil .. But very much to the point.
    Opportunistic journalism has put millions of people on the barricades of forums.
  25. sigizmund472
    sigizmund472 21 October 2013 17: 02
    Especially went through the most "sensational news" of the week:

    1. Pugacheva and Galkin became mom and dad - they were glad;
    2. Kournikova and Iglesias parted - burst into tears;
    3. How to choose a fragrance for women and men? - not interested;
    4. What documents are needed for a divorce - hmm ... postponed for later laughing
    5. Delivery of goods from the USA - bring it, Lord, we don't need it; am
    6. How quickly you can order a course work on banking on the Internet - we are waiting for the largest certified specialists in banking;
    7. Who do Ukrainian stars wear - FSUs ....

    U-ffffff ... I can tell you, gentlemen, the most interesting week, since THIS is the most sensational. laughing
    1. Beech
      Beech 21 October 2013 17: 24
      What people watch is what they show yes
      1. Boa kaa
        Boa kaa 22 October 2013 02: 02
        Quote: beech
        What people watch is what they show

        NO! "What people are shown - they look!" But many of us are so omnivorous that they lack the willpower to even count the channels, find something to their liking or mood. A sort of vegetable with a remote control in hand! These types are easily suggestible, their "nefig do" incite to provocation, to instill in them what they need. I'm surprised: why hasn't anyone remembered about the 25th frame yet !? A zombie box can do that if it wants ...
  26. Murzyak
    Murzyak 21 October 2013 18: 33
    Quote: beech
    What people watch is what they show

    Well no. more correctly - people watch what they show. Once upon a time people even watched "Village Hour" on Sundays. And now Malakhov is shown at 19 o'clock, and Solovyov at 23.30
  27. kush62
    kush62 21 October 2013 18: 36
    Quote from the article: On a loud Biryulyov corpse, all our trump journalists have trampled and bulged.

    Even a properly writing journalist has no right to write such immoral lines. A MAN is killed. There is grief in his family.
  28. HAM
    HAM 21 October 2013 18: 43
    There are no words, only mats, this is about our TV. Who will all these "journalists" grow up?
  29. Corsair5912
    Corsair5912 21 October 2013 20: 02
    I don’t see the need to clog my head with garbage, I don’t write out newspapers and do not read, I watch on TV, for a choice, some news release. As a literary hero:
    He was not interested in advertising, criminal news, scandalous details from the lives of popular singers, movie stars, politicians, their wives, lovers and other "celebrities" of dubious quality.
    Nasty to him were the stupid revelations of the newly appeared self-proclaimed "elite."
    What does he care about all this human rubbish, thieves, perverts, pedophiles, homosexuals, lesbians, drug addicts, alcoholics and scammers, seized power, appropriated the national wealth and raging with fat.
    Thanks to corrupt reporters, journalists, TV presenters, press and media owners, the rubbish that has become famous has remained the same rubbish. Big money did not add to them neither mind nor conscience.
    Why does he need knowledge about the fun and problems of fat rich parasites, their stupid children, lackeys and expensive whores. Why would he need information about exchange rates if his beggarly pension is barely enough for food and payment of an apartment.
    He did not want to listen to the dirty slander spewed by venal scribes against long-dead people, who had defeated unrest and devastation in the last century, and turned the impoverished agrarian country into a rich Great Power.
    During the time of the Great Buildings and before the disintegration of the Union of Republics, in Russia there was no poverty and unemployment. And now in the country there is massive unemployment and no positive prospects are visible. The positively predicted world economic crisis, the total increase in unemployment, poverty, social inequality, the catastrophe of the global financial system and the global war expected from day to day, can be considered a positive prospect?

  30. tank64rus
    tank64rus 21 October 2013 20: 02
    Well, what a shame and conscience YOU, evil spirits in Vie Gogol are angels in comparison with today's "masters of life".
  31. polly
    polly 21 October 2013 23: 15
    Thank you, Alexander Roslyakov, for the article! And the song says about the same: "Press, broadcast and screens rubbish turned into her own mouthpiece. "
  32. Tyumen
    Tyumen 21 October 2013 23: 29
    Unlike people who remember Soviet TV, young people have nothing to compare with what
    what is shown today. But you cannot compare, you cannot evaluate.
  33. jjj
    jjj 22 October 2013 02: 29
    Friends! The media play a vital role today. They are slowly but surely returning common sense to society. Are you all sick of content? Thank God! Not only those participating in this discussion are tired of the personages - "heroes of newspaper pages". You know that your acquaintances are fed up with all this, and the acquaintances of your acquaintances are not delighted with the creativity of the devotees of "Leica" and the notebook. In general, what is shown and printed in the overwhelming majority of our fellow citizens causes an emetic effect. This is the goal of the state.
    A bit of history. Glasnost brought me to my final feeling. No, of course, I knew something before that. But the open streams of information were initially encouraging to obtain data on several issues of interest. But it quickly became apparent that manipulation was taking place. There is evidence of falsification of facts. There was no need to read newspapers and magazines. A large number of publications by previously banned authors have appeared. I was drinking at the time. And it used to be, you wake up at two o'clock in the morning. And already - dry and money - naked. You take Alexander Isaevich's "Red Wheel" and start pushing. You feel sick inside of everything, and in the magazine there is one more turbidity. And then the thought came that, perhaps, Solzhenitsyn was not pressed for nothing. I read Vasya Grossman's Life and Fate. In the preamble, the critic directly pointed out that this novel is deservedly superior to War and Peace, and the author is more significant and deeper than Lev Nikolaevich. I read a few more "returned" authors and have already finally become convinced of how much verbal diarrhea that they tried to present to us as the greatest revelations of great thinkers.
    After that, I stopped drinking and reading books.
    So now the media are taking people out of the fornication of information delights by filling the mouth with teeth to induce vomiting. See for yourself. The vector of manipulation has changed on television channels. One more remark should be made here. No matter what they say, the society in Russia is democratic. Here one must understand not the slogans about equality, electivity, etc., but the possibility of managing this society. So a democratic society is a society that is governed by manipulation. For example, under an authoritarian system, “the party said:“ We must! ”- the person replied:“ Yes! ”Now how many people will answer“ Yes ”to the call of any party, even if they are members of this very party. That's right, people need to be prepared So you can completely change the content on our television overnight now. All of us will just say thank you. Measurements show that society missed Soviet films. And even food is now trying to pack as in those good times.
    We see new projects appearing on television. Patriotic and true in essence. The work is on. Five years later we will have other media. Another news background.
    And why is this all? You just need to clearly understand: Great Russia is being created. Russians always come back for their own. And no one is forgotten, and nothing is forgotten. Not everyone sees or wants to notice. The eyes surrounding many little things are frozen. But try to look at what is happening with different eyes and think. You will notice a lot.
    1. Karabin
      Karabin 22 October 2013 09: 50
      Quote: jjj
      In general, what is shown and printed in the overwhelming majority of our fellow citizens causes an emetic effect. This is the goal of the state.

      Is there no other way to solve the problem? Well, the citizens would not snapped. Apparently, what kind of state, such are the goals.