Wings of Russia. Training and sports aircraft. Road to sky

Wings of Russia. Training and sports aircraft. Road to sky
Small light aircraft. It seems that the topic for the story is ungrateful, unworthy. What to talk about? No power bomber. There are no fast-moving features and speed of a fighter. No solid airliner. That's just the path to all these real machines for every pilot always started with a small flying desk. And ask any pilot - everyone with reverent awe remembers his first car: steady, obedient, forgiving even gross mistakes ... The seeming simplicity of creating such an apparatus is deceptive. For more than a century history aviation There were thousands of applicants for this task. A few became legendary cars.

The film tells about airplanes: Kudashev-1, P-6BIS, U-1, By-2, AIR-1, AIR-2, AIR-3, BICH-7, LC-1, AIR-7, UT-YN-1, BEACH-2, LC-10, AIR-23, UT-5 UT-1, G-11, G-2, CAM-18, KAI-52, Yak-18, UT-18L, Yak-18, Yak-50, Yak-55P, Yak-900PM, YK-26, Yak-29P, Yak-31PM, YK-54, Yak-13P, Yak-10PM, YK-12, Yak-18P, Yak-103PM, YK-30, Yak-32P, Yak-29M, YK-39, Yak-130P, Yak-XNUMXM, YK-XNUMX, Yak-XNUMXP, Yak-XNUMXM, YK-XNUMX, Yak-XNUMXP, Yak-XNUMXM, YK-XNUMX XNUMX, Yak-XNUMX, "Kvant", Aviation-XNUMX, Su-XNUMX, Su-XNUMX, Su-XNUMX, Yak-XNUMX, Yak-XNUMX, Yak-XNUMX, Yak-XNUMX, Yak-XNUMXТ, Il-XNUMX, Gzhel, Yak-XNUMX / XNUMX, L-XNUMX, L-XNUMX, MiG-AT, Yak-XNUMX.

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