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Lords of the sky. MiG-31BM at the airport of Kansk (Far)


One evening, about a month ago, I was sitting there, looking through fresh photos on and slowly envied how easily people could take pictures at various kinds of army airfields. And the idea was born that we also have something to see: in the suburbs of Kansk, which is an Air Force airfield in 250 km east of Krasnoyarsk, where new MiG-31BM are based.

I must say that I am in Kansk for official needs several times a year, the airfield is clearly visible from the road, it is located just at the entrance to the city. In fact, the tails of MiGs behind the embankments, the ellipsoids of radio altimeters and the barbed fence are the first things that the guests of Kansk see. services of the Central Military District.

Then there was a short correspondence, a few phone calls, an official request by registered mail, and .... somehow I forgot about all this. Days followed each other, there was no answer.

And here last Thursday, late in the evening (yes, almost at night) a telephone call: “Kirill Vladimirovich, hello, you are concerned about Yekaterinburg, Headquarters of the Central Military District. It is possible to shoot tomorrow afternoon at the Kansk airfield ... "

An explosion immediately occurred in the brain, but since it was at least unwise to refuse, I, of course, agreed. Immediately the alarm raised Serega gisman and Lesch alexei_astr, collected a photo backpack, resolved the workers / family affairs, and attempted to sleep. I really didn’t manage to sleep properly, supersonic fighters flew in my mind every now and then, twisted dead loops with barrels, burned the atmosphere in the afterburner and in every way interfered with peaceful sleep.

The next day we moved to Kansk. The shooting started at 16: 00 and was coordinated before midnight, so we had a great opportunity to see the work of the airfield not only during the day, but also at night. And here we are, the bastion of the checkpoint of the unit, though not immediately, but fell, the barrier triumphantly rose, revealing to us the mysterious world of a military airfield.

Flights on this day, by the way, were carried out not for anything, but as part of large-scale exercises on the interaction of the air forces and the air defense of the Central Military District. More in the story Vesti here, their film crew worked with us.

Flight work began, having reached the apron (the word “apron” in everyday life in general, by the way?), We managed just in time for the departure of the first side

Start occurs in the afterburner mode, as evidenced by the flame escaping from the nozzles of both engines.
In the afterburner, additional kerosene is burned in the afterburner, located behind the turbine, in front of the nozzle. Engine thrust increases significantly, as does the fuel consumption. It is clear that this mode is used briefly, for takeoff, climb, maneuver in battle.

The plane takes off not so much with noise or roar - rather with a crash, from which, it seems, everything turns inside. Lech now remembered, one technician told him: "Next to the strip when you stand on take-off - the heart and liver in places change" :)))) That's about the way it is.

Seryoga does not lose self-control at the sight of a supersonic all-weather interceptor fighter and blows a series of masterpieces :)

01-red meanwhile launched

The 37-red is connected to the generator and is also waiting for a start. Engines are started according to the electric starter principle, while familiar to civil aviation auxiliary power plant (APU) is not here. To start, an electric generator is needed.

Takeoffs are made at intervals of several minutes. Slightly less than half an hour - and parking will become empty.
I was very pleased that the flights that we were lucky to observe here at the airfield are not “indicative”, for Kansk these are ordinary working days. 4 fly day to week, extreme departures already in the night. Pilots and navigators sharpen their skills, patrol the area, interact with air defense forces, act as conditional targets, repel attacks of a conditional enemy, participate in large-scale exercises of interaction between subunits and branches of service, just like today.

The weather is not that completely pumped up, but the gray sky and the nasty fine autumn rain made their adjustments, primarily in the shooting parameters

Control point engineering and aviation service, technicians, in a simple way. Here, as far as I can imagine, the crews on duty are waiting for the crew.

Already a little contused spotters in the fields

Unfortunately, the moment itself did not catch, but here you can see how the technician reaches out to the wing tip.
There is such a sign among technicians, to slam the board at the ending before departure, so that the flight went smoothly.
Each group of technicians, by the way, is assigned its own board, which of course they know like the back of their hand. This is very correct.

All right, it's time to fly

Many of the aircraft - registered. This one, for example, bears the name of the fighter pilot, Hero of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Ivanovich Sementsov

Quite a serious scarecrow, of which in abundance along the runway. The usual thing on the airfields, and not only in the military.
Despite all sorts of poetic comparisons, airplanes and birds are far from friends

Off-site parking alert. A pair of fighters filled and armed, the aircraft are ready at any moment to rise in the air on alert. The pilots, respectively, take over on duty every day.

At the preliminary. The UPC machine is visible - starting command point

The ignition of the afterburner is marked by the language of the flame and the characteristic yellow-brown exhaust

Up to a strip about 10-12 meters. Sound pressure here is on the verge of a pain threshold.
I tried to get closer, but after the first take-off I left this venture, because the pain in the ears just interferes with normal shooting.

As you move away, the plane disappears in a dense haze from its own engines.

Departures are completed, in the air 5 aircraft perform their training tasks.
Move to the parking lot, here someone stayed

18 is red. He, too, will fly, but a bit later. In the meantime, it is being prepared for departure.
It's time for us to get to know this beautiful car closer.

I am a technically not indifferent person, therefore here is a little such an educational program for you.

So, Mig-31BM, nice to meet you.

Twin supersonic all-weather long-range interceptor fighter.
The range is up to 3000 kilometers
Practical ceiling - 20 kilometers 600 meters
Armament: gun GSH-6-23 (6 shafts, caliber 23mm), as well as air-to-air missiles on six external pylons. The aircraft can also be armed with anti-radar, anti-ship missiles, adjustable bombs.
Two D-30F6 engines develop total afterburner thrust a little more than 30 tons

The BM is an extreme modification of the MiG-31: here we have a completely new radar system, an armament control system, an aiming complex. The cockpit and navigator cabins have been significantly reworked: the problem of the lack of visual contact between the cabs has been solved, in particular, when the pilot does not know what the navigator is doing, cameras and multi-function LCD displays are installed.
The aircraft can accompany up to 24 air targets simultaneously.
It is planned to upgrade 60 units MiG-31 to MiG-31БМ.

What you don't measure in numbers is beauty. And the MiG is really very beautiful!

Technicians roll on the trolley laid brake parachute. Later we will see him in action, and not one

Work is in full swing. From the top, between the keels, an open hook is visible with the parachute capsule laid.

Tractor based on KrAZ-260
The mass of the fueled aircraft is about 40 tons, it’s just that you can’t move this colossus off.
It is doubly surprising that about the same, for example, the boing 737 weighs, given its dimensions ... feel the difference, what is called

The tractor pulled up for a reason, the plane will be driven to the gas station

Technicians cling drove to the front of the chassis. Aircraft towing technology is not much different from civil aircraft

The lantern is covered, this is the order

Stops removed, everything is ready for towing

View of the parapet. Fast planes eat a lot what can you do

While we were climbing the parking lot, 19-red swept over the runway, removed the chassis, gave gas and left the circle. Crew, probably, fulfills landing approach

Before the landings, it was about half an hour; therefore, we estimated the approximate place where the runway touched and went along the main taxiing to the point.
01 red opens the series.

The speed of the sides to the fourth turn is 530-550 km / h, on the 300-330 km / h equation, which, of course, is decently higher than any passenger aircraft.
Alignment, touch, disclosure of brake parachutes ... two or three seconds - and the MiG is already far away, heading for the butt.
We are accustomed to the relatively "unhurried" landings of passenger aircraft, and at first such speeds are surprising. You need to shoot really fast.

Visible moment of drag parachutes


The deployed RSP station is a radar landing system.
From here, the movement of the boards in the area of ​​the airfield to 4 kilometers in height is controlled, if I'm not mistaken. With the help of the same station, control of starts is carried out, as well as aircraft are maintained before landing.

ARP-11 (like 11, no confidence) - automatic radio direction finder

The interval between landings from 1-5 minutes, work in full swing

Gone to second

The moment of the start of the parachute-brake system: the brake parachute container is open, the parachute is pushed out by a spring

Parachutes are elongated. Another second and ...

Clap! The oncoming flow filled the domes, slowing the plane down. Despite the apparent disproportion of the heavy machinery and relatively small pieces of matter, the parachute-braking system is quite effective and reduces the mileage by 30-40 percent. Technically, landing is possible without the release of parachutes, but hence increased wear of brakes, pneumatics, the need to more strictly monitor the landing parameters, increased mileage.
Therefore, pilots prefer not to feel sorry for pickers and handlers, and parachutes are released.

The hangar is primarily carried out warranty repair of aircraft. As I said already, MiGs were upgraded to a modified BM, and entered the airfield in December 2012.
Warranty period - 5 years.

Parachutes are apparently wearing out. The flow of hot air from the nozzles, huge loads on the lines, contact with the runway at the release - doing their job.
Parachute resource - several dozen disclosures.

By the way, what happens to parachutes after they have played their role on the landing? So dragging the plane over the concrete?
And it was not there

In the area of ​​the turn-over taxiing, a group of pickers from the conscripted soldiers is on duty.
The parachute comes unfastened as soon as the plane reaches the place of their deployment (well, so that the guys do not run all over the lane)

The board taxied on the 2 taxiway, the men pick up the system, quickly put it into special covers and load it into the trailer of GAZika

Six in the parking lot, the seventh taxi. All in all, 7 boards went up in the air.

Several parking lots are not equipped with generators, so APA (aerodrome launching units) work here.

A very interesting design of the main landing gear and carts - one pneumatic inside, one outside.
On the left pneumatics in the area of ​​the axis is a rectangular device with six bolts - yuz sensor. From it tubes go to the braking apparatus. Well, something like ABS on the car.

A red plate - a reminder indicates that fuses are installed in the cockpit on the controls and on the ejection rails.

The fuselage is replete with signatures informers, what is where, and what not to do.

A navigator or instructor pilot sometimes needs to see what is happening ahead. From the cab, there is practically no forward view. Then such a periscope rises.

Generator connected

Airborne refueling bar

Well, how on this occasion do not climb into the cabin? We look!
From what I know myself: in the central panel on the left, traditionally in a white frame are the main navigation flight instruments. To the right - the altimeter and the clock. The big black block on top - ILS - the indicator on the windshield, the same one, so familiar to many by various simulators; under it is a light signaling unit. Under the right hand - the management of electricity, power modules, radio, autopilot.

Lords of the sky. MiG-31BM at the airport of Kansk (Far)

Compass "bull's eye" - the attribute of the dashboard of any domestic aircraft, perhaps

And this is our curator, deputy commander for educational work, and just a wonderful person - Valery. In many ways, thanks to him, we had a great shooting day. Valery answered our stupid and sometimes questions and with condescension he treated the impetuous desire to climb everywhere.
Thanks you!

There are two more flights ahead.
Sounds the team to meet the crews, and parking again come to life

The preflight briefing is completed, maps in the tablets, assignments are received, somewhere far away (although there is a “far” for such aircraft), “conditional enemy” airplanes start from the Shagol airfield.
On the flight!

And again, the rapid expansion, half an hour - and the parking lot was empty.
Technicians are waiting ...


Conditions for shooting deteriorated, it was getting dark.
It was decided to wait for the sides from the departure, to see the landings, although it was pointless to shoot them in the dark. But I really did not want to leave :)

Meanwhile, it is still dark ...

And darkened

And now the night

At night, the strip on the landings is highlighted by four movable searchlights mounted in a row at the end

Lech dances with a tripod in the light of the steering lights MiG%)

And lastly. The cabin of any aircraft is very beautiful in the dark, with the backlight.
I always wanted to see with my own eyes what the cabin of a combat aircraft looks like at night.
Here you are.
Bloody, but surprisingly cozy red lights.

When we were going to return, the planes were launched again, the flight was being prepared.
And moving already from Kansk, we heard somewhere high the roar of two fighters, one after the other.

Here is such a report.
Well, I can confidently say that the minimum program is complete! Time to go home.
I would very much like to tell more about the work of the technical staff, the life of the airfield, look into the control room, sit quietly at the pre-flight briefing .. but within one day this is hardly feasible. I hope in the foreseeable future we will manage to correct this omission and tell more fully about the working life of the Kansk airfield, and, most importantly, about the people thanks to whom it lives.

I express my great appreciation:
The press service of the central military district - for assistance in organizing and conducting photography,
Valeriy, Deputy Commander for Educational Work, for all-round assistance,
Spotter Sergey gisman and Alexei alexei_astr - for a great company.

Pilots, navigators and the technical structure of the airfield - for a clear sky!

Thank you.
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  1. Baron Wrangell
    Baron Wrangell 3 October 2013 08: 29
    THANK! beautiful even very! GOOD FELLOWS!
  2. Apollo
    Apollo 3 October 2013 08: 29
    All officials and the author are very grateful for the photo shoot. good
    1. Scoun
      Scoun 3 October 2013 10: 34
      Thanks to the authors and thanks to you for the video, but two moments "puzzled" me.
      1. I somehow thought that the MiG-31BM already had LCD displays
      2. stuffed animals are on the runway (this is not bad), but I hope that there are also ultrasonic bird racers.
      1. Vladimirets
        Vladimirets 3 October 2013 11: 16
        The photos are cool, I was pleased with the cheerful camouflage of the control point, the experienced hand of the conscript is felt. smile
      2. VAF
        VAF 3 October 2013 14: 54
        Quote: Scoun
        but two moments "puzzled" me.
        1. I somehow thought that the MiG-31BM already had LCD displays

        They stand wink

        1. At the pilot to the right of the ILS:

        2. The navigator has "solid two" wink

        The birds on the airfield are not affected by anything..not stuffed.not sirens.not flare pistols.not "ultra-sonic whistles" ... NOTHING.

        The only thing that helped me was the manual peregrine falcons .... these yes ... they completely dispersed. but half an hour no more, unfortunately! wink
        1. Srgsoap
          Srgsoap 3 October 2013 15: 11
          Seryoga welcome! Have not seen for a long time. Also a question about the cockpit, is it not technically possible to make a completely "glass" one or, as always, have you saved something?
          1. VAF
            VAF 3 October 2013 16: 21
            Quote: SrgSoap
            as always in something saved?

            It will be more true wink , I down there "a little" touched on this topic "Wishlist".
            And plus "noticed" it seems like "exercises", but none of them have pendants ... belay not even imitators request

            In my time, this was not the case!

            And one more thing .... there is no "perona" in military aviation, there is a "wide" or "group", well, the searchlights are not placed at the end, but two to the end (illuminating the alignment point and the end itself) and two from the end at a distance of 50 and 150 meters to cover the distance of 50-550 metro (calculation for the assessment is excellent).
            well, and the guys have a lot of "lapses", but this is not critical, because they had a "leader" ... lol "one-piece deputy for educational work ..." laughing among the common people .. wassat where is he .. "poor" know about airplanes .. his main task is ... "distribution" of benefits and bonuses, well, the rest .. "good" wassat
            1. Alex 241
              Alex 241 3 October 2013 17: 30
              Hi Seryozha, about the platform and warranty repairs in TEH smiled laughing
        2. Apollo
          Apollo 3 October 2013 16: 12
          Quote: vaf
          The only thing that helped me was the manual peregrine falcons .... these yes ... they completely dispersed. but half an hour no more, unfortunately!

          Good day, Sergey hi
          1. VAF
            VAF 3 October 2013 16: 25
            Quote: Apollon

            Hello dear Apollo fellow
            Well, for sure ... they were like that. The guys brought a couple, so they dispersed the CROWS of the crow at a time!
            But those bastards are cunning .. right on the poplars around the warehouses and quiet there until the falcons fly away.
          2. Alex 241
            Alex 241 3 October 2013 18: 20
            laughing .......................................
        3. Scoun
          Scoun 3 October 2013 19: 30
          Quote: vaf
          They stand

          Good evening Sergey! Thank you so much! )) uv let go straight)))
          Well, the birds .. since stuffed animals help at least somehow it’s already good)))
      3. AVV
        AVV 3 October 2013 22: 50
        An excellent selection of pictures, and the devices themselves are incomparable !!!
  3. Romn
    Romn 3 October 2013 08: 32
    It’s just excellent, so detailed and just cool shooting!) How beautiful, combat aircraft are all the same! Mesmerizing ...
    It's a pity there were no DRYES, they just seem more beautiful to me smile
    1. Stiletto
      Stiletto 3 October 2013 09: 20
      Quote: Romn

      It's a pity there were no DRYES, they just seem more beautiful to me smile

      DRY, no words, the cars are good, but if only the Poghosyan MIG did not crush his competition. Both SUSHKI and MIGi are equally dear to us. These are the legends and pride of our Air Force. Our past, present and future.

      Doctor, give me pills for greed! And more, more ... fellow
      1. Gari
        Gari 3 October 2013 10: 28
        Quote: Stiletto
        We and Sushki, and MIGi are equally dear. E

        In 1987, unique exercises were held in the north of the country. The reconnaissance and shock group consisted of A-50, a tanker plane and two experienced Su-27 and MiG-31, equipped with a system for in-flight refueling. They performed loitering in the Barents Sea right up to the North Pole and intercepting the planes of a potential enemy.

        The A-50 detected far-reaching targets, transmitted a radio link to the MiG-31, which performed a supersonic throw and a supersonic interception of targets reaching far distances.
        After that, he went for refueling, and finished off an enemy that broke through, su-27.

        The exercises showed: these two planes perfectly complement each other and it is impossible to say that one of them can perform the functions of the other. These two topics must coexist

        Read more:
  4. Oberst_71
    Oberst_71 3 October 2013 08: 34
    Yes, the pictures are beautiful! just before takeoff, planes do not take off.
  5. largus886
    largus886 3 October 2013 08: 35
    Cool photo story! Thank.
    1. Gari
      Gari 3 October 2013 10: 17
      Quote: largus886
      Cool photo story! Thank.

      Fine !
      Beautiful, I would even say elegant planes!
      Thanks for the excellent report.
  6. stpv1
    stpv1 3 October 2013 08: 35
    Great photo story! Thank! It is strange that the MIG-31BM cabin has not changed much after modernization
  7. borisjdin1957
    borisjdin1957 3 October 2013 08: 38
    from the Don.
    There was an urgent time in the Air Force in the 70s! We had MIG-25. Power !!! And nights, generally a fairy tale! Memory for life! And life goes on! Clear skies, normal takeoffs and landings!
  8. Oberst_71
    Oberst_71 3 October 2013 08: 39
    2 command of the Air Force and Air Defense (Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg)
  9. Vitaly Anisimov
    Vitaly Anisimov 3 October 2013 08: 58
    Beautiful and formidable planes (great photos)! For our vast country there would be more such interceptors in the sky! Pure heaven to you pilots!
  10. scientist
    scientist 3 October 2013 09: 27
    Truly unique cars. I hope that after modernization they will be in service for a long time.
    1. Gari
      Gari 3 October 2013 10: 23
      Quote: scientist
      Truly unique cars. I hope that after modernization they will be in service for a long time.

      "The all-weather long-range fighter-interceptor MiG-31, if properly modernized, will surpass modern domestic and foreign counterparts in its tactical and technical parameters for at least 10-15 years," said Komoedov, chairman of the State Duma's defense committee.
      He noted that this type of aircraft would lack competition in such areas of combat use as interception and destruction of airborne ground and surface carriers of cruise missiles; detection of low-flying (unmanned aerial vehicles) cruise missiles; operational deployment of air defense in open directions.
      In addition, this modernization will allow controlling the airspace on a wide front by a small number of aircraft. According to him, at the moment the MiG-31 is the only combat aircraft capable of providing cover for the airspace of the Russian Federation in the Arctic zone, including oil and gas production facilities.

      RIA Novosti
      1. scientist
        scientist 6 October 2013 14: 33
        For almost 10 years, I have been pointing these beauties to RDZ in Semipalatinsk. Both Su-27 and MiG-29 flew to us. There was nothing to compare. But the MiG-31, in comparison with it, doesn’t care that the Volga is more beautiful, faster, more powerful than the Zhiguli.
        Now the air defense concept is changing, aerospace defense systems are being created and I think the MiG-31D is the best suited for aerospace defense tasks, I hope the aviation industry will continue to develop these unique technologies.
  11. klimpopov
    klimpopov 3 October 2013 09: 41
    Oh thank you! Pleased! Great photos and a good story!
  12. air wolf
    air wolf 3 October 2013 09: 57
    A good report, in Soviet times, for such a shot as a spy! Well, as a specialist, I’ll say that I don’t see any signs of modernization from the BM prefix, the equipment of the 70-80s, everything is analog, I used it on the Ka-27PL. When will the real modernization be? New avionics, stealth coating, weapons, new fuel-efficient engines? Who will do this? Where is our money spent on modernization? This is our money, we pay taxes and all that, we push our oil and gas, and we fly. Congratulations to all of you with the proletarians))) We are all proletarians!
    1. Firstvanguard
      Firstvanguard 3 October 2013 11: 25
      LCD display appeared, watch carefully. The radar and electronic brain in the cockpit are not visible. Should the horizon be displayed on the LCD? Need digital toggle switches? The navigator’s cabin wasn’t shown, and the most interesting thing about the modernization is right there. hi

      Py.Sy. The plane is cool, looking at it the associative name is born - "space ripper" wassat Good luck to all the servants!
      1. little man
        little man 3 October 2013 12: 12
        Exactly. Still, the main thing is electronics and software, and all sorts of sensors, LCDs are bows. It seems to me that powerful toggle switches and buttons look more beautiful. Power and reliability are felt.
      2. VAF
        VAF 3 October 2013 15: 35
        Quote: Firstvanguard
        The navigator’s cabin wasn’t shown, and the most interesting thing about the modernization is right there.

        And not particularly "interesting" bully here in your photo, well, me .. "bigger" ... much more interesting, but .. as always with us .. "Wishlist" .... again .. "saved & quo
        t; wassat

        This is by the way and according to ILS ... look at the photo, what is there, of course, the author does not know wink
        1. Alex 241
          Alex 241 3 October 2013 17: 40
          .................................................. ..
          1. Alex 241
            Alex 241 3 October 2013 17: 48
            MiG-31 cockpit evolution
        2. Srgsoap
          Srgsoap 3 October 2013 22: 49
          Serge good evening! Thanks for the answer, in general, I guessed right, decided to save some money ..... but still the 31st one of our most beautiful aircraft. And everything else is sad as always. And thanks again drinks
  13. Russ69
    Russ69 3 October 2013 10: 09
    I am glad that not single aircraft fly, but a whole regiment. So it would be in all aviation ...
    1. VAF
      VAF 3 October 2013 15: 55
      Quote: Russ69
      I am glad that not single aircraft fly, but a whole regiment.

      And where, you regiment saw it wink respected recourse 7 planes in the parking lot, 2 in DZ ... several in TECh'i ... where is the regiment then ???

      And DZ .. in the open parking lot ... generally sadness ... and winter, rain, etc. recourse
      Although we have ... in the territory of the former Union almost everywhere in the DZ, with the exception of several places in the Far East, but in the former 23 VAcrying

  14. Wiruz
    Wiruz 3 October 2013 10: 11
    The MiG-31 is already a "grandfather", but it is still in the same ranks with the "young", which means it is a good machine. His only futuristic look is worth something. Such a flying tank!
  15. takojnikuzheest
    takojnikuzheest 3 October 2013 10: 42
    Many thanks to the authors for this photo story!
    I would like to know if you plan to put the archive of the source photographic material from this article in free access?
  16. ikar2006
    ikar2006 3 October 2013 11: 43
    Thank you, the author for the photo didn’t find anything familiar, but nostalgia knocked out a stingy male tear. He began his service in Kansk, military unit 30185 training, trained mechanics of helicopter weapons. A couple of times I stood at this airfield on guard. Pervy1 was on August 19, 1986 (I remembered it because it was my birthday on this one). During the nights, the nifig was not heard during the flights, and if nothing was visible even at night, which of us was the guard laughing
  17. stpv1
    stpv1 3 October 2013 11: 53
    I just came to watch the flights of the Su-24MR. One could easily ride a bicycle to the military camp and watch the flights practically at any point of take-off. Now the military garrison was closed, the airfield was dismantled, only the hangars survived. Buyalyk airfield near Odessa.
    1. novobranets
      novobranets 3 October 2013 16: 33
      Quote: stpv1
      ride a military camp on a bicycle

      This story happened to a certain captain B., when I was serving as a biennial officer in the Air Force.
      The specifics of our service forced us to periodically change, hand over, and receive personal service weapons at weapons depots located at the far end of a huge military airfield. So, then, somehow this captain B. is sent to the warehouses. Since it was far from sawing on foot, he begs a bicycle from some on-duty warrant officer. The path runs through the runway, but it should be noted that the SU-21 fighter-bomber based at this airfield had the fun feature of an almost silent landing. And so, crossing the runway on a bicycle, our captain quite by chance notices a plane approaching 100 meters away from himself. It should also be noted that fighter-bombers, unlike a car, are not equipped with a signal, and the pilot has long been using the expressive means of the mighty Russian language to conduct a dialogue with the command post. The captain struggles with the pedals, the trouser leg falls into the bicycle chain, and he falls.
      On all fours, dragging the bike behind him, he tries to get to the edge of the runway, he almost succeeds, and at this moment it is not clear how the pistol that fell out of the holster clings to the trigger on some hook of the bicycle and fires. The bullet hits the wheel of the plane. SU-21, touching the strip, begins to "goat". A young inexperienced pilot in a panic decides to eject, presses a button, but the catapult does not work. The plane blows off the runway onto the lawn, but with some incredible effort the pilot manages to cope with the controls. He jumps out of a stopped plane and is about to run up to the captain lurking on the edge of the runway and strangle him. At this moment, a seized catapult is triggered. The pilot's seat flies off half a kilometer, falls into the courtyard of a private house and kills a cow. Due to the fact that our valiant armed forces do not really like to advertise such stories, our hero got off with just a flashlight under his eye, ten days of arrest, a cash bonus for a cow and wet pants. laughing
  18. Alex-z84
    Alex-z84 3 October 2013 12: 07
    A good report, however, upset: decrepit airfield facilities and equipment, as well as the cabin of the `` modernized '' MIG-31BM, there are no signs of modernization there, a typical cabin of the 80s :(
  19. aviator65
    aviator65 3 October 2013 12: 31
    Beautiful shots of a beautiful airplane. Well done boys!
  20. Grigorich 1962
    Grigorich 1962 3 October 2013 13: 16
    We still have gunpowder ... in the powder flasks
    1. bask
      bask 3 October 2013 13: 41
      Beautiful planes, great shots.
      Leave the MIG-31 in the Air Force, change only the avionics and engine.
      MiG-31-33 - the best in its class.

      1. fennekRUS
        fennekRUS 3 October 2013 16: 05
        and costly infection ...
        The author is a huge respect. And give more of these materials to the masses, instead of series. You look in spite of difficulties and new stars light up in the sky of our country. And someone will have a dream of heaven.
      2. VAF
        VAF 3 October 2013 16: 51
        Quote: bask
        Beautiful planes, great shots.

        Greetings and totally agree! +! drinks
        But the authors could also have a "piece" of history about how the MiG-31'e "got to Kansk, and most importantly ... from where.wink ... very informative and interesting.

        Knowing from where it was possible to immediately assume that when the "baida" went with the return to Rogachevo it was Kanskikh ... that ..... very many "prepared" a report for retirement ..... unlike the Top ... flying people lva times on a rake ... does not come. soldier
        Therefore, it seems as if we "stopped" at Monchegorsk ... I will fly on watch in Rogachevo. and Kanskie will remain in ... places fellow

        57'y GIAP ... Alykel airbase crying

        1. bask
          bask 3 October 2013 18: 03
          Good evening VAF.
          One day loaf, such airplanes and Beh hangar for the most ***** in the snow.
          But what about digital electronics, after such a frost, at -50, and then it works?
          DAAAAA great designers in the USSR were !!!!!
          And like the bourgeoisie.
          1. Alex 241
            Alex 241 3 October 2013 18: 12
            Hi Andryukh, everything works, though just digging up is already a labor feat
            1. Alex 241
              Alex 241 3 October 2013 18: 49
              These cars, the rotor, were saved, and in the common people Dunk, and of course the shovel.
              1. bask
                bask 3 October 2013 19: 14
                Quote: Alex 241
                These cars, the rotor, were saved, and in the common people Dunk, and of course the shovel.

                I know this shaitan car.
                But she only cleans the take-off.
                1. Alex 241
                  Alex 241 3 October 2013 19: 25
                  Not only take-off, parking, taxiing, I remembered back in 90 there were heavy snow drifts, the equipment could not cope, for 2 tons the solariums hired tractors from a neighboring collective farm, as the people and army say, they are one. laughing The tractor drivers were very pleased, they said call at any time.
                  1. studentmati
                    studentmati 3 October 2013 22: 05
                    Quote: Alex 241
                    for 2 tons, the solariums hired tractors from a neighboring collective farm, as they say, the people and the army are united. Well, our techies brought a little bit of alcohol to them, laughing together Tractor drivers were very pleased, they said call at any time.

                    And the most important thing was done, everyone was satisfied with life and knew how to enjoy what they had. And there was no anger like the world around us today.
            2. Alex 241
              Alex 241 3 October 2013 19: 02
              MiG-31 at the ice airport of the island of Grem-Bell of the Franz Josef Land archipelago, March 1987.
              Photo from the stand in the museum of the Air Defense Forces of the country, the village of Zarya.
            3. bask
              bask 3 October 2013 19: 04
              Quote: Alex 241
              everything works, though just digging up is already a labor

              Hi Sash.
              Answer, I still do not understand how digital electronics work after such frosts?
              And why do not build hangars for every plane.
              After all, with such extreme..operation, the aircraft’s resource sharply decreases. Or am I wrong.
              Prefabricated from metal structures and profiles are cheap. (I have a bro, the workshops are so built)
              1. Alex 241
                Alex 241 3 October 2013 19: 14
                Andryukh, the low-temperature regime is already provided for by the aircraft’s design itself, you know what the temperature is at a height. With regard to the parking places of aircraft. In the USSR, traditionally, aircraft were located either in earthen bunks, caponiers, or in arched shelters.
                1. bask
                  bask 3 October 2013 19: 56
                  Quote: Alex 241
                  Izototemperaturnoe regime is already provided for by the design of the aircraft, at altitude you yourself know what temperature.

                  This is understandable when the aircraft is operational in flight.
                  Correct if not so, but the heating system, engines work there. The hulls with supersonic heat up.
                  Quote: Alex 241
                  earthen bunks-caponiers, or in arched shelters.

                  But that was 21 years ago. Now there are new technologies in construction.
                  And servicing an airplane in a hangar is much more convenient than at -50 +45 in the shade.
                  In the hangar, the F-15 dviglo change.
                  1. Alex 241
                    Alex 241 3 October 2013 20: 16
                    The cooling system is produced by a very popular liquid among the people, for which the plane received the nickname: a flying deli. And the engine is uncoupled and rolled out in the TEC hangar. As for the crew’s cooling system (life support system), the aircraft is equipped with a pressurization and ventilation system of the pressurized cabin, ensuring the maintenance of the necessary conditions for the life of the crew.
                    1. bask
                      bask 3 October 2013 20: 31
                      Quote: Alex 241
                      Denia is produced by a very popular liquid,

                      He drank this stytyagu nothing, he takes a bite. good
                      But pre-flight training of aircraft, mechanics, is still underway.
                      And it’s more comfortable, better to do it in a warm or cool hangar than in frost or heat.
                      When I have -20 in my garage, I’m already scraping something in my car. I turn on the heating.
                      When the Tsar was in Russia: in the picture is an airplane, “Newpor IV,” near the hangars of the 1st aviation company at the Corps airfield.
                      And how is a photo at the beginning of the 20th century !!!
                      1. Alex 241
                        Alex 241 3 October 2013 20: 43
                        Quote: bask
                        in a warm or cool hangar than in frost or heat.
                        A low bow to technicians and specialists. In any weather, aircraft were prepared.
                      2. bask
                        bask 3 October 2013 21: 44
                        Quote: Alex 241
                        A low bow to technicians and specialists. In any weather, aircraft were prepared.

                        Our people are Sash, always gold, and even with golden hands and brains.
                        To help them a little, to let them work under normal conditions.
                        New equipment, tools and planes will fly, without any accidents and disasters.
                        There should be a human attitude towards a soldier, an officer.
                      3. Alex 241
                        Alex 241 3 October 2013 21: 46
                        Andryush, I posted a link in the last post. Read it. I read it, now I'm sitting in a wrinkled skull.
                      4. bask
                        bask 3 October 2013 21: 48
                        Quote: Alex 241
                        I laid out the tree. Read it. I read it, now I am sitting in a wrinkled skull.

                        OK. San, I’ll read it now.
  • Odysseus
    Odysseus 3 October 2013 23: 08
    Quote: bask
    Leave the MIG-31 in the Air Force, change only the avionics and engine.

    I agree, but only where do we get the resource for them? Aircraft of the 80s and early 90s.
    It would be ideal to reach them until 2025.
  • shitovmg
    shitovmg 3 October 2013 15: 01
    Thanks! Excellent reportage. I like this plane! I worked in Perm, looked at takeoffs and landings. By the way, I saw the "Russian Knights" there when they first flew to the Nizhniy Tagil exhibition, based in Perm, in Bolshoy Savino. A rhombus over the city passed - the pilots in the cockpit could be seen. And when two more circles flew away over the city at the same height!
  • zinander
    zinander 3 October 2013 15: 38
    Thank you beautiful photos !! Only 60 planes are not enough, considering the events taking place in the world ...
  • Lopatov
    Lopatov 3 October 2013 16: 48
    Not lords, guardians.

    I remember how we went up. 4 with a penny in the morning, the cars leave for company columns. The infantry sweeps away the tents, the boys are still dragging a hot stove ... Four columns, the commanders run out to the connected armored personnel carrier to get pre-train starshoes. The birds sing, it smells of fresh grass, we, having received the train stars, run to the cars. We climb on the armor and look at the King and God. He kind of reluctantly rotates his hand, we repeat his gesture, standing on the armor ... The reinforced motorized rifle battalion starts up .. The smell of diesel fuel, which I still love, the roar of engines ... The commander crawls into his car and waves forward .. And we are going. Fuck what happens next, we feel absolute strength and absolute confidence ...

    I wonder have flyers also? When, for example, a regiment rises ... Is there a feeling that you are the ruler of the world?
    1. VAF
      VAF 3 October 2013 17: 38
      Quote: Spade
      Do flyers also? When, for example, a regiment rises ... Is there a feeling that you are the ruler of the world?

      This was only with the Great and Mighty Union! +! soldier

      And starting with Humpback, not to mention the "times of EBN'a" crying Well, about the current Tandem ... I’m generally silent, because solid FARS and one ... sadness request

      1. Alex 241
        Alex 241 3 October 2013 17: 52
        Seryozha laid out already.
        1. Lopatov
          Lopatov 3 October 2013 18: 09
          You do not understand, sorry.
      2. Lopatov
        Lopatov 3 October 2013 18: 07
        It’s a pity .. Nothing steeper in life feels like a word of honor. Even if it’s just a teaching.
  • Ivan Tarasov
    Ivan Tarasov 3 October 2013 17: 21
    Interestingly, the speed limit at a high altitude of 1500 km / h is lifted?
  • AlNick
    AlNick 3 October 2013 17: 46
    712 Guards Chernivtsi Order of Kutuzov III degree fighter aviation regiment (military unit 35568).
    On June 27, 1938, the regiment was formed on the basis of 117 air squadrons and received replenishment from schools of the Air Force. A year later, the regiment pilots took part in the battles on the Khalkhin-Gol River in the Mongolian People’s Republic, and since July 1941 in the Great Patriotic War.
    During the war years, 299 enemy aircraft were shot down by pilots of the regiment in air battles, 91 were destroyed, and 35 aircraft were destroyed on the ground. In addition, 100 guns with calculations, about 150 tanks, more than 10000 soldiers and officers of the Nazi troops, 3210 armored vehicles, armored personnel carriers and vehicles with infantry, 232 anti-aircraft guns and anti-aircraft machine guns were destroyed.
    In 1947, the regiment was relocated from Hungary to the Azerbaijan SSR and since 1950, after retraining, it began to perform its first flights on a new MiG-15 jet aircraft, and since 1952 on a more modern MiG-17 aircraft.
    In July 1959, the regiment was relocated to Siberia (aero. Kansk), where it began to operate Su-15TM fighters, and since 1993, the MiG-31B, MiG-31BS, MiG-31, and MiG-31DZ.
  • karal
    karal 3 October 2013 17: 56
    Great photo story, well done guys! I myself often travel in Kansk, but only radars and the tail of aircraft are visible from the road.
  • kaktus
    kaktus 3 October 2013 17: 58
    [quote = bask] Beautiful planes, great shots.
    Leave the MIG-31 in the Air Force, change only the avionics and engine.
    MiG-31-33 - the best in its class.

    industry needs to be restored !!!
    1. Alex 241
      Alex 241 3 October 2013 18: 01
      MiG-31BM from the city of Kansk at the Sokol airbase. Bolshoe Savino. Permian
      1. Alex 241
        Alex 241 3 October 2013 18: 02
        Pilots of the Kansk air group received “registered” MiG-31
        1. svp67
          svp67 3 October 2013 18: 39
          Quote: Alex 241

          Greetings to all flyers. I see you here "just a holiday of the soul" ... Well, HAPPY GUYS HOLIDAY. You have something to remember and something to tell
          1. Alex 241
            Alex 241 3 October 2013 18: 42
            Hi Seryozha, as Kuzmich said: Took on a professional laughing
  • Pavell
    Pavell 3 October 2013 18: 09
    MiG-31BS and MiG-31B gradually undergo modernization becoming MiG-31BM
    Outwardly, they have practically not changed. Internal difference in the availability of monitors.
    In the photo report filmed a simple MiG-31 is not BM.
    Cool report to the guys thanks, done with love.
    Speed ​​limits will soon be removed after replacing the lights.
    1. VAF
      VAF 4 October 2013 12: 29
      Quote: Pavell
      MiG-31BS and MiG-31B gradually undergo modernization becoming MiG-31BM

      Invalid B in BM, and BS in BSM wink

      Quote: Pavell
      Outwardly, practically unchanged

      The same is not true: what about the pilot's "tail" viewing periscope? wink and holders and adapters on the planes? wink

      And inside .. a lot of new and in the KNS and PrNK and APD bully

      Quote: Pavell
      In the photo report filmed a simple MiG-31 not BM

      Simple MiG-31A is no longer in the "operating" ANYWHERE soldier In the photo essay is BM good

      Quote: Pavell
      Cool report to the guys thanks, done with love.

      Only +! drinks

      Quote: Pavell
      Speed ​​limits will soon be removed after replacing the lights.

      Again "wishlist" and "wishlist" recourse New lights have not even started to be launched into production crying
  • The comment was deleted.
    1. Alex 241
      Alex 241 3 October 2013 18: 27
      .................................................. ...................
  • Pavell
    Pavell 3 October 2013 18: 27
    MiG-31BS and MiG-31B gradually undergo modernization becoming MiG-31BM
    Outwardly, they have practically not changed. Internal difference in the availability of monitors.
    In the photo report filmed a simple MiG-31 is not BM.
    Cool report to the guys thanks, done with love.
    Speed ​​limits will soon be removed after replacing the lights.
  • Trevis
    Trevis 3 October 2013 18: 36
    He’s too early to retire.
  • tolyasik0577
    tolyasik0577 3 October 2013 19: 07
    I would like to hope that the country will restore its air force potential. and not just the arrival of universal equipment such as PAK FA, but really well-balanced in terms of quality narrowly focused specialization. the enemy should be frightened by the unexpectedness and unknownness of the further development of events in battle. somehow, over night, we change landscapes, and the enemy is lost in an unfamiliar area, and comes into complete non-combat readiness. But as for the MIG, the plane is really a grandfather. and applied materials, and equipment, and power plant. Well, since there is no money and effort to create a new one, ... as they say, sir .... even a wool block. I don’t remember where, but I read it I remember - this titanium is able to bring the satellite into low orbit.
  • uzer 13
    uzer 13 3 October 2013 20: 18
    Scarecrows along the runway were used 40 years ago, only in different clothes, it’s funny that they are still preserved. There are not very many benefits from them, the crumpled skin after meeting with the bird was a common occurrence. Somewhere a message appeared that in the flight area a small balloon rose on the field, on which the eye was drawn, and the birds seemed to be afraid of it, but there was no further information about the use of this tool.
  • akm8226
    akm8226 3 October 2013 21: 10
    With tears in his eyes he watched the photo. Aviation - my love since school.
    Many thanks to the author!
  • saag
    saag 3 October 2013 21: 23
    I wonder why such a heavy and powerful car has only 6 suspension points?
    1. Alex 241
      Alex 241 3 October 2013 21: 33
      Well, firstly, 8 points of suspension, secondly, suspension of transition beams is provided.
      1. Alex 241
        Alex 241 3 October 2013 21: 41
        1. Alex 241
          Alex 241 3 October 2013 21: 42
          1. Alex 241
            Alex 241 3 October 2013 21: 44
            Who cares about the MiG-25 hijacking materials
            1. The comment was deleted.
  • stranik72
    stranik72 3 October 2013 22: 14
    In old age, memory probably began to knock off, in the mid-70s, they drove the turntables from Ulan-Ude, landed in Kansk, in my opinion, at that time a training course was still based at the airfield, and there were L-29 and IL-14, with cockpits for these same shooters, as in old films about the war. Something I didn’t see Su-15TM, ​​I didn’t see the MiG-17, although I remembered the L-29 and Ily for sure, all the more I talked a little with local "fighters" from Elok, the city seemed mostly wooden, though only saw it when approaching and taking off, it was not very comfortable, especially since it was at the very beginning of spring. But still, I can't even believe that it was with me. Romance.
  • nightingale
    nightingale 3 October 2013 22: 27
    I got the impression that Mig-31 appears as a teenager overgrown. wings are small, underdeveloped; air intakes are hypertrophic; such on the way it’s better not to molt right away, otherwise it will not work.
  • Thunderbolt
    Thunderbolt 3 October 2013 23: 05
    Sasha, hi! Here, proposals began to appear on the world air to turn the Arctic over to universal world governance, it’s good that there are cars, say bright NO. BLLLIN, since 20:00 I’m reading everything, but I can’t say how I swim in the REP cloud, modem -m. But, anyway, I'm not leaving the crew
    1. Alex 241
      Alex 241 3 October 2013 23: 09
      hi Lesh, we know this world government, and whose ears stick out! A hole to them from a donut, as Gleb Yegorych said!
      1. Thunderbolt
        Thunderbolt 3 October 2013 23: 41
        Quote: Alex 241
        Gleb Yegorych!
        Gleb Yegorych couldn’t think, everything will be so sho, HOWEVER, treacherous Americans have since begun to stock up on diapers, this will not save them, but the first sensations are extremely reliable protection wassat
  • Vlad_Mir
    Vlad_Mir 4 October 2013 00: 25
    Great stuff!
  • arseke
    arseke 4 October 2013 00: 38
    Eh ... What a plane ...
    Interestingly, will the MiG-31B of the Kazakh Air Force be modernized? I'd love to, because the plane is a masterpiece of aircraft manufacturing. There will be no more
  • avia12005
    avia12005 4 October 2013 09: 21
    Our aviation is the best in the world! "Let the enemy, hiding in ambush, remember ..." and so on!
  • go
    go 4 October 2013 12: 26
    Good detailed report, I think it has already been translated into Chinese. Mig 31, in my opinion they have not yet copied. If there are problems with China, then disagreements with NATO will seem a trifle.
  • Shatea
    Shatea 29 March 2014 19: 37
    How great!
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  • Sayanbys
    Sayanbys 31 October 2014 08: 21
    I've been in this part. Great guys, good pilots, great cars. We made a film about the 712 IAP. "Heavenly Guard"