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The ram of a residential house by plane An-2 in Novosibirsk

The ram of a residential house by plane An-2 in Novosibirsk

An early autumn morning on September 26, 1976 in the city of Novosibirsk aviation catastrophe. The pilot of the West Siberian Civil Aviation Administration, 33-year-old Vladimir Serkov, made a deliberate collision of an An-2 aircraft with a five-story residential building.

On a Sunday morning, pilot Serkov made an unauthorized takeoff on an An-2 plane (USSR USSR-79868 registration number) from one of the taxiways of the Novosibirsk-Severny airport. In the plane he was alone, there were no passengers. A few minutes later, An-2 appeared at the other end of the city in the area of ​​Stanislavsky Square. For some time the plane circled over the city at low altitudes. He even shot down several television antennas on some buildings. At 8 hours 20 minutes the pilot sent a light aircraft to a residential building located at Stepnaya street, 43 / 1. As a result of the ram An-2 rammed the front of the house between the third and fourth floors in the stairwell area, breaking a hole in the wall about 2 m in diameter. The aircraft engine flew into one of the windows directly into the bedroom to the residents. The remains of the tail and fuselage remained lying at the access door (where it was). Aviation gasoline from broken fuel tanks spilled out and caused a strong fire. Serkov died at the moment of hitting the plane about the house, his head was blown off. Four residents of the house, someone under the rubble, were killed, others crashed, jumping from the upper floors, escaping from a fire, or from burns. Died: Galina Degtyareva, Alexander Tyapkin, Oleg Tyapkin and Yegor Pushenko. 11 people were injured - 4 people are heavy, 5 - moderate, 2 - light.

Initially, a panic began, frightened tenants jumped out of their apartments and rushed around the yard. However, rather quickly, people from the neighboring houses got organized, and began to try to save people from the entrance that was filled with fire. Soon, firefighters who arrived at the crash site joined them. So, when a baby was dropped from the fifth floor, people standing below could catch it. After 57 minutes, the fire was extinguished.

As the investigation showed, the ram was intentional. The cause of the attack became the pilot's personal motives. After a family quarrel, his wife left Serkov, taking their child with them. Tatiana settled in the apartment of her parents. The young pilot (1953) was trying to make up, but his wife's parents turned her spouse against her husband so much that she even refused to talk to him, to let her see her 2-year-old son Roma. When he came, Tatyana's father chased away his son-in-law. The final break occurred when the wife said she was ready to file for divorce. Vladimir and Tatiana were handed subpoenas for September 30. Divorce meant not only the end of the family, but also a career - the young pilot was expecting a promotion: he had to fly a large passenger airliner.

Vladimir Serkov was distinguished for his excellent piloting skills and was appreciated by his superiors. He was an educated man, an athlete, played football well, had the title of master candidate in artistic gymnastics. Despite the good personal characteristics and technical skills, Vladimir Serkov, apparently, was a morally weak person who could not stand the heavy family drama. In addition, the investigation revealed diseases of the nervous system. In 1971, he had an epileptic seizure, twice he suffered domestic head injuries. After that, according to his wife, he often complained of a headache. But Serkov carefully concealed his problems, fearing withdrawal from flight work.

On the last day before the ram, the tenants of the house saw Serkov pacing the distance from the windows of the house to a large tree that grew directly opposite. The pilot wanted to send the plane to the apartment of his wife's parents, but he had to evade a large poplar, and the plane hit the entrance, which saved many residents from dying. It should be noted that Serkov’s relatives were not at home at that moment. Father-in-law with the mother-in-law spent the night in another place. According to the neighbors, they feared the vengeance of Vladimir Serkov, who repeatedly threatened them and allegedly even named the exact time when he would take revenge.

The commission investigating the causes of the accident, concluded that Serkov’s neuro-psychological instability was the immediate cause of the emergency. Contributed to the incident: 1) mistakes of the command and management personnel of the Novosibirsk airline, which did not pay enough attention to studying the moral and volitional qualities of subordinates, their interests and inclinations, the situation in the family; 2) insufficient work among the personnel to increase vigilance, responsibility, to observe the existing rules of the regime; 3) violations in the field of pre-flight medical control, poor study of the psychophysical characteristics of pilots; 4) violations in matters of pre-flight preparation, reception and transfer of aircraft, etc.

Interestingly, for 22 year before the ram Serkov exactly the same attempt to attack a residential house and also because of the family drama was made by another person. In the same Novosibirsk, due to the betrayal of his wife, flight engineer Polyakov hijacked an IL-12 aircraft. A mechanic planned to ram that apartment, where, as he supposed, his wife was cheating on him with her lover. Polyakov made several visits to the house. But he could not strike. It was deep in the night, and the luminous spots of the windows disoriented him, he could not determine what was needed. The authorities began negotiations with him on the radio, and the jealous man agreed to land the plane and surrendered. The sentence was rather mild, he got off with three years of imprisonment.

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  1. Floock
    Floock 26 September 2013 07: 32 New
    In passion, it was happening in Soviet heaven, worse than Santa Barbara!

    And the authorities hid it. winked
    By the way, Konevsky reliably talks about such cases in his "Investigation ..."
    1. slacker
      slacker 26 September 2013 08: 47 New
      This Serkov was probably from al-Qaeda?
    2. xetai9977
      xetai9977 26 September 2013 09: 19 New
      To kill himself and others because of a quarrel with his wife .... Obviously, he had mental problems.
      1. Uncle
        Uncle 26 September 2013 18: 01 New
        Quote: xetai9977
        Kill yourself and others because of a quarrel with your wife ....

        A walking woman is not worth a penny, especially his life.
    3. MG42
      MG42 26 September 2013 15: 06 New
      Quote: Floock
      In passion, it was happening in Soviet heaven, worse than Santa Barbara!

      And the authorities hid it.

      Here <family drama>, and there was a betrayal that 1976 20 days before that on September 6, 1976 >>

      On September 6, 1976, at 6:45 a.m. Belenko flew from the Sokolovka airfield of the Primorsky Territory to perform a flight exercise. At 9:15, Japanese radio broadcast that the MiG-25P, piloted by the Soviet pilot Belenko, landed at Hakodate Airport (Hokkaido Island). Subsequently, official notification was made by the Japanese authorities that Belenko sought political asylum. September 9, he was exported to the United States. The aircraft was dismantled, subjected to detailed study by Japanese and American experts and returned to the USSR on November 15, 1976.
      To investigate the escape of Belenko, a special group of the KGB of the USSR was created. In order to comprehensively study his personality, one hundred and sixteen people from among relatives and colleagues were requested. Data was collected on the state of health, relations with the command and in the family, moral and political qualities, attitude towards Soviet reality. The data received did not indicate that he was interested in the standard of living in the West, in particular the American one. Among his entourage, he condemned the former instructor pilot of the Armavir School Safronov, who flew to Iran in 1973. According to his wife, he did not listen to foreign radio stations himself and did not allow her to listen, and also forbade correspondence with a school friend who married a foreigner and lived in Italy.
      At the same time, it became known that Belenko once expressed dissatisfaction with the living conditions of the flight crew, an unregulated working day, and the frequent cancellation of weekends. At the same time, Victor Belenko, he said that American pilots are less busy.

      More details here >>
  2. Nayhas
    Nayhas 26 September 2013 07: 50 New
    He wanted to fill up mother-in-law, the whole of Novosibirsk knows this story. By the way, on the same street literally across the road under the new 2001. the house exploded, or rather, the entrance collapsed in an explosion, the official version was due to gas, but the inhabitants of the house said that they had heard two explosions. In general, a "fun" place.
  3. Boot under the carpet
    Boot under the carpet 26 September 2013 07: 53 New
    My dad was born in Novosibirsk and once upon a time told me about this incident. In the USSR, such incidents were always tried to hide from the media and, according to him, the hole formed after the collision was closed with a large piece of plywood and painted windows on it.
    1. dmb
      dmb 26 September 2013 14: 09 New
      The bastards - commies hid the truth from the working people. But tell me, if you had this information, you would have lived more interestingly, you would have become spiritually richer, or your family’s prosperity would have increased. That. that our media is making money on the unhealthy interest of our fellow citizens does not mean that in this way they benefit people.
  4. Samy
    Samy 26 September 2013 07: 55 New
    Gastello, damn it, however. A similar case was in Ussuriysk at about the same time, only with a tank. The master from the tank repair plant, quarreling with his wife, laden with mother-in-law, hijacked the tank and tried to ram the house with the mother-in-law (private), but "lost control" and fell from the bridge onto the railway station the way. Interestingly, the missile launchers solved their family problems by using the weapons entrusted to them, who knows?
    1. igordok
      igordok 26 September 2013 08: 29 New
      Quote: Samy
      Gastello, damn it, however

      Do not use the name of the hero as a household name.
      1. Samy
        Samy 26 September 2013 10: 43 New
        I do not touch Gastello's memory in any way and I do not diminish his feat. But a man who drove a saloit with dope into a residential building where innocent people died, deserves this end.
    2. The Indian Joe
      The Indian Joe 26 September 2013 10: 56 New
      Interestingly, the missile launchers solved their family problems by using the weapons entrusted to them, who knows?
      - On the afternoon of April 20 on 2000, at seven minutes past four, a half-ton missile of the ground-to-ground class fell on a residential building in the city of Brovary near Kiev. Three people died ...
      1. Argon
        Argon 26 September 2013 11: 50 New
        By the way, at the expense of Gastello’s feat, it’s not all unambiguous either, under Brezhnev they wanted to erect a monument on the spot, but during the excavations fragments of the remains, personal belongings were found, and most importantly the medallion of a radio operator shooter who was part of another crew. it was negligent with the personnel. I consider it primarily guilty of the "political" of the detachment, despite the fact that the contingent working in "civil aviation" was considered to be an order of magnitude higher than the "state farmers", "doctors". There’s even a simple conversation "heart to heart" enough to see a person seriously destabilized.
      2. Corsair
        Corsair 26 September 2013 12: 19 New
        Quote: Native American Joe
        - On the afternoon of April 20 on 2000, at seven minutes past four, a half-ton missile of the ground-to-ground class fell on a residential building in the city of Brovary near Kiev. Three people died ...

        "Point U" ... And with all this, the behavior of the Ministry of Defense of the ZSU and official Kiev was striking, because in confirmation of the military’s non-involvement in the incident, a funnel was shown at the training ground where the rocket allegedly fell ... request
    3. Mature naturalist
      Mature naturalist 26 September 2013 14: 53 New
      They talked about a less tragic case: the girl was about to marry another. The wedding was held in a village house. The rejected former lover drove the cesspool machine and poured its contents into the window, where "the wedding sang and danced" ... wassat
    4. the polar
      the polar 26 September 2013 18: 54 New
      I don’t know how rocket launchers, but in the same Novosibirsk, one lover of sucker, after a quarrel with his mistress, drove his shit truck to her apartment on the ground floor, and thrust the hose into the window and pumped all the contents of the tank into her apartment.
      Here are those and Siberia, and passions blaze worse than in Napolitano.
      Yeah, here is the same comment above. However, losers have a tradition of love.
    5. helg717
      helg717 27 September 2013 17: 27 New
      and submariners winked
      1. Fedya
        Fedya 25 December 2013 22: 06 New
        The captain of the nuclear submarine calls the start-up:
        - And what kind of push was it about two minutes ago?
        - Yes, this ... A radiogram came to Midshipman Kovbasyuk that his wife had gone with some foppish to Nice to rest. .
        - Well?
        - P %%%% c Nice ...
  5. 0255
    0255 26 September 2013 09: 15 New
    that's where Bush got the idea for organizing the September 11, 2011 attacks (((
    1. Light source
      Light source 26 September 2013 17: 24 New
      Quote: 0255
      that’s where Bush got the idea for organizing the September 11, 2011 attacks.

      This once again confirms that the towers were blown up from the inside.
  6. Ivan Tarasov
    Ivan Tarasov 26 September 2013 09: 37 New
    How did he suffer from epilepsy - flew ...
    1. AX
      AX 26 September 2013 11: 10 New
      My fighters with epilepsy also served ... But, not for long. The question is, where was the medical board ...
      1. Ascetic
        Ascetic 26 September 2013 13: 41 New
        Quote: AX
        My fighters with epilepsy also served ... But, not for long. The question is, where was the medical board ..

        I remember how I led the unit after the march, to meet a letekha from a neighboring division, he leads a lame soldier with a wand. I ask him where such a fighter comes from. He - they sent a patient from the military registration and enlistment office, and he has polymellitis, they are completely fucked up, so I’m taking them to the commission. I'm mine. Look, bags, invalids in the army serve and you die on an ordinary march-throw. Continue tomorrow (to the dismal displeasure of the unit) request
  7. user
    user 26 September 2013 10: 31 New
    Yes, no one really hid this case, it is clear that there was nothing about this in the media, but many went looking.
  8. Algor73
    Algor73 26 September 2013 10: 52 New
    The human factor always remains the most probable in all kinds of accidents, catastrophes. If the appropriate services (psychologists, sociologists, etc.) worked normally for us, then this was not the case. For some reason, we have an association of “psychologist” with “psychiatrist”. True, during the time of the USSR these functions were performed by party organizers ....
  9. Black
    Black 26 September 2013 10: 54 New
    Each hut has its own rattles!
  10. kirgudu
    kirgudu 26 September 2013 11: 33 New
    Only three years were given in a bloody totalitarian state.
    In the luminosity of democracy now soldered life.
  11. Fitter65
    Fitter65 26 September 2013 12: 07 New
    He was a kid when it happened, but I remember that people spoke about this incident. Moreover, my aunt lived not far from this place, and when the students arrived on the weekend, and just relatives, there were almost eyewitnesses. Zatulinka, but later, bus number 15 tore off. A man in his quarry stole a couple of checkers with electric detonators, jammed the fish, put them in his pocket with wires and batteries, then plastic bags were very rare, well, the detonator was closed. Still in the ship "A. Borodin "on the Ob reservoir not far from Nizhny Kamenka a self-propelled barge crashed. I heard this rumble, literally half an hour before the collision I got off the ship. Then I saw both ships in Ordynsky, then they were towed into the backwater. They also didn’t write about it, but they knew and told everyone and sundry, and at the same time told with such details as if they themselves at least took part ...
  12. nod739
    nod739 26 September 2013 12: 20 New
    Interestingly, the astronauts. sticking out for half a year in orbit, looking at the porthole to the bottom where the house and wife are, there is no desire to lower the "progress" not into the ocean but into a specific house ??
  13. poccinin
    poccinin 26 September 2013 12: 34 New
    Quote: Native American Joe
    Interestingly, the missile launchers solved their family problems by using the weapons entrusted to them, who knows?
    - On the afternoon of April 20 on 2000, at seven minutes past four, a half-ton missile of the ground-to-ground class fell on a residential building in the city of Brovary near Kiev. Three people died ...

    in pancake in RUSSIA, however, severe peasants live. Geyevropeytsam oh how far
  14. Sashko07
    Sashko07 26 September 2013 13: 09 New
    Regarding epilepsy, I want to say - any epileptic, and one whose seizure happened only once in his life, is easy to determine when examining the brain on an ECG. How could a military commission allow such a person to fly an airplane?
    1. sidwinder
      sidwinder 26 September 2013 13: 55 New
      When examining the brain, an ECG is not performed. Perhaps you meant EEG. And where does the military commission if the pilot from the Civil Air Fleet.
      1. Sashko07
        Sashko07 27 September 2013 17: 49 New
        Yes, it was him who made a mistake. But what's the difference where the pilot comes from - he still passes the commission.
  15. Commander
    Commander 26 September 2013 13: 54 New
    In those days, there were probably no psychologists. And how many people died because of unrequited love ??? No one kept statistics. A pilot must be morally stable, and not only morally!
    1. Ascetic
      Ascetic 26 September 2013 15: 30 New
      Quote: Commander
      And how many people died because of unrequited love ???

      Yes, self-arrows in the guards are almost an everyday occurrence. I remember the soldiers who enter the guard of letters did not give out letters before, Now of course there are mobile phones, the Internet.
  16. Forest
    Forest 26 September 2013 16: 25 New
    We had a pilot in MI-2 in a squadron, my wife flew to check at home or not. Flies up to the 10th floor hangs near (relatively) with windows and flew on assignment laughing
  17. rapira99
    rapira99 26 September 2013 16: 39 New
    Yes, he did not fly at that time already. He was transferred to the ground service. And the plane hijacked corny. My grandmother in this house lived only in the last entrance. She told me that she banged so that she was thrown out of bed. Everyone ran out screaming - war, and they bombed ... Then, when they saw the door of the plane near the poplar with the inscription of the USSR Academy of Sciences - they began to think about what happened .. Father from the KGB factory pulled, they say there is an emergency, and you have relatives there. He passed through three rings of cordon to his mother-in-law, and took us to what for almost a month ..
    1. RoTTor
      RoTTor 26 September 2013 17: 37 New
      And without a medical board (in GA - VLEK), divorce then put a fat cross on the career.

      VLEK and VLK (in military aviation) in those days, unlike the current ones, did not pass for money. Who at that time was in aviation - they will confirm. Epilepsy could well be attributed to medical documents retroactively in order to shield large authorities - and in the air squad and in the regional civil aviation administration.

      The guy is sorry - and the pilot was good, and he loved his wife and baby ...
      1. the polar
        the polar 26 September 2013 19: 06 New
        Quote: RoTTor
        [b] And without a medical board (in GA - VLEK) divorce then put a fat cross on the quarry.

        Do not pi ... those. My cousin was a pilot, the commander of the MI-8 squadron, was married three times, earned the Order of the Red Banner of Labor, was sent to Laos, and received the Order of the Red Banner there. And no one spread rot.
  18. Sarmat1972
    Sarmat1972 26 September 2013 17: 21 New
    Quote: Sashko07
    Regarding epilepsy, I want to say - any epileptic, and one whose seizure happened only once in his life, is easy to determine when examining the brain on an ECG. How could a military commission allow such a person to fly an airplane?

    I want to correct: ECG determines the work of the heart (electrocardiogram); and the work of the brain EEG (electroencephalogram) - here it gives an accurate diagnosis of the presence of epileptic syndrome. In Soviet times, not everyone could do this type of research, but pilots were required to undergo this type of examination
  19. RoTTor
    RoTTor 26 September 2013 17: 27 New
    No one hid anything. ALL AIRCASTASTROPHES and PLP (prerequisites for flight accidents) MANDATORY brought to the entire personnel, and the army - to officers under the signature. They took preventive measures, etc.

    The townsfolk do not need it

    Now, however, psychiatric and simply in ministers and in deputies, twice-convicted criminals are presidents, and the media only broadcast horror stories, because now there is no good news
    1. Pushkar
      Pushkar 26 September 2013 18: 01 New
      With your permission, I confirm that in Soviet times, aviation accidents and catastrophe reviews were read out every month in aviation.
      1. Forest
        Forest 27 September 2013 08: 11 New
        I confirm that every morning newsletters about flight accidents and measures to eliminate or prevent them were brought.
  20. selbrat
    selbrat 26 September 2013 19: 27 New
    I didn’t understand what this case has to do with Military Review? ... Soon, I’ll begin to describe all the everyday life here. fool
  21. Fitter65
    Fitter65 26 September 2013 19: 34 New
    Quote: Ascetic
    Yes, self-arrows in the guards are almost an everyday occurrence.

    Moreover, three days before the guard, and for these three days, the Zampolit (we still had the Zampolit as an conscript), those who intercede will take away the souls, but what, in the last letter it came, Who wrote to you, etc., etc. .p.This has now served for almost 30 years (13.10.13/30/XNUMX will be exactly XNUMX with an urgent term) I understand that if a subordinate, as they say, "messed up", then the immediate boss is always to blame. But do I need it? it’s not true to avoid such failures. And on various incidents, they went to the Armed Forces almost every day, and now there are telegrams, and everywhere it’s one thing to take measures, to strengthen attention, etc., etc.
  22. stranik72
    stranik72 26 September 2013 22: 00 New
    I think in 1996, the flight engineer instructor on the AN-26 also took off circled, even the commander of the VA (I think in Kubinka) tried to persuade him to land on the radio, but he chose a different path, he just directed the plane to the ground. Also family problems.
  23. Kostya pedestrian
    Kostya pedestrian 27 September 2013 03: 28 New
    By the way, who cares, in Melbourne in Australia, there is a new building of the NAB bank, reminiscent of the wreckage of an airplane or ship on the roof, and the most interesting thing is that the side of the building looking at the local white house (post office) which looks like a mountain landslide, exactly resembling a scene -100 Sukhoi Superjet Crash

    And it’s also interesting that the number of the building is 700, and next to it, butt is the building of the 9th Australian news channel, by the way, if you look from the bridge, the SS insignia are clearly visible. Yes, and if you look closely at the triangle above the entrance to Channel 9, you can clearly see the twin towers, only lying on their sides. The number of the "deadly" flight of the superjet was RA-97004

    And right behind the 700 building is Harbor Street (in Irish it sounds like the English Four) Yes, I almost forgot, the symbol of Naba (navarra-crusaders?) Resembles United Airlines in the blood - is it a coincidence or the evil genius of the Irish-German Mori Art ( fans of the god of black mora from kenningsberg?).

    By the way, I just worked for the local rail company overbought siemens, and there the documentation is entirely dss numbers (such a paired sd and ss service, i.e. holy spirit and the Inquisition in one bottle) on the documents.

    Why am I: I’m just from Ivenets in Belarus, just on the Minsk-Baranovichi road, not far from Volma, not the Volma beyond Minsk, near which the legendary 100 division defended Minsk in 1941, and before Minsk, from where our courageous troops left the encirclement as a result of the tragic events of the 41st, namely, the successful Abwehr operation to terrorize our people, which was reflected in the repressions and the development of confidence in the Nazis more than their own.

    In short, some kind of devilry. Maybe Alexander Karelov will help all this to understand the pet of the Labor Reserves from Minsk in the classic struggle, otherwise the opposition uses pain methods, which is completely illegal and fraught with disqualification or massacre.
  24. D_L
    D_L 27 September 2013 18: 44 New
    Mental illnesses were in Soviet times both in tsarist and present times!
  25. Kostya pedestrian
    Kostya pedestrian 28 September 2013 14: 42 New
    If this compliment is for me, then you are mistaken, I'm just in love with marketing, and sometimes I look at things through glasses like in the movie "They are alive" and in my free time I like search work.
  26. Technologist
    Technologist 29 September 2013 13: 27 New
    I got a peasant mother-in-law to see, I got a lot. But this house is still standing, I live not far away.