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Memory in the heart and in the stone

Most recently, veterans and current employees of the Department of Military Counterintelligence of the Federal Security Service of Russia opened a memorial plaque on the building of Tula secondary school No. XXUMX in honor of the Hero of Russia Sergey Gromov, the name of which was named this educational institution. The military counterintelligence captain Gromov died in an unequal battle in Grozny, covering his comrades from enemy fire. It was from Tula that he left for that last war. And so the other day in the courtyard of the school, bearing the name of a brave officer, his bust was solemnly opened.

... From the height of a small pedestal, he mischievously looks at all of us. Good look, easy smile, a strand of unruly hair on his forehead. On the open paratrooper is the Golden Star of the Hero of Russia.

This is the only thing that exaggerated the author of the composition is the Tula sculptor Yuri Uvarkin. The high title of Hero of the Russian Federation, officer Sergey Gromov, was awarded posthumously. The Gold Star is a memory left by the family of the deceased officer: mothers, Galina Alexandrovna, widows, Valentina Petrovna, and their daughters - Zlata, Gali, Nasty.

Those who personally knew Sergey, who served with him, who somehow came into contact with this person in life came to Tula for the celebrations. Everyone remembered his responsive nature, good character, and most importantly - his responsibility and dedication, the desire to always do everything right, to act according to conscience.

Galina Aleksandrovna told about how Sergei was a schoolboy who was worried that, together with everyone, he was not accepted first to the pioneers, and then to the Komsomol: he went to the first grade earlier than the others, and that’s not suitable for his age. Because of this lack of years, the boy was not taken to the Suvorov Military School, although he even personally addressed the Minister of Defense of the USSR with a request for admission to the SVU. And yet he achieved his goal - became a military man. He graduated from the famous Ryazan Higher Airborne Command School. In 1986, Sergei Gromov received his first officer shoulder straps and donned a uniform with emblems of the Airborne Forces guided by all winds.

Served with dignity, honestly. He was awarded medals "For distinction in military service" I and II degree. In 1990, I received an offer to continue serving in the security services. He graduated from the Higher Courses of Military Counterintelligence of the KGB of the USSR, after which he served in the relevant units for the maintenance of our troops in the South Caucasus. And in 1993, he returned to his native airborne forces - he became the officer of the military counterintelligence department of the 106 Guards Airborne Division. With this connection, he went to war ...

Officer Gromov, together with paratroopers from Tula, arrived in November 1994 in the area of ​​armed confrontation in the North Caucasus. Winged Guards then thrown into the thick of it. At the edge of the main combat events was the security officer Sergei Gromov. He provided command of important operational information about gangster caches with weapons and ammunition, about upcoming provocations against the Russian military. We had to participate in negotiations with the local population, when old men and women, incited by the militants, were ready to act as human shields. For the successful performance of combat missions, Captain Sergei Gromov was awarded the medal "For Courage". But when the time came to be replaced, the officer asked the management to leave him in a special area for another term. He could not just take it and throw his comrades.

In January-February, the hardest battles unfolded for Grozny. The bandits clung desperately to every house, every street. In one of the clashes in the area of ​​the notorious Minutka Square (formerly named after Khrushchev), the paratroopers' unit met with the powerful resistance of the militants. Snipers did not let our soldiers literally lift their heads.

Sergey understood - he must take responsibility for himself. The officer, who was perfectly prepared first of all in a military and tactical sense, always acted confidently and competently in such a situation. In addition, it was not his first battle. In one of the episodes of his episode in Grozny, when Dudayev's troops launched a counterattack at the command post of their regiment, he personally destroyed five attack aircraft. And now the officer masterfully put out one fire point, another ... Suddenly ...

Then the same sniper for a long time did not allow to approach the body of the captain. Bandits have no feelings, no pity, no compassion. The eyewitnesses of that battle recalled how difficult it was to pull an officer from the rafted area, how they hoped that he would live, that this was just a wound. The wound was fatal.

... Valentina Petrovna Gromova remembers the words that Sergey said to her before closing the door behind her forever: "No one will love you the way I do." For the past 18 years, she lives with the memory of him. Grown up daughter. Galina went in the footsteps of her father - she graduated from the FSB Academy, received officer shoulder straps. Zlata and Nastya are still studying each in their own universities. At the opening ceremony of the monument in front of the Tula School No. XXUMX building, the girls were frankly timid, they were embarrassed by the numerous views in their direction. So, they say, their father was also - he avoided unnecessary attention, but where necessary - he was resolute, aspiring, infinitely brave. So he will remain in the memory of everyone who knew him.

The opening of the monument to the military counterintelligence officer Sergei Gromov was a real event for Tula. The bouquet of scarlet roses was the first to the hero's pedestal that was laid by the governor of the Tula region Vladimir Gruzdev. The former officer himself, a graduate of a military high school, a participant in performing tasks in special areas, a holder of the Medal for Military Merit medal, in his speech stressed that the bust of the Hero is a tribute to all those who died, fulfilling military duty in the name of the Fatherland.

Veterans of the Great Patriotic War, participants in the hostilities of the last decades, pupils of local military-patriotic clubs, active soldiers of the garrison came to the ceremony in honor of the opening of the monument to the military counterintelligence. There were poems, songs on military subjects, veterans talked with young people. Without exaggeration, we can say that this event in a good way united Tula people on this day, was another reason to remember their heroes, all those who glorified their land and their country.

It should be noted that the most active part in creating a monument to the Hero of Russia Captain Sergey Gromov, as well as earlier in the construction of a memorial plaque on the school building bearing his name, was received by veterans and current employees of the Military Counterintelligence Department of the FSB of Russia. “The Chekists do not forget their own,” said Major General Efim Gordeevich Chikulaev, deputy head of the FKR’s veteran council. - We honor all those who fulfilled their duty, remember their loved ones. I must say that veterans of military counterintelligence are under special control of the department’s leadership, ranging from providing targeted, concrete support to regular meetings and live communication. ”

On the example of military counterintelligence officer Sergei Gromov, who has fulfilled his duty to the end, not retreating in the face of mortal danger, generations of defenders of the Motherland will learn. The memory of the courageous officer will now be stored both in the heart and in the stone.
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  1. il grand casino
    il grand casino 13 September 2013 09: 53
    Everlasting memory. And let the earth rest in peace
    1. Reasonable, 2,3
      Reasonable, 2,3 14 September 2013 17: 48
      Honor and eternal memory to the colleague.
  2. 17alex17_2013
    17alex17_2013 13 September 2013 09: 55
    More to such
    1. Dangerous
      Dangerous 13 September 2013 10: 14
      How tired you are everywhere with your monotonous comments "there would be more of these". It's time for moderators to start paying attention to such non-informative messages
      1. 787nkx
        787nkx 13 September 2013 10: 21
        For more would be such proactive, patriotic people who perpetuate the memory of heroes and their exploits.
        Hero-memory, relatives of our empathy, the organizers respect and gratitude.
      2. starshina78
        starshina78 13 September 2013 12: 08
        Would write better. Criticizing is easiest. With these words, a person expresses his opinion, and let it be brief, but what is behind this brevity is the desire that there should be more heroes in the country who are ready to defend their homeland, even giving their life. You can write a lot, but the essence will not be. With regards to Sergei, the hero after death goes straight to heaven, to heaven. So we wish him the Kingdom of Heaven and eternal memory!
      3. Silkway0026
        Silkway0026 13 September 2013 17: 14
        stall, rot. there would be fewer people like you
    2. Apostle
      Apostle 13 September 2013 13: 54
      I am glad that the Motherland remembers its Heroes !!! Eternal memory ...
    3. Russ69
      Russ69 13 September 2013 16: 15
      Quote: 17alex17_2013
      More to such

      The main thing is that such people remain alive, then the country will change ...
    4. soldier's grandson
      soldier's grandson 13 September 2013 22: 16
      more of these, but alive!
  3. eplewke
    eplewke 13 September 2013 10: 15
    Everlasting memory! Glory to the heroes!
  4. Hleb
    Hleb 13 September 2013 10: 25
    Memory forever ...
    (his photo by the way in mirror image is made)
    1. Hleb
      Hleb 13 September 2013 10: 45
      change something. so it should be
  5. kafa
    kafa 13 September 2013 10: 52
    real officer soldier
  6. kafa
    kafa 13 September 2013 10: 57
    Quote: Dangerous
    How tired you are everywhere with your monotonous comments "there would be more of these". It's time for moderators to start paying attention to such non-informative messages

    Believe me, sir, what this officer did is only take off his hat and bow and pay tribute to the hero soldier
    1. Dangerous
      Dangerous 13 September 2013 11: 02
      I didn’t write about the officer, but about the fact that there were a lot of site users who, due to such comments, are trying to increase their rating
      1. 787nkx
        787nkx 13 September 2013 11: 09
        We communicate here because we are interested in topics and different opinions.
        There are topics on which comments are redundant.
        I think your harsh remark is not in the spirit of a military and patriotic forum.
        Personally, the rating is not important to me.
        My asterisks are on my ID.
  7. kafa
    kafa 13 September 2013 11: 03
    you alive do not understand how it is reproachable in heaven to hear the heroes ..............
    1. soldier's grandson
      soldier's grandson 13 September 2013 22: 18
      and you from heaven write to us from there?
  8. kafa
    kafa 13 September 2013 11: 05
    Quote: Dangerous
    I didn’t write about the officer, but about the fact that there were a lot of site users who, due to such comments, are trying to increase their rating

    so explain more clearly. here about the feat and you for humus
  9. Ruslan_F38
    Ruslan_F38 13 September 2013 11: 10
    A country must know its heroes by sight. It is necessary to publish a book, a textbook describing the actions of such people and teach youth on their examples in the lessons of patriotic education in schools. Children will have the right ideals and heroes.
  10. FunkschNNX
    FunkschNNX 13 September 2013 11: 43
    Eternal memory to heroes! soldier

    We have a strange state, distributing stars to its officers and bandits from whose hands these heroes died am
  11. erased
    erased 13 September 2013 12: 18
    Glory to the Russian hero! And eternal memory to him!
    Not all veterans of two wars in Chechnya can boast of prosperity in life. Meanwhile, Grozny has already been rebuilt and the main mosque of the city has won the Heart of Russia contest! Paradox!
  12. kafa
    kafa 13 September 2013 12: 37
    Quote: Фкенщь13
    Eternal memory to heroes! soldier

    We have a strange state, distributing stars to its officers and bandits from whose hands these heroes died am

    he who is not at all a secret to whom they gave money and power so that he keeps his fellow tribesmen in check and medals. ... look at their villages .......... we are a country! I saw on sale Bashkir honey Dagestan cognac and spruce-paly from Nochi I see the most sucks. they are not needed at home, and where are they going to Moscow. at home they send the last homeless from the ditch ....... and to Moscow they are even afraid of the cop ............
    As long as we have urki (bandits) will drive on expensive cars and kill the defenders of the homeland (the homeland with a small letter because it betrays the defenders) and do it with impunity ..... mocking. Georgians tell me about this ?! Russian to me!?! karoch if terrible becomes a city of military glory bury me behind the plinth
    1. FunkschNNX
      FunkschNNX 13 September 2013 12: 54
      There seems to be a president, but no leader. Deputies seem to have the same thing, only they are not politicians but prostitutes. And we ourselves are no better. Selling policemen, they didn’t come from Mars to us, they grew up in the same families and yards as everyone else. recourse
  13. Ryzhikov
    Ryzhikov 13 September 2013 13: 23
    Yes captain HERO soldier And Kadyrov (senior) is also a hero and a monument to him in Moscow is am Question: Heroes of Russia are satisfied with such a neighborhood hi
    1. Papania
      Papania 13 September 2013 13: 59
      Words are not just drooling. And what was not found in Grozny?
  14. kafa
    kafa 13 September 2013 14: 32
    Quote: Ryzhikov
    Yes captain HERO soldier And Kadyrov (senior) is also a hero and a monument to him in Moscow is am Question: Heroes of Russia are satisfied with such a neighborhood hi

    YES they are both heroes. But one hero officer paratrooper counterintelligence .....
    And the other one went to the Kremlin in adidas and with a man purse on the arrow
  15. albanech
    albanech 13 September 2013 14: 38
    It is true that they immortalized a real hero, otherwise many would not even have known about him! Let the younger generation be equal to such guys! Glory to the heroes. Everlasting memory!
  16. Vityaz68
    Vityaz68 13 September 2013 15: 18
  17. Peaceful military
    Peaceful military 13 September 2013 15: 33
  18. Silkway0026
    Silkway0026 13 September 2013 17: 15
    Eternal memory to the officer!
  19. APASUS
    APASUS 13 September 2013 19: 30
    Here is a Hero of a new Russia, which is not a topic for a history textbook. You have to educate yourself on such feats, but now it’s scary to open a story.
  20. repytw
    repytw 13 September 2013 20: 08
    These are our counterintelligence agents, we need to make films about them, otherwise they were filmed, like "Penal Battalion", where they are shown as stupid maniacs. Anyone would write an article about the role of "Smersh" in WWII.
  21. brewhouse
    brewhouse 13 September 2013 22: 32
    On the topic of memory, but about another deceased. Such a tablet met on the grave of a lieutenant who fell in 44th on the Karelian Isthmus during the liberation of Vyborg. The inscription moved to tears.
  22. Yuri11076
    Yuri11076 14 September 2013 00: 34
    Eternal memory to all Russian wars that gave their lives for the good of Russia !!!
  23. sergaivenski
    sergaivenski 14 September 2013 06: 27
    Good morning to everyone, have a nice day !!! How long have I lived in this world (I’m 52 years old) and I can’t find an answer to the question: why nowhere (!) Do soldiers, who died on a foreign land, on the Khalkhin-Gol River in 1939, are not remembered? ?? My grandfather (by mother) Sergey Bersenev, born in 1910, died there. For which the Khalkhingols fought ??? The country saved from fascism preferred to forget about its soldiers sent by the country itself !!! And there are no monuments to the Khalkhingol soldiers anywhere set and do not set !!!