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Terrorist activity in Ingushetia does not decrease

The village of Lower Achaluki. The Republic of Ingushetia. An attempt was made on the highway connecting Nazran and Malgobek to the secretary of the republican Security Council Akhmed Kotiev. The car VAZ-2114, in which there was an Ingush official, in 7: 30 in Moscow was fired upon by unknown persons from an automatic weapons. As a result of the shelling, the driver of the car died on the spot, and Kotiev died during transportation to the nearest hospital.

The killing of a high-ranking Republican official in Ingushetia was dubbed as one of the attempts of militants to influence the outcome of elections, which should be held in the region in less than a couple of weeks. Such a judgment looks, at least, strange at once for several reasons.

The first reason: the event, which will be held in Ingushetia in September, with all due respect to the Ingush parliament, is not exactly up to full-fledged elections. President Putin proposed to the Ingush legislators three candidacies, among them Yunus-Bek Yevkurov, who has served as head of Ingushetia since October 2008. You do not need to be Nostradamus to guess who the members of the republican parliament will ultimately choose ...

Reason two: if a terrorist act against Akhmed Kotiev in the Republic of Ingushetia would be the only recent terrorist act, then one could assume that it has something to do with the upcoming “elections”, but gang attacks in the republic would become a phenomenon Do not household.

We present the statistics of terrorist acts and attacks on security forces in Ingushetia since the beginning of this year. This statistic looks really impressive (with a minus sign, of course).

January 2013

Nazran Unidentified persons fired at a private house of a religious leader, member of the Council of Muftis of the Russian Federation, Salekh Khamkhoev. By luck, no one was hurt.

February 2013

Ekazhevo village. An explosive device attached to the car of a local resident worked. Two people were seriously injured. According to some information, the victims came out with appeals to put up civil resistance to illegal armed groups on the territory of Ingushetia.

Nazran As a result of the armed attack, the head of the Rosselkhoznadzor administration for the Republic of Ingushetia was seriously injured and a passerby was killed.

March 2013

Neighborhood of the village Jandare. The attack on the policeman, as a result of which he was wounded from automatic weapons.

April 2013

Sunzhensky district. As a result of the double blast, law enforcement officers, including the commander of the republican riot police Rashid Ganizhev, were seriously wounded.

Village Dolakovo. Killed by a policeman.

Gazi-Yurt. The attack on the car of the deputy head of Dzheirahskogo district Magomed Yevkurov. The car was fired from automatic weapons. There were no casualties.

Nazran Idris Tarkoyev, deputy head of the Chermen village administration, was killed.

During the operation to neutralize a suicide bomber, a law enforcement officer was seriously wounded.

May 2013

Village Ordzhonikidzevskaya. The secretary of the Security Council of Ingushetia reports that during the operation to storm the house, where the militants took refuge, they received injuries of varying severity 13 security forces.

The village of Them. A homemade bomb was blown up, which the attackers threw into the household of the former judge of the Magas district court. No injuries.

June 2013

Sunzhensky district. Shelled police outfit. Attack weapons - a grenade launcher. Four police officers injured.

July 2013
Village Nesterovskaya. Seriously wounded employee of the security forces. The traffic police inspector is wounded.

Terrorist activity in Ingushetia is not reduced. It is not affected by changes in the power apparatus of the republic, nor new appointments in the municipalities, or rather frequent changes of representatives of the judiciary. It seems that the entire work of the authorities of Ingushetia is similar to the actions of an unlucky insect caught in a cobweb. Any attempt to get out of this web causes a spider to appear and causes a painful bite. And the following strangeness is surprising: in one of the smallest in terms of the territory and population of the subjects of the federation, the authorities can not only break the terrorist web, but also establish who it is here everywhere. The situation looks even more strange because President Yunus-Bek Yevkurov, who himself suffered at the hands of terrorists, is not a guest in Ingushetia, and he controls the region not at all for a week, but for almost five years.

What conclusions suggest themselves? Either Evkurov is poorly headed as a leader (the country has the highest unemployment in the country - about 44% in official statistics; the last place in the country in terms of GRP and one of the first places in terms of the prevalence of crime), or then other hands, and Yevkurov only denotes power in the region.

Of course, you can think for a long time about the fact that some dark forces prevent Yunus-Bek of Bematgireyevich from working and bringing order to the region entrusted to him, but these reflections are clearly speculative in nature. Yevkurov, after all, is by no means a pussy lady, but a combat general, a paratrooper. Or did the current acting Ingush president forget that he is a hero of Russia, and that it was he who in June 1999 took direct part in the cast for Pristina? If you forgot, then we remind him about it.

And if you still try to dismiss the speculative component and assume that again, someone is trying to do everything to make Yevkurov a political loser? .. If so, then he does it well. We will not, as they say, point the finger, but in the light of the relations between Yevkurov and the head of one of the neighboring republics, this situation is quite possible. Not that this is exactly what really happened, but after all, the probabilities cannot be dismissed. And if we also recall the dispute between the heads of the two North Caucasian republics over the administrative border, which (dispute), by the way, has not been resolved so far, then the thought arises of the benefits of the “unlucky” Yunus-Bek to the “lucky” Ramzan. There is such a thing as sworn friends ... You see, one has flashed the thought that Putin will look at the “political loserism” of the head of Ingushetia and the problems of the whole Ingushetia as a whole, and decide to do something like the Chechen-Ingush Republic (as in the times of the USSR) with one head, with which Ramzan Akhmatovich may well feel himself inner ...

Only here the economic "achievements" of the Chechen Republic are also not far from the "achievements" of Ingushetia. Building mosques and skyscrapers on subsidies from the federal budget is, of course, impressive in its scope, but as a merit it is still dubious. And therefore, if Ramzan Akhmatovich has far-reaching plans to increase his own political weight in the North Caucasus, then it would be better to realize them not by informational PR, but by improving the now economic climate in the republic, and not looking beyond the administrative boundaries.
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  1. avt
    avt 28 August 2013 10: 12
    request And what exactly was expected in the light of current events around Syria?
    1. domovoi
      domovoi 28 August 2013 11: 06
      Of course. While Russia hesitated and stole from itself, time for rearmament was lost. Even in an alliance with China, Russia cannot resist NATO. And all why - because the dollar is in use. Depriving him of his strength, it was possible to kill not only 2, but 100000 birds with one stone. However, apparently Russia is satisfied with selling oil for paper .... request
      1. Russian
        Russian 28 August 2013 12: 15

        The commander of the 11th Cossack Regiment, Pyotr Molodidov, who went through the wars in Transnistria, Yugoslavia, Abkhazia, and Chechnya, has been in prison for the 96th year already. He received 17 years of strict regime for the murder of Caucasian rapists who raped his acquaintance. In January 2013, the corrupt court of the Russian Federation added two more years to him under Part 2 280 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (public calls for extremist activities committed using the media) for his article in the newspaper Kazachiy Vzglyad.

        Peter Molodidov is one of those people whom the system will always try to break, close, suppress the will, but even now, after serving so many years, the ataman does not lose heart and is faithful to himself, the Cossacks and the Motherland. He speaks negatively about the Cossack "register", about those who are popularly called mummers - "pro-government Cossacks" who praise Putin, ask him for land, and also perform folk songs, in general, actors, in a word, but not Cossacks, as Ataman Molodidov himself said: "Cossacks should not sing and dance at folklore festivals, they must fight."

        And he and his regiment really fought, and not only in those places where trains were blown up, artillery salvos thundered, but also fought for justice and order in their city. They created real Cossack patrols, which dealt with various Caucasian groups, of which there were a lot in the 90s, lowered corrupt bureaucrats from the "heavens", and protected the civilian population.

        The authorities hate Molodidov and his regiment, they were afraid of him, just as they were afraid of the authority of the ataman among the local population, whom they defended from the lawlessness of power and bandits. They committed lynching, but lynching begins only when the authorities let go, cover up the criminals, and do nothing. Several times they tried to open a criminal case against him, but it did not work, only after the murders of the rapists, the entire accusing party, consisting entirely of "Russians" with non-Russian surnames, achieved his imprisonment, however, these non-people did not manage to close him for life, which they demanded in the courtroom.

        He went to Grozny during the war, where he was met by women, old people and children, begging for help. Here is what he himself said: “While the Cossacks were reviving folklore in our country in the early 90s, the Chechens were collecting weapons. I remember how we went to the funeral of my friend, the Terek ataman Podkolzin, who was cruelly killed by the Chechens. Neither he nor his family is local the police and local authorities did not defend, and did not intend to defend.

        Dudayev then openly stated that if the Cossacks gathered for the funeral, we would shoot. The Dudayevites shouted around: "Down with the Russians, death to the Cossacks!" And the old men and women of Terek who came to the funeral shouted in response: "Damned animals, our Cossack land will burn under your feet!" When we were leaving Chechnya, we were surrounded by women: "Cossacks! Protect! Otherwise we have a" cover "! The government does not care about us ..." These women have long been dead.

        He told me that not only is it called humane, but this is far from the case. Love for the motherland, nation and readiness to sacrifice oneself in the name of this - this is the purest, genuine love, that feeling that cannot be created artificially, it either exists or does not exist. Can those who lack these concepts be called human? Or is humanity in our world determined only by a desire to satisfy carnal needs and a thirst for entertainment?
        Yes, he killed, but he killed those who deserved it, he killed in the war, he killed in a country where the war does not stop, and war is not possible without death. I am ashamed that this person is sitting, such as he is a real unit and they should be free, he is sitting for us all, for quality, for faith, for our homeland.
        1. George
          George 28 August 2013 20: 14
          Russian hi
          What prevents the Cossacks from standing up for the commander, or are they still singing songs?
          An example of how people stood up for the man who killed the air traffic controller who was responsible for the crash of an airplane always comes to my mind. People were able to defend his freedom. What are we so single-handed?
      2. Sirocco
        Sirocco 28 August 2013 16: 17
        Quote: domovoi
        Even in an alliance with China, Russia cannot resist NATO.

        And what can be contrasted? If the USA declared so loudly, it means that everyone has already agreed with everyone. Yes, and at the expense of China it is clear that the EU gave China a rollback in the form of 2 billion euros for the construction of Daimler. That’s the whole story. belay
    2. Sirocco
      Sirocco 28 August 2013 16: 15
      Terrorist activity in Ingushetia does not decrease
      And this is so to speak, greetings to us from our Western "partners". Which they pass on to us through Turkey. That is to say, the delivery of democratic Western values ​​to Russia. I wonder what we oppose to such deliveries?
    3. Col.
      Col. 28 August 2013 16: 37
      Quote: avt
      And what exactly was expected in the light of current events around Syria

      Yes, in the light of the events in Syria, there may be nothing to expect, but in the light of the promises of the GDP to "soak in the toilet" all terrorists have been waiting for this for 12 years (or was I mistaken?)
      1. avt
        avt 28 August 2013 17: 53
        Quote: Colonel
        and in the light of the promises of the GDP to "dunk in the toilet" all terrorists have been waiting for this for 12 years (or was I wrong?)

        request Not the 37th year .....
      2. alone
        alone 28 August 2013 17: 57
        You know, they soaked them in the toilet. You can not dispute this fact. but there was a small window in the toilet. some left the toilet and scattered throughout the northern Caucasus. as for the promises, you can promise anything.
      3. Slavs69
        Slavs69 28 August 2013 20: 54
        And you, Comrade Colonel, have you tried to count all the Sartirs in Ingushetia? I tried ... To hell with them .... And in the mountains there are no more of them ... only bushes.
  2. Xroft
    Xroft 28 August 2013 10: 17
    and this is just the beginning ... while Assad is still holding on and all the trash is sitting there, but what awaits us in 5 years?
    1. optimist
      optimist 28 August 2013 11: 02
      Quote: Xroft
      and what awaits us in 5 years?

      As if in the coming months, the "process" did not go ... There is a possibility that even to the "limpiyada" will not be allowed.
      1. domovoi
        domovoi 28 August 2013 11: 07
        E * thread on CA and Qatar, eh? The desert will burn there, and another lesson too ...
  3. tarks
    tarks 28 August 2013 10: 40
    Where do the new terrorists come from? What is the breeding ground for their revival?
    Terrorism is an ideology. And ideology must be opposed by a more powerful ideological system.
    In short, one nutrient broth needs to be replaced by another. And for this, this very different broth must first exist in nature.
    1. Apollo
      Apollo 28 August 2013 10: 50
      The identity of the organizer of the murder of Kotiev is established.
      According to intelligence agencies, the shooting of the head of the Security Council of Ingushetia was planned by the militant Arthur Gatagazhev, who organized a terrorist attack in a local police department a year ago.
      According to Life News, the assassination of the secretary of the Security Council of Ingushetia, Akhmed Kotiev, was organized by 38-year-old Arthur Gatagazhev. The Amir of the Malgobek bandit group was a long-time enemy of Akhmed Kotiev.

      “Judging by the method of murder and the area where this happened, only Gatagazhev could organize this crime,” a source told Life News in the investigation. - His gang group, according to operational data, has about 15 people.

      According to intelligence agencies, Arthur Gatagazhev went into the bandit underground in 2009. Then he was put on the federal wanted list under articles punishable for violating the life of a police officer and illegal acquisition of weapons. The 38-year-old native of the village of Sagopshi kept the whole district at bay: a year ago he sent a suicide bomber to the crowd of police from the Maogobek police department, who came to the funeral of his colleague Ilez Korigov. Then seven policemen were killed and 15 were injured.
      “Most likely, they established surveillance of Ahmed’s movements,” the source of Life News continues. “It is strange that Kotiev, as an experienced operative, did not notice the tail.”

      However, according to investigators, many knew that Kotiev moved without escort vehicles in ordinary inconspicuous cars. The head of the Security Council of Ingushetia preferred to change vehicles and driving directions to work or home more often. As a rule, he was accompanied by a cousin - 33-year-old Ruslan Kotiev, senior police lieutenant who played the role of both a security guard and a driver.

      Photo killer
      1. tarks
        tarks 28 August 2013 11: 16
        It would be nice to "intercept" these guys and form something like a "foreign legion" out of them. Since they really like to fight.
      2. Lech from ZATULINKI
        Lech from ZATULINKI 28 August 2013 11: 26
        This gangster needs to send a black mark.
        And to make in relation to his exponential action, the experience of MOSSAD ISRAEL.
  4. serge-68-68
    serge-68-68 28 August 2013 10: 57
    Terrorism cannot be destroyed by one landing regiment. England struggled with its Irish for almost a hundred years. And Irish terrorism is not Islamic terrorism. You will not envy Yevkurov. And if the author is so well remembered, he would go to the Internal Affairs Directorate of Ingushetia himself and fight, and not blame Yevkurov. And Ingush terrorism (the author is right here) cannot be eradicated without a radical revision of relations between Russia and Chechnya.
  5. Lech from ZATULINKI
    Lech from ZATULINKI 28 August 2013 10: 58
    Nits come out of every crack - I think that the gang underground in Ingushetia and throughout the NORTH CAUCASUS uses sophisticated methods of terrorist war.
    Undoubtedly - is there a customer or customers, the question is who?
    Undoubtedly - there are financiers of this matter - the question is who?
    Undoubtedly - there are intermediaries between them and the ordinary gangs - these people involved are occasionally spotlighted.
    And finally, the grassroots structure in the person of bandits from the local population as well as mercenaries of various poshiby (starting from the Saudis and ending with the thugs from the Ukrainian UPA), this riffraff is more or less known.
    It is completely impossible to prevent terrorist attacks - but to reduce their number is real.
    After that, it is necessary for our special services to deal closely with customers and financiers - the shooting or liquidation of TERROR sponsors on our land is simply necessary.
    The whole world experience in the fight against terror shows that in white gloves it is impossible to fight them.
    Only cruel and visual actions calm the hot heads of these cannibals and bloodsuckers.
  6. dmb
    dmb 28 August 2013 11: 17
    I did not quite understand the idea of ​​the article. Remind Yevkurov of Pristina ?. But he is not a battalion commander, and Pristina is not Nazran. In this regard, the battalion commander has much more opportunities than the Head of the Republic. This is quite accessible explained Zheglov Sharapova in the famous film. Therefore, Yevkurov can act only within the allotted framework, including the law. And the laws in this part, as we know, are federal. I do not urge to raise hands, I just want to remind you that under the Soviet regime, i.e. under the most severe control of the last major bandit in the Chechen-Ingush Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, they were eliminated only in the 70's. I personally am for the return of such control, but in any case it will have to start from the Kremlin.
  7. makst83
    makst83 28 August 2013 11: 22
    Yunus-bek Bamatgireevich has 1000 billion times more rights to wear the Hero Star, unlike his neighbor, the clown-Ramzan .... but he just lacks his rigidity in suppressing the underground gang! I wish him GOOD LUCK!
    1. Lech from ZATULINKI
      Lech from ZATULINKI 28 August 2013 11: 46
      One smart person said.
      The higher the person in the vertical of power, the less freedom he has in making decisions, I think so.
    SCHUZMAN 28 August 2013 11: 24
    The Caucasus can be reassured only by strong imperial power. This statement is well confirmed by the history of the 20th century, the outbursts of separatism in the Caucasus of 1917, 41st, 91st ...
  9. vladsolo56
    vladsolo56 28 August 2013 12: 04
    Everything proves that our FSB is doing very badly, or it is more likely that the FSB is not allowed to work in full. It is very beneficial for someone to keep the Caucasus in suspense.
  10. Strashila
    Strashila 28 August 2013 13: 09
    "Evkurov is by no means a muslin girl, but a military general, a paratrooper." ... Evnakurov ... yes, not a muslin young lady, but his entourage, what it represents. As they say, the king is made by the retinue. Like everything sucks there ... and so whether in fact, if you look at tivi, they don't live in rich Russia .. houses, cars in addition to Caucasian communism ... they don't pay for anything.
    And it appears that there really is no terrorism, of course, under the guise of religion, there is an ordinary crime ... the freezing of the processes of the 90s ... that they share ... federal money.
    One clan came, excommunicated the other and back. And the clan is thousands, tens and hundreds of thousands of people ... and you are a good person, the current name is not the same.
    Why terrorism, and this is a federal headache, not local, and money is allocated for this ... and not local, but more business travelers are jumping in the mountains.
    And if something goes wrong, then the feds are to blame, and the local ones are clean.

    And the most basic problem !!!

    Yevnakurov tried to invite the Russians to return ... the locals simply do not want to work, they are already comfortable.
  11. Djozz
    Djozz 28 August 2013 13: 28
    I heard that the Ingush organized criminal group controls the black market for gold mining, is it true or not? If true, this is where the money comes from for the preparation of terrorist attacks and the maintenance of bandits.
  12. shurup
    shurup 28 August 2013 13: 34
    Well, where does the automatic weapon have to do with it? Flintlock and crooked scimitar coped with problems no worse.
    The bottom line is that it is impossible to beat out millennial savagery with the help of a civilized law. You can scatter and deprive the land, like the God of the Jews, but they will stick together like drops in a puddle into which someone may step in.
    It is possible, like the Anglo-Saxons with the Tasmanians, to destroy completely, but this is not Christian.
    These people only respect power. If the law is weak, then it has no force.
  13. Uhe
    Uhe 28 August 2013 13: 58
    Because the state must be secular, no indulgence to religious fanatics, only the rule: "The law is one for all." And Muslims in the modern Russian Federation very quickly become Islamists, that is, those same fanatics. To the heap: clan thinking, immersion in the Middle Ages and feudalism, the weakness of the authorities and unwillingness to impose the dictates of the Law, turning a blind eye to bribery and embezzlement, parochialism and mutual responsibility.

    Only a strong hand, in Stalin's way - this is the only way in the Caucasus to restore order. It should not be ruled by a local from the clan, but by a Russian from the side with the support of local deputies, but with enormous powers. And the regime is flirting with bandits and bureaucrats who embezzle and roof these bandukes. Well, here’s the result of these flirting: the Islamic underground is seizing more and more lands and minds, got out of the Caucasus, penetrated into Siberia, Central Russia, the Far East. Soon, everything can blaze, and the regime nurses and swells money into a positive image. It’s impossible, it’s impossible. But Russia has experience in getting rid of this filth, tsarist experience and Soviet rule.
  14. georg737577
    georg737577 28 August 2013 14: 21
    Terrorism is a normal reaction of normal people to abnormal conditions of existence. And it is necessary to fight it accordingly - by improving the lives of ordinary people, thereby reducing the "base" that feeds terrorism. And the forceful method can only deal with the consequences, and not with the cause of the problem.
  15. waisson
    waisson 28 August 2013 14: 25
    remember our 90 lawlessness was suppressed why we cannot suppress lawlessness in Dagestan, Ingushetia and others ..........
  16. Forest
    Forest 28 August 2013 14: 29
    Two leaders with. in the Caucasian republics, one pays off with the militants a bullet, the second promises them apartments and entry into power, and here is the result of one quietly the second has constant terrorist attacks.
  17. alone
    alone 28 August 2013 17: 54
    what mdya. even the secretary of the Security Council is not safe from assassination. there will be no peace in the North Caucasus while Wahhabis are sitting in the mountains and forests. It’s time to destroy this shusher. If Syria falls, their accomplices will rush to Russia. Then they’ll certainly be sitting in the mountains will not, so the time has come for a final decision.
  18. waisson
    waisson 28 August 2013 19: 18
    In a forest near the village of Agvali, Tsumadinsky district, while combing the area, law enforcement officers came across an armed group of bandits. In the ensuing shootout, two members of illegal armed groups were killed, a spokesman for the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Dagestan told RG.

    - In the battle, none of the law enforcement officers were injured. Currently, combing continues. The identities of the bandits are established. At the dead, machine guns and ammunition were found, our interviewee said.

    According to our source, these are probably the militants who recently blew up an armored Ural with ten policemen and FSB officers on the Agvali-Kvanada highway. None of the policemen were injured in the explosion. The car was damaged. A crater 1,5 meters in diameter formed at the site of the explosion.
    and such reports every day
  19. Grishka100watt
    Grishka100watt 28 August 2013 20: 59
    Ingushetia is the territory of Russia. This is not terrorist attacks, this is WAR.
    When they write "terrorist activity in Ingushetia is not decreasing," one should read "there is a war in Russia."
    So, this is necessary for external forces.
  20. Cormorants
    Cormorants 29 August 2013 06: 10
    Yunus-Bek Evkurov good luck in bringing peace to Ingushetia. May the Lord help him.
  21. Druid
    Druid 31 August 2013 18: 32
    Quote: Cormorants
    Yunus-Bek Evkurov good luck in bringing peace to Ingushetia. May the Lord help him.

    He is an officer, a cool warrior, but nothing depends on him, it’s good that he himself remained alive.
    Closer to the Olympics in general, the OPA may begin, well-wishers will throw grandmas in underground and begin, well, if now, in advance, the special services will not figure it out, which you can’t count on.