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Siberia - New Central Russia, or How the South of Western Siberia Will Become the Center of New Industrialization

The report offers the author's vision of the South of Western Siberia as a possible economic center of the world and a new Central Russia by the middle of the 2030-s, as well as a new model of reintegration of the Russian Federation with Central Asia as the basis for building the Eurasian Union. The report also presents proposals on the organization of tertiary advanced industrialization in Russia, which allows us to restore our technological sovereignty and get away from dead-end screwdriver industrialization.

Russian values ​​are overproductive

The obvious failure in Russia of the neoliberal project, launched a quarter of a century ago, and the equally obvious inability of the country to move away from raw material dependence and launch a new industrialization - these two fundamental facts require us to answer essentially the unpleasant question: are we capable of worthy economic participation in the world? of life?

Our geo-economic and economic defeat has long received a conceptual and doctrinal rationale, essentially a sentence, in the statement of the head of the Higher School of Economics Yevgeny Yasin, who postulated that "traditional Russian values ​​are attractive in many respects, but generally low-productive."

We argue that Russian values ​​are not just productive, but overproductive, which, contrary to climatic and geopolitical negative conditions, has been repeatedly proved by our people.

And in the next twenty years, Russia has all the opportunities to demonstrate this by creating a new planetary center of industrialization and social wealth production in Western Siberia, linking two oceans across the continent - the Arctic and the Indian to a new macro region, defining the Russian perspective for the 21st century.

Siberia - New Central Russia, or How the South of Western Siberia Will Become the Center of New Industrialization

Western Siberia - the driver of Eurasian and world economic development

The crisis of governance in Russia is associated with the inability to determine the centers of conservation and accelerated growth of the core of the Russian-Russian civilization in the 21st century. Instead, the state is driven by private gain and acts chaotically - an example is the country's suicidal decision to expand the hypermegapolis of Moscow in a hypercentralized country.

But the future centers are not in the extreme West of the country, not in St. Petersburg or Sochi, but beyond the Urals.

In the next half a century, the Russian Far East, our geopolitical region No. XXUMX and Western Siberia, will necessarily become the centers of Russian development.

The Far East is called upon to be an outpost of Russian development, the geo-cultural center of Russia and a new large country in the post-Soviet space, and Western Siberia, first of all, the South of Western Siberia, the leading geoeconomic region, the center of generation of social wealth on a global scale.

It is in the South of Western Siberia in the coming 20 years, approximately to 2035, that all the necessary conditions are available for launching around the fundamental technologies of advanced tertiary industrialization - organizing new industrialization not only in Russia, but also in the world.

Then we will justify this statement, but after 25 years of intensive deindustrialization, you should be aware that the new industrialization in the country will have to be organized from scratch, from a clean slate, and realism here is determined by the state’s ability to concentrate enormous resources on the breakthrough bridgehead have a political will.

Here we need "people of long will" and extremely pragmatic - but passionarity, because our ability to organize
new industrialization is in fact the ability to ethnogenesis, as the reproduction of a thousand-year stories.

A stake in the South of Western Siberia will allow building the future of this territory as a world economic center, rather than choosing the fate of a low-loaded “bridge” or Anglo-Saxon “democracy” linking the “Northern Ring” between the Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.

Why the South of Western Siberia?

The south of Western Siberia has three unique features.

The first. The volume and combination of natural resources that can create an optimal resource base of new industrialization:

Firstly, geothermal waters of the apt-alb-Cenomanian complex, which is concentrated between the Ob and Yenisei rivers, are practically inexhaustible in reserves at depths from 1 000 to 3 200 meters. The total volume of hot water with a temperature of 70 - 90 ° of this unparalleled underground sea with an area of ​​3 million m² is estimated at 6 - 8 million cubic meters. kilometers Being second in importance to the region’s wealth after oil and gas, apt-alb-Cenomanian waters allow, in balance with the usual types of energy resources, to carry out an energy revolution, as well as their industrial use for the production of iodine and heavy salt solutions of unique chemical elements.

Secondly, the world's largest iron ore deposit is the West-Siberian iron-ore basin with total reserves of 393 billion tons of ore or 118 billion tons of iron, of which only the Bakcharskoye deposit near Tomsk is explored and prepared for production.

Thirdly, huge reserves of oil and gas - only in the Tomsk region gas reserves amount to 632 billion cubic meters. meters

Fourth, large reserves of hard coal, including coking grades, lignite (balance reserves of the Kansk-Achinsk basin are estimated at 112,4 billion tons, geological - 414,2 million tons), peat, wood, not counting other types of minerals and resources of the adjacent areas of the Urals, Altai, Kazakhstan, Eastern Siberia.

Fifth, the natural resources of Central Asia, which will necessarily become a customer for a new secondary industrialization.

The second. A unique geographical position - both in the middle between Europe and China, and in the center of the most promising economic region of the world between the Arctic and Indian oceans.

The south of Western Siberia is located at the intersection of water and railways, when waterways connect our new central region with the Northern Sea Route, the ports of the Barents Sea, and railways - with the European part of Russia, the Far East, and Central Asian countries. In addition, the connection of the Ob and Yenisei canals makes it possible to use the industrial power of this region for the development of vast and undeveloped territories of Eastern Siberia: the Lower Angara region, Evenkia and western Yakutia.

The third and main feature is people.

Unique available frames. Also, in the future, the created conditions and infrastructures will attract here an extra million selected high-class specialists and that talented young people who in a short time, with proper organization, will become the best personnel in the world.

The ten-million population is exactly like Belarus, an ample demographic “mass” for the organization of new tertiary industrialization.

The region today has all the necessary conditions for the creation of a powerful new industrial area, the creation of large engineering industries of various kinds, ranging from heavy engineering (production of mining equipment, industrial equipment, machine tools, various kinds of automatic equipment, shipbuilding) and defense industry to complex and precise engineering, based on the world's largest research centers: Novosibirsk, Tomsk, Krasnoyarsk.

The raw material base for the engineering industry is created by geothermal energy, as well as by the existing heat generating facilities and power facilities included in the plants (for example, in the Chulym plant), the prospects for the development of nuclear energy in Seversk and Zheleznogorsk, large-scale processing of iron ore and smelting high-quality steel, processing oil, gas, brown and hard coal to obtain a wide range of chemical products, polymers and plastics. There are also good prospects for the development of chemical processing of peat, for obtaining a whole spectrum of non-ferrous and rare-earth metals (in particular, provided with raw materials from the fields in the Lower Angara region), the glass industry, the production of cement and building materials (both from natural raw materials and from waste , sludge from Achinsk Alumina Refinery).

Thus, the district is provided with practically everything necessary for creating a full-scale machine-building production independent of raw materials.

The conditions and resources of the south of Western Siberia are outstanding in all respects. However, they still need to be able to use. If we do not do it ourselves and do not create a planetary center of new industrialization, then Siberia in the next few years will finally be given to transnational corporations for a predatory trophy ravage.

New Middle East

Western Siberia has a special opportunity to begin the formation of a promising macro-region - the New Middle East or Middle Eurasia, including the classical Middle East (Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan), Central Asia and Western Siberia itself.

With the right strategy of Russia in the new macro-region before 2025, a common market will be formed in almost 400 million people.

Siberia’s unique role is in organizing a planetary center for tertiary industrialization, which not only launches this type of industrialization for Russia, but also organizes accelerated primary industrialization of Afghanistan and secondary industrialization of the former Soviet Central Asia and Iran and Pakistan, which will create a priority market for Russian industrial products and advanced technology.

It should be noted, an important role in the organization of the New Middle East near Astrakhan, as the key to the Caspian development and the supporting territory of the western circuit and the delineation of the new macro-region and the common market.

The very geography of the South of Western Siberia literally forces to create here the center of formation of the New Middle East and immediately begin the strategic planning of the macro-region connecting the two oceans, the warm and the cold "seas".

Tertiary industrialization versus screwdriver industrialization

New industrialization is an imperative not only of Russia, but of all mankind, both the most underdeveloped countries of the third and fourth world, and the world economic leader of the United States, whose national debt in 17 trillion. dollars exceeded their GDP. Last year’s appeal by Barack Obama to the industrialists to return the outward production back to America is more than indicative.

At the same time, for Russia, the reduction of new industrialization to semi-colonial dependent “screwdriver” industrialization, which occurs today at all levels of management, when the centers of strategic planning and creation of advanced pioneer technologies are outside Russia, and individual production “pieces” and “chipping” are pumped into our country »Alien technological and industrial complexes.

The mission of the South of Western Siberia to prevent this substitution and create in Russia the leading planetary center of industrialization and the production of social wealth through the organization of tertiary industrialization based on the breakthrough to the seventh technological structure.

The organization of a planetary center for avant-garde tertiary industrialization makes it possible in the future to organize a kind of cascade of industrializations: from the tertiary to the primary.

The basis of the tertiary industrialization will be robotization as a mass creation of automatic plants, advanced mechanical engineering and the design of regional infrastructures of the third generation, primarily transport systems, and multi-infrastructures.

Also, it should not be overlooked that the creation of a new industrialization planetary center in the region is the only realistic way of grinding and eliminating the Afghan planetary center for drug production, which kills at least 100 thousands of people every year, of whom at least 50 thousands of young people in Russia.

The alternative to such project realism is the actual impotence of the world community over the planetary problem of Afghan drug production, disguised by sophisticated and sophisticated rhetoric.

The planetary center for drug production, based on a deformed type of economy and social base, can be eliminated and replaced exclusively with the same scale, that is, the planetary center of new industrialization, capable of realizing accelerated primary industrialization in present-day Afghanistan.

Despite the fact that the elimination of this center continues to be the absolute imperative of mankind, except Russia, which is the first victim of Afghan heroin, no one will carry out full-scale industrialization in Afghanistan - and this is impossible without the creation of a global industrialization center in the South of Western Siberia.

Transport and logistics infrastructure platform

To mobilize and intensify geocultural and socio-economic processes in the south of Western Siberia, a new transport and logistics platform should be built.

In the latitudinal direction, the platform will be composed of a cross-shaped high-speed railway Omsk-Krasnoyarsk / Tomsk-Novokuznetsk with a speed of 300 - 600 km / h, and high-speed highways penetrating the macroregion, as well as the connected shipping rivers between the Yenisei and the Ob (in particular, the Chulymsky high-latitude transport corridor ) as the basis of the future unified transport and energy water network of Russia in combination with the regional “small” system aviationaccompanied by mass aviation macroregion.

The organization of this platform should be the subject of design and strategic planning as a priority for Russian development.

It is indicative that the “Development scheme of high-speed rail transport of the Russian Federation up to 2030 of the year” proposed by Russian Railways ends in the South Urals, while in Chelyabinsk it clearly demonstrates that Siberia has been put out of the box.

This indicates the absence of a state-wide approach to transport development, which leads to the departmental incorporation of high-speed transport into existing flows beyond the understanding of the need to create a planetary center for new industrialization in Russia and beyond ideas about the future of Siberia.

An important component of the platform can be a high-latitude highway, built on the principles of trolley and string transports and duplicating the Northern Sea Route on land, as a kind of parallel Sevsukhput.

An organic link in the new transport platform will be the long-planned Northern Latitudinal Road or the North-Siberian Railway, Sevsib, with the foundation from Tomsk to Surgut (Khanty-Mansiysk).

On the basis of this platform in the meridional direction around approximately 70º longitude to connect the Northern and Southern Sea Routes, as well as for structuring the common market of the New Middle East, it would be advisable to build a Trans-Asian development corridor (belt) (see fig. On page 16), which canals , energy and transport highways will connect the north of Western Siberia with Central Asia, the Arctic with the Indian Ocean.

The Trans-Asian development corridor may well become our Eurasian “Panamanian” (or soon “Nicaraguan”) channel - only the land - and act as an infrastructure bond of the emerging New Middle East.

The transport and logistics infrastructure platform created at the intersection of the latitudinal and meridional development corridors is designed to unite all modern infrastructures and generate passenger, cargo, financial, informational and other flows, which together create unique conditions for the organization of a planetary center and global development.

Who will be the economic capital of the world?

Planning the organization of the economic center of the entire planet is an extremely ambitious super-task. However, it is no more difficult than the USSR Victory in the Great Patriotic War and not much more difficult than our breakthrough into space or the Soviet industrialization of 1930, the same phenomenal relocation of industry to the East in the terrible second half of 1941 of the year or the creation of a world scientific center around campuses in Siberia.

The question is in the will of the federal center and in the mobilization of the social and intellectual potential of Western Siberia.

Of exceptional importance is the fact that what city, even if today is small, wants to become the economic capital of the world?

The contest has actually begun, and History itself is conducting it.

In addition to the obvious and outstanding Omsk, Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk and Tomsk, Biysk, Yurgu, Novokuznetsk, Barnaul, Kemerovo, Abakan are already called as the future capital.

One of the solutions could be the construction as the capital and headquarters of a new industrialization of a completely new city in a new place or near an existing one - a beautiful example is the beautiful Astana, which has already turned 15 years.

If it was impossible to transfer the capital of Russia from Moscow to the Far East, to the Amur Region, the new capital of Siberia would make sense for the first time to also make the capital of Russia.

The new capital city will become not only the organizing center of the new Russian development and the integral mechanism of a positive change of elites, but also a symbol of Russia's geopolitical power.

The organization of the capital involves three stages.

First comes the self-determination of the city authorities and the public. Then - the development of a consolidated position at the level of the subject of the Federation with subsequent lobbying at the level of the federal center. At the third stage, the city-headquarters of the new industrialization is created.

Sibstream - new linear city along the 2.0 Transsib

As a space of geo-cultural and economic prosperity on a solid infrastructure platform and around a high-speed railway, it is advisable to build the original linear city of Omsk-Novosibirsk-Krasnoyarsk - the city of Sibstream, developed by a team led by Academician Ilya Georgievich Lezhavy.

Around the Sibstream, in convenient places for this, one should not only increase the linear urban “fabric”, but also make a massive reconstruction of the existing and construction of new “traditional” (“spotted”) cities - all types of policies: technopolises, university cities, agropolises, science cities, industrial , as well as recreational, spa, tourist and, conversely, protected.

Such a single stretched megacities can act as an alternative to megapolis urbanization and not only does not allow, but also directly requires a low-rise urban estate-landscape, which should be exemplary for all of Russia and will allow to form a distributed but consolidated and unified community of leaders and specialists of development class. To attract the best specialists from all regions of Russia and accelerate the formation of this class of development in the region, it is advisable to build up to a million free homesteads, increasing the number of inhabitants in the region to 2030-12 million by 14.

Due to the fact that the transport carrier of the Sibstream will be a high-speed railway along the Trans-Siberian Railway, the implementation of this project will also become an important launching mechanism for modernizing the Trans-Siberian Railway and creating the Trans-Siberian Railway 2.0.

The creation of the Sibstream will also allow the development and implementation of a Russian urban planning doctrine based on targeted planning of economic and demographic development around new philosophies and systems or, according to I.G. Lezhave, "channels" of resettlement.

Iranian-Russian Siberian Economic Bridge

An important element of the infrastructure of the bridgehead and stimulate the creation of the New Middle East with the center in the south of Western Siberia will be the organization of the Iranian-Russian Siberian economic bridge. This “bridge” can already be filled with a dozen strategic investment projects (CIPs), such as Vitamin Bridge, Oil for Gasoline, High Speed ​​Caspian and others.

The Iranian-Russian Siberian economic bridge will territorially “pass” through Astrakhan, both the outpost of Russian-Iranian cooperation and the most important entry point into the New Middle East through the Caspian Sea, and the ports and railways and highways of Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan.

At the same time, Astrakhan will receive dizzying opportunities for development and will strengthen its role as a unique “key” to the emerging macro-region.
New Middle East.

An important reinforcement of such a bridge could be the construction by Iran, together with Russia, of a canal that would connect the Caspian Sea with the Persian Gulf and significantly reduce Russia's critical dependence on the Turkish Bosporus and Dardanelles.

A channel of length 600 km and a cost of 7 billion will begin in the region of the Kyzylusen river delta, which flows into the Caspian Sea. Further, the channel is partially laid through the channel of the same river, closer to the south - along the channel of Kerkhe with access to the mouth of the navigable Karun river near the city of Khorramshahr.

It is significant that negotiations on the construction of this channel took place between the USSR and Iran at the beginning of the 1960s. It is time to resume interrupted dialogue and joint strategic planning.

Rampage, new relocation and resettlement

The new neo-industrial mission of the South of Western Siberia will require the folding of a new community and the general growth of the population in the region. If you rely on the old-time and permanent population of the region as a base for development, additional human resources will be required.

One of the obvious resources of a targeted influx of additional population is the organization of the resettlement of Moscow and the Moscow metropolitan region as a whole, a kind of directional “razoskvichivanie.” This will not only save Moscow's overpopulated and swelling cancer growth, but also allow the creation of a new center of internal migration in the Russian Federation, which will create a tremendous dynamism of Russian life.

In organizational terms, it will be necessary to extend the State program to assist voluntary resettlement to the Russian Federation of compatriots living abroad, in addition to all Russian citizens wishing to participate in the creation of a planetary center for new industrialization in the South of Western Siberia.

New tertiary industrialization necessarily requires a fundamentally different demographic model, based on a large three-four-family family, and a consumer society that opposes the standards and cultivates small children and even childlessness, child-free, based on the pseudo-scientific concept of the demographic transition.

A large family as a new Russian standard is necessary not only to overcome a national demographic catastrophe, but also as the most important demographic resource of explosive economic development.

Stimulating the formation of a new model should lead to the fact that along with innovative waves of tertiary industrialization from the South of Western Siberia, new socio-cultural demographic attitudes throughout Russia will be replicated.

Eurasian Union begins in Siberia

The declarations on the construction of the Eurasian Union will be transferred to the practical plane when Russia offers the states of Eurasia the full range of their industrializations and a cardinal rise in the level and quality of life.

This means that without the creation of a powerful center of new industrialization in the Russian Federation, the task of building the Eurasian Union is fundamentally unattainable - regardless of the military-political and other components.

At the same time, Central Asia is an absolutely priority area for building the Union, without which economic integration and the creation of a promising common market for the New Middle East, Ukraine will never enter the Customs Union and the SES, since the state of integration of Russia and Central Asia is a criterion for geopolitical decisions of Ukraine.

Contrary to popular opinions and directed propaganda, the salvation of Moscow and Russia is not in the final separation, but, on the contrary, in reintegration with Central Asia, moreover, integration with South Asia - the Middle East, including not only Iran and Pakistan, but also Afghanistan. .

Our Central Asia is not just not a stranger to Russians and Russia, but, on the contrary, that wonderful Land, where the salvation of Russia will come from - this is what the Reverend Sebastian of Karaganda, a Russian priest, asserted, served in Karlag (Kazakhstan) and decided to stay to live in Karaganda.

Central Asia and the New Middle East are the key to the Eurasian Union.

Siberia is the center and the beginning of the Eurasian Union.

Work organization

At the first stage, a community should be formed to create in the South of Western Siberia a planetary center for new industrialization and development. The community's working method is to simultaneously develop the strategy of the South of Western Siberia as a geo-economic planetary center for the construction of a New Middle East and a range of strategic investment projects (CIP).

One of the key tools could be the Russian Government’s Russian-American cooperation corporation with Central Asian states (Central Asia Development Corporation), whose headquarters could be both in Siberia and Central Asia.

Also, in the future economic capital of the world - that is, in the city of the region that wants to become one - it is advisable to create the Institute of New Industrialization in a proactive way, which will produce design and analytical knowledge to implement the proposed strategic program.

Invitation to cooperate

Who is this report written for?

First of all, we appeal to the class of development — the thinnest layer emerging in Russia and the world — to those truly creative people who, in different spheres and regions of Eurasia, have their own “types” —development projects and strategic investment projects — and who are ready for elaboration and implementation of a strategic program for the transformation of the south of Western Siberia into a planetary center of industrialization and a new Central Russia.

There is no future - we do it ourselves.


Authors of the report:

Yury Krupnov, Development Manager

Guzel Maitdinova, Dmitry Verkhoturov, Ivan Melnik, Alexander Palagin, Dmitry Panyukov, Alexander Petrushin, Yuri Tsarik, Oleg Tsymbal, Denis Puryzhinsky
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  1. Vtel
    Vtel 23 August 2013 15: 13
    One of the obvious resources of the targeted influx of additional population is the organization of the resettlement of Moscow and the Moscow metropolitan region as a whole, a kind of directed “dispersal”.

    And sho is it possible, give ... a hundred glasses of water Wow!

    "Muscovites, cramped by their living conditions, are asking for your magnificent city. - Don't let it! - Don't be afraid of that. The capital automatically turns into Vasyuki." (k-f Twelve chairs)
    1. rauffg
      rauffg 23 August 2013 15: 42
      Yes, yes, yes, Muscovites don’t need to go to Western Siberia. They do not like them there. They can go from 3,14. angry wassat
      1. domokl
        domokl 23 August 2013 15: 55
        Quote: rauffg
        Yes, yes, yes, Muscovites don’t need to go to Western Siberia. They do not like them there. They can go from 3,14.

        Bullshit ... I live in Siberia and no one even once looked askance. You will not be a goat and no one will say a word. But goats are beaten everywhere.
        1. rauffg
          rauffg 27 August 2013 14: 52
          depending on where you live ... Siberia is one, there are many places in it, different hi
      2. Stas
        Stas 23 August 2013 18: 23
        Sorry, where do they love them? In the Far East or in the Urals. No, let them stay at home, but they don’t interfere with our peace of mind.
        1. tirazu
          tirazu 23 August 2013 23: 33
          I’ll tell you a big secret. 90% of the population of Moscow are people who came from all over Russia, so sorry, you’re bothering yourself to live in peace.
        2. Ustas
          Ustas 25 August 2013 08: 46
          Quote: Stas
          Sorry, where do they love them? In the Far East or in the Urals. No, let them stay at home, but they don’t interfere with our peace of mind.

          "Muscovites are not loved anywhere" - a myth launched by liberals and foreign politicians.
          In fact, the task of disqualification and voluntary resettlement from Moscow to the new center of the economic region is, on the whole, good for Russia and the country as a whole.
      3. IGS
        IGS 26 August 2013 21: 16
        Well, you don't need a wife from Novosibirsk, I myself am a Muscovite, we live in two cities, mostly in Novosibirsk, for many years, here is my house (I don't understand the second or the first myself and don't want to). And for such words those Siberians whom I know can themselves otzdit. Here I understood the phrase my wife once said, at which I laughed at first "And with a clear conscience, to hospitable Siberia." And in the article there is a lot of reasonable, I did not want my son to study and live in Moscow, study in Novosibirsk, and there is no longer Moscow and Muscovites (with a capital letter) about whom grandfather Gilyai wrote, "Muscovites" and do not know who this is..
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          sorry you didn’t fall for me
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            Yes, easy, dear, 135 Shirokaya Dom Street. When I was afraid of you, you should know that in Novosibirsk 40% of Muscovites are indigenous, their parents were evacuated from Moscow along with enterprises during the war. And there is punks everywhere. These usually have a joke. In the gateway.
            punks: -Let me smoke.
            passerby: -And not your own?
            punks: -Nope
            passerby: - ​​And if I find it?
    2. z-exit
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      I alone see in this project the outline of the body that was laid on the country! ??
      Or maybe there is a hidden message from Japan ?? Like, Kul to you and not the Kuril Islands ??
      1. avt
        avt 23 August 2013 16: 12
        Quote: z-exit
        Or maybe there is a hidden message from Japan ?? Like, Kul to you and not the Kuril Islands ??

        Actually, the Kuril Islands aren’t even drawn on this picture. So if this message is, then to your statement up to a turn. There is a Kaliningrad region, but no Kuril. negative
        1. z-exit
          z-exit 23 August 2013 16: 13
          The central district has a clear outline of the male organ. It’s just not clear how to interpret ... there really is no Smoked ... Maybe then the message is not addressed to Japan at all, but what about the USA, for example ???
          Like, there, beyond the hillock, do not get Snowden and do not hope)))
          1. APASUS
            APASUS 23 August 2013 18: 29
            Quote: Vtel
            "Muscovites, cramped by their living conditions, are asking for your magnificent city. - Don't let it! - Don't be afraid of that. The capital automatically turns into Vasyuki." (k-f Twelve chairs)

            So I wanted to say. The project resembles the Big Vasyuki ........?
            1. Che
              Che 25 August 2013 17: 34
              Do the prophecies of Baba Vanga come true?
        2. Ustas
          Ustas 25 August 2013 08: 52
          Quote: avt
          Actually, the Kuril Islands are not even drawn in this picture.

          Drawn! Their poster closes :)
    3. Siberian German
      Siberian German 24 August 2013 05: 09
      if money is sucked out of the regions, then this is hardly possible
      1. mogus
        mogus 24 August 2013 11: 26
        if only really take
        "They want to deprive Moscow of money"
        the government can, by directive, decide the issue of “moving” the offices of state-owned companies from Moscow to the regions of Russia where they work. Accordingly, taxes will be paid "at the place of residence." According to the prime minister, the government will not be able to order private entities “for obvious reasons,” but it has an impact on companies with state participation.

        Ipo link more
  2. ATATA
    ATATA 23 August 2013 15: 15
    The idea is of course very correct.
    But it is presented in the style of "New Vasyuki" and it is repulsive.
    1. baltika-18
      baltika-18 23 August 2013 15: 34
      Quote: ATATA
      But it is presented in the style of "New Vasyuki" and it is repulsive.

      That’s why he turned up. Something sensible is in the article, but not much.
    2. avt
      avt 23 August 2013 16: 23
      Quote: ATATA
      But it is presented in the style of "New Vasyuki" and it is repulsive.
      It’s not even the presentation of the idea that repels, but the very specific implementation of even what real money is allocated for - “when will you work?” With this attitude of the management, and despite the fact that we are not 37 years old, but at least close Moscow in general, they will leave for London and everything will remain the same. "The vocation of the leader is the greatness of the nation, The lot of the leader is modesty, The profession of the leader is the exact correspondence of promises with their fulfillment"
      1. the polar
        the polar 23 August 2013 17: 31
        This is not even a project, but a prospect designed for a strong responsible government, able to grow highly professional patriotically educated cadres of managers.
        And today we live under the rule of collaborators who are intensively ruining the economy and corrupting society.
        1. chief.matros
          chief.matros 27 August 2013 02: 35
          This is not even a project, but a prospect designed for a strong responsible government that can grow highly professional, patriotically educated cadres of managers. Have you seen enough respectable fiction?
  3. ivshubarin
    ivshubarin 23 August 2013 15: 23
    Dreams. Dreams
  4. Hleb
    Hleb 23 August 2013 15: 39
    Despite the cons, I always knew that Siberia is the center of the universe! The last bastion!
  5. The comment was deleted.
  6. domokl
    domokl 23 August 2013 15: 44
    As a Siberian, I perfectly understand the speaker. It is really painful to watch how Siberia from a prosperous land once turned into a cash cow for several powerful corporations. But.
    Economically, the project is not feasible at the moment. The first is the lack of people. There are no super specialists there. It’s just the absence of people like physical bodies. Siberia and the Far East combined are less populated than old Moscow. The second is the absence of at least some semblance of modern infrastructure. Simply put, no roads, airfields and marinas are abandoned. And later, alas, there are no prospects for making money yet. Oil does not belong to the Siberians, coal also, refineries either. Money goes to central Russia. And I am very doubtful that s what that region has agreed to dramatically worsen the conditions of life at home, so that they have improved in Siberia.
    1. washi
      washi 23 August 2013 17: 56
      What problems? Nazarbayev escaped from the tribal Alma-Ata. Now it’s nice to ride along the Tselinograd - Alma-Ata highway. Putin will run away from trading Moscow.
      I have long said that the political capital should be in the middle of the country.
      1. chief.matros
        chief.matros 27 August 2013 02: 34
        in the middle ..., well, you yourself understood what
    2. fklj
      fklj 23 August 2013 18: 28
      The first is the lack of people - a fat minus. What other people do you need? Hundreds of thousands of unemployed! And Siberian ....
      The rest is a fat plus!
      1. domokl
        domokl 23 August 2013 18: 55
        Quote: fklj
        Hundreds of thousands of unemployed! And Siberian ....

        Take away Omsk, Novosibirsk, Tomsk, Krasnoyarsk and Kemerovo ... And where will people find themselves? Three crippled people live on the territory many times more than Europe.
        And you turned down hundreds of thousands of unemployed. There is no work in the villages, and that’s because there is no sensible farmer. And in the cities there is work. True, there is no salary. And there is work for sure. Otherwise, there would be no children from the former Soviet republics. And they eat and live not bad ...
        1. fklj
          fklj 23 August 2013 19: 28
          You do not understand what you are talking about. With all due respect hi
          In addition to large cities, in which, in your opinion, the work was heaps, there are small cities, towns, large and small villages. By population, as a rule, they make up about half of the total population of the regions. With work there zvizdets full. Count, it’s not about three cripples, but about hundreds of thousands of unemployed.
          "And even then because there is no sensible farmer." I won't even argue, I leave it on your conscience
          1. Egen
            Egen 25 August 2013 09: 33
            Quote: fklj
            You do not understand what you are talking about. With all due respect

            I agree with Alexei. Live in our mining towns. And in Kemerovo the situation is not entirely fine, unemployment is just not massive, but someone works in families. And so they live. But not all and not everywhere.
            10-15 years ago worked in a restructuring program for mining mono-cities. Along with others, he made strategies for the development of cities: Yurga and its machine plant together with specialists from the Leontief Center - well, Yurga will survive :), as well as for example a city like Polysaevo. Find a lazy one on the map - a small mining town in 10 km from Leninsk-Kuznetsk and 25 from Belovo on the highway to Kuznya. In principle, Belovo + L-Kuznetskiy is part of the conglomerate of the center of Kuzbass. The largest concentration of coal mining enterprises, and not bad at all, and the ranking for methane hazard is lower than for Decay, for example. But, to be honest, according to all forecasts and techniques, including foreign experience (the British helped us, and they ate a dog at the closure of their mines) - the city and its population have absolutely no future, and no real one. Only hairdressers and sellers will be in demand for professions - and this is not a joke, but a serious analysis :( In principle, after 10 years, all forecasts are confirmed, although without statistics and numbers this is simply not visible :(
            But this is still half the trouble. Although the seller can be attached to youth.
            As part of the same program, the same thing was done about the city of Kizel in the Perm region. This is for Berezniki. There was a mining town, the mines were closed. They couldn’t even recommend anything there - there’s nothing to do there, there’s absolutely no work in the city! Part - the former miners - lived on subsidies, and the other part - on the maintenance of the first part, i.e. for the same money. In principle, no sources of income, industry, etc., all fundamentally unprofitable, cooked in their own juice. It was more than 10 years ago, I don’t know if the city exists at all now :(
          2. chief.matros
            chief.matros 27 August 2013 02: 25
            about the village it is precisely said, there is a hydroelectric power station from my window, but there is no one to serve, they recruited personnel from local drunks and drug addicts, so the "take off" of the turbine on Sayano-Shushenskaya is the first swallows
        2. Egen
          Egen 25 August 2013 10: 07
          "Besides the obvious and outstanding Omsk, Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk and Tomsk ..."
          - Well, and how are they outstanding? :(

          "... Biysk, Yurga, Novokuznetsk, Barnaul, Kemerovo, Abakan are already named as the future capital."
          With all due respect to the native Kemerovo and other cities and their population - it is ridiculous, especially about Yurga and Biysk :)
          1. chief.matros
            chief.matros 27 August 2013 02: 22
            Nope, I didn’t guess, the capital of Birobidzhan will be east
        3. chief.matros
          chief.matros 27 August 2013 02: 32
          to become a sensible farmer, you need equipment, and as you know, you can't buy it with a bare ass, I recently talked to one here - I can't take meat to the local meat processing plant, because first they process freshly received, imported (it may deteriorate after a long transportation), and so they process this imported, and in the reports they indicate what is accepted from farmers, so think about how to become a "sensible" farmer, and at the same time think about whose meat you eat?
      2. Hleb
        Hleb 23 August 2013 19: 52
        you are absolutely right. he carries a passenger out of the fire and into the fire. then he himself chooses the regional authorities, then Muscovites are welcome guests, although they bought everything in the region and therefore leave the region. he lacks people ...
    3. Corsair5912
      Corsair5912 23 August 2013 19: 12
      Quote: domokl
      Siberia and the Far East taken together are less populated than old Moscow. The second is the lack of at least some semblance of modern infrastructure. Simply put, there are no roads, airfields and marinas are abandoned. And later, alas, there are no prospects for making money yet. Oil does not belong to Siberians , coal, too, processing plants, too. Money goes to central Russia. And it is very doubtful for me that any region would agree to drastically worsen living conditions for itself, so that they improve in Siberia.

      Firstly, this is not about the Far East and not about the whole of Siberia, but only about the southern part of Western Siberia, where the infrastructure is superbly developed, there are major international airports, excellent roads, a network of railways and navigable rivers with access to the Northern Sea Route.
      Secondly, all joint-stock companies are controlled by the local government, which does not catch mice, they feed it so well, but this can be stopped.
      Thirdly, if the money that is now being spent on maintaining the capital and on social support for the impoverished unemployed population of the overpopulated European part of the Russian Federation is spent on resettlement and employment in the south of Western Siberia, the standard of living of this population will increase significantly.
      In the much more difficult 30s, dozens of large cities, hundreds of urban-type villages and thousands of villages were built in the Urals and Siberia, where people willingly traveled from working barracks, communal apartments, basements and barracks of European Russia.
      And we live in Siberia and the Urals no worse than in the west of the European part of the Russian Federation, freer and cleaner.
      Western Siberia has one drawback - it is a seismic zone, but less dangerous, of course, than all of Japan.
      1. ATATA
        ATATA 23 August 2013 19: 39
        Quote: Corsair5912
        Western Siberia has one drawback - it is a seismic zone

        Where is this in Western Siberia?
        1. Egen
          Egen 25 August 2013 10: 03
          Quote: ATATA
          Where is this in Western Siberia?

          I’m not a seismologist :), but IMHO our Siberia is the most stable platform, well, maybe after the Mexican-Arizona Highlands as it is officially called there :)
          And what Altai shakes and happens in Kuzbass - no one can really say anything. Scientists say that the earthquakes in the center of Kuzbass are due to the developed mines. Even Tuleyev banned something like building new ones in some places.
          I don’t know, it seems to me garbage. Well, let 300 m deep, it's all superficial, how can it affect the epicenter several kilometers deep? In general, scientists how often there are Nikerta do not know :( And what can they really say when they have all the science of geology - + - a million years :))
      2. domokl
        domokl 24 August 2013 05: 58
        Quote: Corsair5912
        And we live in Siberia and the Urals no worse than in the west of the European part of the Russian Federation

        My dear Corsair, have you been driving along Siberian highways for a long time? I drive every day and not only around the city. And I lived in Moscow for a long time. Would you kindly tell me if there is a single Siberian highway with developed infrastructure? Even if it’s just named. -the road of death. Omsk-Tomsk is the killer of the suspension. Omsk-Novosibirsk ... In short, what are you talking about? But the structure is so designed that it will not pass Omsk's car. Yes, and the engine also passes through it.
        1. Ustas
          Ustas 25 August 2013 09: 03
          Quote: domokl
          .Kindly call me at least one Siberian highway with a developed infrastructure?

          Kemerovo - Novokuznetsk.
          Alexander, do not panic and shout "everything is lost". In the south of Western Siberia, a huge nesting ground has been laid, so that this region would become the center of not only Russia, but also the world. We need a sober calculation, political will and desire. Otherwise, this region will be lost for Russia.
          1. Egen
            Egen 25 August 2013 10: 14
            Quote: Ustas
            Federal highway Omsk-Tomsk-killer pendants. Omsk-Novosibirsk ...

            - it's like this, different roads except M-53, I did not understand :)
            Quote: Ustas
            Kemerovo - Novokuznetsk

            More precisely, it still doesn’t exist ... A third of the first 130km / h road beyond the Urals remains to reach Leninsk. They say you can in a year. And to turn the old but modern :) the Leninsk-Kuznya road into the same IMHO is not more difficult.
            In addition, near Novosib, a good concrete is 40km two-cavity. If you take it and make the whole federal state like that - it will be easy !!!. This is quite realistic, given how quickly we completed the second section of our route.
            ... and, still the road to the Forest Glade! :)
    4. Egen
      Egen 25 August 2013 09: 12
      Quote: domokl
      The first is the lack of people

      I agree. Yesterday I just drove to Novosibirsk, and recently - to my native village in 200km behind it. If there is still nothing near Novosib, then I left a little - desolation ... for example, 1980. :( The wife said so, looking at our beautiful, richest but empty nature, - it is clear why the Chinese are climbing here :(
      Quote: domokl
      no roads, abandoned airfields and marinas

      Here I will only half agree. Yes, for a long time nothing walks around Tom, etc. But the other day the maize began to fly from Novosib to Kemerovo. I remember myself flying from Kemerovo on the An-24 to Novosib and Abakan, it seems there were sideways to the Kuznya and Krasnoyarsk. But at least something. Although there is no big sense, as before, in airplanes there is no longer - 2 hours by car and Kuznya, 2,5 hours - and Novosib. On the plane, of course, it's still faster, but there it also needs to be changed to wheels.
      Moreover, roads are now being built, God forbid, and so on. 40 km of double-cavity concrete M-53 in front of Novosib - if the same is carried out everywhere, no railway needs to be improved. True, along the roads we are still far from the undeveloped countries of Africa :( A month ago I traveled to Tunisia - the road is normal, but there are clean toilets even with paper in the bathrooms! We stopped at the Novosibskaya betonka - toilet ... no words :(, drank to Bolotnoye.
      In Kuzbass, the second section of the road to Leninsk at 130 km / h was recently commissioned. They say that there would be money, the next year it would be possible to completely connect the road and reach the Kuznya in less than 2 hours "according to the rules."
      Quote: domokl
      Siberians do not own oil, coal, too, processing plants, too

      But this is the most important thing: (On Friday, at the celebration of Miner's Day, Tuleyev said on TV something like this: "Now Kuzbass produces almost 200 million tons of coal a year, miners - 100 thousand people. In Soviet times, it mined a little less, but the industry was 300 thousand people. This is all due to the fact that private traders came. "They came from outside, and the money went there, and the extra 200 thousand people feed the same Kuzbass :(
      Food for thought: "Rossiyskaya Gazeta" dated August 15: the share of Kuzbass residents employed in trade is 15,8% ...
  7. saag
    saag 23 August 2013 15: 48
    Quote: domokl
    . And it is very doubtful for me that any region would agree to drastically worsen the living conditions at home, so that they improve in Siberia.

    And now the development of the region is being solved as with Chukotka :-)
    1. domokl
      domokl 23 August 2013 15: 53
      Sibneft is engaged in the development of the region. So it is decided. In Tyumen, the oil capital, there is money. In Krasnoyarsk there is. But in the middle (without Kuzbass) there is no ... Especially in Omsk.
      1. washi
        washi 23 August 2013 18: 02
        Kuzbass lives quite normally on coal. Altai on s / x. Tomsk is a science (unfortunately the production was ruined), Novosib is a trade. Krasnoyarsk production. And Omsk .. Who is to blame for YOU ditching production and agriculture. Where is the radio factory, tank, etc.?
        1. domokl
          domokl 23 August 2013 19: 00
          Quote: Vasya
          . Where is the radio factory, tank, etc.?

          Sharik, you fool .. (Vacations in Prostokvashino). If 90% of the city’s enterprises worked for the defense industry, how is it not clear how they should have survived without state defense orders? If the government decided to ditch the tank factory (state, not city) what can do his workers?
          1. chief.matros
            chief.matros 27 August 2013 02: 47
            as usual, get paid by tanks ... and to Moscow, Hitler did not break through, and we break through
      2. washi
        washi 23 August 2013 18: 23
        It's your problems. Why ditch engineering, electronics, agriculture?
        1. chief.matros
          chief.matros 27 August 2013 02: 53
          it’s not they who killed, but our rulers who cannot control, Canada needs such equipment as timber trucks (on caterpillar tracks) and woodworking machines, but it’s the same marketing that you need to study and reprofiling production, but who needs it when the bag of money is under your ass have-faster spend on the Canaries-money allocated for the conversion, until they took
    2. chief.matros
      chief.matros 27 August 2013 02: 17
      no, only after the Olympics in Sochi will the development of the Far East and Siberia begin, the thought is above, because they won’t pull it, or rather, we taxpayers will not pull it. It’s just that it’s not clear with the current situation - in Sochi for almost four years the clouds dispersed over the Olympic facilities, what could they do in the current situation (torrential rains with floods)?
  8. a52333
    a52333 23 August 2013 16: 12
    No, well, is that so against? I am for. Only one question - where will we recruit people? Need to give birth. 2's minimum, for 5's apartment to give in that region. Well, it’s built slowly. No gods burn pots.
    1. washi
      washi 23 August 2013 18: 04
      What for? We have enough of our People.
      1. fklj
        fklj 23 August 2013 18: 23
        They, those beyond the Urals, do not consider people wink
        1. chief.matros
          chief.matros 27 August 2013 02: 11
          yes what is beyond the Urals, behind the first ring
  9. ivshubarin
    ivshubarin 23 August 2013 16: 12
    If everything written yes to God’s ears
  10. DZ_98_B
    DZ_98_B 23 August 2013 16: 14
    The idea of ​​transferring the capital to the Urals has long been voiced and is in the minds of many of our compatriots. In my opinion, this should be an absolutely almost primeval place beyond the Urals. Otherwise, various activists will yell for the preservation of architectural monuments. for example, a shed of Sidor Polikarpich where he drove a pen-brew of moonshine which was very respected by the merchant of the 3 guilds Tit Tarasych. Siberia has long turned into a cash cow. which do not give and eat. Sorry for the confusion.
    1. washi
      washi 23 August 2013 18: 07
      There is the city of Yeniseisk. Before the launch, Transiba was the capital of the region. Offer as a capital. Now, not a single minister will go there voluntarily. And this is an indicator. Who will live there is ours.
      1. Ustas
        Ustas 25 August 2013 09: 10
        Quote: Vasya
        Now, not a single minister will go there voluntarily

        Will not go? Well, then it’s not a minister.
    2. fklj
      fklj 23 August 2013 18: 18
      In the conditions of modern Russia, the transfer of the capital will turn into the next, large-scale plunder of the state budget. But in principle - a true thought.
  11. paul1969
    paul1969 23 August 2013 16: 33
    where Muscovites appear, there is the collapse and outflow of capital in favor of the center
  12. Kolyan 2
    Kolyan 2 23 August 2013 16: 46
    For me, the article is complete nonsense, impracticable. Although of course it is a pity. request
  13. Yuri Y.
    Yuri Y. 23 August 2013 17: 12
    Quote: paul1969
    where Muscovites appear, there is the collapse and outflow of capital in favor of the center

    The outflow of capital is 100500%. The central offices of firms are transferred to Moscow, taxes are all there. And where to get funds for all this beauty. Although the grain of truth is present to a large extent. Here you can even recall the words of Lomonosov about the growth of Russian forces from Siberia.
  14. krasin
    krasin 23 August 2013 17: 16
    Quote: z-exit

    Or maybe there is a hidden message from Japan ?? Like, Kul to you and not the Kuril Islands ??

    Present Story:
    Shorter than Tonaka and tells. Another kind of high meeting, Tralee-wali, smiles, handshakes, etc. Their clumsy diplomat (maybe the Prime Minister) I don’t remember who anymore - I saw that Putin seemed to be in a good mood and rolls up to him with a question, such as: “Well, they say, give us, finally, the Kuril ridge! "

    Further, according to Tonaki, something absolutely amazing happened. Putin calmly, without hesitation, immediately and says: “Yes, take it, I'm good today” ...

    Silence fell in the room after the translation sounded. As Tonaka put it, the Japanese delegation's eyes became round. Everyone is frozen ...

    “No, but what? - said Putin. “We are kind, open, not greedy in Russia: you need islands - take it!”

    The Japanese continued their catharsis ... It seems like a common political question, the answer to which they knew - worked: "The Russians bought ..." - was written on the surprised faces of Japanese diplomacy ...

    Silence lasted almost a minute ... Putin sat at the table and sipped tea from a small mug, looking at the patterns on a napkin.

    Silence was broken by the “chief diplomat”: “And when will we draw up the documents, Vladimir Vladimirovich?” (naturally not verbatim, but something like that)

    “And when you remove the Americans from Okinawa,” Putin said calmly, he got up, looked at his watch and left the hall ...

    At that moment, according to Tonaki, some Japanese were almost sobbing. Someone staggered, grabbed a chair and crawled into it. Someone clutched at the heart ... Politicians looked at each other, became thoughtful and very sad ...

    And only some old Japanese, who was sitting at the table, calmly said in Russian: “X ... they will give us, not the Kuril Islands ...”

    Diplomacy… laughing
    1. chief.matros
      chief.matros 27 August 2013 02: 09
      good the shrewd Japanese turned out to be
  15. mogus
    mogus 23 August 2013 17: 30
    I can’t even believe that they paid attention to those who are milked and laugh in the eyes ...
  16. bulvas
    bulvas 23 August 2013 17: 34
    If there are people who can realize at least 10% of the proposed in the article, they will already be worthy successors of the case of Ivan the Terrible, Peter I and Joseph Vissarionovich
  17. the polar
    the polar 23 August 2013 17: 37
    But the author of the "new Moscow" in which trillions are going to be invested should be publicly hanged, and higher. Maybe then this Creature will see for the last time how great Russia is, and this Russia does not live in Moscow.
    1. ATATA
      ATATA 23 August 2013 19: 46
      Quote: Polar
      But the author of the "new Moscow" in which trillions are going to be invested should be publicly hanged, and higher

      Yes, the author was not called to the people.
      And I would like to know who this "bright head" is.
      1. chief.matros
        chief.matros 27 August 2013 02: 05
        who is this "bright head" for which the guillotine is crying?
  18. Xroft
    Xroft 23 August 2013 17: 46
    If our oligarchs took 1% of their income, it would be possible to rebuild a new economic center in Siberia ... but who will go against the volunteers to build a city (give an apartment for work) a lot of young people without work and housing ....
    1. chief.matros
      chief.matros 27 August 2013 03: 01
      about volunteers, it’s better not to stutter — I work in Sochi, and where the volunteers visited, there are only losses, they don’t answer for anything and for the most part don’t know anything, you want a hot stream to hit you when you press the call button, for example water, I think not, then down with the volunteers. But about the oligarchs it is correctly said, only not by 1%, but by monthly profit, as in Soviet times, to transfer one-day earnings to the peace fund
  19. Igor39
    Igor39 23 August 2013 18: 02
    The project is good, when will they start building Seabstream? Do you need SUVs? smile
    1. chief.matros
      chief.matros 27 August 2013 02: 04
      they will not need SUVs, but licking
  20. fklj
    fklj 23 August 2013 18: 10
    1. Nonsense!
    2. In Siberia do not expect mercy from Moscow. Less would have taken the insatiable capital and economic prosperity in Siberia itself will come
    1. chief.matros
      chief.matros 27 August 2013 02: 02
      you tell the truth
  21. Stas
    Stas 23 August 2013 18: 17
    Ideas, of course, are great, who would argue ... But so far, temporary workers like Ayfony, Serdyukov, Chubais and others are in power - such projects will be only science fiction. To the great regret of Siberians and Far Easterners.
    1. chief.matros
      chief.matros 27 August 2013 02: 01
      and what, where money is stolen, there Chubais and a team of like-minded people are stolen, not built !!!
  22. kmike
    kmike 23 August 2013 18: 28
    Of course, it reminds me a bit of New Vasyuki, but the idea is good and correct. The time has already come, the people must be raised to something great. Our people can turn mountains, but for this he needs a beautiful idea.
    1. Kamchatka
      Kamchatka 23 August 2013 19: 26
      I agree completely.
      We live like now, we work, we study, we bring up children, and life goes on outside the window, whatever one may say. Sometimes at work it’s so boring that you wonder. And the thought comes - that would be a large-scale project in Russia, where my head or hands would come in handy, I would go without hesitation.
      This is in the Russian blood. Until there is a project that changes our minds, because of which we want to drop everything and invest a part of ourselves in it, we will have nothing. We will also sit in front of computers and write on TopVar: D
      The project is interesting, if only because it is one of the first that offers not just to swim in the mainstream of some processes, but to start creating a new and grandiose that will change humanity.
  23. nikolas 83
    nikolas 83 23 August 2013 18: 38
    Even Lomonosov said: “Russia's power will grow in Siberia.” So it is.
  24. Iskander1369
    Iskander1369 23 August 2013 18: 48
    The capital will be in Novosibirsk. It will be so.
    1. Vtel
      Vtel 23 August 2013 19: 10
      Tell that to Muscovites and you will see their joyful faces.
    2. fklj
      fklj 23 August 2013 19: 36
      Yeah, come on! Earlier in Siberia only Muscovites did not like, and now the region. the centers will begin to sway among themselves, for the right to be the capital of Russia laughing
  25. kartalovkolya
    kartalovkolya 23 August 2013 19: 00
    One can argue endlessly and unproductively about what kind of fantasies are. But look from the other side: yes, the Great Lomonosov said that Russia would grow in Siberia, but he did not mean territories, but the country's economic power, its immeasurable wealth, which unfortunately works for enrichment of thieves oligarchs. And the question of the capital will be decided by itself. Nationalize the public property of Siberia and the question of the revival of Russia will be resolved very quickly!
  26. Nitarius
    Nitarius 23 August 2013 19: 55
    One big PLUS!
  27. darksoul
    darksoul 23 August 2013 20: 00
    Quote: rauffg
    Yes, yes, yes, Muscovites don’t need to go to Western Siberia. They do not like them there. They can go from 3,14.

    So where do they like .... they have bought everything in our south already. And Siberia ... this is our advantage our storeroom and not developing this region is simply a crime. Finish paying fabulous money to Chechnya as a data region, proud mountaineers themselves should bring food home .... snickering our Muscovites would cut ... and all the money to Siberia
    1. chief.matros
      chief.matros 27 August 2013 01: 58
      Nope, don’t need to cut them. In Siberia, they can lift the fuel completely, it makes good furniture from it, and can fish be added to the rivers?
  28. Semurg
    Semurg 23 August 2013 20: 18
    The transfer of the capital is a good and correct idea, not without its minuses, but there are more pluses. A new stage in the history of Russia was reinforced by the transfer of the capital to Vladimir, then to Moscow, then to St. Petersburg, then again Moscow is now time for Siberia. How to make big new cities of Moscow to direct this money to start building a new capital. People will go who want to participate in something new and meaningful for themselves. The NAS was able to do this in difficult years, and now in Russia the situation is much better only need political will, and the new Moscow is a half measure that will only exacerbate the problem and not solve it. St. Petersburg is the cultural capital, Moscow is trading or financial, and the heart of the country is in Siberia, well, to China it is a hint that Siberia cannot be pulled by a quiet glanders.
  29. Hleb
    Hleb 23 August 2013 20: 36
    our Siberian handsome
  30. Siberian
    Siberian 23 August 2013 21: 29
    Quote: ATATA
    Quote: Corsair5912
    Western Siberia has one drawback - it is a seismic zone

    Where is this in Western Siberia?

    In fact, where are we shaking? fellow
    1. fklj
      fklj 23 August 2013 22: 23
      Well, now a new seismic area has also been planted laughing
      Strange people meet here, talk about what they don’t know, write, what to write. They come here as to work and are respected by the same.
      1. Miha_Skif
        Miha_Skif 23 August 2013 23: 57
        I have long been convinced that South Siberia is one of the centers of world civilization. By the number of archaeological sites of different eras per unit area, it is comparable with such regions as the Black Sea region, Central Europe, the Southern Urals, etc. (archaeological knowledge is only very low). And today it is the most densely populated region of Russia beyond the Urals, a fairly compact (by Siberian standards) cluster of several large industrial and scientific centers - cities with a population of over one million or close to it. The resource base is very good. In general, all the prerequisites for rapid development are obvious, well, except for the political will of the government, of course wassat

        Regarding seismic hazard, here is the map
        1. fklj
          fklj 24 August 2013 16: 25
          Everything is so, but it is enough to stop the destruction of the still remaining industry and agriculture. And if you restore what was destroyed over the last 20-30 years, no "Marshal's plans" will be needed.
          And the article contains another "Skolkovo"
          Link to the card does not work.
  31. Siberian
    Siberian 23 August 2013 23: 01
    Quote: Gleb
    Despite the cons, I always knew that Siberia is the center of the universe! The last bastion!
    Well, no need to speak out about it aloud. And then from all sides trample a billion uncontrollable herd. Do not brush off with any broom. They will say that this is their home, and we are so guests ... bully
  32. an_ursus
    an_ursus 24 August 2013 05: 39
    The comments are terrible pessimism and almost complete rejection. From what? Sensible thought. She sounded more than once before. The obviousness of the question is worth it. M.V. Lomonosov wrote: “Russian power will grow in Siberia and the Northern Ocean” ..... But they forgot? ....
    GREAT RUSSIA 24 August 2013 11: 52
    when I read this article I remembered the words that Siberia will become the breadbasket of RUSSIA. It already became it in Soviet times, and the primary industrialization should be carried out precisely in Siberia, and now in Afghanistan the situation is serious as it has been for 40 years, and indeed the main thing in your country is to put in order plants to build and only then deal with other countries.
    1. Egen
      Egen 25 August 2013 09: 14
      Quote: GREAT RUSSIA
      Siberia will become the breadbasket of RUSSIA. She already became her back in Soviet times

      Right To the south of Novosibirsk, the fields plowed under Tselin fed most of the country. Well, the rest contributed. Now they are overgrown, livestock - did not :(
      1. chief.matros
        chief.matros 27 August 2013 01: 52
        complete nonsense that the virgin half-union fed, if those forces and means had been invested in the Stavropol and Krasnodar territories, Rostov and Voronezh regions, it would be much more economical. If you calculate the material costs and compare with the crop, then you yourself can see the viability of the virgin lands, so everything fell apart and unprofitable.
  34. 128mgb
    128mgb 24 August 2013 22: 29
    Down with Moscow, give Novosibirsk. Another provocation? Is Siberia more important than Russia? No, Siberia is one of the parts of Russia. Russia will grow Siberia .. And the Great are not mistaken! An article with a darling or it seems to me?
  35. Egen
    Egen 25 August 2013 09: 58
    The idea is good, but unfortunately it is not supported in any way, and therefore - alas, it is not a sales one :(
    The authors, well done, did the most agromodic work, but did not take into account the influence of external factors. Those. taken into account, but neighbors :) And they forgot about China. And you try to include it in the analysis - immediately the whole economy will collapse.
    Even Lomonosov said: "The power of Russia will grow in Siberia."
    - Lomonosov is certainly a great man, but he did not take into account the global nature of the modern economy and transport logistics.
    Already cited on the forum an example from the industry where he worked.
    In Kemerovo, there was a chain of chemical plants: Nitrogen produced caprolactam, Chemical fiber from it - PA threads were different, and behind the KShT fence of them - fabrics, including for conveyor belts, which were sent to the Ural RTI and to Kazakhstan (Saran and Karaganda), where they actually made belts for conveyors, and also mixed (with cotton) fabrics for workwear, from which it was made, for example, in the same Kazakhstan, Barnaul, etc.
    But our businessmen turned their attention to China. Notice, China is not on us, but we.
    And it turned out that to send caprolactam to China by cars, and there to make 187 tex PA threads from it and bring here it costs exactly the same as in 8 km. Moreover, in physical mechanics, the threads are obtained at 15% stronger, which is clear what it means in the economy.
    And all because transport logistics costs as much as China has less overhead. And they are smaller due to cheaper labor and fixed assets: if we need to build walls in 2 bricks and heat half a year, they have half a brick and no heating at all. And bring - not a problem.
    In addition, Kazakh businessmen from Karaganda Rubber Engineering also went to China, also found such plants, and began to buy ready-made fabrics for tapes from them at the same price, but with impregnation and not PA, but PE.
    As a result, Khimvolokno closed, a couple of years later - KShT. But the Kazakhs do not rejoice for long. While Russian businessmen are just getting to China to buy finished tapes right away, then the Kazakhs will be excluded from the chain. So far the problem is certification of tapes in the Russian market - i.e. just no one wants to do this, neither ours nor the Chinese. But when _China_ will notice us ...
    Conclusion IMHO: not taken into account the ecological globalization and modern transport logistics. Therefore, alas - a beautiful fairy tale :(
    But if anything, please the authors to rely on me in the attempt to realize the dreams of their native land, at least for our children
  36. Soviet_Union
    Soviet_Union 26 August 2013 12: 02
    Although now I have a sin to complain about life, but I’m ready to go to a new place of work. I want to be involved in these processes.
    1. chief.matros
      chief.matros 27 August 2013 01: 28
      Soviet_Union is the Kazakh flag?
  37. ZU-23
    ZU-23 26 August 2013 16: 50
    Well, God forbid! Lip rolled well, the imagination of projects is amazing)))
  38. Titov
    Titov 26 August 2013 17: 14
    I fully agree with the article. I traveled all over Russia and concluded: Western Siberia is unique!
  39. chief.matros
    chief.matros 27 August 2013 01: 13
    Is it the powerlessness of the authorities to restore order in the European part of Russia, including in the Caucasus? Like, let's go to Siberia and there blacks won’t get us? Or let’s give it back to England, what does it want for more than one hundred years? An idiotic project, if I'm used to living in the Caucasus, I’ll be here until the last to defend my homeland (since 1991, the capital of my homeland is not Moscow, but Cherkessk
    !), it is a pity that there are few of us left here, would have made the Cossack region here, there would have been peace and order long ago. And about Siberia, let's move all the Maskals there and put Druzhba-2 in their hands, let the taiga weed, prepare land for their descendants for building.
  40. chief.matros
    chief.matros 27 August 2013 01: 26
    Siberia is certainly unique, no one argues, but it will never become a breadbasket, because high-grade wheat (from which, by the way, they make normal white bread — not Muscal), and only it is suitable for baking muffin, and even alcohol of the highest quality), plus much more grows only in the Stavropol Territory and in the Krasnodar Territory, so roll-move, only who will you grow grain for pancakes for breakfast if everyone will rush there?
  41. Soviet_Union
    Soviet_Union 27 August 2013 08: 35
    Quote: chief.matros
    Soviet_Union is the Kazakh flag?

    Well, neither of which. Many of us Slavs are scattered now in the former Union.
    Ali do not let? wink
  42. kogdanov
    kogdanov April 6 2014 09: 24
    A beautiful, well-researched report. Thanks to the authors: the project manager Yuri Krupnov, as well as Guzel Maitdinova, Dmitry Verkhoturov, Ivan Melnik, Alexander Palagin, Dmitry Panyukov, Alexander Petrushin, Yuri Tsarik, Oleg Tsymbal, Denis Puryzhinsky.
    But how to implement the project in conditions when the geo-political plans of the USA and NATO are actively being implemented in the indicated space? The question is hard. If it’s how, under the leadership of Dmitry Medvedev, the idea of ​​Skolkovo is realized, then it’s not worth taking chickens to laugh.

    Of course, this requires the tremendous political will of the current leadership of the country, the solidarity of all the political forces of the Russian Federation, a completely new technological level of management. And the work of the state in this direction is similar to a Swiss watch. It is necessary to calm the social Darwinists of the USA and Europe, prone to adventures and escalation of tension. It is necessary to interest and connect the international community to the project. Especially smart and supporting the idea of ​​a multipolar world, large US economists, as well as the leaders of the underdeveloped countries of the Central and South Asian regions.

    And time does not tolerate. Either we, who are just gathering, or others who are already acting in this direction ...