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Buynaksk militants found at home. The most influential field commander of Dagestan destroyed

In the course of a special operation conducted yesterday by FSB and Interior Ministry officers in Buinaksk in Dagestan, at least nine militants were killed. The security forces do not name the names of the majority of the dead, because the procedure for digesting the debris and identification of the bodies already found continues, but it is already known that among them was one of the leaders of the republic’s armed underground, Bammatkhan Sheikhov, also known under the Arabic name Asadullah (Lev Allah).

Militants were blocked in the morning in a private house on Ostrovsky Street. The headquarters of the counterterrorist operation suggested that the resistance participants add up weapon and surrender, but they refused. In the course of the negotiations, it was possible, however, to withdraw from the besieged house a woman who was the wife of his master. He himself was only an accomplice of the militants, nevertheless, he preferred to stay with his comrades. Soon after, the security forces evacuated residents of neighboring houses, turned off gas and electricity in the area, and opened fire with heavy weapons around the house. During the shootout, two fighters of the Dagestan riot police were injured. Two more of their colleagues, according to the TFR, were injured in the explosion: they stumbled upon the so-called stretch.

When parsing the debris, the corpses of the owner of the house and eight militants were found. All of them, according to the National Anti-Terrorism Committee (NAC), were active participants in the Buinaksk sabotage and terrorist group. Despite the fact that the identification procedure was not officially completed, the security forces are confident that among those killed are Bammatkhan Sheikhov, the leader of the local gang, one of the most odious leaders of the armed underground not only in Dagestan, but also in the entire North Caucasus.

Bammatkhan Sheykhov was the closest associate of the leader of the Shariat group Rasul Makasharipov. In the summer of 2005, after its liquidation, the Sheikhs created their own brigade, Seyfullah, declaring as the enemy the number one then-Interior Minister of Dagestan, Adilgerei Magomedtagirov, who led the defeat of Shari'ah.

It was assumed that it was Sheikhov in August 2006 (then the city prosecutor Bitar Bitar was killed in Buynaksk, and the minister who went to the scene of the incident was also tried to blow up) and in February 2007 organized the assassination of General Magomedtagirov. Together with the leader of the militants acted one of his deputies - Khizri Mamaev. Last and eight more militants involved in the assassination, the special forces destroyed 12 on November 2007 of the year in Makhachkala. It was the backbone of the group "Seyfullah" ("Sword of Allah"). In addition to the attacks on the minister, they were also involved in dozens of murders of the military and police. In particular, it was they who committed the terrorist attack in Kizilyurt in July 2007, blowing up six policemen on the sports field of N7 secondary school.

Interestingly, Sheikhov himself, who, as Minister Magomedtagirov said, "planned to become the amir of all Dagestani militants and unite all sabotage and terrorist groups operating in the republic under his command," was taken without a fight.

In December 2007, the security forces blocked the village of Gimry, which, according to operational data, Sheikhs left for the winter with his gang. Employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Federal Security Service literally checked every house, but it was never found. Sheikhov surrendered only in February 2008, after long negotiations under the guarantee of Minister Magomedtagirov, that he would be released “if there is no blood on him”. Voluntary surrender of one of the leaders of the bandit underground in stories confrontation between security officials and extremists was a unique case.

In October 2008, the Supreme Court of Dagestan, having dropped most of the charges against Sheikhov, nevertheless sent him to a colony for three years. Coming out of there early in March 2010, Amir Asadullah lived for six months at home, and then, according to security officials, at the insistence of his wife, he returned to the forest again.

The NAC reported that it was suspected of organizing at least two dozen terrorist crimes committed in recent years. Among them, the attack on the suicide bomber at the Dalniy military range in September, 2010, stands alone. As a result, three soldiers were killed, and even more 30 were injured. There could be more casualties, but the terrorists ’car was blocked by a military truck; moreover, according to some information, only one of the bombs worked. In March last year, the Buynaksk militants organized another high-profile crime, blowing up in the center of Buynaksk a famous Islamic scholar, the imam of the central mosque of Gitinomagomed Abdulgapurov and his guard, who were going to the morning prayer.

Among other crimes of the Asadulla group are bomb explosions in shops, banks and other places of mass stay of people, at transport and communication objects. In particular, on the gang account are recent explosions near the branch of the Russian Agricultural Bank in Buinaksk and several pledged improvised explosive devices near the office and the house where the head of the local branch of the bank lives. As reported by the NAC, the involvement of the Buynakos gangster and the killings of police officers, attacks on military targets was established.

According to NAC, the son of Bammatkhan Sheikhov, Gadzhimurad, was killed at the beginning of 2008 during a special operation on Engels Street in Makhachkala. During yesterday's special operation in Buinaksk, according to preliminary information, Seyfulla's cousin Amirkhan was also liquidated.

According to a law enforcement source, Bammatkhan Sheikhov was considered not only the leader of the bandit underground, but also one of the main “flash drives” of Dagestan (militants tend to send videotapes with threats and demands to pay tribute to jihad on flash cards). Operatives are also aware of the case when one of the leaders of the underground underground, the leader of the Gubden group, Taimaskhan Taymasov, became the object of extortion. Other “amirs” had large financial claims to him: from the liquidated leader of the “vilayat Dagestan” Ibrahimkhalil Daudov Taymasov (Tyson) went to the insurgents' ticket office, and Bammatkhan Sheikhov sent Tyson a “black mark”, demanding that 15 million rubles due to his group be issued.

The group of Bammatkhan Sheikhov, according to the latest data of the security forces, included about three dozen militants. The core of the group was destroyed during the operation on Ostrovsky Street.
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  1. VohaAhov
    VohaAhov 21 August 2013 10: 46
    Dogs - dog death.
    1. LaGlobal
      LaGlobal 21 August 2013 11: 35
      Well done our guys! Clearly worked. I watched the news release yesterday. Those who are wounded from our fighters - a speedy recovery! We need you. hi soldier
    2. artemiy
      artemiy 21 August 2013 12: 26
      As expected, soak in the toilets!
      1. Black Colonel
        Black Colonel 21 August 2013 13: 13
        Can build special sorters for such events? what
      2. Rink
        Rink 21 August 2013 16: 17
        The Caucasus was and will be Russian!
        Our great-grandfathers put things in order there and bequeathed to us.
        Peaceful people, I hope they did not suffer, and the bandits, robbers and murderers, whom the Americans love to call romantically "rebels", will face an inglorious death of a dog.

        It is necessary to clean the gene pool of the nation - divorced, damn it, lovers of living by robbery ...
        1. papas-57
          papas-57 21 August 2013 20: 05
          It’s for sure - the Caucasus will be ours. And the Chechens with the Dagi will move the whole crowd to Moscow.
          1. alone
            alone 21 August 2013 21: 43
            even if we hypothetically imagine that Russia will let the North Caucasus region go on 4 sides, most North Caucasians will move to Russia. The situation in the North Caucasus is depressing economically. Unemployment is one of the main problems. So where can’t you make a living, bearded agitators act. And lure an unemployed person to their ranks easier. bearded men have excellent financing. They can finance a person, provide his family with everything necessary, and then put a belt on him and put him into spending. Such is the reality.
            1. Mairos
              Mairos 22 August 2013 10: 45
              Nobody wants to invest money in the Caucasus - that's why there is unemployment. And they don't want to because there are clans and relatives all around, bribes and banditry. Because of all this, people from the North Caucasus leave for other regions and ... what a miracle ... these same principles are dragged with them, because no one digests them anywhere. Neither in Europe nor in Russia - where immigrants from the North Caucasus appear there immediately and crime grows and clans-diasporas and popping bribes to organize a "roof". Here the FUCK they drag along with them what they seem to be leaving from. Do not know how to live differently? And how can others live next to them? That is why there will be "kondopoga" and will continue to multiply until the whole of Russia turns into a "kondopoga".
    3. Mitek
      Mitek 21 August 2013 13: 39
      Quote: VohaAhov
      Dogs - dog death.

      Quite right. And I was also pleased with the phrase - "Soon after, the security forces evacuated residents of neighboring houses, cut off the gas and electricity in the district and opened fire at the house with heavy weapons."
    4. cumastra1
      cumastra1 21 August 2013 15: 10
      He took it off his tongue ... but they missed the suicide bomber ...
  2. Armata
    Armata 21 August 2013 10: 47
    Cool special operation if the rubble is still being raked laughing
    1. Andrey57
      Andrey57 21 August 2013 11: 19
      And rightly so - there is no need to expose our guys to bullets, it’s better to catch high-explosive fragmentation tank windows bully
  3. donavi49
    donavi49 21 August 2013 11: 05
    Video of the destruction of militants.
    1. Zhenya
      Zhenya 21 August 2013 11: 35
      they made a spacing.
    2. eplewke
      eplewke 21 August 2013 11: 55
      Specialists had fun ... They dismantled the house of Wahhabs for chippings! So them! Quietly, all these pseudo-Islamists will be carried forward with their feet ...
    3. viktorR
      viktorR 21 August 2013 13: 34
      OO PKK with Iotchevsky collimator and telescopic prekladom is interesting))). In general, I really like Vintorez, nothing can be attached to a nigo, the device is so harmonious and successful ...
  4. Stiletto
    Stiletto 21 August 2013 11: 07
    Quote: Mechanic
    Cool special operation if the rubble is still being raked

    Minus one "BUT": again law enforcement officers were wounded in the shootout. Thank God, there were no casualties on their part. If there are specialists, do not be offended by my stupid question, and if possible I ask you to answer it: why enter into a firefight with blocked militants, if you can shoot a house with them from tanks and other heavy weapons. Finally, to impose snipers on the jackals and, at the slightest attempt to lean out, to eliminate?
    1. donavi49
      donavi49 21 August 2013 11: 19
      There are no combat wangs yet. Who dug in the house there? Can a husband and wife? Hardingush had a big post about the loss of operas.

      Briefly, first try to make sure who is in the address. Opera and / or dowry riot police, in fact culturally knock on the door. And the signal to the signal is different. Sometimes there is infa 146%, that there the wahs have dug in, then they are already disassembling thoroughly, blocking everything. Sometimes, the local operas simply send a signal, they say some non-local people are breaking into a hut in the outskirts. According to such information, not only ROSN or other specialists are far from always raised, but even a banal gain is not taken. Sometimes swelling non-native people turn out to be armed wahs, and then without casualties among police officers sad .
    2. viktorR
      viktorR 21 August 2013 13: 36
      Yes, and Wahi do you diby? That they will sit in the house while they shoot at them from the tank, they will break through from the cordon
    3. tilovaykrisa
      tilovaykrisa 21 August 2013 14: 58
      They enter because they could ask the opera to take someone alive. Wounds could also be received when trying to break through the militants.
  5. Stiletto
    Stiletto 21 August 2013 11: 25
    Quote: donavi49
    There are no combat wangs yet. Who dug in the house there? Can a husband and wife? Hardingush had a big post about the loss of operas.

    Thank you!
  6. Andrew 447
    Andrew 447 21 August 2013 11: 34
    Normally rolled out, but why do terrorists and their accomplices need housing? They have already set a goal in life for themselves and they do not even care about their near and dear ones. Why should the state be more humane?
    1. Corsair
      Corsair 21 August 2013 11: 54
      Quote: Andrey 447
      Normally rolled out, but why do terrorists and their accomplices need housing? They have already set a goal in life for themselves and they do not even care about their near and dear ones. Why should the state be more humane?

      I fully support!

      BUT, BIG BUT - how long will the bandits be called "INFLUENCE" in the media? The phrase "hurts" the ear ...
      IMPACT в RF maybe STATE AUTHORITY ONLY. And not otherwise ...
      1. cumastra1
        cumastra1 21 August 2013 15: 24
        Indeed - for whom is he influential? for us or what? only for accomplices. For whom is the news on TV? for accomplices? no, for us mostly. So it’s necessary to call it as it should - executioner, ruthless, savage, cannibalistic, sadistic, terrifying ... but you never know how you can call this subhuman land .... glassy.
  7. sasha.28blaga
    sasha.28blaga 21 August 2013 11: 37
    And I’m interested in another point: is there propaganda among the population, and even more so among young people in regions with severe terrorist situations, that it should not be done that the end is obvious. If so, why is the number of militants not decreasing? After all, the life of an action movie is not the best, and religion has not been with me here for a long time.
    1. Des10
      Des10 21 August 2013 13: 45
      Quote: sasha.28blaga
      and especially among young people in regions with severe terrorist situations, propaganda that this should not be done, that the end is obvious. If so, why is the number of militants not decreasing?

      My answer is: a friend just from there - there is nothing for young people to do without cronyism or relatives (with any 5th certificate), but here you are: 20-30-50t.r. for a sergeant, warrant officer, officer or "prior" (stolen, of course) - as a gift.
      Now in the Czech Republic is calmer than in Dagestan.
      1. sasha.28blaga
        sasha.28blaga 21 August 2013 17: 11
        We are not talking about where in the Caucasus calmer. Believe me, both Chechen colleagues and neighbors, of course, there is no sense in pairing with Russians, BUT I want to note that we Russians have a lot to learn and learn from our compatriots. In general, it may turn out that the Caucasians will become a point of departure for the restoration of traditions and customs. Someone may say traditions and customs; it is as old as LIGHT. BUT no one has yet conquered tradition and no one has yet neglected customs.
  8. qwertynsan
    qwertynsan 21 August 2013 11: 40
    In October 2008, the Supreme Court of Dagestan, having removed most of the charges from Sheikhov, nevertheless sent him to a colony for three years.
    I wonder why did they give so much? why such a "huge time"?. Right now, get into the store, but they will solder the sausages to peterka no less ...
  9. Kovrovsky
    Kovrovsky 21 August 2013 11: 49
    The Buinak militants were caught at home.

    More often you have to go to the bandits, but be careful!
  10. aud13
    aud13 21 August 2013 12: 13
    Quote: Andrey 447
    Normally rolled out, but why do terrorists and their accomplices need housing? They have already set a goal in life for themselves and they do not even care about their near and dear ones. Why should the state be more humane?

    In Israel, mine, demolished houses of militants.
    We are unlikely to get to this. But here is a question that seems strange to me. Why do we provide all sorts of benefits to relatives of people who commit terrorist acts?
    For some reason, there is no influence on these relatives, but they can dissuade them from taking a rash step, and the terrorist himself, knowing that retaliation (albeit not criminal) will automatically fall on his whole family, may not have become a terrorist.
    And so, Siluanov (Minister of Finance of Russia) said yesterday that in Dagestan, local tax benefits reach up to 90%. So it turns out that they receive benefits even more than ours, maternity capital also does not pass by them, probably they also remember to receive pensions.
    Why don’t the deputies think about this "stimulation" and pass the corresponding Law?
    1. Black Colonel
      Black Colonel 21 August 2013 13: 21
      "In Israel, in my opinion, the houses of the militants are being demolished."
      There, it seems, they also demolish the houses of relatives.
  11. grafrozow
    grafrozow 21 August 2013 12: 14
    The main thing is that the "process" has started, good luck to them in the future. It is necessary to reward the guys !!!
  12. Sergey Medvedev
    Sergey Medvedev 21 August 2013 12: 35
    Cool rolled out the bandits! I am glad that no one died among ours.
  13. individual
    individual 21 August 2013 13: 12
    In Dagestan, mutual responsibility of crime.
    Until the people themselves cleanse themselves of bandits, the region will be the eternal hotbed of terrorism and finance suppliers of ideologists of death.
    1. mirag2
      mirag2 21 August 2013 13: 39
      The correct comment ... In the Caucasus, even in Soviet times, there was virtually no Soviet power, and now there is almost none at all.
      The guys did a good job. It could not be otherwise. But they risk their lives not because terrorist bandits are spawning from nowhere, but because of local policies. More precisely, the lack of this policy. The management method should to be your own, different from the all-Russian one. An example of Chechnya is an option, although very costly. But if you do not do this, they will rob themselves. Which, by the way, is already happening. Have you seen what tens of kilos the money was taken to Vnukovo?
      Or continue sluggish ... I don’t really know what is happening there, and what it cost the Mayor of Makhachkala to stop. And in general, is he stopped. There you can’t decay ...
  14. Ursus
    Ursus 21 August 2013 13: 31
    Thank you guys! You are doing your job correctly. And it’s great that no one died!
  15. Vtel
    Vtel 21 August 2013 13: 49
    Militants breed like toadstools. Our special forces and health. It’s time to use military robots there already, otherwise they only show off at exhibitions.
  16. shinobi
    shinobi 21 August 2013 14: 03
    As long as the main conductor of peace and a model of democracy lives and lives, the Caucasus will not be calm. Power officials are great!
  17. Vitaly Anisimov
    Vitaly Anisimov 21 August 2013 14: 24
    Well done no words! But only on the idea of ​​living they would need to be taken. Split them, pull all the info out of them. On the video, shoot how they give each other and show on TV ... And now they have become martyrs .. (they died for faith but did not give up) I’m leading to this that this is one of the most effective info methods. war .. especially for young people it would be useful to look into their frightened miserable eyes after their capture.
    1. Corsair
      Corsair 21 August 2013 15: 08
      Quote: MIKHAN
      Well done no words! But only on the idea of ​​living they would need to be taken. Split them, pull all the info out of them. On the video, shoot how they give each other and show on TV ...

      Yes, and then “pull the string.” This would help to identify sources of funding, and prevent new crimes, and finally endanger citizens and law enforcement officers less ...
    2. shpuntik
      shpuntik 21 August 2013 17: 07
      MIKHAN SU Today, 14:24
      Well done no words! But only on the idea of ​​living they would need to be taken. Split them, pull all the info out of them. On the video, shoot how they pass each other and show on TV ..

      Quite so. There are gas mixtures, for example "Nord-Ost", that would be without loss of l / s. I don’t know how, from the point of view of pilots, what kind of ammunition is suitable, but it seems to me that if the KAB-500 arrives from 4000 meters, with a delayed fuse, then they will be under the rubble and most of the living and shell-shocked. Gas processed and take them warm.
      If I am mistaken, let the aviators correct. Maybe the VAF will fly by, but it will say something practical, instead of dropping the minus in the radio silence mode.
      The ringleaders must be judged, and sent to uranium mines.
      They do not want the power of processes, my opinion. Instead, the new Khasbulatovs and Dudaevs are trained at the Maimonid Institute.
      1. shpuntik
        shpuntik 21 August 2013 17: 34
        Here is another link:
        [media = javascript: void (0);]
    3. alone
      alone 21 August 2013 18: 11
      these bearded men are ideological. in most cases they prefer death, they don’t make contacts. They seek death themselves, since they claim that dying against the security forces, they go straight to paradise. Freezes in a word. Hurry to finish this shusher. The Caucasus needs peace.
      1. shpuntik
        shpuntik 21 August 2013 20: 56
        lonely (1) AZ Today, 18:11 ↑ New
        these bearded men are ideological. in most cases they prefer death, they don’t make contacts. They themselves seek death,

        Yes, Omar. But when they stop hysteria in a bunch in front of the cameras, and remain behind bars one at a time, then they sing differently. Take the same Salman Raduyev, for example, represented a miserable sight. When schoolchildren are blown up, women are slaughtered, that’s not true, and they know it. And when they are pulled out of their holes into the light of God, they begin to squint and put them in their pants. Therefore, I think that an easy death for them is a luxury, it is better to let them in hard labor, repent for life and earn money for the country. These funds should be used to support military widows with children, additionally. When the children grow up, allocate an apartment, a house, pay for an institution, so that they can create families, make up for human losses from these nonhumans.
        1. alone
          alone 21 August 2013 21: 39
          Roman. Raduyev was not a Wahhabi. He was a separatist. But Wahhabis are a fanatical scum. You know in my country certain people have also become Wahhabis. They have such crazy ideas that they even call their parents kafirs just because they don’t accept their views. killing women and children, they say that they are infidels because they did not accept their views. I think it is better to destroy them than to plant and feed them for years. These people are incorrigible. Only death will help them.
          1. shpuntik
            shpuntik 22 August 2013 00: 59
            lonely (1) AZ Yesterday, 21:39 PM ↑
            ... killing women and children, they say that they are infidels, because they did not accept their views

            Clearly understood. Hard case. For the first time I hear about infidels, I'll look at leisure on the network. Thanks for the clarification. In general, most Muslims are adequate people, especially of the old school - from the former Union. Infidelity is artificially forced, and the Koran is used, I am not strong in it. This, it seems to me, is about how the Latin Catholics perverted the Gospel: they went into the Crusades, at the same time they traded in indulgences and tortured heretics. Lutherans, Protestants, etc. split off from them. This is what happens when the Gospel is incorrectly interpreted — the Pope of Rome is the viceroy of God — this is the main mistake + they reject the Holy Trinity. Why Orthodoxy and hate, especially the Vatican.
            And Muslims, of course, among their own, need to restore order themselves, because if the Russians climb or someone else, then they will remain to blame.
  18. PureGUN
    PureGUN 21 August 2013 14: 30
    Buinaksk militants found in the toilet. Soaked.
  19. soldier's grandson
    soldier's grandson 21 August 2013 16: 39
    and do not forget to wrap them in pig skins
  20. Radoslav
    Radoslav 21 August 2013 17: 33
    That would be so in all the cities and territories of Russia, then churbane would have fallen for a severe form of bloody diarrhea, with the mere mention of the Russians.
  21. VohaAhov
    VohaAhov 21 August 2013 18: 48
    Jet flamethrowers of the "Bumblebee" type help very well when storming houses. Survival after being hit is zero.
  22. Siberian
    Siberian 21 August 2013 19: 33
    These influential commandos and remaining bandits are paid greens from behind the hill. It makes their eyes cloudy. And under the cover of ALLAH, innocent people go to kill. A disgrace.
  23. waisson
    waisson 21 August 2013 21: 03
    Buinaks is where in Africa or in the near east when zhurnalyugi stop it to give it as a summary of the hostilities of the same count with the warring countries fucking ... to us it looks like a leadership where they forgot as if they were good at mopping in sartirs
  24. waisson
    waisson 22 August 2013 02: 07
    A pregnant woman and her fiance were freed from slavery in Dagestan This is not the first case of slavery in Russia. You can read more about them in our topic "Slavery in Russia".

    “I was forced to carry buckets of sand, move heavy bricks, and when I asked to rest, they beat me or began to strangle me,” 22-year-old Olesya, who is four months pregnant, says to the camera. According to her, Olesya, together with her fiancé, 20-year-old Andrey from the Orenburg region, was freed from slavery on August 10 by a team of public activists from the Alternative movement. Young people were forcibly held at the Kristall brick factory, which is located between Makhachkala and the Caspian Sea, and forced to work from 6 am to 9 pm, periodically beaten and humiliated.

    - Once the Kurban foreman told me to bring water, and I said that I would rest and bring it, to which Kurban answered: “No, you’ll bring everything now,” Olesya continues his story. “I am not a slave, I must rest,” I said. After that, he went down from the second floor, where he lived, and began to choke me. Then my health problems started, I asked the manager - Magomed - to take me to the doctor. He did nothing for two weeks, but then he still took it. Doctors told me and him that I have a high probability of miscarriage, and that I need to rest. But Magomed sent me to carry bricks.

    However, Olesya didn’t tell everything about the camera. According to Oleg Melnikov, head of the Alternative movement, she also said that she was molested and tried to rape, and when she resisted, she was beaten. But she was embarrassed to talk about it on camera.

    Earlier in Dagestan, two more slaves were freed from a brick factory.

    “At first I couldn't believe all this,” Andrei's mother, Elena Nechaeva, told Metro. - Andrey and Olesya left for Moscow to earn extra money for a wedding evening. In Moscow, Andrei lost his documents, and waited for me to send them to him at the Kazan station. Then he wrote to me that he was offered a job and he was going to Volgograd. It turned out that in the end he and his fiancée were brought to Makhachkala, and there they sold (15 thousand rubles each, - Oleg Melnikov's note) to a brick factory. When I received a text message that they were in Makhachkala, at first I did not believe it. Thought it was a joke. But it turned out that no, and I immediately turned to the local investigative committee and the criminal investigation department. They said they couldn’t help and sent them “to Moscow.” That is, they said so - you are in Moscow, look for where to turn, on the Internet. The paperwork took about three months - all this time Andrei and Olesya could not leave from the factory, because they had no money and documents. I sat down at the computer and found Oleg Melnikov, called him. Two days later they were released, today (August 14) we will meet them in Orenburg. My heart could hardly stand it.
  25. waisson
    waisson 22 August 2013 02: 09
    Two slaves freed from a brick factory in Dagestan
    One of them was literally “taken” from a local police officer, the other, a battered one, was found in a hospital in Makhachkala