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"Kalashnikov": Automatic and rifle "soldier of the future" will show on Tuesday

Concern "Kalashnikov" will present promising developments of small weaponsincluding the one designed specifically for equipping the “soldier of the future” on the Innovation Day of the Russian Defense Ministry on Tuesday, the concern’s official representative Elena Filatova said.

“On August 20, at the Innovation Day of the Defense Ministry, the Kalashnikov concern will present experienced, promising and mass-produced weapons that are focused on the needs of the military,” Filatova said.

According to her, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu will be shown 15 samples of small arms and high-precision weapons, which the Kalashnikov concern is ready to produce for paramilitary units, reports RIA "News».

“Among them are the 4 version of the AK-74 retrofit, AK-12 in various calibers, the modernized AK-103-3 submachine gun and the SVDM sniper rifle developed as part of the Ratnik development work, as well as the special AC-1 assault rifles in the caliber 5,45х39 mm and АС-2 caliber 7,62х39 mm, developed by the order of the FSB for performing special operations, ”added the agency interlocutor.

In addition, according to her data, the concern on the Innovation Day of the Defense Ministry of the Russian Federation will present a BC-121 sniper rifle with a bullpup scheme, high-precision CB-98 and CB-338М1 rifles, developed on the basis of an aluminum box with the ability to install any optical and night sights, and other development.

“The main task of participating in the Innovation Day is to present to the Ministry of Defense the full range of developments that can be put into service with the Russian army. The Kalashnikov concern is extremely important to expand the partnership with the Russian Ministry of Defense in all directions, and we expect that Innovation Day will become a platform for the development of our cooperation, ”said Filatov, general director of the concern Konstantin Busygin.
Earlier, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin announced a delay in adopting the latest combat equipment for the Ratnik Army troops due to the "refinement" of small arms.
The existing field uniform is noticeably different from the “Warrior” form in terms of color, cut and structure of materials.

According to Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, by the 2015, the Russian army will switch to a new uniform uniform designed for everyday wear. The servicemen will not have to change clothes to use combat kit in “warrior” clothes - they will be the same for everyone.

In September of last year, the Ground Forces of Russia began troop testing of combat equipment of the “Warrior” based on the 27-th separate motorized rifle brigade at the Alabino training ground near Moscow. At the same time, the Commander-in-Chief of the Land Forces of the Russian Federation, Colonel-General Vladimir Chirkin, said that the equipment showed good results during the tests.

Systems of individual combat kits are being developed now, except for Russia, in the USA (Land Warrior and Mounted Warrior), Germany (IdZ), Great Britain (FIST), Spain (COMFUT), Sweden (IMESS), France (FELIN) and other countries.

Kalashnikov Concern is the largest Russian manufacturer of automatic combat and sniper weapons, guided artillery shells, and a wide range of civilian products - hunting rifles, sporting rifles, machine tools and tools.
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  1. Bort radist
    Bort radist 20 August 2013 06: 39
    In the first lines of the article, my mind stumbled on a phrase "at the Innovation Day of the RF Ministry of Defense". I'd like to make a mistake.
    1. klimpopov
      klimpopov 20 August 2013 08: 44
      Four times I reread this phrase from the fifth came ... The bottom ... wassat
      1. tun1313
        tun1313 20 August 2013 09: 15
      2. Bort radist
        Bort radist 20 August 2013 16: 38
        Quote: klimpopov
        from the fifth came ... The bottom ..

        Good day, Klim. I wanted to clarify but then I thought a mini test lol
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. The comment was deleted.
      1. Dmitry 2246
        Dmitry 2246 20 August 2013 10: 27
        Successful acquisition of Izhmash in the person of Vladimir Zlobin.
        Alloy of reliability and Tula design ideas.
      2. Apologet.Ru
        Apologet.Ru 20 August 2013 11: 34
        Apollon colleague, for respect video good !
    4. Joker
      Joker 20 August 2013 14: 32
      special machines АС-1 in caliber 5,45х39 mm and АС-2 caliber 7,62х39 mm

      What is this? In the internet there is nothing, is it Val and Vintorez something for a new cartridge?
  2. tronin.maxim
    tronin.maxim 20 August 2013 06: 42
    Waiting, waiting! I want to see now! yes
  3. nikolas 83
    nikolas 83 20 August 2013 07: 04
    After 2 years of service in the army in 2004-2006 (there were still greatcoats), I can hardly imagine new equipment. I hope everything will work out. And the small arms also need to be changed. Although the old "Kalash" is a reliable weapon, it no longer meets modern requirements. The weapon needs to be changed. modern, kanechno expensive, but gradually rearmament. Now we have a lot of good developments.
  4. Per se.
    Per se. 20 August 2013 07: 34
    "Negev", FN "Minimi", "Amelie", belt-fed machine guns chambered for 5,56X45 mm have long been in service with foreign armies. When will native gunsmiths create a light belt-fed machine gun chambered for 7,62X39 mm or 5,45X39 mm for our army? The PK and Pechenegs are good machines, but often their cartridge is redundant for action in rifle platoons, but a device with a high density of fire is needed, so the guys are dragging around with a heavy PC. Isn't this topic long overdue? We were one of the first to create a light machine gun for an "intermediate" cartridge, the famous RPD is still used by many armies of the world, but in our country, for the sake of unification, they preferred the "machine gun" of the RPK. "Dektyar" is being modernized, but not here, DS Arms has made an "assault carbine" out of it, which is in demand among civilian shooters in the West (photo from it). Strangers value our machine gun more than we do, they use a successful Soviet invention.
    1. cdrt
      cdrt 20 August 2013 08: 56
      I completely agree. Not enough analogue of Minimi. Under tape or store food (with shops of large capacity). And what is surprising is that SV does not seem to formulate an order. A couple of years ago there was a theme - a light machine gun, shooting with an open shutter, with a shop-powered truth. But there, the customer of the Ministry of Internal Affairs was
      1. ayyildiz
        ayyildiz 20 August 2013 09: 26
        That's how the Poles remade PKM!
      2. Joker
        Joker 20 August 2013 14: 28
        When will the native gunsmiths create a light machine gun with tape feed for the army 7,62X39 mm or 5,45X39 mm for our army?

        After the AK-12 debugging, Izhmash was already told that as soon as they figure out the AK-12, a light machine gun will be fixed on its base.
    2. Pimply
      Pimply 20 August 2013 11: 48
      Kovrovtsy seem to be developing something just according to 5.45.
      1. Alexey Prikazchikov
        Alexey Prikazchikov 20 August 2013 12: 50
        Yes, only for the Ministry of Internal Affairs, but there may and the army team will catch up.
      2. Alexey Prikazchikov
        Alexey Prikazchikov 20 August 2013 12: 50
        Yes, only for the Ministry of Internal Affairs, but there may and the army team will catch up.
  5. Docklishin
    Docklishin 20 August 2013 07: 36
    What requirements does Kalash not meet? Just shooting accuracy. And the rest seems to be on the level. Any canopies - so please. Correcting ergonomics is not a problem either. How much money will be spent on a completely new model is not clear. And of course it is necessary to modernize. hi
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. tilovaykrisa
      tilovaykrisa 20 August 2013 10: 20
      Kalashnikov is a mobilization weapon, meaning small arms for special structures, as I understand it, and the army.
    3. Pimply
      Pimply 20 August 2013 11: 49
      Ergonomics, for example. Modularity. The quality of production.
      1. mladenec
        mladenec 20 August 2013 12: 41
        The quality of production.

        Give wishful thinking
        Production quality = reliability, and with this we have more than enough!
        1. Joker
          Joker 20 August 2013 14: 31
          The quality of production.

          Zhen, stanochki new appeared there. So the quality of the norms, we are waiting for the AK-12, there is modularity and everything else will be the same buns as on the M-4, I mean the body kit, Zenit do and not bad at all.
      2. Joker
        Joker 20 August 2013 14: 34
        Zhen, you better tell me what kind of sight this photo is?
  6. Jack122
    Jack122 20 August 2013 08: 08
    IMESS is not Sweden, but Switzerland seems to be. Warrior everyone is waiting =)
  7. Rosomaha67
    Rosomaha67 20 August 2013 08: 31
    Hi everyone! Good article, I hope the demo results are just as good. I agree with Per se a belt-fed machine gun for an intermediate cartridge is needed in the troops as a support weapon, especially given the increasing role of combat operations of individual groups and small units. We always put a machine gunner in the vanguard (rearguard), and here a light tribe with the possibility of dense fire coverage would be very useful, unfortunately the "extended" AK did not provide this, so we had to get out as best we could, and the PC in some situations is too heavy, so I will repeat , a belt gun for an intermediate cartridge is really needed ...
  8. eplewke
    eplewke 20 August 2013 08: 46
    everything would be fine! Warrior - good equipment! But there is one thing. The warrior includes several electronic sensors, batteries and a tablet PC. On what base will all these electric lotions be assembled? Skolkovo black and white tablets will put ??? Will we buy in China? And if we collect at home - will they even work normally ???
    I hope for the best that everything will be debugged. A Kalashik agrees, it's time to change. My opinion is to switch to 7.62 x 39. The potential of the cartridge has not yet been fully disclosed, and the mass of the cartridge on the face ...
  9. zadorin1974
    zadorin1974 20 August 2013 09: 42
    It would be better if "Permyachka" was brought to mind and put into the army. At the expense of AK - 7,62 * 39 is the most optimal for me and the plastic needs to be changed for the possibility of installing different devices (at your own expense it turns out a little expensive)
  10. sasha.28blaga
    sasha.28blaga 20 August 2013 10: 27
    A TV show showed an auction of weapons in Ameria: I don’t remember which year exactly since the same President Lincoln was shot for was sold for 2000 am. rubles, and AK 74 with an eye, I did not believe it, 16500 am. rubles.
  11. Zhenya
    Zhenya 20 August 2013 15: 11
    And when at least a batch of 1000 AK-12 will appear in the troops? By 2020? when will he become morally obsolete?
  12. alex-cn
    alex-cn 20 August 2013 16: 48
    Oh, to see, if only to hold on, I’m not dreaming about shooting, I already drool to the navel
  13. gych
    gych 21 August 2013 00: 07
    there was Kalash, it’s and it will be! I’d like to see the current in caliber 6.5mm. It’s clear that the warehouses are clogged up with 5.45 and 7.62.And here I’ve written off the RPD to mine in vain! I don’t know how, where in Ukraine, over the hill of these old men and other samples taking out small arms in bunches! (everything that was acquired by the overwork of our ancestors) is not only that the Yankees will buy a rpd for the civilian market somewhere there was infa about the adoption of this abbreviation! by the way, who has infa about aek and al-12.7, and then something is quiet about them!