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When we fought with America

5 August 1918, the United States announced the cessation of the existence of Russia and landed its troops in Vladivostok

US Ambassador to Russia David Rowland Francis

Traditionally, the United States and Russia have never fought with each other. However was in our stories episode when the Americans with weapons in the hands invaded the Russian land.

The idea of ​​a military invasion of Russia arose in US ruling circles even before the victory of the October Revolution. Literally on the eve of the October armed uprising, October 24 (November 6), 1917, the US ambassador to Russia, David Rowland Francis, in a telegram to Washington, proposed to send several divisions of American troops to Russia through Vladivostok or Sweden.

21 February 1918, the same Francis, reporting on the situation in Soviet Russia, offered to immediately begin military intervention. “I insist,” he wrote, “on the need to take control of Vladivostok, and to transfer Murmansk and Arkhangelsk under control of Great Britain and France ...”.
Washington Republican Senator Miles Poindexter, calling for intervention, said that “Russia is just a geographical concept, and no more it will ever be. Her power of rallying, organizing and recovering is gone forever. A nation does not exist ... ".

First, ahead of the Americans, the English landed in Russia: March 9, they began landing troops from the cruiser Glory in Murmansk. On March 14, the English cruiser Cochrane arrived in Murmansk with a new detachment of interventionists, and the French cruiser Admiral On arrived in March on March 13th. The Americans joined later: on May 18, the American cruiser Olympia entered the port of Murmansk, from which a detachment of American infantry soon landed.

The first soldiers of the 4 Infantry Regiment entered the Russian land of 1918 on September 339 of the year. Despite the fact that the task of the American units included only the protection of military property, the situation at the front forced the command of the interventionists to leave the US military units in the offensive in the Vologda railway area and Dvina.

American infantryman

The total losses of the American contingent in the north of Russia amounted to 110 killed in battle and 70 people who died from cold and disease. The losses suffered forced the Americans to evacuate their troops from the Russian north, and by August 5 not a single American was left in Murmansk.

However, 10 days later, the US State Department officially announced the severance of diplomatic relations with Russia. At the same time, it was not the Soviet Russia and its Bolshevik government that was meant, but Russia in general. The declaration of the State Department said the termination of the existence of Russia as a state. On the same day, the landing of American troops in Vladivostok began. The American Expeditionary Force in Siberia was under the command of Major General Graves and consisted of 7950 soldiers and officers. Units of the 27 and 31 infantry regiments, as well as volunteers from the 13, 62 and 12 infantry regiments were redeployed to Russia.

American troops were unprepared for the harsh conditions of Siberia. Problems with the supply of fuel, ammunition and food were widespread. The US contingent horses are accustomed to life in temperate climates and have not been able to operate at sub-zero temperatures, the water in the machine guns without additives just froze.

The most noteworthy fighting between Russians and Americans in the Far East was the battle near the village of Romanovka, 25 June 1919, near Vladivostok, where Bolshevik units under the command of Yakov Tryapitsyn attacked the Americans and killed them in 24 killed.

The last American soldier left Siberia 1 on April 1920. During the 19-month stay in Russia, the Americans lost 189 soldiers in the Far East.

American invaders in Vladivostok.
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  1. deputy ___ watered
    deputy ___ watered 21 August 2013 07: 17 New
    to catch a fish in troubled waters is one of the main skates of the usa. and how much was exported from Russia.
    1. Ruslan_F38
      Ruslan_F38 21 August 2013 16: 36 New
      "Washington Republican Senator Miles Poindexter, calling for intervention, stated that" Russia is simply a geographical concept, and nothing more will never be. Its power of unity, organization and restoration is gone forever. The nation does not exist ... " - the reasoning of a typical American, reassessment of his modest capabilities, both militarily and intellectually.
      1. wei
        wei 22 August 2013 01: 27 New
        Now, the role of Miles Poindexter is played by a certain lap-dog Madeleine Albright without ceremonially announcing Siberia “Terra Zero” before making such statements it would be better to go to the library because the Americans have experience in sharing an unkilled bear. Such judgments are given to them by all sorts of IMHO stools
        by the way about impudence (... and transfer Murmansk and Arkhangelsk to the control of Great Britain and France ...) like a present from a gentleman’s shoulder they didn’t put Europe into the hell already.
    2. T-100
      T-100 21 August 2013 23: 34 New
      Our strength is not in money and weapons, but in the unity of the nation in front of an external threat. In the words of Paracelsus (forecaster): You should never trust the monstrous decline of the Hyperboreans (Russians, Slavs), they will burn like a phoenix and rise from fire and ashes in a new form and with new strength !!!!
  2. 116rus
    116rus 21 August 2013 08: 06 New
    The article is a huge fat minus. Fragmentary, information similar to a hack of an unborn student. That the Americans landed in Vladivostok, everyone already knows. A similar article was published on this site six months ago, but more informative and structured.
      SASCHAmIXEEW 21 August 2013 16: 00 New
      116rus You obviously have something for the Yankees .. Are you not blue, by chance!? If by chance, yes, then everything is clear! But it is not clear what you are doing on this site? Are you lost?
  3. d1m1drol
    d1m1drol 21 August 2013 08: 07 New
    Unfortunately, nothing is said about the loss of our side. One of the articles also wrote about the genocide of the indigenous population by the expeditionary force of the Americans. We remember and remember!
  4. makst83
    makst83 21 August 2013 08: 08 New
    And what about demanding money for the occupation from the USA, Japan, Great Britain ?!
    1. Turik
      Turik 21 August 2013 10: 15 New
      This step, although beautiful, but populist. Just quarrel in the trash and all. Lenin and Stalin couldn’t knock anything out of them, much less of today's Russia.
      1. aksakal
        aksakal 21 August 2013 14: 07 New
        Quote: Turik
        This step, although beautiful, but populist. Just quarrel in the trash and all. Lenin and Stalin couldn’t knock anything out of them, much less of today's Russia.

        - Gentlemen, Russia is a sufficiently rich and powerful country to beg for itself "for occupation." This is the lot of the poor Baltic and Poles, they do not need to be assimilated, because to sink so low ... BUT !!!!!!! But in order to stop all these efforts about Katyn, the occupation of the Baltic states and others, to pose and silently discuss this issue is NEEDED! And then just exchange these questions, grind and forget. If this is not done, then they will get Russia. And since Putin is not eternal, instead of him, Gorbachev in the second performance (Gorbi-2) may hypothetically appear and Russia will not even fall into lard - into trillions! And this despite the fact that in those dashing years almost the whole world was passionately engaged in the unpunished genocide of the Russian people - who weren’t there - and the Lasha, the Czechs, and even the Amers! And no one even tried to ask from the world for this! The mess is nifig. It’s time to start financing the relevant works of historians and quietly prepare a lawsuit - I answer, DOES NOT HARM!
        1. SASCHAmIXEEW
          SASCHAmIXEEW 21 August 2013 16: 11 New
          The idea is very practical !!!! Although a tiny precedent! After all, RUSSIA shredded more than a horse and were responsible only for the great Mr. ...! That would be to catch these wise guys at the turn ...! Soul would be warmed!
    2. German
      German 21 August 2013 12: 46 New
      Hmm ... But the thought is sensible! smile
  5. Landwarrior
    Landwarrior 21 August 2013 08: 14 New
    Then Murmansk was not yet, but Romanov-on-Murman. So, for reference.
  6. Gomunkul
    Gomunkul 21 August 2013 09: 11 New
    Russia is simply a geographical concept, and no more will it ever be. Her power of cohesion, organization and restoration is gone forever. The nation does not exist.
    With this statement, the United States once again shows its true nature: a "nation" of scavengers was created on the North American continent. Their motto is: beat the weak, humiliate the defenseless. Shpana in a word, in seven they are not afraid. bully
  7. FunkschNNX
    FunkschNNX 21 August 2013 10: 00 New
    "Russia is just a geographical concept, and nothing more will it ever be. Its power of unity, organization and restoration is gone forever. The nation does not exist ..." and this yankee is right. A nation does not exist, there are neither Russians nor Tatars nor anyone else, there are people who are radiant. Instead of free nations, just a mass of people appeared.
    1. FunkschNNX
      FunkschNNX 21 August 2013 10: 54 New
      Why minus something? Look at your passports, cranks. In mine, it’s written in capital letters that I am Russian.
        SASCHAmIXEEW 21 August 2013 16: 23 New
        On the fence, too, something is written, and you look ... a hole. Here you have become a hole with your koment
      SASCHAmIXEEW 21 August 2013 16: 18 New
      You are a rosian, and that’s only because at the moment you called yourself that, for me at least call yourself shit ... For me, Russian, the one who lives in RUSSIA and according to Russian testaments!
      1. FunkschNNX
        FunkschNNX 22 August 2013 14: 43 New
        What kind of Russian covenants are these ??? Something from the Ren-tv repertoire?
        And the Tatars of Russia want to be Russian, what do you decide for all of them?
      2. FunkschNNX
        FunkschNNX 23 August 2013 09: 34 New
        You say that you are Russian, but do not understand Russian. I clearly wrote that I am not a Russian, neither mentally nor legally. I am Russian, but this fact is recorded including and legally, I can send a scan of a passport. But who you are is another question. Some Frenchman will ask you about your nationality, what do you say? "I am Russian"? To which he reasonably answers: No, you are lying impudently, you are not Russian, you are Russian. So, "fuck off my sweet cherry" while your cockroaches and my head are also not littered.
        1. El13
          El13 24 August 2013 11: 54 New
          But I don’t care what the Frenchman says, what his dog business, who I consider myself and I don’t care what at the moment they wrote to me in the passport.
  8. i'm from texas
    i'm from texas 21 August 2013 10: 11 New
    Americans are vile people, Indians strangled, the next goal is all remaining, with the exception of LGBT people and similar infamy.
  9. Kovrovsky
    Kovrovsky 21 August 2013 11: 13 New
    Quote: Landwarrior
    Then Murmansk was not yet, but Romanov-on-Murman. So, for reference.

    The British reached the Polar. There, on the pier, are still the warehouses built by them.
    1. Landwarrior
      Landwarrior 21 August 2013 15: 07 New
      Quote: Kovrovsky
      The British reached the Polar.

      The British reached Kondopoga, to be precise. hi There in the forests heaps of cans from their dry suds laughing
        SASCHAmIXEEW 21 August 2013 16: 40 New
        There, besides heaps of cans, heaps of bones do not roll? (Although for so many years) The idea: "Excursion for the British and Amers" "" To places of military (not) glory "with a bunch of bones and rotten ammunition ... What would you remember !!! Wherever they managed to visit and inherit! In the 50s, I often climbed the Pulkovo Heights as a kid (lived in the Aviagorodok) and exploded and found skulls in German helmets and weapons ..! Now I think: GOD has saved ... but there aren't many ...!
        1. Landwarrior
          Landwarrior 21 August 2013 18: 39 New
          What bones, my friend? laughing Do you know what kind of fights there were? Shot in the air and fled wink a maximum of a pair of wounded on both sides, well, or one killed wassat
          And as for the excursion, I once pulled an English tobacco can out of the ground there. Well, she was lying around with me, lying around, and then an English friend came to visit me and I decided to present this jar to him ... He was in shock. Firstly, it turned out that the factory that produced this tobacco is half a block from his home. Secondly, they were told at school that the British, they just sat in Murmansk, guarded the warehouses so that the Germans didn’t seize them, and trained the local militia ... I can count on the fingers the moments when I SUGGESTED wassat
  10. Kovrovsky
    Kovrovsky 21 August 2013 11: 26 New
    Quote: Фкенщь13
    Why minus something? Look at your passports, cranks. In mine, it’s written in capital letters that I am Russian.

    Is it a Soviet passport or something else? In Russian nationality is not indicated.
    1. FunkschNNX
      FunkschNNX 21 August 2013 11: 35 New
      No, I have a passport of a citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan. And while I'm not going to change it, mainly because I want to be Russian, and not racine.
  11. solomon
    solomon 21 August 2013 11: 31 New
    Yeah ..., it didn’t work out with our own hands. Subsequently, they began to try only with the wrong hands.
      SASCHAmIXEEW 21 August 2013 16: 52 New
      A team of crooks, led by a Hebrew money bag, and now we are partially in their power, it's time to finish !!!!
  12. Enot-poloskun
    Enot-poloskun 21 August 2013 12: 39 New
    I quote:

    Washington Republican Senator Miles Poyndekster, calling for intervention, said that “Russia is simply a geographical concept, and it will never be any more. Her power of cohesion, organization and restoration is gone forever. The nation does not exist ... "

    Almost 100 years have passed ...

    Don't you think that almost nothing has changed in the US Senate?

    As the saying goes, do not wait! (with)
      SASCHAmIXEEW 21 August 2013 16: 53 New
      On the contrary! Wait until Ivan's patience bursts ...
  13. schta
    schta 21 August 2013 13: 14 New
    infa in Wikipedia about Francis podrigovtana))) there he is a sweet and extremely decent man
  14. Zubr
    Zubr 21 August 2013 13: 56 New
    Quote: schta
    infa in Wikipedia about Francis podrigovtana))) there he is a sweet and extremely decent man

    They are all “cute and decent”, and here we are RUSSIAN “AGGRESSIVE”, the Japs were bombed with atomic bombs, “Poor GERMAN SOLDIERS FROZEN” near Stalingrad, and we were supposed to give them boots and short fur coats? Let only put your nose to us, tear off the very eggs ...
    1. Denis
      Denis 21 August 2013 15: 12 New
      Quote: Zubr
      near Stalingrad "POOR GERMAN SOLDIERS FROZEN"
      There was some kind of a program where the frozen chances and those unable to celebrate Christmas were spared as much as snot, they probably bought a candy wrapper for pindostan. And what to take from them, what and what to hide
  15. Stock captain
    Stock captain 21 August 2013 14: 54 New
    No words, need to wet!
    1. Tartary
      Tartary 21 August 2013 15: 13 New
      Quote: Stock Captain
      No words, need to wet!

      Just about to wait for Ukraine in the vehicle and start to wet!

      And then, the Ukrainian lads do not want to study army affairs, the army is almost absent, the helmsman of Ukraine does not want to in the TS, people have opinions that we will stand aside "if that", and who will wet it?
        SASCHAmIXEEW 21 August 2013 16: 58 New
        Do you really think that the Slavs are not bored with a common threat?
  16. smiths xnumx
    smiths xnumx 21 August 2013 16: 01 New
    And here is what the Americans did during their occupation of the Far East and North during the Civil War:
    “... capturing the peasants I. Gonevchuk, S. Gorshkov, P. Oparin and Z. Murashko, the Americans buried them alive for contact with local partisans. And the partisan’s wife E. Boychuk dealt with as follows: they punctured the body with bayonets and drowned in a garbage pit. The peasant Bochkarev was unrecognizably mutilated with bayonets and knives: “the nose, lips, ears were cut off, the jaw was broken out, the face and eyes were punched with bayonets, the whole body was cut up.” Partisan N. Myasnikov was tortured in the same brutal manner by Sviyagino, who, according to eyewitness testimony, "first the ears were chopped off, then the nose, arms, legs, chopped alive into pieces."

    "Interventors surrounded Little Cape and opened hurricane fire around the village. Having learned that the partisans were not there, the Americans became bolder, broke into it, burned the school. They flogged atrociously everyone who fell into their arm. The farmer Cherevatov, like many others, had to be taken home bloody, unconscious. The brutal oppression was repaired by the American infantrymen in the villages of Knevichi, Krolevets and other settlements. In front of everyone, the American officer shot several bullets into the head of the wounded boy Vasily Shemyakin. "

    “A 23-year-old citizen K. was brutally raped by a group of American soldiers in Sedanka. Facts of violence against women and girls by stallions in the form of the US Army were repeatedly recorded in other parts of Vladivostok and Primorye. Obviously, damsels of easy virtue, which then, as now, were By the way, one of the "priestesses of love", who "awarded" several American "cowboys" with a bad illness, was somehow found killed in Prudova Street (where the Komsomolets movie theater now stands) with five revolving bullets in body".

    Well and so on, well, here are a few lines from the diary of the colonel of this very expeditionary force Morrow, who laments that his poor soldiers ... "could not sleep without killing anyone that day. When our soldiers took the Russians to captured, they drove them to the Andriyanovka station, where the wagons were unloaded, the prisoners were led to huge pits, in which they were shot from machine guns. " "The most memorable" for Colonel Morrow was the day "when 1600 people were delivered in 53 wagons."

    American invader poses near the corpse of the murdered Bolshevik

    Yours! hi
  17. soldier's grandson
    soldier's grandson 21 August 2013 18: 37 New
    But France was our ally in the PM, and England also got to us, and amers get in blood in a wounded, torn country and run their lascivious little hands in the bunkers and mock civilians, so we don’t have any of them will never
  18. Albert1988
    Albert1988 21 August 2013 20: 44 New
    The article, of course, is too short to cover such a problem as intervention during the years of revolution and civil war, let’s consider the intervention of one separate “most democratic” country ... This period requires detailed consideration - after all, how many lessons at once: how quickly it is all “democratic the community "rushed to us, it was worth giving a serious slack how they behaved - in fact, nothing better than the Germans in the 41st, except that the genocide was not so well organized and the scale was smaller, but still they showed their true enough nasty face. Of course, they managed to ruin a lot of people during their stay on our land, but one thing is a bit pleasing - they got off fast from us - the refined western nature could not stand it ...
  19. Xay
    Xay 23 August 2013 14: 30 New
    Good Yusevites, these are Dead! This scum that tramples the earth, and how many peoples suffered and suffer from them.
  20. alexander 1
    alexander 1 5 March 2016 16: 14 New
    The author of the article claims that "on June 25, 1919, the Bolshevik units under the command of Jacob Tryapitsyn attacked the Americans and inflicted losses on them." This statement is not entirely true, since in the specified clash Yakov Tryapitsyn commanded a small partisan detachment, and not units. By the way, this Y. Tryapitsyn, being the commander of the Red Army of the Nikolaev district (actually a partisan detachment of 4-5 thousand people), was officially part of the military structure of the Far Eastern Democratic Republic. In history, it remained as a negative character of the Civil War in the Far East, who ordered the destruction of a prosperous city in the north of Primorsky Krai - Nikolaevsk-on-Amur from e in which about 14 thousand people lived and about 4 thousand local people were destroyed before leaving the city residents. A month after the partisans left the burnt city in Kerby on the Amgun River, by the verdict of the People’s Court, of the 103 residents of the destroyed city 07.07.1920 was shot.