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The mystery of the death of blackbirds

Since the beginning of the year, worldwide deaths of birds have been recorded. The very first and most interesting is the case that occurred in the American town of Bib in Arkansas. Here, half an hour before the new year, it literally rained dead birds, blackbirds were massively killed. Over an area of ​​approximately 2 square kilometers, more than 4 000 birds were found. After this incident, all similar incidents around the world were recorded. The death of birds was reported from Sweden, Italy, Romania, Canada, China, but in all these cases the sea of ​​birds was not so large. On the wave of such messages, many versions of what happened, including the most terrible and fantastic.

For most cases of bird death in Europe, completely prosaic explanations were found. So in Sweden jackdaws and crows died in a collision at night with a truck, in Romania starlings in the vicinity of Bucharest were poisoned by fermented grapes, in Italy they ate too much sunflower meal. According to ornithologists, the death of birds in winter is a common occurrence, in this case news agencies only fanned the hype on the basis of the only case in the United States that raises the most questions.

The death of 4 thousands of birds in a rather short period of time in such a small area is extremely unusual. The birds were quickly collected by employees of the Environmental Service, who worked in special suits and gas masks, which only increased fear among the locals.

Especially religious people and simply lovers of all sorts of predictions immediately remembered the end of the world and tied the death of birds to the beginning of the apocalypse. The Mayan calendar, which ends in 2012, was also pulled here. Scientists naturally disagree with these versions, according to whom the mass death of birds was caused by hail, lightning strikes or holiday fireworks. Ornithologist Karen Rove, a member of the state commission on hunting and fishing, is inclined to the version of holiday fireworks. The birds were frightened of New Year's salutes, dropped to the level of the roofs of houses and the frightened broke up about the houses, cars, collided with each other, and the ornithologist stressed that thrushes have very poor eyesight. The weakness of this version is that such a massive death of birds from fireworks was not noted even once, although large-scale shows, like, for example, in Sydney, have been going on for decades. Birds died during them and will die, but not by thousands.

The mystery of the death of blackbirds

One of the most interesting versions of what happened in relation to the death of birds is a result of the testing or transportation of a chemical weapons. Supporters of this version of the tied bird deaths happened in the same day of the death of former Councilor administration Presidents Reagan and Bush Sr., John Wheeler, whose body was found in the city dump in the state of Delaware in Wilmington. It is believed that the former officer of the presidential administration might deal for trying to talk about the incident.

The American newspaper The European Union Times refers to the report of the Russian intelligence, which involves the death of birds as a result of military tests or errors in the transport of chemical weapons. According to this version, the cause of the death of birds was poison gas - phosgene, known since the times of the First World War and banned further for production. A large consignment of this gas, the volume of which is estimated at 63 thousand tons, was at the disposal of the American military after the military operation in Iraq.

Phosgene - chemical compound with the formula COCl2. Gas without color with the smell of refracted hay. The poisonous substance has a suffocating effect, provoking rapidly progressive pulmonary edema in a person; in case of toxic edema, up to half of the blood from the body of the poisonous body passes into the lungs. There is no antidote for phosgene.

These toxic substances were delivered to the Pine Bluff storage area, the largest storage facility in the United States, but after a scandal in which Russia accused the US administration of hiding poisonous substances exported from Iraq, the United States began their disposal. Some of these weapons are recycled, just in the state of Arkansas. But some amount of phosgene was sent to Afghanistan, where chemical weapons are planned to be used in remote mountainous areas to combat the Taliban.

On December 31, a military transport tanker aircraft Boeing KC-767 flew off the USA from Little Rock Air Base with a cargo of phosgene on board. Some time after take-off, as a result of some kind of computer program malfunction or technical malfunction, the poisonous substance was dispersed in the atmosphere, which caused the death of blackbirds.

66-year-old John Wheeler, who threatened the presidential administration with revelations, became aware of this fact. A former military expert in the field of chemical and biological weapons of mass destruction could immediately guess about the true causes of the tragedy. The information he disclosed could have put the White House and the Pentagon in jeopardy, which is why it had to be “removed”. Wheeler’s body was found at the Wilmington city dump, where, as established by the police, he was brought in by a garbage truck loaded in Newark. From the moment of the murder until the discovery of the body, so little time passed that the relatives of the deceased did not even have time to announce his disappearance.

Antenna station for studying the nature of the ionosphere HAARP

In a rather beautiful version, published in the American press, there is one significant discrepancy. The massive death of birds occurred only half an hour before the new year. The body of Wheeler was also found that day, fit in 30 minutes, all the events that could lead to his death, it seems extremely fantastic.

Along with this, other versions were also considered, which suggested testing a new little-studied weapon; the largest US Air Force base, Little Rock, which is located near the site of the tragedy, adds fuel to the fire.

Many were quick to link the death of birds to natural disasters that hit the planet at the end of 2010 and the beginning of this year: flooding in Brazil and Australia, freezing rain in Russia and China, heavy snowfall, with subsequent flooding in Europe. Once again, lovers of global conspiracies got from the trunk a research station to study the nature of the ionosphere HAARP, located in Alaska. The station was commissioned in the 1997 year and since then, talk about the fact that it can be used as a geophysical weapon.

Thus, according to some experts, the radiation energy of the HAARP complex can be used to control weather on a global scale. If such experiments are actually carried out, the state that has designed such weapons will get a powerful military weapon in their hands, the use of which against any country will be virtually impossible to prove.

Anyway, in the death of blackbirds in Arkansas there are more questions than answers. And while scientists do not give a very clear explanation of the mass death of birds, new versions of what happened will be born.

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  1. Honory
    Honory 15 September 2012 14: 28
    Most likely, the cause of the death of the birds is the most prosaic. If there was a release of phosgene, then many lovers of democracy would die, but this did not happen.