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Russia ordered the modernized An-2 in Ukraine

Russia ordered the modernized An-2 in UkraineAntonov, a Ukrainian state-owned enterprise, has received orders from Russia, Azerbaijan and Cuba for the supply of the An-2-100 aircraft, a modernized version of the famous Kukuruznik, Antonov’s General Designer Dmitry Kiva said on Wednesday.

“There are orders from Russia, Azerbaijan and Cuba. Our partners are even ready to make some orders for hundreds of aircraft, ”Kiva told reporters. According to him, the cost of the An-2-100 aircraft will vary from 850 thousand to 1 million dollars, depending on the order, RIA “News».

On Wednesday, for the first time since the development, a new version of the famous "corncob" has risen - the An-2-100 aircraft. It is intended for passenger, passenger-freight and freight traffic on local airlines.

The main difference between the An-2-100 and its famous predecessor is the power plant with the marching turboprop engine MS-14, developed by the Ukrainian company Motor Sich. One of the advantages of the modernized “maize”, according to the developers, is the transition from aviation gasoline, which is not produced in the CIS countries, to aviation kerosene. Also, the weight of the stocked An-2-100 is 200 kilograms less than that of the An-2.

An-2 aircraft in service will be upgraded to An-2-100. On the territory of Ukraine today there are X-NUMX An-135 airplanes, of which only 2 are airworthy.

The crew of the modernized "corncob" is still two people, and the passenger capacity is 12 people.

Russia is also working on upgrading An-2. In December, 2012 of the year an agreement was signed with the American company Honeywell to supply 2013 100 turboprop engines TRE331 to Russia in 2, which are planned to be installed on “corn dusters” upgraded to An-XNUMXMS.

It was reported that this power unit will make the old Soviet aircraft competitive and at least four times cheaper than their foreign counterparts.

In the meantime, the aircraft was designed in Russia, which is intended to be a replacement for the An-2: "Rysachok". Certification tests of the aircraft are currently underway, and mass production is scheduled to begin from 2015.

At the end of May, the commander of the Airborne Forces Colonel-General Vladimir Shamanov announced his intention to return to the Russian "winged infantry" squadron of An-2 aircraft for the commission of training jumps.
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  1. fzr1000
    fzr1000 11 July 2013 10: 17
    From An-2-100 to An-70 ..... Maybe it comes to this machine?
  2. Hunghuz
    Hunghuz 11 July 2013 10: 24
    17 th
    hi It was cheaper and more reliable to purchase this Eroplane in China ...........)))) soon all weapons would be bought there)
    1. allosaurus
      allosaurus 11 July 2013 10: 34
      benefactor, in Ukraine there is a proverb: from a cheap fish, shitty yushka. so ride yourself on Chinese good.
    2. orff
      orff 11 July 2013 10: 59
      AN-2 in China are produced under the name Y-5 and "Fong Shu-2."
    3. pensioner
      pensioner 11 July 2013 11: 02
      Quote: Hunghouse
      Budey weapons to buy there

      Come on, go to your native Hunhus. It’s easier to be yourself ...
      1. Reserve buildbat
        Reserve buildbat 11 July 2013 15: 20
        Hi Yuri! And you call me not tolerant ?! laughing hi
        1. pensioner
          pensioner 11 July 2013 17: 04
          WELL WHAT ... Also not a gift ... Not my fault. Gubakha, a difficult childhood, toys pinned to the ceiling ... Well, then you yourself know ...
    4. Vadivak
      Vadivak 11 July 2013 12: 01
      Quote: ...
      Meanwhile, a plane was built in Russia, which is intended to become a replacement for the An-2: “Trotter”.

      What a stupid thing, for an aircraft that wants to replace the An-2, the most important characteristic is the price.
      the price of the AN-2 is about 100 thousand bucks, and the Rysachka is 1 million, and if the An-2 is a kerosene engine, as stated, then the Rysachok with its consumption of 150 liters. per hour, resting
      1. Uncle
        Uncle 11 July 2013 19: 00
        Quote: Vadivak
        price of AN-2 - about 100 thousand bucks

        The article writes about the price of $ 1 million. can you wind it there on such dibs? 1 million rubles, this is understandable, but $, bust.
      2. Muxalet
        Muxalet 11 July 2013 20: 24
        100 t.baksov it \\\ 's with the engine after kapitalki.
  3. Sea snake
    Sea snake 11 July 2013 10: 34
    Sometimes, an indispensable plane. Great PLANER!
  4. Wedmak
    Wedmak 11 July 2013 10: 38
    Interestingly, we ourselves are doing it and in Ukraine we are ordering, also a new plane is on the way. The revival of small aircraft on the horizon?
  5. leon-iv
    leon-iv 11 July 2013 10: 39
    Eptet did not pass right now the snow will go.
    AN-2 in the national economy. ESSENTIAL aircraft. It needs a LOT. And such aircraft are no less important than Fighters and main liners.
  6. domokl
    domokl 11 July 2013 10: 46
    Beloved old man! any weather, people filled up with 15. Once the flyers bought us, like the motor broke down, we will fall. We flew out the door like traffic jams. And these ... we planned around and below we started up to take off ...
    The plane is ideal for local airlines, for training jumps, and indeed ... Everything that has been done after it is inferior ... The paradox of aviation ...
  7. pensioner
    pensioner 11 July 2013 11: 00
    Oh! An-2 is the first plane on which I happened to fly! In 65g. like. It was small, but I remember the moment of flight perfectly!
  8. Algor73
    Algor73 11 July 2013 11: 06
    The aircraft has its own qualities peculiar to it - low-speed, reliability, simplicity, low speed during take-off and landing. After several dozen of its release, there were attempts to create a replacement aircraft for him, and how did it all end? The plane is unique. for a long time he will be in demand
    1. Sea snake
      Sea snake 11 July 2013 11: 25
      Indeed, it is UNIQUE! Change the engine and not reinvent the wheel in this niche.
  9. orff
    orff 11 July 2013 11: 07
    But what kind of bird does the Novosibirsk enterprise
    The Aviation Institute in Novosibirsk received a grant to continue the modernization of the most massive aircraft of the USSR - An-2. The characteristics of the aircraft are called unique by pilots, but it needs a new engine and a new propeller. To solve this problem, Siberians cooperate with the Americans. The test results give both the confidence that the project will be successful.
    SibNIA decided to give the An-2 a new life. The engine was chosen by the American company Honeywell, and the screw by Hartzell. In February 2012, flight tests of the updated car passed. The very first flights showed: the use of new equipment is justified - the takeoff and landing and flight characteristics of the aircraft have improved.
    Now researchers from SibNIA are installing GPS navigation systems on the plane. The new engine allows you to install a diesel generator. Equipped with such systems, the machine becomes completely independent. At any airport, in any weather conditions, the pilot can start the diesel generator and heat the plane. That is, in fact, prepare it for launch on its own and fly.
    The cost of re-equipment of one An-2 is 700 – 800 thousand US dollars.
    1. fzr1000
      fzr1000 11 July 2013 11: 48
      Cool screw. Like.
    2. tungus
      tungus 11 July 2013 12: 42
      Quote: orff
      The cost of re-equipment of one An-2 is 700 – 800 thousand US dollars.

      And how much then does a new airplane cost with this engine and propeller? Under a million?
      What the old AN-2 was good for was cheapness. Thanks to this, it was riveted by thousands and used everywhere from agriculture to DOSAAF.
      With a new engine, it will cost a million ... And a lot of them are not made for that price? Isn't it easier to modernize the reliable and decades-old ASh-62IR engine and build an oil refinery for the production of aviation gasoline? Then the cost of the plane will be about 100 thousand raccoons, and it will again become AVAILABLE. Farms and air clubs, and regional authorities for domestic transportation will be able to purchase it. This is a massive airplane, a kind of flying gazelle, and it doesn't have to be expensive.
    3. avt
      avt 11 July 2013 12: 48
      Quote: orff
      But what kind of bird does the Novosibirsk enterprise

      Glider is not killed. good But the wings on modern materials redid or percale as before? And by the way, what about the An-3 variant, the one that Chilingarov drove to the South Pole stood there like engines from Omsk?
  10. Russ69
    Russ69 11 July 2013 11: 40
    Nice plane! Purely a workhorse, it’s good for everything. And in operation unpretentious.
  11. Thunderbolt
    Thunderbolt 11 July 2013 11: 55
    The first reliably known combat use of An-2 occurred in Hungary in the 1956 year. During the suppression of the An-2 uprising, they were used to scatter leaflets over the insurgent detachments, as well as for visual reconnaissance, and they often came under fire from the enemy.
    An-2s were used in the war in Indochina. Airplanes An-2 Air Force DRV (Democratic Republic of Vietnam) made their first combat flights to Laos, where in 1960-62. there was a civil war. The Vietnamese Corn Mailers delivered their equipment, ammunition and weapons to their allies, the Patet Lao troops and left-wing neutralists. Around the same time, An-2s were also used to supply the Viet Cong. A case is known when an An-2 unit of the Vietnamese Air Force during a night combat mission sank a warship of the South Vietnam Navy (corvette or frigate according to modern classification) and damaged the landing ship, the attack was carried out with using NURS. After that, the Vietnamese An-2, at night, tried to attack warships of the US Navy, shelling the coast. These attempts were unsuccessful, at least one An-2 was shot down by missiles.
    The An-2 was successfully used to combat sabotage and reconnaissance dzhonki and armed boats. To do this, they were equipped with one or two machine guns in the doorway ("Ganship" in Vietnamese) and holders for small bombs. The success of the An-2 in this role was repeatedly covered in the press of that time. Http://
    1. pensioner
      pensioner 11 July 2013 18: 46
      There he is! Also a Fighter !!
  12. LaGlobal
    LaGlobal 11 July 2013 13: 25
    the cost of the An-2-100 aircraft will vary from 850 thousand to 1 million dollars, depending on the order

    why is it so expensive? belay

    or I don’t understand the pricing of LA?
  13. uav80
    uav80 11 July 2013 13: 39
    Quote: Vadivak

    the price of the AN-2 is about 100 thousand bucks, and the Rysachka is 1 million, and if the An-2 is a kerosene engine, as stated, then the Rysachok with its consumption of 150 liters. per hour, resting

    we read the whole article and see that the price of the AN-2-100 will also be for a lemon bucks ...
  14. Starover_Z
    Starover_Z 11 July 2013 14: 10
    Quote: retired
    Oh! An-2 is the first plane on which I happened to fly! In 65g. like. It was small, but I remember the moment of flight perfectly!

    I have a similar story - the first flight, in memory, with a malfunction of the vestibular apparatus laughing The army already flew on it and everything else that flew during the Soviet era was normal. But this is lyrics.
    In the Far North, just such hard workers plowed, and now they are needed.
    And such a modification as the AN-3 flashed in the media. What is interesting with him?
    1. pensioner
      pensioner 11 July 2013 18: 51
      Quote: Starover_Z
      In the Far North, just such hard workers plowed, and now they are needed.

      Long time already in the North I do not see them. Maybe they didn’t come across ... But since 2007. somehow: just disappeared ... Flights canceled them. Everything was transferred to turntables. Himself in 08g. bought a ticket to Hulemsunt (from Sovetskiy) to AN-2, and flew on a turntable.
  15. pensioner
    pensioner 11 July 2013 14: 13
    I remember flying in 1988 from Arkhangelsk to the big Solovetsky island on it. Over the White Sea. Creepy ... Yes, and the people are not resistant caught ... On the contrary, everyone (except me) voted for the ship. It would be better to fly to the An-2 ...
  16. rudolff
    rudolff 11 July 2013 14: 41
    Whatever technique is good, but never lasts. It’s time to think about a replacement already. Throw out such money for remotorization of maize with gliders of the 40th age, few want. And not only in the matter of motors. Many machines and cladding replacement are required. Not sure if percale is still being released somewhere. And in piloting, he is not so simple. Due to the lack of a front landing gear, bonding is a common occurrence.
  17. gregor6549
    gregor6549 11 July 2013 15: 22
    You will laugh, but at one time this slug turned out to be the most invulnerable to portable air defense systems such as Strela, Igla, etc. And more serious air defense systems simply did not see it due to their terrible low-flying ability. Yes, and he can land "on parole and on one wing," and where no "normal" plane will land on two. So it is too early to throw such "whatnot" into the landfill. Yes, and with modernization it is necessary to be more careful. After all, put a turboprop on it and heat seeker MANPADS will reach for it like flies on honey
    1. leon-iv
      leon-iv 11 July 2013 22: 01
      And I saw how he almost sat across the strip)))
      By the way, our anti-aircraft defense in Georgia faced a similar problem. They say they solved the problem.
  18. The comment was deleted.
  19. Rus2012
    Rus2012 11 July 2013 17: 35
    AN-2 - eternal values ​​of the era ... Let it still serve!
  20. Alexander D.
    Alexander D. 11 July 2013 19: 12
    Here is this handsome remotorized
  21. Muxalet
    Muxalet 11 July 2013 20: 19
    The cost of the plant is 400-450 tons of green, the plant wants to earn tons of 100-150. The rest of the markup type is PDV, VAT, + all sorts of customs duties. The MS engine takes an economy of 200-240 gr / hp.KEROSINA! against the native AS in which the indicator is 300g. BENZINA! (about 150kg.hour). The thrust-weight ratio is 500losad more and the engine life is 20 hours. I think that the mass production should lower the price.
    And the eighth will have to fly before retirement, then I will unsubscribe in more detail .. winked
  22. gladiatorakz
    gladiatorakz 12 July 2013 12: 23
    AN-2 and the old man is indispensable, and after modernization another 30 years a minimum will be in demand. And it’s great to prepare paratroopers on it. Shamans is right about returning the AN-2 squadron to the Airborne Forces.