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The manifesto of the movement "The Essence of Time", written and read during the Summer School

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Manifest of the movement "The Essence of Time"

Introduction Conceptual and existential frame
Any movement unites people with different views and beliefs. These differences are natural and in some sense necessary. But this has nothing to do with omnivorous: there must be something that unites people who decide to do a common thing together.
And this is something - not even some general principle, but a certain frame, outlining the political, moral and existential territory common to all participants.
What is the frame for the movement "The Essence of Time"?

It is composed of only four principles.

Principle #1. We all treat the collapse of the USSR as a personal tragedy. The forces responsible for this collapse deprived us of our homeland. This is especially clear now, when all the same forces seek to finish Russia to the end, using literally the same methods that allowed them to organize the collapse of the USSR.
So, the loss of the USSR for us is a loss. The pain of this loss over the years has not subsided. Quite the contrary. For as time passes, the tragic realization of how much we lost then increases.
The ruined Soviet Union lives in our hearts. And since he lives in them - the USSR can be restored.
The ability to keep in heart what has disappeared in reality is the main prerequisite for revenge. Yes, it is revenge - we are talking about him and only about him.
The desire for revenge - is the realization of the bitterness of defeat and readiness for victory. Only this and nothing else.
We are experiencing the collapse of the USSR as the defeat of our people and our personal defeat. But we did not capitulate. We are ready to continue the fight and win.

Principle No.2. We want to know why the Soviet Union collapsed and who is guilty of this tragedy. We understand that the answer to this question is extremely complicated. What the enemy used against us is complicated and insidious weapon. That the enemy and now creates all sorts of false targets and smoke screens. We do not want simple answers. For we understand that simplicity is worse than theft.
We will not spare the powers of the mind and soul in order to reach the truth. We are ready to learn, to take new and new barriers of difficulty in the search for a final answer.
Not ready to give a final answer today, we will give it tomorrow. Russian tales speak of seven pairs of worn iron boots. If necessary, we will stop seventy-seven pairs of such iron boots. For we want the final answer to your question. And we will get this answer.

Principle No.3. We want to understand not only who is guilty of the collapse of the USSR and what is the true intention of the forces that managed to ensure its collapse.
We also want to understand how to return the lost. Only for this we break through to the truth. Returning the lost is even more difficult by an order of magnitude than getting an answer to the question of who, how and why took our beloved away.
We are not afraid of this complexity. We want to find a real, complete answer to the question of how to recover the lost. And we will get this answer.

Principle No.4. Without love, reason is powerless. Without a mind, love is blind.
But both mind and love are not enough. We want an understanding of the nature of our defeat, an understanding of the paths to victory — not just to amuse our mind and soothe heart pain. We want to not only understand how to return the lost. We want to return this lost.
The heart and mind, even when united, are powerless if there is no will. We have this will. We want to fight to regain the lost. We do not want ecstasy, we will not convulse. We can cool the feeling without losing it. Our mind can and will take one barrier of complexity after another.
But all this for us is not an exercise of the soul and mind. We need to love and know in order to act.
Following Marx, we say: scientists have been explaining the world too long, while the point is to change it.
That's all that unites us. Only these four principles - and nothing else. They set the conceptual, moral, existential, political framework. Inside it, we feel and think differently. We just go to the general path. We believe that traveling in search of the lost will bring us closer together. And while we will always remain different. This, we repeat, is normal and even necessary. Differently, we experience a loss and understand the nature of this loss.
But we want to return the lost. And we will return it.
Those who do not share the four principles that unite us, let them step aside. Both sectarian intolerance and lack of will of omnivorous are equally alien.
Having stipulated all that unites us, we turn to what, in our opinion, makes possible the realization of our main and only strategic goal.

Part of 1. On the content of the modern era

Chapter 1. Twenty years later
Twenty years ago, the Soviet Union collapsed.
Twenty years ago, a red flag fluttering over the Kremlin was lowered.
Twenty years ago, anti-communism and anti-Sovietism became the official ideology of the new post-Soviet Russia.
Twenty years ago, it was stated that the collapse of the USSR was not a catastrophe, but the liberation of Russia from the monstrous shackles of Sovietism. And return to the fold of world civilization. That is in capitalism.
In the name of this return to capitalism, they repudiated very, very much. From created by gigantic efforts and gigantic sacrifices of a great state. From the Soviet way of life. And - from its historical path.
After all, the project called “capitalism” turned out to be, to put it mildly, very difficult to combine with Russia as a historical and cultural personality.
Lenin spoke about this quite convincingly in his early work, The Development of Capitalism in Russia. But this was also said by the opponents of Lenin from the camp of the poet. And also quite convincingly.
However, the point is not who exactly and what he said on this occasion. The thing is historical practice. The bourgeoisie of the Russian Empire took shape over the centuries. And she nominated prominent politicians and public figures from her ranks. But at a decisive moment, after the February Revolution, this bourgeoisie showed tremendous lack of will and lack of talent. For six months, she lost everything. Her behavior was fundamentally different from the behavior of the French, English, and even German or Italian bourgeoisie.
The differences were so striking that the question inevitably arose of the reasons for such a failure of the class, to which history provided all conceivable and inconceivable opportunities.
The collapse of the Russian bourgeoisie after the February Revolution turned into the collapse of the country, which the Bolsheviks with great difficulty rescued from the final death. And how was it saved? Conducting a radical anti-bourgeois policy. That is, abandoning the merging of historical Russia with bourgeois. Having found some insurmountable tissue barrier between this very bourgeois and the Fatherland.
The Bolsheviks had no time. They had no opportunity to break feathers, explaining why either capitalism or Russia. And the classical Marxist apparatus did not allow them to philosophically comprehend such a "either-or". After all, according to this apparatus, any country must go through a period of capitalist development.
The Bolsheviks just said that Russia had already passed this period - somehow, but somehow. In what sense was it? Why is it gone?
The Bolsheviks did not give a clear answer about this and could not give it.
This was done by their opponents from the soil camp. But they did not point the way ahead. In fact, they simply chanted feudalism, opposing bourgeois spirituality to its spirituality.
The Bolsheviks pointed the way forward. And they took Russia along this road - radically anti-bourgeois and anti-feudal at the same time.
But what is the secret of the incompatibility of capitalism and Russia as a historical and cultural personality? Are we talking only about the incompatibility of any multinational empire with the bourgeois, which always turns into a “parade of bourgeois nationalism”? Or is it about something deeper?
The answer to this question is particularly needed now.
Our opponents from the radical liberal camp have already given their answer. They said: “Yes, the Russian spirit, the Russian cultural matrix are incompatible with capitalism. We may not understand why. But we admit it. Yes, we do not want to particularly understand why. Because it is clear to us that either capitalism or death. So, in the name of life (that is, building capitalism) we will deal with Russia, like a cook with potatoes. Encourage the Russian spirit to mutate, change the core of Russian culture, radically transform the Russian cultural matrix. And what else can you do? ”So say the liberals.
But we, at least now — in the most disastrous period for Russia, a period of incredible hopelessness — to get out of the impasse, we need an intelligible answer to the question WHY Russia is incompatible with capitalism. What exactly is the secret of this incompatibility?
We admit the obvious.
Twenty years ago, Russia again started a love affair with capitalism. This time with even more disastrous consequences than in February 1917. At the same time, the catastrophe of February, which is also the catastrophe of the failure of the then bourgeoisie as the dominant political class, lasted just over half a year. The current novel of the new post-Soviet Russia with the new capitalism lasts twenty years. During these twenty years, capitalism has not created anything, but has destroyed everything.
Our opponents blame Russia for this, which only mimics consent to marriage with capitalism. But in fact, it still cultivates a focused and stubborn anti-bourgeoisness.
And if so, our opponents say, then we need any, the most radical means of encouraging Russia to capitalism. Yes, yes, even more radical than before. Desovitization in the manner of denazification, external control. If necessary, and dismemberment. All this is for the great glory of capitalism.
After all, only in capitalism is salvation, only in it is the way out, only he can somehow keep afloat.
Even before our struggle with our opponents enters a crucial phase, we need for ourselves to get a clear answer to the question - is this true? Or maybe our opponents are right? Perhaps, really, only in capitalism is salvation? Perhaps, in this case, it is really necessary to suppress by any means the rejection, which for centuries has prevented Russia from becoming bourgeois?
In order to get an honest and deep answer to this question, we need a new analyst of capitalism, which essentially rethink everything related to its past and will give an opportunity to look into its future.
At the same time, we need not anti-capitalist propaganda and agitation. We need a theoretical apparatus that allows us to answer honestly the question about the essence and prospects of capitalism. And that means about what is the conclusion of Russia from its current horrible state? In order to capitalize the country at any cost, or in something else?
We will not anticipate the answer to this question.
We will not work on the idea.
We are exploring capitalism with the utmost scientific honesty, relying on that conceptual apparatus and the factual data that will take into account everything: the objective achievements of Western capitalism, the collapse of the anti-capitalist USSR, and the humiliating nightmare of the last capitalist twenty years.

Chapter 2. Renunciation and the Renewals
Twenty years ago, under the slogan of returning to world civilization (that is, capitalism), under the slogan of accelerating the attainment of “normal life” (that is, capitalism), a fundamental renunciation of its own historical path in the name of accelerated construction of a “bright capitalist future” occurred.
Particular cynicism was that this renunciation was formalized as a return to the primordial national traditions that the "bolshevik reptiles" trampled.
The renowners metered used pre-Soviet symbolism and semantics. Dismembering the empire and trampling down all the values ​​that had created it, the Ottomans presented an anti-Soviet pseudo-imperial surrogate to the people. At the same time, they didn’t conceal the fact that we are talking about a surrogate, which should reconcile the broad strata of Russian society with their new policies.
At the same time, the devotees did not hide their contempt for these widest strata. Encouraged by the fact that the “strata” had already supported them, having chosen Yeltsin in June 1991 as president of the RSFSR, the otverchents regarded the population that supported them as cattle, “people” who “eat” any surrogate.
It is possible and necessary to discuss the reasons why a terrible dream of renunciation has lasted in Russia for twenty years. And one cannot but admit the obvious: this dream could not have lasted so long if Russia had not received terrible damage.
The dream of renunciation is unprecedentedly long. Its consequences are horrible and humiliating. This applies to everything: education and health, industry and agriculture, defense and security, law and order, and demography.
All this does not allow us to dismiss the question of whether the country is alive at all. Let us leave the optimists on duty alone with those who are on duty listening to their on-duty exclamations about the fact that Russia "rose from its knees." And we will honestly ask ourselves: is it about an incredibly long and nightmare dream - or about the death of a country?
Asking this question, we will not play in the giveaway. And we will carefully measure the parameters that allow you to get the truthful answer to this terrible question. And we recognize that Russia, having embarked on the capitalist path in an ugly way as never before, received a terrible trauma. But, nevertheless, she is alive. And little by little he comes out of his twenty-year-old sleep, very similar to a coma.
No need for sweet illusions. Russia has not yet fully awakened. She still fluctuates between life and death. The possibility is very great that the forces that need precisely the death of Russia will achieve what they are looking for. But no matter how great this opportunity, Russia has a chance to live. And this chance must be used completely. Any lack of will, any apathy, any references to the infinite weakness of Russia's friends and the infinite power of its enemies are unforgivable here.
But what should be offered to Russia, which the capitalist temptation has already brought to a coma? The same capitalism, but in an immeasurably larger dose, plus the suppression of the whole anti-capitalist? And if the whole tradition is anti-capitalist? Then it should be suppressed all entirely? But then what will be left of Russia?
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  1. Denis
    Denis 2 July 2013 07: 38
    Twenty years ago, anti-communism and anti-Sovietism became the official ideology of the new post-Soviet Russia.
    I would say often was ANTIUMISM. Gone, introduced by a chatty head with a patch, a stupid fashion for thoughtless criticism of all that was. Completely not thinking whether it was good or bad
    Now we are reaping
    1. Nevsky
      Nevsky 2 July 2013 12: 53
      I support S. Kurginyan good only socialism!
  2. MilaPhone
    MilaPhone 2 July 2013 07: 39
    Manifest of the movement "The Essence of Time"

    We acknowledge that the place of the intelligentsia as a layer is occupied by the cognitive system as a class that in the XNUMXst century has all the rights arising from the fact that science has become a full-fledged productive force. We understand that this class has been crushed in the last twenty years. Well, thereby it was he who in Russia became the most persecuted, the most exploited. We will collect the fragments of the defeated class. We will complete this class and rest on it. The fourth project is not only a historical necessity. Not only the only way to save humanity from death. It is also a way of legitimizing power. Art Nouveau legitimized the power of capital. The fourth project legitimizes the power of the Russian cognitive system. Defeated and humiliated, but not destroyed. We understand how monstrously complicated the task is. We understand how difficult the path leading to its solution. But we understand something else. That there are no other options to save Russia. That the death of Russia will also become the death of mankind. Inside the absolute hopelessness generated by the monstrous defeat of our country, we found a small gap. We saw that it is possible to break the deadlock. And that means it is necessary. We are only groping for the way out. But where before we saw only absolute hopelessness, there is a ray of light beating through a narrow gap. This light is from our post-capitalist future. By building which, we will redeem what happened twenty years ago. We will return the lost and gain more. We have not yet seen through. But we are no longer blind. And not helpless. We want to see through ourselves - and help others see through. We gather everyone who strives for the same. We overcome the spirit of defeat in ourselves and others. We have a chance to win. And we must use it to the end. It is our duty to the living and the dead.
  3. My address
    My address 2 July 2013 07: 42
    The article is not a minus and not a plus. I have my own opinion.

    Russia and capitalism are already incompatible according to the logic of development. Our people are forced to be united due to the climate, external enemies, insignificance of the population relative to the territory. The social type of consciousness has been developing in our country for a long time. This is already in the type of behavior when one subconsciously wants to help another. And so they imposed dependence on Tabaki's jackal: "Every man for himself!" And the population is not ready and will not be ready for this. Internal settings contradict external conditions. And people sometimes do this ... The population hinders the development of capitalism. The population hinders the capitalists.

    And, maybe, capitalism prevents to develop to the population, the country?
    1. fisherman
      fisherman 2 July 2013 07: 48
      . Our people are forced to be welded together due to the climate,

      is capitalism in Finland?
      1. My address
        My address 2 July 2013 08: 00
        The climate is milder, the Swedes did not destroy the Finns, the population / territory ratio and, most importantly, the territories are not comparable. And regarding socialism, they have much more than in Germany, France. Subjectively, in terms of a good attitude towards compatriots. Objectively - see the incomes of the richest 10% and the poorest 10%. It has long been known in Scandinavia that socialism in bulk, especially in industry - read literature at one time. To read the formation of the phone manufacturer "NOKIA" - a saga to socialism in industry!
        1. fisherman
          fisherman 2 July 2013 08: 11
          Rogozhkin's film "Features of Russian national hunting"

          the Finn and Kuzmich speak "the same language", next to them there are other characters, which are clearly city residents, a general with a Cuban cigar, and so on ...
      2. Alexander Romanov
        Alexander Romanov 2 July 2013 08: 04
        Quote: fisherman
        is capitalism in Finland?

        Based on how idiocy is treated there with children in Finland.
        1. fisherman
          fisherman 2 July 2013 08: 13
          they are so intimidated by the loss of their identity that they allow a clear excess in this whispering sphere
          1. Denis
            Denis 2 July 2013 08: 53
            Quote: fisherman
            so intimidated by the loss of their identity,
            What are you talking about, what kind of identity is it ???
            It is instead she and he, common toilets, etc. This is gayness in all its glory.
            1. fisherman
              fisherman 2 July 2013 09: 28
              we understand identity differently with them, the main thing for them is that "it" is a Finn, the officials fit into the family stronger than ours
        2. My address
          My address 2 July 2013 08: 17
          Maybe from the lack of incentive for development? Geidism, fusion with alien cultures, juvenile collapse the country, the main mass is against, but there's no point! The powers that be push their own. Why, what goal I do not understand. But there is a goal.
        3. Denis
          Denis 2 July 2013 08: 51
          Quote: Alexander Romanov
          Based on how idiocy is treated there with children in Finland
          What about migrants? They will still set the Scandinavian heat, the Swedes have already begun
          Tolerastia and unisex will not bring to good
        4. stroporez
          stroporez 2 July 2013 08: 59
          rather - frank fascism. children are most often taken away from those who are "not Finns". and Toko Finns are infallible parents ........
        5. strange and pretty meaningless
          strange and pretty meaningless 2 July 2013 11: 12
          Quote: Alexander Romanov
          Based on how idiocy is treated there with children in Finland.

          Is it about Finnish juvenile justice?
          1. Alexander Romanov
            Alexander Romanov 2 July 2013 11: 30
            Quote: abyrvalg

            Is it about Finnish juvenile justice?

            Well, what else, about her.
            1. strange and pretty meaningless
              strange and pretty meaningless 2 July 2013 12: 18
              What is this idiocy ... Everything is much sadder here - this is "-ism", against which Adolf Aloizievich is just a child. It's bad that we have already sprouted.
  4. fisherman
    fisherman 2 July 2013 07: 45
    "... Demagogues will sing, scream and cry in different voices that I advise the socialists to sing the praises of the bourgeoisie. This, of course, is nonsense. We must criticize the bourgeoisie, we must with all our might defend the interests of the working class against its encroachments. But we must do this. rationally and expediently; we must make sure that, when going into one room, we do not get into another; we must conduct our propaganda and agitation in such a way that under their influence the people do not imagine that they have no choice but to try now make a socialist revolution. "

    “... As Engels remarked, for any given class there is no greater misfortune than to gain power at a time when, due to his insufficient development, he is not yet able to use it properly: in this case, a cruel defeat awaits him. the working masses, its defeat would be all the more inevitable in the event of its seizure of power, because, as everyone knows, Russia is now experiencing an unprecedented economic devastation. Whoever agrees with this, and the vast majority of our organized democrats agree with this, must finally make the correct political conclusion of the premises he himself admits: he must explain to the working masses that Russian history has not yet ground the flour from which socialism's wheat cake will eventually be baked ... "

    this is Plekhanov warned Lenin

    the same thing in the early 90s, only by the hands of comrades Yeltsin, Gaidar, Chubais ...

    they are all united by one thing - "here and now"
    1. dmb
      dmb 2 July 2013 13: 28
      Well, what does the quote you cite speak about? That the organized democrats with Plekhanov were left out of business, and that Lenin took power with the dictatorship, and preserved a single state, which the independents in Kiev, Tbilisi, Baku, etc., had already begun to destroy. By the way, they were all just from the organized democrats. It was these "organized democrats" who destroyed the country in 1991. There was no one else, but the proletariat or organized revolutionaries were not there more and more Shakhrai and the Burbulis. Apparently they have already forgotten that this shobla was called "the government of zavlabov".
      1. fisherman
        fisherman 3 July 2013 03: 22
        they are all united by one thing - "here and now"

        this is common, I was talking primarily about "conversion speed"

        this is exactly the case when good intentions lead straight to chaos

        good word without quotes
  5. cobalt
    cobalt 2 July 2013 08: 05
    This is how we develop under capitalism.
  6. IsailoR
    IsailoR 2 July 2013 09: 02
    Capitalism itself is neither good nor bad. It is only a development tool.
    If only individual people are developed, this is an oligarchy.
    If society is being developed, it is quite socialism. (we have already mentioned a particular example of Nokia). The question is in the leaders. But "who will guard the guards?" No answer yet.
    As for the USSR. Everything is complicated here. Advances in science, breakthrough discoveries and spacewalks are undeniable. Focus on the overall result of the country, society, and not just on personal well-being - this is what is important. And it is important here to maintain a balance of personal and social.
    Wild capitalism is the bestial face of personal enrichment according to the fate of others.
    The last years of the USSR are hypocritical slogans of nomenclature about a common unattainable goal with the poverty of the population, which has lost faith in everything.
    We must look for a middle ground. And Russia will become the center of the world.
    1. fisherman
      fisherman 2 July 2013 09: 42
      We must look for a middle ground.

      capitalism-communism is just a superstructure, a form, an external suit, another ISM

      mentality (lifestyle) - a deeper thing, less variable in time, more hidden from an outside observer

      in other words, ISM is a word (sometimes just blah blah), but way of life is an act, a reality

      declaring the direction of movement is one thing, but how we go about it (quality) is sometimes quite another
      1. politruk419
        politruk419 2 July 2013 11: 22
        Your position is close to me.
        1. fisherman
          fisherman 2 July 2013 12: 04
          in the late 80s we

          1) quit drinking
          2) rebuilt
          3) accelerated

          it's all in words (... isms)

          in the 90s there were other blah blahs, and the true picture was hidden from the eyes of the average man with a bright wrapper

          we were ready for this wrapper, we all craved it

          therefore the event happened
    2. strange and pretty meaningless
      strange and pretty meaningless 2 July 2013 14: 26
      I put a plus. I believe in it myself.
      Quote: IsailoR
      We must look for a middle ground. And Russia will become the center of the world.

      But still here it is -
      Quote: IsailoR
      The last years of the USSR are hypocritical slogans of nomenclature about a common unattainable goal with the poverty of the population, which has lost faith in everything.

      ... smells like. In the USSR, the population had little MONEY, but the basic necessities of life - shelter, education, medicine, rest (and much more !!!) were provided IN NATURE (not to be confused with thieves) and for FREE !!!
      The USSR was weak only in giving sweets by weight - and not individually but in a beautiful wrapper. And bought it - they took it NESADARA ga. But in a colorful candy wrapper.
  7. vladsolo56
    vladsolo56 2 July 2013 09: 55
    there are no ideal people, so there are no ideal political movements. But I agree with Kurginyan, socialism is better than capitalism in all respects.
  8. Grigorich 1962
    Grigorich 1962 2 July 2013 10: 14
    subscribe ...
  9. papss
    papss 2 July 2013 10: 23
    Socialism is a social system based on equality, freedom and social justice ... capitalism in its modern form ... skillfully adopted the first two principles, but social justice cannot, by principle ... but is actively working on the illusion of this ( subsidies, mortgages, cars, soft loans) But most of all, undermining justice is an illusion of freedom. The main difference between socialism is real social justice ...
  10. andrejwz
    andrejwz 2 July 2013 10: 26
    We are equally alien to both sectarian intolerance and the lack of will of omnivores.

    Refusal of intolerance is the road to unlimited tolerance. From tolerance to lack of will of omnivores is one step.
    The expressed system of views and goals are identical to today's assessments, views and goals of the Communist Party. However, the movement does not want to identify itself with the KPRF. Do not you want to "grind"?
    The usual behavior of an intelligent brotherhood. I want to kick back, but at the same time, God forbid, seriously hook someone.
  11. Unknown
    Unknown 2 July 2013 11: 57
    10 th
    The author is trying to make the Bolsheviks from opponents of the people almost kittens. fool fool And everyone knows that it is not anyone else, but the Bolsheviks, who are to blame for: 1. The collapse of a powerful empire. am 2. In a shameful loss in the 1st world. 3. The Civil War and 20 million. killed with her. 4. In mass hunger in the country. 5. In the intervention of Western countries in Russia. 6. In the future tyranny of Stalin and his entourage (Zhukov and Beria), namely in unkilling the peasants, in executions and mass starvation. angry
    1. Babon
      Babon 2 July 2013 12: 57
      Well, they put everything together, it was the Bolsheviks who were sitting right and dreaming of intervention? The mighty empire collapsed because the authorities showed no character, there were internal fermentations in power even in the Russo-Japanese war, Admiral Rozhdestvensky had only one betrayal, and not the last people stood behind him, and in the battle of Mukden there were also traitors in command. And in the years of World War I, too, some were more concerned about personal ambitions, for example, Ruzsky, it was not the Bolsheviks at all. The mass hunger in the country due to the drought was probably also the Bolsheviks ordered the weather? Still, Stalin would have shown softness in politics, as Nikolay 2 did, I don’t even know what would happen now? I don’t want to defend Bolsheviks directly, but I don’t need to hang all the dogs on them. Here, more foreign special services have worked, and numerous betrayal of the highest state. officials at the beginning of the century. The empire inside is more rotten, and the Bolsheviks and the revolution are already the result of obscure politics.
    2. Nevsky
      Nevsky 2 July 2013 13: 03

      The author is trying to make the Bolsheviks out of opponents of the people almost kittens

      Nobody makes kittens out of them. They simply picked up the power that the bourgeois had successfully framed.

      And everyone knows that no one else, but the Bolsheviks, are to blame for: 1. The collapse of a powerful empire

      But they created a more powerful empire.

      In the infamous loss in the 1st world

      The Anglo-Saxons imposed it on us and it was a tactical move, and as it turned out to be correct later.

      civil war and 20 million killed with her

      Have you personally considered and buried? I wonder why people so easily took up arms if they had such a sweet life in the bourgeois Empire?

      In a massive famine in the country.

      It has long been said about the Zionist lobby in the movement of the Bolsheviks, led by Trotsky, and his henchman executioner Yezhov.

      In the intervention of Western countries in Russia. 6. In the future tyranny of Stalin and his entourage (Zhukov and Beria), namely in unkilling the peasants, in executions and mass starvation.

      And what is the result, dear? In the house (apartment) in which you are now, in 70% probability, built in the USSR.
    3. ATATA
      ATATA 2 July 2013 13: 06
      You forgot to add that they are to blame for the collapse of the USSR.
      1. Babon
        Babon 2 July 2013 13: 08
        Well, there a man wrote about the empire, and they answered him, and quite rightly, the elites multiplied again, who, again, betrayed everything. And as always, all this falls on the shoulders of ordinary people.
    4. Denis
      Denis 2 July 2013 17: 16
      Quote: Unknown
      In the future tyranny of Stalin and his entourage (Zhukov and Beria)
      Everything is more controversial than the controversial one, let’s not talk about now, otherwise we’ll get into such a jungle ...
      But about Zhukov absurdno.Po x \ f "Liquidation" is that whether you judge?
      He’s just a specialist, a military specialist. Then Koroleva, Tupolev, Kotin and many, many, too, record in tyrants?
  12. krez-74
    krez-74 2 July 2013 12: 59
    And what were the motives of Judah? ... These are the same motives that those who ruined the USSR had!
  13. ATATA
    ATATA 2 July 2013 13: 03
    In France, the same was the restoration of the monarchy, and then again the revolution and again the revolution and again the severed heads.
    In Russia, in the late 80s and early 90s, a creeping counter-revolution took place. The people, that is, we are to blame for this no less than the authorities, since we allowed it, as the Indians sold for beads.
    Our craving for beads will cost the Russian people dearly.
    There will be a new revolution in Russia, they will again chop heads.
  14. papss
    papss 2 July 2013 14: 36
    I agree that for the beads, in our case, for sausage and a fairy tale ... In our case, I think it was a counterrevolution in relation to the theory of socialism-Leninism, in fact it can be called a creeping revolution from above ... For 5 years they denigrated and abundantly poured a lie everything and everything ... then at 2 years old they took power ... And from above ... the same elites remained with the fed ... What could such a course of things give? The organizers of the revolution not only destroyed the most important thing - they knew how to build! No matter how humane this sounds, but revolutions, fundamental, giving an impetus to development, are built on blood ... Why? Yes, because the only way to eliminate the slag that created a revolutionary situation ... And not only. Only in this way new leaders appear on the scene - the people of their time Napoleon, Stalin, Mao ... even Copernicus (a revolutionary of science) and also blood ... What in our case? Who will compare with these names? None! Not by the grandeur of what was done ... not by popular memory.
  15. unkou
    unkou 2 July 2013 14: 45
    You haven’t heard that the entire database of Internet users has been leaked to the network with open access! There is all the information from personal photos and videos to personal correspondence and copies of documents. Of course, you can delete your data if you do not want everyone to see them. Here is the link
  16. krpmlws
    krpmlws 3 July 2013 06: 56
    In essence, I support the manifesto, it is close to my perception of the world. Many on the forum apparently do not understand that the fundamental contradiction between capitalism and socialism in the presence of the first exploitation of man by man is a veiled form of enslavement of man, alienation from the product of labor; causes the absence of social justice in the foundation of society. In Sweden and other capitalist countries, there is not a kind of socialism, but a kind of capitalism - socially oriented capitalism. Papss correctly noted - "creates an illusion", a surrogate for justice, a kind of lordly handouts, since capitalism cannot be truly socially just by definition. As for the beads ... and the beads too, the creative pro-Western intelligentsia is to blame for this (because from rags to riches, it did not have the foundation of a real culture) introducing small-scale consumer values ​​into the public consciousness (what is the cost of a film where the actor A. Mironov with terrible obsequiously drinks a foreign jar of Pepsi ...) (there was also no religious and spiritual counterbalance), on the other hand, the authorities did not understand the need to increase the volume and range of consumer goods. Eliminate the deficit, fill stores with various goods and the USSR would be healthy now (this is basically possible was implemented), because the people did not support perestroika and the collapse of the Warsaw Bloc, but why the elitebetrayed the socialist project, why didn't the whole self-preservation system work? Why didn't the GKChP members show their will to the end, because the truth was on their side? Why didn't they tell this truth, didn't explain everything to the people in those decisive days? Would the people come to their senses, would they follow them? I think yes. How many tragic if. Well, in the present it is necessary to work, to popularize socialist ideas, to go to power (albeit a Trojan horse, not all of them do such tricks).