Military Review



In August 1985-th.

- Oh, you'd better be a shepherd than an officer. - Say the father in the hearts.
News that the only son entered the military school, he was clearly upset.
Why did father care so much about staffing local collective and state farms with shepherds, Sergei was not aware of.
But that his father was wrong, he had no doubt.
Because since childhood I dreamed of becoming an officer!
And not just an officer, but a graduate of the elite Moscow Higher All-Arms Command School named after the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR.
Cadets, which the people are not accidentally called "Kremlin".
Because in the first years of its existence, the school was located in the Moscow Kremlin.

It was interesting to study in this school: trips to Moscow theaters and museums, to exhibitions and concerts.
Once a month, the cadets went to the Noginsk training center.
There you could run from the heart on the tactical field, shoot, drive military vehicles and Tanks.
In the second year Sergey was transferred to a sports platoon.
And he spent almost a year at the sports camp.
Then, there were competitions in military applied swimming at the Championship of the Moscow Military District, where they won first place.
As well as competitions in all-round platoons and a forced march of ten kilometers with live firing (in which they "took" two second places).


The cadets of the 5-th platoon of the 7-th company (1985-th year of release) on the set of the film “Battle for Moscow”.
Sitting on the left: I, Kolya Kravchenko, Igor Markeev. Standing: Valera Zhulenko, Sasha Severilov,
Dima Berezovsky, Dima Tumanov, Seryozha Marchuk (you see the head of Kolya Kiselev),
Sergey Rybalko, Valera Sakhaschik, Andrey Kalachev and Sergeant Lyubimov (from a nearby platoon).

In addition, the Epoch of the magnificent funeral began - someone from the General Secretaries of the Central Committee of the CPSU (either Brezhnev, Andropov, or Chernenko) died every year, and from the second year students were attracted to support these mourning events.
Plus two November parades on Red Square and one May parade on the 40 anniversary of the Victory.
No, father was wrong!
Even studying for an officer was awesome!
How much has happened in four years of study!
How many adventures have been experienced!
Even sewing "risers" (chrome boots with inserts) and the traditional cap of the Kremlin with a high crown - remembered with a smile.
The search for a general shirt to release ...

In July, the 1985 of the year in Moscow was to host the World Youth Festival.
And so that the Kremlin graduates would not be embarrassed by their brave appearance of the girls coming to the Festival from around the world, the command decided to hold the school graduation a month earlier.
Not in July, as usual, but on June 22 of the year 1985.
The release traditionally took place on Red Square.
And then graduates went to serve wherever their homeland sent them.
And where any unknown Makar never drove his fastidious cows.

Thirty of the Kremlin's graduates were sent for further service in the Turkestan Military District.
At the district headquarters, the personnel officers unobtrusively asked the young lieutenants if there were any who wanted to go "over the river" IMMEDIATELY (to Afghanistan)?
The question itself implied some choice.
Therefore, Sergei and asked if they have an alternative?
Not so much that interested him.
Rather, for the sake of decency.
It turned out that they really had a choice.
It was possible to go to Afgan at once, and it was possible to linger on a small retraining.
And after the retraining to go, to give their international duty.
Sergei did not hurry, and therefore chose the second option.
Igor Ovsyannikov, Oleg Yakuta and several other guys decided not to pull the tires and flew to Afghanistan immediately.
And Sergey and several of his comrades ended up in the village of Azadbash, near Chirchik, in a framed motorized rifle division.
You say what's so unusual here?
Many graduates of military schools, everything was exactly the same.
Also not so!
Because I did not tell you the most important thing.
Having graduated a month earlier than graduates of other schools, the Kremlin and Azadbash arrived a month earlier.
This was the hidden little such nuance!
But, as you know, the Devil is hiding in the little things.
And very much depends on these little things.
Probably, in every military unit there is an officer’s hostel.
And as soon as the new officers appear in the unit, their first thing is to be placed in the hostel.
And when there are a lot of officers (the Chirchik cropped division was in some way a collection point before sending the troops to Afghanistan), the rest are placed in the barracks.
The hotel in the former noble house, with large bright rooms, with huge balconies and columns, apartment type with separate kitchens and bathrooms, you see, was noticeably different from the barracks.
The Kremlin, of course, were accommodated in the hotel.

By the way, I forgot to ask you: where does a fish usually start to rot?
Right from the head.
And where do military units start staffing?
No, it's not fair! Did you know! Or someone suggested it to you!
But you are right!
Those who came first were distributed at the headquarters of the division, in various departments and offices.
Those who follow - in the regimental link.
The rest went to command the soldiers, who after typhoid and jaundice returned to their units in Afgan.
Young lieutenants had to command soldiers who had already fought.
It is clear that all these "appointments" were temporary.
Until in Afghanistan new replacement officers are needed.
But agree, the difference is, to wait for this call for the papers at the headquarters or commanding the soldiers - was also a big one.
Of course, the order to post them, no one put.
In a way, they were only free labor.
Although they worked for a salary (and even in contrast to those who immediately went to Afghanistan, they received a lifting allowance).

Sergey "got" the post of deputy head of the operational division of the division.
Every day he went to headquarters, doing some unnecessary paperwork.
Frankly missed.
Until the division commander found in his plan a record that it was necessary to “update” the mobilization cards in case the division was deployed.
The division commander summoned his chief of staff.
The chief of staff was an experienced handler, and therefore he did not have to chew anything.
Yes, and they served together is not the first year.
- Petrovich! It will be necessary to raise our mobkarta. Update dates ...
Look what needs to be changed there in the setting.
In the spirit of the latest directives.
And by next Friday for my signature.
There were no outsiders in the division commander's office, so the chief of staff answered in his own way.
- It will be done, commander. - And left the office.

Of course, the chief of staff himself could not alter the cards himself.
Not by the order it was to him.
For this, he had a whole headquarters - represented by the head of the operational department.
Which he immediately called and almost word for word repeated the order of the divisional commander.
- Look there with a fresh look what needs to be changed in the setting.
In the spirit of modern military doctrine.
And then these cards since the time of the king of peas, it seems, have not changed.
But without much fanaticism, of course.
By Thursday everything is ready!
Nachoper habitually took the peak.
- Yes, Comrade Colonel. Allow me to go?
- Go!

Of course, the prospect of the head of the operational department would be engaged in nonsense all week and redoing the useless cards (and everyone understood that nobody would ever deploy a division) did not add much enthusiasm.
Home waiting for his wife and some domestic problems.
And the cards?
To this end, the head of the operational department had a sensible soldier, Volodya (a student at an architectural institute, who was recently "removed" from a deferment and sent to the army for two years).
It was not a problem for him to "redraw" the cards again and put "fresh" dates.
But the words of the chief of staff about the modern military doctrine did not give rest.
The nakpera's eyes fell on the young lieutenant, who was already at his disposal for the second week.
- Ta-a-ak, comrade lieutenant. - Colonel long and a little mysteriously said.
- In the school for threes probably studied? Did they lecture?
- No, comrade colonel. Without triples. Frunzensky scholarship. In the diploma one four. - With undisguised pride in his voice, said the lieutenant.
“And you know our modern military doctrine?”
- Yes, Comrade Colonel, I know. To tell?
- Not necessary. I believe. - Quickly answered noper.
And he waved his hands at the lieutenant, as if he was afraid that he would tell him some military secret.
And the fact that there is nothing but a headache from military secrets, he knew as well as any of us.
- In general, so, Lieutenant! Listen to the battle order. - And the noper repeated the words of the chief of staff.
- You will do with the modern military doctrine.
As the school taught.
But without fanaticism!
To the environment that everything was done.
All clear?
- Yes, Comrade Colonel. “And although I haven’t yet had to command a division lieutenant, he thought it was easy to cope with this task.
These are those who commanded a platoon and a company, and they realize that it’s pretty damn difficult to command a division, but it seemed to those who had never commanded anyone - it seemed like a real nonsense.
Something like a child's play.

There was not much time left until Wednesday.
It was necessary to work not only during the day, but often to sit up and well after midnight.
Sergey drew a map to the divisional commander, and Volodya, on its basis, drew maps for all deputy division commanders and unit commanders.
Needless to say, command the division was interesting.
At least on paper.
Remembering the words of his boss, “to do without fanaticism,” Sergey did not change the boundaries of the division’s defense area.
But in the light of the modern defensive military doctrine (a lecture about which he missed for some extremely good reason), one of the regiments, the lieutenant, sent to defend a distillery.
The commander of this regiment was a real hussar: he loved funny jokes and good wines.
And therefore, hardly anyone could defend this plant better than him.

The second regiment was commanded by a ridiculous colonel.
Not tall, full, but with sparkling and very kind eyes.
He had three children: small, small.
Thin and transparent as reeds.
And the lieutenant thought that it would not be bad at all to feed them a little.
That is why the second regiment received the task of taking up defense in the area of ​​the "Bermuda Triangle": a meat factory - a dairy factory - a confectionery factory.

And the third regiment ...
With the third regiment came a slight hitch.
Sergei involuntarily recalled the commander of this regiment, who was constantly in a hurry somewhere.
In the officers' cafeteria he strove to climb the queue.
Could rude an unfamiliar officer, if he was below the rank.
What-what and Sergey could not forgive rudeness towards the younger ones.
Officers are a special caste, which, if necessary, had to defend their country and their people with their lives.
And he considered it worthy of at least respect.
Regardless of rank and position.
In order for the regiment commander to understand this simple truth, his regiment was placed on the map in the area of ​​treatment facilities.
And the command post of the regiment is on an impregnable cliff that towered over the sewage treatment plant like some kind of fabulous and mysterious guard.
Of course, the personnel of the regiment was not to blame for the fact that they have such a commander.
But the principle of education in the team and through the team has not been canceled.
After all, if the war begins tomorrow, under his command will have to fight the regiment.
In war, the re-commander will be too late.
For this, all of us are given peacetime.
And therefore at least on the staff map, but Sergey felt obliged to try to re-educate this rude ...

Divisional intelligence battalion Sergey posted on the map in the area of ​​the teacher's hostels.
Artpolk defended the city park, where there were many points of public catering and entertainment facilities.
The best restaurants and canteens of the city were defended by the engineer battalion.

Tank regiment ...
Where Sergey posted a tank regiment to tell you I have no right.
This is a military secret.
Let me just say that the regiment was stationed on the right flank of the division, in ambush.
In a very pleasant place in every sense.
And if in real life tankers had to defend themselves there, they would be satisfied.

The symbol of the command center of the division, with a mysterious smile, Sergei drew over the building the best restaurant in town.
As they say, war is war - and lunch at the headquarters of the division should always be according to the schedule!
And by all means should be tasty, nutritious and healthy!
Must be at war in the soldiers and officers at least some small joys!
And the placement of personnel - should be as comfortable as possible.

In general, all the most pleasant, interesting, and even in some way, low places were under reliable protection.
And in his opinion, all sorts of objects that nobody wants: stations, bridges, airfields and industrial enterprises - under the watchful eye of grandmothers from militarized guards.
Grandmothers are already accustomed to going to work in the same places.
And respecting their well-deserved age, the lieutenant decided that it is not necessary to send them away.
Because in the old places, they were closer to the house, and to the shops, and to the clinics.
Near the house, where the walls help, with any saboteurs, enemy landings and spies, they will cope no worse than the coolest warriors.
It is a fact!
He did not even doubt it.

Of course, in military terms, this was not entirely correct.
But from the point of view of military cunning (and nobody canceled it either) looked more than mysterious!
And the lieutenant decided that according to modern military doctrine, the defense of the division would not be positional, but maneuverable.
Therefore, two days after receiving the order for deployment, the division and forces of the division will regroup:
The first regiment will be relocated to the "Bermuda Triangle" area.
The second is in the area of ​​a distillery.
The artillery regiment will be swapped with a tank regiment.
Razvedbat - with engineering sapper.
And only the third regiment will remain at the old place - in the area of ​​treatment facilities ...

Soon the work card of the division commander was ready.
Sergey looked at the creation of his hands with satisfaction and was pleased.
Having imagined, in colors and colors, it would be fun if the regiments and individual battalions took their positions according to this map.
Yes, it would be the most fun war of all that the lieutenant knew.
Or ever heard.

A couple of days later, soldier Volodya finished work on other maps.
Napopper glanced at them.
Outwardly, everything was very beautiful: defense in two echelons, ambush regiments, maneuvers: everything is more than grown-up.
And, it is quite possible that even in the spirit of modern military doctrine ...
And what exactly shelves were defending - I didn’t get into the depths of it.
What's the difference?!
Something is defending and okay!
After all, no one needs these cards anyway, no one will ever fight against them.
Will lie for another year in safes.
And next year they will have to be redone again.
In the spirit of the next, even more modern military doctrine ...

Nachoper handed the cards to the chief of staff.
He - the division commander.
The divisional commander looked at the beautiful conventional tactical badges with satisfaction, remembered his studies at the academy and signed the work cards with a sad sigh.
Maps sealed in secret packages and put in safes.
A month later, the lieutenant, together with his other comrades, departed from Azadbash to 197-DISCHARGE (a separate battalion of reserve officers) in the vicinity of the small Turkmen village of Geok-Tepe.
And soon he forgot how he once commanded an entire division.
Here, strictly speaking, that's all ...
Although, this stories there was a small sequel.

In January, the 1986 of the year under Ashgabat deployed a cropped infantry corps.
Several reserve battalion officers were attracted to this deployment.
So Sergey got into the Bikrovinsky tank regiment for the position of the regiment's intelligence chief.
During the exercise, the reconnaissance regiment repeatedly received thanks from the higher command.
This is not surprising.
For in the course of the exercises, which lasted almost a month, the reconnaissance company carried out its tasks almost in the center of the Karakum (and only occasionally in the Iranian border).
And this is not a distillery to defend!
And not a dormitory teacher's college.
What did the scouts do if not in combat training and study ?!
Although it all started not so smoothly.

Somewhere in a week after the exercises began, a delegation of intelligence officers appeared to Sergei.
It is worth noting that this reconnaissance company was not quite ordinary: its officers, sergeants and soldiers, in the "peaceful" life were famous athletes (the level of national teams of the Union).
Almost all the soldiers and sergeants had a higher education (by the way, the usual company signalman in everyday life was a senior communications engineer at the republican Ministry of Internal Affairs).
The scouts easily endured all the hardships and deprivations of military service that fell to them during these exercises.
Smoking in the company was somehow not accepted, and alcohol was also not abused.
But without sweets, cookies, all sorts of buns and buns scouts had to hard.
Adult men, sportsmen - they are people too, with their weaknesses and habits!
And therefore, the delegation tried to convince its intelligence chief that in order to increase the morale and military skills of the personnel, it was imperative to organize a raid in the direction of the nearest village shop (village shop) and replenish food supplies.

Sergey's first thought was that this idea smacks of possible abuse of alcoholic beverages, impending violations of military discipline and war crimes.
But looking into the melancholy eyes of his scouts, he realized that as a result of the campaign for candies and cookies, nothing terrible would happen, and the guys would cheer him up.
In addition, he perfectly remembered one army wisdom: if it is impossible to prevent the violation of military discipline, then it must be at least headed.
That is why next Saturday, lists of necessary purchases were made, money was collected and three “purchasers” were appointed.
The company commander remained senior in the company.
Together with the platoon commanders, he had to organize and hold a sports festival (so that no one noticed the absence of three scouts).
And Sergey himself with the "purchasers" headed towards Kov-Ata (the famous underground lake, "Father of the Caves" in Turkmen).
Near the entrance to the cave was a small grocery store, which it was decided to visit.

Sergey Karpov at the underground lake Kov-ata. January 1986

But the scouts did not have time to go even a couple of kilometers, and from the side of Kopetdag (mountain range) they noticed a small column of dust.
I was driving a car.
It was not hard to guess that only some middle-level military commander could drive in one car.
For the simple reason that any of the smallest leaders knew perfectly well that it was forbidden to travel in one Karakum car.
And the big military commander would certainly have had a retinue on several other vehicles.
Sergey looked around sadly: a flat as a table foothill.
Hardly noticeable track leading to the location of their regiment.
And a thin chain of traces left just scouts.
It was possible to hide, but the chances that the passengers of this car would not notice fresh tracks were not enough.
I was glad only that there was still some time left until their discovery.
Sergey said only one word:
He gestured a command to the scouts to take up a position and gently put his panama on the road.
On a flat surface, his scouts instantly found some small pits and hollows.
Found in them, and seemed to have disappeared.
Burnt in the form of the sun was an excellent means of camouflage.

The car turned out to be a regular army UAZ.
Seeing on the road from where the Panama took it, the driver braked for a moment.
This moment was more than enough for the scouts to jump onto the machine like a grasshopper.
Fortunately, the side windows were open on the UAZ.
There were only two people in the car: the driver-soldier and the passenger in the backseat of a storm seat.
The driver was immediately thrown out of the car, and his place was taken by one of the scouts.
Two others gently pressed on both sides of the passenger.
Sergey was already sitting in the front seat and frantically thinking about a plan for further action.
The car soon stopped.
As the saying goes, the eyes never lie, and the tongue always get out.
Therefore, trying not to look the passenger in the eye, Sergey began to carry a complete nonsense.
As usual, he carried her quite convincingly.
- You are on the territory of a military facility. There are no obligatory markings on the car - so you will be detained until all the circumstances are clarified.
And Sergei, in a command voice, ordered his scout to go to the location of the regiment.
There was a calm and confident voice from behind.
- Just do not forget the driver ...
- God bless him, with the driver. - thought Sergey.
But Panama, remaining on the road, perhaps you need to pick up!
State property, however!
I had to turn around and pick up Panama.
And the driver.
It is worth saying that in the process of capturing he was practically not injured.
But he was in complete prostration - all too much happened unexpectedly.
One of the scouts tied the driver's hands with his trouser belt.
The driver was put behind the second row of seats and hit the road.

Soon, UAZ was in the location of the regiment.
Sergey and the scouts took the detainees to the regimental commander.
Reported that the unknown tried to penetrate into their area of ​​defense.
It seems that the regiment commander knew the detainee quite well, because he immediately took the front desk and reported to him that the regiment was working according to the combat training plan, and everyone was alive and healthy.
It soon became clear that the detainee was the commander of their rifle corps.
So Sergey found out how he looks ...
And the regiment commander unexpectedly found out that he had a well-organized combat duty and guard guard in his regiment ...

On the construction, the corps commander, with undisguised pride, thanked the regiment commander, intelligence chief and reconnaissance commander for the exemplary performance of his official duties.
Probably any corps commander would be pleased to know which eagles serve under his command ?!
The corps commander was pleased.
And when it is pleasant to the corps commander, it is pleasant to all his subordinates.
After building, Sergei was summoned to the staff tent: to the corps commander.
- What is your name, lieutenant?
- Lieutenant Karpov.
- How how?
Sergey repeated his last name.
And he was very surprised at how suddenly the corps commander began to smile mysteriously.
- Have you arrived to the reserve battalion from Azadbash?
- Yes, from Azadbash.
The commander smiled even more widely, even more mysteriously and barely audibly said:
- Can not be...
What could not be in this world, Sergei did not know.
But to ask again was somehow inconvenient.

- Sit down. - the commander pointed to the folding chair.
Sergey sat down.
“Do you know, Lieutenant, why did you deploy our rifle corps?”
For a whole month called from the reserve officers, sergeants and privates?
Torn them from their jobs and spend with them exercises?
- Probably, it should be this way: every two or three years, all officers, sergeants, and privates of the reserve are attracted to military training.
At military training, they learn new weapon and equipment, conduct combat reconciliation and military exercises.
- Yes, it should be. Although, of course, this is not always done.
As you know, a year ago, Marshal Sokolov Serey Leonidovich was appointed Minister of Defense (he lived 102 of the year and brought up two wonderful sons, colonel-general).
And, as you know, in Azadbash under Chirchik there is a cropped motorized rifle division.
A couple of months ago, the Minister of Defense decided to conduct an inspection in this particular division ...
Sergey involuntarily whistled.
Why did he immediately think about those staff maps that he recently drew.
In the spirit of modern military doctrine.
Although these cards hardly anyone will check seriously.
No one really checks them.
Now, if the division had to be deployed, then ...
The corps commander seemed to read Sergei’s thoughts:
-... and the Minister of Defense was ordered to deploy this division.
When the regiments were manned with personnel, equipment and weapons, they occupied their defense areas.
And then the funny thing began: when it became clear where these very areas are located.
The Minister of Defense laughed almost to the fall.
To tears.
Especially over the commander of one regiment, who spent half a day getting to his command post, located in the area of ​​the sewage treatment plant on the cliff top.
And another half day - to go down to the next meeting.
Yes! And the maneuvers of other regiments, who alternately defended the most malignant places in the city, and then changed places, caused the next explosions of fun to the Minister.
When he was told who was developing these plans, the Minister said that with such lieutenants our army is invincible.
And he ordered our Ashgabat division to be deployed: to check not only our mobilization readiness, but also how we are going to beat the enemy foe.
“That's why our corps was deployed.” said the corps commander with a smile.
- And the enemy foe our rifle corps is going to beat the old fashioned way.
Not in the spirit of a new military doctrine, without the use of military cunning and very boring: not that the Chirchiq division ... - Sergey thought to himself with mild sadness, but for some reason did not speak out loud.

The corps commander, meanwhile, continued his story.
- The other day I was summing up the deployment of the Chirchik division.
After the meeting, spoke with the commanders of the regiments.
They said that they had not received so much positive emotions from the teachings for a long time, and they had not had so much fun for a long time.
All but one.
One regiment commander huffed offendedly and was clearly offended by the jokes of his comrades regarding the defense of some treatment facilities and some kind of inaccessible cliff.
He threatened to find some lieutenant and take him to his regiment for the post of chief of staff.
- Will you go to me in the intelligence department, lieutenant? - suddenly asked the commander of the corps and winked at him jokingly.
This wink was also unexpected: even more unexpected than the question itself.
The service in the intelligence department was extremely tempting: there you could make a bunch of funny plans and draw a lot of cool staff cards!
But the thought of the regimental commander, who would run after him at night, in nightmares, with a huge cudgel and drive him every night to the top of an impregnable cliff - made me think.
Fortunately, over the past six months, Sergey has already learned how to answer "no" to the most attractive offers, because some small such catch has often been hidden behind them.
In this case, the catch was a possible threat to stay for many years to serve in the Turkestan military district.
Sergey could not go for it.
- I'm in Afghan, Comrade Colonel.
You need to serve a little "on the ground", and only then sit in the pants at the headquarters.
- As you know, lieutenant. As you know. Good luck to you! - Corps commander, patted him on the shoulder in a friendly manner. - And take care of yourself!
- Yes, Comrade Colonel. I will try to.

A few months later ...
For months already, analysts MI-6, the CIA and the Mossad have broken their brains on the staff cards sent by their agents from the Soviet Union.
Along the border with Afghanistan and Iran, the Soviets unexpectedly launched a motorized rifle division and a rifle corps.
The call to the military service "partisans", apparently, meant the beginning of a new war.
Because all over the world they already knew about the traditions of the Russian leaders, first to destroy their professional army, to suffer enormous losses in border battles, and then to defeat the militia.
With bare hands, with the help of some kind of mother.
All this was, if not clear, but at least familiar.
But the maneuvers that the Chirchik motorized rifle division carried out during the exercises were beyond any logic and modern military science:
The chaotic movement of several regiments from a distillery to a meat processing factory and a dairy could still be explained by the traditional cunning of the Russians.
The bridges, railway station and other transport hubs left uncovered - quite in line with the instructions of the ancient Chinese strategists - to seduce with profit.
But the defense of one of the regiments of sewage treatment plants and some kind of cliff - did not fit into any framework ...
Either ballistic missile launchers were located under the treatment plant, or some kind of super-modern secret weapon under the cliff, or something else.
But what???

Under the guise of tourists, several reconnaissance groups were thrown into the area.
Millions of pounds, dollars and shekels were spent on their preparation and cover.
But the scouts could not reveal the secret of these sewage treatment plants and the cliff.
In hysterics, analysts began to beat their heads against the walls, many were beginning to go crazy with this insoluble riddle.
And the main analysts repeatedly said aloud the incomprehensible word "NAFIGA?" - peering over staff cards over and over again.
And knowing full well that as long as they do not reveal this MILITARY SECRET of the “Soviets,” neither they nor their bosses will be able to sleep well.
And the search for a secret specialist sent from Moscow to develop plans for the deployment of the Chirchik division did not succeed: in the secret documents this unknown person was held under the pseudonym "lieutenant".
But, of course, the Soviets called him a “lieutenant” only for conspiracy: in fact, he should have no better rank than a colonel.
Because the development of these staff cards could hardly be trusted to anyone with a rank below a colonel.
Find this specialist did not work.
He seemed to have sunk into the water.
And he had to find it without fail.
Because only he knew the clue to this secret.
And the presence of specialists of such a level at the “Soviets” also did not inspire special optimism to foreign intelligence officers: after all, while the “Soviets” have such specialists, their army and country could not be defeated.

Long before that ...
With the start of the Russian-Japanese war (and later the 1 World War II) huge losses among the officers, the tsarist government was forced to allow not only the nobility "offspring" to enter military schools, but also children from the families of raznochintsy.
And with the necessary educational qualifications, the soldiers who showed courage and heroism in the battles could enter the regimental officer schools.
And also to become officers ...

Sergey's great-grandfather, Don Cossack Danila Lavrovich Parshin, was his only son from his parents, and therefore they did not take him into his Don army.
So it was taken from the Cossacks - the only son in the army not to take.
However, it was unbearable to sit on the stove when somewhere in the far-off lands there was a war.
Therefore, he took Danil to Chita by rail.
There he stuck to the second Verkhneudinsk regiment of the Trans-Baikal Cossack army.
He participated in continuous clashes with the enemy from the Liaoyan battles until the end of the war.
Received the rank of cornet.
He was awarded the Order of St. Anne of the fourth degree and Stanislav of the third degree.
Vladimir of the fourth degree and the rank of centurion was already in the war with the Germans.
He also received three light and two severe wounds, for which he was completely removed from military service.
According to the laws in force, his officer rank implied the nobility and land allotment.
For the Cossack, the land has always been a nurse.
But, in the bustle of those years, he never received the land from the sovereign (later his friends helped him with the land).
In 1917, a period of revolutions and a civil war began, during which he disappeared somewhere in the expanses of the former Russian Empire ...

In 1941, the year when the Great Patriotic War began, Sergey’s grandfather, Ivan Vasilyevich Churakov (the first collective farm chairman in the village of Teply), together with his younger brother Alexander volunteered for the front
(Alexander Vasilyevich Churakov, Red Army 45 Guards Rifle Division, was killed 19.09.42 in the Nevskaya Dubrovka area and was buried on the left bank of the Neva).
In parting, Ivan Vasilievich promised his wife that, upon returning, he would build a new house instead of their old hut ...
Together with them, only twenty-nine of their closest relatives went to the front from the village of Teploe.
Not a single one returned from the war.
Ivan Vasilievich distinguished himself in battles near Moscow, but was seriously wounded.
He was captured, on the first night he fled.
He spent several months in the hospital.
At the beginning of 1942, after his recovery, he was sent to the Kalininsky front.
And after a few months, a notice arrived that he was missing without a trace ...

Only sixty-five years later, it became known that “the Red Army guard, the shooter of the 4 Guards Motor Rifle Regiment of the 2 Guards Motorized Rifle Division Churakov Ivan Vasilyevich was killed by 4.08.42 in the area of ​​the village of Korshunovo of the Rzhevsky district. The funeral in the village of Korshunov was killed in the village of Korshunovo, Rzhevsky district. The funeral in the village of Korshunov was killed in the village of Korshunovo, Rzhevsky region.
During the night of his captivity, he was demoted to the rank and file and expelled from the party.
And the company clerk mistakenly indicated in the funeral notice the Resurrection District of the Moscow Region instead of the Resurrection District of the Ryazan Region.
Because of this error 65 years, Ivan Vasilievich was listed as missing.
So, neither his children, nor grandsons could count on any help from the state.
And the house that he wanted to build for his six children was never built ...

All his life Sergey was proud that he graduated from the Moscow Higher All-Arms Command School named after the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR: the legendary Kremlin Kremlin.
It was not easy to enter this elite school.
But the second was the Afghan war.
And enrollment at the school was increased from 300 people to 450.
So perhaps it was “thanks” to this war that he was able to become a Kremlin cadet.
And not the fact that he was an excellent student and graduated from high school without a single four.
Then there were twenty-six months in Afghanistan.
Drawing at the beginning of his officer service a map of the deployment of the Chirchik division, he learned one important lesson: miscalculations of some, give rise to the heroism of others.
He learned to take care of his subordinates, and to think about them not only in wartime, but also in peacetime.
And in Afghanistan, he did not lose a single subordinate either wounded or killed.

Twenty-five years he served in the army.
In memory of these years, there were left typhus and malaria, broken legs and the spine.
But most importantly, he returned home alive.
He returned with a dream to build a house that his grandfather never managed to build.
Alas, while he served in the army, while he fought, an article on the allocation of land to military service veterans and combatants disappeared from the legislation. The state once again deceived its soldiers and officers.
Over the years, Sergei began to understand his parents, who opposed his enrollment in a military school. They lost their fathers in the margins of the Great Patriotic War and more than felt what fatherlessness was. When Sergey entered the military school, the war in Afghanistan was already the second year. He then did not think about it. Unlike parents, who understood everything perfectly. And just afraid to lose it.
Yes, his father was probably right? It would be better if they were all shepherds.
And if Sergey had a son, now he probably would have been able to explain why in our present Russia it is better to be a shepherd than an officer. But Sergei had no children. During the years of recent reforms, the male lines of four families close to him have ended. It can be seen that Nature herself considered the defenders of the Fatherland, who from time immemorial had given these families some kind of genetic marriage. And interrupted these lines.
But Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich, who lives in London, recently had a seventh child. So, if you believe the state statistics, then in Russia there was even an increase in population. True, for some reason, more and more due to the non-indigenous population. And at the expense of the Russians living abroad. But, who cares where they live ?!
After all, if even the slightest danger threatens Russia, if the need arises to protect its people and the integrity of the state, they will give up their expensive yachts and palaces without thinking for a moment. And they will come to defend Russia. The country that gave them everything! And protect us all. But will they come?
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  1. Manager
    Manager 1 July 2013 11: 36
    He mastered half of the force. No offense, but too long a story that did not capture the reader at the beginning. But thanks anyway.
    1. Manager
      Manager 1 July 2013 11: 39
      I read the ending! Plus, definitely! But the middle still did not master ((
  2. Sinbad
    Sinbad 1 July 2013 11: 41
    It’s sad and painful because it’s true. And there is nothing to argue, only hope remains.
    1. dauria
      dauria April 24 2017 10: 05
      It’s sad and painful because it’s true.

      And here I’ve remembered something "forwarding" in Tashkent in the 85th. Just on February 23rd I ended up there. Green summer. And the peasants in the room were half-barracks. There were about 20 people. Most of them had already visited the river and were returning there from vacations. One was remembered by a very small, plump, not Alain Delon at all. In a rumpled form, flawed. Everyone drank to hell, but this one drank on an equal footing - but his eyes were sober. Wonderful.
      Our conversation was remembered.
      “How long are you there, captain?”
      - 16 months ..
      - Months? Have they considered it for months?
      “Count days, lieutenant, days ....”
      Where are they now, all these random "drinking buddies"? How did fate decide? On the 24th morning we were already suffering from a hangover in An-12th over Salang.
  3. individual
    individual 1 July 2013 12: 07
    The history of personality is intertwined with the history of the country.
  4. fight
    fight 1 July 2013 12: 08
    He laughed to tears))))))))))))) he really also drew a map lieutenant. and what)))))))
    1. Canep
      Canep 1 July 2013 12: 15
      In our division in Sary-Ozek, lieutenants also drew maps, I personally drew a map of the deputy weapons commander (I was the head of the metrological service). I do not know how it turned out, there was no fuel to check all this in practice. But at least they learned how to draw cards.
      1. dustycat
        dustycat 9 July 2013 19: 28
        Mdaaa ...
        I hope you yourself drew.
        And I drew a combat deployment map for our battalion on the basis of a "combat alert" signal for my lieutenants who had just arrived from the school.
        I read the charter and drew. Midnight And what else to do in a daily dress?
        They handed over to the headquarters or not, I don’t know.
        He registered several more charters. They then copied them from each other with the help of other fighters of the training company.
  5. Egen
    Egen 1 July 2013 12: 11
    I remembered Khazanov "I am a foreign spy" :))
  6. PValery53
    PValery53 1 July 2013 12: 29
    With humor and hope for a "bright future", about the difficult fate of the Russian (Russian) officers. Well written!
  7. vilenich
    vilenich 1 July 2013 13: 09
    I read the article and for some reason, the nachoper’s hands were combed on the head to knock for such an attitude to the processing of combat documents. It seems to me that all the same, this is rather unlikely, although it is possible ...
  8. Old warrant officer
    Old warrant officer 1 July 2013 14: 20
    I laughed heartily! More such articles to raise your spirits and mood! In 1988, during the preparation of the KDVO air defense exercises, our draftsman, after 3 sleepless nights, stuck Kamchatka upside down - it was fun to hear from the head of the air defense forces!
  9. wolf1945
    wolf1945 1 July 2013 14: 47
    There is such a profession to defend the homeland! And that says it all! soldier
  10. Joonkey
    Joonkey 5 July 2013 14: 22
    And it’s funny and sad. Article +
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    vip.da78 31 July 2013 03: 16
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  13. Petrovich
    Petrovich 17 October 2013 21: 30
    Golden words: "if it is impossible to prevent violation of military discipline, then it should at least be led." This Army cannot be defeated.
    The ending is sad ...
  14. BOB48
    BOB48 27 November 2013 20: 28
    ++++++++++++++ and only ++++++++
  15. yawa63
    yawa63 April 24 2017 17: 35
    Alexander Ivanovich, hello - and the son of Marshal Sokolov accidentally did not serve in a separate tank battalion of 20 guards. FGM in the GSVG (Pomsen), where, when he was in command of the battalion, due to the fire, most of the tanks burned down in the pits? I remember that there was such a bike in the troops, in particular, in the 20 mst 1 md.
  16. For your motherland, your mother))
    Well, comrade Kartsev, you wrote simply brilliant!
    I read it in one spirit, just amazing!
    Those who were really very upset didn’t even finish reading-- in vain; not yet evening. When the Bashkir says in a personal conversation that he will tear his mouth for Russia, when the Dagestanis take an assault rifle and shoot the Wahhabis, when the Buryats knock down the Bandera-Nazis - I see that there is light.
    It is only necessary to believe in the Federation, only the principle of federality will save Russia.
    There is Abramovich in every country, from the Peruvian Japanese president, who cowardly fled to his historical homeland to the South Korean fortuneteller, who twisted the country's leadership and rummaged over millions --- so after all, we’re fighting not for them, but for our land, for mother, for children, for the right to live on this earth.
    But parasites and drones are even in nature: both in the anthill and in the hive - well, that means nature knows better, to hell with them.