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After meeting "friends of Syria" - bloody Sunday in Damascus

After meeting "friends of Syria" - bloody Sunday in Damascus

“The solar circle, the sky around is a drawing of a boy” ... In the early years of childhood, we sang this song in a simple Soviet school, on pioneer lines. And on the political information in the classroom they talked about the barbaric acts of the NATO black bloc led by the United States. Did we then understand everything we heard to the end? Perhaps not, and the war was far from us, and we did not hear the shells exploding. And the Syrian children - hear. Some of them die under them, some lose their father and mother. More recently, two years ago, Syria was one of the safest countries in the world, where a traveler could put up his tent in any forest or desert and spend the night quietly. Yes, with the same Bashar al-Assad, who is now trying to blame everything that happens. And who is trying to blame? Those that themselves systematically incited this senseless war.

And the Syrian children want to live and see the solar circle above their heads. In the ancient citadel of Damascus an event called "My Homeland - my love." On it were presented children's drawings. The children drew the sun, sky, trees, Syrian flags ... and a simple peaceful life. The fact that many of them took overseas directors and directors of the war.

... "You see, soldier, you hear, soldier, - people are afraid of explosions." Sunday June 23 painted the capital with blood. The terrorists, supported by the US, NATO and their puppets in the Middle East, as if broke the chain. Early in the morning, three suicide bombers committed a terrorist attack in the Rukn-ed-Din area near the police station and bakery. Five people died, nine injured. Among the victims of crime are law enforcement officers and civilians.

Another terrorist attack was prevented. In the Damascus area of ​​Bab Al-Musalla, three suicide bombers also attempted to enter the criminal investigation building. Fortunately, the gangsters were destroyed on time, their suicide belts were neutralized.

But the criminals did not calm down on this. On the same day, in the densely populated residential area of ​​Mezze-86, which has repeatedly become the object of terrorist attacks, tragedy occurred again. A car bomb exploded. A three-year-old child and two more citizens died, more than 10 suffered. It should be noted that in this metropolitan area live simple workers, who, basically, support the legitimate government.

At the other end of Damascus - near the Abbassiin Square and the stadium of the same name - the gangsters fired mortar shells. One citizen died, 7 citizens wounded.

In the suburbs of Damascus Jaramana, six mortar shells were fired immediately. Killed 12-year-old child and 11 people suffered.

In one day, five terrorist attacks at once. What caused such activity of criminals? And the day before, 22 of June, when Russia celebrated the 72 anniversary of the attack of Hitlerism on the USSR, the faithful heirs of the fascists gathered in the Qatari capital Doha. The meeting, more precisely, a gathering, bore the hypocritical name "Friends of Syria" ...

Discussed delivery weapons terrorists and providing them with other assistance. At the same time, the United States says that they do not want weapons to fall into the hands of "bad" terrorists, but want to equip "good rebels." On what grounds they will divide the bandits into good and bad - it is not clear to any sober-minded person. Moreover, if the “good” and “bad” act together, then it would be logical to assume that, having fallen into the hands of the “good” terrorists, the weapon will certainly fall into the hands of their accomplices - the “bad” terrorists.

The United States stubbornly denies this fact and covers up its desire to arm the terrorists - no matter “good” or “bad” - with a desire for peace and democracy. Attacking the USSR, Hitler also "wanted peace" and, of course, fought "for freedom."

And in the best traditions of his fascist teacher, John Kerry knocks from a sick head to a healthy one, reproaching Russia for “intensifying military operations in Syria”.

During the press conference given to them after the meeting of the “Friends of Syria”, Kerry said that, they say, “there is a big difference between those for whom the Syrian opposition is fighting and for whom - Assad. Assad is against the majority of the people of the Syrian state, and the opposition is fighting for the people of Syria. ” He further threatened that he would “work very closely on this with Russia,” without specifying how. Maybe composing regular “Magnitsky lists” or giving money to a crowd of “human rights activists”?

So, two interrelated theses of Kerry: allegedly, the "opposition" protects the people, and Assad opposes the majority of the people.

Let's start with the second statement. In 2014, the presidential election will be held in Syria, which can show the real mood of the people. There is simply no other way, and all other speculation is nothing more than speculation on the concept of "people." The legitimate president of Syria, Bashar Al-Asad, repeatedly and without fear spoke of the presidential election. The United States is afraid of these elections and, together with its satellites and hired terrorists, are trying in every possible way to derail them, thereby depriving the Syrian people of the right to show the will of the majority. Consequently, they understand that no people will support “opposition” candidates - otherwise they would rely on elections.

As for the statement that the “opposition” allegedly protects the people — we see by what methods it does it. Parents of a three-year-old child who died in a car bomb explosion in Mezze-86, or an 12-year-old teenager who died in Jaraman on the same day during a mortar attack on residential areas by terrorists, can say a big thank you for protecting the people ... And not only the "opposition" itself. But, above all - to the very "friends of Syria", after the meeting of which the inspired terrorists staged a "bloody Sunday" in Damascus.

And - a question for Mr. Kerry and the rest of the "friends": those who committed the five terrorist attacks in one day - are they "good" or "bad" terrorists?
In other countries of the world, the spiritual brothers of the Syrian "opposition" are committing no less bloody crimes, covering them up with the "struggle against the infidels." In Lebanon, 6 soldiers killed, the country is desperately trying to get involved in the war.

In Pakistan, a chilling crime was committed. The armed group, known for its struggle with the Shiites, this time elected the victims of simple tourists, climbers. An Islamist group has withdrawn from the hotel 10 innocent citizens of Ukraine, China, Slovakia and other countries. All of them were shot in cold blood. A representative of the Jundullah group, who claimed responsibility for the massacre, said: "These foreigners are our enemies, and we are proud to take responsibility for their murder, we will continue such attacks in the future."

Exactly the same statements are made and the Syrian terrorists. The rhetoric and handwriting are very similar. US statements about “good” and “bad” terrorists and helping them, as well as gathering friends of terrorists, inevitably encourage villains to commit crimes. And not only in Syria.
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  1. Dejavu
    Dejavu 25 June 2013 07: 26
    The bastards are stirring! Smoky asses of evil spirits. It must be done by all means, so that before the intervention of pin * dos on Syrian soil there will not be a single bearded cannibal.
    1. Sirocco
      Sirocco 26 June 2013 04: 05
      I will say briefly and clearly about such friends.
  2. anip
    anip 25 June 2013 07: 35
    "Friends of Libya" have already frolicked. It would be nice if Assad had enough strength to crush the "friends of Syria" in his country.
  3. George
    George 25 June 2013 07: 47
    Statements by the United States about the "good" and "bad" terrorists and helping them, as well as a gathering of terrorist friends, inevitably encourage villains to commit crimes. And not only in Syria.

    To paraphrase a little known anecdote, let us wish the “good” terrorists to lie in good coffins, but the “bad” and the bad ones will do.
    Thank you Elena.
    1. Tatar
      Tatar 25 June 2013 08: 13
      interestingly, Putin asked a question about who, in the case of a theoretical defeat, Assad will rule the country, good or bad guys. in it is possible that then between them a war for power will begin, and there already the population will be peacefully given as flies. So I want to blow up the Americans ...
      1. skeptic
        skeptic 25 June 2013 09: 50
        Quote: Tatar
        interestingly, Putin asked a question about who, in the case of a theoretical defeat, Assad will rule the country, good or bad guys. in it is possible that then between them a war for power will begin, and there already the population will be peacefully given as flies. So I want to blow up the Americans ...

        I was about two years before the hostilities began in Syria, in England by chance, I ended up there for another reason, this did not concern Syria at all, I met with British leaders. And some of them, who are my friends, admitted to me, insistently turning to me that something is being prepared in Syria. It was in England, not America. England was preparing a rebel invasion of Syria. And they even asked me ... (inaudible) The Ministry of Foreign Affairs if I would like to participate. Of course, I refused - I am French, I am not interested in this. This is to show that this is a long-standing operation, it was being prepared, developed, organized ...

        Host: Excuse me, for what purpose? The idea of ​​overthrowing Bashar - for what purpose?

        Roland Dumas: The goal is very simple, very simple. To remove the Syrian government, because in the region, it is important to know the Syrian regime makes anti-Israeli statements. And, as a result, everything that moves in the region around ... the Israeli Prime Minister spoke to me ... who told me that we could not agree with the Minister, the Prime Minister ... with the states around. And those with whom we do not agree, we will finish them. This is such a policy. This is a perception of history - why not, after all? But you need to know about it. ”

        These are the statements of the French minister. I think that comments are superfluous.
        1. Corsair
          Corsair 25 June 2013 15: 57
          Quote: skeptic
          And those with whom we do not agree, we will finish them. This is such a policy.

          Regardless of whether the Israelis are right or not ...
          Fascist methods ...
        2. mealnik2005
          mealnik2005 25 June 2013 20: 27
          And after that, the world still talks about the Holocaust. "Sheep" turned out to be not so harmless.
      2. Che
        Che 26 June 2013 20: 06
        Tatar - Tsarnaev first call amers. Wait for your .opu yet whatsoever. Nonhumans.
    2. stroporez
      stroporez 25 June 2013 09: 41
      it would be nice if Schaub and their owners settled down in trunks ..................
  4. JIaIIoTb
    JIaIIoTb 25 June 2013 07: 50
    It is a pity that in America there are no second twin towers. Blasphemy, of course, people died there, but how much will the US step on the same rake? After all, they will wait for the second of September 11 from their own pupils.
    1. alexkross83
      alexkross83 25 June 2013 08: 46
      One news channel interviewed a Jordanian who fought on the side of gangs .... so he directly stated that after Syria and Iran they had the US and Europe according to the plan.
    2. builder
      builder 25 June 2013 09: 12
      Yes there these towers are immeasurable!
      1. Force123
        Force123 25 June 2013 09: 51
        But this is not an option! After all, there are also children and innocent people!
    3. Uhe
      Uhe 25 June 2013 10: 20
      It is true that only the terrorist attack with the towers was carried out under the leadership of the CIA, and the towers themselves were brought in from the inside - there were intertwined the interests of both the US hawks, working under their leadership of the Arab terrorists from Alqaida, and the economic interests of individuals, including the owner of these towers. Some had the task of getting carte blanche for the alleged fight against terrorism in order to get out of the next crisis of capitalism, while others - to take a step towards the restoration of the world caliphate (the Americans are also satisfied with this task), and the physical. persons - to get insurance for unprofitable buildings and make space for new projects. All tasks have been achieved.

      However, why blame them when we, too, were engaged in similar ones in order to bring someone to power;)
  5. Xmypp
    Xmypp 25 June 2013 07: 53
    You look at all this, how innocent children die, and you understand that there is no god or has long left us.
    1. avant-garde
      avant-garde 25 June 2013 07: 57
      Quote: Xmypp
      that there is no god or left us long ago.

      Hope for God, but don’t be bad yourself !!!
      If Assad had only hoped for God, he would not have existed for a long time, and so far only the unity of the people and people's faith that all this will end will save him.
    2. Petrovich-2
      Petrovich-2 25 June 2013 08: 30
      What matters people have - such is their god.
    3. Gari
      Gari 25 June 2013 12: 31
      Quote: Xmypp
      You look at all this, how innocent children die, and you understand that there is no god or has long left us.

      Just recently, with friends, they and their families were sitting in a cafe in a park, a warm summer summer, we had ice-cream cold children, in general, class, and then suddenly fireworks, now it wouldn’t be a problem, our children would be happy, but the kid at the next table small, climbed under the table, does not crawl out, we don’t understand, but it turned out that he had recently arrived from Syria, the poor thought they were shooting
      This is horror
    4. DEfindER
      DEfindER 25 June 2013 14: 26
      Quote: Xmypp
      You look at all this, how innocent children die, and you understand that there is no god or has long left us.

      God helps those who do something themselves. How to say "God help". And if you put your hands down, then you don't want to, there is nothing to help.
      Now, if Gaddafi hadn’t delayed deliveries of the latest weapons at one time (truth is, our bear was also pissed off), then God would have helped him and saved his life, but he believed that they wouldn’t attack, and he lowered his hands .. failed him flair.
  6. fenix57
    fenix57 25 June 2013 08: 03
    "And in the best traditions of his fascist teacher, John Kerry pushes from a sore head to a healthy one, accusing Russia of" intensifying hostilities in Syria. " -A John Kerry accidentally did not accept Islam... After all, as one of those taken prisoner said "good" - "... the infidels have a choice:
    -believe in Islam;
    And the actions of amers and some state-TVs suggest the idea that I have highlighted!
    1. omsbon
      omsbon 25 June 2013 08: 57
      Quote: fenix57
      .. the infidels have a choice:
      -believe in Islam;

      There is a third way: to collect bandits in a ravine or outhouse and soak everyone!
  7. pensioner
    pensioner 25 June 2013 08: 06
    Take care of yourself Helen!
  8. Xmypp
    Xmypp 25 June 2013 08: 19
    Quote: avant-garde
    Quote: Xmypp
    that there is no god or left us long ago.

    Hope for God, but don’t be bad yourself !!!

    I mean that innocent children die. This applies not only to Syria. You can recall Yugoslavia, Iraq, etc., where the western shit dragged their hand.
    A bomb flew in, a car exploded, was blown up by a mine, and you all say to the child "don't be bad."
    1. avant-garde
      avant-garde 25 June 2013 08: 30
      Quote: Xmypp
      and you all say to the child "don't be bad."

      Not you, but you and I did not sit at the table, this time !!!
      What kind of god can be in this situation ??? There is a war going on and the people are praying for their army now more than to God, that they quickly cleanse the country from this evil spirits and that the old people, children and the entire civilian population stop dying, this is the main goal for which people pray! And if they sit together right now and just pray to God, they will all be cut out in a week !!!
  9. The comment was deleted.
    1. tarks
      tarks 25 June 2013 09: 12
      These toads hold the common world. And the Anglo-Saxons walk with them in herons. So they’re boasting.
    SPIRITofFREEDOM 25 June 2013 09: 13
    Urgently need to take Aleppo !!!
    1. Che
      Che 26 June 2013 20: 12
      Yes, it seems they drove the rats from Aleppo. Lord Sith, where is the info? Calm us with the good news.
  11. bbp
    bbp 25 June 2013 09: 14
    While the USSR existed in the Arab world it was more or less stable. We guaranteed this with our participation. I, as a former officer of the General Staff, affirm this. For the destabilization in the world it is necessary to thank the fifth column in the camp and the brainless intelligentsia who shouted in 92-93: "Yeltsin, Yeltsin is our president"
  12. The gentleman
    The gentleman 25 June 2013 09: 39
    heavy article, in such cases you just need to believe that everything will be fine with them. It's hard to watch. And there is always a fear that this "democracy" can knock on my house too.
    choice in 2014 in Syria. I am sure that the people will choose Assad, but the West will shout about falsification that their best election experts have not been invited.
  13. Yun Klob
    Yun Klob 25 June 2013 09: 43
    What America has been doing lately is so ridiculous that it looks very much like agony, so to speak, involuntary dying convulsions.
  14. Force123
    Force123 25 June 2013 09: 47
    Quote: stroitel
    Yes there these towers are immeasurable!

    But this is not an option!
  15. PValery53
    PValery53 25 June 2013 11: 14
    For some disrespectful reason, Friends of the United States and Qatar did not feed the Friends of Syria in Doha ...
  16. alan_07
    alan_07 25 June 2013 12: 30
    Death and tears of innocent children will turn into punishment of the Almighty, all this is not far off. Merkel realized that the elections were coming up, she was silent, Israel is also not tense, standing on the sidelines, otherwise the c300 will be delivered, and the traitor Qatar is changing the government and regime, it’s probably a scorched smell and it’s not that we are.
    Patience and good luck in the destruction of corrupt ogres, the fraternal people of Syria.
  17. nov_tech.vrn
    nov_tech.vrn 25 June 2013 14: 14
    death to the cannibals and their customers
  18. pensioner
    pensioner 25 June 2013 14: 21
    Quote: Boricello
    In general, the rhetoric of Israel, its military and the Professor, including reminiscent of the verbiage of Nazi Germany. And the USSR has weapons ... but they don’t know how to fight, and so on. I don’t want a war, but I would like that at least once Israel would encounter not with Arabs but with equal training, even outdated weapons. Jews are like toads who imagine themselves to be kings in a swamp. Until the heron arrived. In general, you begin to understand why they do not like Jews. Such arrogance and arrogance is probably not even among the Amer.

    Cool! And the professor is still that bug. And from the fact that smart is even more dangerous. And swagger and rushing out of it - you rightly noticed. And the heron will fly to them again. And not one. And scavengers to the heap. Well, the state is not viable in historical perspective.
  19. KG_patriot_last
    KG_patriot_last 25 June 2013 14: 41
    I probably will never understand the meaning of terrorist attacks against my own population for the power over which they are fighting ... I do not believe that these terrorists are fighting against Aasad at all ... rather, it is genocide against non-Muslims. Therefore, no one calls the insane people in the CIS insurgents of these terrorists, although they are Muslims ...

    Therefore, I wonder how the West can complicate the situation, they say those good, those bad ... If there are bad among the good, then what they do together turns into bad and they all need to be stopped. Why do they slip honey with a fly in the ointment and make it a good honey?

    But how did the populations of Europe and the USA affected by the terrorist acts think of supporting such a course of events? It’s necessary to brainwash so ... And you say Hitler how he came to power ... as we see it is very simple ...
  20. pensioner
    pensioner 25 June 2013 14: 54
    Quote: KG_patriot_last
    I probably will never understand the meaning of terrorist attacks against my own population for the power over which they are fighting ... I do not believe that these terrorists are fighting against Aasad at all ...

    The day before yesterday they showed one. Blown up on his own mine. lost his eyes, something else ... voiced - what do they need. It is a pity that the State Department with a geyropa at this moment closed their ears ... We would have learned a lot.
  21. The comment was deleted.
  22. rauffg
    rauffg 25 June 2013 15: 37
    A senior source in the Russian Air Force said that Russia has plans to bombard the monarchies of the Gulf - Qatar and Saudi Arabia. This is not a secret, such plans were developed during the USSR, since then they have been slightly changed, replacing the landing in a friendly that time, Iraq’s refueling in the air over the Caspian Sea, ”the officer said. He noted that this can be done by both a link of Su-27 fighters and modern Su-34 bombers with additional tanks accompanied by Su-27.

    “Today the situation is such that even if Su-34 does not have enough fuel to leave Iran’s airspace on return, they can sit right there,” he said, “the combat radius of Su-27 allows you to fly to the capitals of the monarchies and vice versa, the Su-34 is smaller. ”

    When asked when and why plans were being developed, the officer replied: “Saudi Arabia is a key ally of the United States in the region, not Israel, as many believe, namely the regime of King Abdullah, who is ready to get involved anywhere to please his masters, so the USSR naturally prepared plans to destroy this regime, since without it, Saudi Arabia will cease to be an integral state and Washington will receive hordes of barbarians who will destroy their bases on their own using American technology. ”

    The source also said that the entire operation to destroy the ruling circles of the monarchies from the air needs no more than 24 hours.
    1. pensioner
      pensioner 25 June 2013 17: 48
      Quote: rauffg
      The source also said that the entire operation to destroy the ruling circles of the monarchies from the air takes no more than 24 hours.

      It is necessary to lay out this news on Russia. Let them read ...
    2. Che
      Che 26 June 2013 20: 19
      For these purposes, it is better to use long-range aviation or Strategic Missile Forces, drying is good, but far away.
  23. Bekzat
    Bekzat 25 June 2013 17: 36
    Greetings to all what the hell they are friends of Syria, simple fiends, nonhumans !!! I don’t understand the psychology of such people, what do they think? I wish Assad and his people a lot of patience and strength to defeat their opponents !!!
  24. EDW
    EDW 25 June 2013 21: 05
    Hired "friends" of Syria will be pulled away smile

    BDK Russia unloaded an unknown cargo in Syria

    ... they now only have to - to intimidate civilians, and report to the White House on the heroic battles against the army and ask for another container ship with weapons.
  25. Geisenberg
    Geisenberg 26 June 2013 00: 32
    Plus for continuity.
  26. Xnumx kopeek
    Xnumx kopeek 26 June 2013 01: 55
    - "When I think that God is just, I get scared for America" ​​-
    / T. Jefferson, meter. pres-t / - belay
  27. Russ69
    Russ69 26 June 2013 20: 26
    The city of Tell Kalah returned to the control of the Syrian army after two years of confrontation. According to media reports, 39 field commanders surrendered to the soldiers, admitting that they did not lose the battle, but were disappointed in the opposition and intentionally laid down their arms.
    Insurgent stronghold, the city of Tel Kalah, was captured by Syrian forces and is now fully under the control of the government. Army entered the areas from which troops were forced out of the uprising in Syria two years ago.
    39 local leaders of the rebel Free Syrian Army surrendered with arms in their hands. This area was very important for fighters, because through the city lies one of the main routes used for smuggling arms and ammunition from Lebanon. According to the commanders of the regular army, the rebels refused to Tell Kalaha so easily because it had been defeated in the battle for the other strategically important town of Quseir.
    The Syrian opposition denies that the city fell, claiming that the fighting is still going on. However, the correspondent of the newspaper Independent personally testified that "the military and civilians in the city looked relaxed, and there were no signs of recent fighting in the streets."