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Arlington in Russian. The long-term construction of the first national military necropolis is over.

Arlington in Russian. The long-term construction of the first national military necropolis is over.After years of delays in the Mytishchi district near Moscow on Memorial Day and Grief opened a memorial military cemetery. This is Russia's first national pantheon, which will rest as those who showed courage in the war, as well as prominent figures who have served Russia with dignity in civilian life. The memorial is often compared to the American Arlington Cemetery.

The opening ceremony of the Federal Military Cemetery took place on Saturday morning.

It was created by analogy with the Arlington National Cemetery in a suburb of Washington in the United States. The center of monumental and sculptural decoration of the FVMK was the ensemble of sculptures on the Alley of Heroes - 24 figures of soldiers with their inherent historical costumes weapons and attributes of six epochs: from the time of Alexander Nevsky and Dmitry Donskoy to the Great Patriotic War and the era of local wars of the second half of the 20th century.

The Pantheon-Columbarium, which is part of the memorial complex, is a composition in the center of which is a monument called “Sorrow”. The Monument to the Unknown Soldier consists of a figure of a mother holding a dead son in her arms. In front of him is a small black obelisk.

The ceremony was opened by Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. He laid wreaths, passed the guard of honor, and then Shoigu lit the torch of the Eternal Flame. After this, a minute of silence was announced.

The day before, the first burial took place here. 10 June, near Smolensk, the remains of an unknown soldier were found. It was found that this is a private soldier who died in the 1941 year. He was probably called from the Altai Territory. This Red Army man found eternal peace under the stone.
The cemetery, as noted by Sergei Shoigu, should be a place where the memory of the outstanding Russians will be preserved. “The uniqueness of the Federal Military Cemetery being opened today is not so much on its scale as in that it is intended to become a place where the memory of the outstanding citizens of our country who have special services to the Fatherland will be preserved,” RIA reports.News».

The minister noted that many professionals took part in designing the memorial complex. “Their work was aimed at implementing one noble idea: to create a memorial that would serve as a symbol of the national pride of all the peoples of Russia,” said Shoigu.

The necropolis covers an area of ​​53 hectares (this is seven times the size of the Novodevichy cemetery) and is designed for 30 thousand sites for burial. The cemetery is intended for the heroes of Russia and the Soviet Union, the presidents of Russia and the USSR, prime ministers, ministers, marshals, army generals, citizens awarded the order of the holy Apostle Andrew the First-Called. In addition, employees of federal executive bodies, the State Fire Service, who died while protecting the interests of the state, can be buried here. Places in this cemetery can be allocated for other citizens, for the burial of which the president or the government will give permission.

The full circle of persons to be buried at the Federal War Memorial Cemetery is determined by government resolution of February 25 of the year 2005.
The idea of ​​creating a national pantheon appeared long ago. Back in 90, a group of veterans - generals and marshals of the USSR - repeatedly wrote to President Boris Yeltsin, proposing to create such a cemetery. With the first appeal, they were never heard, after the second power, Moscow and the region declared that there was simply no free land for the necropolis.

A few years later, the land was found: more than 50 hectares north of the village Sgonniki - part of the military range in Mytishchi. In 2000, a foundation stone was installed there. And in 2001, President Vladimir Putin signed a decree “On the Federal War Memorial Cemetery”, created to “commemorate the soldiers and other citizens of the Russian Federation who died while defending the Fatherland”, as well as people who “had special merits to the state”.

At the competition, won the project of the State Unitary Enterprise MNIIP "Mosproekt-4", invited as co-authors of famous artists of Russia: George Frangulyan and Ivan Lubennikov. Subsequently, between the sculptors and designers began conflicts on copyright. The case ended in court, and only by 2008, did the artistic battles subside.

At about the same time, the construction of the memorial began. It was supposed to open on Victory Day 9 in May in 2010, however, construction work was delayed not for two years, but for all five. Such a tangible delay was explained by financial reasons. As a result, the construction of the FVMK cost the budget 5 billion rubles.
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  1. Russ69
    Russ69 24 June 2013 12: 48
    It is necessary to make a granite wall on it with the names of all the dead soldiers, like an American. Then there will be a case, people should know the names of all those who gave their lives FOR THE MOTHERLAND.
    1. cartridge
      cartridge 24 June 2013 12: 52
      Three days ago I spoke on this topic, but once again I will voice my point of view.

      I approve of the idea of ​​such a cemetery. On all sides, this is correct.

      The main thing is that this cemetery should be precisely a MEMORIAL WAR, that is, it would preserve the memory of real soldiers - defenders of the country, and not of those who clung to power, including scammers and rogues like the former MO.
      It is important that it does not turn into the resting place of fake heroes, linden military and dubious statesmen such as the self-appointed colonel of the reserve Taburetko, the traitor and destroyer Judush Gorbaty, the muddy owner of the Golden Star Ramzan Akhmadych and the like.

      I am very worried about some points of the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of February 25, 2004 N 105 "On the Federal War Memorial Cemetery", according to which they can be buried there:

      point e) public service veterans, that is, almost all officials - from the State Duma to the district administration
      paragraph m) other citizens - by decision of the President of the Russian Federation or Government of the Russian Federation. Because of people like DAM, I'm afraid that in this cemetery any dubious trash can find its last refuge, whose true place is in the cattle burial ground, and not among the heroes and creators of our weapons.

      If it becomes the burial place of mostly those in power and those close to them, then this will simply be blasphemy towards the real defenders of the country.
      1. Ezhaak
        Ezhaak 24 June 2013 13: 06
        Quote: cartridge
        If it becomes the burial place of mainly those in power and those close to them

        This memorial is still located beyond the MKAD. And those listed by you closer to the Kremlin want to lie.
      2. 123tank
        123tank 24 June 2013 13: 38
        Very correctly said, well done.
  2. Ezhaak
    Ezhaak 24 June 2013 12: 59
    The memorial is often compared to the American Arlington cemetery.

    Well, how can you compare what has just appeared with what already exists.
    And what is the habit of comparing with Yes, in principle and likeness, but he, the memorial, will somehow be different.
  3. rpek32
    rpek32 24 June 2013 13: 09
    Quote: Hedgehog

    Well, how can you compare what has just appeared with what already exists.
    And what is the habit of comparing with Yes, in principle and likeness, but he, the memorial, will somehow be different.

    Obviously: compared because they can.
    1. Ezhaak
      Ezhaak 24 June 2013 13: 23
      Already in form and design it is clear that there will be no similar filling of space with crosses. Plus, in size, our memorial is noticeably smaller. It would be better if compared with Piskarevsky, everything is ours and closer.
  4. Vtel
    Vtel 24 June 2013 13: 29
    That's just not to bury Judah here!
    March 2, 2011 President Dmitry Medvedev awarded ex-USSR President Mikhail Gorbachev, who turned 80 on Wednesday, with the Order of St. Andrew the First-Called.

    "Today I signed a decree on your awarding our highest order - the Order of St. Andrew the First-Called," Medvedev said on Wednesday at a meeting with Gorbachev.

    "I believe that this is an adequate assessment of the great work that you carried out as head of state," the president added.
    He noted that Gorbachev ruled the country during a "very difficult and dramatic period."

    “We all remember this, in any case, those who were already more or less adults at that time. This is a great job. It can be assessed in different ways, and you know that, but it is really a big and difficult job,” Medvedev said.

    The head of state also added that he sees another symbol in such an award.

    "I see this as a symbol of respect for the state that you headed, for the state that was our common homeland - the Soviet Union," he added.
    Gorbachev, for his part, thanked the president for the gift and admitted that he feels his age not only physically, but also psychologically. “I have the impression that I am living for someone, for that guy,” he said. - That's for sure, you never lived for yourself.
  5. Selendis
    Selendis 24 June 2013 14: 37
    To our mother’s mound in Volgograd, take a trip and read the granite slabs behind your Motherland - your mother, I don’t know how in America, they probably love the pathos, then in our Homeland it is a memory that is quietly honored and not forgotten. Stupidly measured pussy .. on such a topic ...
  6. 128mgb
    128mgb 24 June 2013 14: 39
    Quote: Vtel
    That's just not to bury Judah here!

    You are ahead of me. Bury this person outside the country, otherwise all the dead in their graves will turn over!
  7. Apologet insane
    Apologet insane 24 June 2013 14: 44
    Does anyone care about the amount of 5 billion rubles?
  8. darksoul
    darksoul 24 June 2013 16: 00
    Quote: darksoul
    Does anyone care about the amount of 5 billion rubles?

    The amount is really big, the main thing is that they did a good deed and if bureaucrats and the fallen dare to steal ... they will get this money sideways
  9. gribnik777
    gribnik777 24 June 2013 18: 28
    Photo ITAR-TASS
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. The comment was deleted.
  10. gribnik777
    gribnik777 24 June 2013 18: 47
    Apparently, this is how the project looks.
  11. Rus2012
    Rus2012 24 June 2013 19: 16
    In childhood, the magazine "Koster" had such a test - "In 100 steps, recognize your enemies!"
    So one candidate is ready
  12. Bokdan1700
    Bokdan1700 24 June 2013 19: 34
    The main thing is not to mess up the holy place unworthy!
  13. individual
    individual 24 June 2013 22: 47
    The All-Russian Memorial is a holy cause.
    To make the future, one must honor the past.
  14. cpk72
    cpk72 25 June 2013 23: 35
    “Chelobitevo is a great place. And the name is appropriate,” Olga Romanova, a well-known journalist and member of the Opposition Coordinating Council, comments on Twitter. “Shoigu laid the first stone of the cemetery of domestic animals.”
    It’s up to what insanity one has to get to write such a thing? How to hate your homeland, the history of the motherland, people who did not spare their lives. To slap her lashes at a hundred in a shameful place, so that the only gyrus going into the rectum starts to think, I think this is the most appropriate punishment.
    [media = http: //]
  15. cpk72
    cpk72 26 June 2013 00: 04
    Here is a video from YouTube from Channel One that something does not climb