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They fought for their country

Fascist perceptions of the people of Soviet Russia, on whose territory they invaded 22 on June 1941, were determined by the ideology that portrayed the Slavs as "subhuman." However, the very first battles forced the invaders to change a lot in these views. We cite documentary evidence of soldiers, officers and generals of the German Wehrmacht about how Soviet soldiers appeared to them from the first days of the war, who did not want to retreat or surrender ...

"My commander was twice as old as me, and he had to fight the Russians near Narva in 1917 the year he was a lieutenant." Here, in these endless spaces, we will find our death like Napoleon, "he did not hide he is pessimistic ... - Mende, remember this hour, it marks the end of the former Germany "" (Erich Mende lieutenant of the 8 th Silesian Infantry Division about the conversation held in the last peaceful moments of 22 June 1941 of the year).

“When we entered the first battle with the Russians, they clearly did not expect us, but they could not be called unprepared. There was no enthusiasm for [us]! Rather, the sense of the grandeur of the upcoming campaign seized everyone. And then the question arose: where, at which locality this campaign will end? ” (Alfred Durvanger, Lieutenant, Commander of an anti-tank company of the 28 Infantry Division, advancing from East Prussia through Suwalki)

"On the very first day, as soon as we went on the attack, one of ours shot himself from his weapons. Holding a rifle between his knees, he inserted the barrel into his mouth and pressed the trigger. So for him the war ended and all the horrors associated with it " (anti-tank gunner Johann Danzer, Brest, 22 June 1941 of the year).

“The behavior of the Russians, even in the first battle, was strikingly different from the behavior of the Poles and allies who were defeated on the Western Front. Even when they were in the ring of encirclement, the Russians stood up firmly (General Günther Blumentritt, Chief of Staff of the 4 Army).

“The battle for mastering the fortress is fierce - numerous losses ... Where the Russians were able to be knocked out or smoked, new forces soon appeared. They crawled out of basements, houses, sewer pipes and other temporary shelters, aimed fire, and our casualties grew steadily ”” (from the combat reports of the Wehrmacht 45 Infantry Division, which was entrusted to seize the Brest Fortress; the squad against the 17-thousandth garrison of the fortress taken by surprise; the division lost almost as many soldiers and officers as for all 8 weeks of the campaign in France during the first day of the fighting in Russia). “For us, these meters turned into a solid fierce battle, which did not subside from the first day. Everything around had already been destroyed almost to the ground, there was no stone left on the buildings ... The assault team of sappers climbed onto the roof of the building just opposite us. They had explosive charges on long poles, they popped them into the windows of the upper floor — they suppressed the enemy’s machine-gun nests. But almost to no avail - the Russians did not give up. Most of them lodged in strong basements, and the fire of our artillery did not harm them. You look, an explosion, another one, everything is quiet for a minute, and then they open fire again. ” (Schneiderbauer, lieutenant, platoon commander 50-mm anti-tank guns 45-th Infantry Division of the battles on the South Island of Brest Fortress).

“You can almost say with certainty that not a single cultural inhabitant of the West will ever understand the character and soul of the Russians. Knowledge of the Russian character can serve as a key to understanding the fighting qualities of a Russian soldier, his advantages and methods of his struggle on the battlefield. Resilience and peace of mind of a fighter have always been paramount factors in a war and often in their significance turned out to be more important than the number and armament of troops ... You can never say in advance what a Russian will do: as a rule, he rushes from one extreme to another. His nature is just as unusual and complex as this huge and incomprehensible country itself ... Sometimes the infantry battalions of the Russians were confused after the very first shots, and the next day the same units fought with fanatical resilience ... Russian in general is certainly excellent a soldier and with skilful leadership is a dangerous adversary " (Mellenthin Friedrich von Wilhelm, Major General tank troops, chief of staff of the 48th tank corps, later chief of staff of the 4th tank army).

“On the Eastern Front I met people who can be called a special race. Already the first attack turned into a battle for life and death " (Hans Becker, tank crew of the 12 Panzer Division).

“During the attack, we stumbled upon a light Russian tank T-26, we immediately clicked it directly from the 37-graph paper. When we began to approach, a Russian leaned out from the hatch of the tower to the waist and opened fire on us with a pistol. It soon became clear that he was legless, they were torn off when the tank was hit. And despite that, he fired at us with a pistol! ” (from the memoirs of an anti-tank gunner of the first hours of the war).

“The quality of Soviet pilots is much higher than expected ... Violent resistance, its mass character does not correspond to our initial assumptions” (Hoffman von Waldau, Major General, Chief of Staff of the Luftwaffe Command, entry in a diary from 31 June 1941 of the year).

“We almost did not take prisoners, because the Russians always fought to the last soldier. They did not give up. Their hardening does not compare with ours ... " (from an interview with the war correspondent Kurzio Malaparte (Zukkertu) of an officer of the tank division of Army Group Center).

“... Inside the tank lay the bodies of a brave crew, who had only been injured before. Deeply shocked by this heroism, we buried them with all military honors. They fought to the last breath, but it was only one small drama of the great war. After the only heavy tank blocked the road for 2 days, it began to act ... ” (Erhard Raus, colonel, commander of the Raus campus on the KV-1 tank, who shot and crushed a convoy of trucks and tanks and the German artillery battery; in total, the crew of the tank (4 of the Soviet soldier) restrained the advance of the Raus battle group (approximately half-artillery division) two days, 24 and 25 June).

"July 17 1941 of the year. Sokolnici, near Krichev. In the evening, the unknown Russian soldier was buried [this is a 19-year-old senior sergeant-gunner Nikolai SIROTININA. - N.M.]. He alone stood at the cannon, long shot down a column of tanks and infantry, and died. Everyone was surprised at his courage ... Oberst before the grave said that if all the soldiers of the Fuhrer fought like this Russian, we would have conquered the whole world. Three times they fired volleys from rifles. Is he still Russian, is such a reverence necessary? ”
(from the diary of ober-lieutenant of the 4 Panzer Division of Henfeld)

“The losses are terrible, do not compare with those that were in France ... Today is our road, tomorrow Russians take it, then again we and so on ... No one has yet seen any meaner than these Russians. Real chain dogs! You never know what to expect from them. And where do tanks and everything else come from them ?! ” (from the diary of a soldier of the Army Group Center, 20 August 1941; after such an experience in the German troops, the saying “Better than three French campaigns than one Russian” came into use).

“I did not expect anything like it. This is the purest suicide to attack the forces of the battalion of the five fighters " (from the recognition of the battalion physician Major Neuhof, commander of the 3 Battalion of the 18 Infantry Regiment of Army Group Center; successfully battaling the border defense, the battalion numbering 800 people was attacked by a unit from 5 Soviet soldiers).

“You just won't believe in this until you see it with your own eyes. The soldiers of the Red Army, even burning alive, continued to fire from the blazing houses ” (from the letter of the infantry officer of the 7 Tank Division about the battles in the village near the Lama River, mid-November of the 1941 year)
“Russians have always been famous for their contempt for death; the communist regime has further developed this quality, and now massive Russian attacks are more effective than ever before. Twice attempted attack will be repeated for the third and fourth time, despite the losses suffered, and the third and fourth attacks will be carried out with the same stubbornness and composure ... They did not retreat, but rushed forward uncontrollably. The reflection of this kind of attack depends not so much on the availability of technology, but on whether the nerves survive. Only battle-hardened soldiers were able to overcome the fear that encompassed everyone. ” (Mellenthin Friedrich von Wilhelm, Major General of the Tank Forces, Chief of Staff of the 48 Tank Corps, later Chief of Staff of the 4 Tank Army, member of the Battle of Stalingrad and Kursk).

“My God, what did these Russians intend to do with us? It would be nice if up there at least listened to us, otherwise we all have to die here. ” (Fritz Siegel, corporal, from a letter home from 6 December 1941 of the year).

From the diary of a German soldier:

“October 1. Our assault battalion went to the Volga. More precisely, to the Volga still meters 500. Tomorrow we will be on the other side and the war is over.

3 October. Very strong fire resistance, we can not overcome these 500 meters. We stand on the border of a grain elevator.

6 October. Damn grain elevator. It is impossible to approach him. Our losses exceeded 30%.

10 October. Where do these Russians come from? The elevator is no longer there, but every time we approach it, there is a fire coming out of the ground.

15 October. Hooray, we overcame the elevator. From our battalion left 100 people. It turned out that the elevator defended 18 Russians, we found 18 corpses. ”
(the battalion of nazis who stormed these 2 heroes of the week numbered about 800 people).

“Bravery is a courage inspired by spirituality. The stubbornness with which the Bolsheviks defended themselves in their pillboxes in Sevastopol is akin to a certain animal instinct, and it would be a profound mistake to consider it the result of Bolshevik beliefs or upbringing. Russians have always been like that and most likely they will always remain so. ” (Joseph Goebbels)

“They fought to the last, even the wounded and they would not let us close. One Russian sergeant, unarmed, with a terrible wound in the shoulder, rushed at ours with an engineer shovel, but he was immediately shot. Madness, the most real madness. They fought like beasts - and died dozens " (Hubert Coral, corporal of the sanitary division of the 17 Panzer Division, about battles along the Minsk-Moscow highway).

From the letter to the mother of the Wehrmacht soldier: “My dear son! Maybe you will still find a piece of paper to make yourself known. Yesterday I received a letter from Yoz. He is fine. He writes: "Before, I terribly wanted to take part in the attack on Moscow, but now I would be happy to get out of all this hell."
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  1. Stalinets
    Stalinets 22 June 2013 07: 31
    I kneel before those who stood in the way of the fascist! My bow and eternal memory to them !!!
    1. Deathfornazism
      Deathfornazism 22 June 2013 09: 55
      -81 qualifying.
      Stalinist, do you even know how fascism differs from Nazism? Do not use terms whose meaning you do not understand.
      1. Rider
        Rider 22 June 2013 10: 55
        and is it really so important what is the name of the person who came to you with weapons in their hands to kill you, rape your wife, and make slaves of your children?
        1. MG42
          MG42 22 June 2013 12: 10
          This is the enemy. I came across envelopes, there are postage stamps of those years, and so there was <death German invaders!>
          Remember the famous proclamation <kill!> The slogan "Kill the German!" used extensively in posters and - as a title - leaflets with quotes from Ehrenburg's article. To maintain the effectiveness of the slogan, special headings were created in Soviet newspapers of that time (one of the typical titles "Did you kill a German today?"), Which published letters-reports of Soviet soldiers about the number of Germans they killed and how they were destroyed.
          Fascists = these were Italians, just then this term "stuck" to everyone, but later ..

          read can right-click will open in a new window ..
          1. Gari
            Gari 22 June 2013 12: 53
            The Great Patriotic War was not an ordinary war, for the disputed lands, any hostility - it was a war of annihilation. Any system of values ​​should have triumphed - the Soviet, or the Nazi.

            On March 30, 1941, Hitler, at a meeting of the leaders of the armed forces, declared: “This is a struggle for extermination. If we do not look like that, then although we will defeat the enemy, in 30 years the communist danger will reappear ... This war will be very different from the war in the West. In the East, cruelty itself is a blessing for the future. ”

            The ideologists of the Third Reich considered this war a part of the long-standing struggle of the Germans against the Slavs, a continuation of the "onslaught on the East", a "crusade" of the West against the East. According to the words of the order of the commander of the 4 th tank group from 2 of May 1941 of the year, E. Goepner: "... it must be carried out with unheard of cruelty."

            In their moral degradation, the German invaders, having lost their human appearance, had long since fallen to the level of wild animals.
            Joseph Stalin, November 6 1941
      2. Mikhail3
        Mikhail3 22 June 2013 13: 17
        Do you seem to think that "Fashidi Combadimento" is radically better than the recognition of us as a different race unworthy of life? Holy naivete ... things are terrible.
      3. redwar6
        redwar6 22 June 2013 18: 23
        After reading your nickname (I don’t want to and I won’t contact you), I wanted to give a history textbook on erysipelas (namely, erysipelas). I don’t want to spend time on you anymore, they usually step over through shit.
      4. rexby63
        rexby63 22 June 2013 23: 48
        Well, let's call them all dogs. Or jackals. Everyone, starting with Hermann von Salz. By the way, never a Nazi
      5. HF
        HF 23 June 2013 17: 50
        Can enlighten us, "the orphaned and the poor." Links to Internet resources are not accepted.
        Thanks in advance. request
      6. dobry-ork
        dobry-ork 23 June 2013 22: 52
        Do you know yourself?
    2. sasha127
      sasha127 22 June 2013 15: 22
      I join you. Eternal memory to them!
  2. George
    George 22 June 2013 07: 46
    “Courage is courage inspired by spirituality. The persistence with which the Bolsheviks defended themselves in their pillboxes in Sevastopol is akin to some animal instinct, and it would be a profound mistake to consider it the result of Bolshevik beliefs or education. Russians have always been like that, and most likely they will always be like that ”(Joseph Goebbels)

    He said everything correctly, he did not lie.
    Let these words be honored by the Goebbels last ones, so that from now on do not bark all nonsense.
    Just think about it, this is only the beginning of a massacre, suffering.
    But our ancestors made friends.
    Thank you so much !!!!
    1. carbofo
      carbofo 24 June 2013 16: 42
      If Goebbels really wrote this, then everyone should read these lines.
      And to think whether it is worth your own life, the controversial pleasure of pulling a bear by a mustache.
  3. Sakhalininsk
    Sakhalininsk 22 June 2013 07: 49
    Eternal memory and glory to those who stood to death !!!
  4. lars
    lars 22 June 2013 07: 51
    A deep bow!
    We must not only remember, but also pass it on to our children (and not the background with Coca-Cola)!
  5. fenix57
    22 June 2013 08: 04
    Eternal memory and gratitude to the fallen and now living defenders of OUR MOTHERLAND!

    Quote: GEORGE
    Let these words be honored by the Goebbels last ones, so that from now on do not bark all nonsense.

    Send to the STATE INSTITUTIONS of the USA, Great Britain, Israel, China (it will not hurt!), Japan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and of course to France in the BOOK OPTION! So there will be a penetration into the territory of a potential enemy in the form of "SOFT POWER"!
  6. pensioner
    pensioner 22 June 2013 08: 07
    that no cultural resident of the West will ever understand the character and soul of Russians.

    I would be silent! Cultural you are ours. Mellentin is generally fun to read.
  7. omsbon
    omsbon 22 June 2013 09: 00
    June 22, 1941, funny guys with their sleeves rolled up, went for oil and living space to Russia. The absolute majority received it, marked it with a birch cross and remained under it!
    Our fathers and grandfathers did not want to give oil, they gave space, but not vital!

    A deep bow and eternal memory to everyone who died for their homeland!
    Health and many years to veterans!
  8. sashka
    sashka 22 June 2013 09: 16
    We were relocated as .. In short, for a joke told about a Komsomol activist. My grandfather was from Uzbekistan. Russian. He fought in Stalingrad and died of wounds in a hospital in Saratov .. And when officials say that Russian does not exist, it becomes scary ..
    1. Atlon
      Atlon 22 June 2013 10: 15
      Quote: Sasha
      And when officials say that the Russian nationality does not exist, it becomes scary ..

      And when I hear "scattered", I feel like spitting ...
      1. pensioner
        pensioner 22 June 2013 14: 23
        Not so long ago I heard "thinking" again. And he saw ... When he dies, bastard!
  9. Hariva
    Hariva 22 June 2013 09: 34
    And yesterday was graduation. And as a result, in the morning, walking with the child, I saw beer cans at the monument to the Workers of the Home Front during the Second World War. We also forbid the sale of alcohol after 22 hours. So in fact they took in advance to give a shit.
    Despise modern youth. What happened to you Russians?
    1. smile
      smile 22 June 2013 16: 48
      Not all of our youth is like that. On the contrary, now it is very different from the youth of the late nineties and early 2000s for the better. But you can’t despise her. You can not despise your future .... they must be brought up.
    2. rodevaan
      rodevaan 22 June 2013 17: 35
      Like what? Western "values" in action.
      1. Nordwest
        Nordwest 24 June 2013 03: 08
        In our city, this is in Germany, there are 2 monuments-burials of Russian soldiers of the First World War, they are always well-groomed and there are no bottles around. Look for the reason not there, it is between you.
  10. Narkom
    Narkom 22 June 2013 09: 44
    We must remember them every day, and not just June 22 and May 9.
  11. APASUS
    APASUS 22 June 2013 09: 57
    The idea of ​​the Nazis about the people of Soviet Russia, on the territory of which they invaded June 22, 1941, was determined by an ideology that depicted the Slavs as "subhuman."

    And what has changed over the years after the war?
    There is no Reich, but its place is taken, the world is once again on the verge of war.
    In the view of the West, we are subhuman, only now it does not sound so frightening and more tolerant.
    We cannot be defeated in the military sense - hence the pressure on all fronts.
    We are competitors for them!
  12. ia-ai00
    ia-ai00 22 June 2013 10: 31
    DeathforNazism TR
    Stalinist, do you even know how fascism differs from Nazism? Do not use terms whose meaning you do not understand.

    You, dear, are not right, Comrade Stalin has rightfully used the word fascism.

    Political Dictionary

    - initially this word was understood as a reduction of the term “national socialism”, while this reduction had very serious goals. After all, before the start of World War II, the Third Reich was not an enemy of the USSR, moreover, this state was more likely perceived as an allied one. The fact that it waged wars throughout Europe was looked upon with some carelessness in the USSR. But the point was that in the Third Reich and in the USSR there was socialism. In the first - national socialism, in the second - international socialism. But the essence is the same - a social state was declared, and such states cannot be enemies. When the army of the Third Reich treacherously crossed the borders of the USSR, the Soviet agitprop needed to solve the problem of discrediting the political system of Germany. And so there was a reduction - “Nazism”, to which was later added the term “fascism” in its wrong sense. And thus, the fighters of the Red Army who were at war already fought with the Nazis and fascists, but not with the Socialists. After the end of World War II, the term “Nazism” became a common label, moreover, a synonym for such words as “xenophobia”, “nationalism”, “chauvinism”, “fascism”. All these words received an absolutely negative connotation, which allowed them to be used to denigrate political opponents.

    And all my life I have always heard from the veterans of the Great Patriotic War and from the media against Germany at that time, not other than Fascist Germany.
    My Father is a participant in the defense of Moscow during the Second World War. He always called her that too. Eternal memory to the victims! Honor and glory to our heroes who defended their country at such a high price! Article +! The blood freezes when you read the cost of this victory. Moreover, the evidence presented here is not "sucked" from the finger, but the fact from the mouth of the enemy. And we are now slipping films discrediting the honor and dignity of the soldiers of the Soviet Army of those years. Who makes such films, I would declare enemies people and deported from the country!
    1. Mikhail3
      Mikhail3 22 June 2013 13: 22
      Pointless nonsense is written in your political vocabulary. Without in the least investigating both phenomena, the pitiful "dictionary" stupidly pushes informationless propaganda. Study both phenomena - Nazism and Fascism. I assure you, this is worth knowing, a lot is becoming clearer. Just not on such stupid materials, it's just a shame to read ...
      1. Firstvanguard
        Firstvanguard 23 June 2013 11: 59
        The question is not about phenomena, but about generally accepted terminology. Meaningless stupidity is your pearl.
    2. Firstvanguard
      Firstvanguard 23 June 2013 11: 57
      Who creates such films, I would declare the enemies of the people and deported from the country!

      I would shoot repeat
  13. fenix57
    22 June 2013 10: 51
    Quote: APASUS
    We are competitors for them!

    No, we are for the Anglo-Saxons ENEMIES in the truest sense- that is, they are with us, they are in a state of hostility! and they wish us, Russia and all Slavic peoples evil.
  14. alexkross83
    alexkross83 22 June 2013 11: 38
    This article must be included in history books so that everyone knows what the Russian people are and what kind of nation they are .. I admire the courage of a Russian soldier, his character and soul !!! To the author of the article +100 000 Thank you for the article.
    1. Semurg
      Semurg 22 June 2013 12: 03
      Quote: alexkross83
      This article must be included in history books so that everyone knows what the Russian people are and what kind of nation they are .. I admire the courage of a Russian soldier, his character and soul !!! To the author of the article +100 000 Thank you for the article.

      USSR-Soviet people.
  15. Sirocco
    Sirocco 22 June 2013 12: 19
    Gentlemen, notice that history repeats itself. Everything is shaping up as in the 30s. Non-aggression pacts have been signed, the tense situation on the borders of the USSR, "partners" are putting spokes in the wheels, and other delights of democratizers from the West. What we have now, but everything is the same, only the names are different, and plus all this, the "democrats" set the east on fire, getting close to the Caucasus like Hitler. So as political instructor Klochkov said, Behind Damascus Moscow, nowhere to retreat. And for these nonhumans from the west, Russia will always be a bone in the throat. After all, those who crawled out of the mud to riches do not like to leave witnesses to their ascent. As a result, history is being rewritten.
  16. fzr1000
    fzr1000 22 June 2013 12: 28
    I read these memories before, I read today and will read with unflagging pride for our ancestors. Glory to the Heroes and Eternal memory!
  17. Mikhail3
    Mikhail3 22 June 2013 13: 32
    I always laughed when I read that we fight "like animals". Like animals, yeah ... What kind of animal fights like that ?! The fierce bulk of the predator is due to the fact that he has never encountered at least an equal opponent in his life. So he climbs, not understanding what defeat is, not paying attention to wounds, his brain does not feel them, swimming in adrenaline. Wolves will not come to you and on the border of sight ... and you know why? They smell the gun barrel. The wolfdog will rush, of course. So she is sure - the person is weak and safe ... her mother told her. But the second time, if it survives, it will not climb in life.
    All these Western cowards and scoundrels are all looking for the source of our strength, but they are trying to humiliate us. We say "we do not know fear", and because we are "close to the beasts." And they are the highest human beings, that is why they piss in such a way, and they want to rob, kill, rape on our land, and it's scary. Because Russians are the same mortals, and they know it very well. And so I want to breathe sweet air ... But only when they climb again, we will again stand under the bullets. And again, we will kill them, cruel and cowardly scum. They will never understand our strength. Because they are not humans ...
    1. Firstvanguard
      Firstvanguard 23 June 2013 12: 04
      And here it is completely, I agree. They do not understand what it is to overcome your fear when it is necessary in the name of the motherland soldier
      1. stroporez
        stroporez 27 June 2013 13: 23
        "....... not enough of their mouse nature ........"
  18. Misantrop
    Misantrop 22 June 2013 13: 46
    Quote: Mikhail3
    Wolves will not approach you and the line of sight ... do you know why? They smell the gun barrel.

    But here I do not agree, it all depends on motivation. Brother of wolves loves - fighting friends and associates, more than once helping out in the mountain forest war in the Caucasus. The Chechen separatists have a wolf on their banner. Funny, the wolves hate them fiercely. And do not miss the opportunity to take revenge. But, perfectly understanding the difference in capabilities (the smartest beast), they themselves do not risk attacking, they are looking for allies. The wolves escorted the brother's group in reconnaissance constantly. They kept within line of sight, not coming close. 2-3 adult animals. They didn’t take food from their hands, but they ate what they left with pleasure. And according to their behavior, one could always say for sure whether they were calm around or not. If an ambush or minefield awaited ahead, the wolf simply sat down ahead on the path. And, making sure that he was understood, he showed a safe way around. This happened more than once, and not even ten. The animals perfectly understood who cleaned THEIR mountains from biped scum. And helped as far as possible ...
    1. Mikhail3
      Mikhail3 22 June 2013 13: 54
      That the wolf is smart - what's the argument? How clever! Quite smart enough to tell who people are hunting for him or not smile And here is the rest of your story ... Wow! SO animals behave when things are really bad. Very serious matters are affected here, the militants come out - not just our military-political opponents. Thanks for the story, I will know.
      Damn, it has already reached the point where the mother of the cheese rises to the enemy’s land. And we all smear porridge on the table ...
      1. Misantrop
        Misantrop 22 June 2013 14: 35
        Quote: Mikhail3
        SO animals behave when things are really bad.
        For 8 years of the Caucasian war, his brother managed to communicate with many animals, but he has a special relationship with the wolf. Yes, and with me - too, I managed to see from my own experience in the mind and devotion of these animals
    2. pensioner
      pensioner 22 June 2013 14: 20
      Misanthrope!!! To go nuts !!!!!! What a movie you can get !!
    3. Rider
      Rider 22 June 2013 14: 42
      Quote: Misantrop
      The Chechen separatists have a wolf on their banner. Funny, the wolves hate them fiercely

      It’s like a fairy tale, but I believe you.

      nature, she always distinguishes the truth.
      1. Misantrop
        Misantrop 22 June 2013 16: 04
        Quote: Rider
        nature, she always distinguishes the truth

        That's for sure, animals also liked to come to us. They feel who is not going to offend them. On this computer, only this photo, other animals - on others request
    4. falcon
      falcon 22 June 2013 16: 19
      Thanks for the story, I read it with pleasure. You would have an article on this material
      I think it would be extremely interesting for everyone to prepare.
  19. Kostya pedestrian
    Kostya pedestrian 22 June 2013 13: 54

    It’s a good article, but I’d like to note that you don’t have to gavropezdiruyut, Europe is a big and beautiful land, albeit crap by democrats, whom God deprived both of reason and resources, except that the ruins were left as a keepsake as they lit with gods on Olympus and ate barbecue , as noted by Stonehenge, but demographics are also changing there. Nevertheless, the Arabs both richer and invented mathematics. Already the gloomy Celts with their Neanderthal rituals were almost crowded out onto the shores of royal Albion and some other Norway. Well, to Russia, of course - worship of not the material that covers the skull, but the very base - the skeleton is very popular, but why worship the foundation if nothing is built on it - no brains, no muscles? This is how to believe in mmm. Although the formula clearly indicates that in life the force is E = 1mhsKV, and that multiplication by 0.
    1. Misantrop
      Misantrop 22 June 2013 14: 40
      Quote: Kostya pedestrian
      as noted stonehenge

      There, too, everything is far from simple. The British are famous masters of counterfeiting. The well-known "ancient structure" was built in ... 1954-58. Here are a bunch of construction photos:
      1. Rider
        Rider 22 June 2013 14: 43
        literally removed from the language.
        just stumbled upon this material on the Eye of the planet.
      2. stroporez
        stroporez 27 June 2013 13: 33
        "...... The first written mention of Stonehenge is found in the work of the cleric Henry Huntingtong, who described the history of England around 1130 ......"
    2. Andrew-001
      Andrew-001 22 June 2013 21: 49
      Kostya pedestriandon't dishonor a domestic school
      Quote: Kostya pedestrian
      All the same, the Arabs both richer and invented mathematics

      - In the Russian language, initially the word "rich" was used to mark the one who was "marked by God" - that is, sort of like god gave him talents.
      - And about "the Arabs invented mathematics" here is a list of the founders of this science: Thales of Miletus, Anaximenes, Anaximander, Pythagoras, Zeno, Democritus.
      Tell me which one is Arab what
  20. vostok1982
    vostok1982 22 June 2013 14: 44
    The excerpts given in the article are from the book "1941. Birch crosses instead of iron". A good book - a Briton wrote from the letters and memoirs of the Nazis.
  21. ded10041948
    ded10041948 22 June 2013 14: 50
    “Courage is courage inspired by spirituality. The persistence with which the Bolsheviks defended themselves in their pillboxes in Sevastopol is akin to some animal instinct, and it would be a profound mistake to consider it the result of Bolshevik beliefs or education. Russians have always been like that, and most likely they will always be like that ”(Joseph Goebbels)

    Although the "bent-legged" twisted, it is good for the edification of the last ones!
  22. Ivanovich47
    Ivanovich47 22 June 2013 16: 27
    My grandfather died in the Kirovograd region, in Ukraine. The lieutenant came to his grave, where he rests with his infantry brothers. It is difficult to convey the thoughts of a young officer standing at the grave of a grandfather whom he had never seen. First of all, it’s a feeling of great bitterness that my grandfather never saw his grandchildren, great-grandchildren, great-great-grandchildren. My grandmother told me that when they received a funeral for grandfather. came to remember, then sat all night and were silent. We are silent today.
  23. ed65b
    ed65b 22 June 2013 17: 06
    Today I drink for all the dead of our grandfathers, great-grandfathers, grandmothers and great-grandmothers, for all those who died from wounds tortured in concentration camps. starved to death in Leningrad and giving all the front to the rear. For our incredibly courageous people of all nationalities, for the patriots of the country, those who did not betray and did not sell. The kingdom of heaven is dead, long living life.
  24. datur
    datur 22 June 2013 17: 08
    my grandfather was a partisan !! and my 2 grandfather is a German- !!!! and together we are ours !!!!!
  25. rodevaan
    rodevaan 22 June 2013 17: 23
    “On the Eastern Front, I met people who could be called a special race.”

    - Quite right, Fritz said - we are a special race. And we have nothing to do with zapadoids. Nothing!
    We have our own path of development, and we have our own, special warehouse of character and soul.

    We are not the west, we are Russia.
    1. silent75
      silent75 22 June 2013 23: 18
      Totally agree!
  26. ia-ai00
    ia-ai00 22 June 2013 17: 29
    shasherin_pavel RU
    But what about the soldier who covered the embrasure with his body and remained alive? The case was described by one of our writers, correspondents of the Southern Front. The soldier threw a grenade into the embrasure, but it did not work, he closed the embrasure with his body and got several bullets in his chest, but then a grenade went off, breaking the line. The shock wave of the soldier was thrown away from the embrasure and he remained alive. But what about the 14-year-old resident of Prague, who closed the window with her body when the Nazis began to shoot civilians on the street? This is how to deny, because she is not Russian?

    Well, who dares to say that these people are not heroes ?! It’s just impossible to know about all the heroic deeds, well now, thanks to you, we know about the feat of these people! To all who fought against fascist Germany - Eternal Glory! Glory to the dead and alive!
  27. Ivanovich47
    Ivanovich47 22 June 2013 18: 12
    In the center of our village, in the Kharkov region, there was a modest wooden obelisk with a red star - the mass grave of the soldiers who died during the liberation of my village. At the end of the 50, they decided to put up a solid monument to the heroes. stone. Yes, a better place to choose. During the war, it was not before. When the remains of the soldiers were carried, saw his liberators. True, I have not yet been born during the battles for my village. I remember that.
  28. Kubanets
    Kubanets 22 June 2013 19: 22
    In the late 60s, as a teenager, he witnessed a conversation between old women in the old city cemetery of Krasnodar near the Eternal Flame. In August 42, while leaving the city, an unknown soldier installed an anti-tank gun on one of the main streets of the city and held back the Germans for several hours. When the Germans crushed the hero’s resistance in a sign of respect for military valor interred with military honors. Eternal memory to all those who gave their lives for their homeland! Photos of those August days Germans enter Krasnodar.
    1. Ivanovich47
      Ivanovich47 22 June 2013 20: 20
      Your photo is like a mockery at the memory of our soldiers. I do not give you a minus, I hope you put the minus yourself.
      1. Mikhail3
        Mikhail3 23 June 2013 15: 42
        And I am pleased to look at the photo. Because I know that in Krasnodar they got a Nordic, damn it, race ... What, bespectacled, won two meters of fame from us? Lie now quietly ....
  29. Black
    Black 22 June 2013 20: 01
    Glory to the Soviet people!
    Our grandfathers defeated the Germans in that war. This victory in more than one generation will knock in the hearts of their descendants and remind us of the strength and stamina of a Russian soldier.
  30. Snoop
    Snoop 22 June 2013 20: 27
    Before my company managed to walk several hundred meters, it was detained. The road along which the company was supposed to advance led through a forest area. Soviet border guards serving on watchtowers built shelters for themselves in conveniently located bunkers. The first head platoon under the command of Lieutenant Steinberg with one gun and one machine gun came under intense rifle and machine gun fire, which he was met from shelter. The lieutenant ordered the other gun crews to dismount and try to get around the firing point, while the main gun was taken under fire by the border guards. But wherever Steinberg directs his unit, it ran into vigorous resistance everywhere. It seemed that the Russians concentrated a company in the forest, if not a whole battalion. Apparently, our intelligence miscalculated deeply.
    Then I ordered the 2nd platoon to dismount and advance right through the forest along a wide arc, while the 3rd platoon made its way to the left through the grove to attack the enemy from the rear. Such purely infantry tactics have been used by us more than once in the exercises of anti-tank units. She succeeded this time too, but the attack lasted more than four hours. Meanwhile, the road along which the troops were moving was blocked. Behind us, regiment headquarters vehicles and two other anti-tank companies, an engineer battalion, and an artillery unit accumulated.
    We already had losses.
    Lieutenant Steinberg was wounded, two machine gunners were killed. The platoon command was taken by the unit commander Ballerstedt - personnel sergeant major from Mecklenburg.
    The shootout resumed again: the Soviet border guards fired from all barrels, then silence fell. Undoubtedly, both platoons bypassed the enemy and forced him to stop resistance. Slowly, from cover to cover, we approached the timber-earthen building. But what we saw there struck us greatly. The bunker was not at all a fortified structure, but only a primitive shelter, made up of light tree trunks on which the earth was poured; there was only eight shooters in the shelter.
    Camp flasks, kitchen utensils, and many empty cartridges were scattered around the hut. Behind a small earthen rampart lay three dead Soviet soldiers.
    The machine gun they fired from disappeared. Their comrades took him with them when they ran out of ammunition. Therefore, we fought not against a battalion, and not against a company, and not even against a full platoon. A small group of border guards detained us for four hours, forced us to turn around, and the battery behind us took a combat position, inflicted losses on us and then disappeared. Similar situations were repeated many times during the first day of the trip. And each time it turned out that it was only a few Red Army men who sat down in extremely skillfully chosen positions and forced us to accept the battle. Winzer "Soldier of Three Armies".
  31. Snoop
    Snoop 22 June 2013 20: 32
    From the same book, battles near Leningrad in the year 42:
    A few weeks later, the Russian large reconnaissance detachment managed to penetrate deeply into our location, but the erupted group was surrounded by us. It was even possible to restore the front line behind the erupted unit of about one hundred people. The soldiers were in a hopeless situation. True, they were well armed and they had a lot of ammunition, nevertheless, all their attempts to withdraw were stopped by fire from our side.

    Yet they did not think of giving up. The Russians fought desperately, dying one by one, until a small group of wounded remained, which stood on the hill literally until the last bullet. When no shots were heard, German soldiers, firing from machine guns, crawled to the wounded Red Army soldiers.

    Between the wounded lay the unit commander, a gray-haired major. Staring at the approaching German soldiers, he did not respond to their demand to surrender. He only looked at them relentlessly and shouted something in Russian, but the German soldiers did not understand him. Suddenly, an explosion lifted him slightly above the surface of the earth, then he fell backward. He killed himself with the last grenade ..

    We buried him in a worthy manner. Almost everyone who witnessed the incident, and those who later heard about it, each in his own way, but quite sincerely responded with praise and admiration for the Soviet officer.

    Impressed by this heroic act, I also involuntarily became less susceptible to the anti-Soviet views suggested to us. But this incident has not yet prompted me to deeper reflection.

    At that time I had the general impression that the Red Army was fighting more stubbornly and purposefully and that now, compared to last year, its military operations, both reconnaissance and operations of many divisions, are thoroughly thought out and better planned. If now the Red Army was forced to make a withdrawal, then this was done for tactical reasons. In the first year of the war, there were sometimes cases when groups of surrounded Red Army soldiers stopped fighting after a short battle, but now everyone fought to the last bullet. They fought almost even fiercer than the border guards in the first weeks of the war.

    True, we sometimes still took prisoners. Most looked at us with fierce hatred. Some bluntly asked why we attacked their country, and there were many who strongly declared that we would lose the war.

    Perhaps the same meaning had the words that, dying, the Soviet major shouted to the German soldiers. Undoubtedly, it did not speak of the insulted pride of the officer who wanted to avoid the shame of captivity, but the conviction that his homeland was fighting for a just cause and a consciousness of such moral superiority that gave strength to fight to the end and go to death.
  32. Navy7981
    Navy7981 22 June 2013 20: 58
    "The boys were leaving - overcoats on their shoulders,
    The boys left - they bravely sang songs,
    The boys retreated by the dusty steppes,
    The boys were dying, where they themselves did not know ...
    Boys fell into terrible huts,
    Fierce dogs caught up with the boys.
    They killed the boys for an escape on the spot,
    The boys did not sell conscience and honor ...
    The boys didn’t want to give in to fear,
    The boys rose on a whistle to attack.
    In the black smoke of battle, on the sloping armor
    The boys were leaving - squeezing machine guns.
    Boys have seen - brave soldiers -
    Volga - in the forty-first,
    Spree - in the forty-fifth,
    The boys showed for four years,
    Who are the boys of our people. "
  33. The comment was deleted.
  34. nepopadun
    nepopadun 22 June 2013 21: 16
    Glory to Our Great Motherland!
  35. Navy7981
    Navy7981 22 June 2013 21: 22
    My grandfather, Alexander, passed from Belarus to the Crimea. From Crimea to Prague. From Prague to the Far East.
    Father, from Murmansk to Kirkeness. Uncle from Moscow to Köningsberg. For all our ancestors, colleagues! For the dead and the survivors! For those who stood at the machines! Who drove the trains! For the doctors! And do not forget! Having won the Great War, they gave us a chance!
  36. silent75
    silent75 22 June 2013 23: 15
    Hitler counted not those for subhumans, not those. He missed out.
    For which he paid cruelly.
    PS I read in some book for a long time "Russian tactics is not to repeat".
  37. cariespul
    cariespul 23 June 2013 00: 41
    so it’s like that if something, but not because of, say, for example, but let’s tell someone what, here you are
  38. Homeless
    Homeless 23 June 2013 10: 16
    Quote: Hariva
    And yesterday was graduation. And as a result, in the morning, walking with the child, I saw beer cans at the monument to the Workers of the Home Front during the Second World War. We also forbid the sale of alcohol after 22 hours. So in fact they took in advance to give a shit.
    Despise modern youth. What happened to you Russians?

    And it may be more honest to ask: what has become of us, we have no spiritual values, our last spiritual value is the Victory of our fathers and grandfathers in the Great Patriotic War, and beer cans at the monument pedestal is our fault too, we were too busy making money money and forgot about our children. This is my father from 1941 to 1944 at the front, two injuries, he is alive, he is 91 years old, and I wash my god so that he still lives. This is Riga, May 9, 2011, now he hardly walks , so I didn’t go to the monument
  39. Homeless
    Homeless 23 June 2013 10: 43
    Quote: alexkross83
    This article must be included in history books so that everyone knows what the Russian people are and what kind of nation they are .. I admire the courage of a Russian soldier, his character and soul !!! To the author of the article +100 000 Thank you for the article.

    I completely and completely agree with you, because some of our children have begun to forget, and most importantly, their guidelines for understanding the Great Patriotic War are changing.
  40. Alew
    Alew 23 June 2013 13: 56
    Once upon a time I watched the picture "They fought for their homeland" without stopping to look and now. Yes, everything is like in life, how much hellish labor of blood and sweat our grandfathers endured. dig trenches and in the heat and cold then a hard fight death of comrades the transition to another position is not a big rest and again everything from the beginning, This work can not be written in any workdays. May they rest in peace and eternal memory. and Alive Honor and Respect!
    1. Mikhail3
      Mikhail3 23 June 2013 15: 50
      Most of the artists in the photo could well be removed with their own military awards. They couldn’t just make a bad movie about the war ...
    2. Snoop
      Snoop 24 June 2013 07: 00
      Such a movie masterpiece cannot be removed already.
      1. rodevaan
        rodevaan 24 June 2013 09: 27
        Of course not to take off! Then these masterpieces were worked by people who themselves fought, saw the war and all its horrors with their own eyes, went on the attack, saw tank breakthroughs, offensives, retreats - who can now also take down those events with such meticulous accuracy and convey what the man felt in those minutes? Already nobody.
        Therefore, we must show these movie masterpieces to new generations so that they know what their heroic ancestors really had to go through and what to endure for the sake of their grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
  41. Jipo
    Jipo 23 June 2013 17: 17
    I read and welling up tears. My grandfather and two brothers of my grandmother died in the war. They completed the task, defended their homeland, and other generations passed ... and all this, exchanged for sausage and jeans.
  42. Renat
    Renat 23 June 2013 19: 13
    I heard from the lips of a veteran of a front-line soldier that, be that as it may, whatever the fascists were scum, but still military honor she has always been in ordinary soldiers. It doesn’t matter whether they are occupants or advocates. No, this does not justify all the atrocities of the Nazis, but a person basically remains a person.
  43. Ivanovich47
    Ivanovich47 23 June 2013 20: 55
    Look, the soldiers who died during the liberation of my village. Maybe someone will see a familiar last name?
  44. deman73
    deman73 23 June 2013 21: 23
  45. albai
    albai 23 June 2013 22: 05
    About four days ago, I met with Mstislav Borisovich Ivanov, full holder of the Order of Glory. We talked for a long time and I remembered the work of Drabkin Artyom "I went to the front line" of the revelation of military intelligence officers. And he asked if it was true what he recalled in these revelations? He answered true, and that he kept silent about a lot. And we can say that only such PEOPLE could win. And in these revelations, as Shalom Skopas admitted in his interview:
    “Any horror film will seem to you a lyrical comedy after an honest story of a military intelligence officer about what he happened to see and experience. After all, we very, very often had to kill Germans from a machine gun, but to cut with knives and strangle them with our hands. Think for yourself what is behind the phrase "I took off the sentry" or "we silently neutralized the security." Ask the scouts what nightmares they still have at night ... "
    And before you say about someone who would have gone with him in intelligence, ask a question to yourself: are you yourself ready to go?
    Low bow for their hard military work !!!
    1. rodevaan
      rodevaan 24 June 2013 09: 31
      By the way, the profession of a scout in war is one of the most dangerous, if not the most dangerous.
  46. 128mgb
    128mgb 23 June 2013 22: 37
    Quote: Sasha
    We were relocated as .. In short, for a joke told about a Komsomol activist. My grandfather was from Uzbekistan. Russian. He fought in Stalingrad and died of wounds in a hospital in Saratov .. And when officials say that Russian does not exist, it becomes scary ..

    Sasha, God is their judge. And God will let us judge that we will help !!
    God forgive me, on your holiday!
  47. raliv
    raliv 24 June 2013 00: 07
    Pride overwhelms to tears.
    1. rodevaan
      rodevaan 24 June 2013 09: 35
      Of course! It is precisely this that the real Russian man differs from the zapodoid - he is alive not only with dough, grub, and sausage - he is also alive with human values ​​that no zodoid really understands to this day.

      Therefore, we are not the west. And there is nothing for us to do there, in this pedo-west, where all human values ​​have long been perverted by insanity to impossibility. We are a special race. We are Russia, with our vision of the world, with our own path of development, and with our mentality and values.
      1. Sour
        Sour 24 June 2013 16: 57
        I was and is now familiar with many Europeans, including the Germans. And I know Asians. Do not simplify them to the level of stupid sausage eaters. Yes, they have such, but we also have enough of them and have always had enough. Hitler signed his own sentence, underestimating the Russians. Russians, too, will be completely inadequate if they also underestimate the "zapadoid" in the event of a war. Don't be naive. Brave people, ready to fight for their country to the last drop of blood, are everywhere. As elsewhere, there are people ready to betray their country.
        1. rodevaan
          rodevaan 25 June 2013 03: 53
          Perhaps you are right, but do not deny the obvious fact - how the Russians defend their country and their people from enemy encroachment, and WHAT MOTIVES IT IS PRODUCED - no zapadoid dreamed of. And our difference in mentality and selfishness is obvious. Something I have not heard of a single (!) Case of a Fritz (or other zapadoid) in a hopeless situation or out of despair or simply out of hatred towards us, rammed a Soviet plane. I have not heard a single case of a fascist (or other zapadoid) covering the embrasure of our machine gun with his body in order to save the lives of his comrades or to take a height for the successful advance of the unit. I have not heard a single case of a fascist (or other zapadoid) rushing under a T-34 with a bunch of grenades to protect the civilian population or his comrades in the trench from an enemy tank. I have not heard of anything like this even in Western sources. Otherwise it would be replicated in huge numbers. Only Russian soldiers are capable of this. To give away the most precious thing you have for the sake of a common cause, for the sake of the common good is a truly Russian trait! And there were many hundreds of such cases in the Russian and Soviet armies! I emphasize - communism has nothing to do with it - this is a truly Russian trait! This was the case in all the wars waged by Russia. Give me the Westernoid examples of Ivan Ryabov, Agafon Nikitin, Pyotr Nesterov, Ivan Susanin, heroes of the cruiser Varyag?
          In a hopeless situation, the Fritz usually surrendered and licked the boots (in the literal sense of the word) to our soldiers so that they would save their filthy little lives. In some cases, when they resisted to the last - this was dictated by the words of the surviving idiots themselves - stupidly from the animal fear of the Russians so that they would not eat them (again, in the literal sense of the word), and stupidly from the animal fear of the Russians for they created on our earth. There can be no question of any sacrifice for the sake of comrades, family, for the sake of their country. And in this case, I put the Fritz, and absolutely justifiably, no higher than the same French. The same Westoids, with the same mentality.
          Never did a Russian soldier have and will not have an equal opponent in the person of a Zapadoid.
          Of course, I agree that now a lot of the Russian people, having tasted the so-called "values" of Geyropstan, have sunk morally to the level of the same stupid amers, and do not distinguish between real human values ​​and bestial instincts. But not everyone is like that now, and the Chechen conflict is a confirmation of this, because even there a simple Russian soldier showed a real Russian character. I think it will be so in the future.
  48. The comment was deleted.
  49. basil200
    basil200 25 June 2013 08: 20
    I think it was the punitive detachments created or allied "Bendera's" punitive detachments that committed atrocities in the captured land, the regular units had no time for that. I read somewhere that in Stalingrad, during the battle for the house, there were breaks for 10, 15 minutes and Soviet and German soldiers exchanged water for cigarettes or vice versa. At the expense of drags, we had a case two years ago. In one village every day a wolf killed one horse, did not eat, but just killed and left. A brigade of villagers was unable to find the wolf. They invited a regular hunter, so he walked around and said that this wolf was taking revenge on them for something. It turned out that the shepherds found and killed the young and the she-wolf in the summer. So the leader took revenge, took the flock away, then returned in winter. As a result, lifted up about 90 goals. The old men said that this couple constantly came to this place to raise young animals. If the shepherds did not touch the wolf cubs, everything would be fine.