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Why Obama declares war on Syria (CounterPunch (USA))

The end of that Syria we know?

If you believe the sources in Congress, then the answer will be briefly - Iran and Hezbollah. “The victory of the Syrian army in Quseir was something more than the Administration could recognize, given the strategic position of the city in the region. The capture of the city by the forces of Assad essentially added Syria to the Iranian list of victories, which began with Afghanistan, Lebanon, Iraq, and its growing influence in the Gulf. ”

Our sources claim that in reality Obama did not want to provide direct military support to the rebels who are fighting to overthrow the Assad government, and did not even want to use American military force in Syria for several reasons. And among these reasons is the lack of public support by the Americans of another war in the Middle East; the fact is that it turned out - on the horizon, there is no acceptable alternative to the government of Assad; and the position of the US intelligence community and the State Department and the Pentagon is that intervention in Syria can go sideways for the US and destroy what is left of American influence in the region. In short, the fact that the US is being drawn into Syria may turn out even worse than with Iraq, leading to the intensification of regional religious wars in the absence of any visible positive result.

Obviously, Obama was previously, before Quseir, seriously tuned to a diplomatic settlement through negotiations, and even more positive signals came from Damascus, Moscow and even Tehran, according to John Kerry. But everything changed because Russia and the United States tightened their demands. Consequently, the Obama administration has now, in effect, surrendered at the diplomatic level. This observation is confirmed by more than one congressional officer — the Obama team decided that the Assad government did not receive its signal or did not take it seriously, and that the recent military successes of Assad and its growing popular support mean that no serious initiatives are expected at Geneva II.

In addition, Obama has recently weakened his domestic political positions, and a series of strife and potential scandals, not the least of which was the disclosure of data on the enormous violations of privacy protection by the NSA. In addition, the military lobby, led by Senators McCain and Lindsay Graham, continues to drum and claim that Obama has broken the oath taken when he took the presidency and endangers the interests of US national security, allowing Iran to effectively seize Syria. . Both senators welcomed preliminary data on the use of chemical weapons. For many months, they said that Obama is not doing enough to help the rebels. “Trust in the United States is at risk,” they say in a joint statement released this week. “It’s not time just to take the following necessary steps. It’s time to take decisive action, ”they said; This, for example, such as the use of long-range missiles, in order to suppress the air forces of Assad, and air defense systems.

Another neocon, Senator Robert P. Casey, Jr., said that opposition forces risk defeat due to the absence of heavy weapons and warned that such weapons may not be enough. "The United States must act quickly to change the situation in Syria by deciding to hold Syrian air forces on the ground with long-range weapons and creating a security zone in northern Syria using Patriot missiles deployed in Turkey," Casey said.

According to some analysts, Obama could, as an alternative, allow arming and training the Syrian opposition in Jordan without establishing a no-fly zone. This is unlikely, according to observers in Washington, because Petagon wants to end the Syrian crisis by the end of the summer, and “not to work for a long time with a motley handful of jihadists whom we could never trust and on whom we could not rely. The administration concluded that, giving a penny, you will have to give back a pound, that is, not to allow Iran to control Syria and Hezbollah in order to repair

Secretary of State Kerry 13 May 2013 held meetings with more than two dozen military experts. The Washington Post reports that Kerry believes that it may not be enough to supply the rebels with weapons too late to really change the balance of power in Syria; This will require a "military strike to paralyze the military forces of Assad." A source at the Pentagon reports that the United States, France and Britain are considering a tough decision to reverse the current impetus of Assad and quickly build a counter-impulse in support of the rebels no later than the end of summer.

Soon after the meeting began, the King of Saudi Arabia, Abdullah, hastily returned to Saudi Arabia from his palace in Casablanca, Morocco, after a phone call from his intelligence chief, Prince Bandar Bin Sultan. Bandar reportedly had a representative at a meeting with President Obama’s team at the White House. To King Abdullah, Kerry reportedly offered to prepare for a rapid expansion of the growing regional conflict.

What happens before the end of summer is likely to be a disaster for Syrian society and, possibly, Lebanon. “The red line with the use of chemical weapons” on Capitol Hill is not seriously considered, since the “substantive evidence” of the old months is the same that they suddenly began to quote to justify what might turn into, in essence, a full-scale war against the Syrian government and anyone who will stand in this way. Making hands on 125 victims of chemical weapons, who would not use them, fade away in comparison with more than 50 000 lives that will be lost in the coming months is a figure that the Pentagon and White House planners "laid" in the price of overthrowing the Assad government .

"We have to observe the rapid escalation of the conflict," - wrote the employee of the Committee on Foreign Relations of the US Senate in a letter sent by e-mail. - “The President has decided to provide humanitarian assistance, as well as political and diplomatic support to the opposition, if necessary. In addition, the Supreme Military Council will be provided with direct support, including military support. ” He quotes the words of Ben Rhodes, Deputy National Security Adviser, for the media 13 of May 2013 of the year and having the same meaning.

Part of this American “humanitarian aid” will be in the coming weeks to establish a “limited humanitarian no-fly zone” that will begin several miles from the Jordanian and Turkish borders in a number of areas of military operations on Syrian territory, and will be identified and presented as a limited attempt to prepare and supplying rebel forces and protecting refugees. But in reality, as we have seen in Libya, the Syrian no-fly zone is likely to include all of Syria.

Libyan no-fly zones made it obvious that there is no such thing as a “restricted zone”. In short, the “no-fly zone” means actually declaring war. If the United States and its allies begin to establish no-fly zones, they will expand and strengthen them, taking countless military steps to protect these zones - until the Syrian government falls. “It captures the spirit when you think about how it will all end, and what answer Iran and Russia will give,” one source concluded.

The White House is trying to reassure those few in Congress, like most American society, that America’s participation will be limited and that the establishment of no-fly zones does not require the destruction of Syrian anti-aircraft artillery. This is more nonsense. During the establishment of a no-fly zone in Libya in the summer of 2011, I witnessed how the United States supported it with all kinds of refueling, electronic interference, special forces, and by mid-July even a small bicycle child was not safe. During the 192 day of patrolling Libyan non-flying zones, the NATO countries made 24682 departures, including 9204 departures for the purpose of bombing. NATO said it never missed the target, but that’s not true. Hundreds of civilians in Libya were killed by planes in the no-fly zone, which either missed targets or dropped bombs before returning to the base, conducting approximately 48 bombings per day using various types of bombs and missiles, including more than 350 Tomahawks.

At the congressional hearings in 2011, then Secretary of State Robert Gates explained everything well, noting when discussing the Libyan topic, that “the flight-free zone begins with an attack to destroy the entire air defense ... and then you can send airplanes throughout the country and not worry about that our guys are shot down. That's how it all starts. ”

According to reports published in the American media, Obama could, as an alternative, allow arming and training the Syrian opposition in Jordan without introducing non-flying zones. But this seems unlikely, because the Pentagon is eager to end the Syrian crisis by the end of the summer, as explained, and “not to work for a long time with a motley crowd of jihadists whom we could never trust or rely on. The administration has concluded that it is not worth stopping halfway. ”

In response to a question about how events in the region could unfold in the coming months, a very knowledgeable and long-standing assistant congressman replied: “Well, Franklin, maybe someone will pull the rabbit out of his hat, like a magician, to stop the desire for war. But to be honest, I strongly doubt it. From the height of the post that I occupy, it is clear that the Syria that we know may not become soon. And perhaps other countries in the region too. ”
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  1. Ruslan67
    Ruslan67 20 June 2013 06: 02
    Looking at Obama’s expression lately, one gets the feeling that he is the only one in the West who does not want this war. Only he was a fool when he went to the White House and thought that he would become president of a superpower good fellow Schazz! fool Got like a blind man to a slaughterhouse and waits like a ram when they cut it wassat
    1. smel
      smel 20 June 2013 06: 13
      Yes, do not give a damn about this superpower. You have to bend your line. And so everything has already been lost - both friends in the international arena, and authority too. And remember that neither the USA nor England have ever wished us well. Heat up with our hands - yes. But there is no good. So you need to row in your direction, and not with the flow
      1. Atlon
        Atlon 20 June 2013 07: 14
        Quote: smel
        Yes, do not give a damn about this superpower.

        India didn’t give a damn yesterday. And specifically.
        A scandal erupts in India over the tightening of the rules for the activities of non-profit organizations (NPOs) - the imposed restrictions prohibit foreign funding of organizations that criticize the authorities. In response, NGOs accused the government of attacking democratic freedoms. The policy of tightening the screws in relation to NGOs began after mass protests by anti-nuclear activists against the construction of the Kudankulam nuclear power plant with Russian participation. It was then that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh first announced that the speeches against the flagship of Russian-Indian cooperation were inspired from abroad.

        Read more:

        "As often happens, the problem began with environmental topics. But very quickly the topic turns into a political area. The Indian authorities did not wait for the problem to get worse and just decided to stop Western funding of non-profit organizations. In Russia, a much softer decision was made. Western funding. it is not prohibited, it is only required to report in more detail on this activity, "says Veronika Krasheninnikova, Director General of the Institute for Foreign Policy Research and Initiatives (INVISIN), a member of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation.

        "When local problems that arise in each country become the subject of manipulation by some foreign centers of power. And when local politics becomes part of a big political game, then this naturally entails very negative consequences for the state in which all this is happening. ", - says political scientist, head of the department of general political science at the National Research University Higher School of Economics (NRU HSE) Leonid Polyakov.

        more details:
        1. Ross
          Ross 20 June 2013 15: 55
          India didn’t give a damn yesterday. And specifically.

          It is necessary to beat the enemy with his own methods. For centuries, the Anglo-Saxons war has been waged against Russia. It is necessary to make an orange revolution in the USA and a Muslim revolution in Britain. good
          1. Che
            Che 20 June 2013 21: 57
            Ross, everything goes to that, bearded Bosko is already being cut in Parisik. The West is sawing the branch on which it sits. Destruction of secular regimes will lead to irreversible consequences for the West. Barbarians will come to the citadel of liberalism.
            1. Rink
              Rink 21 June 2013 01: 19
              .... Former French Foreign Minister Roland Dumas in вa vous regarde, suddenly stopping, made a more than frank statement “two years before the unrest in Syria I was in London on business and met with colleagues work, among which there are my friends, they even then told me that something was brewing ... they were already preparing an uprising in Syria. ”

              The presenter asked, they say, "why do they need this?", "What's the point of England to overthrow the Syrian regime?" To which Roland Dumas replied with the same directness that the reason is simple, Assad is pursuing an anti-Israeli policy, and this is not forgiven in the region ... "as the Israeli Prime Minister told me," we are trying to negotiate with our neighbors, and those who do not want us we will destroy ", this is politics, nothing more, you just need to know it and that's it."

      2. bask
        bask 20 June 2013 07: 27
        Quote: smel
        Yes, do not give a damn about this superpower.

        And then Russia needs to establish its no-fly zone, for the Israeli and NATO planes of America. From Tartus to Baghdad and on its territory in Syria. At the same time, we will check the combat effectiveness of our Air Force !!!
        1. cartridge
          cartridge 20 June 2013 13: 01
          ... intervention in Syria could go sideways for the United States and destroy what remains of American influence in the region.

          God grant that this is how it happened!
        2. max73
          max73 20 June 2013 18: 54
          [quote = bask] [quote = smel] Yes, do not give a damn about this superpower. [/ quote]
          And then Russia needs to establish its own no-fly zone for American Israeli and NATO aircraft. From Tartus to Baghdad and on its territory of Syria. At the same time, we will check the combat effectiveness of our Air Force !!! Yes, you, my friend, McCain, however ... even if you have a lot of advantages here, sometimes you need to turn on your head "on your territory ..." .....
      3. krasin
        krasin 20 June 2013 08: 12
        The United States, France and Britain are considering a tough decision to reverse Assad’s current impulse and quickly build a counter impulse in support of the rebels no later than the end of summer.

        They are definitely looking for trouble. Obama is a "fighter for peace." Tension in the region is growing.
    2. YARY
      YARY 20 June 2013 08: 02
      The "king" is made by his retinue.
      And in this particular case, "does" is a metaphor. Obashka is certainly not a lamb, but close to this, and taking into account all factors and the approaching endgame in Syria, one can say "Where not throw a wedge everywhere."
    3. Lord of the Sith
      Lord of the Sith 20 June 2013 11: 39
      Syrian army unleashes Abu Ad-Duhur airbase in Idleb province

      Units of the Syrian army completed on the eve of the release of the air base of Abu Ad-Duhur in the province of Idleb from the east. Government forces completely liberated the villages of Al-Hamidiya and Umm-Jren, from which militants attacked a military facility for several months.

      The Syrian agency SANA reported that "units of the Armed Forces restored security and stability in the villages of Al-Hamidiya and Umm-Jren in Idleb province ... the military killed dozens of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists, their weapons, and several explosive devices planted on the roads and in the homes of citizens. "

      Abu Ad-Duhur airbase, located 2 kilometers east of the village of the same name, was surrounded by bandit groups of Islamists and SSA militants back in 2012. The most intense battles in the area of ​​the military airfield took place last fall. Militants shot down at least one Syrian Air Force fighter here.

      In March 2013, government forces inflicted a series of attacks on bandit groups in Al-Hamidiya and Umm Jren, as a result of which the militants suffered serious losses. After that, constant military raids began along the perimeter of the base, artillery and aviation periodically "worked out" on the enemy's firing positions.

      Despite the high activity of the armed opposition in the area of ​​the Abu Ad-Duhur airfield, it was not blocked as firmly as the Minneg and Queres air bases in Aleppo province. The military constantly received ammunition and food, sometimes reinforcements were sent here.

      Before the war, combat training fighters of the l-39 2nd squadron and the MiG-23 of the 678th squadron of the Syrian air force were deployed at Abu Ad-Duhur airbase.
    4. Lord of the Sith
      Lord of the Sith 20 June 2013 11: 50
      More than 50 people killed in a series of terrorist attacks in Iraq

      In the Shiite mosque, where the attack occurred (photo:

      More than 50 people died on Tuesday, June 18 as a result of another series of anti-Shiite attacks in Iraq. In the city of Taji, 20 km. Two explosions rang north of Baghdad - a bomb went off at a local restaurant and a minivan exploded in the street.

      In the city of Fallujah, Anbar province, a suicide bomber dressed in a police uniform blew himself up at the entrance to the headquarters of the security forces when municipal elections were held there. Initially, deaths were reported as a result of two terrorist attacks of five people, but subsequently their number began to grow.

      Two more explosions occurred in the north of Baghdad. The first suicide bomber detonated an explosive device near a checkpoint near the Shiite mosque of Al-Qahir, a few minutes later a second gunman blew himself up in a crowd of pilgrims leaving the temple. As a result, 31 people died, dozens were injured.

      No group has claimed responsibility for the bombings, but local police say gangsters associated with al-Qaeda are behind them. The armed formations of this terrorist organization have recently become more active in a number of Iraqi provinces. Large militant bases operate in Diyala province, where the Iraqi army is currently undergoing a counter-terrorist operation.
    5. Lord of the Sith
      Lord of the Sith 20 June 2013 11: 57
      73 hours that thwarted militant plans in Seyid Zeynab district

      Today, June 19.06.2013, 1, the Syrian army completed the first stage of the counter-terrorism special operation in the Sid Zeynad region. It was attended by members of the electronic defense forces, the XNUMXst division of the Armed Forces of the SAR and militia units.

      The location of the operation, which began at 5.30 am on June 16.06.2013, 5, was the village of Al-Bahdaliya in Eastern Ghouta, from where the Jabhat al-Nusra militants who captured it XNUMX months ago, hoped, by blocking the road to the highway leading to Damascus international airport, to receive access to the highway that opens the way to the capital.
      In addition, during these 5 months, their attacks on the building of the main headquarters of the electronic defense forces did not stop, the capture of which was even rushed by the armed groups to report once on the TV channels Al-Jazeera and Al-Arabiya, as always passing off wishful thinking. This facility was especially demanded by terrorists because of its strategic location 150 meters from the Seid Zeinab area, which the bandit groups sought to isolate.

      Considering the importance of the captured area, significant enemy forces were drawn there, consisting of two large groupings "Liwa Abail Khoran" and the bandit formation "Liwa At-Tawhid". During the time that they were in the village, they created a system of fortifications, firing points, equipped shelters, which, nevertheless, thanks to information received from local residents, were regularly subjected to air, mortar and missile attacks by the Syrian army.

      Terrorist groups responded with shelling of the Seyid Zeynab district, including the mosque-tomb of the Prophet Muhammad’s sacred mosque, especially sacred for all Muslims, and destabilizing the situation on the highway to the airport, where dozens of citizens died from the fire of snipers.
      Control over Al-Bahdaley and the strength of the position of the militants allowed them to completely destroy the building of the factory management of the ATS Ministry of Defense located in it.
      The operation to free the village from terrorist gangs, it was decided to start at 5.30 on 16.06. 2013 with the attack of tank units and air force strikes. The resistance of the militants was fierce, but in just 73 hours the village was completely cleared of their presence.

      Operation Results:
      - ensuring the security of the headquarters of electronic defense against missile and mortar shelling;
      - ensuring the safety of the road leading from Al-Bahdaliya to the Damascus - international airport;
      - ensuring the security of the Seyyid Zeynab district from the village of Al-Bahdaliya;
      - the complete destruction of the Ababil Khoran group, led by its field commander Hassan Ibrahim Al-Numeiri and all the Liwa At-Tawhid militants belonging to Jabhat Al-Nusra, including a huge number of foreign mercenaries, as well as their vehicles , cars with DShK, mortar and rocket launchers.
      - Confiscation of a large arsenal of weapons, including American ones.

      The losses of the army amounted to 5 people killed, among them lieutenant colonel of the electronic defense forces of the SAR Armed Forces Maxim Ahmad, and 25 wounded, most of whom became targets of enemy snipers.

      It is expected that the main stage of the operation of mopping up the militants of the Seyid Zeynab area will be completed within 10 days, and it, in turn, will become part of large-scale battles for liberation from the gangs of the southern outskirts of the Syrian capital.
    6. Lord of the Sith
      Lord of the Sith 20 June 2013 11: 59
      In Syria, killed a fighter from Italy

      The Italian news agency ANSA (ANSA - Agenzia Nazionale Stampa Associata) published the name of an Italian action movie who died in Syria.

      Giuliano Ibrahim Delnego, a 20-year-old native of Genoa, converted to Islam in 2008 and arrived in Syria last year to take part in a "jihad" on the side of armed groups.

      According to the agency, Genoa’s prosecutor’s office was investigating a young man suspected of having links with terrorists. According to the information received, on his Facebook page there were statements about the now-dead Palestinian religious leader, who preached radical views, Abdullah Azzama, who at one time was the representative of Osama Bin Laden, whom the young Italian admired and exalted him to heaven.

      Apparently, while the Prosecutor's Office of Genoa "conducted" its investigation, the militant managed to join the criminal gangs in Syria, which gathered in their ranks a foreign rabble from many countries of the world, and safely become fertilizer for its land.
    7. Lord of the Sith
      Lord of the Sith 20 June 2013 12: 02
      American Replenishment in Yemen

      A group of more than 1700 American Marines arrived in Yemen. Together with the US military personnel already available in the country, their total number reached 7 thousand people. At the same time, it is noted that "... the American servicemen who arrived in Yemen are equipped with the latest types of weapons and military equipment ..."

      The Al-Sharia newspaper, which published this news with reference to the Yemeni Ministry of Defense, directly links the build-up of the American contingent with the events around Syria: "... the arrival of such a large group of American military personnel in Yemen indicates that the United States is preparing for" serious events in this region while implementing their plans for military intervention in Syria. "

      The official version that the US Marines arrives in Yemen to fight Al Qaeda militants operating in the Hadramaut province of Yemen does not inspire confidence in the newspaper - at least so far only the Yemen army is fighting Al Qaeda, and no serious attempts have been made Americans do not take help. Their struggle is limited only by the actions and use of drones. It should be borne in mind that the US UAV bases near Yemen belong to the CIA, and not to the US Department of Defense.

      The CIA, completely independent of the Ministry of Defense, is developing and expanding the base of unmanned aerial vehicles against the six main territories in the region where terrorists and Islamic militants operate - against AKIM in Mali and Niger, Boko Haram in Nigeria, Al-Shabaab in Somalia, the Ugandan Army of the Lord and Yemeni Al Qaeda. There is no evidence that the United States intends to change the tactics of warfare with terrorists yet. Therefore, the increase in the contingent of the US army in Yemen is clearly caused by non-Yemen events.

      7 thousand marines with all weapons - this is certainly an impressive addition to the assembled in Jordan to about the same number of US Army soldiers. These forces are not enough for the invasion of Syria, but quite enough for special operations.
      1. Sergey_K
        Sergey_K 20 June 2013 17: 04
        The harness is good on a rifle. Especially the successful sight they turned out ...
        1. Che
          Che 20 June 2013 22: 05
          The rifle itself, optics agree not bad. The Germans used to drive us the Zeiss. Now I do not know. I think no worse.
          1. Genady1976
            Genady1976 20 June 2013 23: 41
            Quote: Che
            The rifle itself, optics agree not bad. The Germans used to drive us the Zeiss. Now I do not know. I think no worse.

            the time will come to take these gadgets soldier
    8. Lord of the Sith
      Lord of the Sith 20 June 2013 12: 05
      Al-Manar news channel first published on June 13 a long list of mercenaries (by country) that were abandoned in Syria.

      This is not a complete list of those who have been eliminated on Syrian soil.
      Today, the Syrian army, the Syrian people and its government are opposed by several tens of thousands of mercenaries who receive weapons and money from Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkey, the United States, England, France and other NATO countries.
      In fact, these countries are waging an undeclared war against Syria.
      Here is the list of foreign mercenaries who died in Syria, published by Al-Manar Channel:

      1. Iraqis - 2640 people

      2. Saudis - 729

      3. Tunisians - 550

      4. Egyptians - 489

      5. Lebanese - 439

      6. Turks - 167

      7. Afghans - 301

      8. Libyans - 263

      9. Pakistanis - 261

      10. Iranians - 208

      11. from Russia (different nationalities, except for Chechens) - 188

      12.from Russia (Chechens) - 439

      13. Jordanians - 129

      14. Somalis - 117

      15.from Kuwait - 119

      16. from France - 90

      17. from Germany - 67

      18. from England - 66

      19. from Indonesia - 55

      20. Algerians - 53

      21. Yemenis - 52

      22.from Qatar - 49

      23. from Belgium - 45

      24. Uzbeks - 40

      25. from the USA - 35

      26. from Kosovo - 31

      27. Azerbaijanis - 21

      28. from Malta - 31

      29. from Mauritania - 7

      30. from Sierra Leone - 6

      31. from Suriname - 6
      1. revnagan
        revnagan 20 June 2013 15: 26
        In every creature in pairs ...
    9. Lord of the Sith
      Lord of the Sith 20 June 2013 12: 07
      Al-Khabar Press: 150 militants died saving a senior son

      The Lebanese electronic website Al-Khabar Press published, citing a source close to the head of the SSA headquarters, Salim Idris, information that 150 members of armed groups died in the operation to remove the son of a well-known and high-ranking official from the KTO army in Turkey to Aleppo Persian Gulf Persons.

      The FSA's top leadership is reportedly unhappy with the loss of their fighters, especially at a time when each of them counts, given the bloody clashes between the army and armed groups in Aleppo province. And precisely during this difficult period for the FSA, at the direction of high-ranking officials of the oil state, the armed opposition loses 150 of its militants, five of whom are field commanders, saving the life of a son of a famous surname, who had previously wished to participate in the Syrian "jihad".
      1. 755962
        755962 20 June 2013 13: 20
        From the height of the post that I occupy, it is clear that the Syria that we know may not soon become.

        I would like to learn more from this place.
        Do they want to round off the Syrian issue by the end of the summer?
        Absolutely see the pin in the Washington regional committee ..
    10. 755962
      755962 20 June 2013 13: 32
      So the Americans illustrate the decision of the authorities to send weapons to Syrian fighters. It turns out that among foreign caricaturists there are quite reasonable people.
    11. Lord of the Sith
      Lord of the Sith 20 June 2013 15: 02
      Fresh video from Syria

      Quseir. Military airfield Debaa. 17.06.2013/XNUMX/XNUMX

      Blocking Militants in Borzoi

      Brief summary of the situation in Syria for June 18, 2013
    12. Lord of the Sith
      Lord of the Sith 20 June 2013 15: 21
      A huge ship with weapons for the Syrian rebels sank in the Indian Ocean

      The team was saved, but the cargo - 4500 containers with weapons and ammunition for the Syrian rebels, went to the bottom.

      The shipwreck occurred on June 17, 200 miles off the coast of Yemen.

      According to the newspaper, American weapons were loaded aboard a ship in Singapore. MOL Comfort followed through the Indian Ocean to Jeddah. According to the Sham Times, after stopping at Jeddah, the container ship was supposed to proceed to the Jordanian port of Aqaba to unload deadly cargo.

      The good news quickly spread on the social networks of Syrian (and Russian) loyalists.

      The source of information for the Sham Times (which the Sham Times prudently does not mention) is the Syrian opposition resource Al-Haqiqa.

      Al-Haqiqa writes: “One of the largest container ships in the world, MOL Comfort, crashed and fell into two parts in the Pacific (!) Ocean, off the coast of Yemen. It carried 4500 containers of American weapons and ammunition for the Syrian rebels. ”

      Al-Haqiqa cites, a reputable Russian shipping website, “According to a publication on Port News’s Russian website, the container ship broke due to a storm, or possibly sabotage. On board the ship were about 4,5 thousand containers with weapons and ammunition. They were heading for US Army depots in the Jordanian port of Aqaba from depots in Singapore. ” about the crash:
      Crash Report: June 18, 2013 14:58 p.m.
      Russian sailors from the crashed container ship MOL Comfort did not suffer

      Eleven Russian sailors from the wrecked MOL Comfort container ship (flag of the Bahamas) are alive and well and heading to Colombo on the Yantian Express. According to the press service of the Russian Professional Union of Sailors (RPSM), Valery Berezinsky, deputy chairman of the Pacific regional organization of the Russian Union of Sailors, told about this.
      According to him, Russian sailors recruited to the ship through the Feskokontract crewing.
      “All personal belongings of the sailors have been lost, including maritime documents,” he said. “The Russian Union of Sailors will provide the crew with the necessary assistance.”

      Neither Al-Haqiqa nor the Sham Times mentioned the fact that 11 crew members of the container ship carrying mountains of arms to the rebels were Russian citizens. Previously, the ship was called APL Russia.

      The crash of MOL Comfort has become one of the biggest and most unpleasant surprises for the marine industry. The ship is new - built in 2008 and the reasons for what happened are not yet clear. Against this background, the most incredible theories are born - including that the ship sank “after a series of explosions”.

      According to Maritime Bulletin, “hundreds of containers continue to float in the crash area.”
      It is expected that work at the crash site and attempts to save the cargo will begin on June 23.
      The main carrier at MOL Comfort was the Japanese company Mitsui. Her losses are estimated at 83 million dollars.
      1. matross
        matross 20 June 2013 16: 05
        Quote: Sith Lord
        Eleven Russian sailors from the MOL Comfort container ship

        Well, damn it! Russian. With these swimming games under the flags for a short time and get into traitors!
      2. Volkhov
        Volkhov 20 June 2013 17: 18
        A photo from the other side clearly shows torpedoing - the paint on board is burnt, and the smoke is decent. For some reason, it seems that the torpedo was with a small ulcer and the burn occurred with light through the water.
        They try to show that it is harmful to send ammunition to Syria, even from the Russian Federation (Chapaevsk), even from America.
      3. 755962
        755962 20 June 2013 19: 03
        Quote: Sith Lord
        Eleven Russian sailors from the MOL Comfort container ship (flag of the Bahamas), wrecked, alive and well and heading to Colombo

        I hope the Motherland deserves to appreciate the modest contribution of the Moreman in the fight against the Hydra of World imperialism bully
      4. Che
        Che 20 June 2013 22: 11
        God marks the assault, thanks to him how many innocent lives will be saved. Hurry, these invaders would be sent to the guria.
  2. Lech from ZATULINKI
    Lech from ZATULINKI 20 June 2013 06: 21
    in addition to the ARTICLE - this is the result of the operation of the FIRST ZONE in LIBYA.
  3. valokordin
    valokordin 20 June 2013 06: 39
    Well, what should Obama- Winner of the Shnobel Prize do, how not to bomb Syria for peace in the Middle East and not provide jihadists with modern weapons.
  4. vadson
    vadson 20 June 2013 06: 54
    I think the amers will wait for the no-fly zone at home, all the Wahhabis to northern Mexico and hello
  5. Kushadasov
    Kushadasov 20 June 2013 06: 54
    the US military doctrine is the same fascism camouflaged with the worn-out words "democracy", "freedom". Only the camouflage is already frayed, it's all over the holes ...
    1. alexng
      alexng 20 June 2013 08: 29
      If USkaly declare a no-fly zone for Syria, then for them themselves will come cracks. Russia has a clear position on this issue, and there will be plenty of surprises for Americans.
      1. matross
        matross 20 June 2013 15: 09
        Americans and NATO will not enter a no-fly zone. IMHO.
        Too great a chance to be guessed, given the opposition of Russia. With generally unpredictable consequences for them. They will frighten, arm the militants, but they themselves will not turn up. And the article discusses the realities of May 2013 of the year. After G8, the reality is that Putin, in fact, spoke out - he.r. to you, not Syria!
    2. APASUS
      APASUS 20 June 2013 21: 50
      Quote: Kushadasov
      camouflage is already frayed, the whole holes ...

      These are not holes - these are the deaths of those whom they lead to democracy!
  6. nemec55
    nemec55 20 June 2013 06: 57
    I really wish the GDP not to fall under the onslaught of our 5th column and p, p, o, p, and, n, d, o, s, n, and, k, o, c. We really, everyone should understand that RUSSIA tobish her Citizens are the last bastion of truth, peace and good. Good luck to our leadership of the country, which is firmly defending the interests of the great Russian state.
    1. Bashkaus
      Bashkaus 20 June 2013 12: 27
      Putin will not break if he wakes up to feel that 140 million people stand for him.
      Of course, Putin is not an angel, but in this situation we must all unite and be one - the Great Russian people, without whose permission not one cannon in Europe can fire. And God forbid, if anyone opens a beak to grunt about democracy and the change of power in Russia in the image and likeness of "green" revolutions. I will personally choke!
      1. vvvvv
        vvvvv 20 June 2013 22: 56
        All social networks are simply globally stuffed with elements of an information war against Putin. VKontakte, Classmates, blogs, etc., etc. For example, in Odnoklassniki, even in small towns of less than 100.000 inhabitants, urban communities have many SPECIALLY created groups that wage an information war absolutely every day and all day. You’ll excuse me all, but I’ll say it as it is: here all the tricks are to cheer on each other or minus individual opponents, but to spend at least several hours, and even in an unequal struggle in the imprisoned group — which of those present did this ?! And after all, often it all comes down to very real mutual threats.
        The thing is that the West finds time, desire, and money for waging information and other wars. And from our side much more infantilism. negative
        1. biznaw
          biznaw 21 June 2013 01: 03
          Do not be sad about the dominance of the State Department trolls on "classmates" and all sorts of "contacts" - there is an unpretentious work on cutting the State Department budget. Frankly speaking, it is difficult for an ordinary student to refuse a salary for writing blasphemy against Putin of 60-80 kilo rubles. And all that is required is to write a comment in the "look" or "Maila" about the bloody gebnyu and denyushka dripping on the Yandex wallet every month. Please note that most of the ordered comments are moronic or subtle banter, students are well aware of what's what, most have nothing against Putin, and the money received from the State Department is considered a sacred deed of "divorcing a sucker for money."
          1. matross
            matross 21 June 2013 12: 54
            Quote: biznaw
            most ordered comments are moronic or thin banter, students are well aware of what's what, most of which have nothing against Putin

            Interesting opinion. We must read the primary sources. But it's hard to believe that all the "commentators" are paid. It comes out very much. And where is this offered to poor students? I'll have to ask my daughter around, maybe the family will get a penny for the budget! laughing
  7. Old warrant officer
    Old warrant officer 20 June 2013 07: 14
    And what can we really oppose the introduction of a no-fly zone? Introduce our troops, so that they perish there? It seems to me that our rulers as well as Libya will surrender Syria! Everything will run into chatter, we have no trump cards yet, the only solution in my opinion is to remove all restrictions on the supply of Assad’s weapons of any kind (except for weapons of mass destruction) and may Allah keep the people of Syria!
    1. Kushadasov
      Kushadasov 20 June 2013 07: 37
      what is happening now in Syria is becoming a matter not only of Syria. Everything already indicates that this is our business. I don’t know what kind of winds are blowing at our top, what ideas are hovering. But I do not see anything unrealistic that our certain units may be there (if they have not already been). So if we have to fight there (I don’t want to use the word “perish”), then it will be a struggle with clear goals and for a just cause.
    2. Ustas
      Ustas 20 June 2013 07: 40
      Quote: Old Warrant Officer
      remove all restrictions on the supply of all types (except for WMD) of Assad’s weapons

      I think it will be so, if not already.
      As soon as the West begins to supply heavy weapons, it will untie the hands of Russian companies to supply the legitimate government of Syria.
    3. alexdol
      alexdol 20 June 2013 08: 41
      Old ensign SU "remove all restrictions on the supply of any kind of weapons to Assad"
      I’ve been talking about this for a long time already, stop looking back at this GANDBAN West!
      Well, after all, all NORMAL people have long understood everything: with whom we are dealing! It's just what kind of negotiations can be conducted with them, and why they are just wasting time. Let me remind you once again how Andrei Fursov called this pack: an organized criminal group is an organized criminal group, it includes the USA, England, France, Germany ... this is its backbone! All this talk about "protecting people" BLUFF, here it is enough to remember Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya. In fact, on the contrary, they dream of destroying most of HUMANITY / let me remind you of the GOLDEN billion /, so of course it is more profitable for them, hiding behind the supposed salvation of 100 people, to destroy only 100 thousand! That's all their "diplomacy"
    4. Oberst_71
      Oberst_71 20 June 2013 10: 23
      it is to introduce our troops of thousands of commercials 3. to protect our naval base. No need to intervene in the conflict. Just guard our base. Add a few iskandr, S-300, a couple of submarines with KR. that's enough.
    5. vdenisov56
      vdenisov56 20 June 2013 11: 20
      Exactly! The question is whether we have enough "musculature" to resist the Americans in the military field, not only in the Middle East. For a military confrontation with NATO, we need a military alliance with the PRC and Iran. And this is not yet. It is our duty to help the Syrians inflict more losses on the 3,14-ndos, but it is not worth sending troops there. A direct collision with the west of Syria cannot be sustained.
      The mine of Syria needs to prepare for a guerrilla war with the invaders like Afghanistan.
    6. Bashkaus
      Bashkaus 20 June 2013 12: 33
      Introduce our troops, so that they perish there? Be a man after all, what kind of snot ?! What if my grandfather in Sevastopol in 42m asked this question? And what if my grandmother, from the first to the last day, who survived the blockade of Leningrad, asked a similar question? If something is not pleasant, a suitcase in hand and a geyropu, the human "I", the freedom of everything and everyone, is highly valued there, and the main value is life.
      But only then, do not interfere with living in Russia for people who have chosen their own path, have chosen other ideals and concepts of morality, morality, honesty and justice. It is probably difficult for a Western brain imbued with selfishness to understand the collective type of existence and the willingness to sacrifice not only "in the name of my own ass", but also "for the sake of others, such as children, relatives, friends, and just any person."
  8. Makarov
    Makarov 20 June 2013 07: 28
    (unprintable word), they are all in jackets and on the hill are all brave - junior, occupying posts, from a height of which you can see far away ... it's interesting to look at their faces, when at least a kilometer away from them there is an aerial bomb, 250 will explode ... interesting in their brains the concept of "vonya" will immediately change the meaning or it will take two days - like giraffes? ...
    1. Wild_grey_wolf
      Wild_grey_wolf 20 June 2013 11: 03
      Makarov - I agree with you and INFORMATION agencies need to ask precisely such questions to POLITICIANS ... so that they understand the degree of responsibility and what they offer ...
  9. Renat
    Renat 20 June 2013 07: 49
    Giving Syria means losing Iran. What's next? Iran has a vigorous bomb. What is this corrugated American thinking?
    1. vvvvv
      vvvvv 20 June 2013 22: 58
      black lol
  10. Vladomir
    Vladomir 20 June 2013 08: 11
    The real foreign political activity of Russia is directly dependent on the outcome of the Syrian crisis in favor of Russia. We will be able to defend Syria, by all means, and Russia will take the first step to freeing the planet from Anglo-Amero-fascist slavery, preventing people reprisals against objectionable US leaders following the example of Hussein and Gadafi ... Russia will gain a foothold and self-confidence and breathe these are the leaders of states and their peoples. And this will be the beginning of the end of hegemony, banditry and the lawlessness of America.
    1. Vladimirets
      Vladimirets 20 June 2013 08: 17
      I agree completely.
    2. Micex
      Micex 20 June 2013 08: 25
      Tell me - do we need it (I'm talking about Saddam and Gaddafi) ??? our interests were there (supply and production), but not as critical as in Syria, since the fall of Syria will hit us (the flow of jihadists and loss of base)
    3. rnb1983
      rnb1983 20 June 2013 11: 43
      Nothing to add!!! good good good
  11. Micex
    Micex 20 June 2013 08: 20
    Unfortunately, that's right. I want to add, or rather repeat (since I wrote about this earlier) The US has no choice but to attack Syria, as they have been driven into a corner and leaving Syria will mean defeat, which is unacceptable for the states. The following is noteworthy - Obama was left with no choice but to attack from Jordan (Turkey and Israel left the game, the sea was closed by Russian ships (and it doesn’t matter that there are 5 of them there + the possible defense of Tartus doesn’t allow him to interfere with the conflict from the Russian Federation), you can’t go through the north of Iraq, because there are Kurds) Therefore, there is a desert from the side of Jordan, and there are 2 options for attack, both options are quick: a large-scale operation to capture Damascus or the assassination / kidnapping of Assad. I believe that the main half-blood prince is lured into a trap, since in this field the amers specifically took by the eggs and lead to where they will be waiting.
    1. krez-74
      krez-74 20 June 2013 11: 08
      The ultimate goal of this whole production is World War with the aim of a new redistribution of the world and influence, and the cancellation of all US external debt! And to implement this, you need to do the old trick - to suppress the Jews. And this, in turn, means only one thing, the "State of Israel" project is close to its end, it is simply being poured into the evil forces, against which they will start a war for "justice"!
      1. Micex
        Micex 21 June 2013 08: 12
        there is a second option - devaluation of US debt. Not without reason for the Fed, the target inflation rate is 2,5%. Israel made a bunch of weapons, armed and trained most of the population. Who will defeat him except the atomic bomb?
  12. shark
    shark 20 June 2013 09: 16
    There will be war. The whole mass of Europoids will fall on Syria. Let these bearers of democratic values ​​be damned over the centuries. For the sake of their own piece of cake, they easily destroy tens of thousands of people. The saddest answer will not be any. Neither from Russia nor from Iran. And everyone knows that it will be so !. Want to minus, you want to not. Most sick.
    1. Kushadasov
      Kushadasov 20 June 2013 09: 22
      I understand you well, sometimes it is just such a mood. But something tells me that it will not be as you said. The return will come to them (geyropam), oh how it comes))))
    2. Micex
      Micex 20 June 2013 09: 33
      Of course, it won’t be - this is a large-scale war. One hope is that the amers will be replayed.
    3. bootlegger
      bootlegger 20 June 2013 10: 13
      I think that in this case it will be like the Vietnam War. When the US and NATO pump one side, and Iran, Russia and possibly China the other. There will be military advisers on each side and the conditional division of Syria into two parts.
      It’s nothing, we have experience and we washed the USA in Vietnam.
      A transition to a higher level of direct confrontation between Russia and the United States is unlikely.
      Nobody needs this.
    SASCHAmIXEEW 20 June 2013 09: 26
    Rather, the shark of the rights of the GDP is FALLED ....
  14. individual
    individual 20 June 2013 09: 28
    What is this corrugated American thinking?

    Syria for the USA is an intermediate link to the big game.
    For Syria will be Iran, which will be opposed to the entire Sunni Islamic world.
    In a grand confrontation between Muslims, the United States and its Western fornications solve their geopolitical issues of lost control of the world.
  15. Adorofeev63
    Adorofeev63 20 June 2013 09: 31
    “It’s breathtaking when you think about how it will all end, and what answer Iran and Russia will give”[I]

    Yes, really interesting ...
  16. Wedmak
    Wedmak 20 June 2013 09: 33
    Having decided on open military operations, the United States runs the risk of getting into a trap. Of course, we can do little militarily if they decide to attack. But in the political truth, we are on our side and our hands will be untied. Yes, and the cards will be revealed, the world will see the true face of the United States, if anyone has not seen it before.
    And yet I think it is unlikely that the United States will decide on an open invasion. The risk is too great to get a wave of indignation in your country and a cooling of relations with other countries, up to and including freezing.
    1. krez-74
      krez-74 20 June 2013 11: 05
      The ultimate goal of this whole production is World War with the aim of a new redistribution of the world and influence, and the cancellation of all US external debt! And to implement this, you need to do the old trick - to suppress the Jews. And this, in turn, means only one thing, the "State of Israel" project is close to its end, it is simply being poured into the evil forces, against which they will start a war for "justice"!
  17. Adorofeev63
    Adorofeev63 20 June 2013 09: 41
    By the way, today in the news they showed that the mission of the 15th peacekeeping brigade is being prepared in our Samara, it seems that even rumors are circulating between contract soldiers in Syria, but have so far refuted it.
  18. IRBIS
    IRBIS 20 June 2013 09: 48
    Let's face it. If they decide to conduct a military operation against Syria, then no supplies will save it. Now the United States is still thinking how to keep the "face" during the intervention in Syria. As soon as the conference in Geneva is held, which, most likely, will be thwarted by the representatives of the militants, the final decision on the use of force will be made. The Americans have already proved that they can do without a UN Security Council decision (Iraq). At any time, they can just start and then sculpt versions of the excuse.
    To our great regret, Russia will not be able to help in anything: the lack of a common border and allied countries directly bordering Syria sharply narrows the options for our possible reciprocal moves. Now our politicians are dragging on time, allowing Assad to finish off the Islamists, i.e. while time works for us.
    It remains for us, either, with a stern eyebrow to take a tough stance and support from afar, or to take such practical actions that will make the operation against Syria impossible due to the threat of a regional war in full. Only the likelihood of a direct armed conflict with Russia can cool hotheads. Everything else is a talking room. Are our leaders ready to go to the end? Can we just spit on the UN Security Council, like the States, and the States themselves? To do something like throwing paratroopers in Kosovo, only on a larger scale?
    1. Mr. Gambu4aS
      Mr. Gambu4aS 20 June 2013 10: 26
      He said everything about the case, from all these summits, from all the chatter, only such conclusions can be made, we will lose Syria, since in conclusion the questions are rhetorical, as it’s not terrible, but our gut is thin, we are no longer the great USSR He could defend his interests anywhere in the world 24 hours a day! At the expense of the paratroopers in Kosovo, we will do something similar so that we do not completely lose the face of the GDP, otherwise this will lead to the shattering of the situation inside our country! Here, it is necessary to put Assad’s weapons only for testing in real hostilities, so that when the US gets to Iran to play with a stronger card, alas, Syria will be just a training for us, and Assad will act as an experimental rabbit.
    2. bootlegger
      bootlegger 20 June 2013 17: 08
      I have a great suspicion that drawing the United States into Syria’s operation is part of Putin’s desired plans. This idea could seriously complicate the US’s situation and weaken its global influence.
      I do not think that this is an invasion, as it would touch the Russian base in Tartus.
      I’m sure that not one tomahawk will reach or even fall near it.
      The Americans, if they act, are very careful. They do not need a military conflict with a nuclear power. They are well aware of how this can end.
      And they won’t be able to play chickens or chickens with such bets.
    3. Che
      Che 20 June 2013 22: 35
      Eh Rokhlin is not there, I would let these cowboys fight.
  19. Standard Oil
    Standard Oil 20 June 2013 09: 53
    It is not necessary to consider the American leadership, that is, precisely those who really run the country as idiots, there are also uncles with more than one higher education received in the best universities in the world, and indeed Education, and not that bullshit that is sold to the common man in the United States and in Russia (here the Unified State Exam will soon generally strangle the little that remains on the Soviet ruins). They also probably have a bunch of analysts receiving data from the CIA, NSA and hangers. Somewhere in the Mediterranean, an American aircraft carrier is floating back and forth, and these are 90 aircraft and helicopters, various weapons and special forces. The Americans do not need a government in Syria, they need chaos. So there is cannon fodder, weapons will be delivered to him soon, there is aviation, there are special forces for pinpoint paralyzing strikes. As soon as the "meat" receives heavy weapons, the Americans will quickly seize air superiority, they will try to eliminate Assad, the "meat", with air support, will go on the offensive and take out everything ready. At least for now, the likelihood is that somewhere in the deserts, pretending to be a "peaceful Soviet tractor", covered with a camel thorn there are "undelivered S-300 complexes."
    1. Mr. Gambu4aS
      Mr. Gambu4aS 20 June 2013 10: 32
      Well, there are people here who can really look at the situation, and not brainlessly shout FOR PUTIN! FOR THE MOTHERLAND!
  20. krez-74
    krez-74 20 June 2013 11: 02
    The ultimate goal of this whole production is World War with the aim of a new redistribution of the world and influence, and the cancellation of all US external debt! And to implement this, you need to do the old trick - to suppress the Jews. And this, in turn, means only one thing, the "State of Israel" project is close to its end, it is simply being poured into the evil forces, against which they will start a war for "justice"!
  21. fisherman
    fisherman 20 June 2013 11: 20
    If Assad persists, and everything goes to that, it will be the first strategic defeat of the USA in 20 years! This is like Stalingrad for Hitler.
  22. Perch_xnumx
    Perch_xnumx 20 June 2013 11: 29
  23. sincman
    sincman 20 June 2013 12: 11
    Interesting news:

    MOL container ship carrying weapons to Syrian militants crashed
    Yesterday, in the Indian Ocean, a major Bahamian transport called “Mol Comfort” crashed. He went with cargo for the US Army in Jordan from Singapore to Jeddah (this is a port in Saudi Arabia on the Red Sea), and then he had to go to Aqaba. On board, 4500 containers were loaded with weapons for Syrian militants.
    Some of the containers fell overboard or were damaged. Details of the accident are being specified, however, it is noted that the damage is significant. 26 crew members were transferred to boats and were hoisted aboard another ship in the area, the portal reports.

    MOL has already set up a headquarters to resolve the emergency.

    Characteristics of the vessel MOL Comfort: type of vessel - container ship; capacity - 8 thousand TEUs; cargo - 4382 containers (7041 TEUs); crew - 26 people: 11 citizens of Russia, 1 - of Ukraine, 14 - of the Philippines; Date of construction: 2008.

    1. sincman
      sincman 20 June 2013 12: 19
      That is why ours use BDK for this. :)
  24. Zeus
    Zeus 20 June 2013 12: 11
    The news has passed: you want to impose economic sanctions against !!!!!!! Russia and China for ......... !!!!!!!!!!! slave trade.
    Those who are knowledgeable understand that this is because Russia and China vetoed a NATO resolution to introduce a no-fly zone over Syria.
    Well, the Yankees are directly pleading with Russia and China will unite against them.
  25. Zeus
    Zeus 20 June 2013 12: 13
    I unearthed an interesting video about weapons.

  26. VPO
    VPO 20 June 2013 12: 56
    Americans never just make a butch. All US policy is built to maximize profits. As they say nothing personal is just a business. The entire Middle East at this stage is a handful of underdeveloped states with a huge number of useful resources. While China is actively tearing Africa, Amer is actively pumping the Middle East. Now all non-government paramilitary organizations in the United States are inundated with state. orders. Recruitment is ongoing! All employees work in Iraq, Libya, Tunisia, Qatar. They are involved in the protection of gas and oil fields. Extraction is active, the export of resources around the clock. The only problem at this stage is Iran. Which could jeopardize logistics. Yes, and the country itself is not the last pantry and annoys the Saudis by dumping. Syria is certainly a step ally of Iran. With Syria, it seems to me a whole conspiracy. If states and saudis are tied up in Iran, then geyevropeytsy are added to Syria. For them, this mega gasification project from Qatar is like a red rag. Often I see that people perceive all the events in the east, like some kind of muscle game, intimidate each other with bandits at our borders. All the bandits have long been with us, only in Moscow and large cities there are already lyamas for 10-15 Muslims who do not speak Russian and profess aggressive Islam. Making these savages wakes up much easier than Swamp. Therefore, of course, the GDP and the team understand everything perfectly. The question is primarily about money. Rather, the loss for our economy. All European gasification projects by Gazprom, after the fall of Syria, will immediately receive zero cost. Therefore, we should and probably will wake up defending Syria to the end. And it doesn’t matter if Assad wakes up there or someone else is the most important thing that he does not climb into the world economic pipe. Sincerely.
  27. grandfather
    grandfather 20 June 2013 13: 12
    how zadolbal American fascism on earth, Lord split America as MOL
  28. Vtel
    Vtel 20 June 2013 13: 53
    Our sources claim that in reality Obama did not want to provide direct military support to the rebels fighting to overthrow the Assad government, and did not even want to use American military force in Syria, for several reasons. And among these reasons are the lack of public support by the Americans for another war in the Middle East;

    He drives, he drives - firstly, Obama does not solve anything from the barracks, everything is in kosher hands and because he wants few of them are interested. Well, what about the Americans' public support - so they organize it at once, it's like blowing up three skyscrapers - and you will have Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, etc.
  29. escobar
    escobar 20 June 2013 14: 05
    The S-300 is certainly a noble trump card, but where to get it if the occupation of Syria begins tomorrow? Transportation, deployment, training will take months - some questions .. Therefore, you need to put it now or it won’t work out.
    1. Rus2012
      20 June 2013 16: 13
      Quote: escobar
      C-300 is certainly a noble trump card, but where to get it if the occupation of Syria begins tomorrow? Transportation, deployment, training will take months - some questions ..

      ... they are already there, with calculations. Not as much as we would like ...
      GDP said the contract was not implemented. But, did not disclose at what stage of implementation.
      There are rumors that they set off with calculations having removed from some lines (new 400 will go there). There are rumors about 5 that Belarusians went ...
    2. Bashkaus
      Bashkaus 20 June 2013 16: 59
      Today, live on a direct question, Lavrov replied that Russia values ​​its contracts, fulfills them, and so on, with regard to Syria, the deliveries are not fully completed. What does it mean? That ordinary Vasya, due to his natural gouging, did not fulfill the task assigned to him properly and did not report a set of wrenches. And this, incidentally, is unpleasant! The goods were delivered, and the Syrians do not sign the acceptance certificate, they say there is no adjustable wrench and that’s all, but it should be. Where to look for him now, with whom to ask, if everything was in place before loading ?!
  30. homosum20
    homosum20 20 June 2013 16: 48
    Better to fight on someone else's territory than on your own. The Institute of "Military Advisers" has not been canceled. And no one needs to be taught.
    As a joke - to give all Syrians a second citizenship. (every joke has a fraction of a joke)
    1. EDW
      EDW 20 June 2013 21: 43
      give all Syrians a second citizenship

      ... or invite us to the Union State of Russia and Belarus smile
      This will be a strong move!
  31. ayyildiz
    ayyildiz 20 June 2013 16: 53

    The statement of the general resigned!
  32. knn54
    knn54 20 June 2013 17: 38
    Monarchs from the Arabian Peninsula and the “leadership” of Islamic sects “play on the paw” to the West, sending, including youth, to certain and deliberate death. In Syria, it’s not a war / revolution - it is JUST killing people. Under the guise of a struggle for “freedom, equality, fraternity,” the West pulls the Islamists away from confronting themselves, their loved ones.
  33. shinobi
    shinobi 20 June 2013 18: 08
    Have you decided to resolve the Syrian issue by the end of the summer? Well, well. The "golden pit" is ready and waiting. The whole question is who dug it. The final results of the intervention will depend on this. If Russia dug the hole, one alignment. If the "world government" is a different alignment. For the Arab region and the United States, no difference. The result will be the disappearance of Syria, Libya, Iran and Iraq as states, possibly a part of the emirates and the emergence of a large "caliphate" in their place. Actually, the same process will take place as in Geyurope after the big war. We too will be dashing, so you need to prepare for war at a doubled pace.
  34. Genady1976
    Genady1976 20 June 2013 18: 14
    The arrival of the Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Ground Forces, Colonel-General Vladimir Chirkin, to the Samara region is connected with the upcoming mission of the 15th peacekeeping brigade, the Terra television and radio company reports.

    Previously, information appeared that the connection for six months will be sent on a business trip to Syria, where the civil war continues.

    However, that night, the leadership assured the contractors that so far no foreign trips are being discussed. The soldiers are expected to exercise allegedly at three points in Russia, among which the Chkalovsky strategic airfield near Moscow and the seaport of Novorossiysk are unofficially named.
  35. Corsair5912
    Corsair5912 20 June 2013 18: 58
    in fact, Obama did not want to provide direct military support to the rebels fighting to overthrow the Assad government, and did not even want to use American military force in Syria

    Barack Obamych wanted to grab another premiere, the peacemaker is fake, he loves to see money.
    I didn’t want to spend money on killing the Syrians, I counted on mercenaries, and their creatures were washed, and the money was already spent.
    They will kick out the bandits from Syria and Obamychu’s kopeck, and not the prize, will go bankrupt.
    And how these nasty Yusovites are fighting everyone knows, missile and bomb attacks on hospitals, schools, residential buildings from a safe distance or from drones, these are the tactics of the executioners of infanticide.
  36. escobar
    escobar 20 June 2013 19: 26
    Quote: Rus2012
    ... they are already there, with calculations. Not as much as we would like ...

    God give it. I hope that it is, otherwise the meaning is lost.
  37. pensioner
    pensioner 20 June 2013 19: 55
    Each time, my conviction grows stronger: Obama is a nominal president. At first, the clintonsha supervised him, and right now someone else. Not so clearly. So his statements mean almost nothing. But if the congress - then yes ...
  38. darksoul
    darksoul 20 June 2013 22: 23
    And against all this background of the American homelessness, Obama suggested we reduce Ya by 1/3 laughing Is that kind of American humor? the joke has passed ... I hope ours do not think of considering it seriously
    1. I think so
      I think so 20 June 2013 23: 01
      Judging by the previous agreement (signed by DAM), they thought of it ... So it will be now ... Obama is striving to reduce the time for the possibility of UNPUNISHED destroying the ETERNAL problem of the West - Russia ... Developing a missile defense system and reducing Russia's nuclear weapons (with the help of his proteges (DAM) , GDP, EBN)) and having reached ACCEPTABLE damage from a retaliatory strike - they incinerate Russia ... Everything goes to this and will probably COME ...
  39. I think so
    I think so 20 June 2013 22: 55
    The title of the article is inaccurate ... Obama has ALWAYS been at war and WILL be at war against Russia. Syria is a COLLOSAL blow to Russia. After the fall of Syria, Russian Gazprom can BOLDLY conserve ALL of its "streams" to Geyrop, and start counting losses ...
  40. Dimka off
    Dimka off 23 June 2013 15: 34
    it means to be or not to be Syria will be decided before the end of this summer. Apparently amers are serious.
  41. Prime_00
    Prime_00 17 September 2013 16: 55

    Elizabeth O'Bugy, an expert on Syria, cited by US Secretary of State John Kerry and other supporters of the strike on Syria, lost her position due to a fake academic degree.
    In an article in The Wall Street Journal on August 30, O'Bugy argued that most Syrian opposition figures belong to moderate groups, and that al-Qaeda and radical Islamist movements play only a marginal role in resisting Bashar al-Assad's government. Therefore, in her opinion, pressure on Assad will not play into the hands of forces that could harm American interests. This opinion before the US Congress was quoted by the head of the State Department John Kerry, as well as Republican Senator John McCain, to urge senators and members of the House of Representatives to vote in favor of a strike on Syria.
    It turned out that 26-year-old O'Bugy did not defend her Ph.D. from Georgetown University, as indicated on her resume. As it turned out, the American managed to defend only her master's degree, and she did it only in May 2013. She only started working at the Institute for the Study of War in 2012, but quickly became its "leading analyst."

    Well, what else can be said about the country where the opinions of under-experts are quoted? People who are still not going to listen to primary school students? But the American authorities quoted her. I lost all respect for the people who are at the helm in the US