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"British Lion" turns into a jackal

"British Lion" turns into a jackal

Who does not remember these lines of Mayakovsky: "Let, grinning like a crown, raise the British lev howl?" A century has passed, and Britain is once again "grinning with a crown," but its behavior does not resemble the king of animals, the lion, but the petty lackey - the jackal, who is running errands for Washington.

At a time when the great “fighter for democracy” - Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan - brutally disperses demonstrators in Taksim Square (so that the number of injured exceeded 5 thousands) - the West continues to look for violations of this very democracy in Syria to justify the supply weapons scumbag fighters.

Following the United States, which allegedly “found” chemical weapons in Syria and on this basis speaks of the need to support “good terrorists” - Britain also took over the baton - first the foreign minister William Hague and then the prime minister David Cameron completely, without any evidence, take for granted the words of the United States. Similarly, this country 10 years ago "believed" in the presence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq (which was not there).

In an interview with the Guardian newspaper, Cameron said that he "shares the US confidence that the Syrian military used chemical weapons." At the same time, he, in the best traditions of double standards, blamed terrorists and said that they did not use chemical weapons.

The conclusion made by the British Prime Minister, as expected, is no different from the position of Washington. As befits the faithful jackal Tabaka, he repeated after the American Sherkhan that his country also intends to assist the Syrian "opposition". He openly admitted that he wanted to help this “opposition” to “achieve success in the fight against the president”, but did not ask how similar intentions contradict the UN Charter and the elementary principles of international law prohibiting interference in the internal affairs of other states.

At the same time, Cameron does not even stop understanding that radical extremists are present in the ranks of the Syrian militants. “I recognize that there are elements in the ranks of the Syrian opposition that we do not like very much, who are very dangerous, very extremist, but we don’t have anything to do with them and want to be expelled from Syria,” he said. “But among the Syrian opposition, there are elements who want Syria to be a free, democratic country where the rights of minorities, including Christians, are respected. We have to work with them, and we work with them. ”
Just forgets Cameron about a few points. First, the only force that can expel (and expel!) Extremist mercenaries from Syria is its Armed Forces, who do not spare their lives in the fight against these bloodsuckers. Secondly, the rights of minorities in Syria, in particular, of Christians, were always respected without it, Cameron's “democracy”. But the “oppositionists” wrote on the walls of the houses slogans “Christians to Beirut, Alawites in a coffin”, they execute people in Aleppo for “blasphemy” and “atheism”, they kidnap girls in Raqqa province only because they dare to walk without hijab.

As for certain “other elements” who want democracy, change, etc. - that is, non-extremist opposition - such opposition does not sit in Istanbul and Dohahe. This is the internal opposition that is in Damascus itself. Two representatives of such opposition are participating in the government. Such opposition creates its own parties and movements, sits in parliament, and does not raise weapons against its own country. And this opposition does not want the intervention of the Cameron, Obam and others like them. The non-extremist opposition needs neither weapons nor ammunition.
Cameron made a very valuable admission: "Currently, the UK, as well as the USA, France and allies from the Gulf countries provide assistance, train, supply non-lethal equipment, such as vehicles, to the current Syrian opposition and try to help it."

The Syrian side has been saying for more than two years that what is happening in the SAR is not a people's revolution at all, as Western media claim. This is foreign intervention, the arming of terrorists, their training and financing. And now Cameron confirms the very truth that the Western media are trying to hide throughout this time!

Moreover, Cameron confirms that the Gulf countries are allies of the West. What is this country - everyone knows: Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Monarchy of the medieval type, where it never smelled of democracy. Good allies have chosen to be "fighters for human rights", nothing to say!
Speaking about the goal of lifting the EU embargo on the supply of weapons to Syrian militants, he said that this is done to exert pressure on the president of the SAR, Bashar Al-Assad: “He must feel that he is under pressure. It is necessary to force him to sit at the negotiating table. ”

The irony of fate is this: it is the legitimate government and the president of the UAR that always spoke of their readiness to sit at the negotiating table. And they always sat at this table. And they have always cooperated with the UN, taking any reasonable initiatives.

So, at the end of 2011, Syria accepted the initiative of the Arab League to deploy Arab observers. But their report did not like the Qatari and Saudi monarchs, and the mission was curtailed. They began to say that the Arab observers, they say, are not professional enough, and they should be replaced by UN observers. In the spring of 2012, Syria, on the advice of Russia, agreed to host the UN observation mission. But the UN observers were forced to admit the existence of terrorist groups in the country, and they were also withdrawn. Syria again agrees to sit down at the negotiating table, this time within the framework of the international conference “Geneva-2”.

Does the so-called "opposition" sit at the negotiating table? Every time she says “no”, inventing various pretexts for this. That puts the preconditions, it organizes provocations. For the sake of breaking the cease-fire agreement at the end of May 2012, the terrorists staged a massacre of citizens in the village of Hulia, Homs province, blaming the most brutal crime on the army (although the al Qaeda handwriting in this massacre was visible to the naked eye). Before each key meeting or conference on Syria, barbaric attacks were organized in Damascus and other cities in which dozens of people died. Now they say that they do not intend to take part in the Geneva-2 conference.
However, many Syrians, in connection with the idea of ​​this international conference, fear that there will again be any provocations. Possible new violent attacks.

However, UAR government representatives agree to sit down at the negotiating table. And representatives of the so-called "opposition" are afraid of the negotiating table, like hell of incense.

And now, returning to Cameron's words that pressure should be exerted on one of the parties in order to bring her to the negotiating table, we ask: so which side should we press on? To the one that agreed to participate in the negotiations or to the one that avoids them?

The answer seems obvious. But Britain for the sake of the United States gives another answer - absurd and contrary to elementary logic.

These days, the next G-8 summit in Northern Ireland begins - by the way, on the land of the oppressed “democratic” Britain, where a lot of Irish patriots have been shed.

On the eve of the event, negotiations were held between V.Putin and D.Cameron. Putin expressed Russia's position that the crisis in the SAR can only be resolved through political means. He stressed that the opinions of Russia and Britain regarding the crisis in Syria are different.

“I think you will not deny that it is hardly worth supporting people who not only kill their enemies, but also reveal their bodies and eat their insides. Do you want to support these people? Do you want these people to supply weapons? But then this, apparently, hardly has anything to do with humanitarian values ​​that have been preached in Europe for hundreds of years. In any case, in Russia we cannot imagine such a thing, ”he said.

The President added that Russia does not violate the laws by supplying weapons to the true government of Syria, and advises all others to also adhere to the norms of international law.

A few days earlier, on June 15, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov also spoke out against a similar approach by the United States, Britain and France to the affairs of Syria. At the talks with his Italian counterpart, Emma Bonino, the Russian Foreign Minister said that according to the rules of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, various samples of blood, urine, soil, clothing, etc. They are considered serious evidence of the use of chemical weapons only if they were taken by experts and controlled throughout the entire journey to the appropriate laboratory. “The materials with which we were introduced some time ago by our American partners, and to them the British and French, do not contain any confirmations or guarantees that the samples on the basis of which far-reaching conclusions were made met the strict criteria of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons,” Lavrov said .

He added that if Western countries really want to convene the Geneva-2 conference, then they should not indulge one of the parties, namely, the militants. Any steps to arm them will only strengthen the militants in the belief that they need to maintain an irreconcilable position, the diplomat said. With this approach, he concluded, the negotiations will never begin.

As for Cameron, while supporting the terrorists in Syria, he intends, nevertheless, to fight terrorism in general. The British prime minister said that his country under the chairmanship of the G8, focuses on the so-called "three T": trade, tax, transparency (trade, taxes, transparency). And there is also the fourth "T" - terrorism. He noted: “We will discuss in detail the fight against terrorism ... We will also discuss the fight against the financing of terrorism.”

But just now Cameron spoke about the need to provide any kind of assistance to Syrian terrorists, even despite the fact that there are scumbags in their ranks! It turns out that such a fight against the financing of terrorism, announced by the prime minister, should begin, first of all, with his own person!

However, in Britain itself the voices of sober people, whose heads do not burn with heat from the thirst for wars, are heard. So, the mayor of London, Boris Johnson, said that Britain should not use Syria as an arena for flexing muscles. He said that any weapon directed by the Syrian "opposition" could end up in the hands of al-Qaida.

In a letter sent to the Daily Telegraph newspaper, Johnson stressed: “We will not get a truce by handing the weapon into the hands of maniacs.” In his opinion, the only way to resolve the Syrian crisis is a general cease-fire.

But such a cessation is not in Obama's interests, therefore Cameron in every way promotes the idea of ​​providing military assistance to terrorists.

Thus, Britain is deprived of its own will. From the king of beasts, the "British lion" in his eyes turns into an American jackal and sings along with the will of Washington.

PS Meanwhile, Cameron pets continue their misdeeds. On the night of 16 on 17 June, a strong explosion thundered in Damascus near Mezze. A suicide bomber blew up a car bomb at a checkpoint at the entrance to the Mezze military airfield. He tried to break into the territory of the airfield, but he failed. CSM car seemed suspicious, and they tried to detain a terrorist, but he brought an explosive device into action.

A nearby residential area was affected.

According to preliminary data, 10 people died. Eyewitnesses say that there are a lot of wounded. The ambulance cars drove all night.
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  1. Lech from ZATULINKI
    Lech from ZATULINKI 18 June 2013 08: 47
    1. Hammer
      Hammer 18 June 2013 09: 11
      "Divide and rule!" - this is the slogan of all times among the Anglo-Saxons. They are the most "cannibalistic" regime in the world. How much blood of other nations was shed by them ... If there are those who are responsible for what is happening in the world, they live in London. And there are no more of them than those who live in Washington ...
      I was always amazed, on the verge of disgust, the ability of politicians to lie and turn the facts inside out. But this can be understood when the fact itself, of some event, is not so unambiguous in terms of its assessment from the point of view of human values ​​... But what is going on around Syria, this palitic devilry is just the epic of prism and a sense of lies. The West is simply disgusting, it stinks carrion from them ...

      As one poet said:
      "We need to collect them all,
      into one big herd
      and a nuclear bomb
      wipe out!"
      1. Vasya Ivanov
        Vasya Ivanov 18 June 2013 09: 42
        I don’t know Britain a lion or a jackal, but when they didn’t shun the carrion.
        1. Vladimirets
          Vladimirets 18 June 2013 10: 02
          "So, the mayor of London Boris Johnson said that Britain should not use Syria as an arena for flexing its muscles. He said that any weapon directed by the Syrian" opposition "could end up in the hands of al-Qaeda."

          What does it mean: "may be"? It is directly supplied to Al-Qaeda.
          1. Vadivak
            Vadivak 18 June 2013 10: 05
            Quote: Vladimirets
            What does it mean: "may be"?

            Eugene well, at least some sign of thought appeared
            1. Vladimirets
              Vladimirets 18 June 2013 11: 03
              Quote: Vadivak
              Eugene well, at least some sign of thought appeared

              Vadim hi
              A sign of thought? what It is difficult to call them fools (at least, the ruling elites), for all my sincere "love" for them, they simply impudently, clumsy and impudently crush dissent, hiding behind the moronic banner of democracy. And for thinking people, they throw the following dice: "Well, yes, it may be, but we are not to blame, in any case these white and fluffy" oppositionists "are better than" bloody "Assad. Like a shy child tearing off a doll's legs: I kind of understand that this is not good, but I really want to. Only behind these antics is not a broken plastic toy, but destroyed people and entire countries. Tuxedo executioners, their mother. angry
          2. Denis_SF
            Denis_SF 18 June 2013 14: 26
            So, London Mayor Boris Johnson said that Britain should not use Syria as an arena for muscle playing

            Boris, you are RIGHT!
        2. sergey72
          sergey72 18 June 2013 10: 31
          The island of thieves Mlyn.
        3. Denis_SF
          Denis_SF 18 June 2013 13: 25
          Britain once again “hardens its crown”, but its behavior does not resemble the king of beasts - the lion, but the petty lackey - the jackal, an errand of Washington.

          The same case when the tail began to wag the dog.
      2. The comment was deleted.
      3. _Forgiven_
        _Forgiven_ 18 June 2013 23: 22
        You looked into the water when you wrote these truly amazing lines!))) good
        As they say, he will correct the Brokeback grave !!!
      4. Containers
        Containers 19 June 2013 00: 26
        "Divide and conquer" is most likely a Machiavellian saying. And the Naglo-Saxons now hold the principles of Dr. Goebbels more in high esteem. "The more incredible the lie, the sooner they will believe it."
    2. fzr1000
      fzr1000 18 June 2013 12: 00
      The British lion is turning, the British lion is turning .... into an elegant jackal.
      1. Норд
        Норд 18 June 2013 12: 36
        "I admit that there are elements in the ranks of the Syrian opposition that we really don't like, that are very dangerous, very extremist."

        In the best traditions of English gentlemen - I thought one thing, said another, made a third. As for me, the English bums are much more decent in life. They think, speak and do one thing - they survive, and do not teach others without the slightest right to do so.
        1. El13
          El13 18 June 2013 15: 50
          It seems to me that the most difficult thing is, after all their deeds and words, to continue talking with them and offering some options when you know that this is absolutely useless, but necessary.
    3. The comment was deleted.
    4. Phantom Revolution
      Phantom Revolution 18 June 2013 14: 41
      Posters, although of the old eras, but since then nothing has changed.

      1. Containers
        Containers 19 June 2013 00: 27
        And who will say that in the USSR they told a lie ...
  2. nepopadun
    nepopadun 18 June 2013 08: 58
    Assad would have won soon, otherwise the Americans are tired
  3. vadson
    vadson 18 June 2013 08: 58
    Thanks to Elena for the article.
    and the jackal is not alone, there are many of them, and this is dangerous.
  4. George
    George 18 June 2013 08: 59
    Hello all.
    Well, the Angles are already advising their army men to go in civilian fashion, I wish that they have built democracy in Syria fighters (when Assad gives them a kick).
    Thank you Elena for the article. Take care of yourself.
  5. cartridge
    cartridge 18 June 2013 09: 05
    Good article! I read it with interest! And the Russophobic policy of the British became their essence a century ago, ever since Russia declared itself in international politics as a European and then global force!
    1. Corsair
      Corsair 18 June 2013 10: 42
      Quote: cartridge
      Good article! I read it with interest! And the Russophobic policy of the British became their essence a century ago, ever since Russia declared itself in international politics as a European and then global force!
    2. old man54
      old man54 18 June 2013 16: 37
      Quote: cartridge
      And the Russophobic policy of the British became their essence centuries ago, ever since Russia declared itself in international politics as a European and then global force!

      no, much earlier, we Slavs simply do not know our istria, alas! They, the Anglo-Saxons, the Jews, more than 1000 of us are already afraid of us!
  6. Scandinavian
    Scandinavian 18 June 2013 09: 10
    To be honest, Cameron is a lying political prostitute ... in a word, not a man !!!!
    1. alexng
      alexng 18 June 2013 09: 35
      Quote: Scandinavian
      To be honest, Cameron is a lying political prostitute ... in a word, not a man !!!!

      In the sense of the political flower, seven-color, t.b. lilac-pink-blue?
    2. vadson
      vadson 18 June 2013 09: 52
      Quote: Scandinavian
      To be honest, Cameron is a lying political prostitute ... in a word, not a man !!!!

      It seems to me according to the EU policy in terms of homosexuals, they have long been dumb to be a normal guy. therefore, calling him a prostitute you compliment him. wassat
    3. kush62
      kush62 18 June 2013 18: 38
      Quote: in a word, not a man !!!!

      This they will pass for a compliment. You look and get married successfully.
    4. Containers
      Containers 19 June 2013 00: 29
      Yes, they all fall under each other there and run into each other’s holes.
  7. Pit
    Pit 18 June 2013 09: 29
    Damn, an old topic and has been chewed a hundred times. And I don’t understand how to put so many letters into it.
    Already, everyone already knows that in the geyrop and to the north of Mexico alone 3,14 live .. and their rulers are 3,14 .. they can also be said about the monarchies of the bay. There is no point in describing it so voluminously.
    And who does not agree, then I don’t hold an evil on you, I only write on the blackboard.
  8. Stock captain
    Stock captain 18 June 2013 09: 30
    Globalization in action or the English lion in its place (read in the pope) in the new hierarchy of the ruling elite of the planet.
  9. omsbon
    omsbon 18 June 2013 09: 34
    Article Plus, Thank you Elena!
    The position of England can be expressed in one famous phrase - "the Englishwoman crap!"
  10. Geisenberg
    Geisenberg 18 June 2013 09: 39
    Brands shame. I read, and the Pravda newspaper pops up in my memory for the 19th year, where they shame some aggressors there ... in some kind of peace-loving country ...
    1. Containers
      Containers 19 June 2013 00: 32
      Well, here are the aggressors. here is a peace-loving country for you. what then lied True?
  11. vlad767
    vlad767 18 June 2013 09: 51
    But nothing good can ever be expected from England in principle. They are masters of stabbing in the back.
  12. My address
    My address 18 June 2013 09: 57
    It was the Western media that called the premiere of Britons Tony Blair the Bush Junior Poodle. Nothing changes on the island. Sakhalin is well called these imperious STRANGE (!) Britons NAGLO-Saxon creatures.
  13. Kovrovsky
    Kovrovsky 18 June 2013 10: 01
    Their fate is this: always look at the Americans.
  14. Strezhevchanin
    Strezhevchanin 18 June 2013 10: 04
    Quote: My address
    Britons NAGLO-Saxon creatures.

    That's why you need to urgently separate Scotland and pull it into the vehicle !!!
  15. fenix57
    fenix57 18 June 2013 10: 18
    Everything you read below, it seems to me from the situation that the G8 dialogue by the fireplace is perfectly suited!

    Two gentlemen (one of them is semi-African American) after the "hunt" sit by the fireplace, legs outstretched to the fire, and are silent ...
    “Sir, I'm afraid your socks are starting to smolder.”
    “You probably want to say boots, sir?”
    “No, the boots have long been burned, sir.”
  16. Yun Klob
    Yun Klob 18 June 2013 10: 21
    For good reason, NATO’s exercises at the borders of Russia have increased significantly. And this is a growing crisis. It looks like it's time to sharpen our bayonets. The rudeness with which NATO is attacking sovereign states should invigorate our military and political leadership. The equipment is so complicated now that with what we will enter the war, and so we will finish it, most likely, it will not be possible to build a new one, unless it is repaired. Therefore, urgently produce, distribute, train.
  17. deman73
    deman73 18 June 2013 10: 27
    at all times the Anglo-Saxons were duplicitous and corrupt, so there was no faith for them
  18. Barabas
    Barabas 18 June 2013 10: 27
    remember Putin once said, “Chubais is needed at least in order to divert negativity to yourself.” So is England. makes vile statements, but the "cousin" from overseas makes the case.

    What nonsense to seriously think that Russian strategic missiles are aimed at American banks, where 550 billion dollars of the Russian elite lie.
    1. smile
      smile 18 June 2013 14: 18
      Nu-nu ... tell us, and where are our missiles aimed? Tell me cleverness ... at least once for a change ...
      By the way, we cannot physically remember the words of Putin you mentioned, because this is a banal lie.
  19. Standard Oil
    Standard Oil 18 June 2013 10: 52
    There was a Bush poodle, now there will be an Obama lap-dog.
  20. Zeus
    Zeus 18 June 2013 10: 57
    Terrorist organizations have always been funded by wealthy barbarians, and the fight against terrorism is just empty words for the electorate.
  21. igordok
    igordok 18 June 2013 10: 59
    Erdogan looks ridiculous these days. We are white and fluffy, we cannot have an "Arab spring". And zaslanets from other countries are rebelling. He is offended that the NATO allies do not understand him.
    For his regime, he does the right thing, disperses the demonstrators with a firm hand. He is sure that he is a "democrat", no one will bomb, no sanctions will be applied to his regime. Their own.
  22. Rusik.S
    Rusik.S 18 June 2013 11: 05
    As the saying goes, "the Englishwoman shits"
  23. Commissar of the NKVD
    Commissar of the NKVD 18 June 2013 11: 39
    The article is sharp, excellent. Only in my opinion, the name is somehow outdated. At first, having not yet read it, I thought that the author was behind life (wrong). England had long ago turned into a faithful six boxes, with a rivet on her ass licking. Since the Second World War, they have installed and use it in all the holes of aki satire.
    And they seem to like it.
  24. J. Tapia
    J. Tapia 18 June 2013 12: 12
    England had been trying all her life to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries ... I would like for them to flare up an ala pink revolution with someone else's feed.
    1. El13
      El13 18 June 2013 15: 59
      By the way, the Irish Republican Army has long been in need of fresh supplies of non-lethal weapons ... well, for starters.
  25. DimYang
    DimYang 18 June 2013 12: 24
    What all the talkers say (you can’t call them anything else) in the form of the prime ministers of the jackal island, you can not even listen to understand that this has nothing to do with the so-called democracy. The Middle East is redrawn in patterns with all other people. And the speakers are just voicing their will, including in the United States. It would be naive to believe that they would say otherwise. Here the question is different: can Russia clearly bring to their brains that this is the territory on which the jackals have nothing to do. Then the speakers will say something completely different.
  26. barila
    barila 18 June 2013 13: 14
    The whole world of mess and clearance is invisible. When will the end be this PIDODERMKRAT?
  27. knn54
    knn54 18 June 2013 13: 40
    "The Englishwoman crap." Divide, Jam and Conquer. REAL ENEMY-BRITISH Empire.
    And the USA is just a “fighting dog” in the service of the UK.
    PS Not so far gone "dinosaurs" from their wild ancestors.
    Those killed the weak and devoured him, and this still wants to be barked before the reprisal.
    In the photo, neo-Ardentals
  28. Severok
    Severok 18 June 2013 13: 45
    So it turned out where donkey ears stick out and smells of dung!
  29. DimYang
    DimYang 18 June 2013 14: 04
    Quote: knn54
    "The Englishwoman crap." Divide, Jam and Conquer. REAL ENEMY-BRITISH Empire.
    And the USA is just a “fighting dog” in the service of the UK.
    PS Not so far gone "dinosaurs" from their wild ancestors.
    Those killed the weak and devoured him, and this still wants to be barked before the reprisal.
    In the photo, neo-Ardentals

    You are very close to the truth. There was one good person Boris Fedorovich Porshnev, academician, an outstanding person. No wonder the Judeo-Zionists are trying to forget him. So, he proved that the Jews, the Anglo-Saxons, the Chinese and many other "peoples" have the same relation to man as a chicken to an eagle. If you are interested, here is the title of the invaluable work "On the Beginning of Human History. Problems of Paleopsychology". Read it, I advise everyone. After reading, many "childish" questions will disappear by themselves. Moreover, many will have a clear and firm conviction about who we are and what they are.
  30. Petrovich
    Petrovich 18 June 2013 14: 39
    The expression "Great Britain has no permanent friends. Great Britain has permanent interests" is no longer relevant - "these" even have no interests of their own.
  31. cool.ya-nikola
    cool.ya-nikola 18 June 2013 15: 09
    Quote: omsbon
    Article Plus, Thank you Elena!

    I am joining! With a little clarification about Cameron;
    ... did not ask how much such intentions contradict the UN Charter and the elementary principles of international law prohibiting interference in the internal affairs of other states.

    So, it seems that before, all this Anglo-Saxon public in such "sins" was not noticed! "International law", "internal affairs of other states", say, well, well ... How interesting! ...
    "The law is my desire, the fist is my police!" ...
    No need to look for where the jackal has a conscience, since the concept of CONSCIENCE is still a human property!

    And, the rest -
    Quote: GEORGE
    Thanks to Elena for the article.Take care of yourself.
  32. arduan
    arduan 18 June 2013 15: 43
    Quote: vadson
    the jackal is not alone, there are many, and this is dangerous

    Choke alone ...
  33. kosmos84
    kosmos84 18 June 2013 17: 04
    250 anti-tank systems “Competition” transferred to Ahrar al-Sham
    Posted on June 18, 2013 | Leave a comment

    The newspaper refers to "one of the largest exporters of weapons of the Syrian Free Army, working through Turkey."

    The rebel is given a batch of modern anti-tank missiles “Competition” of Russian production.

    The missiles will be transferred mainly to the fundamentalist police Ahrar al-Sham. Transmission is with the consent of the Americans.

    The decision to transfer the “Competition” rockets was made at the Islamic Conference in Cairo on June 13.

    Previously, the rebels did not have such missiles.

    Missiles are distributed among several brigades in Damascus, Aleppo and Idlib.

    Missiles are also received at Aleppo by the Tawhid Brigades and the Brigades

    and we still built a plant for Jordans-THAT DUP
  34. Alew
    Alew 18 June 2013 17: 38
    Interestingly, these Anglo-Saxons in the past how many times went to us with the war with someone in an alliance, maybe the time has come for us for a return visit ???
  35. Old_kapitan
    Old_kapitan 18 June 2013 17: 42
    The British lion jackal was born, the jackal and will die.
  36. DISNT
    DISNT 18 June 2013 18: 17
    The article is sharp and relevant. Turkey is already reaping the benefits of its policy towards Syria and supporting terrorists. England is still ahead, although soldiers on the streets of the kingdom are already cutting off their heads. And these are still flowers. Berries are in front.